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Angels to Aliens

By: Gigi Young
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Angels To Aliens

Gigi Young’s Work: A Deep Dive into the Realm of Angels, Aliens, and Ancient Mysteries

By Tommy Truthful

Hey there, young truth seekers! Today, we’re diving into a fascinating topic brought to light by Gigi Young. She’s got some pretty eye-opening stuff about angels, aliens, and some ancient secrets. So, buckle up as we explore this mystical journey!

1. Angelic Hierarchies and Their Twist in Today’s World Did you know there’s a whole system of angel ranks? Well, Gigi Young points out that these days, people are getting it all mixed up, especially when they talk about aliens. She says that our modern gadgets and tech might actually have roots in some secret societies’ beliefs, and maybe, just maybe, beings from other worlds had a hand in our progress. She also talks about Atlantis (yes, the lost city!) and something called inner Earth. Gigi believes finding spiritual truth is more like remembering something we already know deep down.

2. Spiritual Truths vs. Society’s Distorted Views Gigi Young is concerned about how we understand spirituality. She thinks both religion and science can sometimes lead us astray with incomplete or wrong ideas. People are always looking for something new and end up twisting old concepts. For instance, what if what we call aliens were actually something else in history?

3. Aliens as Ancient Gods and Modern Misconceptions Here’s where it gets wild! Gigi suggests that what we see as aliens today might have been considered gods in ancient times. She even touches on some pretty out-there ideas like esoteric Hitlerism and its influence on big organizations like NASA. She thinks that real spiritual beings don’t need fancy tech and that they might be linked to the old technologies of Atlantis.

4. Atlantis, Fallen Angels, and the Earth’s Hidden History Gigi Young explores the idea that some beings from Atlantis are actually influenced by fallen angels. She talks about spiritual battles and how these mystical entities might have a big role in what’s happening on Earth today, especially with the confusion between aliens and angels.

5. Misinterpreting Ancient Spiritual Teachings According to Gigi, we’re getting a lot wrong about past spiritual teachings. She’s not a fan of how trendy alien theories overshadow rich spiritual traditions. She suggests some high spiritual masters, like Jesus or Buddha, had deeper roles than we might think.

6. Angelic Hierarchies and Shifting Beliefs Gigi Young believes every level of angels has a specific role. She admits she used to buy into the alien god idea but changed her mind after digging deeper. She encourages us to talk more openly about spirituality and our place in the cosmos.

7. Human Origins, Fallen Angels, and Misleading Ideologies Gigi questions the theory that humans were modified by external, possibly alien, forces. She refers to scholars like Manley P. Hall and Rudolf Steiner to explain spiritual hierarchies. She’s not too keen on Zachariah Sitchin’s Anunnaki theory, saying it confuses ancient stories.

8. Spiritual Cycles and the Importance of Classical Teachings Gigi Young advises us to look back at classic spiritual teachings to really understand what’s going on. She believes in personal spiritual practice for real growth and says everyone is at a different stage in their spiritual journey.

9. Spiritual Initiates and Their Roles Gigi discusses those who have devoted themselves to spiritual growth. She talks about attunement, sacrifices by spiritual beings, and the dangers of losing touch with our spiritual side.

10. Earth’s Ascension and the Astral Plane Here, Gigi dives into the idea that Earth is evolving, and how this affects different beings. She stresses the importance of a healthy, meditative lifestyle to maintain a strong spiritual connection.

11. Anthroposophy and Spiritual Science Gigi Young respects Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy, believing it offers a deep understanding of spiritual laws and the cosmos. She recommends some of his works for those who want to learn more.

12. Abductions, Fallen Angels, and Mysticism This part gets a bit spooky as Gigi talks about abductions and fallen angels. She urges us to look back at history to understand these phenomena better.

13. Understanding Different Levels of Existence Gigi explains that there are different realms, like the natural, supernatural, and subnatural. She says humans are part of the angelic world, and understanding this is key to our spiritual growth.

14. Angels and Their Role in the Cosmos Did you know angels have different jobs, like keeping time and guiding us? Gigi believes that some angels have gone off track, leading to conflicts with humanity.

15. Fallen Angels and Inner Earth Gigi Young talks about fallen angels living inside the Earth, influencing us in hidden ways. She also discusses how our view of spiritual beings has shifted over time.

16. Alien Gods and Twisted Historical Narratives Gigi is skeptical of the 1950s’ claims about aliens being advanced beings guiding humanity. She links these ideas to Nazi Germany and how they’ve influenced modern beliefs.

17. The Atlantean Civilization and Its Influence Today According to Gigi, there might be an ancient civilization living inside Earth, with connections to alien stories. She discusses how these beliefs tie into modern ideas about space and technology.

18. The Feminine Mysteries and Modern Alien Beliefs Gigi Young is worried that modern alien theories are overshadowing important spiritual aspects, especially those related to feminine wisdom. She’s critical of how some authors and platforms promote these ideas.

That’s a wrap on Gigi Young’s work! She’s got some thought-provoking ideas, right? Remember, the key is to keep an open mind and keep exploring. Who knows what mysteries we’ll uncover next in our cosmic journey?

Part 2 of the blog – The Simulation of Life

I understand that Gigi doesn’t share my belief that we live in a simulation, which some refer to as the Saturn Moon Matrix. However, I have provided So much evidence that supports my belief. If we were not in a simulation, the numbers wouldn’t add up. Originally, the creator of all things created an organic simulation, which has now been taken over by the Archons. These interdimensional entities from the lower astral plane, specifically the 8th sphere, feed on LOOSH Energy.

The Simulation Of Life

Do you want to know if you’re a player character with a soul or a non-player character?



Would you like to find out if you’re a first-player character with a soul or one of these soulless NPCs controlled by the artificial intelligence running this reality? Get your personal decode today by Tommy Truthful. For $26, you can get a full decode. We cover your life path number, your destiny cards, your birth cards in the tarot deck. If your birth cards don’t line up with your life path number, this is usually the first red flag to one of these non-player characters. A first-player character is connected to that 64 energy; there are 64 spaces on the chessboard.

First Player Character-Chaldean-64

We are in control of our reality, our own life, us first-player characters. Then the non-player characters are connected to that 63 energy; they are not in control, they are being controlled by the AI consciousness that has hijacked this reality.

Non Player Character-Chaldean-63

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Another thing I found out through my decoding: Portland, Oregon is the land of the non-player characters. It’s funny, guys – the non-player characters, I’ve had so many of them sent my way. I believe it’s the artificial intelligence sending them at me because after I decode them, they never message me back, nothing. It’s so bizarre. The first-player characters always hit me back; they always want to hear more or thank me for the detailed decode. I’ve found that there are certain areas with a higher demographic of non-player characters and then there are other areas with a higher demographic of first-player characters, like the District of Columbia. It makes sense; that’s where they have the people running this reality.

If you do the math, there are 169,000 actual first-player characters in this world, and they say there are over 8 billion people. If there are 169,000 people, that is approximately 0.0021% of a population of 8 billion people.


We see that 21 number, and they say when a first-player character dies, their body loses 21 grams instantly; that’s the soul leaving the body.


‘Database’ equals 21 in Chaldean, matching ‘energy’ and ‘dark magic.’ These Archons use some type of dark magic to put this AI overlay on the organic matrix created by the one true God; they’ve kind of hijacked it. ‘Ether’ equals 21 in Chaldean, which is kind of like the Akashic Records where all information is stored.


Have you noticed famous people walking around with one black eye? That’s where they do this ancient ritual called soul scraping, where they pull these Archons down out of the ether using this ancient dark magic, putting them in programmable matter, aka Black GOO, a nano worm.

Dark Magic-Chaldean-21

It goes in through the eye socket, wrapping around the optic nerve, taking over the consciousness of the host. ‘Gematria’ equals 21, the universal language of this reality. The one true God spoke us into existence with the spoken word; every letter has a number attached to it, every number an energy of frequency, a vibration.

‘Hackers’ equals 21. The elite know how to hack this frequency and shift the energy, just like I know how to do it. If I’m able to create my own reality and wake people up from the spell of hypnosis the elites have cast upon them, just think what they’re able to do. That’s why we see them doing these false flag events on the world stage; it’s all about hacking the frequency, shifting the energy. They keep us in a state of fear and terror because they’re harvesting that LOOSH Energy. ‘Human’ equals 21. And like I said, when a true human, a first-player character, dies, they instantly lose 21 grams, which is again the soul leaving the body.


Right now, you’re in this artificial matrix, aka ‘La La Land’ equals 21, ‘Oracle’ equals 21, which is the world’s largest database company.

La La Land-Chaldean-21

Research it. Then, of course, we have the Oracle of Delphi, the Ancient Greek Fortuneteller. The Oracle of Delphi was a high priestess, or Pythia, as she was known, who served in the sanctuary of the Greek god Apollo. The ancient Greek oracle served at the shrine built upon the sacred site of Delphi. She knew how to tap into that ether, just like I do, just like any of you have the capability of doing. We are so much more powerful than we can even imagine.

Dream Interpretations


➡ The speaker discusses the recent profaning and distortion of teaching regarding angelic hierarchies in relation to the discourse on angels and aliens. He addresses the idea of technology as part of certain secret societies religion and the potential role of beings from other realms in human development. The speaker elaborates on topics of his previous lectures and introduces their connection with fallen angels, the reality of Atlantis and inner Earth. He mentions the role of spiritual enlightenment in obtaining spiritual truths, suggesting that it’s more of a remembrance than cognitive learning.
➡ The text discusses the contrast between esoteric spiritual truth and the profaned truths that society runs on, especially in the “Dark Age.” It argues that our current understanding of spirituality is distorted due to dogmatism in both religion and science, with fragmented teachings and misconceptions often profaning the wisdom. The assertion is made that understanding spiritual phenomena such as angels or aliens requires examining teachings throughout history and incorporating a more objective view. Additionally, the text criticizes modern society’s craving for novelty and redefinition of pre-existing concepts like non-human intelligence or other dimensions, as it often leads to misinformation and disconnected perspective.
➡ The discourse suggests that perceptions about aliens underwent a transformation, initially portrayed as alien gods and later degenerating into chimeras, which reflects humanity’s potential evolutionary arc. Modern ideologies, hinting at esoteric Hitlerism, suggest Nazi influences have trickled into major establishments like NASA. Traditional teachings have been undermined by literalism and materialism, while higher spiritual beings are mistakenly thought to rely on technology. The speaker argues that these are residues of Atlantean technologies, used by a breakaway civilization inside Earth to control humanity. Furthermore, it’s stressed to engage in an honest discussion about these theories, given the popular interest in UFOs.
➡ The text explores the perception of metaphysical entities as extensions of Atlantis, considering them as empty shells driven by fallen angel impulses and inhabited by demonic forces. Notions of spiritual battles with principalities are discussed, along with questions surrounding the role of Archangel Samael. Additionally, it delves into the concept of fallen Mars impulses still influencing today’s world, and how the misinterpretation of spiritual encounters, often labeled as alien encounters, obstructs our understanding of these dimensional experiences.
➡ The text discusses the misinterpretation of ancient spiritual teachings related to past life experiences, the connection with higher beings, and soul transmigration, attributing them to trendy alien ideologies. It presents a belief that the terminology used, such as using the term ‘aliens’ instead of ‘angels’, disconnects people from their own awakening and rich spiritual heritage. The text mentions theories regarding technologies potentially broadcasting ideas into people’s minds and explains high spiritual masters’ roles such as Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna and the meaning of their sacrifices. It also sheds light on various planetary influences on Earth’s spiritual evolution.
➡ The text is a discussion about angelic hierarchies, the transformation of spiritual entities into alien ideologies and the conflicts between belief systems. The speaker believes that every angelic level has an impact, and all work in unison. They also state that they initially had a belief in the alien god ideology, but their perspective shifted as they sought deeper answers about human spirituality. The speaker concludes by emphasizing the importance of open conversation about spirituality and our cosmic existence, and reframes conversations about the potential malevolence or benevolence of aliens as discussions about angels and demons.
➡ The text discusses the misconception associating human origin with satanic streams and genetic modification by external entities, hinting at alien influences. It references the works of Manley P. Hall and Rudolph Steiner to provide insights into spiritual hierarchies and the creation process. It scrutinizes the work of Zachariah Sitchin and his theory of Anunnaki, bringing up the fundamental disagreements by other Sumerian scholars about his interpretation of Sumerian tablets. The narrative brings into focus the confusion between Nephilim and Anunnaki due to similarities in their stories, describing both as attempts by fallen angels to enter the human life wave. Moreover, it criticizes ideologies hinting at a return to old gods or pure streams of consciousness, pointing out the renewal and evolution of humanity. It also mentions the potential existence of a breakaway civilization within the Earth trying to re-enter society.
➡ The text discusses the concept of recapitulation, which suggests that all human experiences, ideologies and beliefs are merely cycles of previously existing ideas; this includes the confusion and misinterpretation of spiritual teachings and language. The author encourages studying classical spiritual teachings to gain clarity and suggests that evolution comes from personal spiritual practice and understanding; moreover, humans’ relationship with the spiritual realm is complex, with individuals at varying levels of spiritual awareness and discernment, depicted through spiritual masters who take on the burden of humanity.
➡ The text discusses advanced spiritual initiates who disconnect from the material world and embody selflessness, often working with higher beings or archangels. It touches on various spiritual aspects like Attunement, angelic sacrifices, and the idea of human form as a perfect vessel for divine beings. It also sheds light on the concept of fallen angels and demonic possession, emphasizing the danger of losing oneself to intrusive thoughts and living devoid of spiritual practice. The importance of sacrifice, selflessness, and service is reiterated in spiritual evolution. The text concludes by discussing the slow dematerialization of the Earth and the concept of the “eight sphere” as a cauldron of lower forces, suggesting an imminent natural separation.
➡ The text discusses the concept of the Earth’s ascension, the trapping of beings in the astral plane during this process, and the change in the planet and humanity that eventually makes these beings unable to reach us. It also delves into theories about dark entities, the study of Eastern mysteries, classical teachings over new age beliefs, and the importance of lifestyle in defining one’s spiritual connections. Psychic practices and discernment of information received are also highlighted, with an emphasis on living a meditative, healthy, and selfless life.
➡ The speaker regards anthroposophy and spiritual science as central to teaching spirituality, emphasizing the necessity to study spiritual laws and the cosmos. They appreciate Rudolf Steiner’s work in anthroposophy, arguing that it comprehends Christ’s impulse more than theosophy does. They recommend educational sources like “How to Know Higher Worlds”, “Cosmic Memory” etc. and express their gratitude towards their audience and supporters.
➡ The text deliberates upon the concepts of abductions, fallen angels, transhumanism, Golems, Reptilians, and deep-seated aspects of Jewish mysticism and occult science. The discussion highlights a historical recurrence of these phenomena and emphasizes the necessity of understanding their roots in age-old teachings to grasp their real essence and implications, thereby avoiding misinformation and needless fear.
➡ The text discusses different levels of existence: the natural world (earth and human realm), the supernatural world (spiritual planes filled with non-physical life), and the subnatural realm (associated with death and demonic entities). Human beings are considered the tenth hierarchy of angels, thus part of the spiritual and angelic hierarchies. This understanding is vital for spiritual growth and evolution. Angels are the direct extensions of God, pure beings whose consciousness fundamentally differs from human consciousness. Misclassifying these beings can lead to a distortion of their true essence and function.
➡ Angels are considered direct extensions of God’s will, with different hierarchies responsible for different tasks, such as timekeeping and guiding collective consciousness. The concept of ancient societies interacting with beings from other planets is seen as misinterpretation, as these were likely angelic rather than alien encounters. This text also discusses how angels maintain their roles through spiritual evolution and how some, known as the “fallen angels”, deviate from their stated tasks and become antagonistic towards humanity.
➡ The text discusses how fallen angels, or ‘archons’, inhabit the inner Earth, restrained in part by the moon’s influence. These entities desire to manipulate the physical world, infiltrating and affecting humanity psychologically. The aim of these beings is to shape human forms to house their dark essences. Topics discussed include angelic beings’ benevolent roles, the evolving human form, and the misuse of genetic manipulation. Additionally, the text covers humanity’s shifting perception of spiritual hierarchies, leading to our modern understanding of aliens as physical entities rather than spiritual ones.
➡ The text presents a theory from the 1950s, explaining how flesh-and-blood individuals claimed to be aliens from advanced civilizations, and positioned humanity as immature and needing their guidance. They distorted human history by stating that historical notable figures and constructions were the work of aliens and often shared scientific knowledge, which created a conflux of spiritual and technological beliefs. This narrative encouraged the belief in racial superiority, especially propagated by specific secret societies behind Nazi Germany, asserting their lineage from extraterrestrial beings, and thus their inherent right to rule. This ideology remains prevalent in the contemporary belief in ancient aliens.
➡ The text explores the notion of an Atlantean breakaway civilization and its supposed existence within the Earth’s shallow caverns. These inhabitants, deformed due to extensive genetic modification, are allegorically referred to as “dark magicians” or the “Belial group.” Individuals link this civilization to alien stories, arguing these beings share advanced technology. The text also addresses the Nazi’s esoteric ideology of humanity evolving into space gods through early transhumanism modes, connecting this to present phenomena such as Elon Musk’s transhumanism ambitions and space colonization. Operation Paperclip is mentioned, implying how Nazi scientists incorporated into U.S. institutions like NASA, continued pursuing these ideologies.
➡ Van Tassel, a man accused of being a Nazi collaborator, popularizes the idea of alien gods and technology-focused time travel, creating a cult following. Claims surrounding the mystical nature of his land, allegedly lying on a glass tunnel system believed by First Nations to lead to the inner Earth, add to the intrigue. Various writers like Von Danneken and Sitchin further develop this alien god theory, closely connecting it to Nazi ideology, resulting in its wide prevalence in the New Age and Ufology today.
➡ The text criticizes works by Sitchin and Von Daniken as they remove the importance of natural spiritual feats and feminine mysteries. It argues that the theories espoused by these authors destruct the feminine archetype and rather promotes the notion of mankind’s creation through scientific innovation. The author strongly opposes the idea of the alien god belief or religion, which they feel overrides the inherent wisdom found within feminine mysteries. They also critique platforms such as Gaia for perpetuating this alien god ideology and discuss the potential negative influences of contactees and psychic channeling. Further namedropping includes Elron Hubbard’s Scientology and Andrea Puharik, where the latter was accused of using spiritual means for extraterrestrial contact, leading to techno-transhumanist ideology. The author emphasizes the need to remember and respect the feminine mysteries and natural spiritual growth.


