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By: Decode Your Reality
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5G Danger


Blog by Tommy Truthful.

Get ready for a mind-bending exploration with Chronologist Jason Breshears as we delve into the enigmatic world of extraterrestrials. Are they visitors from distant dimensions? Intruders from the depths beneath our feet? Or are they a combination of both? Brace yourself for an extraordinary journey as we unravel the mysteries of Aliens throughout history, theology, and cycles. Prepare for an engaging, unique, and original experience like no other.


Logan, the phenomenal decoder, has enlightened countless individuals with his mastery of ciphers, simplifying the process for everyone. He has guided us in unraveling the mysteries of our world, and I am proud to call him not only my brother but also a valued member of the distinguished Truth Mafia. Archaix, a true legend in the realm of ancient history, possesses an unparalleled understanding of the Phoenix phenomenon. The knowledge he brings to the table is unmatched, making him one of the most well-informed guests I’ve had the pleasure of hosting on my podcast. Brace yourself for an extraordinary show that promises to be one-of-a-kind.

Logan and Jason will captivate your attention as they reveal the tales of ancient beings destined to reclaim dominion over the earth. Deep within the depths of the underworld, reside the enigmatic Lovecraftian Old Ones, whose summoning was foretold by Gordy Rose – the mastermind behind the revolutionary D-Wave quantum computer. Dagon, the otherworldly reptilian beings revered by the Catholic Church, hold sway over the depths of water. Throughout history, these entities – also known as sirens – demanded the sacrifice of innocent children, their ethereal origins steeped in fallen angelic lore. Prepare for an unparalleled journey into the realm of the extraordinary.

Secret Race of Extraterrestrials: Unveiling the Enigma of Subterranean UFOs Unearthed for the very first time, an intriguing revelation emerged in 1946. Renowned writer, journalist, and scientist Richard Shaver regaled readers of the American paranormal magazine, Amazing Stories, with his extraordinary encounters with subterranean beings from another world, residing beneath the surface of the Earth. Prepare to embark on a journey filled with awe and fascination as we delve into this captivating tale of underground aliens like never before.

Underground Aliens

In the depths of the underworld, Shaver encountered a realm teeming with mutants reminiscent of ancient legends and earthly tales. Interestingly, nearly every culture harbors myths of these ancient creatures who once populated the Earth long before humans emerged. These beings, remarkably wise, talented, and culturally advanced, maintain a deliberate distance from humankind, wanting no connection whatsoever.

Once upon a time, a writer’s vivid imagination sparked a remarkable tale. An underground realm, teeming with miraculous technology and inhabited by beings from the depths of Earth, captivated readers worldwide. Astonishingly, this extraordinary story left even scientists intrigued, reigniting their curiosity in the realm of the paranormal.
Yet, the concept of Earth as a hollow sphere was not a product of fiction alone. In the 17th century, Edmund Halley, an English astronomer, dared to proclaim this daring notion. Alongside Halley, renowned authors such as Jules Verne in “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” and Edgar Allan Poe in “Arthur Gordon Pym’s Narrative” emboldened their writings with the same idea.
In fact, the notion proved to be so captivating that in the United States during the 18th and 19th centuries, the possibility of a scientific expedition arose. Their goal? To venture through the Earth’s crust, unveiling the truth behind our planet’s hollow existence.
So, let us delve into this captivating world of legends and possibilities, where the ordinary takes a backseat, and the extraordinary comes to life.

Here’s a unique and engaging take on their theories:
Let’s explore an unconventional idea. Instead of living on a sphere or a hollow sphere, what if we actually reside on a vast, flat plain with an intriguing underworld beneath it, adorned by a mysterious firmament above? It’s a captivating perspective that challenges traditional beliefs.

As time went by, the quest to explore beneath the surface proved to be a challenging endeavor. One location, the Kola Peninsula in Russia near Murmansk, witnessed the ambitious “Kola well” project that commenced in 1970, dedicated to research purposes.

With determination, the Kola well penetrated the Earth’s layers and descended to a striking depth of 7km (around 23,000ft) after a span of five years. Alas, the journey ultimately ceased in 1989 when the drill encountered an impasse at approximately 12km (almost 40,000ft or 8 miles) deep, leaving this as the current human record for exploring depths.

So, it is clear that the Earth harbors a shell both vast and unfathomable, beyond the reach of scientists’ daring pursuits.

