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Nephilim Giants found in Brewer Cave

By: Tommy Truthful
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Nephilim Giants found in Brewer Cave by Tommy Truthful 

Nephilim Giants Found In Brewer Cave
Created with AI by Tommy Truthful

Alternative archaeology, with its array of unconventional theories, has always sparked lively discussions among academic experts and the wider populace. Topics such as extraterrestrial influences, origin stories, and the existence of giant beings represent a particularly enigmatic corner of historical inquiry. What drives the perception that these narratives are beyond the bounds of plausibility?

In this exploration, we’re going to delve into the tale of Brewer’s Cave – an alleged site of an ancient giant’s burial in Ohio, United States. When this story first emerged, it ignited a wave of speculation, linking it to other similar findings, and suggesting there might be a kernel of truth in the ancient tales of giants.

We’re about to embark on a journey through forgotten Native American lore, hidden archaeological discoveries, and some of the most astonishing frauds of the 20th century. Are we on the verge of uncovering reality? The answer, it seems, may still be waiting to be found.

Unearthing Brewer’s Cave Our story takes us back to the 1950s. Brewer’s Cave, its exact location still a mystery, is purported to be near Manti, Utah. The cave owes its name to John Brewer, who stumbled upon it around 1955 at the age of 22.

Nephilim Giants Found In Brewer Cave
Created with AI by Tommy Truthful

The story, now often referred to as a “legend,” tells of how Mr. Brewer was drawn to the cave, noticing distinct signs of soot on its ceiling, hinting at its historical significance. True to his intuition, the cave revealed a hidden chamber. Within this rectangular space, Brewer purportedly uncovered a site of ancient interment. This chamber, laden with burial artifacts, contained two mummies of Caucasoid (white) descent. Remarkably, these mummies were of such immense stature that they were immediately classified as giants.

Possible Entrance To The Brewer Cave. (The Brewer Cave / Facebook)
Possible entrance to the Brewer Cave. (The Brewer Cave / Facebook)

The Brewer Cave narrative is shadowed by skepticism, primarily because the discovery of the burial chamber was witnessed solely by John Brewer and his son, with no other independent verification. Brewer, a dedicated researcher, chose not to divulge his findings to major institutions like the Smithsonian, concerned that the significance of his discovery might not be fully appreciated or acknowledged.

Nevertheless, Brewer’s legacy includes meticulous sketches of the burial chamber, detailed drawings of the mummies, and an assortment of unique and remarkably well-preserved artifacts. These items continue to spark intense discussion even today. Among these finds were exquisitely carved stone artifacts, copper spearheads and arrowheads, intricate jewelry, pottery, and a variety of writings that have defied interpretation.

“The Female Giant Was About 9 Feet Long With A Gold Breast Plate And Reddish Blonde Hair. A Strange Indentation On The Forehead Similar To Old Atlantean Features. The Male Giant Was Closer To 12 Feet In Length, With Breast Plate And A Crown Type Hat, All Of Pure Gold. The Hair Was The Same As The Female Watcher. Both Lie In Suspended Animation Awaiting. . .” — Robert Three Eagles
“The Female Giant was about 9 feet long with a gold breastplate and reddish blonde hair. A strange indentation on the forehead similar to old Atlantean features. The Male Giant was closer to 12 feet in length, with a breastplate and a crown-type hat, all of pure gold. The hair was the same as the female Watcher. Both lie in suspended animation awaiting. . .” — Robert Three Eagles


The origin of Brewer’s interest in the cave traces back to a tale recounted by an elderly man named George Keller. Keller, in his younger days, had been guided to the chamber by a local Native American named Lone Eagle. This chamber, nestled in the mountains inhabited by the Native community, was revered as a sacred site, known as the “Cave of the Great Spirit.”

Decades later, in the 1950s, Keller shared this story with John Brewer, instantly capturing Brewer’s curiosity. Initially, Brewer’s intention was to explore the area for arrowheads, a hobby of his. However, upon uncovering the initial evidence in the cave, Brewer quickly realized that he might be on the brink of uncovering something far more significant than mere arrowheads.

John Brewer’s journey to the mysterious chamber began with a discovery behind Temple Hill in Manti, Utah, specifically on a hill located behind it. His initial examination led to repeated visits, effectively turning the site into a personal research station. He meticulously documented his findings in a journal, recording each item with precision.

However, Brewer’s journal, much like the tale of the cave itself, is shrouded in skepticism. Doubts about its authenticity arise from Brewer’s own admission that he kept the journal hidden from others.

Terry Carter, a prominent investigator of the Brewer Cave story from the Ancient Historical Research Foundation, has expressed a firm belief in the journal’s legitimacy, stating, “I have come to the confident conclusion that this is indeed John Brewer’s own excerpts, from his own personal journal.”

Exploring the Chamber of Brewer’s Cave The entrance to the burial chamber was through a 30-foot (9-meter) passage. At its end, a set of five steps led to a doorway into the inner chamber. Brewer’s detailed sketches depict a trap at the entrance: a deep hole following the fifth step, circumvented by a concealed side passage.