You. Hello everyone. Thank you so much for joining me this Sunday. It’s great to be here with you. And today we are going to be talking about angels and aliens, or really how the teaching of the angelic hierarchies or the spiritual hierarchies has really become profaned and distorted over the last hundred years. And so in this lecture we’re going to dive very deeply into exactly how that happened and why that happened.

And that’s going to really arm us with good information and perspective to address a lot of the really, I think, bizarre and strange trends in the news that talk about these aliens that are walking around Las Vegas and UFOs and there’s all this information that we’re constantly being bombarded know, like a spy balloon is a UFO. And there’s all these different government organizations that want funding for these different technologies.

And we’re really coming into a time where we’re at this risk of having this technological revolution that’s tied and anchored to essentially this idea that there’s these aliens out there giving this technology or crashing here, whatever have you. I mean, choose the story, there’s many of them. And so we have to be aware of the esoteric teachings behind beings from other worlds, beings from other spheres. Okay? And so that’s what we’re going to get into today very deeply.

And I will be taking your questions after this lecture. And how you’re going to do that actually, is by going to my website and using the question form there. And that just allows Wolf to organize the questions properly instead of having to kind of grab them from the chat. It’s a lot easier for us. So thank you for doing that. And this lecture is really a continuation of some of the lectures I’ve already done, especially the series that I’ve labeled End Times, which has The War of All Against All and Electric Apocalypse.

And also really you’ll find this lecture to be a continuation of my Mars Mystery series. So if you by chance are catching this lecture, you’ve never seen me before. You do want to check out probably Electric Apocalypse, War of All Against All, which are the two prior lectures in this series and also Mars Mysteries because we’ll be going very deeply into that sort of Nazi esoterica Martian ideology today.

So in Electric Apocalypse we talked about how humanity is in this phase of our development where we’re creating all of these super technologies, these super technologies that really haven’t existed since the time of Atlantis. And these super technologies use electricity, magnetism, radiation, and they have the power to basically do what magicians couldn’t even do when trying to summon an entity or break through the veil. And so we live in this world where we think that technology is neutral and that technology is convenient, but we’re not really understanding that technology is actually part of certain secret societies religion, it’s part of the externalist materialist religion, because in an externalist materialist religion.

All spiritual activity doesn’t happen inside the human being through transubstantiation or through spiritual feats, but externally in technology or externally in the world. Okay? So we have to understand that for externalists, for scientific materialists that have a religion around, this technology is a religious item. It is part of their religion. And we have to come into this era squarely knowing that. So in our last lecture, Electric Apocalypse, we talked about how there are efforts from, you could say, the dark side or from dark groups that want to basically electrify the earth.

And it’s through the electrification of the Earth. And also bathe it in a bunch of discordant radiation way too much electricity and radiation and kind of discordant energies that are natural and to overwhelm the earth with these energies. And that actually summons up beings that are actually trapped within the inner Earth, and not the inner Earth, as in like the shallow cavern system of the surface, but the actual spiritual inner Earth, which is basically like Hell or the Naraka realms, like these are the Hell realms.

And so that was Electric apocalypse. And I think it leads us into this lecture to say, well, okay, so there’s all of these super technologies that are really ultimately so powerful that they tear at the veil of our very existence, that these are occult technologies. Where do they come from? Where do we get these technologies? Did we just imagine them by ourselves? Or is there some process, some chain of command, some process in which human beings have been in communication with certain beings or entities that have been giving them this technology and that that has caused humanity to develop technologically too quickly out of greed and out of the desire for power and control? And so this technological arms race is really about greed and control.

But is there an element of it that is also involving some kind of contact with beings from allegedly other worlds? But maybe they’re atlanteans, maybe they’re in the Earth. Okay? So that’s what we’re going to get into today. So to really understand where does this technology come from, we have to understand three things. We have to understand what fallen angels are, what that means for humanity, what they are.

We also have to understand the reality of Atlantis and how advanced humanity was in Atlantis. Okay? We also have to understand the inner Earth and the role of the cavern systems in the inner Earth as a kind of preserving space, not the spiritual inner Earth, but the physical inner Earth. So those are three things we need to understand fallen angels, Atlantis, the inner Earth. And so that will occupy several lectures.

But today we’re really going to start with angels and understanding essentially how angels have become aliens over the last, say, hundred years and what that means for our consciousness. Okay, so the first thing that’s happened really since around the mid 18 hundreds but really amping up so that we can tell. In around the 1950s or so there’s been a major redefinition of basically classical esoteric terms and classical Esoteric language.

And this is normal. Every era, every civilization, every epoch will go through a period where they reexamine occult phenomenon or esoteric phenomenon. And that is really just to purify our understanding from any superstition. So we don’t want to be bogged down in dogmatism and in superstition. We want to be able to have an objective understanding of the spiritual world around us. And so it’s natural that we would want to look at spiritual teachings and say if this is superstitious, let’s let this go.

Let’s redefine this. And this happens usually in every civilization in every age. And that’s normal. But there’s also a danger in that when we’re reevaluating our world, our spiritual world there’s a danger in doing it too much. There’s a danger in essentially what’s called profaneing spiritual knowledge and esoteric knowledge to the point where it no longer recognizes the original teaching. And when that happens, you can have this profaned information that actually can compete with the real story, with the real truth behind things.

And that’s how you get these two competing streams in society that are light and dark is essentially the light, the light information, the true evolutionary information that you would call part of the Christ impulse. That is the information that is not profaned and the stream that is pure and that it is the profane stream in society that’s darkened and inverted and that competes with the real truth. And people find themselves in both sometimes.

But we have to understand that there is a real, esoteric, objective truth to our past, to how humans evolve, how we reach higher levels of initiation. This is an objective truth. It’s objective fact. There are objective truths and fact about Lemuria and Atlantis and how human beings evolve, right? And then those can obviously become inverted. But the objective facts is also generally reached through initiation. So usually to really understand higher spiritual knowledge you have to basically be at a certain level of personal development.

And this is actually really tough because it’s really frustrating for people to think that in order to grasp something you actually have to have a certain spiritual level of enlightenment. But that’s actually how understanding prior epochs works. And spiritual knowledge works is usually you have to essentially have attained a certain level of consciousness. So an example of this is in early mystery schools how real spiritual knowledge was actually obtained wasn’t through teaching like this.

You would have a high priest that would essentially show an image of a symbol or a sound or they’d have the student go into a certain position and that student would potentially remember these teachings from other lives or they would essentially be saturated with them from basically the Akasha. And so how we actually obtain spiritual knowledge and spiritual memory isn’t through the intellect. It’s actually more of a remembrance.

And it comes through spiritual evolution, spiritual enlightenment, actually. So knowledge and spiritual enlightenment technically go hand in hand. And it’s only in our sort of materialist society that we think we have to cognitively learn spiritual truths. It doesn’t work that way. It’s really never worked that way. Now we can bring spiritual knowledge into our mind and make it practical and see it around us, but that’s not actually how we understand our past or our spirituality.

Okay? Does that make sense? And so you sort of have this esoteric truth, which is the objective truth. And then there is an advancement of that in humanity that can be sort of considered the exoteric truth, which is our sort of mental understanding of it. And usually it’s in metaphors or similes and that’s like the exoteric truth. And then it can go even one step further. And that is that profaned inversion.

That is that profaned inversion of the esoteric truth. And so in our Dark Age, in the Dark Age, especially in the Kaliyuga, what you’ll have is you can have an entire society, a whole civilization that’s actually run on profaned truths. And it’s very difficult within public conversation to actually get a hold of sort of real spiritual information. And that is actually what we’re seeing today. So today we live in a world of spirituality that has been profaned by both dogmatic religion and dogmatic science, but also through Luciferian forms of spirituality prominent in the New Age.

This is not necessarily on purpose, but due to lack of spiritual development and overdevelopment of the mind. Proper spiritual teachings will include the entire trajectory of the spiritual stream from earlier periods to modern times to ensure that information does not become fragmented and profaned. So there’s a lot here. So generally, streams of wisdom become profaned due to dogmatism, dogmatic religion. That forces humanity to have the same consciousness in which that religion was created, right? That can profane information and dogmatic science, which causes a materialistic worldview that doesn’t even acknowledge the realm that spirit exists in.

Yet every human being craves to connect with a spirit within themselves and in the world. So they create weird and bizarre ideologies that place the government as God or weird spiritualities that worship technology. That’s what scientific materialism does. Okay, but also the Luciferian edge of the New Age can cause profaned streams as well, because oftentimes the New Age is very fragmented and it doesn’t teach things in its entirety, right? And so the best way to come into knowledge about angels, and that includes aliens and spiritual phenomenon is to look at the whole trajectory of the thing, how it was taught over the thousands of years that we have access to.

And then we can add in our more neutralized, perhaps more scientific, objective understanding of things. But we have to have the whole arc and that protects the wisdom from being profaned right? Because you can kind of look at the same topic, whether it be angels or human initiation, spiritual initiation. You can look at these things through the eyes of the Eastern mysteries, the Western mysteries, and then we can ascertain a more objective view, as we are to do in our period, so we have to have all of these things together to form a proper esoteric worldview, right? Okay.

So something that I find really fascinating in our society that kind of adds into this kind of profaning of wisdom is that there is this incredible drive for novelty. And so if you take any aspect of new age or Ufology today, like NHI or aliens, other dimensions abductees, advanced technology, space travel, time travel, all these healing devices that are now being talked about I bet you if you look into traditional esoterica from the 18 hundreds and even going way before, you will find the exact same topics talked about.

But in our society today, which is a social media society, we’re always craving status and we’re always craving novelty, right? And so what’s happening is that we’re looking at essentially angels and spiritual beings, right, and calling them aliens, but we’re not realizing that the teaching is actually thousands of years old and therefore creating a fragment. So let’s go back and look at how some of the main topics that are talked about today actually have existed long before they started making their way into conspiracy theory, into Ufology, into the new age, all of that.

So many topics already exist, but they don’t get revealed properly. They don’t get talked about as they did in the 18 hundreds or even earlier. So when we hear all the time about NHI, so non human intelligence, okay, that’s also aliens. It’s kind of like we started with aliens and we were calling them aliens and then that language wasn’t appropriate. And so now we have the term basically non human intelligence or NHI.

Well, non human intelligence basically can be understood on the classical esoteric side as basically being a supernatural being. So a being that lives in either the supernatural world or the subnatural world, and this would be angels. So any kind of angelic being in the spiritual hierarchy, including demonic entities in the fallen realms or the subnatural realms, or it includes elementals, which we know as nature spirits and stuff, but would be part of the overall spiritual hierarchies as well.

These are beings that are technically not in the natural human world. So these are the beings that are technically not human intelligence. They’re outside of the natural human world or of the earth world. That’s the category that they are technically in. So we already have a category for that. And when we see these things being renamed like let’s rename classical terms, we also have to be aware of the fact that we could be being manipulated because the first thing a cult will do or someone who’s trying to create a psyop or mind control is that they’ll start changing the language.

Have you noticed that? They’ll start to give a new word for something because that’s kind of creating this fragment in which the narrative can be controlled and anyone new that comes into the information won’t know that what they’re really talking about is an ancient phenomenon that’s been here for thousands, hundreds of thousands of years. They won’t know that because the language does not lead them there and does not suggest that.

Right? So there’s actually something immoral about right, there’s actually an immorality to talking about these things and not including the right language because your students and the public can’t go and research this themselves. They’re stuck using the term NHI or alien. Right? But this is part of the overall redefining again of an already existing phenomenon, as we’re going to see as I continue also to lecture on this topic, okay? Another good one is the word dimensions.

So we have interdimensionals, okay? That’s another word that could be NHI or alien. Again, it applies to the spiritual hierarchies, the subrealms that are full of lower entities and then elementals, right? And then so dimensions are another word that has become modernized to describe the spiritual planes. So when somebody is talking about another dimension or being interdimensional, they’re just talking about a spiritual being. And the spiritual planes, right? They’re also called realms and they’re also called planetary spheres.

So every spiritual realm is associated with a planetary sphere and its orbit. That is how it’s viewed in classical esoterica. Not only that, there is a specific hierarchy of angelic life that exists within that realm that is meaningful and has a direct relationship to humanity, right? So these are the different realms, the different realms of the spiritual hierarchies. All right? These are cosmic beings. This is what we would understand as cosmic beings.

And you can imagine that because the angels are associated with certain planetary spheres, you can imagine exactly how over time with a literalist mindset you could think, oh, these are aliens, right? So the other dimensions even more simplified are just called hell, heaven, purgatory, the 8th sphere, higher spheres. That’s what the dimensions are. The dimensions are literally the spiritual planes. And the reason why it’s important to understand that is because we have to talk about the topic relative to what’s possible as a human being.

So it’s not possible to objectively see the universe. Only God can do that, right? So we have to talk about these things as though we are human beings, are the central figure because that’s the only way we can perceive. We only perceive higher planes, the astral plane lower, astral plane, devicon plane higher astral we can’t see these planes objectively. We will always experience these planes as we are, right? So we can’t interact with them as though we’re God and can just go anywhere at any time.

That’s not how the cosmos works. But that’s also something that you’ll see in spiritual materialism, is the delusion that you can just step into some kind of technology and go into another dimension, any dimension that you want. This is the weird god caught, this weird God complex that spiritual materialists have, that everything can be achieved through technology. It’s not possible. We are the technology, right? So dimensions is just another more modern word for spiritual planes.

And you can see how with the introduction of a new word, you could basically never study the spiritual planes classically because you think that this is like a new discovery, a new scientific discovery, right? So it’s that sense of novelty again that I think, as human beings, we really like, because when something’s new, there’s an excitement to it, and there’s a potential that we can be in this stage of learning and almost distraction rather than maybe have to dive into teachings that already exist and may have challenging aspects to them.

Okay, another thing that we hear about so much is abductions. So you’re minding your own business. You’re in your bed at night or you’re driving in your car and suddenly you are out of your body and you’re floating up to this craft in the sky. And various different things happen in our modern times. A lot of scientific things like hybridization or probing, very disturbing things, you know, as Jacques Valet and John Keel pointed out in their material abductions have been going on for a long time.

And in earlier cultures, especially coming to mind the Celtic culture, there was a whole phenomenon of these weird looking beings that would essentially come into your room, steal your baby, and then replace your baby with something else. And this was called a changeling. And people were frightened that essentially what they thought were these evil, dark fairies, often that came from the inner earth, were stealing their babies and then sometimes returning them in a different way.

They were looking strange, or they had a different quality to them when the baby returned. And so, obviously, back then, we didn’t have the scientific knowledge we have now. But that sounds exactly like the abduction phenomenon today. So that has been going on a very long time, and it’s not really new. And if you follow my work, this actually goes into the phenomenon of the fallen angels in the inner earth and this obsession that they have with trying to get back into the life wave and interbreeding with humanity.

The fallen angels, their whole thing is about taking human wives. It’s about trying to breed themselves back into the Lifewave. Okay, so this is a phenomenon that is becoming trendy. It’s becoming popular to talk about nephilim. It’s becoming popular to talk about these fallen angels. But we have to understand that it goes so much deeper than someone like Zachariah sitchin or these other more modern people who have come onto the scene.

And when we can see it that way. It really does help with our understanding to know that there’s really a kind of battle that has been going on with humanity for thousands of years, and that actually sharing this information incorrectly or in a certain way is part of the dark aspect of that battle. All right, so another thing that I find fascinating, actually, that’s always being talked about now, which is really good, is the transhumanism aspect, or this creation of basically these robots and making people robots, making people cyborgs.

And this actually has also been around for many thousands of years. It goes back to Atlantis as a quite literal shadow of our time. You just have to go to the Edgar Cayce work and actually a lot of different psychics have talked about it since then. But really, the classical piece that we’re really looking at with the robot stuff, with transhumanism and building these beings and AI, what we’re really looking at with that is the teaching of the Golem.

So all robots are all the whole practice and obsession with AI and computers is is a sophisticated teaching of the Golem. It’s a sophisticated, technology based practice of the golem. Robots are Golems, and this is a part of Jewish mysticism. So we look at it and we think, well, a robot isn’t technically, like, made of clay, and it’s not technically the exact same thing, but underneath the principle is the same.

Certain groups have just found ways of modernizing very ancient magical techniques using technology. It’s the same thing. A golem is a robot. The AI stuff is about the creation of a collective Golem, right? What is grok? What is chat? DPT this is a collective golem eventually, right? It’s an empty consciousness that something’s going to come into that’s Babylonian magic. Right? But because we don’t really necessarily grasp that, we just think it’s neutral, it’s not.

So we need to see how esoterica has also evolved over hundreds of years, right? Another example of how a lot of concepts are really just recycled from much earlier teachers is actually reptilians. And now reptilian beings are talked about all the time now. They were popularized through David Ike in about the 90s. But actually the talking about reptilian entities goes back all the way to Theosophy and Madame Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine, where she talks about how there was a point in the Lemurian development where the human essence was beginning to take form, but there were some animal forms that were beginning to sort of take shape and become briefly animated.

And the main one was what she called dragon beings, or these sort of serpentine, etheric beings that took place and they took form in Lemuria. And so that goes right in line, actually, with the teaching of Lucifer in the Garden of Eden. And Lucifer is also portrayed as a serpentine or reptilian being. And this is because the shadow aspect of humanity during the Lemurian epoch was a reptile.

It was a sort of fallen serpent form. So today our etheric double tends to be seen as like a cloaked dark figure taking an harmonic form in our epoch. But the etheric double hasn’t always looked that way. The human etheric double looked different ways under different conditions of consciousness. And so the human etheric double in Lemuria looked like a lizard being and that is still connected to us.

So there’s actually a very technical, esoterically technical reason why you would see the overlay of a serpent over someone who has very strong Luciferian tendencies or is worshipping Lucifer and is in that whole scene is because that’s what that etheric body is about. That’s where it manifested. And this is even talked about with Rudolph Steiner in Anthroposophy. He talks about the Lemurian epoch and certain forms shedding off from the human form and that the human etheric double of that period is a Luciferian aspect that looked serpentine.

That’s why when you look at the images of the Garden of Eden, you see a reptilian figure. So there’s actual reasons why there’s actually laws and reasons why certain things appear, why things will disappear, why people will have certain experiences. There’s a whole spiritual science, an occult science behind the physical world that we really have to understand because what we see is a whole lot of conspiracy theories and fragments and sometimes the larger picture isn’t really understood.

And when it’s not understood, we just get thrown into all these superstitions and we operate kind of from fear or we’re constantly looking for someone else to tell us what to think or what something is. When if we just learn occult science ourself, we can do these equations from our own being, from our own mind. And on the topic of Rudolph Steiner, he also made the comments about these things and their effect on the human body, the electrification of the earth, mass censorship he was talking about that coming to pass now in the 19 hundreds, materialism as the destroyer of spirit talked about the battle in heaven, the fall of the angels.