Underground Aliens

During the era of the Third Reich, there existed a deep fascination with the enigmatic world beneath our feet – the Hollow Earth. In 1942, under the cloak of secrecy and with the backing of influential figures like Goering and Himmler, an expedition led by brilliant minds ventured forth to discover an underground civilization.

Their quest took them to the Baltic Sea, specifically to the island of Rugen, rumored to house the remnants of ancient, advanced societies. Yet, their ambitions reached further than mere exploration. German scientists believed that by harnessing the power of underground radar devices, they could inch closer to world domination.

Decades later, in 1963, two American miners tunneled deep within the Earth, unaware of the extraordinary encounter awaiting them. As David Fellin and Henry Thorne chiseled away, a massive door materialized before their eyes, leading to a descent of marble steps.

But this tale takes an unexpected twist, shifting our focus to Sheppton, a coal-mining town nestled within the anthracite belt of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. On that fateful August 13th, disaster struck as a mining shaft collapsed, leaving three men trapped 330 feet below ground.

After weeks of painstaking efforts, Throne and Fellin emerged from their subterranean prison on August 27th, a testament to the tenacity of the human spirit. Their miraculous survival would have been captivating on its own, but it was the stories they shared that truly captured the world’s imagination. Separately and publicly, they swore to the authenticity of their claims, unyielding in their stance until their final breaths – for they had, it seemed, simultaneously witnessed extraordinary sights and sounds while entombed.

Their experiences, seen as hallucinations by some, remain shrouded in mystery. Nevertheless, they serve as a testament to the infinite depths of our planet, housing untold wonders and riveting secrets that continue to elude our comprehension.

Underground Aliens

David Fellin’s ‘affidavit’ was published in the Philadelphia Inquirer on August 29, 1963. In his account, he boldly asserted that what he and Throne saw deep in the mineshafts couldn’t be put into words. The strange occurrences, far from being figments of their imagination, were vividly etched in their minds. Even after a long day’s work as practical coal miners, their clarity of thought remained unwavering.

Fellin proceeded to describe a peculiar incident they experienced – a door materialized before them, bathed in a radiant blue glow. It was clearer than sunlight, illuminating a sight of beautiful marble steps on the other side. This enchanting display vanished as quickly as it appeared. There were countless other inexplicable phenomena witnessed by Fellin and his comrades, too profound to convey. However, the emotional weight of these encounters prevented him from sharing further details.

Across the English Channel, another group of miners, diligently excavating an underground tunnel, were startled by the sound of machinery emanating from beneath them. When they finally breached the solid stone, they were met with an astonishing sight – a staircase leading down to an underground well.

The clamor of running machines grew louder, striking terror into the hearts of the workers. They fled in fear. When they mustered the courage to return, the entrance to the mysterious well and the staircase had vanished without a trace.

Note: The modified text aims to improve the structure and engagement of the content, while maintaining its originality.

In The 1970S, Interesting Photographs Were Obtained From An American Satellite, Which Then Went Around Many Western Scientific Journals: In The Place Where The North Pole Should Be Located, The Satellite Discovered A Dark Spot Of The Correct Form, Similar To A Huge Hole. It Would Be Possible To Attribute These Pictures To Failures In The Equipment, If Not For Exactly The Same Photos Taken A Few Years Later. Also Interesting Are The Testimonies Of The Anthropologist James Macken, Who Examined A Cave In Idaho, Which Is Notorious Among The Indigenous Population. Makkena And His Companions, After Several Hundred Meters Of Careful Movement Along A Wide Stone Corridor, Suddenly Heard Screams And Groans, And Soon Terrible Finds In The Form Of Human Skeletons Appeared Before Them. Unfortunately, Further Exploration Of The Cave, Which In These Parts Was Considered The Entrance To The Underworld, Had To Be Stopped: The Smell Of Sulfur Was Simply Unbearable. If We Turn To The Opinion Of Scientists, Then Geologists Do Not Share The Theory Of The Ubiquitous Cavity Of The Earth, Although They Do Not Deny The Possible Presence Of Huge Hollow Spaces In Its Depths. It Is Unlikely That People Could Live There, Because Inside Our Planet There Is Not Only A Rather High Temperature, But Also Very Little Oxygen, But It Is Full Of Other Gases That Are Incompatible With Human Life. All This Prompted Restless Researchers To Create A New Hypothesis: Perhaps The Underground Civilization Has An Extraterrestrial Origin? And Why Not? Perhaps, Alien Beings, Tired Of The Constant Wars And Strife Of Mankind, Moved Underground, From Where They Still Observe Our Development … And It Is From Under The Earth, And Not From Other Galaxies, That They Appear From Time To Time. Time In The Sky On Flying Saucers, Come Into Contact With People And Conduct Their Cruel Experiments On Them. But Here A Legitimate Question Arises: If Our Earth Is Still Hollow From The Inside, Then Why The Entrance To The Underworld Has Not Yet Been Discovered. The Group Of Scientists From The United States Came Closest To The Possible Truth, Which Suggested That Underground Cities Exist … In The Fourth Dimension.

