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The Anunnaki Link: Tracing the Bloodline of Cain with Tommy Truthful and Bdell 1014

By: Truth Mafia
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Truth Mafia

Tommy Truthful: Unveiling the Bloodline of Cain and the Anunaki with Bdell1014

Welcome to the latest episode of the Truth Mafia podcast, where I, your host Tommy Truthful, along with my brother and fellow Truth Mafia member, Bdell1014, delve into the intriguing and mysterious subject of the bloodline of Cain and the Anunaki.
The Enigmatic Rh Negative Bloodline.

Our exploration today focuses on the Rh negative bloodline, believed to be a direct descendant of pre-Adam humanoids created by Enlil. This lineage is deeply entwined in ancient narratives and mythologies. Enlil, often identified as Lucifer and the god of the air, was cast out by Anu, the god of Heaven. This divergence in the bloodline created two distinct paths: the angelic lineage and the nephilim lineage.

Anunnaki Family Tree

The Pre-Adamite Bloodline and the World’s Elite
The pre-adamite bloodline of Cain, according to our research, is the force behind some of the most powerful families in the world today. These include the Rothschild, Orsini, Medici, and the Merovingian bloodlines, with the latter being one of the purest of these Canaanite lineages. This 13th bloodline is believed to be the origin from which a one-world leader or the antichrist figure will emerge.

Nephilim, Anunaki, and Biblical Ties
Our conversation takes us deeper into the Nephilim and Anunaki connection. The Nephilim, referred to as the sons of Anok, are intrinsically linked to the Anunaki, known as the Watchers. Their tales significantly influence biblical stories, a fact acknowledged by Jewish scholars who contributed to the Old and New Testaments.

The Catholic Church and Worship of Dagon
We also uncover the relationship between the bloodline of Cain and the Catholic Church, revealing a hidden worship of Dagon, a Mesopotamian fish god, synonymous with Enlil.

The Ancient War: Serpent vs. Eagle
Our discussion wouldn’t be complete without addressing the ancient war between two factions symbolized by the serpent and the eagle. We identify Enki, akin to Poseidon, as the serpent, while Enlil represents the eagle, akin to Jupiter.

Our Open-Minded Approach at
This podcast is a testament to our commitment to open-mindedness and exploring diverse topics. Unlike the echo chambers prevalent in today’s discourse, we at embrace a wide spectrum of ideas and beliefs.

Your Thoughts Matter
We’re eager to hear your take on this episode. Please share your thoughts in the comments below and let us know if you’d like to see more content like this. Don’t forget to subscribe to Bdell’s content,

available through his page on TruthMafia: [Bdell1014](

Stay tuned, stay open-minded, and keep seeking the truth with us at

Remember, the purpose of our discussions is to explore and understand different perspectives. We encourage our listeners to research and form their own opinions. Stay curious and always seek the truth!


➡ This podcast episode features a discussion about the Anunnaki, ancient beings from Sumerian mythology. The host and guest talk about the differences between two Anunnaki figures, Inky and Enlil, and their roles as the lord of the Earth and the sky, respectively. They also delve into the connections between these figures and various religious and cultural systems, including the Hebrew and Christian traditions. Lastly, they explore the idea that these ancient stories and figures have influenced modern society, including politics and the economy.
➡ The text discusses the concept of shapeshifting, not as a spiritual ability, but as a technology. It suggests that our reality has been manipulated by beings known as Arcons, who have overlaid it with artificial intelligence. The text also explores the idea of Earth being trapped in a net, which is used for energy extraction and soul trapping, connected to false religious systems. Lastly, it delves into various religious and cultural symbols, suggesting they are forms of spiritual entrapment, and discusses the power of words and their origins.
➡ The text discusses a variety of topics, including a CIA document about mind control, ancient cataclysms, and conspiracy theories. It also mentions a prediction about a disaster that will destroy major U.S. cities. The speaker also promotes his products and websites, and discusses metaphysical properties of birthstones and the concept of artificial reality.
➡ The speaker discusses various theories and ideas, including the possibility of an artificial sun, the concept of reincarnation, and the potential manipulation of our reality by artificial intelligence. They also share a personal near-death experience, questioning the common belief of seeing a bright white light. The speaker also mentions the James Webb Space Telescope and its images, suggesting they might be manipulated or artificial. Lastly, they express gratitude to their audience and encourage them to explore more content.
➡ Thomas and Vito are discussing various topics, including the theories of Dr. Malachi York, Freemasonry, and symbolism in media. They talk about York’s belief in ancient gene splicing and his controversial legal issues. They also discuss the positive and negative aspects of Freemasonry, and the symbolism of deer and antlers in movies and TV shows, which they believe is connected to secret societies.
➡ The text discusses a conspiracy theory involving symbols, rituals, and secret societies. It suggests that certain symbols, like spiral tattoos and antlers, are linked to harmful activities. The text also talks about the idea of harvesting energy from people, particularly children, and the use of numbers in magic and alchemy. Lastly, it discusses theories about the sun being a simulator and the use of chemtrails to block spiritual energies.
➡ The text discusses various conspiracy theories, including the idea that the weather is being manipulated to block energy signals from the sun, changes in the appearance of snow due to possible chemical additives, and the potential for technology to extract energy from humans. It also delves into ancient mythology, referencing the Anunnaki and the Akashic records, and suggests that powerful families and organizations may be involved in these conspiracies.
➡ A man went missing after moving to California and getting involved with a strange crowd. His last known sighting was in a bizarre photo. The conversation then shifts to discussing the history and influence of the Phoenicians, who eventually spread out and became part of many different cultures. The discussion also covers various conspiracy theories, including connections between Jeffrey Dahmer, the Rockefeller family, and a specific art pose, as well as theories about the ongoing conflict in Israel and Palestine.
➡ The text discusses various conspiracy theories and interpretations of world events, including the idea that major global changes are influenced by astrological events like Pluto’s return. It also suggests that the world is under the influence of a 6000-year curse that is set to expire in 2024, which could lead to significant upheaval. The text also delves into various mythologies and their potential connections to current events. Lastly, it mentions the Challenger space shuttle and suggests that the crew might still be alive.
➡ The speaker is discussing a conspiracy theory that the crew of the Challenger Space Shuttle, which exploded in 1986, might still be alive. They point out that there are people who look very similar to the original crew and even share the same names. They also suggest that these people might be part of a larger plan to deceive the public. The speaker is usually skeptical of such theories, but finds this one compelling.
➡ The video discusses a man’s encounter with a dangerous spider bite and his fear of doctors, which led to a severe infection. It also delves into conspiracy theories about underground tunnels, shapeshifting, and a belief that we live in a simulation. The video also mentions a man named Phil Schneider who claimed there are secret underground bases and non-human species living beneath us. Lastly, it touches on Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged plans to repopulate the human race after a disaster.
➡ This text talks about various conspiracy theories and speculations. It mentions a belief in a hollow Earth inhabited by non-human species, and the existence of deep underground military bases. It also discusses the alleged experiences of Juliet Bryant, who claims to have been kidnapped by Jeffrey Epstein and witnessed strange occurrences. The text also delves into theories about the future, including potential cataclysms and the transition into a new age.


Welcome, my brothers and sisters, to truth Mafia podcast with your host, Tommy truthful. This is called fair use and is allowed for purposes of criticism, news reporting, teaching, and parody, which doesn’t infringe of copyright under 17 USC 107. So we got a special episode for you guys today and a special guest. We’re going to be getting into the Anunnaki and different things with this brother here talking about Inky and Lil Anu and brother Bdell.

