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By: Tommy Truthful
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โžก The text discusses various conspiracy theories and speculations about celebrities, weather manipulation, and secret societies. It mentions the idea of Eminem being a clone, the possibility of weather weaponry, and the connection of these theories to the moon child concept from Aleister Crowley’s works. The text also suggests that celebrities might be used as vehicles for conveying messages from the elite to the masses. Lastly, it touches on the idea of art being used for mind control and social engineering.
โžก The discussion revolves around various conspiracy theories, including a TV show about alien insects controlling politicians, the symbolism of rapper Eminem wearing a Jason mask, and the significance of the number 23 in major events. The conversation also touches on the impact of geoengineering on weather patterns, leading to natural disasters and the potential for population control. The speakers express concern about the push towards urbanization and the potential loss of self-sufficiency.
โžก The speaker discusses various conspiracy theories, including the idea of smart cities with digital currency and social credit scores, unusual weather patterns possibly linked to the Harp project, and the potential for a massive blackout blamed on solar flares. They also mention the significance of certain dates and symbols in popular culture, suggesting possible hidden meanings or events. They end by discussing the cultural significance of the belly button and its potential use in hypnosis.
โžก In the first episode of a new season of a show, a girl is sacrificed in a ritual at a particle accelerator in New York. The episode includes many references to the number 41 and the concept of quantum entanglement. The speaker also discusses the idea of multiple realities and the possibility of our dreams being glimpses into these alternate universes. They also mention a book that discusses the use of menstrual blood in ancient rituals and its connection to the moon’s cycles.
โžก The text discusses various secret societies like the Red, Green, and White Dragon Societies, and their potential connections to the Illuminati. It also mentions the concept of a ‘moon child’, which is believed to be a magical experiment by these societies. The text further explores the idea of symbolism in popular culture, such as in music and comic books, and its potential links to these societies. Lastly, it delves into the idea of portals being opened through nuclear activities, suggesting a deeper, hidden significance to these actions.
โžก The speaker discusses various conspiracy theories, including the idea that nuclear detonations affect multiple realities, and that there may be a secret society building an underground civilization. They also touch on the symbolism of color in esoteric teachings, and express skepticism about actor Terrence Howard’s foray into physics and mathematics, suggesting it may be a psyop.
โžก The text discusses the speaker’s skepticism towards augmented VR reality and patents related to it. It also delves into mathematical paradoxes, questioning the absolute truth of mathematical concepts. The speaker also discusses the symbolism of collapsing bridges, suggesting they might represent the merging of realities. Lastly, the speaker mentions upcoming projects and interviews they are working on.
โžก The text discusses a comic book project about Stanley Kubrick directing the moon landings, which has been in the works for over five years. The comic includes references to all of Kubrick’s movies and conspiracy theories. It can be found on, where signing up before launch will get you exclusive trading cards and stickers. The text also mentions a website, truthful tv, where they do gematria decodes and holistic counseling.


Terrified right now. I am so scared right now. I don’t. Oh, we roll on. Yo, yo, yo. What up? It’s donut. You do all you illuminati news. We got a great show with us. Oh, my goodness. Look, Ani. Paranoid. Juan. Tommy, this is gonna be incredible. Make sure you smash that, like, button as you enter the room. Share the video out. We bout a dive deep on all the crazy stuff that happened this month. Massive initiations happening. And this is just some bridge collapse stuff. Just to throw out this thumbnail, I got this highway map. I think something to look out for is route 128.

It’s just something I kind of want to put out there. Plus, we got strange weather events. A forecast of a record 33 hurricanes about to go down. Now, weather manipulation is real, and we even see the predictive programming of food products. And somebody in the live chat said that there’s a new illuminatios. The doritos baja. Fiery mango. Looks like some sort of big wave volcanoes. And, I mean, this. The weather weaponry that they got today is absolutely nuts. You can manufacture tornadoes, and there’s all these crazy tornadoes happening around the world. But what I really wanted to point out is the cancer.

The six nine, right? The top of the royal arch, the Keystone. The Keystone state, where Terrence Howard’s actually from. And Terrence Howard became quite famous and won the awards because of three six mafia’s song. It’s hard out here for a pimp and gangsta boo passing away at six, you know, passing away with their six nine album, all the royals getting cancer. Right now, there’s just a lot going on, but before. So those are a couple things I got on my mind. I’m gonna show the new Eminem thing, the new Eminem album out, Slim Shady, which think there’s some moonchild stuff going on with this.

But anyway, how is everybody doing? I feel great now that there’s a new Eminem single out. Like, everything’s great now, right? That’s a clone. Eminem, bro. It’s not a real m and M. It’s a homunculus. Eminem. It’s pretty bad. Pretty bad. I saw the video. I watched the video, like, three times. I used to be a big Eminem fan back in the day, so I wanted to see what he was going to do with this album, but it was. Yeah, it was a whole lot of stuff up in there, bro. I think they cloned Eminem. Do remember before he had that ball on the end of his nose? What’s up with that shit? You know? Now he has, like, this weird looking nose that he never had.

If you go back and look in the older pictures, right. Maybe they got his ass. Who knows? Did he get a BBL, too? Yeah. So I’m. You know, I got. I got that Eminem album in the fourth grade, slim Shady LP. And the COVID of that album is a moon. It’s a huge moon. And he’s known as Baby Rabbit, right. And there’s a connection to the rabbit and the moon. And I. I really do believe that what’s happening on the world stage right now with Trump being guilty on 34 counts. And let’s not forget that Eminem went after Trump, went after Hillary Clinton, and he’s connected.

His 33rd grandfather is a welsh king, and his grandfather could have been Samuel Mathers, founder of the. One of the founders of the Order of the Golden dawn. And this all goes into the moon child. And right here is a slide from Ani’s presentation on his private Patreon channel, which I highly recommend. Everyone go check out about the. The menstrual cycles and the blood and all this. And I believe it’s. It’s all connected, the releasing of King Charles’s painting, the satanic painting. And, you know, the royals have been doing crazy steganography in their paintings and mind control through the arts for a long time.

I just got the opportunity to speak with the gentleman that I’ll be releasing. But, like, you could just see right here, the eyeballs, right, hidden in this. And it’s also that same type of red color. But this painting was created to get rid of the other people they were worshipping. And this was like, the step in the new monarch, through the paintings and the images. But Eminem released that he was going to drop this Houdini, which goes into abracadabra. That’s even a line in a song. Abracadabra. And Crowley’s known for Libra. Seven seven. And there’s a seven seven connection with Trump with the 37 counts or 34 counts.

Three plus four equals seven. But the 711 tweet, Jacob Israel shared that. Elon tweeted 711, and 711 days later, Trump was guilty. So I believe it’s all connected. It’s all story, in my opinion. What. What’s your thoughts on that, everyone? I think they’re playing out like some sort of our archetype. You know, I think it goes back to ancient times where they’re playing out these stories, and they all jump into, like, how Ani and I just finished doing an episode on Drake and Kendrick Lamar and how each one plays their own role and they lean into it.

