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Mendoza Argentina Fire Ritual missing children media blackout!

By: Tommy Truthful
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5G Danger

Uncovering the Shadows: Mendoza’s Missing Children and the Quest for Truth

In the veil of darkness at 3:30 AM on September 18th or 19th, an ominous event unfolded in Mendoza, Argentina – a fire ritual reportedly connected to missing children. Despite the harrowing implications, a dense shroud of silence blankets the mainstream media, casting an eerie shadow on the plight of the vanished innocents.

The grim day unfolded much as forewarned, yet the silence that followed was as alarming as the alleged incident itself. The sole whisper of truth emerged not from the expected journalistic sources, but from the bustling digital avenues of TikTok. It’s there that snippets of this unsettling narrative began to surface, painting a chilling picture of a plasma weapon-infused ritualistic fire.

With a cascade of videos tracing back to a sinister convergence four days ahead of September 23rd—a date imbued with nefarious undertones—the digital breadcrumbs draw a disturbing trail leading back to the heart of Mendoza.

The eerie silence of traditional media channels amplifies the urgency for independent journalistic crusaders to unearth the veiled reality of the incident. Amidst this media desert, courageous truth-seekers like RueTruths take to YouTube, unveiling narratives far removed from the sterilized echoes of mainstream outlets. Below, you’ll find links to her illuminative videos— a stark window into the veiled horrors of that fateful day. A call to action accompanies her tale, urging viewers to subscribe, share, and aid in the quest for truth by hosting her channel on Truth Mafia.

In the face of a glaring media blackout, the quest for truth morphs into a communal endeavor. An earnest plea reverberates through the digital sphere, urging anyone with more fragments of this haunting narrative to come forward.




  • Tommy Truthful

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5G Danger

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Mendoza Argentina Fire

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