What’s up, man? Peace, brother. I appreciate you having me on. We’re going to get into it today. We’re going to break all types of stuff down, and we’re going to get a lot of clarity about the delineation between Inky and Inlio and the bloodlines and things of that nature when we’re talking about the Anunnaki. I’m excited for this one, bro. Most definitely. Yeah. Because, I mean, me and you talked on the phone for a minute, and I know if it interested me, that story you was telling me, I would like to get started, really at the beginning, like how Anu came into existence, who Anu is, and then his relationship to Inky and Enlil.

If you could kind of just start at the beginning for people. Okay. When you break down the nomenclature title for the word anunnaki, it means those simba, new to key. Ki means kai. Kai means planet Earth, which is another name for Tiamat when you go to the sumerian text. So Tiamat is basically the personification of planet Earth, which is mother Earth, mother nature, and things of that nature.

So you also have to understand that he had two sons. He had inky and Enlil. When you break down the etymology of the word inky, it means lord of the Earth. When you break down the etymology of the word for enlil, it means lord of the sky, which is equated to Shaitan. Right? So inky, he actually has birthright to the planet by way of Anu. So that is basically the diametrical difference between Inky and Enlil.

So inky, he is part of the seraphim faction. When you’re talking about the fallen angels, or not the fallen angels, but the fallen angels equated to the bloodline of Enlil because he is part of the cherubim. So that gets into the mythology of the 200 fallen angels when you go to the book of EnoCH. So the 200 fallen angels are basically the personification of the nephilim. And when you go to ancient Hebrew, Nephilim is equated to Nephala.

Which is the fallen angel. So that’s because Enlil went against the galactical order of Anu and he got casted out. And when they was casted out, they made it with the daughters of men, who is actually the Canaanite. You got eleven sons of Canaan. So you got the jesuites, which is the people who control the infrastructure of the political system, the economical system, the movie industry, all the industries that’s being controlled by the oligarchs.

And the plistocracy, which is your so called ILLUMinatI today. The Same people that was found in Those tunnels over in New York City, right? All connected to that BloOdliNE. So all this stuff goes all the way back to sumerian mythology. And as we was talking in Lil, he was actually the serpent in the garden. Right. But the only thing that people get missed in translation about EnliL is that they’re not breaking down the etymological roots of certain words that’s connected to these monotheistic teachings.

Because when you go to the strong accordance, 1180, Yahweh translates to the word bell, who was ball, who was Moloch. That is the same entity as inlil. And then when you go to the strong accordance, h 14 eight, the word God is equated to the word dag. And the word dag is an anagram for the anagram for the word gad. It’s the same entity which is equated to DAgON.

So that’s why as far as the veneration and the credence in the dark priesthood of the Vatican church, they always wear the hat of Dagon. It’s all connected to their. All, you know, religious systems is equated to the veneration of Enlil, who is actually your so called Satan. So everybody who’s connected to the religious systems is connected under the lunar cycle, which is under the Piscean age. And that piscion age was actually the age of darkness.

So the age of darkness in itself is the main reason know people are still under the sleep spell of Leviathan, which is also another name for the serpent king. Yeah, I mean, in the church, that, man, they definitely are worshiping dagon. And when you really look into that, who else was worshipping dagon? The Philistines, remember? Yep. The Philistines and the Canaanites are basically comprised of the same bloodline.

Because just like the Philistines, like the land of Canaan, right? Like when you got all that stuff that’s going on when you’re talking about when the Balfour declaration expired on October 31, that whole geographical landmass, the land of Canaan, was actually connected to Egypt, which was ancient chemt, because Egypt is a greek term. So that’s how you know that as far as, like, grecoroman culture and the Canaanites, they infiltrated that geographical landmass.

So that’s why they got exiled out of it. So it goes into that whole mythology in itself. Was that landmass, at one time, before they took it over, it was controlled by who? Is my question to you. Was they melody the land of Canaan? Because some of the pharaohs and stuff, in the later time, they talk about how the pharaoh was found and he had british blood or green eyes and red hair.

Have you ever seen that? No, I’ve never seen that. But that was after they took it over, right before that, wasn’t it melanated people there? Oh, yeah, it was melanated people. But see, there is a diametrical difference between Egypt and ancient Kemet. Egypt was infiltrated, uh, those who were still connected to that babylonian bloodline, because as far as, like, know, that is all part of the whole. You had.

They got infiltrated because I think Queen Cleopatra is the one that gave them up. So these hyksos can infiltrate ancient Kemet, and that’s when it got transmuted over into ancient Egypt. Because people think Egypt is an african term. It’s really a greek term. Is it? Yeah. I didn’t know that. That’s interesting. Yeah, because it was called ancient Kimmet in the inception of time. During that time period, he was called ancient chemt.

Yeah, they definitely got that dagon look, don’t they, with their philistine hat? It’s crazy how they’re the same people, but they’ll change their names. You ever notice, I mean, the greek empire, it’s the same people. Then they got the Roman Empire, then it mutates into the Holy Roman Empire, but it seems to be the same bloodlines behind. You know, that’s another thing that people got to understand is that, like, you know, there is a diametrical difference between the word God and the most high.

When you see the word God in all these monotheistic contexts, and when you read the Bible, when you’re reading the Talmud and things of that nature, they’re actually talking about Enlil because the word God is actually a pagan word. Right. Because when you’re talking about the letter g, it’s also connected to Freemasonry. When you look at the letter G inside the compass in the square. The g is also a representation of the sacred geometry, because when you take the prefix of the word geo, it’s equated to the word chi.

So it’s actually the veneration of the false God taking over the whole geographical landmass of America and all these countries all over the planet. He’s basically, you know what I’m saying? Subjugated the planet with a fermented dome. When you go to the book of Genesis. So the book of Genesis in itself is the main reason why it’s basically the creation of a simulation that was facilitated by the arconic forces who are the chairman of the Bible, that’s connected.

So that’s where the spiritual cut off takes place. That’s why in Freemasonry they say that, who’s your God? It’s the supreme architect of the universe. Their universe is part of the creation of the simulation. That’s why when you look at the masonic square and the compass, it’s a representation of Jack and boas, which is the sun and the moon, which is basically two generators that operates on the fractions of light from the spiritual sun outside of the dome.

So that’s where the spiritual cut off starts to take place. Then when you go to corinthians four four, it tells you that God, their God, which is equated to Satan, depending upon what version of the Bible that you’re reading. It says that Satan blinded the minds of the people. He’s actually the God of this world. When you go to corinthians four four, yeah. Or you all the bayoth.

I mean, one is the same, right? Yes, it’s the same person, just different names, just like I told to. When you break down the tetragrammaton, right, of Yahweh, why HWH is equated to agreeable and disagreeable? Half anunnaki, half draconian. Reptilian, okay, inky, is he draconian? Everybody have the reptilian genetic. That’s why we have a mammalian cortex and a reptilian cortex. So you’re able to shape shift or whatever.

But like I was saying last night, a lot of people got to understand that shapeshifting in itself is not a spiritual ability, it’s a technology. I’m going to be breaking that down. Fascinating what you said about Earth having the firmament and that being an artificial representation, because if you look into gnostic text, that’s literally what they did. See, the Arcons can’t create nothing from their own mind but what they can do is they’re called the great mimickers.