I mean, they go ahead, like, I think Drake just came out and wrapped on the BBL track, like trolling himself kind of, sort of. But he’s revealing more of the heinous things that he’s being accused of while rapping on this song. You have, again, they’re both two sides of the same coin, in my opinion. Also this, Detroit’s 322nd anniversary this year. So you have the three two two connection. And Trump, he was arrested 322 days after his mug shot, which is interesting. And Michelle. Yeah, Michelle Obama’s mother died today. And there’s a connection to that, to the leave the world behind.

She died 192 days after leave the world behind or behind equals 192. A lot of 192 things. But this Detroit thing is very interesting because the Michigan Wolverines, they won the championship. And I showing the connection to both of the, both of the teams names that was in the college championship this year. And it’s real occult and how they’re lining these things up. But yes, it’s very weird things. Very strange things that don’t have to say. Damn. So three, two, two days after his mug shot was his guilty charge. That’s crazy. And Detroit, think about, like, ICP I.

They’re all out there right now doing interviews with, like, Willie D and whatnot. So they’re making rounds. Eminem’s making rounds. That’s the big d town artists. And I always connected them to. To the story of the moon child. From what I learned from all y’all, about learning how the moon child, Aleister Crowley book was about two magical societies fighting against each other, right? I got some moonchild information that’s coming that’s going to blow people’s mind. I’ve just been in moonchild books all week, especially watching Twin Peaks right now, trying to understand it. It’s very weird. You have to look deep in a lot of occult texts to figure out what they actually mean.

You know, the Babylon workings with Jack Parsons and what is the other guy, Ronnie O. Hubbard and those other guys? It’s a little bit deeper when you get to understand it. I think all of these celebrities are some type of moon child. Moon children of some type of occult working that’s been continuing for four centuries now. What a whole premise of Crowley was that everyone’s gonna be a star. And before he kind of said that there wasn’t really that. That same concept of, like, putting yourself out there and making all the attention be about you. That was kind of like the Krolian thing to do is like, look at me like the ultimate attention whore.

But that becomes what we see is, like, Hollywood stars. And now that they got all the attention, all the stars that people are looking at, I do think that it’s like when you say the Eminem comes out and he’s, like, dropping some esoteric knowledge, or that, you know, Drake is sending messages, I think that’s just because they’re the vehicle for the elite, because that’s. That’s the one connection that the masses actually have. Like, it’s the news and it’s the media that we consume and, like, the art that we look at, even this picture that you got right there, donut with the chick that has the eyeballs all in her dress, right? Like, that’s an art.

That’s an artist that put that out, because it was the artists that were commissioned to convey these messages out to the masses. And I think that there’s no difference in Drake Queen Elizabeth Eminem album. Yes. Yes, absolutely. These artists, this is like MkUltra mind control going back to, like, even most recently with modern art in Jackson Pollock being a CIA asset, really, to dumb down the masses through, you know, art. And we could see that with society in the social engineering of the Timothy Larry’s and the Aldous Huxley’s and the Julian Huxley’s even going back to the creation of humans.

They’re what they tell us with the worms, you know, because Julian the Huxley’s uncle was Charles Darwin’s bulldog, and we’re hearing a lot of stuff about worms right now. On top of that, with RFK getting the brain worm and paranoid. You brought up. There’s something you brought up. I’m gonna look for a tv show called Brain Dead. That was way before all this. The brain Dead tv show was about alien insects and space worms coming and implanting themselves into the brains of politicians and then causing politicians to fight with each other. And then that the aliens were kind of, like, feeding off of that loose energy of just the general unrest that these, like, opposing things.

It’s. It’s so on the money for what we’re actually seeing here. And not. Not everyone that I’ve asked if they’ve seen this, no one’s even heard of it before. It’s 2016. It’s legitimately not a bad show. So I had that. That clip on the moon, the Epstein Moon children take off on tick tock, and I’m looking at the Jason Voorhees, which is the Jason was Eminem wearing a Jason mask in that picture. Because it’s interesting that in one of the offshoots of Jason, Planet of the Beast follows the efforts of Doctor Bardock’s and his crew as they try to clone the body of a comatose jason and shows their efforts to stay alive when Jason wakes from his coma.

And also to the third power. Jason has a son in this book conceived through a form of artificial insemination. So you have Jason linked to cloning and moon children, I mean, test tube babies, because artificial insemination is a sort of alchemy. I mean, some of the first guys that were into alchemy and were into Homunculus were talking about this. I mean, if you look at the COVID of Houdini, maybe that’s not a microphone, maybe that he’s hovering in the air. He’s got like the, the artificial liquid, and then he’s got all these little homunculi that are all over the place around him.

And the homunculi are pointing all, they’re all pointing down except for one of them isn’t, but they’re all pointing. So I wonder if that has some sort of meaning to it with a hand posture. But I even inverted this picture. And like, you invert any picture, you’re gonna see like, like some sort of diaphragm at like, every time. You know what? I told Juan that I believe that every rap artist in their rhyme books are grim wars. And I showed him how they go into the pentagram, the sigil of Ameth, before they put the record out, you know, through the record industry.

And it’s interesting, he did wear this Jason Voorhees, you know, mask, because Jason, and this is connected to the title of this video. The word Jason is a acronym for the summer solstice, when Sirius reaches the highest point in the heavens. Jason means July, August, September, October, November. That was like the esoteric backing of originally Jason and the organized. It represents the summer solstice. So that’s interesting. Tommy, why don’t you get up in here, brother? Oh, I’m just listening. Okay. My, I haven’t been following Trump or none of that shit. So I’ve been focused on the weather, bro.

I think a lot of this other shit is a total distraction of what’s really going on. You know, they’re destroying our food, they’re destroying our water supply, they’re, they’re using geoengineering as a population control. I got a quick breakdown that I did on the weather. If, when it comes to me, I can share that. Yeah, for sure. For sure. Y’all can share anything you like. And also everybody. I got everyone’s links down below. Make sure to go subscribe to Ani. Paranoid. Tommy and Juan got all their YouTube links down below. Make sure to give them a subscribe because you’re gonna get wicked smart.

I share. I shared the thing down there. Donut, you just gotta. Yeah, right here. So, um. Let me see here. I can’t see. Okay. Let me go on my actual thing so I can see. Here we go. So this guys, it. We had all these disasters happen simultaneously too, right? 23 people die from these storms that just took place. So I even got to break down on this. So we had Kentucky. Five fatalities were reported with a tornado in Charleston, causing widespread damage. Alabama, a falling tree killed one person amidst 70 miles per hour winds and large hail.

Texas, seven lives were lost, including a woman and her two children in a tornado. Oklahoma, two people died in the tornado. And then you had Arkansas with eight deaths occurred. And that was a house was destroyed and trees were uprooted. They really didn’t tell you what the cause of death was on that one. But we know they have heart in geoengineering. But I seen that 23 and, you know, I mean, it’s. It’s so occultic. Jim Carrey didn’t make a movie on this for nothing. So, like September 23, that’s a big day people talk about, which is Yoma Kippur and Judaism, and that’s a big day.