So we have a wealth of esoteric knowledge at our fingertips today that can help us understand these topics like aliens and advanced technology and all this weird stuff that’s going on that seems like it’s totally out of the blue, that seems like it’s totally new. It’s not. And not only is it not new, we’ve had phenomenal teachers that have carried the weight of warning us and of teaching this already.

And we shouldn’t leave that behind. We shouldn’t ignore that, right? So our culture of social media creates the constant drive for novelty likes and popularity, causing influxes of poorly curated lessons and lack of stewardship. And that ultimately leads to more confusion for the student. People argue over who was the first to share certain perspectives, when in reality the teachings are thousands of years old. Take any phenomenon from the new age ufology or the spiritual aspect of the truth community, and you can find an older and deeper and probably less profaned spiritual teaching.

Okay? So that’s how ideas can be profaned. That’s how truth can be lost, can be fragmented until they’re unrecognizable. And then when we go to use these ideas, they don’t work because the teaching isn’t whole enough, right? And we all do this. This isn’t about pointing any fingers at anybody or anything. It’s just something that we have to be aware of in our materialist age, that things can become too fragmented and that can cause weird cults and ideologies that ultimately don’t serve you, that aren’t going to lead to your spiritual evolution.

Okay? So on this topic of the spiritual hierarchies becoming profaned in this exact way, let’s dive into exactly what the spiritual hierarchies are. Now, I’ve spoken about this before, but we’re going to just breeze through it kind of quickly for those who may not have heard me talk about this. So the spiritual hierarchies essentially make up the entire structure of the cosmos. Really. Every dimension or every realm is governed by a spiritual being and a planet or a star, right? So that’s sort of how we view the spiritual hierarchies.

So a very simple way to view it is that there’s sort of for the human being, there’s three basic levels of existence. There is our natural world, and the natural world is the Earth. It’s 3D. It’s the third dimension. That’s the natural world, and that’s the human world, the human kingdom. And we call it natural because it’s natural to us. Right now, above us is what is called the supernatural world.

And the supernatural world is not physical. So above us means that this is basically spiritual planes, right? It’s nonphysical, and it’s full of life. So when people say that the cosmos doesn’t have any life in it, it absolutely does. It’s just that the life is in different realms or different planes, because every single plane represents actually a different level of human initiation as well, because human beings in the natural realm, what we call the natural realm, are actually the 10th hierarchy of angels.

So we are actually technically an angel, ourself in the making. We’re part of the spiritual hierarchies. We’re part of the angelic hierarchies. In a sense, all life is. And that’s why these teachings are so dangerous when they’re profaned, is because the risk is that you lose your own teaching of your evolution. If you think that an alien is an angel, you have lost the entire teaching of cosmic initiation, of how you actually become an angel, of how you actually become an advanced master.

You can’t have the teaching of becoming an advanced master and the teaching of aliens, because aliens is an externalist ideology, whereas real human evolution is an internalist ideology based on transubstantiation of the form and internalness. Does that make sense? So the supernatural world is also called the. Heavens. It’s called the upper astral plane, the devicon, and it is full of angelic beings, okay? And of course, there’s different hierarchies of angels as well.

Now, beneath the natural world, beneath us metaphorically and really as being pictured as being in the Earth, as part of the inner Earth, which is the world of death, there is what’s called the subnatural realm, okay? This is called Hades, this is called Hell. And it is basically a world of death. And it’s the world where you kind of become usually unzipped. It’s where the inversions happen. It’s very mechanical.

I go into this very deeply in electric apocalypse. And in that subnatural realm, you have essentially fallen angels and you have what would be called demonic entities. And even sometimes you can have human essences that become trapped there due to being lost. So those are the three worlds. That is how it has always classically been taught. And if you can remember that, it’s a very easy way to classify phenomenon that you see.

So if something’s physical and in front of you, that’s part of the natural world. Now things can manifest from the subnatural world or the spiritual world in front of you, but they won’t technically be fully, usually fully physical. It’s very rare that that happens. The majority of the time, angels and dark entities will have to try to work through humanity. So if it was just really easy for entities to manifest physically, they wouldn’t have to occupy human forms, which is in fact what they have to do.

So the human being is the form of the natural world, which is why you have essentially dark entities that always seek to possess it. Right? Because the human being is the form of the natural world, which they seek to control. Right. Same thing with angelic beings, though. They can probably manifest a lot easier. That’s not something that they really do. It’s always through humanity, which are the guardians and keepers of the natural world.

Right? And I know this goes against a lot of very common ideologies that the 3D world sort of goes on forever and kind of different ideologies there. But we have to understand that the subnatural world is like a negative and the spiritual world is also like a negative and we’re kind of like a positive. So anything that’s appearing here is coming from either the supernatural world, like an angel, or the subnatural world, like a dark entity.

Okay? So I’m making this distinction because typically in modern times, what it seems like is there’s basically a bunch of people from the natural world, human beings or chimeras or robots or something, and they’re posing as supernatural beings, they’re posing as subnatural beings, as demonic entities, they’re posing as angels. So it’s important to know the difference here. Okay? So conflation of worlds, spiritual beings. So there’s a conflation of the three worlds and spiritual beings classified as material, physical human beings are said to be spiritual.

And so usually you’ll get these stories of these aliens appearing with all this technology and they’re like, I’m a spiritual being, but yet they’re using technology and it’s literally a physical being. So there’s sort of this weird conflation of worlds going on that if you start going into it, it sort of changes your entire cosmology. Okay, so what exactly are angels? You’ve probably heard them talked about a lot.

You probably heard about your guardian angel, people being saved by angels or just the different stories that we hear. Angel typically means messenger, and angel is the term that we hear in the Western mysteries. There are other terms that exist for the same thing in the Eastern mysteries. And angels appear basically in every single holy book. So it doesn’t matter where you go in the world, there is some mention of angels, right? And when the Bible speaks about angels, it speaks about them in a really interesting way.

The Bible talks about angels as though the people reading it already know and already understand what angels are, as though there’s already kind of this relationship with them, this understanding of them. And I find that really interesting because obviously when the Bible was written during the Grecoroman epoch, people still very much had in their mind the idea of the Olympians and these gods, right? The gods of the Greek and Roman pantheon.

Well, those are archangels. Those are angels, right? And so when the Bible was written, there was still an active understanding of what angels were and are in humanity. We had not yet lost that kind of clairvoyant consciousness. And so when you read the Bible and they’re talking know Gabriel at Mary’s Annunciation or Samael in the Garden of Eden or Michael and his warrior presence, I mean, they’re talking to you as though you already know who these beings are.

And that’s because in earlier periods we understood that angels were spiritual beings and that they were all around us and we saw them as the gods, essentially. That’s what the different hierarchies of angels were. And we could see their activities in heaven and we could see their activities within ourself. And it was something that we understood. Only when that deep and intense material impulse began bearing down on us, which really peaked in around the 1415 hundreds, did we start to sort of look at our holy books and look at this phenomenon differently.

Right? So the most referenced work on angels is by Dionysius Aropogate, or I think it’s Aropogite, and he is famous for being one of Paul’s apostles and he writes basically the celestial hierarchies. And he is really the first person to talk about the cosmos and the cosmic beings, angels in an organized way. Now, there is the idea that these teachings were in the Library of Alexandria. And when Alexandria burned, a lot know, teachings that probably would be in the Christian mysteries didn’t survive.

And I think part of that was almost a higher event in order for us to not depend so much on external knowledge and go, you know, we used to understand very clearly the spiritual world and angels. And so, ultimately, Dionysius introduces the nine hierarchies of angels, and that becomes a staple in angelogy and in basically Christian mysticism. And it becomes a structure of the cosmos at large as well.

And it becomes a structure of human initiation because, again, human beings are the 10th angel in the hierarchy of angels. And we’ll reach traditional angel status in our next earthly incarnation, which is in anthroposophy called New Jupiter, right? So, again, that’s why this teaching is so important, is that the teaching of the angels and the spiritual hierarchies is literally the teaching of your own spiritual growth, your own initiation, which, yes, is mirrored in the cosmos and in different planets.

So that’s why it’s so important to have this foundation. So the angels are also basically the direct arms of God. Now, yes, angels can fall, which we’ll get into after. But angels are pure beings. They’re purified beings. They don’t have the same mind that human beings have. And that’s another thing that I see a lot, is people will basically paint angels to be because once you paint an angelic being as an alien, you change the fundamental consciousness that that being has, and then it becomes superhumanized.

And then you start making them kind of in our image, and they become essentially beings that are, like, genetically modifying humanity and flying around in ships because that’s what we’re interested in doing. And so, in reality, angels are the direct arms of God. So they carry out the functions of God, and we all kind of exist within the mind of God. But the angelic hierarchies sort of carry out the will of God, if you will.

And so they work through nature, right? They work through time. They hold time together. I mean, these are such big concepts, it’s hard to even understand. But obviously, you start getting into the archae, which are the angels above archangel. And these are like timekeepers, right? And that’s why they’re associated also sometimes with Saturn. And then you get angelic aspects, angelic beings that can govern aspects of the collective consciousness, right? These are archangels.

And then you have angels who basically help individual people. And everybody has at least one angel that is helping them. And so these are the beautiful teachings of the angelic hierarchies and the angels as basically being the arms and body of God, right? And so there’s other names for them. They’re called often spiritual beings. Some people they don’t like sort of the Christian term, angel. They’ll just call them spiritual beings, right? It’s the same thing, cosmic beings, because if you look at one eight, hundreds literature, 19 hundreds literature, they say things like beings from other spheres or beings from other worlds.

They’re not talking about aliens. They’re talking about angels within the spiritual hierarchy because it was known that the angels basically belong to a planetary sphere specifically relative to the Earth, the orbit of that sphere that was known, they operated within that knowledge. It’s only us, like looking back at it that think that, oh, it’s a being from another sphere. Oh, it must be a physical sphere and an alien, or it must be an alien that’s using technology to basically jump through wormholes to come here.

So again, this is us in our modern culture of wanting to do these things that we’re re envisioning the heavens, right? And I want to be clear as well, because we’ll get into this when we get deeper into Atlantis. It’s not that humanity hasn’t had advanced technology or that we haven’t had visitations from beings from other worlds. The prior two epochs of Lemuria and Atlantis were characterized by that.

But what I’m talking about today is our epoch and what’s possible and known in our epoch because you can’t treat our current epoch like Lemuria and like Atlantis, because the Earth and human consciousness and what is possible is fundamentally different. And a lot of the time when people start talking about different beings and coming here, it’s a direct memory of Atlantis and Lemuria, when certain things were possible, when humanity was not as dense, right? And the cosmos operated in a little different way before human beings became individuated and had an eye.

There’s a difference in how the planet operates and how humanity operates when you have individuated and have your eye or your individual soul, and when you’re like a group consciousness. When we’re in the Lemurian and early Atlantean phase of group consciousness, you have parental beings because they’re basically like children. These are in anthroposophy. The angels of Venus eventually become the angels of Mercury. Those aren’t aliens. And you’ll see later on in this lecture, you’ll see essentially various different people trying to talk about the angels of Venus but framing them as aliens.

But they’re not aliens. They’re actually angelic beings from the Venusian sphere and eventually what we know as the Mercurial sphere. And this is during the Atlantean and Lemurian epoch. But that’s not happening today. We have a different dynamic going on now. And so again, a lot of the profaning of the mysteries that’s happening today is just not understanding where we are in time and what’s possible in our time with our level of consciousness and our level of materiality and the planet’s consciousness and the planet’s level of materiality.

It’s not the same thing all the time. We evolve. Evolution is law, right? So spiritual beings are also like angels are also talked about a lot in the Eastern traditions. In the Eastern traditions, they’re called divas devas. And when you see divas being used in Hinduism or in some other Eastern religions, I think call it something very similar. They had a very interesting view. They didn’t separate the spiritual hierarchies into elementals like we do in the west.

So when you see them using the word diva in these earlier Eastern traditions, they mean the spiritual hierarchy, so they mean all angels. And from their perspective, the angels were permeating nature. They’re permeating the grass and the sky and the trees, and they would sometimes manifest as silks or udines or little people and things like that. And so they didn’t differentiate as much as we do now in the west.

And so they used that term to describe the spiritual hierarchies. In our tradition in the west, we would call those elementals, and we would see those as different than the supernatural world of angels slightly, because technically, the elementals are a little bit different, but it’s fundamentally the same hierarchy. You also might hear them being called the Dyani Buddhas, right? And in the Eastern tradition, that piece of the reality that humanity evolves through a process of initiation is very clear in the Eastern mysteries.

So they actually called even Angels Dayani Buddhas. But really, it also doubled as a term for basically human beings that had become Buddhas, human beings that know of a higher level, which we would call the saints. The saintly realm or ascended masters are the saints in esoteric Christianity, that kind of thing. So it’s the same thing, just a little bit different language. And in Buddhism, they are called the ten bu ten yo, or the high ten.

So it’s the same thing. It’s their version of the spiritual hierarchies, which in the Jewish tradition, too, it’s called the Nine Choirs of Angels. Well, that’s not really any different than Dionysius’s nine hierarchies either. So those are also the planes of the consciousness. Those are what we would understand as dimensions, right, the beings within them. All right? So today modern researchers it’s very trendy. Today modern researchers are trying to go back and basically redefine the spiritual hierarchies.

They’re going back, and they’re saying, oh, yeah, the Buddhas of the still Buddhas of the Eastern mysteries, the Elohim, those are aliens. Those are alien beings. Those are extraterrestrials. The heaven is physical space. This is that materialist mindset that’s out of control, that’s now going backwards in time and trying to essentially, through misunderstanding, destroy spiritual teachings as they’re meant to be. And so various different researchers are going back into the Bible, the Bhagavad Bhagita mahabharata, different Buddhist texts, and they’re basically saying, oh, yeah, well, this story about an angel interacting with humanity in Lemuria when humanity itself wasn’t even really solid yet, that’s a physical alien, right? And so this is what’s kind of running rampant, and it’s not correct because there’s so many different factors that are just not being taken into account, right? We’re not considering the condition of the Earth, and it’s how solid it is, and we’re not considering the condition of human consciousness and even how materialized the human being is and what level of development they’re in, because that will define the kind of spiritual interaction that humanity gets.

Okay, so as many of you know, there are such things as fallen angels. Angels can fall, and angels tend to fall at certain periods. So there was a fall in the lemurian era that is talked about in the bible, which is the classical idea of Lucifer falling and the horde of angels that he took with him. That’s really an account from lemuria. And that’s sort of the first fall that we see, because in the lemurian period, that’s where we first begin to relate to humanity as a kind of quasi physical form.

But before humanity even materialized and was an astral form, there were similar things going on in the cosmos where some angels would essentially graduate into a higher station. So if you’re angel, you would graduate into archangelship, archangelship into archae, and then if you were unable to bear the task, if you weren’t able to understand it, you would fall. Okay, so this was even happening before humanity materialized, obviously.

And we first begin to talk about it and track it in regards to Lucifer and lemuria and the garden of Eden. But there was also another fall in Atlantis, and I personally associate this with Mars. And so also, according to Rudolph Steiner, there was another fall in about 1879 where these harmonic spirits, essentially they fall from heaven as Michael takes his station. And in the anthroposophical system, this is sort of like the most recent fall.

So angels do fall, and when they fall, they become antagonists to humanity and they become antagonists to the angelic kingdoms. And when they fall, they are essentially cast into what we would call the inner earth, and it’s the spiritual plane of the inner earth. And so if you go back and you look at old depictions of Lucifer, you’ll see him depicted as being kind of locked in a chamber in the inner earth, and he’s usually like eating people or doing horrendous things.

And this is showing that once an angel is fallen and kind of cast out, they become locked in the inner earth and they’re sort of held there also by the moon. The moon kind of in a way keeps them in and really protects humanity from these sort of fallen entities from getting out. And so when you also know that, you can guess why during the atlantean period, people tried to tamper with the moon and why people still want to tamper with the moon.

Well, if you’re a dark magician, right, and the moon is one of the bodies, that is basically stopping the demonic hordes you serve from getting out, and you want them out because you feel like it’s going to be your personal power, too, then you’re going to want to try to mess around with the moon to release them. So when I see stuff going on with the moon and people wanting to mess around with the moon, I just think about the esoteric reality of it and how a lot of people have wanted to mess with the Moon even before our culture was able to go to the moon.

I’m talking about Atlantis, because it is the guardian of the Earth. The moon is not negative. It is the guardian of the Earth. It keeps the things that are fallen into the inner Earth at bay, okay? The spiritual fallen realm of the inner Earth at bay. And so essentially, when you fall as an angel, as anything, if it’s really bad, you face something called second death, which is going through what I call the dark corridor and being reimalgamated.

So second death is a very real thing, kind of for the worst of the worst. And so nobody really wants to be trapped in this lower realm of the Earth that’s basically slowly dissolving them. They’re always seeking to project themselves into the natural world. Remember, the natural world is the 3D plane that humanity is on. And so these beings in the subnatural world that constitute at the highest level of these ARCONs or these kind of fallen angels are always seeking to enter into humanity, to possess humanity and to, through humanity, control the natural world and kind of suck it dry because their whole consciousness is about antagonizing god and proving that they are God.

And to do that, they have to capture the natural world, the human world, right? And so that’s the dynamic there. But despite being locked away in their little sad little chambers in the Earth, they have a psychological effect on humanity. So, like I said, they don’t necessarily manifest physically. It takes an incredible amount of force and power to do that and it’s really not sustainable. So what they do is they appear kind of as in negative energy or kind of what you could say is kind of like a dark energy.

And they’ll try to influence people psychologically so that they can attach to them. And that’s the dark reality of the lower planes. And that gives them a little bit of relief from basically being down there. And so there’s also hordes of what you would call kind of fallen essences and demonic beings that follow these fallen Angels that have been cast into the Earth. And so I guess in Gnosticism you would call these sort of fallen Angels ARCONs.

That would be pretty good. And I think in our culture, I think we call them negative aliens. I think if you look at all of the alien ideologies that are out there, I think what’s happening is it’s basically the principal in Gnosticism of ARCONs and that’s now negative aliens, but that’s also Fallen Angels. It’s all the same thing that just now has different language. But it’s confusing because people will again come into the knowledge thinking it’s aliens.

They won’t know to connect it to Arkansas and Fallen Angels, right? So when we understand it’s kind of the same thing. We suddenly have so much material that we can study and to understand the phenomenon. So really, in summary, with the fallen angels, their whole goal is really to sort of possess humanity, right? Control humanity. And to do that, they essentially have to enter the life wave of humanity.