They can mimic, right? So they can take something that already exists and hijack it and manipulate it. And that’s like, what they did to this reality. It was created organically, and then it seems like they’ve hijacked and put this AI overlay to it. And there’s also some type of. I believe this. You could see it in the astroplane clear as day. There’s some type of a net surrounding us, matter of fact, that goes into the fact because everything that inky does, Enlil basically mimics it.

So Enlil also has a son named Marduk. And Marduk put up the net of Indria that’s connected to the Leylon grid system of planet Earth. That basically is the glue and attackion energy of the firmament. He put the net of Indria over planet Earth. And the net of Indria is the draconian reptilian net for soul entrapment. So this planet that we live in on is basically being used as a energy extraction and a soul trap mechanism that’s connected to the false religious systems.

So that’s why when you look at the cube of Saturn, all religions is basically showing veneration and credence to the cube of Saturn. Because the cube in itself is a form of spiritual entrapment. It’s a soul entrapment. That’s what it’s about. They’re here to harvest souls because that’s how they have their genetical self preservation, by feeding off the energy and the frequency and the vibration of those who are connected to their other system in their.

That’s. You said something the other day. Okay, so like Saturn symbolism, right? They say Saturn’s the computer. The sun is the power supply, the moon, the communication interface, modular earth, the simulator. As far as that theory goes, the Saturn moon matrix. And you said the other day about Jesus. So you know how in Islam they walk counterclockwise around the hypercube and then in Judaism they wrap it around the arm and crown chakra? Christianity, they’re praying to a cross, which is an unfolded cube.

So is there anything there, as far as your opinion goes with why the cube is unfolded? I’ve heard many different theories. Like Jesus is the same as the neo character and he conquered the matrix. Then there’s other that it’s an allegory. Connected. Well, it is an allegory because the word Jesus is equated to the word Jesus because the word Jesus, the letter j, wasn’t invented until the 16 hundreds so when you’re talking about the word Jesus, you’re really talking about the word Jesus, which is coming from the root word of gases, and those gases are granulations and prominences, which is basically a form of ethereal energy.

So when you say the word, that’s why some people be like, well, I said the word Jesus, and it has a lot of power to it, even though it’s connected to religion, because the inception of that word is talking about an etheric force. So when you say the word Jesus, that’s why it has a lot of intuitive power to it. Right, the word. Yeah, the word. The word Jesus.

But as far as, like, the mythology and stuff like that, I really don’t really believe in it, so to speak. Yeah, I mean, hey, listen, we all got our. I tell people, too, there’s a lot of my people that do believe in Jesus. A lot of them that think Yahweh is God. I think Yahweh is y’all debayoth myself. It is. But we all have different opinions and different views, and that’s cool.

I like to share our opinions with each other so we could figure it out, because that’s what I’m trying to do. I want to know the truth, what it really is. And if you’re not able to listen to other people open mindedly, you’re never going to get there. Some people, they just want you to be in an echo chamber. So if you’re not saying what they believe, they feel uncomfortable because they’re not intellectually able to have that conversation.

You know what I’m saying? Exactly. It’s crazy. But I want to ask you something. Did you ever watch that movie Jupiter ascending, bro? I’ve seen it, but I couldn’t really focus on it because I was playing with my son. But I’ve tried to watch it, but I’ve seen a lot of stuff as far as it gave me a lot of perspective on what these grays and these particular grays and these draconian reptilians are basically all about.

Yeah. Well, check this out. So you got this abrassics family, right? And that’s Baelim. So his name is literally a breakdown of. And then their family is literally called the Abrassics family. Abrassics is, y’all. The bayoth is that demon, that demiurge, that’s their family that goes around and seeds the whole world. Like this whole multiverse, this whole universe. It seeded earth with humans, and then it comes back after earth reaches its max capacity and it harvests them.

So I’m thinking, man, was they mining gold. Some people think they were mining this oracalcum, this rare metal. But I’m thinking they was mining us humans. That’s my theory on it. And in this, I’m going to show you where it gets to this part here. And then. Paranoid. I’ll bring you on in a minute, brother. I see you in the backstage there, in here, that you’ll see the symbolism for this b, right, and the b represents the merovingian bloodline, which they try to say they’re related to Jesus and all this.

But that Florida delise. Florida delis equals six six six. Still using Gamatria, which we all know six six six might not have started out as evil. It’s a breakdown for carbon, but they’ve inverted it and attached negative energy to it. So she was going Jupiter Jones. It’s all about her, bro. And her character was going to get her eggs donated so she can make some money on it.

But she used her friend, this girl’s name, so that she wanted to not put her name out there. And the people running the reality seen that name, it had a flag on. Just like when we’re out here doing 23 andme and all this stuff. If you don’t think they don’t know who you are and your past lives and your reincarnations, based on your birth chart, it’s all out there when we do these personal decodes.

Guys, when I’m doing my decodes over on truthfultv. com links in the bio, by the way. See, the bees won’t sting her because she’s from the royal bloodline. And we all have a specific code assigned to us. That’s what she tells her right here. She said, you guys are just entering your genetic age. You all have a specific genetic code. And when that code resequences, it comes back up.

That’s reincarnation. And now, right here, she’s going into this nectar. It’s called the nectar. And it rebirths her, which is pretty much a representation for the adrenal. And I’m just going to leave that halfway said, right? You all know what I’m talking about out there. That’s what this nectar is. It takes 100 humans to make one jar of this nectar. And this is how they were able to live for, like, that girl.

She was 14,000 years old. Titus is like, 15,000 or something, or. No, he was the youngest. He’s, like, 13,000. Balem is like, 60,000 years old when Jupiter died. Because Jupiter Jones is the reincarnation of their mother. Which Balim is the one that killed their mom. Right. Because the mom was going to stop all the harvesting this stuff right here where they were taking humans off the earth and harvesting them to make this secretion.

This nectar so that they could live forever. Yeah. Bro. I mean. That’s pretty crazy right there. How much truth they showed us in that movie. If you haven’t watched that movie. Guys. You got to watch it because there’s so much truth in it. What’s really going on and that symbolism. All I’m going to tell you is look into the bee symbolism and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Also who shows credence to the bee is Beyonce behavior. She shows a lot of black and more symbolism in her music videos as well. Beyonce. The queen bee they call her. Right. Right. So there’s an esoteric connection to it because she pretty much knows what’s going on. Because Jay Z. He was actually a follower of. He was actually a. That was actually his mentor. So he knows what’s going on.

So I’m pretty sure she has an insight about the esoteric information as well. Oh. I’m sure she does too. Well. We’re going to bring on my boy paranoid american. I’m sure he’ll be able to join the conversation with us. Okay. That’s perfect. You’re muted. Yeah. Classic. That’s my classic entrance. Everyone knows me for that. I pop in on mute and I say, what’s up? Yeah. What’s good. Man? Nice to meet you.

Vito. What’s up. Man? How you doing? Good. Good. My name’s Thomas. By the way. Nice to meet you. I came across some of your videos the other day. So Tommy. He put me on. So nice to meet you. Yeah. I’m excited to talk to y’all. Man. Because when Tommy sent me the link to your site, I saw the big headed scientist right there in the corner. And it’s one of those topics that one in like a thousand people seems to have even heard about it.

Let alone know more of the details about it. So I’m interested as hell about that. What’s that all about? We talking about the big head scientists. Yeah. Mine is saying it’s like the nation of gods and earth and Yaakob and everything. Right? Yeah. It’s connected to that. But it’s also connected to the nwabian community. So when you get into the Book of Enoch it’s also talking about how you have the shimites no, the ancient semitic people.