We’re looking for like a 911 style event to take place on that day. Here’s all major events that happen with the number 23. And it’s so many like significant dates. You have 911, the attack. Julius Caesar, he was stabbed 23 times, right. The World Trade center. You see, I copied them all down here. 911 terrorist attack, which equals 23. I mean, there’s just tons of them. Waco siege, you got the number 23. That happened on 419, which was the beginning of the 13 days of preparation going into Beltane. Four plus 19 equals 23. So you see, it’s.

It’s almost every major event that’s take place is tied to this number 23. Like, it goes back to the Knights Templars who had 23 grandmasters and what was his name? Jack Mole or the last mole. Yeah, yeah, yeah, him. He was the 23rd grandmaster and the last one. So the 23 I found out to white supremacy groups use it a lot. Never knew that before. But it’s, you know, w the 23rd letter and it’s. It’s for the. These white supremacy groups I found out through my research. But yeah, man, it’s pretty, pretty crazy how many, um, events we see connected to the number 23.

And like I said, we just had all these crazy deaths around weather control. So in, haven’t you guys noticed? Ever since the eclipse, every single day we’re getting hit and now there’s all these big volcanoes blowing up. The whole ring of fire is active. I think, I think we’re going to see something really big and significant. But, yeah, that’s really all I had to break down. Well, and I was, you know, living here in Florida, me and Juan, that we got to be hyper sensitive about all like the hurricane news. And I just saw that this year they’re talking about adding a new hurricane, like a stronger category in anticipation of much stronger storms.

And this year is supposed to be like the most active hurricane wise that we’ve seen in over a decade. Well, to paranoid where all these storms are happening, brother, there’s fires breaking out in them areas. And, you know, I warned early on that this year we would see the worst fires. And I was talking when it got into summer and then fall, but it’s already started, bro. They’re blazing everywhere. And, you know, this is what I think. I think they’re doing this to get us to where we are forced to go to these 15 minutes. Smart cities, right? Because they don’t want no one living out in the wilderness where you can take care of yourself, grow your own food.

They want the big corporations out there, but not us, the people. They want us in these cities stacked on top of each other where they can control us. Well, they’re going to villainize it. They already do it. Now in Florida, for example, if somebody doesn’t get out of town in time, when they do an evacuation, it becomes this weird thing where it’s like, yeah, you own your home, but if the city says you have to get out of your home, like, you either have to listen to them and then there’s like a victim blaming thing that goes on that if you don’t evacuate and you stay back and something happens to you, then it’s not just, you know, you brought this on yourself, it’s your fault.

But there’s this aspect of like, you’re now being a burden on the rest of society. And I can just imagine that that’s going to be extrapolated so that now if it’s the bumpkins out in the outside, the city that are outside the 15 minutes cities and a huge disaster comes and something happens to them, people are going to almost look at that, like, as a burden. Like, see? And that’s why you should live in this city with us, because that wouldn’t have happened to you. So not only do we have disdain for you for living differently from us, but now it’s like you’re going to be penalized for not taking part in these 15 minutes cities.

So it’s going to kind of be like a self perpetuating thing. Like, we’re like, people are going to enforce it ourselves without even needing some government to enforce it. Yeah, yeah, I agree. And, bro, that’s. That’s their whole goal, to, like, so, you know, they’ll have the smart cities where we’ll have some digital currency set up, some kind of a social credit score, universal income type shit. And if you don’t participate in that, then you will have to live, like, on the outskirts where you can’t buy seller trade, you know, you ain’t gonna want to live out there after this.

We’re gonna be eating rat burgers in the sewer system, right? Mosquito burgers. It’s gonna be all bad. But I think a lot of this other shit, they’re diverting our attention, man, because, I mean, it’s like some apocalyptic shit is going on with our weather right now. I mean, it’s not normal. You know what I mean? Yeah, it is weird. And Harp publicly is doing experiments again, right? For the longest time, bro, for like over a decade. Harp was. Was shut down. And. Or people would just say that you were crazy for bringing up this old project from the eighties, but now it’s like they’re doing it again and they’re being public about it.

Yep. So they’re back up and running. And also, like, the aurora borealis that we’re seeing from the United States, that’s not normal. You know what I’m saying? That ain’t normal, man. To be able to see that from here. Now, heart can cause artificial aurora borealisis, too. And back in the day, like, when that whole nibiru shit first started, I remember there was some big channels, and this is back in 2013. And they said back then that when we seen the roar borealis from the United States, that’s when we were going through a whole pole shift. Now, I’m not saying that’s the case, I’m just.

Because I know they can use harp and create artificial ones, but definitely something’s up. And you see now going viral, which I’ve been talking about for over three years, the solar simulators. Now people are starting to talk about them. So. I mean, that shit’s old though, you know, it’s going viral everywhere. Like, they just figured it out. Yeah, the X class flares. I was talking about that in a year of the X. And did you see that? All the sunflowers, dude, are turning away from the sun. Sunflowers grow towards the sun, bro. I did see a video about sunflower.

I think that was what it was about. That’s not the real sun. It’s an artificial song. So I just talked to a somebody. I just talked to somebody, which I’ll be releasing the podcast of probably during the hurricane season. But the video is up on the Patreon now, yesterday. And it’s. You can go to his website. It’s called climate viewer calm. And he was breaking down the reason why the sun is. Is white. And I. Hopefully I’m. I understood what he was saying is because of all the chem contrails in the sky, they’re metal clouds. He broke down how it’s metal.

It’s very interesting. And that, like, haze in the sky is what’s turning white. Well, actually, we turned white from a solar maximum. That’s why he went into that too. Yeah. And he said, like, the solar minimum and maximum, each one is correlated to volcanoes and earthquakes. Yep, yep. But it. But the sun has nothing to do. I mean, yeah, it could affect the shade a little bit from chemtrails, but this bright white sun that looks like a flashlight with two beams coming out of it, it’s artificial. So what is this? X flare flares. Solar flares. I think it’s all, you know, they’re trying to use.

They’re setting up this x flare thing. So when they do this massive blackout, they can blame it on the solar flares and say it’s a Carrington event again, where everything’s gonna have a big blackout and it’s the sun’s fault because these flares are coming out. That makes an x in the year of the x, right? New shows, dude, have blackouts in them too. So funny. They think we’re so dumb. So, yeah. A date I’m looking out for a significant event is June 6. Now, I don’t know what kind of event. I don’t think it’ll be a terrifying event.

But I’m looking out for that date because this year was kicked off with the dark matter tour, which had the 69 in it. We’ve broken down all the egg stuff, the summer solstice. So I’m looking out for that date, six nine, which is also pif the dragon. I want to know about this. June 6. So this date I’m looking out for, it’s when this video games coming out, the Call of Duty video game. Even I don’t know what the call you’d like this. Gail Gil King is. Has her hand on the cornerstone. And the cornerstone is always facing the summer solstice.