The chamber itself was compact, of a roughly square shape with an unexplored T-shaped extension. Brewer’s initial exploration uncovered basic items like arrowheads and pottery.

Among the more peculiar finds was a small “book,” approximately 2.25 x 3.25 x 4 inches (5.7 x 8.3 x 10.2 centimeters), composed of copper plates bound together, resembling a book. Encased in a mud cover, presumably for preservation, the meticulous removal of this cover revealed copper pages inscribed with enigmatic symbols and “letters” composed of numerous small lines, defying any straightforward interpretation.

Copper plates were purportedly discovered in the Brewer Cave. (Terry Carter / YouTube)

Copper Plates Purportedly Discovered In The Brewer Cave. (Terry Carter / Youtube)

The discoveries within Brewer’s Cave extended to an array of stamped symbols, including scorpions, among other intricate details. Tools used for stamping these designs were also found at the site. Brewer’s exploration revealed numerous other small plates, some fashioned from copper, others from gold, each adorned with texts in an unknown script.

Among the fascinating artifacts was a bell-like object crafted from lead, inscribed with more of the mysterious writings. This was accompanied by several lead plates, again covered in strange inscriptions and diagrams. Brewer also came across large stone tablets etched with the same peculiar symbols. During his excavations, one such tablet was accidentally struck with his pick. Photographs of these items exist, and many were given to friends. Most appear to be genuinely ancient, showing the typical wear and patina expected of such antiquities.

A significant discovery in the chamber was a set of stone boxes, initially overlooked by Brewer as they were camouflaged into the walls under a layer of mud. When the mud was removed, Brewer found several boxes wrapped in juniper bark and resin, presumably for preservation. These boxes were perfectly carved and housed elongated copper tablets inscribed with symbols. The exteriors of the boxes featured intricate designs and images seemingly out of place for North America.

One box, richly decorated with symbols, writings, and drawings, showcased a large engraving of a boat, complete with oars, a billowing sail, and a prow resembling a dragon’s head. Another box bore a carving of a chariot, horses, and a winged figure among other motifs.

Radiocarbon dating of the tree bark used for preservation was conducted by Steven E. Jones, a Physics Professor at Brigham Young University. He confirmed the antiquity of the bark, stating: “With a radiocarbon age of 5 BC to 390 BC, the Brewer bark sample is thus scientifically demonstrated to be very old. […] The bark used to cover the stone box in question is indeed ancient.”

Carbon Dating Of The Bark Box Found In The Brewer Cave. (The Brewer Cave / Facebook)
Carbon dating of the bark box found in the Brewer Cave. (The Brewer Cave / Facebook)

The most contentious find within the Brewer Cave was concealed behind the chamber’s wall. After their initial discovery, John Brewer and his son encountered two sarcophagi, one stacked atop the other. The lower sarcophagus contained the preserved remains of a woman, while the upper one held a man. Eager to maintain the integrity of these remains, Brewer conducted meticulous examinations, while his son created detailed sketches, as photography was not available to them then.

The mummies were wrapped in what appeared to be straw-like blankets, further covered by three layers, all coated in resin, potentially contributing to the preservation of the bodies. As per Brewer’s notes and the sketches, the mummies were remarkably well-preserved and notably large in stature.

The male measured approximately 9 feet 2 inches (2.80 meters) in height, with a shoulder width of about 4 feet (1.21 meters), and featured red hair and a beard. The female, standing at 8 feet 10 inches (2.46 meters), had blonde hair. Both were adorned with elaborate golden ornaments, including crowns, breastplates, and shoulder pads. The female’s adornments were especially intricate, featuring a sizeable crown and gold coverings on her chest.

Exploring the Depths of Ancient Knowledge and Giants The Brewer Cave discoveries fuel further interest in the ancient world and its enigmatic past. Such findings echo other tales and legends that have long captivated human curiosity, from the storied Mount Shasta, known in folklore as “The Abode of the Devil,” with its age-old tales of giants and mystical beings, to the intriguing legends surrounding Kap Dwa, a purported two-headed giant. These narratives, while steeped in mystery, continue to inspire questions about the depths of ancient knowledge and the true extent of human history.

Utah Cave2 -Utah Cave1 -

The Brewer Cave tale isn’t unique in the realm of pseudo-archaeology. It joins a series of other similar, yet often marginalized, archaeological finds. These cases, whether unearthed by professionals or amateurs, are frequently claimed to have been suppressed or kept secret by institutions like the Smithsonian and the government. The reasons for this alleged suppression remain speculative and largely unconfirmed.

However, the recurring themes in these stories – copper plates with enigmatic inscriptions, advanced artifacts, out-of-place carvings, and giant red-haired mummies – have been reported so frequently across the United States that they blur the line between legend and potential authenticity.