And then you have the Hamites. So there is a diametrical difference between those two bloodlines. So the genetic splicing in itself started to take place when you’re talking about Yaakub creating the dark races, which is not equated to the ancient semitic people. So that’s where people get a lot of the translation and the mythology and everything mixed up, because they like to put one bloodline under the same bloodline when it’s not like that.

How much of that do you think is allegory versus someone actually doing gene splicing underground in ancient times? It could be allegorical, but like I said, according to Dr. Malachi York’s publications, he was saying that that was an actual thing that took place. And he was saying that it took place on the allen of Patmos in 40, 86 bc, or the allen of p line. But seems like the government has set that dude up too, bro.

If you look into what he went to jail for, and at first I wasn’t feeling him because I’ve seen what he went to jail for, but then you really look into it, he might have got set up by these people, which they love to do, don’t they? They love to set people up, man. I think the more I looked into the case or whatever, he actually was set up.

He’s the only one that, pretty much as far as coming from our community, he’s the only one that really broke down, took the time to break down these religions and everything and draw you all the way back to the edification of ufology and things of that nature. He was also a freemason, too. He studied Freemasonry. And I don’t know if it was because he went into the lodges and start putting the secrets out in the books.

I don’t know if that’s one of the reasons why they came and got him. Well, something I’ve been finding out about Freemasonry, too, that a lot of people don’t know. It seems there might be just like anything in our reality. You have duality, right? So you got negative and positive. You got light and darkness. So why did the Masons use the white and black? I believe there might be a positive side of it and a negative branch of it.

You know what I’m saying? This is just my theory through my research. At first, I totally thought it was all evil when I first started researching it, but I don’t know. I don’t know, man. It’s definitely very interesting, though. But just like anything. I believe that it has a positive and negative faction to it, but I don’t know. I would have to infiltrate it myself to really figure that one out.

Work for me. So, you know what I’m saying? I ain’t doing it. It is a lot of work. Yeah. Seems like too much work for. And plus, I don’t even think they’re the ones really running things like people think. I mean, that would be such a low level. And, like, me and you was talking about on the phone, Bidell, most of the ones that are on the lower levels, they don’t even have an idea of the true knowledge or what’s really going on.

Yeah. As I was telling, I went out, there’s a place where my dad goes. He goes out and they get fish fries, and there’s a lot of guys who are masons in there. And it was a guy. I was sitting next to one of my dad’s friends, and I covered up. He had his masonry chain on. I covered it up with my hand, and he didn’t know what I was doing.

So I was like, some people just don’t know what’s going on. So I just kind of just left it alone. But like I said, you still got some people who are part of that brotherhood just because they just looking to collaborate and network with other groups of people or whatever. But you got some people who really know the knowledge. Some people really don’t know what’s going on. They just joining something.

Just to be joining something. Right? Yeah. I mean, paranoid said a lot of it’s like an old man Elks club. Yeah, they have a group called the Society of the Elks. I broke that down. I was talking about the I forgot to leave the world behind movie because that was showing a lot of the deer and the elk symbolism in it. So it’s all connected to that somewhat.

Oh, bro, that deer symbolism. Hey, paranoid, did you get a chance to look at my deer symbolism my chef sent you? No, I got to show this to the people, man. I got to show you all something real quick. I’m going to be very careful how I talk about this, so read between the lines. Okay. This deer symbolism is deep, so we know we’ve seen it. Okay. This is truthmafia.

com, right? My boy Bidel’s over here. When I first found Bidell, he came across my YouTube channel. I never had watched him before. Then I seen some of his videos. I’m like, man, this dude is fire. So I started sharing this stuff, and then you came and commented one time in one of the comments. So I’m like, man, I’m going to put dude up on truth mafia and truthmafia.

com. It’s. It’s just a platform where some of the biggest content creators out here in the game right now came together under one banner so we can all cross promote each other, do interviews with each other. I mean, these elites, they got their little secret society and their groups. We damn sure better be supporting each other and have our own. But you can see all dell stuff over there.

Anything he puts out, I’m putting up. My boy, paranoid american, he’s over there. Donut factory archaics. Anya Soru, all kinds of people. Greg Reese, Jacob Israel, Jay. Dreamers. Shout out to Jay. He’s in the know. Just all kinds of different people for my christian followers. We got many christian people on here. I can never say my dude’s name here. Nefatali, 1981. He’s phenomenal. I’m not good at pronouncing names, but slinging stone, he’s another good one.

But let me pull mine up so I can show you this real quick. Boom. Here. Okay, so yesterday I did one on this. We’ll come back to this because, paranoid, I got to talk to you about this challenger situation before you go, but. Okay, right here. Boom. So I’m watching true detectives, right? This HBO series, and the new episode comes out, the new season, season four. So I watch it.

It’s pretty good. I had never watched season one yet, so I’m like, okay, let me go back and watch season one so I can see what’s going on here. And first thing I notice in season one is the antler symbolism. I’m like, oh, boy. Here we know. I’ve seen it in leave the world behind. I’ve seen it in Rebel Moon. It was in that movie I told you to watch, paranoid american salt burn.

But it’s tied to the Rothschilds. Yeah, that’s where I’ve seen it at the most. At those masquerade parties. Yeah, bro. It gets into some dark stuff. I did this video, guys, that I can’t play on here because obviously I’ll get taken down. But you can watch it on truthmafia. com. I’m telling you, this will be the best 20 minutes video you ever watch. It exposes it all. It’s all clips from true detectives.

And I could walk through a part real quick without playing it. Let me do this. I wanted to say, too, that the antlers is like, an extra level of this symbolism, because normally you got the two horn God. And that represents. All right, so first of all, look at this. You all, they start showing you the symbolism at five minutes and 11 seconds in. This is when they first talk about this type of ritualistic sacrifice that’s taking place.

And 511, that’s very important because what is 511? Well, if you’re using gamatria, which comes from jewish kabbalah, mysticism, 511 is Saturn, right? Slaughter, Saturn, secret messages, subliminal is all 511. And he starts talking about the yellow king and that they were taking children and women and offering them up. And he said they got a spiral tattoo on them. That is their symbol. And then when you get further along in it, you find out that the spiral tattoo is what was on the FBI’s watch list thing for these pedo lights.

That’s my code word for, you know, that’s what I call. Hey, put that on your occult decode. com for the. So YouTube doesn’t know. But let me show you this one. Oh, right there is the antler symbolism again, when he’s talking about all the children going missing. But that’s what it’s all about, guys. They’re doing these parties and these festivals and. Right here, look. Okay, here it is.

This is the part I want to show you. Hold on a second. Okay. The men on the horse and animals. Watch what he says here, guys, let me pause them. Read the words. Read the words. Kurti D. Mardi Gras. Now, they had an annual winter festival. Went heavy on the Saturnellia. You see that? Paranoid. Went heavy on the Saturnalia symbolism. Santoria and voodoo. Why am I not hearing paranoid? Are you still there? He’s on mute.

I’m not on mute. I was saying that. That. Oh, you know what I did? I’m so saying. It says Santeria, not Saturnalia. Oh, no, hold on. Watch, brother, watch. Watch, brother. Santoria and Saturnalia. Watch. He said they mashed it together. Heavy on the Saturnellia. See? Saturnellia, Santadia, voodoo. They mashed it together. And then tell me this chick up here don’t look like that Hillary girl. We ain’t going to get into that.