And what’s that? Nine. Gale King. Yeah, Gail. Yeah. So everything’s pointing to this date for something. I don’t know know what it is, but I mean. Yeah. Oh, yeah. What? Piff. Yeah. Pip the magic dragon. They’re saying he could be sacrificing the year the dragon is connected to his. Gematria is. Gematria is 162 year of a dragon is 162. There’s a new season premiering where his show is on. Is going to premiere on 16 two. While May 27 and 28 were hot dates, they’re really thinking this is on that June of June 6 through the 23rd.

They’re gonna have their eyes on him possibly being sacrificed through those dates. I never even heard of him. He’s like a magician and he’s like a comedian at the same time. Oh, shit. Yeah. And his birthday is that six nine date as well now. Oh, wow. You know, puff pif, puff the magic dragon makes me think of puffy, you know, so I wouldn’t. There’s something there. So me and Ani talked about this, right? Because for all the dogs, I believe is the name of the album. And me and I speculated about there might be some sacrifice here comes soon.

And the consumption of dog meat in certain cultures is in either in preparation for a sacrifice or a death or to cleanse yourself from witnessing a death. So it’s interesting that all this stuff is coming out and the allegations against Drake include stuff with dogs. He also made some guy dress up a fan dress up as a dog and go on stage with him. So there’s all this weirdness surrounding that whole thing with the dog dog backwards is God. So who knows if maybe that’s an inversion of that in some sort of way. They got this weird demonic dog entity on the COVID which Kendrick Lamar also took, and they made their own sigil, essentially is what it is, their own sigil of that same entity that allegedly Drake on had assigned to top dog.

Remember, top dog is, you know, talking about the dog star is the highest point point, you know, the pole star. So there you go. You got it. The dog star. Yeah. The whole way that Kendrick Lamar followed up with. With his, like, response within 15 minutes of Drake’s like, that is such a perfect example of, like, like, a magician subverting another magician’s spell, like, taking the energy and repurposing it and redirecting it, like, in very real time. And you can even see the after effects now are like, Kendrick Lamar is still riding that wave because he, like, took over that energy, momentum, ceremonial magic.

Yes. Grim wars. They’re showing their spell books off, man. Yeah. And also, Drake sun drew this Adonis and the Twin Peaks we were talking about in the earlier thing is, I believe the AAA is the Twin Peaks. Right? The aa, but I believe it’s for Venus and Adonis. So Venus is v. Adonis is a. So it’s as above, so below. So it’s the twin Peaks, but as above, so below. So I think that. That’s what I think. And apparently I seen a message here, a comment said that Obama ate dog meat. Apparently, he dogged me as a kid.

So he racist, bro. He wrote about, come on, dude. This is what the Internet says. That’s just dog, bro. That’s dog. Dog. Obama ate dog meat as a child right there from his book dreams from my father. That ain’t meat. He probably ate a. So the South park episode, I’m a huge south park fan, and it was all about the belly button. Excuse me. And just going into hypnotism. The belly button is like a hypnosis thing. Some, like, people would look at their belly button and get into a deep trance, into a portal, in a sense.

And right here, I mean, you got belly dancing, for example. But the South park episode, these pictures are funny, but great episode, I thought. And just how culture. A lot of people wear, like, show off the belly button. Now, that’s like something. Show us yours, Donna. Have you ever, have you ever, have you heard of the phrase navel gazing? Exactly. That’s what I’m talking about. So that’s what I think is going on, like, in the society on such, like, a deeper level that even, like, South park talking about it. Like they’re noticing, uh, that this bad right now.

Hey, have any of you guys seen the new, um, series evil, the new seat? Oh, you got to check it out. Guys, look. The new season, season four, episode one, it’s all about. They go to this particle accelerator in New York, which is like, you know, it’s 14 miles around, a set of 17 miles around Lake CeRN, which 14 is a big number with Osiris. And they go there, dude, I swear to God, they have the same mock ritual, you know, remember that ritual? That went viral that they said was just a hoax where they sacrificed that girl with the knife out in front of the Shiva statue.

Yeah, they do that same thing in the series. Season four, episode one. Well, eye of CERN is 41. God particle is 41. In Chaldean, there’s tons of stuff. Switzerland is 41. So in this episode, they sacrifice the girl and send her down under to this monster entity that’s under turn 33 in the particle accelerator. It’s right at turn 33. That’s where the gates of hell opened up. They say 33 represents the third of fallen angels. Lucifer, you know, had helped him fall. But it’s a number they use a lot. But that, man, I think we should do a decode on that.

I’m surprised none of you guys are up on it. The other one is, um, dark matter. Well, I’m up on dark matter. I did a whole breakdown on dark matter. Let’s do. Let’s do one with me and you, um, ani on dark matter. Cuz I got a lot on it too, bro. That shit is so good, ain’t it? I mean, so much. There’s so much a cult symbolism and everything that I’m watching freaking paw patrol with my. With my sons, and I’m seeing a cult stuff in that. So it’s like, there’s so much to unveil and everything nowadays that they’re putting it in everything.

I mean, they’re putting in kids shows. And. You thought I was joking earlier, but I saw the Lizzie McGuire movie from my occult Disney series. Yeah. Which is just like a stupid Disney movie. But I swear, man, in the. In the rolling credits, at exactly four minutes and 20 seconds in, if that even matters, at 420, she slips and falls in the shower. And as soon as that happened, I’m watching. I’m like, it would be funny if this movie was really about her dying. And the rest of it’s like her navigating the afterlife. And I swear, like once.

Once I just kind of made that joke in my mind. Everything started fitting into place. She goes to get graduation, and they accidentally shined the light in her eyes so all she can see is this bright white light. They end up going to Rome. And that’s the first scene. Once they get to Rome, she’s walking out into the city with her friend. And her friend has a jacket that says St. Pete on the back of it. So it’s like. Like she’s at the gates with St. Pete and like in the. In the show or the movie.

I mean, in one of her movies, she is staying on Crowley corners as well. Mmm. Or no, maybe. No, that’s the Hannah Montana movie. My bad. Hannah Montana movie. The same archetype. Did you watch dark matter yet? I don’t think I have yet. You should get on it. So we could do one. Me, you and on. You could do that when it’s so good? Bro, you would love it. They create this box, and one thing I noticed, guys, okay, so, like, all these movies right now, series, like three body problem, dark matter, even evil, they all talk about Schrodinger’s cat, for some reason, in quantum entanglement.

Like, each one of a mention about this cat in a box that is both dead and alive at the same time, which is, you know, a representation of quantum entanglement. So there’s something going on with that. I can’t figure it out. But it’s an all the new series right now, they mentioned this multiverse theory. They’re talking about what I say about daughter worlds and physics, that even though we’re living in this reality, there’s other versions of ourselves in other universes right now, opposite things that we do in this universe that had a whole different life that we did.