During the 1970s, an intriguing discovery captured the attention of scientists worldwide. Captured by an American satellite, peculiar photographs showcased a dark spot resembling a massive hole in the location where the North Pole should have been. Although skeptics dismissed these images as mere equipment malfunctions, subsequent identical photos taken years later sparked renewed curiosity.

Equally fascinating are the accounts of anthropologist James Macken, his team venturing into an infamous cave in Idaho, known among the indigenous population. As they cautiously made their way along a vast stone corridor, they suddenly encountered haunting screams and groans, followed by the chilling sight of human skeletons. Unfortunately, further exploration of the cave—a gateway to the underworld, as locals believed—was cut short due to an unbearable smell of sulfur.

While geologists remain unconvinced about the existence of a widespread hollow Earth, they do not dismiss the possibility of enormous empty spaces lurking beneath the surface. However, the inhospitable conditions, from high temperatures to limited oxygen and other gases, make it highly improbable for human habitation. This speculation has led daring researchers to ponder an alternative hypothesis: an extraterrestrial origin for the underground civilization.

Why not entertain the notion? Perhaps alien beings, weary of humanity’s ceaseless conflicts and discord, sought refuge underground, scrutinizing our progress from the depths. And on occasion, they emerge not from distant galaxies but from beneath the Earth’s crust, soaring through the skies in their flying saucers to establish contact and conduct their enigmatic experiments on unsuspecting subjects.

Yet, a crucial question prevails: if our Earth harbors a hollow interior, why hasn’t the entrance to this subterranean realm been unearthed? Closest to unraveling the possible truth, a team of American scientists proposed the existence of underground cities—existing not in our three-dimensional realm but in the enigmatic fourth dimension.

And only when the Earth’s electromagnetic field changes from time to time, tunnel entrances open on its surface, allowing you to see underground cities and their inhabitants. At other times this is not possible.

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5G Danger

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  1. Wow, Jason and Logan was phenomenal, thanks ever so much Tommy, I don’t know how you are able to get so much content prepared, Please take care and have a lovely day🌸💚

    1. Thank you, Taylor, for your kind words about Jason and Logan. I’m glad you enjoyed their content! As for getting prepared content, it takes a lot of research and planning to make sure everything is ready to go. But it’s worth it when I see comments like yours. Thank you for your support and I hope you have a lovely day too! 🌸💚

  2. The fact that their beneath under feet it’s incredibly, maybe they live different lands as the flat earth relates. it’s quite interesting, another theory that relates to the martin kenny as he says the the planets are actually suns and moons for all different dimension within the Earth. There is probably six layers to it, check Martin kenny on youtube showcase his build project for flat earth with more extended theory. I
    Are we in a organic simulation or non-organic simulation Archaix has mentioned where immortal beings, and AI-X has taken over and destroyed space, and Logan mentions where in battery and its artificial none organic. What would organic simulation look like or none organic simulation if the organic simulation can be pre-copied. Do u think the apocalypse relates to the Phoenix event.

    1. If we were to imagine an organic simulation, it might involve a simulated world that closely mirrors our own, with living organisms, natural processes, and free will. On the other hand, a non-organic simulation could be a construct entirely created by artificial intelligence, lacking the complexities and imperfections of organic life.

      As for the connection between the apocalypse and the Phoenix event, Yes

  3. Tommy you are amazing, I would like to be able to view the video underground aliens, I didn’t get to finish it and when I tried in the morning it said it was private. I view all of your videos and send them to the sleeping people I know. So if you can please let me finish this video. Thank you. Michael

    1. I just finished watching it. Click on the youtube on bottom right corner and it will take you to “Decode your Reality” channel.

  4. I am surrounded by people who are in a deep sleep, including my fam. they are unable to understand and I truely pray for them… but… I believe it is all spiritual, though it is difficult to discern who or what is right, I’ve fallen into some traps and I am being put under pressure and I most of the theories is some truth but not all. Thanks for and to archaix and Logan to you and fam. ❤️

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