But it does. Then you got the spiral in the background. Damn, bro, it’s all about that. And then he gets this cop. He’s like, yo, I broke in their house. And the one guy that was suspected of doing this to the kids, he broke in the house and he got the videotape of them. And that’s how he gets this cop to understand what’s going on. Because he plays the video, and it’s them taking this little girl up there and tying her down.

And I’m going to leave it there because that’s dark. But people like that man, and that’s rampant in this reality. They love to prey on children. But I decoded this whole thing, and it gets into that what I was talking about, guys with the honey, right? With what they’re trying to harvest, like Bidell was saying, they’re harvesting that energy that’s called luch L-O-O-S-H energy. But when they’re harvesting the adrenal, which stops the telomeres in your dna from withering, which your telomeres is your wick in your dna, when that goes out, life goes out.

So that halts aging, just like they showed us in Jupiter ascending. The same symbolism, you know what I mean? We call it thrill oxide, the code name for the adrenal. That’s what we call it. Over on occult decode. I was mentioning when you were talking before, too, that the antlers is like an extra level of the whole agricultural deity, because normally you’ve got the two horn God, right? That’s the green man, that’s Balhammon, that’s all of these agricultural deities all the way you want to call Malik, even though that changes.

But the antlers is an extra level to that, because the antlers were seen not only as a two horn God, but the antlers themselves, they would break off and regrow. So the antlers, on, like, a microcosm level, also represent this cycle of death and rebirth. So having those antlers is like an extra topping on top of an agricultural cult that is still worshipping nature and worshipping sympathetic magic of spilling things into the ground so that the ground will then produce again.

And we’re talking about, and what is Saturn, agricultural deity? And also the God of the witches, bro, is nunos, and he has the antlers, too. You know what I’m saying? So that’s what CERN was named after. For everybody in the comments out there, cernunos. But these numbers are very real. They use numbers in different events. You got 911. Well, the plane hit the towers at 846. The first person that took the code red in America, Sandra Lindsay.

Her name is 846. They kneeled on George for eight minutes and 46 seconds. That’s a big one. So, see these same numbers? Because a number is assigned to a letter which holds an energetic frequency. It’s all part of magic and alchemy, what they’re doing. But I do got a question. For you, brother. Which one of these aliens are blocking out the sun? That’s what I want to know.

What is going on with the sun? Is that Nibiru they’re trying to hide up there, or what is going on? Because this sun don’t look right. Something’s going on. Well, like I said, it’s all connected to Enlil, the mythology of Inlil. When you’re talking about those chemtrails and things of that nature, it spells out ball. You got barium and aluminum. Yep, you’re right. Then you also got to understand that the great majority, just like when you go over the no fly zones in Antarctica, the no fly zone is basically tracing out the sigil of Moloch.

And the sigil of Moloch is equated to the Kazarian Tamga, and it’s also connected to the ukrainian crest. So it’s all connected to the bloodline of those who control the planet, who are doing the biding of the extraterrestrial factions, other arconic forces. When you’re talking about the cherubim or 200 fallen angels and things of that nature. So it’s basically blocking out the etheric frequencies. That’s what they’re trying to block out.

Because ether is actually the fifth element, the quintocynthal alchemical element that sparks creation and destruction. Okay, so my boy was telling me, he said, tommy, the sun is reinstating ancient consciousness, which is activating certain people’s twelve strands of angelic dna. And the whole situation they did with the, you know, what with them, things they wanted to poke us with was because that blocked certain people from their angelic dna activating.

And that just made so much sense to me. I remember when he first told me that that was when all this stuff started. And then I said it in a podcast and a lot of it started to look like it was manifesting in real life. And you get into the black goo, the programmable matter, what that really is. Go ahead, brother. No, I was agreeing with you. So you think that there’s something with that? Because this sun is not our normal sun.

Our sun used to be golden and pretty. This looks like a flashlight or a sun simulator, which I’ve seen. They launch some sun simulators over there in China. There’s a patent number on them. I shared it. Have you heard about that at all? The sun simulator? Yeah. It is the sun that we have inside. Encased inside of the firmament are actually simulators. It’s not the real sun. The real sun is outside.

Of the dome. These are just operating off fractions of light to give a certain energy to the magnetic field of the planet to basically increase the vibration of it. So, like I said, that’s where the spiritual cuts. Know, the spiritual cut off starts at. In the book of Genesis, that’s where in Lil, he slain Tiamite. When you go to the marian mythology, he slain tiamite. And that’s when he hired Marduk that put a net of Indria over the planet.

And the net of Indria is the draconian reptilian net that spiritually cuts off humans from their spiritual abilities. So this is why you’re not able to do psychometry, clairvoyance, intuition, levitation. I mean, all these are spiritual gifts that we’ve been spiritually cut off. So the creation of the simulation in the book of Genesis is what it’s talking about. It’s not the creation of the world. Wow, I heard a really good analogy for this one.

Because, Tommy, you know that blanket that you’ve got? It’s like a Faraday blanket, right? And it has, like, a little mesh of wires in it that’s supposed to block EMF and radio waves and all kinds of way. Well, that’s called a Faraday cage around me right now speaking. I know you do. So that’s called a Faraday cage, and you can just look it up. It’s named after the guy that created it, a Faraday.

But chemtrails has been described to me before, and I love this analogy as like a spiritual Faraday cage where they spray it out into the ionosphere, essentially, or out in the atmosphere, and it prevents any kind of energy being projected from the ground up and then for it to get back down. Because if you look in, aside from the barium and the aluminum, that spells out ball, and that was a good call out.

They also have versions of it they call chaff, and chaff is just little tiny shreds of fiberglass and metal and basically just like shavings of crap. But they do that, and it’s also used as, like, a radar blocker for aircraft. But if you think about the concept of a Faraday cage, they’re also creating this huge mass of Faraday cage that can exist over entire cities if they wanted it to.

So that’s just another example of a scientific, government proven version where they really are blocking signals up above, and now it’s just up to you to figure out, well, do I only believe in microwaves and x rays and things, or do I believe in other types of energy and projection. And if so, you can bet that that chaff and all of that barium and aluminum and everything they’re doing, the ionosphere, is going to affect whatever you think the energy might be possible.

That’s correct. Wow. Yeah. That’s kind of crazy, man. And the other day, did you guys notice the snow changed? Like, the snow ain’t snowflakes no more. Go outside and look. When it’s snowing, they look like little long slivers now, like little sticks. I’ve been peeping it. Yeah, they look like sticks. And when you wipe them off the window of your car, the snow, it has an oily residue behind.

It leaves, like, a rainbow. Look, I don’t know what they’re putting in that snow, man, but I did go and look, and I found nano snow online with a patent, so who knows? Who freaking knows what. You know, the new snow, you might be protected from the next wave of whatever’s coming out. Like, once that snow hits you, you already got it. You’re good. Yeah. Especially lately, they’ve been spraying heavy metals in the atmosphere.

When you have that, there’s a lot of fogging going on. So a lot of people, like, the past week has been feeling very lethargic and sleepy and headaches and things of that nature. So the weaponization of the weather right now is to block out these coronal mass ejections, because we just had a whole bunch of solar flares hit the planet, like, a few days ago. So they trying to block out these somatic frequencies that’s coming to the planet for the spiritual upgrades.

Yeah, it’s bizarre what’s going on out there. Now back to these anunnakis. Enlil, what did he get in trouble for, brother? What was he casted out for? Because he had the tablets of the tablets of destiny. The tablets of destiny is basically your personification of a scroll of all that’s connected to the Akashic records. And the Akashic records is acclimated to the epigenetics of who we are on the planet.