And sometimes when you dream, I think the threshold is being, you know, is being bled into by those other dimensions. And we’re seeing certain things in our dreams that occurred in other realities of our quantum bodies. Oh, yeah, we definitely are doing that. What was that Apple series that came out where the girl was up in space? Remember? Paranoid? So that lady was both dead and alive at the same time. She was what? This. This lady was down at the control center of NASA, controlling what was going on up in the sky. But then this. This rogue body hit the spaceship in an orange suit, and it was her, the lady that was constellation, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So that’s where they started with the Schrodinger’s cat shit. First in constipation. That’s when I first noticed it. And now it’s, like, in all of them, bro. So I bet you that’s a big decode on he Schrodinger’s cat. Yeah. Robert Anton Wilson wrote, like an entire series on it as well that I haven’t read yet. But it’s been. Been around for a minute, too. I mean, going back to Robert Anton Wilson’s Illuminati trilogies. Yeah, it’s interesting. Donut and it’s. Quantum entanglement is kind of like what they’re doing with that nanotech where they, you know, it kind of.

The host is kind of not. No. More in control. It’s entangled with some other entity. You can call it an archon, a demon, whatever. And it’s. That’s what’s using the. The human vessel as an avatar. So we’re, you know, um. And. And quantum entanglement is. It’s like where two things can exist at the same time simultaneously. Like, it could be one version of Donut Dead and then this other version of him alive. Right. But it can also entangle your DNA with that of another entity from another reality in the multiverse. Yeah. In one reality, Chan is actually donut, and then donuts, the actual cat.

Right. It’s inverted. Yeah, I believe that. I believe that. So there. I want to talk a little bit about, um, this book that Ani recommended, which I thought was fabulous. Uh, I haven’t read it, but I just. I know it’s good from what he was talking about. Um, and it goes into menstrual blood. Um, and we’re in the dragon year. We were just talking about pif the dragon. What’s, uh. Can you tell us a little bit about this? Because it’s a interesting topic. I always hear all throughout my life how people could cast spells with the menstrual blood, but also the moon and Eminem being a moon child.

You know, they used to say that Nipsey Hussle’s girl was putting menstrual blood in his. Remember that shit? When he first died, they said she was doing all that witchcraft with that one lady and was using menstrual blood on him. And. Yeah, I didn’t hear that, but I know that in the video I showed was about blood magic in Christianity, you know, going back, you know, from ancient times. You know, Kenneth Grant writes books on the collus that exists inside of the mysteries of women, the menstrual, you know, blood of women. And way back then, they would do these ritual ceremonies, either ingesting it or they will put it into sigils.

They will put it on their bodies. And basically, women’s were charged before, so the women were charged, and then they were magical. And all the fluids. Yeah. The colors reflect the 16 periods of the moon. And on different periods of the moon, there’s a difference. Cathode and old, you know, filter a different way based on the waxing and waning on the moon. And it’s based on the menstrual cycle of the women because, you know, you got 28 days of the menstrual cycle, and it’s connected to the periods of the month. But what they were saying is that the ritual that we do in, you know, the christian church, Catholic Church, what is it called again? Communion.

Transubstantiation is the actual part in catholic mass where the wine turns into real blood. But yeah, communion, they said, is re enacting a magical ceremony of. Magical ceremony of ingesting minstrel menstrual blood from. From old, ancient rituals from back then. And this. This book right here by Louisa Francia. She’s giving the whole history on it, and she’s breaking it down from different cultures because that blood is actually called the dragon in some cultures. There’s a. There’s a. Just a random sink here. But in the movie made tough Daddy starred in that, and he works for a guy called the Red Dragon.

And I always thought that that was significant. Okay, made movie 2001, Vaughn and the other guy that’s like, does Disney movies now. Yeah, this movie right here, Puff Daddy is basically the middleman between the outside world and, like, the underworld. And he basically tells them that he’s working for this guy called the Red Dragon. But don’t say the name out loud. Like, you’re not allowed to actually say this out loud. It’s got that much power. And Vince Vaughn is like the guy that wanders in the lodge and the first thing comes out of his mouth, he’s like, yo, has anyone seen the Red Dragon? It’s like a huge deal because he’s now basically said, like, the ineffable name of God right in front of, like, the.

The Lord of the underworld, which is Puff Daddy. But he’s. He’s also kind of playing himself a little bit. It’s really weird. Well, you know, there is secret societies called the Green Dragon Society, and I forget the other one. I think it might have been the Red Dragon Society. Well, Benjamin Fulford in Japan says there’s a white dragon society, which is like the good anti illuminati. Right? And this is all, like, documented and written about. Rick Spencer goes over that. Doctor Rick Spence goes over that in his secret society presentations. We need to bring the White Dragon Society on board.

It’s from a comic book, too. I think it’s from the Iron Fist comic book series. They actually have a white dragon society that is like anti illuminati even in there. I’m down with that. You see how when you, like, do that, like, invert thing, it, like, does the little creature, like, in every, uh, everything. Like every time I invert something, it does. It, um, looks like two eyeballs and its arms oh, yeah, there’s, like, an exit. He does a lot of songs with imagine dragons to him and them. You look it up. The group. Imagine dragons.

Imagine dragons group. Okay. Yeah. So I don’t know. It’s like a rock group or something, but he has, like, five more songs with them. It almost looked like it said illuminati. I know it didn’t. But, like, the way that the Eminem logo laid on top of each other and reflected, it had, like, the silhouette. Let me take a look. And I think that they lean into all this because it’s like he’s stepping in through a portal and, like, interdimensionalism and then all this other symbolism. So I think he. These are these people. They know that we’re talking about this, and they kind of sort of lean into it because it’s so absurd to the regular person.

But when you start connecting the dots, it’s the truth is stranger than fiction. Right. It showed a satanic baby being birth in the first 30 seconds of a video. I haven’t watched that. Do they really? Yeah. You. I got all this. I’ll just pull up the video and. Well, and I thought it was the moon child. I thought it was him. Yes, I believe so. I think that all of these politicians, actors, celebrities, I think there’s some type of moon child. And I’m gonna do a big video just decoding from a magical perspective, because you gotta read deep into what is a moonchild? It’s just so much vague information on it.

But I think all of these people are moon children. I think they’re. They’re pretty much magical experiments, basically from secret societies being used, you know, for their loosh or their, you know, whatever. They have the talent. They have. They have the muse. I really believe. I’m starting to see that now. I mean, it seems like moonshild, to oversimplify it. My understanding is it’s like fishing for demons. Like, you look at your fetus as, like, the best bait you can get to go fishing, and you hope you just catch. It’s not just demons. It could be archangels, elementals, any.

Any celebrity. You want to call them all demons. Because I’m a good christian. I’m a God fearing person. You’re one of those weird gnostic people. That’s. Yeah, but like, do you. When you guys are doing your rituals at the masonic lodges, do you guys. Which. Which. Which God do you guys invoke? Is it the spider God or is it of the Old Testament? Or the. Which one is the one that you guys worship, dude, just lucifer. That’s the only one we’re allowed to. That’s the only one. Yeah. We’re not allowed to mention any other gods. Only the one true God.

