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Hawaii Illuminati card Directed-energy weapon Maui wildfires and the theft of sacred Hawaiian land!

By: Tommy Truthful
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5G Danger

You won’t believe this: 🌋 Hawaii’s Fires Fueled by Direct Energy Weapons! Facebook’s fact checks silenced the viral video – despite a court ruling it’s just an opinion, not a fact. Unveiling Agenda 2030’s Sinister Plot: Depopulation and the Rise of 15-Minute Smart Cities! 🏙️

🔮 And wait, there’s more: Hawaii’s Mysterious Illuminati Card Exposed. Ever noticed the eerie smoke, the fire, and that unsettling volcano? A glimpse into the predictive power of black magic, shaping our reality.

Get ready, because it’s a revelation of dark secrets: 🌟 Unmasking the Masters of Manipulation, casting spells on the masses. Dive in now to decode the real forces controlling society. 💥🔥

Facebook Fact Checks Are Opinions, Not Facts

Hawaii Illuminati card

Dive into the twisted world of the Illuminati card game, where a mysterious Hawaii card captivates with its eerie black smoke and raging flames. This card serves as a chilling glimpse into their method of predictive programming, a disturbing ritual to harness cosmic energy. Brace yourself; we are edging closer to the ultimate revelation – an impending alien invasion. Tales of abductions in Peru set the stage for the impending cosmic showdown.

Maui Wildfires

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  • Tommy Truthful

    Hey guys, Tommy Truthful here, leader of the Truth Mafia, CAPO DEI CAPI. I built one of the biggest alternative media conglomerates in the world, brought together some of the biggest names in the game in the truth-seeking community to combat censorship. People ask all the time how they can join the Truth Mafia. You can't just join; I have to notice you. My team and I research to ensure you have no government ties before we bring you into the family. If you'd like to get your personal decode done by Tommy Truthful and find out your role in this simulation we call life, then links are below.

    🔮 The Ultimate Reading- Just $26! 🔮 For only $26, you'll receive an extensive Email Decode from Tommy himself. Just a click on the link below!
5G Danger

Spread the Truth
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Maui wildfires Illuminati card game.

8 thoughts on “Hawaii Illuminati card Directed-energy weapon Maui wildfires and the theft of sacred Hawaiian land!

  1. Songs like “Electric Eye” by Judas Priest or “Eye In The Sky” by Alan Parsons Project are about neural remote monitoring. There are a lot of metal bands that have songs and album covers with new world order type of shit. Hey I hope all is well with you and everything. be safe man..

  2. Thanks for your email Tommy I wrote on 1 of your post yesterday thanking you for putting up so much intelligent information the fkrs at fb wouldn’t let me post it saying it was spam wtf 😳

  3. Jamaica could be next as they are in a major brawl with the US who want an openly gay ambassador installed.

  4. I can’t believe it’s that hard to find and take out this handful of dudes that’s the problem for the whole planet. You would think that some x marines navy seals military badasses , intelligent James Bond type dudes would’ve could’ve already handled that. Wanted posters all over the place. For crimes against humanity.

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