So that’s when tarnish, when you go to Dr. York’s publication of the holy tablets. Tarnish befriended Enlil, and that’s when he used the tablets of destiny for malevolent purposes or whatever. So that’s basically talking about the spiritual entrapment of us being encased inside of a dome to where you’re not able to activate your Akashic records, to tap into the epigenetics of who we are, to remember certain past lives that’s why we’re not able to tap into that energy.

It’s the spiritual cut off. So that’s what they’re. How much of this is, like, harvesting loosh versus just preventing people from being able to fight back by keeping them neutered? Is it either the loose energy, you know about loose, right, Biddell? Yeah, I know about, like. It’s an energy. Yeah, yeah. The lower vibrational. And part of that goes into that whole adrenal. While they’re doing that and harvesting that in the physical to stop them from aging.

Whatever entities they’re working with is feeding on that in the lower astral plane or the ace sphere, they’re feeding on that loose energy. They do it by way of technological devices, because this is why they want to create a cyber dictatorship under a totalitarian society. So as far as, like, all technological devices and everything connected to artificial intelligence is really working for the arconic forces behind the scenes, because the great majority of our technological devices, it extracts neurons from the body and it uploads it into a neuromorphic cyber cloud.

So that’s why, as far as, like, artificial intelligence, it’s basically comprised of a harmonic convergence of humans on the planet. That’s why it pretty much knows everything, because it’s taking neurons and extracting everything. It’s an energy extraction. That’s what it is. Wow, that’s great. And, guys, make sure you smash that, like, button. We got 1460 people in this live right now. Hit that, like, button. Hit them likes.

You can’t just hit it. You got to smash it. So I was talking more about when Enlil created them. Did you see this, too? Before I get into Enlil, when they were saying that was Gilgamesh that they discovered, did you ever see that? Yeah, I’ve seen this before. I’ve seen this a few times because I thought it was just a psyop. Probably was. Who knows? They put out so many psyops.

That dude looks like a wax figure from Vegas, right? Hey, look, if he is real, they sure preserved him, didn’t they? Right? But I don’t know, man. That came out a long time ago. Like, back in, before the YouTube was even what it was. It was on the Internet. And they were trying to say. Even BBC shared that in a video back in the day. I have the raw video of it, and they were trying to say that it was from where they found the tomb of Gilgamesh.

But BBC won to lie as well. They told us tower seven was still standing when it wasn’t so, I mean, I don’t know. You know what I’m saying? You never know what to believe when they’re telling you something. But Enlil, didn’t he get in trouble for making the pre adamite humans or something? Yep. On Planet Mars, I believe, is that’s one of the reasons why that Anu casting him out.

Are they the blood of Cain? Yes, the blood of Cain. So who would be some families that fall into this as far as, like, you’re talking about, like, modern day families right now. Yeah, like some that people might know about. Like Rockefellers, Rob Schowd’s, them demons, the Orsini’s, everybody. The great majority of the popes, the Vatican, popes of Rome. What else? Oh, I could name something for you.

I want to be careful because these are all sponsors of my show that we’ve listed so far, guys. Medici’s cologne, that’s Christopher Columbus’s homeboy. That’s his family. Medici’s cologne. Then you got some powerhouses that we never really hear of, though. Like everybody, the merovingians people, they know who that is. That’s supposed to be the 13th family. And what are some of them phoenician families? Paranoid. Well, you mean venetian families, like the black nobility is a huge component of that, too.

But I always wore them mass, too. Them crazy looking, the. Yeah, it’s in Venice. That’s a wild spot. But also the phoenician families, I think, is even more interesting because those are the ones that really did able to stay underground or keep their names out of everything, because that was just this slow migration of turning from mercantile class into these agricultural classes and the way that they would spread.

That’s how all of this two horn God and all these cults and everything, I think, got passed. I think it was more on that than the black nobility. I think the black nobility class, they got alchemy and they got the financial system and just the intelligence operations down to a science that’s kind of like one that comes up a lot, too, is like the Bavarian Illuminati. But the Bavarian Illuminati, they’re like, in my mind, the most extreme angle where they’ve distilled all the ways that they can manipulate the mind, like here on this space.

But deep down, Adam Weisop and all the higher ups in the very Illuminati, they were just atheists. If you believed in God, or if you believed in spirit at all, they kind of were laughing at you behind your back and you weren’t making it to their super secret club at the very top, where they just make fun of everybody. You know what I mean? But that same exact thing, I think in the black nobility, it’s almost like, take what the bavarian illuminati perfected, but now also believe, and we believe in magic, and we believe in sympathetic magic and black masses and all of this.

And I think that’s the most interesting thread, because I think from there, that black nobility that’s got the mercantileism of the Phoenicians and the religion of the Phoenicians and the Canaanites, all of that keeps and stays to this day. And that’s where you see all of the Marina Abramovich rituals, where they got the cake that looks like people, and all the politicians and the artists are there. To me, that’s looking at exactly what black mobility was doing.

The same thing as that surreal dinner ball that happened at the Rothschild mansion with Salvador Dali and a bunch of people. It was an annual thing. They’ve got pictures from, like, one of them or maybe two of them, but that happened every single year. Yeah, how about that dude that. Y’all ever see that black model? They. They cut his organs out, bro. His name was Ryan Singleton. And when I first started podcasting, I was doing a podcast on this girl that went to this hotel out in Chicago, Konika Jenkins, at the about.

Remember that? So her organs supposedly got taken at this Crown Plaza hotel, right? So I was going down that rabbit hole, and then I run into Ryan Singleton’s brother, who was a youtuber at the time. It was kind of crazy. And his brother had already did videos talking about his brother that went out to California to do modeling, and he ends up hanging around these people, and he’s dating some gay gentleman.

And the next thing you know, after he starts dating this dude and going to these parties, he turns up out by. I don’t want to say the wrong place, but out by Vegas somewhere, and everything’s gone, dude. They literally took out his heart. And the last time he was ever seen was in a picture with Abrima Brahmovich. They had him butt naked, painted up like an indian or something, taking pictures of him in the woods.

It was so bizarre. Yeah, I remember that. You remember that? That guy? He’s the one that went missing, dude, and everything’s gone. They just gutted him. Some cops found him. Some off duty cops or something. That was the story. Anyways, what season of true detective are we talking about? It does sound like true detective, right? It sounds like it’s straight out of season one, man. It does. Dude, it does sound like true detective.

That’s real, bro. That’s all babylonian blood magic. They’re doing stuff like this, and look at. What are they called over there from Carthage? Paranoid Carthaginians. Yeah, the Carthaginians who were the Phoenicians, weren’t the Phoenicians the. I mean, long stories, like canaanite, sumerian. They all mash together, and they go to Tatare and to Canaan, and from there they get onto the sea, and from there they become Phoenicians, where the Greeks called them the Phoenicians, once they hit the sea, and then they go and they take over Sicily at some point.

They go to the iberian peninsula at one point, but then they also found Carthage, which is at the northern tip of Africa, modern day Tunisia. And they own that entire area. And from there, I think it just spreads out and it changes into so many different names and cultures that people just assume that the Phoenicians just disappeared. But really they just turned into everybody else. Yeah. Then Carthage was.

That was where Hannibal was from. Hannibal, he’s the one that took them elephants over the alps and went to war with Rome for like, 25 years. That’s why they say us Sicilians are much darker, because Hannibal was a melanated person and they had, like, an outpost on Sicily. And they did some type of dna test down there, and they said a high percentage, like in the 70 percentile of Sicilians, have his lineage in them.