An interesting connection with Houdini. Houdini did a collaboration with HP Lovecraft on a story called, I think it’s under the pyramids or beneath the pyramids or something or other, under the sphinx. Anyways, it was a story where allegedly, the. The main character in the story gets abducted on a tour by some secret society underneath the sphinx. And, like, it’s like some crazy, again, Lovecraftian aspect to it. And it’s interesting that Houdini was kind of against the woo woo and like, the. The psychic phenomenon that was going on during his time. And he was, like, kind of speaking out against it.

And it. Then this guy names his whole thing Houdini. But yeah, there’s that Lovecraft Houdini connection there as well. There you go. Under the pyramids. Yeah. They were about to come out with a book called Minecraft of America. It’s going to be one of them biggest books, like anti Illuminati books of all time, I think. Now Don Webb, who has all of the typhonian trilogies in his basement with Lilith Aquino, Michael Aquino’s wife. I think they own it now. But he also, I think, didn’t he run for president? Was it Harry Houdini? Is somebody close to Lovecraft? I think he did.

Let me, let me try to look this up. And also with the magicians, remember there was the magician who was going to disappear the moon. And that was like, a big trending topic this year. Copperfield. Right. That sounds like a Copperfield thing. Oh, I think it was David Blaine, but it could been Copperfield. But I believe David Blaine is who was promoting the new Eminem album saying that he was gonna die. Right. He put it in the Detroit paper that it’s called the death of slim Shady. And that’s like the disappearing of the moon child. You got them one nuts in the comments.

Paranoid. So, like, here’s the slim shady lp they don’t even get when you’re joking. I don’t joke anymore. Even the Twitter handle of Eminem now is a bunny. He’s be rabbit. And this is his first album, Aslam Shady. You know, not infinite, obviously, but first Dre album. And there’s the big moon behind him. So I believe that it is definitely connected to the story. And maybe that’s the David Blaine disappearing. The moon is connected to this. It was, uh, Charles Augustus Lindbergh. That’s why I’m mistaken for running. Running with president that was helping fund Lovecraft. Is that related to Charles Lindbergh? I’m a guess.

So he’s. He’s called the Lone Eagle. He got the US Congressional Medal of Honor. Yeah. He was also a eugenicist. And was the Germans. I’m about to upload Juan’s viral video on Epstein’s moon children. So when I upload it, it’ll just start playing. So just a. A heads up to anybody. And we were talking about, like, a cold kid probably too. We’re gonna play this clip real quick. And everybody, we got thousands of people up in here. We’re streaming all over the place. Make sure to smash that, like, button. Share this video out. Much appreciated. Again, to that video.

Was Epstein trying to create moon children. Allegedly. His goal was to have 20 women at a time impregnated at his 33,000 square foot Zoro ranch in a small town outside of Santa Fe. He was a devout transhumanist, obsessed with strengthening the human gene pool. But what if he was following a less technological and modern method? What if he was actually reading the magical works of Aleister Crowley? Broly’s Libra 367, titled de homunculo of the homunculus, is an epistle with specific instructions on how to invoke an elemental or planetary spirit into a moon child or homunculus. In Libra 367, he clearly states the location should be a great desert, for in such do rarely wander any human soul seeking incarnation.

Epstein’s ranch is very secluded in New Mexico, the land of enchantment. The giant circle on the property plays a role as well. Crowley says, let a great circle be drawn and consecrated to the sphere of the work. Epstein’s ranch is near the Trinity site on the 33rd parallel, allegedly where the us government tried to radioactively create a homunculus using the jumbo container. They never actually told us what exactly that thing was for during the Trinity test in 1945. But there’s one thing we do know for certain, that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself. Protection. How many talk over? I think it’s almost at 900,000.

And that’s so interesting about the moon child maybe being in the first atomic bomb dropped over fucking Nagasaki. Yeah. Big, big, big man and little boy, I think, was the name of the. And they both straddle the 33rd parallel. And I think it was the 33rd president that ordered that as well. So there’s definitely some freemasonic connections. And his middle name was s had s which some people say stood for Solomon because he was a 33rd degree freemason. Allegedly. Right? I mean, they said that bomb, like, it split the atom and it opened up a portal.

Yeah, everything. Like cern. What is it? Cern’s nuclear facility. Research. I think there’s something on with the whole nuclear thing that I don’t fully understand it, but I think there’s something going on there with opening of these portals and maybe. Why though? Um, you know, maybe they found it accidentally. Research, you know, just blowing shit up. But, um, I think they’ll detonate a nuke and it’ll be connected to CERN opening these portals. They say when you let one of them nukes off, it doesn’t just hurt our reality, it hurts several other realities around us. You know what I mean? It definitely affects different realities.

And I think when I did my underspace series, going back to what Juan did in that video, I think Epstein was creating different Lilith archetypes with these women. I actually talked to one of the women trying to find her name, but I spoke to her on Twitter about her abduction at Zorro ranch. And basically she’s saying that he was creating these archetypical Lilith, uh, type of, uh, you know, ritual type stuff. And. Yeah, they were supposed to have his baby and it could have been moon children. That’s, you know, what you were saying. But the interesting thing is the underground tunnels that was revealed this year.

And his. His temple has an underground tunnel because it was built on top of a submarine base, you know, so they could have been taking the children, you know, out that way. Way, you know. But this one thing when you were talking to nuclear war. Right. I think the tunnels is a deeper occult mystery. I really believe when I spoke about underspace, when we talk in Hollow Earth, I think that there’s a secret society group that’s building a civilization on the ground. And once they launch the nukes, they believe that they are going to be the chosen.

Chosen Israelites to. They’re jewish. Yeah. I’m not gonna say we don’t know. You know how many. Don’t be racist, Juan. We saw him in New York, bro. I’m just saying. Yeah. Always calling me out now. Dude, I love you. Don’t. I’m just saying it’s what I saw on the Internet. It’s gotta be one of the good ones. Donut. You’re one of the good ones. Yeah, one of the last few good ones. Like the Kevin Costner of the Jews. Oh, well, also. Yeah, that’s. That’s that’s wild. Um, the, uh. What was I gonna say? Something about, uh.

Oh, yeah, I want to talk a little bit about. Because we’re coming up on. Up on the top of the hour. I want to talk a little bit about the. Terrence Howard and I was reviewing the podcast. I didn’t watch it, like I said, watched, like, three minutes of it. And he’s an actor, so when he’s on the set is a script being written. You know what I mean? So he knows. And when you look at film scripts, the way that he did the pitch was pretty incredible storytelling. I mean, it captivated everybody. People hating on him, people loving on him.

Like, it really captured the imagination of the masses through that Joe Rogan podcast and even the thumbnail of the Joe Rogan podcast. This is all manipulation. They make it look really, really crappy. They don’t even have it uploaded full frame because they’re doing that on purpose to make it seem like it’s more real. Even though, no, it’s Joe Rogan. This is billion dollar industry. Billion dollar industry. Like, that’s not. So. A billion dollar industry is not going to have the thumbnail the exact right size. Okay. So, yeah, this is. This is kind of how you lower the defense mechanisms through propaganda or whatnot.