So fallen angels and demonic beings need to have a form to incarnate into. And so a lot of what we see is actually about trying to create forms for fallen angels at the highest, but also just demonic entities changing the form so that the human being can house dark things. That is, again, also going into the teaching of the Golem. But the reality is that these dark things in the lower planes, they need a form.

But the human form is becoming and really is naturally too divine for fallen essences. Because when you fall into the Earth, okay, when you devolve as a being, you’re not getting the upgrades from the solar force and from Christ. So you kind of stay like a time capsule of an earlier period, which means that you’re degenerating. So the only way you can survive is to try to splice into the natural human life way that is evolving with time, that is evolving with the sun in Christ.

So this is all a very weird, sneaky way in which lower entities are trying to incarnate and trying to filter themselves into the human natural world because they don’t have any access to it. And this is also why in the alien ideology, alienism in New age and in Ufology, it’s all about like hybridization. Human beings are hybridized. Yeah, well, that’s what you’re going to tell people when you’re literally a fallen angel or a demonic being that needs to hybridize themselves with human beings.

And that’s where you get all of the weird push in different secret societies in the world today to basically be obsessed with genetic manipulation and CRISPR and all this kind of stuff. There’s many different things behind it. But we also have to understand the reality of what fallen angels and demonic entities really want is they want a form. And the human form, again, is becoming too divine to hold them because we are evolving out of the material plane and into a higher form of existence, we’re leaving them behind.

So, so many of the activities, whether it be the electrification of the Earth or the changing of the human genome, is literally to keep the Earth here for as long as possible and the human form degraded so that these things can continue to feed and enter it. We have to see it for what it is. Angels, fallen or whole, were always spiritual beings. They were never physical like us, okay? The same thing with demonic beings.

They never existed in the natural world, including outer space, not on our plane. Beings that exist physically are human or within the human kingdom. Psychics or researchers portray angels as physical beings from space. They are really applying conditions from lemuria to our present day epoch, which is impossible. So I just covered that briefly. But it’s really important to understand the different conditions of consciousness and again, what’s possible in those periods.

All right, so now we’re going to start getting into, I think, the really interesting part. So we’ve talked about how our spiritual history and teachings can become profaned and inverted. We’ve talked about what an angel is directly, and we’ve talked about what a fallen angel is and kind of what their goal is. And just for contrast, angels goal is the exact opposite. The angelic beings are looking to assist humanity in every single way to the point that they will actually sacrifice their entire being for humanity to evolve.

That’s the love of the angelic kingdom, the complete opposite of the fallen kingdom. Okay, so now we’re going to get into sort of the path in the last, I would say, 80 to 100 years, where we really see teachings becoming profaned and we really see the spiritual hierarchies and angels essentially becoming aliens, physical flesh and blood aliens that are creating humanity, that are flying around in ships and technology.

We suddenly see this shift. So let’s observe where does that shift come from? Why did it happen? How can you go from for thousands of years having a certain teaching in every single esoteric tradition, and then in the last 80, suddenly it turns on its head and it’s all about these flesh and blood people, basically, that say they’re aliens, that are using technologies that are rewriting the human origin story.

Where does this come from? Where does it come from? Because it doesn’t recognize anything really that we would know classically. So in modern times, around 1950, the spiritual hierarchies, which were traditionally basically angels or demons and elementals, it changes to become flesh and blood aliens. And these aliens use technology to appear and disappear. And they use technology as a way that they spiritually worship. And around 1950, these physical flesh and blood beings that call themselves these physical flesh and blood people basically call themselves aliens, packed with all of these different people.

They just sort of land in certain people’s yards and they start telling them things. And there’s different teachings on this. There’s Michael X, there’s Van Tassel. There’s several of these experiences that happened in the 1950s. It’s absolutely fascinating. So these flesh and blood people basically are making contact with other people in advanced technology, being like, hi, we’re aliens, we’re from another planet. And they would basically act oftentimes as though humanity is like an irresponsible child kindergartner and we need their help.

They’re advanced. They would say that they’re going to save humanity and that there is this galactic federation in the sky and when humanity is ready, that they’re going to come down and they’re going to basically initiate humanity into the spiritual hierarchies in the sky and give them all of these secrets to life. So they’re presenting themselves as these parental figures, okay? And also in these early contact stories, there were things that would usually always come up that were similar, which is that Jesus was really an alien.

This is something that is very most of these things that I’m mentioning, by the way, they started in about 1950, but they persisted into the present day. The same narratives have persisted from that time. The idea of galactic federations, the idea of humanity is really a big baby. It’s a child, and it needs this guidance from these aliens. These aliens are our parents that Jesus is an alien, right? Jesus is a hybrid.

Buddha and Krishna were also alien beings. And so that one is particularly sinister because what they’re doing there, whatever this group is, is basically taking away your ability to transform and transcend, right? They’re taking away the spiritual masters who have given humanity incredible gifts and saying, oh, yeah, that person wasn’t human. They’re alien, therefore you can never achieve what they did. So there’s a theme of infantilizing humanity and glorifying actual human beings that were never alien and things that humans have built like pyramids.

Everything is done by aliens. Everything that’s notable is created by an alien. Every pyramid, every megalith, right? And every human being that was exalted is also an alien. So there’s this weird thing where these people are showing up and they’re basically stealing humanity’s history and heritage and applying it to themselves. And people, especially in that early period, were these contactees. They were amazed because there was this technology.

They did have technology. They would do these kind of crazy things that now we could see could be holograms or there could be certain things that are done with technology that seem spiritual. So these beings were trying to prove that they were spiritual entities through basically using technology. And because most of humanity was not aware that these technologies could have existed from, say, Atlantis, they were like, oh, my God.

Well, this person must be from Venus, because I’ve never seen that technology before. Okay, so there was this sort of very early Usurping. Beginning in 1950s and propagandizing to people about aliens creating humanity. Jesus is an alien, right? This kind of stuff, that really the purpose of it on a spiritual level, is to take away your own process of initiation, because Buddha, Krishna, all these Jesus, all these incredible human beings were spiritual masters, which means they achieved something for humanity and gave humanity a gift that humanity now must take on and become like.

So when you say that person is an alien, that’s a Satanic thing to say, because you’re taking away that person’s ability to truly be like that person, because all of those people were human. Jesus was human. Buddha was human. Krishna was human. They had an exalted soul aspect that may be connected to an angel or an archangel as. In a Venusian essence, which is the archangel in earlier periods, Mercury and ours.

But they weren’t alien, right? So you see this happening. And another interesting thing that would typically happen in channeling circles later, but also in these earlier contacts in the 50s is these people were getting essentially like scientific information. So they were given formulas. They were given formulas to build technologies. But then at the same time it was kind of like a Luciferian Charlie and the chocolate factory thing where they would be, you know, you really shouldn’t build the atomic know, you really shouldn’t build this technology, you really shouldn’t build that, but we’ll give you the formula anyway.

So it was sort of this weird Charlie and the chocolate factory relationship, really, where you shouldn’t be doing things, but we’re going to give you the ability to do these kinds of things. And so in the 1950s, flesh and blood people began showing up in physical crafts claiming that they are aliens from another planet. They began contacting certain people to introduce certain spiritual ideologies and encouraging the development of certain technologies.

In fact, what made people believe that they were from another planet was their apparent advance, their technological advancement. So spiritual beings that originated from the cosmos that were classically called angels or demons were now suddenly appearing as flesh and blood people and calling themselves the old gods or aliens. Yeah, that happened in the last hundred years. And let’s go even deeper with this because I really pegged 1950, that post war era of science fiction and those weird contacts that I’ll get into.

But if you look at the ideology, you can see this ideology that aliens are gods, that aliens created humanity. You can see this whole ideology that we’ve been talking about here today, this whole profaned stream. You can see this going into the 18 hundreds even earlier in a specific secret society. Now this is a secret society that was actually behind Nazi Germany. Now, the secret society is not limited to the third Reich in Nazi Germany.

They were all over the world, but they took on the kind of Nazi cause as sort of their experiment, if you will. So there’s a secret society that’s much larger that’s in America, that’s kind of all over the world, really, that adheres to the ideology that aliens from another planet came to the earth and essentially are gods. This is a real ideology, esoteric ideology of certain people. And this again goes against classical understanding.

It’s not the truth. It’s a certain group’s truth. So you’ll find it in going back as far as like Guido List, Ariosophy, Esoteric, Hitlerism. The belief is that what they would probably call the asir or phenyr, these are these old Germanic gods that came from another planet that they directly descended from. Now it’s this esoteric ideology that really fed a lot of the stuff we hear about with the third Reich.

So if you think that you are the direct descendant of an old god, you will think that you have divine right to rule. Okay? So it created this incredible racialism where this esoteric society that was a literalist externalist which became a scientific materialist society with a very stunted view of esoterica. They thought that they were the blood of the gods and that anyone beneath them was basically lower than them.

Now fundamentally, this is the seed ideology to that. So what we’re seeing in modern times with all the ancient alien stuff and alien god ideology, as I mentioned in Mars Mysteries, it goes right back to certain secret societies that took root around Germany, Austria, that believed that their ancestors came from another planet. And now this is really just a misunderstanding about what fallen angels are. It’s a misunderstanding about angels, it’s a misunderstanding about Atlantis and a misunderstanding about lemuria.

But they’ve taken it so literally that and it’s so seductive, right? I mean, if someone told you, right, and maybe this is what these demonic entities do if someone tells you, listen, you’re special, you’re better just because you have a certain blood than other people, that is the most seductive hypnotic thing that you can hear because you know what? You don’t have to really spiritually evolve because you’re already better than everyone.

And so the spiritual racialism is an incredibly seductive ideology for a lot of people because you don’t have to focus on inner transformation and you’re already just better than everyone. And that’s why I think this idea clicks with so many people, is because it’s like a shortcut. You just have to exist, essentially. Maybe there’s some mundane spiritual things you have to do, but because of your birth and your genetics, you’re better.

This leads into eugenics. This is the same ideology. This is what happens when you are a literalist, when you’re a materialist. You think that the human form, the blood, your race are the most important things spiritually, right? And that’s what happened in that era. And there’s a whole mythology that they have that goes along with it which involves things, know, Atlantis, or actually I would say Antarctica and Hyperborea which if you watch my work, directly relates to the Mars impulse and certain fallen angels during that period.

So ultimately I want to tie this into the inner Earth as well because I’m going to be going into that in the future in this series. The reason why, you know, the Anerbe and these different groups, these different Nazi groups going into Tibet and traveling around it’s really to prove that they are the direct ancestors of the gods. It’s to prove their divine right. They weren’t just going around looking for cool little artifacts to have in their home.

They believed, according to their esoteric system, that they were the children of alien gods and they wanted to prove it and have divine right. And so ultimately they go to Tibet and probably other locations to try to make contact with essentially certain people that exist within the well, okay, we’ll get into that a little bit now. So the inner Earth became a refuge after Atlantis for what you could say were dark magicians.

In Edgar Cayce’s work. These would be like the Belial group. So when you hear certain people in the conspiracy community talking about, like, a breakaway civilization, this is what’s meant. The breakaway civilization is basically a certain group from Atlantis that basically went into the ground. The reason why they went into the ground and they cannot live on the surface is because during the Atlantean period, we fell into the same kind of problems we are now.

They went into extreme transhumanism. They altered their form, and so their form doesn’t even look human anymore. And they also have a sensitivity to the sun. So they cannot be in the sun because the sun in the post Atlantean epoch is essentially different than the sun in the Atlantean epoch and certainly the Lemurian epoch. So every epoch that goes forward, you get a change in the sun, in the intensity and the actual forces that are in the sun.

Okay? So if you want to change your form through transhumanism, you’re making your form unnatural, which means it’s not going to have the correct relationship with the sun. All right? And so you have these dark magicians, really, or the Belial group that took refuge in the inner Earth. Now, they weren’t very spiritually advanced because no dark magicians are, right? But they had a lot of technology, and you can probably see where I’m going with this.

So you have this group that many people will call a breakaway civilization that has entered the shallow caverns of the Earth, which people call the inner Earth. The inner Earth is actually a spiritual place. It’s not a physical thing. The real idea of the inner Earth in regards to visitors and things like this is a spiritual teaching. All right? So this is like a shallow cavern system that goes pretty deep in the Earth.

But there are people in there that are from the Atlantean era that are deformed. There’s all kinds of things in there that are deformed because they can’t be in the sun. I know this sounds like an absolute bizarre story. It sounds like Edward Bolworth litton. But listen, the Atlantean civilization was real. The Atlantean epoch was real, okay? We have to understand that we don’t just live in a fragment of time.

There were other civilizations, and they’re also trying to survive. They don’t have a lot of spiritual advancement, but they have a lot of technology. And that is where you get all these weird stories about these aliens giving people technology. They’re not aliens. They’re literally just deformed people from the inner Earth that formed the dark aspect of the Atlantean kingdom that can no longer even live on the surface.

That’s how deformed they are. Okay, so the whole story is that allegedly this secret society had been in contact with them. They wanted the technology, they wanted superiority. And so they’re in contact and they’re in contact with them today. And the reason why people say, oh, it’s aliens is because then you don’t have to have the truth. If people are armed with the truth, they’re powerful. If they’re chasing their tails with inaccuracies and lies, then they’re never going to prevent anything from happening.

Right? So I’ll just do a quick contrast over essentially what real mystery schools would teach about human creation and evolution because I think that we’re so saturated with Nazi esoterica that we don’t even realize we’ve been propagandized to. And a lot of people are starting to think that this Nazi esoteric teachings that have permeated our world are real and they’re true. And so there’s actually a very sophisticated system of human creation and human initiation that actually is about transubstantiation and sacrifice and changing the form through spiritual development, okay? It doesn’t have anything to do with blood.

In other words, you just can’t claim that you’re the kings of the world through a certain bloodline. That’s not at all how spiritual advancement works or you’re certainly not going to be the most spiritually advanced kingly person through that. Does that make sense? For more information on this because I have to get moving. Go and check out my creation series. I go extremely into detail about how humanity formed and how we evolve in that series.

So of course you have this really a Nazi ideology, a Nazi esoteric ideology. And it really starts in the 18 hundreds even before that, right? It’s the antagonizing impulse. So it basically builds and builds and builds. It develops. We get World War II and then of course we all know Operation Paperclip, all of, you know, they just come to America. Some other places like Russia too, they don’t know any kind of punishment really for their crime.

They just get brought into NASA, which is really interesting because if you can look at the Nazi esoteric origin story, that’s a space god origin story, okay? Part of the Nazi esoteric ideology is space gods and human evolution through colonization. So a main part of the Nazi, the deep secret Nazi ideology is that humanity does not evolve through resurrection and transubstantiation and transforming themselves inwardly. Humanity’s destiny is to become a space god like their alien god ancestors through genetic manipulation and transhumanism and then eventually colonize other worlds.

Okay? So in the Nazi esoteric tradition, in the modern thing that they’re leading up to is space colonization as basically the ultimate goal of being a space god like their progenitors were, okay? So when you see let’s colonize other worlds, let’s go into space, let’s be transhumanist, that is the antichrist impulse that is very alive and well in what we would kind of colloquially recognize as a Nazi ideology.

But it goes so much deeper than just that political movement. Does this make sense? So now of know Werner von Braun names Elon Musk in his weird book about Mars. And now Elon Musk is like getting transhumanism going, and we got to colonize space. And he’s absorbing like a vacuum all of these people on the right. Many of them feel like they’re Christians. And it’s bizarre to see that because if you really understand that antichrist impulse, that antagonist impulse, its connection to technology and esoteric Nazism, you would want nothing to do with colonization of space, and you want nothing to do with transhumanism.

And you would see someone pushing that as though it’s humanity’s hope as being a straight up satanic individual by ideology alone. Right? So this is what we begin to see. We begin to see the paperclip Nazis come over to America, enter NASA, right? The exact institution in which they can create their space god religion and become space, right? This is how, you know, that little secret society maybe goes into skull and bones and these other things, right? Because how were they able to just come to America and fulfill their space god propaganda? Which is exactly what we see.

Let’s go forward. So let’s go back to 1950 with a contactee named George Van Tassel. As I mentioned, there were actually many different people that were contacted in 1950s and 1960s in basically the same way. But I chose George Van Tassel because his contactee experience seems to just be like the perfect example of a sort of bizarre propaganda that began to appear at that time to create an alien religion and to paint aliens and technology as physical and spiritual and to really bring in this weird alien techno religion.

So George Van Tassel is a contactee from around 19 53 52. He is the individual that’s actually featured in my little trailer for this video. And surprisingly enough, he is an aerospace guy. He’s a government contractor, okay? And actually several of the people who are contacted by aliens in the also just happen to be government contractors. What do you know? It’s the same thing today. How you see all these people that worked for the CIA, that worked for these clandestine agencies come forward and suddenly they want to talk to you about advanced technology.

Suddenly they want to get the UFO file out there NHI, they rename everything. This started a long time ago. This started in 1950, in its infancy and really starting to get the alien techno religion out there. So Van Tassel basically what happens to him is that this bell shaped craft, which he calls a Scout craft from Venus, this appears in his backyard. Now, he’s a government, okay, and an aerospace guy.

He actually, I believe, was chosen to be sort of part of a precursor to NASA, where he was like a flight engineer. So he’s deep into aerospace, and he is running an airport around Joshua Tree for the government okay, so he’s getting paid by the government. He’s in aerospace, and suddenly this bell shaped craft just lands in his yard. And he claims, I think, that they’re from Venus.

And they start giving him all of these spiritual lessons. They tell him to start this religion. They start talking to him about time travel and how technology can heal the body, and you can travel anywhere in time with technology and really begins this sort of worship with aliens. But according to Van Tassel, it’s like a physical person, right? So the weird thing about that, too, is that Van Tassel actually lives and kind of comes across the land out there in the desert from another individual who was accused of being a Nazi collaborator during World War II.

And so the land that Van Tassel’s on, that he lives on, that he works on, was basically suspected to be the owner of it was suspected to be a Nazi collaborator. And that could be neither here nor there, because a lot of people could have been obviously accused of that. But it is a little bit weird considering the arena that we’re in. And what makes it even weirder is that the land is actually on top of a glass tunnel system, and the First Nations people in the area believed that the tunnel system went into the inner Earth.

So Van Tassel ends up building this temple that is still in use today. And he writes all of these different spiritual books about aliens, his account and them he goes on television as well. And there’s still kind of a little bit of a cult around Van Tassel. And so with him, we really see the very beginnings of this alien god religion that will proliferate, and you can still see the kind of weird Nazi underpinning.