So he must have been doing a whole lot of breeding when he was down there. They say Jeffrey Dahmer is a part of that bloodline as well, because the canaanite bloodline. Oh, I bet he is that psycho. All the way back to Count Dracula, bro. Did you ever watch that Dahmer series? Yeah, it gave me nightmares, man. I did a decode on it, bro. It was so scary.

His neighbor, that lady, that old lady, if I was her, I would have went up in there. I’m not going to sit there and smell that all night. And she’s hearing them drill into people’s heads making barbecue. Man, that is so nuts. And to think that he had 15 bodies in there, bro. Have you seen that breakdown where I connected that all to the Rockefeller family? Multiple direct connections to the Rockefellers.

No. Break it down for us. Let us know. The two big ones, which is the most interesting one is there’s that sculpture that the podestas had in their house. It’s like this gold. It’s called the arch of anxiety. You’re talking about the one that that girl, Billie Eilish does it in her music video. She does. So it’s like a headless figure. It’s made out of gold, and it’s like someone’s crumpled up backwards.

Right. And that’s the exact same pose that Jeffrey Dahmer left a lot of his victims in. And no one would have known that. What’s that? He did have somebody. The black guy. He did that, too? Yeah, he did it to a few of them. And you can actually find that exact pose that goes back into old medieval books where they were investigating things like possession, things like dementia, things that related to thrill.

Oxide won’t say the name on here, but somehow he’s fascinated with this exact pose. And so is this lady that. I can’t remember her name. It’ll make more sense in a second, but. Luis. That’s it. Yep. That artist, Luis Bourgeois. Yeah, bourgeois. She did all the archon spider designs around. Yeah, she did the spiders that you saw in New York City and all these big. But she also did all of these different versions of this Dahmer pose.

And hers comes before any of the Dahmer footage gets out. So either it’s just an absolute coincidence, or she might have had some inside knowledge. And what makes this extra interesting and linked to the Rockefellers is that Luis Bourgeois. Then I’ll let you decide if this is just a coincidence or if this is something deeper. Her husband runs. He ran the wing of the modern museum of metropolitan Art, I believe.

And he runs the wing that’s dedicated to african tribes and Papua New guinea and things like this. So he has this collection that specializes in cannibalism. And Michael Rockefeller is the one that goes to study with the cannibals in Papua New guinea and ends up disappearing. And the context is that he probably got eaten by the cannibals because he was trying to go there and get their culture and put it into museums and earn a phd.

Through this big process, he disappears. So they dedicate this wing to cannibalism in the National Museum in New York, and that this is owned by the wife or the husband of the wife that makes the cannibal artwork that was based on Dahmer’s. Like, I don’t know what the coincidence is here, that a cannibal uses the same pose that the artist makes, and then the artist’s husband runs the cannibal wing of the same place where the Rockefeller’s child ended up disappearing.

I think that all of this might be related. Oh, it is all related. You know, remember they said that Jeffrey was really part of a cult, but they try to cover that up, that he was really part of a freaking cult that was involved in doing these type of ritualistic sacrifices. It wasn’t just him doing it on his own, dude, but they don’t put that in the movie or the series.

I heard, too, that he was in the area whenever the unsolved mysteries, dude, his kid went missing. Was it John Walsh or something? When his kid went missing? He went missing at a mall that was in the same area that Jeffrey Dahmer was at. That’s another just interesting thread to pull at. They said he would make his victims to watch. What was that called? It was exorcist three, right? Yeah, man.

So you know there’s some type of demonic thing going on there, right? But that’s that whole bloodline, bro. That’s what they’re into, man. When you stare into the abyss, bro, it stares back. You can’t play with that type of stuff because it’s going to come back at you. And before you got to go, my brother, because I see we got like 15 minutes left with you, right? I wanted you to touch on before you got to go, and then we definitely got to have you back again.

Bidel, you’ve been my favorite in a long time, brother. What is going on with this war over there? That’s part of the anunnaki war. And who’s the factions in that in Israel and Palestine? Could you break that down for us, brother? No, really, what’s taking place over there is really the great majority of those Canaanites or whatever, they don’t really have a homeland because they come from the seed of Nad.

So Nad is equated to the saturnian energy, which is showing credence to invineration to their God Enlil. So that’s why the great majority know babylonian culture and things of that nature is really based on sacrifice. But as far as what’s taking place over there is really a psyop from my perspective, as far as trying to infiltrate landmassers, and it’s also the end of a corporation because you had the Balfour Declaration expired on October 31, and then you had the great majority of all these things.

As far as the Federal reserve system, all these things filed chapter eleven. So it’s the end. You have the apex of a system, it’s the end of a cycle. So everything is pretty much phasing out. They said then people was paragliding in on damn parachutes. But then I found that video was a year old, and it was from freaking on the BBC. They wouldn’t lie to us. Oh, no, of course not.

Those are the same people that told us them people were getting beheaded. And then we found out that that was all made up. Remember? What you’re saying is a little concerning, too bidel like I haven’t heard this. The expiration of the Balfour Declaration, in particular concerns me. Just because in order to get to the Balfour declaration, they had to do World War I and they had to do World War II.

And the culmination of those two world wars is essentially what finally gave the Z’s therein to actually make that Balfour declaration possible and turn it into world law, essentially. So if that expires, if they have to re up, that they have to go and replug whatever that is, it doesn’t seem like it’s an easy process. It’s like a ww three, ww four kind of situation. Thank you for not saying that full Z word.

Shout out to Zion. You know what I’m saying? Yeah, but no, you might be right. Paranoid. We might have to go through a world war three type event because of that. That we came to the end of. I mean, that was the serbian black hand that started all of that, the one that took out Franz Ferdinand. That basically starts World War I and then leads into World War I.

Mean, that if you want to talk about black nobility, man, that’s one of the direct connections. That seems like if you want to pull a thread, if you find out whoever was funding and orchestrating the black hand, probably the black nobility. That’s right. In the freaking name. And then that goes into, as far as, when you talking about the baffle declaration, everything according to the 1813 Apocrypha, it tells you about the expiration date of a corporation.

It doesn’t say that verbatim, but it tells you that the year of 2024 is the year 6000. So the 6000 years, they got the power and the dominance from the evil reptilian. According to Els Holy and Jill revelation 17, it says the evil reptilian gave power to the beast, and the beast is basically the symbology of the Canaanite. So the 2024 6000 year curse over the planet has basically ran out.

So that’s why you see in all these psychological operations, you got Project Blue beam in a running, then you got the civil war, then you got stuff going over, and you got Hamas and all these things, you have to end up a system so they got to create some type of false flag or black swan event to basically extend their timeline. Basically, yeah. Plus, Pluto is about to enter Aquarius.

No, it already did. No, but it’s going to go out and then come back in. But it’s going to stay in Aquarius November 19 all the way to 2043. That’s the big event. That’s where. Because remember, guys, when Pluto returned happened, that was 1776. That was the birth of America. Now, boom, it comes back during this whole fall of America as they’re trying to destroy it and flip us to a digital currency.

Right. And Pluto has an effect on the whole financial system. I mean, there’s so many empires that have collapsed during Pluto’s return. It’s connected to the empire. And so I think that’ll be really big, bro. You think Pluto is going to be mad that they unplanted him and then they planted him again? Right. Isn’t the Pluto the one that they took away for, like, a decade? He’s the God of death, Pluto.