So just. I’m just throwing that out there with Joe Rogan. But the story that he told started from being born, right, being in the belly to being seven and seven. Whatever traumas we have right now as adults, if we write in a journal, it’s going to be the same stuff we’re writing about when we’re seven. Aristotle said something like, show me the child at seven, I’ll show you the man. And then he goes into adulthood. So, right there, it’s like telling a story. And he was bringing up Walter Russell, and Walter Russell is like an og on lights and music.

And, you know, so that, that’s pretty dope that he was bringing up Walter Russell, and he was wearing all whites and the white light spectrum. This is like Walter Russell stuff, and I’m not an expert on it, but that’s kind of what brings out the. Because he was showing the periodic table graphs of Walter Russell, and the dressings he was wearing was symbolic. And I was showing, like, the white robes. You could see it in every single religious culture pretty much, uh, from anything wearing white. And you can even see this wearing black. Right. Why do the.

Jordan Maxwell says, why do the judges wear the black robes? And he connected it to Saturn. And, um, it’s just funny how people got so pissed off over, uh, clothing because I believe clothing as well, in fashion, I was showing like the belly buttons. Fashion just, we just lost Juan because one is going on another podcast. So everybody go subscribe to Juan’s links down below and everybody else’s. And thank you, Juan, for joining. But yeah, so I kind of wanted to get your thoughts on that. Well, I always thought it was fascinating, the difference between additive color and subtractive color because I worked at a print shop for the longest time and also did graphic design.

And I think there’s a whole bunch of like a cult lessons that can be learned by just understanding the different applications of color. So, like, if you’re looking at a computer monitor, or if you’re looking at color where the light is being projected through it as you’re looking at it, that’s additive color. And that’s usually when you’re talking about like the white spectrum. That’s when all of the colors form white. But if you think about when you’re a little kid and uh, you start painting or you get the crayons out and, and as a little kid, you’re just like, I’m going to use every single color in the box.

At a certain point, it just turns into like a big like dark brown mess. Right. Because that’s what happens with subtractive color. And the main difference is that, and this is a little bit over simplistic, but additive color, the light is going through it, subtractive color, the light is bouncing off of it. So that there’s these two different, like there’s an esoteric and the exoteric, literally, right, like that. The esoteric is light is inside of the thing and coming through it. And the exoteric is that you’re, you’re outside of it and you’re just looking at things, reflecting off other things.

You don’t actually know what’s going on between those two. And because of this is where, like Cmyk, if you’re doing print, that’s basically subtractive color. And then additive color is RGB, where if you have all red, all green, all blue together, then you get a bright white, which is also the inverse is true. Right? So that in subtractive color, black, it’s no longer the absence of light. Black actually means all of the colors are there. You’re just not able to see it reflected because the colors are absorbing all the light. Anyway, there’s a really cool esoteric dig into all that.

Yeah. And I feel like colors affect our consciousness. You know, I did a big color physics class over, I think, last year. We did, like, three or four months on color physics and how it. How it affects consciousness and how it’s connected to the kabbalah, especially the color blue. The color blue is very much connected to Hochma on the. On the right side tree of the kabbalah. And they say that all of the colors proceeded out of hokma. And it’s interesting, because the tetrahearts to blue that we figured out was 666, you know, saying. They’re saying a couple of these other colors coming out of it.

So these numbers very much mean something, you know, in connection with the colors. Yes. The blue one right there on the right. Yeah. So it’s just very interesting, this hearing what paranoid american just said. And, you know, knowing what I know, you know what? Kabala, that’s dope. What’s your thoughts on the Terrence Howard? Oh, my whole thing. I couldn’t get through it. I’m not gonna even, you know, lie. You know, I try to. I gave Terrence Howard a shot about five years ago. I thought he was probably someone coming out of the agenda and trying to, you know, break the threshold and get into this esoteric and physics type stuff.

But then I started learning Gematria and Terence Howard’s full name. Terence Deshawn Howard equals 322 in Gematria. There’s nothing else, you know, to know past that when he said one times one equals two, you know, and if you get into the science of multiplication or the arithmetic, you know, philosophy of mathematics, it doesn’t make sense even what he’s saying. He’s trying to sound smart, and he will sound smart. I’m not going to say to dumb people, to people who don’t research this type of stuff, but I think it’s an extremely big psyop. I wonder who’s funding, you know, these.

These whatever projects that he’s, you know, doing, because most of his patents, from what I seen in that interview, he was talking about augmented VR reality. How does that help us? You giving Apple and all of these companies these patents that you bought? You didn’t. He didn’t say he created them. And that’s another thing that people, you know, kind of missed. They thought he was saying he created and patented these things. He just said he had the patent. You can buy patents. And why does he possess all of these VR augmented reality patents? That tells me what? Illusion.

That’s what VR projects. It gives you a illusion of a reality. So he’s funding. He’s behind why these companies are funding to trap people in another hologram, so to speak. I think there’s one aspect of, like, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater with Terrence Howard. And it’s not. Not as him, but one of the. That the one times one equals two, or one times two equals one, whatever the hell the thing is. I think that that in itself is interesting enough that if you don’t listen to anything else he says, find interest. It’s called a mathematical paradox.

And there’s actually, like, probably over a hundred of these things. And I know this because I went to engineering school, and I was. I’ve been a programmer my entire life, more. Longer than anything else. And I don’t. I’m not necessarily great at math, but I have met some people that would, like, blow anyone you’ve ever met out of the world in math and understand this stuff intrinsically. And there’s so many of these little, like, cracks in the system that most of the time, mathematicians will just be like, oh, yeah, don’t look too far into that. Technically, math is just an abstraction.

So you’ve got all these. Another really popular one is that 0.9 repeating is the same as one. But that doesn’t make sense because you can’t just say that 0.9 repeating is the same as one, but it’s because these are all abstract. Like, one doesn’t actually exist. Nine doesn’t actually exist. They’re all abstractions, right? Yeah. And. And these symbols, they. They can’t truly represent the real thing because we’re here in reality, and we’re trying to use these real symbols as real things and expect these real results. The same way that a platonic solid doesn’t actually exist. Right.

There’s no such thing that we know of as a. As an absolute perfect sphere. We know that there’s a general, like, a sphere shape, but nothing can be so pristine, which is why we call those, like, platonic solids, but it’s like things in nature achieve to be those things, but they can never actually be those things. And this is. It’s. It’s a worthy endeavor if you just start looking at mathematical paradoxes, because it shows that all the science that we’re like, oh, well, math has figured this out. And it’s like, well, kind of. But math has got all these little shortcuts and workarounds and, like, asterisks.

So this, like, oh, by the way, you have to just assume that this thing works, even though you can kind of prove it doesn’t and it looks like, uh, this is how all the meme coin cryptocurrencies look is like this, because it never will hit a dollar. I mean, it could, but, like, that’s not how the crypt, whenever you buy a meme coin, it looks like. Like this right here, because it’s only fractions of, like, pennies. Yeah. Well, you also know that in the seven laws of jehu tea, which is the seven cosmic laws, you know, coming from the caballon, that one of the laws is polarity.