And it’s funny because I feel like people are exhausted with talking about Nazis, and I think that there’s a fatigue around it. And I get it. I totally get it because everyone has been focusing on that word and that movement, but nothing has been really revealed or really understood on a deep level about it. So for me, I understand if there’s fatigue about it, but at the end of the day, when you start looking into this and researching it, that’s what you find objectively.

That’s the secret societies and the movements that are behind the advanced technology and the ideology itself of being alien, the children of aliens, that’s where it comes from. And so, again, other mystery schools did not have that perspective, right? That is a unique perspective of that movement, of the Nazi movement. That is their origin story. It’s not other mystery schools origin story that took a classical position. So I understand fatigue around this, right? But whether people are tired of hearing about it or not, it needs to be addressed, right? That’s sort of how I see it.

Now, after Van Tassel in the 1960s and 70s, we see the alien god ideology still picking up stream, and we see Von Danikin come on to the scene. Now, Eric Von Danikin writes Chariots of the Gods and a lot of other books. He’s still lecturing today, and he’s the father of ancient aliens and the ancient Alien show. And so he’s a literalist and he’s a materialist. And part of his lectures are basically going back into the Bible, going back into Eastern texts, and redefining them with his literalist perspective, which is basically that all angels are basically aliens, and that what was called the heavens is really physical outer space.

So Von Danneken has almost single handedly, through his lectures and books, redefined the cosmos as being full of extraterrestrials that are basically physical or can become nonphysical through technology, right? And that it’s a physical space. Right? And so a lot of people have pointed out the connections to the Nazi party with Von Danneken. It’s not something that’s secret at all. And I’m honestly kind of surprised that he got so popular, because Chariots of the Gods was sort of ghost written or partly written or potentially even fully written by an individual named Wilhelm Rogersdorf or Utz.

Uterman. Now, this individual was the Nazi propagandist for a newspaper called Volkasher Bichter. So he was a direct editor of basically Nazi propaganda, a huge figure in that movement. And so he basically writes Chariots of the Gods, and Von Danneken becomes an arm of that movement, basically spouting and propagandizing the exact origin story of the Nazis, right? I don’t want to talk about this all the time. I know it’s a disturbing idea that our spiritual community and Ufology could be saturated with this, but what are we going to do about it, right? Because right now, if you look into the New Age and you look into Ufology, the whole scene is defined by Von Daniken and Zachariah Sitchin.

The classical understanding of this is nearly gone. And when you talk about things like resurrection or you talk about things like spiritual initiation, it’s looked at as a silly, ridiculous thing from the past. The real stuff, the real stuff is in the Von Danneken work or the Sitchin work. That’s where the real stuff is. That’s where the technologies are. That’s where our real history is. And if you talk about the classical teachings of initiation, the things that have been the basis of our spiritual evolution for thousands of years, that’s like old stuff.

Who cares? That’s religious, that’s dogmatic. I don’t want anything to do with that. It’s aliens. And so we’re fighting against this juggernaut, really, of glamorous, repackaged Nazi esoterica that we have to eventually confront, because we’re going to get a repeat of that society if we don’t. And it’s going to come in from the spiritual side. Okay, so Von Danikin, his position is basically, if you see a megalith that looks like it couldn’t be built today, an alien did it.

If somebody performs some kind of spiritual feat like Christ or Buddha, that person is basically an alien. So again, it is this infantilizing of humanity and painting us as though we can’t evolve without these alien caretakers. And very few people chime in and even talk about the spiritual hierarchies and say, hey, you’re talking about archangels, or hey, you’re talking about the spiritual hierarchies here. And that’s technically not the stewardship that should be taken for that particular topic.

We get sucked into it because it’s on television, it’s glamorous, and millions and millions of dollars have been put behind this individual to go out there and capture your attention. And I think one of the most disturbing things about the ancient aliens movement and it comes through Von Daniken a lot also, is this idea of he says it repeatedly in his talks that humanity is going to find some kind of ancient hidden records.

And it’s going to be under the pyramid or it’s going to be in Tibet, or it’s going to be in India or in some megalith. And then that’s going to back up everything that I’m saying. So for me, I’m looking at that like, well, when are we going to get the drop where basically this secret society has created these documents or whatever, or they frame these documents in a weird way to basically rewrite our origin story.

So should we be expecting some cache of documents to be found that suddenly validates the alien god ideology? I think we’ll confront that. I think we will confront that because that’s what has been said over and over again in Von Danikin and other alien god theorists lectures. Okay? So after Von Danikin, we get basically the Sitchin material, and that is like eighty s and ninety s going into the Sitchin, basically elaborates on Von Danikin.

He takes the Von Danikin work and kind of brings it to a new height. Okay? What he does is he introduces the Babylonian pantheon. So he brings humanity back to the Babylonian myths, the Babylonian ideology, and he recenters our focus there. And in a way it’s kind of getting us to worship these Babylonian gods. So he’s kind of centering people back into Babylonian religion, the Sumerian Babylonian Stream, which is the Lunar Stream, okay? And so a lot of people who fall into this, they surround themselves with pictures of Sumerian gods, and they believe that’s the purest stream and it’s kind of a way of just reintroducing the Babylonian religion to humanity again.

Right? That’s the simplest way of putting that. And through the Sitchin work, we get the classic ideology that’s now completely permeated people by saying that humanity is basically the result of genetic modification. And they were created in a petri dish, and they were created as slaves, and humanity is really part animal, except for the gods, those aren’t part animal. Right? So you can see in my know, the Sitchin work is basically the Nazi origin, both both Von Danikin and Sitchin are essentially bringing forward and modernizing and elaborating on the original origin math of the Nazis that goes back even before the Nazis existed to this sort of secret society.

Also very strange, he says that the planet Mars is where the god Allalu is. I mean, the elaborate details that Sitchin comes up with are incredible. But he says that the god Allalu is buried on Mars and it’s near this alleged sphinx on Mars, which kind of goes along with Edgar Cayce’s Hall of Records material, where the sphinx is always where the king is buried, and it’s in the Sidonia region.

And so also in the Sitchin work, you kind of see this in Weaving of Mars, which I really picked up on a lot and in my own visions and stuff was picking up something very different. But I can see how it’s being slowly weaved in. And you know what? Again, like Von Dannekin, you see Sitchin basically remove a lot of things that were done naturally through spiritual feats, like miraculous conception.

The thing about a lot of the Von Daniken work, the Sitchin work, the alien god stuff, is that there’s really no understanding of the feminine mysteries. And that’s why you’ll see typically a lot of men will just go all in on Sitchin and Von Dannekin and then the women tend to be a little bit less interested in it. And I think that’s because within the women’s wisdom stream and experience, we actually understand creation to a different level naturally.

And we understand, even within our body very old secrets about immaculate conception and the birth of kings and sort of this whole world that exists within the feminine mysteries that teachings like Sitchin and Von Danakin completely insult because every feminine process, every feminine archetype is destroyed. In the Sitchin and Von Danakin and alien god material, you have the birth of humanity being done through scientific innovation. No, the birth of humanity is directly linked to the feminine mysteries, to Eve and through the feminine form, the feminine body that becomes and takes on the imprint of the father.

And so the birth and creation of humanity is very deeply and woven in the feminine side of things through natural processes. So when you get too far into the alien god religion, literally everything about Mother Nature, everything about the feminine mysteries is destroyed. And everything that the feminine does is called to do, is done by a technology. And that’s why in Metropolis, you see Maria or you see the woman basically encased in a machine.

Yeah, because that’s where the ideology goes. It goes to the destruction of the feminine because you cannot have an origin story that says that you were created in a lab and honor the feminine arc of the mysteries. You’re destroyed it. And the reason why this is allowed is because we’ve lost the feminine mysteries. We don’t understand them anymore. And so this monster has come about now, but it’s time that we remember so that we can actually understand our origins and our beginnings.

Okay? We have a beautiful process of spiritual growth that’s not driven by genetically modifying humanity in a lab and things like this. This is a sickness. It’s what happens when the feminine is not in its proper place. You get this weird, techno, transhumanist alien religion as technology steps in to take over every single natural process that is esoterically usually assigned to the feminine, to Sophia, to Mary. Okay, so the Sitchin and Von Danneken rhetoric is basically normalized, and people talk about it as though it’s just reality.

And in the 2000s, Ancient Aliens starts up as a direct propaganda arm and propagator of both Sitchin and Von Danikin’s work. You have all of these other authors signing on and speakers signing on that basically propagate the alien god ideology. You get conferences, documentaries, everything that’s now within this alien god ideology that’s been established since the 50s with Von Tassel moving down through Sitchin von Danikin in 2010s, we now get Gaia.

Now, Gaia has some incredible people on there, actually, that have nothing to do with this show. They’re lovely, but they also have this cosmic aspect of it that directly propagates the alien god ideology, and they exist in that capacity to really just continually push that propaganda. But now spiritualize it. So you get psychics and channelers and whistleblowers that are adding this spiritual aspect to the alien god ideology and really kind of riding on the back of established researchers and spiritual people that don’t really understand what’s going on.

So they’re kind of using other people’s credibility to piggyback this alien god stuff on. And so that is, in my opinion, Gaia in a nutshell. I know some people may disagree. That’s fine. But when you get into the cosmic stuff, it’s basically just Ancient Aliens. It’s ancient Aliens with a spiritual focus. It’s basically the Nazi esoteric ancient Aliens on steroids. That’s essentially what Gaia is, okay? And today, of course, it’s become so permeated after 60 years that on YouTube you have different people channeling different aliens and federations of aliens and basically regurgitating what they hear on Gaia or what has been said through Sitchin and Von Danikin, and it’s really become an aggregore that is, again, competing with the classical understanding that’s actually useful to us.

And so the other thing I have to mention about channelers and psychics is that there’s a real impulse that you can tune into. We were talking earlier about how there’s demonic and fallen forces in the inner Earth that can influence you mentally. So you could actually fall into these teachings and never see Ancient Aliens. You can actually get contacted by these kinds of beings in the inner planes of the Earth that are fallen, and they’ll tell you the same thing because that’s ultimately what’s happened to a lot of people.

They’re captured by this a lot of. People who propagate this, it has to be very clear. A lot of people who propagate this have no idea that it is not reality. They don’t understand that Jesus wasn’t an alien or that you don’t need a machine to live forever in. Taking the most extreme cases of this ideology, they don’t know that you didn’t need an alien to build a pyramid.

And so they get perhaps introduced to the stream through propaganda, but they could also tune into this dream just through tuning into the essence of demonic entities, because demonic entities need a form, right? We talked about that in the beginning. So I’m going to move on to your questions, but I want to do a couple of honorable mentions first. So you guys, there were so many different contactees, different movements that were in the same vein.

I couldn’t choose them all. But I also want to mention Scientology. Scientology was created by Elrond Hubbard, who was obviously connected to Crowley and JPL and NASA, and he came out in the 1940s, even before Van Tassel. And he basically said that there is this galactic confederacy that’s led by Lucifer and they’re going to save humanity or what have you. Lucifer, of course, is the connection to Venus.

And if you look at a lot of the earlier contacts, they mentioned Venus too. That could be a reference to obviously the fallen angel essence that fell in the Lemurian epoch under the sign of Venus. So that actually could be a little bit of in plain sight there. Not that the planet Venus obviously is evil, but the fallen aspect of it. Okay, so Scientology creates the original space soap opera.

Like when you start seeing the Galactic Federation stuff. Elrond Hubbard did it first. Okay, you also have Andrea Puharik and the Nine. This is like in the even into the have Andrea Puhar, who was associated with the MKUltra program, people suspected he was a doctor in that program. He ends up meeting this medium called Vinod. They do a brahmin ceremony and unify themselves together and apparently communicate with an extraterrestrial being.

So Puharak was really also one of the first people that was using spiritual means to contact allegedly aliens. He became so obsessed with this because he says in his own interviews that these aliens were giving him equations. They weren’t giving him information on how to improve his life, how to create his higher whatever. Maybe they were. But the main thing that he was impressed about was that they were giving him these scientific equations.

And he became so infatuated with it that he created space kids, which is something that Dark journalists talked about on Friday, which was basically going and finding children who had psychic potential and grooming them to communicate with these aliens. And he eventually lands with Yuri Geller, who he starts to groom to become kind of like a space messiah. And Yuri Geller, at the peak of his relationship with puharik is basically communicating with this alien.

The Nine are gods from Egypt, but also aliens. And at the height of the communication he is basically saying, he’s like, oh my God, I’m actually communicating not with a living being, I’m communicating with a computer. And it’s the computer of like a spaceship or something and it has absorbed the souls of all beings that used to live within its sphere or something. So it all leads down the same road.

It always leads to some weird robot transhumanism alien stuff and channeling, I mean, this is where it usually ends up going no matter what route you take. And I just find that to be very interesting. In the 70s, massive channeling movements stem out of sort of those initial periods of contact that we really saw with Van Tassel and those government contractors that were getting contacted. You suddenly see Ashtar Command channeling and conveniently all of the Ashtar Command people look like SUNAT Kumara or Archangel Michael or like this Venusian Aryan looking figure.

Then you get Galactic Federation Channelers, which is Scientology. I mean, in 1940 it was Elrond Hubbard that was basically saying aliens are amongst us, there’s a galactic confederacy, they have a base on Mars, they have a base. I mean, this is basically from these different mystery schools that were, I guess, trying to bring it forward, but had a completely bizarre interpretation on it, kind of space alien interpretation.

You get UFO cults and really interestingly as well, you see also in the beginning of the contact experiences, typically you see it portrayed as like a perversion of the Ascended masters. Like a perversion of like the masters are Michael, right? So they look like they’re these Aryan gods or something. And then as time moves on, you start to see these aliens looking like grays and they start looking like chimeras.

You start to see that in the so that’s an interesting thing. It’s an interesting arc to observe. The only exception to that that I can think of is Crowley’s Lamb, which looks like a very early gray. So it’s really interesting to see that arc in contact experience because it’s almost like showing the degeneration of humanity, humanity beginning as a normal human form and then degrading into some chimeras backwards in the animal kingdom and then forwards too far into like a cyborg thing.

It’s interesting to see the kind of contact because it mirrors to us, I think, our own potential arc in evolution in a way. Okay, I went on to list more channelers, but I’m sure you all have had enough of that and I’m going to read this last well, this is a little long, but I really want to get to your questions, so maybe no, I’ll read it, I’ll read it.

I’m going to read this last little bit and then I’m going to get to your questions. For thousands of years, the cosmos was understood as a spiritual being and it was understood as a series of spiritual realms of different qualities. Different qualities that the human being as an aspect of the spiritual hierarchies could also one day attain. Beings in the cosmos were angels of different orders and each spoke to a different level of human initiation.

Humanity was an integral part of the spiritual hierarchy and has the capacity through inward transformation to evolve, which is a process of initiation in the cosmos using our own inner forces. Today these original teachings are washed away in the ignorance of literalism and materialism. The New Age and Ufology is captured by Neo Nazi beliefs and now espouses the same ideologies one would find in esoteric Hitlerism. Things like Antarctica, Mars colonization, alien gods, transhumanism eugenics, the obsession with racialism we’re seeing now the glorification on social media, especially Twitter, of now Hitlerism and questioning the war in such a way where now Hitler is almost slowly being deified again.

That’s because as an occult order, they have an Aggregor that uses the swastika as a symbol that perhaps sees Hitler as an ascended master. And so these ideologies, if they truly are behind, as people say with Project Paperclip, if they truly have entered into NASA and into the government through secret societies, the aspect, the occult aspect, the symbology, the characters need to be restored in the public eye for all of those aggregores to be fed again.

So I guess we can either believe that we have this sort of transfer of Nazi influence through Operation Paperclip and we can think that that withered away and never happened. We can think this ideology doesn’t exist or we can confront it head on and build something better instead of having to rehash this really twisted ideology again, right? Like we can go back and we can discuss injustices in World War II on both sides, okay? We can do that.

We have the intelligence to do that. We don’t have to glorify Nazis again. And that’s what I’m seeing. I’m seeing this almost purposeful movement to go back into World War II and glorify the Nazi side. And I think as adults we should be able to go back and look honestly at World War II or World War I or any historical event and find the honest truth, find the honest reality behind any aspect of that war and be courageous enough to admit if there is propaganda around it.

We can do that without propping up either side and we can move forward on a clean slate without having to go back and constantly rehash this. Do you know what I’m saying? So these teachings, the things that I’ve spoken about today that I am calling Neo Nazi teachings, these are in direct contrast with reality. And angels and demons were never seen as physical beings. They never flew around in spaceships.

And higher spiritual beings like saints, spiritual masters, angels and even demons don’t need technology. Humans need technology and create technology. If you are a human being that is not very initiated without a lot of spiritual power. You may want to create super technologies and certain technologies that can thin the veil so you can have demonic entities enter into the natural world and do your bidding, right? Technology is something that we lean on when we are atrophied spiritually.

If you see an angel, if you see an ascended master, a saint, a spiritual being, they’re not showing up in a nuts and bolts ship. They may show up in an orb in the sky, they may show up in sparkles or lights or they may be a ball of light, right? But that’s not a ship, that’s a merkaba, right? So you might see merkaba in the sky, you might see elementals in the forest as lights.

But not everything is an alien, right? Not everything is a ship. So this whole thing about technology basically being used by angels, this is not reality. Angels don’t need technology. Now there are certain very advanced, obviously humans or masters that probably have all these technologies set aside from Atlantis or whatever, but they’re not using them to seduce people into worshipping them, right? They’re not using them in that way.

What I’m talking about is a group that has these technologies left over from Atlantis, that’s taken refuge in the inner Earth, that is using these technologies to control humanity, summon dark entities because they have no spiritual power and need technology to do that now. And is creating a dark impulse on the planet that we need to confront. And I know the information sounds really wild, but if we’re going to go on Twitter every day and see every aspect of UFOs trending, then we need to talk about this because this is the root.

We can’t have an honest conversation unless we talk about this. Okay? So again, if you’re seeing an angel, an ascended master, a saint, they don’t need to use a ship or a technology that’s getting into fallen angel behavior and certain breakaway stuff that happened on the inner Earth that has retained technologies from Atlantis. Atlantis was spacefaring. Atlantis had incredible technologies that have been re engineered and things like that.

It’s not space aliens, it’s not out there. A good rule of thumb is before you start saying, here’s the extraterrestrial hypothesis, immediately go to Atlantis and the shallow caverns of the inner Earth start there. I’m not saying that we don’t get visitations from spiritual beings. I’m not saying that right? I’m saying that that’s not the first thing that we should think of. I’m saying that we begin with Atlantis and we begin with a certain fallen breakaway civilization that’s technologically advanced and quite frankly, very dark, that’s in the Earth and is manipulating humanity through giving them technology because human beings want power.

