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Predictive Programming Unveiled: CERN’s Gates of Hell in Evil Season 4

By: Tommy Truthful
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5G Danger

In the newest season of “Evil,” we’re shown some eerie predictive programming about CERN opening a portal to hell. Guess where this portal is located? Turn 33 of the particle accelerator. This teleportation technology is said to be fallen angelic technology. Where did they bring us this forbidden tech? Mount Hermon at the 33rd parallel.

Here’s a deep dive: One-third of the fallen angels followed Lucifer, that’s 33%. The main color scheme in this episode is orange, which equals 33 in gematria. “Cast a spell” equals 33 in Pi gematria, suggesting they’re casting a spell on the audience.

In the occult, it’s part of universal law to tell us what they’re going to do before they do it. This is their way of saying they’re opening the gates of Hell with CERN. The universe doesn’t recognize fiction in terms of universal law, so by warning us, they believe they free themselves karmically.

This episode aligns perfectly with the numbers:

  • Season 4, Episode 1 = 41
  • “God particle” = 41 in Chaldean gematria
  • “Eye of CERN” = 41
  • “Switzerland” = 41 (CERN’s location)

Clearly, they released this episode with purpose, casting a spell on the audience without their knowledge. A form of predictive programming, revealing their plans.

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5G Danger

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