And that means that that’s why I don’t really argue with people. And that’s why I didn’t try to convince, because my brother tried to tell me, oh, this Terrence Howard thing is so great and all of that. And just like when you were explaining with mathematics, paranoid American. I did a video on the origins of numbers I’ve never seen. Nobody broke that down. I found the chaldean, the original numbers. I found the hieroglyphs, the hierarchic syntax, going way back to these civilizations. And what I figured out, they’re just symbols to the spin orientation of vibrations. And since the law of polarity exists, that means, really, something that’s proven can be disproved, and something that’s disproved can be proven.

So there’s really nothing he’s saying, is what I’m saying. Like, saying that, yes, is it can be an extra option to it, but it’s not really saying anything. And I’m trying to understand what is he, what is his angle of saying this to me? From what I heard, there was a pA, a personal assistant on the show with him in empire. They said this dude is just a egomaniac. He just wants to show people he’s smart. So that’s what it. Yeah. And total agent, you know, I’m not falling for none of that shit, but I seen everybody sharing this video.

I tried to watch it. I couldn’t get into it. I couldn’t get into it, either, but I was very big fan of his work with hustle and flow and. Great actor. He should stick to his lane, though, you know? Well, yeah, well, like, so hustle and flow. It’s hard out here for a pimp. Won the song that put three six on, like, the map, big time for Hollywood. And just the coincidences is that three six mafia gangsta boo passed away while Dolly Parton. So, 2006, Dolly Parton loses the three six mafia. Then Dolly Parton is performing for New Year’s while gangsta boo passed away.

Just seems ritualistic. To me for show. Interesting. I’m happy all came on here tonight. I got everybody’s links down below. Make sure to go subscribe to an I paranoid. Tommy and Juan, what could we look out for? Coming up for me? I got my patreon. I just dropped the, dropping a ton of stuff. I got a secret society like member going to be talking about some stuff. It’s like gonna be crazy. That should be dropping here soon. It is like the beginning of the month. So it’s a great way to support, but also get wicked smart as well.

And yeah. What can we look out for from everybody? Well, I just interviewed Alan Greenfield, Allen H. Greenfield, one of the top euphonauts. So my YouTube guys check the video, that video out, and he’s been giving me information via email. So I’m preparing a project series on the moon child, as I said. So look forward to that within a week. And then I’m going to do some things with jaguar Wright. I’m gonna do a breakdown on Urban X TV network and Patreon. So that’s what I’m, I’m working on right now. Yeah, this, this was a great, uh, show.

I, I really enjoyed it. We didn’t talk about the damn thing that’s in the thumbnail, the Golden Gate bridge. Oh, we didn’t talk about it. So, um, that thumbnail, what I’m looking at is we see the connections to all the 128 collapsing of the bridge. The one me and you found, um, the Tampa Bay bridge that partially collapsed on January 28 of 1980. Remember? So the Tampa Bay bridge collapsed on 128. Just another one. There’s so many bridges that collapse at 128. The big one that just happened, the Francis Scott key bridge collapsed at 128 in the morning.

So we see these collapse. Bridge collapse in Gematria equals 128. But what I’m looking out for is this highway system, the Eisenhower highway system, and the 128 one, the road, the leads, the nowhere is what they used to call it. I’m looking out for that just because of the coding and because Donald Trump was talking about deportation. So he wants the deport people. And going back to Eisenhower, that’s what Eisenhower was doing. So like, I just feel like all these words are just pushing me into looking at the Eisenhower highway system, a military highway system, the whole highway system is designed to keep you off of going off of the grid.

And for example, like the highway system doesn’t bring you through places that you can like pretty much live. It’s just like desert sorta, you know what I mean? So it was all designed strategically. So that’s what I’m looking out for this year, maybe for this June 6 thing. And that’s pretty much what I was going to talk about right here. Interesting. Yeah, yeah. Just hype, hypothetical things I’m looking out for. Yeah, definitely signs that. Well, all of these bridges and, you know, the recent key. Was it the key bridge involved? Yeah. So definitely there’s some symbolism.

Well, CeRN is 1282, so I think it all ties back to Cern and in the bridge. You know, if you look into, like, that rainbow bridge that collapsed up or. It didn’t collapse it. They had some type of ritual where a car flipped over, some shit that was in Niagara Falls. And the Rainbow bridge, in indian culture, is a bridge between realms. So I think there’s something there to it, too. You know what the bridge symbolizes them merging these realities with CERN. Yeah, the key bridge. And now you have a golden gate, the key to the gate, you know, and there was a NIA ever Falls bridge collapse on January 25.

Yeah, did collapse. And I did a breakdown because the Nikola Tesla’s base is right around that area. Yeah, I did a decode on it, too. It’s up on truth just type in Rainbow Bridge. In the search, I broke down Tesla’s connection to it. The portals, all that. I actually found another dude’s blog that me and I showed the donut. And I kind of expanded on that. It was pretty fascinating. Interesting. Yeah, yeah. So paranoid. You got something coming up as well? Oh, yeah. I’ve been so. I’ve been working on this for over five years. It’s a comic book, one shot comic book.

It’s 40 pages, and it’s about Stanley Kubrick, direct in the moon landings. And you can go to, and you can sign up. And if you go to this page and you click on that green button that says, notify me on launch, and that little number to the right will go up by one if someone does that. But anyone that signs up and actually gets a printed comic is going to get, like, an exclusive trading card that’s going to be in a long line of different trading cards through all my different series. And I think that in the future, when donut and I drop our little project we’ve been working on, there’ll be some trading cards for that, too.

So, like, all the different books that I’ll be dropping will all have some exclusive stickers and cards and prints. And the only way to get those will be to sign up before it actually launches. So if you. If you are interested in Stanley Kubrick movies, CIA, fake moon landings, or just comics in general, you should check this again, I’ve been working on it for over five years. This has got every damn inside reference to all the different Stanley Kubrick movies. All the eyes wide shut stuff, all the clockwork orange references, like, everything that he ever mentioned conspiratorial or in his movies.

They all have some kind of inside reference in this thing. Nice. Nice. Yeah, I’m excited. I got. Just dropped that link up in the chat, and. Tommy, what’s going on? What can we look out for? Well, you know, doing my normal lives and stuff. It only thing I want to plug is my website, if you are trying to get your decode done, come over there and check us out on truthful tv. But, yeah, that’s pretty much it. You know, why is it showing that picture I wrote? You said truthful tv. Go scroll down real quick.

Oh, I thought I changed that bottom one. All right. Yeah, but, you know, we do the gematria decodes over there. We could, through your life path number, we can kind of figure out how many reincarnations you’ve been through. You know, just having a lot of fun doing that. I started doing the holistic counseling, and, bro, that shit I get hit up so much for. It’s crazy, but, you know, it’s fun. Half hour, talk to people on the phone. You find out all kinds of crazy things. Shut up, breeze. Well, thank you, everybody. I appreciate y’all joining us.

Smash that, like, button. Share the video out. Much love and God bless you all. See you guys hit the, like.

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