That’s the dynamic I’m talking about. That’s where we go first. Once we can address all of that, then we can get into the fantastic and incredible teachings about beings from other spheres, about human evolution in the cosmos, about what that’s like, what that is. Okay. Okay. So I’m going to clarify it as much as I can here. We’re going to close it out. This is going to prepare us for the next lecture and then I’m going to grab your question.

So what is really going on here? What am I really saying? You have a human group that is a secret occult society that is associated at one point with Nazism, but really existed before and after that. They have made contact with deformed human beings from the inner Earth that took refuge at the end of the Atlantean epoch. This is called the Breakaway civilization. Keep in mind that Atlantis had advanced technology, advanced magical systems, and our post Atlantean society today, we still are not at the level that Atlantis was.

These beings in the inner Earth that are really deformed fallen Atlanteans want to kind of rule in a way and build the Earth back up to where it was in Atlantis and kind of finally get control of it, really. And a lot of that has to do with certain spiritual dynamics that we talked about in Electric Apocalypse. There’s an aspect to these fallen entities where they’re so deformed that their skin and body can’t be in the sun, which is why they don’t really come into the surface.

I know it sounds crazy, but that’s what happens when you destroy your form. And so a lot of the deformed things that go on are really an extension of Atlantis. And at the end of the day, you could really look at it as all of them are really just kind of empty shells. So if you take this fallen group from Atlantis that’s taken refuge in the Earth, they’re just empty shells that are possessed essentially by that fallen angel impulse and by demonic entities.

And then if you look at the secret societies that are behind the government and these different dark groups, they’re also just empty shells. And so at the end of the day, where we really are battling with principalities, it really is a spiritual battle because at the end of the day, they’re all driven by that antichrist impulse just in a little bit of a different way. And it’s really the same stream from Atlantis that never went away.

It never went away. It still exists, but it’s possessed by that force. And we could all sort of fall prey to that if we’re not careful. So really, that’s the makeup of it. And I’m going to get into your questions now. Okay, we’ve got a lot I went a little bit longer today, but I will go a little longer on the questions. Okay, so this one is from Valeria.

I wanted to ask you about the Archangel Samael. If you’ve already mentioned it elsewhere, I apologize. I am slowly catching up on all your videos. I seem to remember that according to Rudolph Steiner, samael is one of the seven leading archangels and he is the ruler of the Marsphere. I found that in Kabbalah Kabbalism, he is also the second mate of Lilith, and somewhere he is associated with Satan.

So is he a fallen angel showing us our shadow? Okay, this is a great question, and this is getting into the kind of conversations and perspectives that I think we should be having. Okay, so Samael is classically viewed, not an okay. Samael is the name of an angel that is associated or ruling the view. How we really view archangels is two ways. You can view there as being kind of one primary regent of Mars, and that would be considered semiel.

But there’s also legions of angels associated with Mars that are in the archangel category, but also angel category that are of Mars. Okay? And so it doesn’t mean that Sanile is a fallen angel. But during our development in the cosmos, what happens is that relative to the Earth, at certain periods, planets can if you I believe it’s in the Bible describing the Garden of Eden, it talks about, I believe, Samael riding the snake that eventually tempts Eve.

This is talking about the Luciferic impulse that came through Mars. So this is what I mean by understanding that the Bible and a lot of different, especially earlier spiritual texts, they speak in allegories about very real battles in Heaven and things that happen in the spiritual plane, not the physical plane necessarily. So when we talk about Samael riding the snake that eventually tempts Eve, I believe that is the context.

We’re talking about Mars being taken by the Luciferian impulse, by the Luciferic spirits, and there being a negative or fallen Mars impulse on the planet and that there was a kind of corruption that came through Mars. We don’t really talk about that too much. We mainly talk about the fall from Venus, but there was also a fall from Mars as well. And I talk about this in my Mars Mysteries lecture.

The fallen Mars impulse is very much behind everything that I’ve talked about today. And Lilith, I spoke about Lilith last week and I made a post about Lilith. From my perspective, Lilith is the fallen female essence, is an archetype for see, I personally see it as Lilith being the embodiment of the prior lunar era, which is going to be a natural shadow to Eve. Just like how if you look at Aramon when he’s portrayed, he’s sometimes portrayed as a lunar entity, and it’s usually that the Moon is usually fighting the sun.

So what we have there is a depiction of the beings of the current age, the archetype of the current age, which is usually perceived as a solar entity. Right. You have. Like Michael the Archangel usually slaying Lucifer. You also have Aramon, Aramon and Michael situation there as well. And Aramon really represents the lunar evolution in some earlier depictions, you can actually see Aramon being associated with the moon in the past.

So you have one age giving over to another and usually esoterically the past age, which to us would be the lunar age, becomes kind of an antagonist. It becomes kind of a challenging force for us because that’s where our trauma is carried. And so I see that as being an example of basically a fallen kind of masculine impulse partnering up naturally with a fallen lunar impulse. And in Gnosticism, they would probably be kind of seen as ARCONs and ultimately certain things that have taken place in the astral plane right.

In the kingdom of angels that eventually have an effect on humanity. So just to clarify this, when you hear, like, of an archangel that is the regent of a planet, right? So Samael ruling Mars, gabriel ruling the moon, and then you have the Michael ruling the sun. Generally, how that is, is like, there’s the regent of the planetary sphere, which is the highest, but then you also have sort of a horde in a positive way of angelic beings that are beneath them, and sometimes those angels can fall and then others don’t.

So it’s not that, like, Samael has fallen. Samael just represents Mars at large. It’s that an aspect of Mars also fell in our early development, but it just doesn’t really get focused on as much. It’s mainly that’s that’s my view on that. Okay. This is from Elizabeth. Thank you for speaking on this topic recently. There is a lot of communication regarding angels and aliens. The speakers do not seem informed.

And what would you say regarding to discern between an angel and an alien frequency? Why has this topic become so in the forefront at this time? Yeah, so in my experience, a lot of people who channel aliens and talk about aliens in a spiritual way, if you actually sit down with them and you get them to describe the quality and the characteristics of the entity that they’re talking to, you’ll find that they’re talking about a spiritual entity.

Okay. They’re not talking about actually an alien. They’re really just talking about an entity that exists in the astral plane that’s talking to them. Okay, so that is what has always been classified as a spiritual encounter. Only in literally the last 20 or 30 years have we ever called that like an alien being, because there has been and there could be many different reasons. There’s massive propaganda, as I mentioned, I tried to go through it from Van Tassel to Sitchin that have been the whole movement of ancient aliens was to go back into the Bible, Vedic texts, and anytime it told a story about the battle in heaven between angels, they would say, no, that’s an extraterrestrial.

And it’s not heaven as in the astral plane, it’s physical space. So basically, it’s know, changing the paradigm, because that’s how it would have appeared to us, perhaps in Atlantis or in Lemuria, we would have looked in the sky and we would have seen angels blessing us or battling in the sky. Right. Because our consciousness was different then and we wrote about it in a different so you have this massive effort that continues on with, like, Gaia that is purposefully calling spiritual beings.

Like, if you ask the person, this is the same thing with abductions. The vast majority of people who are abducted are essentially getting pulled out of their body astrally. And because they’re not trained to recognize their astral body and an astral experience or their young children, and they can’t discern, they literally think it happened to them physically. You can also get marks that appear on your body from your etheric body being touched or your astral body being touched.

A lot of experiences that are spiritual experiences, they’re astral encounters are being called alien. Why are we calling it that? This would have been classified as a demonic encounter or an angel encounter, but for some reason, probably also because we’re becoming more obsessed with technology and Sci-Fi. But the moment that that becomes our world, we start perceiving spiritual entities that way as well. But it’s sort of like there’s also different groups that are dark in the world that really benefit from people labeling it like that.

And so there’s a lot of different dynamics that are going on here. But when it comes to people talking about they’re channeling aliens, they’ve never been on a ship. A ship has literally never landed in their backyard. They’ve never met an alien in person. The vast majority of people who channel the Galactic, these are all astral encounters. So somewhere along the line, people started calling angels and demons aliens.

And now that’s what everything is. And it cuts us off from understanding our own history with these encounters to truly understand them. It cuts us off from the language because don’t forget, you’ve had many different past lives where you’ve used this language. So by renaming it, you’re just cutting yourself off from your own awakening by using words that literally mean nothing to you and your consciousness. When you start researching it within the Eastern system, when you start researching it within the Western system, you’re going to come into information that you’ve heard many different times.

It’s going to be easier for you. You’ve heard it in your past lives before. We start creating all these new terms for the same thing. You don’t have that experience of remembrance. You’re just stuck within this fragment that has been created by ancient aliens and Gaia and all these different alien god ideologies that I personify into those people. A lot of people are literally describing contact with their spirit guides and with angels, but they’re just using this language because I think it’s been kind of become trendy and shoved down their throat.

I also think that there are dark entities that claim to be alien because they don’t want you to know that they’re basically dark. I also think it’s very possible that there could be technologies that are in play, some kind of satellite system that actually broadcast these ideas into people’s minds. Look no further than the work of Andrea Puharik, who was literally in the 70s putting devices in people’s heads so that they could hear voices in their head.

Think about how much more sophisticated that is now. Think? What is MKUltra? MKUltra? Part of that was really how to brainwash people. So I do think there’s a part of this as well. How much of this is like broadcasted signals that people are receiving? Because the alien god ideology and everything feeds into transhumanism. It separates people from their initiatory path of inward development by drawing them forever outside of themselves.

So there’s a lot of different reasons, I think, why it’s going on, which is why we just have to, I think, bring it back to Earth. And I think it’s seductive too, because there is something that’s called the transmigration of souls, which is that your soul does basically have experiences on other planets, which is the seed of what star seed means. But it’s grown and become something that no longer recognizes the original teaching.

It’s like a little kernel of truth, and then it no longer looks like it originally did. Okay, violet Hummingbird, do beings within the angelic hierarchy, the hierarchy above humans incarnate into humanity during this time? Could this be an example of how the starseed ideology manifests as truth? Exactly. We were just saying this. How what can happen is when you hear about, like, a Buddhistatva or like a very exalted human initiate, why they are considered exalted is essentially because they have an angel of Mercury that enmeshes with their bioenergetic field and that works with them in their life.

That’s what a high initiate is. So you have a situation like that where you have an archangel that can basically be enmeshing with somebody’s body, which makes them a Buddhistatva, right? And people will look at that with a literalist mindset and say, oh, you’re an alien. No, it’s much more sophisticated than that. You are human being in the natural world and you have a supernatural angelic being that has enmeshed themselves with your bioenergetic field, with your aura.

Right? And you’re actually going through a certain kind of exalted development with them. There’s a certain part of you that is being formed through that connection that’s making you an advanced servant to humanity. Basically. There’s also periods of transmigration. For example, from the lunar era of the Earth to the earthly era, there’s a transmigration of souls there. There was a transmigration of souls from Mars, right, at certain time periods.

But every single time, the soul goes into basically the center of the Earth and becomes an earthly human and all of that takes place in the soul. Right? So it’s these ideas and also, you have in theosophy the teaching of Venus and SUNAT Kumara right. Which is the high kind of earthly Venusian master, because Venus and the Earth are the same. Know, Venus is just the higher aspect of the Earth.

It’s not a separate planet at all in its core. So you have these extremely, I would say, elegant spiritual teachings that kind of get compressed and compounded into, like, I’m an alien, I’m a hybrid, I’m like this and that, and I’m a star seed and you’re not. We’re kind of compressing and literalizing things to the point that, again, it no longer resembles the original teaching. Yes, there’s a cosmic element to us 100%, but when we start getting things like, too literalist, if you go back into the Steiner teachings, you see, oh, the angels of Venus walked in Lemuria.

Oh, the angels of Mercury walked as the main guides in Atlantis. Okay, those are know, but they’re being interpreted as aliens. Right? And so the language does matter because even the word alien, even the word alien, I’m not splitting hairs because even the word alien suggests something completely different than you, something out there, something separate. Angels are part of the human being. They’re part of the human existence.

They’re part of the spiritual hierarchy. We all are. So even that word doesn’t work as a correct definition because they are part of us, they’re part of the planet, they’re in nature. So there’s nothing alien about them. Even two split. Okay, so sunshine, pasta. Would Christ be considered an angel come to Earth or just a very evolved human? And if Venus is associated with angels, how does Mars fit into things? It’s not part of the planetary chain, but seems to be very critical for us.

These are really good questions, especially with the whole alien narrative. I hesitate to simply simplify things too much to the point of saying Venus equals angel, Mars equals demon. Can you help me understand this place in development relative to us and each other? This is a really great question, and I feel like you’re really getting into the spiritual underpinnings of our world and the cosmos. So there’s a difference between the entity that is the Christ and Jesus.

So Jesus was a human being, a very high initiate. You could call him a master. Right. And the Christ is actually the highest solar spirit. So Jesus takes on the Christ for three years and has the Christ live in him. And it’s through him that the whole world is basically transformed and the blood is transformed. So Jesus was a human being who had advanced to such a high degree spiritually that he was able to in his physical body for the first time on this planet, contain within himself the sun, the solar essence, the highest solar spirit.

Okay? All the prior masters like Buddha, Krishna, Zoras, there’s many, many great figures in history that were actually leading up to that moment and also part. Of that moment through a shared etheric and astral body. A lot went into that incarnation on the spiritual plane. On the spiritual plane. And when you really get into what happened at the crucifixion esoterically, you can see that calling Jesus an alien is, like, such a bizarre thing to say and damaging thing to say, because you won’t understand the mystery of the blood.

You won’t understand the mystery of how the Earth went from being a black sun to a white sun inside. There’s so many things about our own evolution that we cannot understand unless we acknowledge mastership and what a spiritual master or a saint is, and the things they do for humanity to evolve, that they take on not out of some greedy, weird power, but literally sacrifice their whole being, their whole essence, just so that we can have something.

That’s what this kind of stuff takes away from. So Jesus was a human. Buddha was a human. Krishna was a human. All these people were exalted human beings that had earned their initiation through blood, sweat and tears, the same way that you and I have to earn it. And they stand as these incredible individuals in the saintly kingdom, the saintly realm, as Casey would say, to help us along with angels, because humanity is evolving as well.

Of course we are. So I went into the Mars thing already, so I won’t get into that. Mars is a neutral planet, but it does have a fallen aspect, just like Venus has a fallen aspect. Both Mars and Venus have a fallen aspect. And the Moon can also have quite a fallen influence as well. And that has to do with okay, so the first half of earthly existence is ruled by Moon.

I mean, excuse me, Mars. The second half of earthly existence is ruled by that’s. So technically, Mars and Mercury are not in the seven planetary chain that makes up our world, that makes up the evolution of worlds. The first half of the earthly period is ruled by Mars, by individuation, by materialization. Right. The second half is Mercury. So they’re not technically a planet in a chain, but they overlap with our planet in a very significant no.

Venus has Venus. Venus is definitely the higher self of the Earth, so it has that exalted station, but there’s still waves of angels from Venus that fell. Right. Just like in my opinion, there was also that aspect of Mars that fell, that had a Luciferian impulse behind it. But Venus is not a negative planet. Mars is not a negative planet. Moon is not a negative sphere. It’s just the Earth and humanity’s relation to it.

In our period, there were some fallen essences that came through that realm, not in a spaceship from Venus, but through the realm. Okay. Cloud Walker okay, thank you for the wonderful lectures. I have learned a great deal from you. My question is, what is the most important level from the angelic hierarchy to human development. And why? I think that the hierarchies each have their own important influence and they all work in tandem.

Every higher angelic being essentially pours its essence down to the hierarchy below it until eventually humanity receives it. And when we process and do good deeds and are in service and we are loving that reverberates back up as well. So we’re really in a system with the angelic hierarchies. Now, I don’t think that there is a most important level just because it’s all in a chain or tandem.

But typically it’s very difficult for us to imagine the seraphim or the thrones, the principalities, the Cherubim, these really high angels, they’re bigger than the solar system. They’re at the very formation of the solar system, of the zodiac, of the universe. So it’s really difficult to even comprehend what that is. So typically in regards to just talking about the spiritual hierarchies, we typically talk about angels. And remember, everybody has a personal angel, which would be called like spirit guide.

Your spirit guide, it would be considered to be like your higher guardian angel. Everybody has one. And then you also have above them the archangels. And the archangels are typically the most talked about. They’re talked about in the Bible, in the Jewish tradition. They go into all stories about the different archangels and battles in heaven that have occurred, which is again, battles in heaven is not really battles in space.

It’s battles in the astral plane and the higher realms. Eventually those battles will come down and make their way into the physical world in their own manifestation. But when they talk about like battles in heaven, this is battles in the higher planes. And yes, eventually things get cast down or they repeat in the planes below it, if that makes sense. That’s my understanding. Okay. This is from Hannah Banana.

I’m wondering how you think aliens are going to exist in our lives from this movement on. Maybe you could help explain the internal battle between believing they are good or evil. So I have to say that I’m not sure how things will be perceived moving forward. I wanted to do this lecture to kind of summarize a lot of my earlier work, Mars Mysteries, and I want to remind people that when I first woke up, I believed that I was being contacted by aliens.

And for the first ten years or more of my own spiritual journey, I was in the alien god ideology. I believed that human beings were hybridized by alien gods. I believed that there were these alien beings that were basically separate from the angelic kingdom. And I basically had all of the beliefs about aliens in the new Age because of certain visions I’d actually had about Atlantis that I didn’t understand.

And so I’m not sitting here talking to you as though I haven’t been there. I’m sitting here talking to you as probably someone who believed in these things more than you and only from the other side. And of course, this is all my opinion, this is my research, my experience, my opinion. That’s all anyone can ever give you. But through my own research later on, eventually, all of the alien stuff didn’t work anymore.

So when I really started to ask the big questions about human initiation, like, how do you really evolve your astral body? What is the master? When I really started to go deeply and ask these questions and go deeper and deeper, the alien channeled material didn’t work for me personally. So I started going back, and luckily I had people in my life to introduce me to material that was much better.

And so I started to realize that all of this stuff had already been talked about thousands of years ago. And here we are thinking that we’re reinventing the wheel, calling angels aliens and demons aliens and all about technology. And here this has already been in existence, and we’re just not learning about our heritage. We’re just not learning about our classical esoteric traditions that have formed the society and the people that we are.

We’re caught up in novelty and all this kind of stuff. So all I can say about it is that I understand this. I understand believing in it. I understand getting messages from these things because I got them. And I’ve also been on the other side. And that’s where I’m speaking to you today from. I’m not speaking to you today as a Bible thumper because I talk about Christ.