Indeed, similar findings of inscribed copper and gold plates have surfaced across America: among the Shawnee and Creek Indians of Alabama in 1791, in New York in 1923, throughout the Upper Midwest in the 1800s, among the Ojibway Indians of Lake Superior in 1850, and in Illinois in 1843, to name a few. Moreover, reports of giant remains, both mummified and skeletal, have been documented from the 17th century to the present day across the USA.

These giants, often described as over 9 feet (2.7 meters) tall with Caucasian features and red hair, have been reported in various locations such as Kanab, Salt Lake City, Santa Catalina Island, the Belt Mountains in Montana in 1889, West Virginia in 1883, Mississippi in 1884, Nevada in 1947, and others. These discoveries often feature metal plates with inscriptions, similar to those found in Brewer Cave.

One particularly notable case is that of Lovelock Cave in Nevada, an archaeological site of significant interest yet shrouded in mystery. Over 10,000 ancient items were discovered under layers of bat guano, aligning curiously with local Native myths and adding another layer to the puzzle of these widespread yet enigmatic finds.

Artifacts Discovered At Lovelock Cave Along With Giant Mummies Similar To The Brewer Cave. (The Giants Of The Lovelock Cave / Youtube)
Artifacts discovered at Lovelock Cave along with giant mummies similar to the Brewer Cave. (The Giants Of The Lovelock Cave / YouTube)

The Lovelock Cave discoveries included not just the mummified remains of red-haired giants, but also evidence of cannibalized human bones. These findings from the early 1910s astonishingly aligned with the ancient legend of the Northern Paiute Indians.

The Paiute’s oral history, preserved over generations, tells of the Si-Te-Cah, a race of red-haired giants described in their mythology. According to the legend, the Paiute encountered these giants upon migrating into the Great Basin region, leading to incessant warfare. The Si-Te-Cah, known for their cannibalistic practices, were also referred to as Numa Ticutta, meaning “People Eaters” by the Paiute. The legend recounts how the Paiute tribes united to drive the remaining Si-Te-Cah into Lovelock Cave, sealing and setting fire to its entrance, thus exterminating the giants.

Following this event, the Paiute were named Say-Do-Carah, translating to “The Conquerors”. The discoveries in Lovelock Cave lent significant weight to what was once considered a mere fanciful Native myth. A notable Paiute figure, Sarah Winnemucca, even spoke of an ancient battle dress in her family, decorated with red hair, believed to be a relic from these early conflicts.

The Dismissal and Mystery of Giant Discoveries
These findings of giant mummies are often hastily dismissed, vanishing under questionable circumstances and labeled as fringe or fantastical. However, a deeper examination of the numerous discoveries documented over history reveals a more complex narrative. By piecing together the extensive research of past explorers, a hidden chapter of history begins to emerge, one that has long eluded mainstream recognition.

This exploration extends beyond the Americas, finding parallels in other ancient civilizations. The Giants of Ancient Egypt, for instance, represent a lost legacy of the Pharaohs, while the Fire Mummies of the Kabayan Caves and the rediscovery of Yamacutah, a monumental site of historical significance, further demonstrate the global nature of these enigmatic findings.

The Remains Discovered At Lovelock Cave Have Disappeared. (The Giants Of The Lovelock Cave / Youtube)
The remains discovered at Lovelock Cave have disappeared. (The Giants Of The Lovelock Cave / YouTube)

Initially perceived as a hoax, the Brewer Cave story has gradually acquired the hallmarks of a credible archaeological find. Yet, the Smithsonian Institution’s apparent dismissal of these findings raises questions. The removal of exhibits and the alteration of policies regarding these artifacts suggest a concerted effort to obscure certain aspects of history. The true motivations behind these actions remain unclear.

This situation prompts a reevaluation of North American history as we know it. The question arises: who were the continent’s earliest inhabitants? The evidence of fair-skinned, towering individuals scattered across the continent leads to speculation. Could these people be the original builders of the numerous mounds found across North America, many of which have been inexplicably destroyed?

The true story of these early settlers is shrouded in mystery, waiting to be unraveled. It is a journey of discovery to piece together the fragmented history of ancient North America.

Representing this enigmatic past is the Brewer Cave, discovered by John Brewer in the 1950s – a find that symbolizes both the allure and the mystery of prehistoric North America.

I used AI to generate images of the giants in Cryostasis, to give you a representation of what I believe they might have looked like. According to the Bible, these giants were known as the Nephilim and were the offspring of fallen angels and humans. They became cannibalistic, which led to Native Americans nearly hunting them to extinction.

Many native cultures have legends about them appearing after a cataclysm, which I believe was the sinking of Atlantis. They were worshipped as deities for a while and had advanced technology.

However, they eventually turned on the Native Americans and started eating their young. So, the native tribes united and almost wiped them out. The Cherokee Indians have stories about hunting these red-haired giants and pushing them back up to Canada. In Ohio, we have serpent mounds where these giants were buried, but the Smithsonian has been covering this up since the 1800s.

Please leave your feedback in the comments below, and if you enjoyed this blog, check out some of our other blogs by clicking on the links below.

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