I actually adhere it to the anthroposophical system, okay? So this is something that I lived and that is what allowed me to really begin to see it for eventually what it was. So you’re asking me how do I think this is going to move on as a movement? And I don’t know. All I know is that every single time I log on to Twitter or social media, I see nephilim trending and aliens and NHI, and I see know when I turn on the television, anything to do with spirituality is now basically this alien stuff.

And it’s becoming more and more and more and more and more young people are being drawn into it, and it’s becoming more of a political fixture. And you can’t help but feel as though you’re watching a train crash every day in slow motion. Indoctrination is real. And when people begin to use like the Sitchen work or the Von Danakin work or the alien god ideology as their cosmology, it’s very difficult to get that away from people because you have to humble yourself and be like, oh, I think I misread this, or I think you have to create a new worldview.

You have to admit you’re wrong. And so there’s so many people that are just on this propaganda wagon that are being paid, that are being they probably believe it. It’s really hard to change your tune midstream. So I don’t know what will happen. But what I do know for a fact is if we can have real conversations about the spiritual hierarchies, what they are, that the cosmos is a spiritual system of initiation, first and foremost, that you are a spiritual being that is evolving in a solar system, school, all these things.

I know that if you have that information and if we can talk about that, I know that there’s something out there and that is important to me, that it’s just out there. And people can decide what they want to believe or to not believe. Okay. The thing about aliens eventually being malevolent or benevolent or being good or evil is literally just the same conversation about, is this an angel or a demon that is influencing me? It’s the same conversation.

It’s just now we’re using aliens for it. Okay, so this is from Red Snell. Do the Elohim truly look like the Baphomet depicted in pictures? I’m so conflicted as a gifted seer healer and loving woman who works with them and told me they were god. What is the truth about the Elohim? So the Elohim are elohim is just another word for angel, but the context that most people associate with Elohim is in the context of creation.

So you’re probably going to come across the alien god ideology because that is again the most dominant aggressive ideology out there today. And it’s only getting worse. So usually everything about angels is like a weird inversion. It’s like a fallen angel. It’s like a fallen angel narrative. And so the Elohim are essentially very high angelic beings that are actually above archae. So in a sense, they’re actually kind of even beyond our perception.

But during the creation process of humanity, they sort of poured their essence into archangels, like solar archangels or higher beings, and they became sort of the template for the human being and really, in a sense, the planet as well. So they’re very high, like archetypal angelic beings. They’re not a flesh and blood creature. They’re not an alien. Right? So. I’ve never, ever seen the Elohim associated with baphomet.

Baphomet is like a capricornian god usually, sometimes can be associated with Satanism and similar can be similar to pan. Baphomet doesn’t have anything to do with some of the highest angels in the spiritual hierarchy, obviously, but I’m pretty sure people that are possessed with lower impulses would probably want you to think that every genuinely spiritual being is really demonic and every demonic being is spiritual. That’s what we’re up against.

So I’m not sure who you’re being contacted by, but the Elohim do not present as a Baphomet. There are fallen angels, as we mentioned earlier, who would be associated with satanic streams and Satanism and the darkest things you can imagine. But they’re not the Elohim. They’re not called the Elohim. And again, this leads to a lot of the propaganda that’s come through the alien god ideology that tries to say that the human race was, like, created in a lab with genetic modification and stuff like that.

When in reality. As I’ve mentioned so many different times before, that’s something separate that happens in the dark Age when fallen angels try to enter into the life wave through mating with women or different genetic modification stuff. Because these darker essences can enter into human forms and do their biding. And so I think we’re just again, this is why the teaching of the spiritual hierarchies is so important on a beginner level with angels.

Manley P. Hall did a pretty good book on angels. I think it’s just called Angels. And so if you’re at an entry level, I think that’s a very good start. Rudolph Steiner’s Genesis is a very good study of the Elohim. So if you want to know what the Elohim are and the creation process is in regards to the angels, then I really highly recommend grabbing Rudolph Steiner’s Genesis.

He goes into the whole process there, including the Hebrew words, what they mean. He goes into the hierarchies of angels. For spiritual hierarchies, you want to get literally Rudolph Steiner’s spiritual hierarchies. Other traditions will talk about it, but those are my favorite resources for that. Yeah. Lucid cipher. Can you go into the difference or similarity between the Nephilim and the Anunnaki? I get them mixed up together as the same thing.

Yeah, because we’ve essentially been infused with a couple decades of Zachariah Sitchin’s work. And Zachariah Sitchin is the individual who basically popularized the word Anunnaki. But there’s fundamentally problems with Zachariah Sitchin. There have been many different Sumerian scholars that do not agree with his know, Michael Heiser’s quote, who actually was also a Sumerian scholar. His quote about Zachariah Sitchin is that Zachariah Sitchin didn’t mistranslate the sumerian tablets.

Zachariah Sitchin fabricated his books. And so at the very foundation of Zachariah Sitchin’s work, you have a massive amount of people who don’t agree with his interpretation of the Sumerian tablets. And so that’s a problem. Right? And it’s a problem because that teaching about the anunnaki and the Sitchen work has already permeated pretty much every person in Ufology and the New Age, and they use it as part of their operating system.

It’s part of the vocabulary. Some of the most big accounts, big people will be referencing Anunnaki and the alien god ideology as though it’s like, the most edgy stuff, and it’s strange to see it. So, first of all, I just want to say that it’s not clear that any of that material is even usable, in my opinion. And that is not through my expert analysis, but people who are qualified to read Sumerian just, like, know well, actually, T d actually didn’t even have a degree in only zachariah Sachin’s only degree was in accounting.

Right. He didn’t have a degree in ancient language, and he had a speaking level of Hebrew. So a lot of holes in that story and not something that I would hang my hat on personally. It’s probably likely with Zechariah that he was probably part of a secret society that obviously wanted to get this out there and just use the Sumerian tablets as a way to create some kind of legitimacy.

Again, I think we have to be on the lookout for tablets or documents suddenly being discovered, know, make Danikin and such and legitimate and things like that. I think we have to be careful of that in the future. But ultimately we’re now stuck with this word anunnaki to describe our creators, which are aliens. And the Anunnaki is basically the same story as the Nephilim. Like, if you hear people who adhere to the alien god ideology, the Nephilim and the Anunnaki are like synonymous and the Nephilim is basically the biblical version of it.

And then the Sitchen work is basically remember, the Sitchen work is basically an attempt to reinvigorate the Babylonian religion to humanity. It’s bringing the Babylonian myth and bringing it to the forefront. It’s talking obsessively about the saga of the Babylonian gods. It’s getting people to enter into the Babylonian stream that they believe is a purer stream that we have to kind of return to, right? And this is also, again, a neo Nazi ideology that says we need to return to the old gods, we need to return to this old stream that’s more pure, not understanding that every single epoch there’s a renewal of everything.

And that purification happens every day depending on where your heart and mind is. When you go back in time, you’re not going back to a more pure moment, a more pure human. You’re just going back to a certain condition of consciousness and a certain level of development for humanity that contains purities and impurities to the exact same degree that this moment does. Just a different condition of consciousness and slightly different condition of the Earth as well.

So essentially, this is what we have to remember. The fallen angels, they are essentially now behind in development because they’re fallen, okay? They seek more than anything to take a material form. So they want to possess people, they want to enter into bodies, human bodies, okay? So in earlier periods they would do this through essentially trying to in very early periods when we were quasi physical mate with humans, either through about there’s a whole aspect in the feminine mysteries about having certain women actually unite with demonic entities and basically having a Rosemary’s Baby.

So this is one aspect of sort of the fallen lemuria stuff and dark sexual magic where women would actually do ceremonies to join with these fallen angels and demons to try to have like basically a demon child. And if you’re looking at periods of humanity that were less dense in early Atlantis or Lemuria, you’re looking at an offspring that could really be very different than in our hardened period.

Now. So there’s lots of different ways in which the Nephilim thing could have happened that we can examine. But in Sitchin’s work, you see the same thing. It is a fallen angel that’s trying to enter into the bloodline of humanity. The Anunnaki are not space gods. They’re basically fallen angels, you could even probably say probably atlanteans that are trying to enter into the human life wave because they’re fallen and have no more access to the evolutionary impulse, therefore.

So that’s what fallen angels do. That’s what this is about. They need forms, you guys. If you understand this, you can go back and you can look at the story of the Nephilim and these women having these weird babies and stuff, and then you can look at the Anunnaki who are trying to get into the life wave through genetic manipulation in Atlantis. But that’s not how human beings were created.

Like in a lab somewhere, right? Like, this is where it goes too far. Sure, we can talk about genetic manipulation in Atlantis. It’s not even my concept. It’s Edgar Cayce’s. It’s many different psychics before me, Blavatsky Steiner. So many people have talked about this in their own know. We know that. We know that this trying to get into the life wave of demonic entities has been a problem for thousands of years.

We’re just looking at different stories and tales that tell us that exact thing. But now we have to add in the reality that these things are also in the inner Earth. There’s also this breakaway society that we have to deal with in the inner Earth that’s trying to break back in, as Dark Journalist has pointed out on his series many different times. Okay, so there’s that breakaway civilization that’s trying to break back in.

Okay, that’s what he’s talking about as well. So we mix up the Nephilim and the Anunnaki because they’re essentially portraying the same thing, except for, I think Zachariah Sitchin is trying to bring forward that Nazi Esoteric origin story about being created by aliens and propagandize that because that space god religion is so important to that secret society. And of course, again, they want to be space gods. They want to go out and colonize all these planets and be transhumanists because that’s literally what they feel like their ancestors were.

That’s like their destiny. They don’t believe that the human being can spiritualize into a higher form through its own love of God and humanity, that the Earth is spiritualizing out of matter. They want to exist perpetually in the material plane through colonizing different planets in the material plane and transhumanism. That is the ideology, you guys. Okay, so this one is from Soulman. I’m thinking this Tower of Babel moment and defamation of Esoterica, as you say, are similar to the original Tower of Babel event during the fall.

Now that we are on the way up during the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, and we pass through the same cosmic area we come down through. The confusing semantics is happening, and we pass through the same cosmic area we come down through. Okay, the confusing of semantics is happening on the way back up as it happened on the way down. Exactly. So you’re bringing out a very important esoteric law, which is what we call the law of recapitulation.

So really, technically, there’s nothing new. As I was trying to say in the beginning of this lecture, it’s really not new. What we see are recapitulations of topics, ideologies events, mindsets that have already been cycling through humanity for thousands and thousands of years in a slightly different way. And we are experiencing another Tower of Babel moment as we kind of pass down from it. And then on the Aquarian Age, we rise up, as you’re saying, Soul man, and we pass it again.

But this is our challenge to clarify the language. And as I was saying earlier, how we clarify the language is simply by just teaching the whole teaching. It’s okay? If we want to go over spiritual teachings that are classical, say, in the Western tradition, in Christianity or in Hinduism or Buddhism, if we want to go in there and find the pure root of the word, that’s great. I think the people that can do that are incredibly talented.

But we can’t lose through that effort to try to neutralize any superstition around religion. We can’t lose the crux of the thing. We can’t lose the teaching. And the issue is, again, that most of these spiritual teachings, we don’t learn intellectually. We remember them or we sort of download them in a way, or we come to know them, they come upon us, right? That’s really how we spiritually evolve and how we know things.

So even sometimes, I think that the Tower of Babel experience is us trying to just intellectually exist, not really ever spiritually checking in and operating from that spiritual place. It’s just too much mind energy. So, yeah, the Tower of Babel moment is real. The language is confused. I keep going on about it because I teach this full time, all the time, and probably a good quarter to a third of the questions that I receive are language questions, which means that a student is coming to me and wanting to know the difference between a bioenergetic field, an astral body, an etheric body, an aura.

And I don’t know the difference between all of these things and three other words that have been made up by a certain teacher or someone as they see fit. And so there’s ten different words for literally probably one or two. And as a teacher, it’s very confronting because you spend so much time just trying to create a coherence in the language. So the student can operate and think straight, right? And so when a quarter a third of the questions that I receive are language and semantics questions, it’s something that is concerning.

And a lot of it, I think, is actually driven by ego and novelty and people wanting to rediscover something in their own image and say, I’ve discovered this spiritual concept. It’s like, no, people just haven’t talked about it for the last 50 years. It hasn’t been popular. But, yeah, they talked about it. Actually, Manly P. Hall talked about it, or Steiner talked about it, or Blavatsky talked about it, or Dion Fortune talked about it, or the Vedas talked about it in more detail than we could ever imagine kind of thing.

So the whole point is that, first of all, we have to understand that a whole lot of stuff is profaned right now. It’s fragments, it’s pieces, it’s upside down, it’s inverted. But that it’s okay. It’s okay. If we just decide to study the occult science if we decide to study spiritual science and understand there is an objective structure there, yes, there is a spiritual hierarchies that involves cosmic beings.

Absolutely. What is it exactly? How does humanity fit into it? How does the Earth fit into it exactly? You’ll find if you ask those questions, it’s already been covered for thousands of years in many different ways. And that is the deeper part of this lecture. And that’s what I hope that people can come to do, just as I have done. It doesn’t take a great talent. You just have to learn it.

You’ll get visions. You’ll get intuitions on it too. But it’s already there. It’s already out there, and it’s also already in here. It’s just taking the time, and it’s just doing the spiritual meditation, work and development to be able to evolve it within you. Okay. This is from Michael Tessier. Is it possible that some human beings actually descend from the angelic realm to guide others or simply have an open, functional connection to the angelic realms? I remember I’m a millennial, so I remember in spirituality there was a teacher called Dorian Virtue.

And when I was younger, I would read all of Doreen virtue’s work, and she had this whole thing know, if you had this personality trait, you were an angel incarnate. If you had these personality traits, you’re a fairy incarnate. If you had another personality trait, you were like something else. And so there’s been these different teachings that I think are well meaning. I don’t think that different spiritual teachers who maybe mistaught the hierarchies, I don’t think they meant to do that on purpose.

I also don’t think the vast majority of people who propagate the alien god ideology do that on purpose. I don’t think that I think that we end up sort of sharing information that’s kind of half baked thinking that it’s true. And that’s why every single person has to essentially make their own decisions and never have an outside authority. Be like the guru. You always have to discern the information and work from within your own inner guru.

You never want to put that power outside of you. No matter how wonderful you think somebody is, you’re always going to be the best person to essentially get information, right, because your inner self is always speaking to you. So ultimately, there’s been a lot of different things that have been taught, especially in the new Age, about some people being incarnated angels. Now, in classical esoterica, there’s whole teachings like you could teach this is the thing, okay? Like, I’m sitting here on an afternoon probably describing something that is literally a university level course.

The spiritual hierarchies for sure is a university level course that you could take. That’s how intense the information is, right? The same thing with incarnation. This is also probably a university level course that maybe will exist in 100 years or something. But these are incredibly complex topics that can’t really be boiled down into simple statements. So much goes into a soul incarnating, right? But ultimately, one way to look at it is that, okay, we’ll go in this way because I haven’t really talked about this point much at all.

Some individuals technically individuated and went through certain human processes earlier than others, and then they join humanity essentially all at once when life waves meet and combine. So you have souls that basically have different levels of initiation that eventually, especially on Earth, they all become part of the same stream, but they’re functioning at different capacities due to essentially that soul individuating earlier than another soul. And so these are usually considered advanced people, and that can be considered to be like, you’re an angel incarnate, but it’s really that the person sort of individuated and took on human development a little bit earlier than technically other people did within the earthly or the solar system school.

That is important because every planetary sphere is a mix of souls that are a little bit ahead, right, and then some souls that are technically a little bit behind because we help each other, we’re mirrors for each other. So that’s actually a very intelligent way to create the contrast of evolution that’s needed. There’s also going to be some souls that we would see as like masters, right, that are much more ahead.

And these souls, these individuals like Jesus, like Buddha, Kotanama, Buddha, Krishna, these great masters, these saints, really, they are advanced. And the more advanced you are, the more of the burden of humanity you take on. So how you can tell if a soul is advanced is not by how much wealth they’ve hoarded or if they’re like a genetic match to this group or whatever. No, it has nothing to do with that.

It’s literally the most spiritually advanced people will take on the burden of humanity. They’ll sacrifice themselves for humanity. That is the mark of a master. That’s the whole point of life is to serve. And that’s how you know when someone is genuinely advanced. And that’s what every single king or queen was. Originally modeled after these great individuals, and we see a complete inversion of that in our materialistic society.

But there are technically different levels of souls, and they’re all human. Right? They’re all human, but they have different levels of initiation that they’ve achieved. The higher the initiation, the fewer number of souls on the planet with that level. Right. So that’s sort of how it goes. And when we learn the process of human initiation, which is basically I can’t get into that tonight. I really don’t have time.

But there’s a process of human initiation that goes a certain way, and when you learn it, you can see the personalities and the way people act when they’re an advanced initiate. And it’s not greedy, it’s not hateful. They actually become very selfless. They’re not connected to the material world. They don’t really care about it, and they’re driven by a different impulse, and that’s why people will sense like and also, they’ll have an archangel standing in their aura.

They’ll have an angel standing in their aura. Remember the Bodhisattvas and these higher initiates, they’re united with these higher beings, and higher beings work through them. Right? That’s the original idea of the Oracle of Delphi, the Oracle of Apollo. That’s the solar angel that speaks through Pathea. Right? So, yes, it’s about Attunement in that case as well. Okay. Freya, I’ve heard people talk about Archangel Megatron. What is your perception? Is there such a being? Is he an archangel? Has he been referenced in earlier teachings? I’ve never heard of Megatron.

Megatron? Is that a Transformer I’ve never heard of? You stumped me on that one. I’ve never heard of Megatron. I’m not sure. John, do you believe demon possessions are really like it says in the Bible? Yeah, I do. The Bible is not the only holy book to talk about demonic possession and lower beings and the struggle between humanity and these kind of darker streams that want to confuse us and take over.

It’s sort of been a saga that we’ve been dealing with on this planet for a very long time. And I do think that we live in a world of light and darkness, and we are vehicles for the light, for Christ, for God, or if we fall too low in our being, in our mind, we can become vessels for demonic entities. And unfortunately, there’s a lot of people that walk the planet, and physically, they don’t look any different than a human being.

They could actually be very beautiful, very handsome. Right? They could be very powerful. You could envy their material life, but there could actually be very little of a person’s soul in there. And they’re really taken over by demonic entities. They’re taken over by beings from the subnatural world. Possession is very real, and it begins by intrusive thoughts coming in your mind and sort of these entities that try to influence you psychologically.

And eventually, if you don’t understand what’s going on, if you don’t live a spiritual life of contemplation and inner work, you can become overtaken. And unfortunately, there’s a lot of people that are overtaken. They have no idea. They have no idea that these dark thoughts that they’re thinking are not their own. They think they’re like a weirdo or something or that they’re dark or they don’t know why they want to hurt themselves.

You have an attachment, right? But people become so disgusted with religion and spirituality because of the dogmatic aspect of it that they don’t pay attention to the gems there. And that I think there’s a lot of good information that can come from the Christian exorcists. Actually, it’s fascinating, some of the things that they have written about and said. But they did exorcisms in did they do exorcisms still to this day in India.

So it’s part of pretty much every tradition. Spirit owl when an angel falls, why do they go into the inner Earth? Why don’t they regress into the previous level? For example, why does the 9th angel not fall into the human form to become the 10th angel? Why straight into the inner Earth where they begin to decay? For an angel or an archangel to enter into the human form, they have to provide a sacrifice.

So I talk about this in my creation series, in the final three videos. I talk about Venus, the angels from Venus, and the reality that how human beings got the faculty of mind is technically, through the sacrifice of the angels from Venus, they had to sacrifice, actually their very being to become the substrate of the human mind. So actually, to unite with a human being is a great honor.

The human being has been built up into this perfect form that we have now to the point that halfway through earthly development, which in anthroposophy is called the turning point in time, the human form was as a form so perfect that it could hold the highest solar entity, the Christ. Think about that. The human form. Now, granted, it was the highest possible initiate on the planet, but the form itself was so perfect, our human form, that somebody could actually receive the Christ, the solar, the highest solar spirit into their being.

That is incredible. And that speaks to the power of the Earth, the Earth being the sort of consolidation planet. And this planet where all of the work of the spiritual hierarchies condenses into one form. And so the know, like the fallen angels that fell from Venus, the hordes that followed Lucifer, lucifer himself is not an advanced being. Maybe he was in Lemuria. Maybe he was beautiful and perfect and advanced in Lemuria.

I’m sure he was, and he was. But when you fall, you begin a period of destruction because you’ve turned your back on God and therefore you’ve turned your back on yourself, and you begin to eat yourself alive on the inside. And so the reason why angels fall isn’t because there’s a battle between Michael and they’re having their swords out. And Lucifer just lost the battle because it’s the fact that Lucifer became selfish and he could not learn to love.

He had a bunch of wisdom, a bunch of knowledge, but he had a selfish streak. The other angels from Venus, they understood love. And by the Atlantean period, those angels evolved to be Mercury. They were the angels from Mercury. So the angels from Venus that were there in the Lemurian period turn into the angels of Mercury in the Atlantean period because they graduated. Other angels did not graduate and they fell not because they lost some superficial battle.

Anytime there’s a battle in Heaven, it’s because certain angels in the spiritual hierarchy, they’re caught in a lower impulse that’s in the cosmos, and they’re starting to embody it, and it begins to turn them against God. They begin to take on these lower qualities. And so they fall because they can’t take the human form, because the human form is exalted. Right? And in order for an angel to take the human form, they have to sacrifice.

And in order for human beings to become angel, you have to also sacrifice yourself. You have to live in a way where you are selfless. You have to live a life of service, which is a life of sacrifice. And that’s how you gain your wings. So they don’t observe that principle, so they cannot enter into a form. So they’re sort of these kind of they’re out of the life wave entirely and they go into basically this dark corridor, which is not just the Earth, it’s the Earth, but it’s also Moon, black sun and Saturn.

And they slowly get pulled back because of their own ideology that goes against God, their own failure. Right? That’s the same thing as with us. It’s our own failure. Yeah. Okay. Why are fallen beings from Lemurian why are the fallen beings from Lemurian times still here? Are they aspects of our shadow still? Okay, so I think this is about the reptilian comment and how Blavatsky had spoken about the reptilian beings in Lemuria.

She called them the dragon people. It’s very obscure, I know, but when I read it and other people have connected her to it as well. And also Rudolph Steiner talked about the prior etheric double being serpentine like Lucifer. So time passes, I think, very fast for us here in the 3D plane. It’s like we think a whole lifetime is a lot, but in spiritual time, it’s not the same thing.

So how I understand the beings that are fallen in the astral realm, or like in the lower astral realm, is that they’re kind of trapped there until essentially the stream splits. So eventually, as I’ve mentioned in Electric Apocalypse, my last lecture in the series, the planet is actually slowly dematerializing right now. So the human form is slowly dematerializing and the planet is actually slowly dematerializing it has been since Atlantis, really.

And so when that happens, what you get is you basically get the Earth slowly rising, which is what the ascension teachings are trying to get at in the new age. But then you get this other part that is falling now in Anthroposophy, this is called the eight sphere, right? It’s sort of like this cauldron of lower forces. So you kind of get this natural separation. So they’re kind of bound into that space that’s the inner it’s like, it’s like the Earth and the inner Earth, but it can go all the way to the moon, really.

That’s why they can also weirdly be called like spirits of the air. It’s sort of this weird space. And so that’s essentially the time. It’s not forever, but in the Lemurian epoch, you have the materialization of the Earth. So the Earth finally becomes quasi physical and then it starts materializing really fast. That’s where we get the ejection of the moon to stabilize the Earth. And then the Earth begins to reach, it begins to ascend.

When the atlantean epoch around that time, the Earth begins to slowly ascend. And so all those beings in the astral plane, in the lower astral plane that are kind of trapped there, as soon as the Earth begins to dematerialize, they sort of get caught up in the 8th sphere. That’s how I understand it is as the Earth begins to completely ascend into what in the Anthroposophical system is associated as new Jupiter, right? All those other beings are kind of caught up in what would be called the 8th sphere.

That’s how I understand it. So they’re sort of trapped there until certain planetary conditions are achieved. I’ve heard other things though, like certain entities can be locked in there for certain times and then released. So there may be aspects to that I don’t know or understand. And there’s also these strange tales of really bad black magicians or dark entities being bound to certain areas for certain times. There’s a lot of really crazy stuff going back and reading it, but ultimately there’s a change in the planet itself where you begin that ascension arc, and eventually the planet and humanity, as we spiritualize, they can’t even get at us anymore.

And so they have to go through their own process of second death for the worst of it all or some other process, depending on the nature of their soul at that point. Okay, what are you guys saying? We’re almost at 4 hours. We’re having a great time. I’m going to leave it up to you guys if you want to finish it now or leave that up to Wolf, I don’t mind.

I’m doing what I love. Okay, there’s a correction here. Megatron was a typo. Oh, metatron. Okay. All right, so metatron, I haven’t really heard much about either metatron. I know that I know that there’s so. I know that there’s like a bunch of so according to the New age, there’s like hundreds of different ascended masters, and I don’t agree with that. I think that some of the more New agey teachings sort of have this almost like this pantheon of a mixture of angels and spiritual masters, and they’re not really delineated, and I find that strange.

And I can’t say that I know a whole lot about that. I don’t know a whole lot about Metatron or some of the other ones. I only know them through that kind of new age pantheon because I don’t think that metatron is one of the archangels. Typically, the angels tend to end in el, like Gabriel, Micaiel, Raphael, Azayel, Semi, L. Those are typically like the planetary regents that are archangels.

And then there’s sort of, like I said, a pantheon of what would be considered saints or ascended masters. And those are sort of mixed in with beings that are angels. And I’m not too familiar with that because as a rule of thumb, I don’t usually start with any New Age teachings. Like, if it’s going to be in my life, having come from the New age, I don’t ever start with a New age teaching.

I always like to start with the classical spiritual science. So I’ll look into Steiner. Manley p. Hall. Dion Fortune. Different theosophical authors. I’ll look into the Eastern mysteries. I always start with the classical teaching on the thing, and then from there, I may look into some modern work, maybe channeled maybe, or look into it. And that’s how I tend to work. I don’t start with a new age or anything like that.

I always start with the classical systems. Okay, all right. Okay, I did that one. Okay, Annastar, my question is about the angels and master guides that I work with. I am sure that they are archangels and ascended masters, et cetera. Yet how do I have proof that that’s who the wind? How do I have proof that that’s who I am working with? Because I don’t want to work with things within the eight sphere.

Okay, so this is a discernment question. So if you are a psychic, if you’re a medium, what ends up happening is that you’re going to get messages from your spirit guides, you’re going to get messages, you’re going to get images, feelings, and that’s just part of who you are. And you have to learn discernment. So unfortunately, the only way that we learn to discern whether the information that we get is good or bad is through experience and even making mistakes.

So what I like to do, and I often will advise this, is that anytime you get information, you just kind of have to write it down, but you don’t have to believe it, right? So if you’re working as a psychic, you get a message, you’re not really sure where it comes from. You have that little bit of doubt in your mind, write the information down, let it go.

You absolutely do not have to become worshipful of any beings that come around you, whatever it is, because the information that you get is actually alive. It’s living. And so what you do is you just write it down and you air it out. You let it air. And if the information is true and it is good, it will reemerge often, and it will reveal more of its nature to you, right? And you ask questions.

You can ask questions, what about this? What about that? You feel how your body feels when you’re receiving the information. If you’re in a state of, like, mania or depression or you’re in a lowered state, that’s a red flag, right? You also have to live a pure life. Now, some people don’t like it when I say this, but you have to live a life of meditation. You have to have a healthy diet.

You have to be healthy. Because if you’re living a life where you’re not taking care of yourself, where you are not having a strong meditation practice, where you’re getting the feel of your own mind, you’re getting the feel of your own self, it’s going to be hard for you to discern anything. So being a good mystic is really about how you live your life. I always come back to this because it’s really true.

And when you take care of yourself, you’re meditative all of that, then you can attune yourself to genuinely higher forces. And the more in service you are is a big one as well. So the more service oriented you are, the saintly realm and higher beings will line up to work with you. The more selfish you are, the more that you want to do things for fame or money.

You’re pretty much going to attract the lowest entities you possibly can. There’s all these different rules like that. There’s different ways of essentially how you operate, how you live your life that determine the kind of spiritual forces that you open yourself to. And by the way, this isn’t just a psychic thing. It’s not just a medium thing. If you are just a normal person, you’re just as vulnerable to forces as a psychic is, except the psychic is just aware of it.

Okay? So everybody is influenced by angelic forces and demonic forces all the time. They’re always around us and athroposophy it’s luciferian forces and our Monic forces and angelic forces. But doesn’t matter if you’re psychic or not. You’re still being bombarded with these beings that are trying to work through you, right? So you may as well be conscious of it and develop spiritually so that you can actually be aware of it and control it.

I like to say that because some people are like, oh, I’m just never going to be psychic or whatever. And it’s like, well, no, it’s actually just a natural way that we are, okay? So that’s how it works. And you know what? You can expect to be wrong sometimes. Expect to be connecting, sometimes with something’s dark. And to brush it off, expect to get bad information. One of the worst things I think can happen is that people just think that they can do no wrong, that every single thing that comes their way is pure and good and they can never be lied to.

And that’s when you know that you’re at the highest risk of being fooled. So I think even you asking this question is good. So ultimately it just takes time. And it takes time and attunement. And yeah, I’m going to be teaching more and more on intuition development as well in this new year. So I’ll probably go more into the specifics of this. Okay. Okay, so this will probably be the last question because I think 4 hours is probably leaning on people’s patience and all, so all right, this question is from Dee.

Hi, Gigi. As a new listener interested in learning about the sort of theosophy you teach, what texts would you recommend that I read? Okay, so as I’ve mentioned before, any spiritual teacher that you see on YouTube, on social media who’s writing books, everyone uses a system. So everybody is connecting to some kind of system in the astral plane, some kind of network that’s giving them information. They’re using some kind of system within their own mind.

So there’s no psychic that isn’t using a system. Either they’re aware of what that system is and actively learning it. As in spiritual science, you’re objectively learning that system, or you’re just kind of having entities just speak through you, but you have no idea what the actual objective system they’re using or teaching is about. So basically every single spiritual teacher is teaching from a system, whether they realize it or not.

And so from my standpoint, you may as well learn a system and be honest about it. And then your students can also pull from that system or whatever system they operate with. But we’re all ideally studying in the classics. We’re all learning spiritual science is what I would say. So I actually would not consider myself a theosophist. I would consider myself an anthroposophist. I would consider myself rooting more in the Steiner work and the Steiner system.

I’m much more into the Western Esoteric system than the Eastern. So if people want to dive into the kind of work that I like to read and the place that I work from, that’s the Steiner material. It’s called anthroposophy. A good place to start is how to know higher worlds. There can be some also occult science, how to know higher worlds. I love Cosmic Memory by Rudolf Steiner, who spoke about lemuria and Atlantis and the cosmos, things like that.

So that’s a system that I work with. But I want to be really clear here about anthroposophy, but also theosophy and these different systems. Okay, so Rudolph Steiner was a visionary and he innovated a lot of material that’s clear. He was a very advanced initiate. So other teachers have been in the past as well. But he wasn’t just creating anthroposophy from his mind like Rudolph Steiner didn’t know.

Sit there and channel the anthroposophical teachings. That was the continuation of spiritual science that was held in the mystery schools through the Rosicrucian arc. It’s the spiritual science, the occult science of basically mystery schools through the ages that Rudolph Steiner learned and then also reached a level of advancement to the point that he could innovate and become a visionary and teach. So sometimes people who are not aware of spirituality, they think that Blavatsky was sitting there just channeling all this information from her mind, making it up, or that Rudolph Steiner was or that manly P.

Hall was no how it used to work back in the 18 hundreds, early 19 hundreds, even before then. Is spirituality was considered a classical study that you could learn, right? There was a part of it that was academic in nature. Part of it was where you would have to learn the laws of the cosmos, right? How the planet is created and how it dissolves again, the evolution, or not like traditional evolution, but the genuine anthropogenesis of the human being.

There were core teachings that people who were mystics understood to study. And then if you got good enough in understanding the basic spiritual science, you could maybe rise to become a teacher and you could innovate on those topics, and you could see if your innovations became popular and if you could make a go of it. So what I’m trying to convey here is that genuine learning and this is kind of bringing it back to the beginning of our talk today genuine spiritual study, genuine spiritual development requires an academic element where you study spiritual science.

It requires that you have to objectively know the spiritual laws and the spiritual reality of different realms and the cosmos, all of that. So in modern times, people don’t have respect for that anymore. People don’t see spirituality that way anymore. So there’s this idea and really a return to, like, an old lemurian way of being where it’s about people just channeling things with no understanding of spiritual science or how they’re even doing what they’re doing.

That’s not appropriate. We have to objectively understand occult science. That’s what’s required of us in our epoch. So that said, that’s what theosophy originally was. Now, why I don’t fully ascribe to the theosophical system is because theosophy did very well in translating the Eastern tradition into a Western form. And I think that was ultimately her purpose. Blavatsky’s purpose was to really reinvigorate the culture with a lot of doctrines that were lost in dogmatic Christianity but that were objectively real and true, but that had been retained in the Eastern traditions of India and Tibet, essentially because Blavatsky went to Tibet and saw those libraries and saw the ancient libraries in India, right? So part of her in Theosophy is really making the original Eastern teachings that dominated the first half of our civilization of the post atlantean Epoch, making it digestible and available for the west.

Because the west had become so entrenched in materialism that we were losing our spirituality. So we needed that influx to come back. And so Theosophy achieved that. Most people in the New Age today are literally just teaching Theosophy, not even realizing that that’s where they get the word ascension and ascended Master and yoga and all of that. It comes from Theosophy and that impulse that came into the west through Blavatsky, through Basant, and then eventually later on, but nobody really was like Blavatsky after her.

But unfortunately, in my opinion, theosophy never really understood the idea of Christ and placed Lucifer ultimately at the same level as Jesus and Christ. It had like a more gnostic, which actually led to people misusing Theosophy. Theosophy got kind of connected to different things. And in my opinion, that was because it never really was able to get around the Christ impulse. And that’s where Anthroposophy comes in. That’s why Steiner separated from the theosophical movement.

That’s in his own writing. And so Rudolph Steiner breaks away from Theosophy because Theosophy, in his opinion, was not understanding the Christ impulse, which was the task, and is the task of humanity today, to esoterically understand Christ and what that is, who he is, what he did. That’s something that we need to understand. Just as when Buddha came, we needed to understand the sacrifice that the Buddha did.

So that is the difference really, between Anthroposophy and Theosophy. It’s that Anthroposophy really understands Christ, really nails that aspect and is very good in that. So that’s why I choose that, is because that is the central arc in my life, is Christ. And so that’s where I find the most inspiration. And also I have personal experiences with that stream, the Anthroposophical stream that are part of my own soul.

And so that’s all I can do, is teach from there. That’s it. So that’s where those are the texts that I would recommend. Anne. A good place to start again is how to Know higher World occult science. And I like cosmic memory. The Rudolph Steiner Archive is free. You can literally go to the Steiner archive and type in a topic and you will find so many different lectures on it.

And there’s also a lovely individual who has actually recorded for free a lot of the lectures to listen to. So if you’re on your walk or whatever. All right, guys, it’s been a long day. Let’s wrap it up. I see there are some super chatters out there. Thank you so much for supporting my work. It is because of you that I can be here and have the time to do that.

So thank you so much for all of your support. Thank you. Eurythmia is fun. Andrew Stavrakes. YouTube user four two seven. Voyager. Bobo the Clown and Doyle Wayne. Thank you guys so much for supporting me. And also I want to give a huge round of applause and a big thank you to Layton who is out there moderating the chat today and is such a big help in there.

Go and click on her user profile, check out her videos. Layton is amazing. She talks about anthroposophy as well, the nervous system, spirituality, psychic development, everything. So check out Layton’s work as well. Big thanks to Wolf and you guys, I had a blast with you today. Oh, sign up for my mailing list so that if I do another lecture, you guys can join in and know that it’s happening.

Sometimes YouTube does not send the notifications. Also, if you like this, I do go live on my private platform about every two weeks for about this time where I just take your question. So if your question didn’t make it or you want to participate in a private live stream, I’m there. We also have forums and different events that go on and so I’d love to see you over there and that also helps know keep the lights on over here and keep going and having these free videos.

So thank you guys so much. Oh, thank you Catherine Masetti. So you guys, thank you so much. And thank you Ruben Land and Dante, thank you so much for joining me today. Thank you for listening, thank you for commenting, thank you for liking subscribing. Thank you Terry, thank you Terry Daughtry and all the love that’s coming in now. So you guys, thank you so much. It’s been my absolute pleasure to speak with you today and I will see you in our next stream.

Bye. .

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