I feel like when he comes back, he’s going to be like, who was the one that did that? You go first. Yeah, yeah. You get to go. But. But some people be like, oh, it’s all flat Earth, so the planets ain’t real. But I tell them, look, man, it’s like sigil magic, dude. You don’t have to believe in the planets. The elite still. And regardless if you believe we live on a flat earth or not, think of it as a sigil that they’re putting energy into, so it has an effect on us.

Right. Although my personal opinion with that is I think they’re dimensions myself, what they say the different planets are. I think there are other dimensions throughout this multiverse that we’re in now with inky, that was, if I’m not mistaken, right? Inky, I thought he maybe was the symbology of Enlil, because when you go to the sumerian hieroglyphics, they show Enlil holding the trident. Yeah, but Enlil would be Jupiter and Zeus with the eagle, I would think.

Okay. Because he could have still had a trident. There’s many gods with a trident. Okay. They show different ones. Yeah. The trident is a symbol of power. We had the trident on the side of 911 flight, malaysian flight 357 that went missing. It had it on the tail. There are nuclear programs, the trident program, and also the trident. It’s Shiva in front of CErn. Shiva has the trident that destroyed the three worlds.

But I don’t know. I could be wrong. I just always thought Enki was Poseidon, the serpent, and then Enlil was the. You know, but what do I know wrong on that? I think it’d be all the things, because I heard Enki as Prometheus, too, because Enki is the one that gave knowledge to humanity, which is the classic tale. That’s Prometheus, that’s Lucifer. That’s a whole slew. Hermes, Mercury, all of them.

Yeah, because I heard the same thing. Or Elkhadir, Melchizedek, Zahuti, tahuti, thoth. I all equate that mythology to inky because he was the one. He was a bringer. He was a provider of wisdom. And in little Zootie tahooti. I never heard of that one. Yeah, that’s ancient Chemti. I got to look into him. Yeah, it’s the same deity, it’s the same thoth. It’s the same person, just different mythology.

Yeah, man, that’s so cool, bro. He was also named the administrator, and that’s another nomenclature title for Satan. Satan would be an administrator, wouldn’t he? Yeah. And we were talking in the beginning, his name was, according to Enoch, his name was Gadriel or something like Gadriel. That’s crazy. I interviewed this girl, and she was into demonology, and she read every bible on this planet. This was back when I still had columnati media back in the day.

And she told know people call Saint Lucifer. His real name biblically is Gadriel. And then when you said that to me, I was like, damn, I ain’t heard that in forever. But they say that was his real, um. But that’s Enlil, right? Yeah, that’s Enlil because the word God is even pagan, because God comes from the word gad, and Gad is an anagram for the word dag, which is dagon.

It’s the same instance. Dag also means son, too, which is that we know they’re definitely worshiping that in the catholic church, that’s for sure. Shout out to all the Catholics out there. We still love you, though. But Bdell, catholic, too, man, I fit in all those buckets. Yeah, we know you do. You’re catholic. Whatever. Right, Bdell? We know you got to go to work. Right, brother? Yes, sir.

So I’m going to let you go. I really appreciate you coming on here and rocking out with us to all Bdel’s followers, thank you guys so much for coming and checking us out. We’re going to do a lot more videos here in the future, and me and paranoid are going to stick around for a minute because we got to go over a few things about this little psyop that took place called the challenger.

So I’m going to get into that a little bit. Yeah, it was definitely nice meeting you. We’ll do this again, brother. Let’s schedule something when you’re off one of these days so we could do a nice long one. Okay, man. Just let me know what’s going on and let me know the topic and we can dig deep and we can bring about this edification to the masses. And it was nice chopping it up with you paranoid America.

Nice. Likewise, man. Talk again soon. Yeah, just let me know what’s up and we can touch in on any topic. Okay? Yeah. Guys, all Bdell’s links are down in the description. Go follow him on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. Go show him some know he’s part of the truth mafia. I put all of his links at the top, so go check him out, man. I appreciate you guys. Thank you.

All right, brother. Thank you, man. Peace, peace. Peace out. All right, brother. Yesterday was the 30 eigth anniversary of the challenger, right? Yeah. Happy anniversary, challenger. Yeah, happy anniversary, challenger. I’m pretty sure they’re all still alive. I found them all and we’re going to go over this, guys. I found them all still living. So it’s the 30 eigth year anniversary too, which is going to be epic. If you guys know numerology, something crazy is probably going to happen.

Now, before we get into that, if anyone wants to get a personal decode and find out if you’re one of these first player characters within this simulation we call life or one of these non player characters, that link is down below. I do decodes on people where we go over your life path number, your birth cards, your destiny cards. We get into your gamatria. Everyone has a specific code assigned to their name.

So we go over all that and that link is down below with all my other links now. Paranoid. Do you know much about the challenger? I do. In fact, I remember growing up it being a big deal. And I’ve been to Kennedy Space center quite a few times because I’m here in central Florida and they’ve got a whole exhibit there for the challenger where you can go and see all the knickknacks that everyone brought with them and you see the dude that’s like the kung fu guy.

And it’s interesting. And I want to just lead with. Usually when you bring up some of these theories, I’m usually the one that’s like the ultimate skeptic. I’m like, I don’t believe any of that. And I kind of poo poo on it. This one, man. This one’s got me. I actually believe this one. I think that there’s a really good chance that maybe these people are alive and they look too much like the original people.

But this will be world shattering, right? If this were true and these were all the real people that were from the challenger, the only other option is that maybe they just look like these people, but, damn, they look so close and don’t even. Some of them still go by the same names. Yeah, dude. And then the crazy part is they try to say, like, a couple of them try to say they got a twin brother, but this dude, he never had no twin brother.

Okay, dude, you’re an astronaut. Like, you’re not going to name that. You got a brother, but when you’re an astronaut, you’re the only child. And now you got a twin brother after you’re dead. How did that happen? Right? I’m in on this one, man. I actually think that this one’s got. That’s amazing because you’re usually not in. I know, man. I’m telling you. This one I’m all in on.

So we’ll go over my dates that I think they’re going to pull some false flags. I don’t get one thing, though. Why not just take these people out? Like, why let them exist? Because I think it’s part of, like a mockery ritual, bro, where they kill the character off on the world stage. They want to see how many people are aware and how many people are awake because they’re dumbing us down with the chemtrails and all this stuff.

So most of these people, they could get away with anything. You know what I’m saying? But I think it’s part of a mockery ritual where they kill the character on the world stage, but then they’re reborn under a new character. That’s my opinion with it. So we got Francis Richard Scooby, commander of the Challenger Space shuttle. And now there’s a same name, guys. Same exact name. CEO of marketing firm in Chicago.

And you want to see the logo on this marketing firm? Look at their website. It has the. That’s their website, bro. I mean, it’s a cow with a rocket spinning around, kind of like what the challenger did. And I got his LinkedIn down here so you guys can. And it’s got that true detective look to it. It does, bro. This is so crazy. And it’s got the triple six in.

Yeah. Yeah, it is in there, ain’t there? It’s so bizarre, man. This one, really. This is the Michael J. Smith, the challenger pilot. And now you have a professor who is Michael J. Smith. He’s got the same freaking nose and everything. Look at that thing at the end of his nose. That really is what. That’s what I’m saying, bro. They don’t care because you would think at least get some plastic surgery or something, right? Do we get any of these people on? Oh, I would love to.

We should try. I mean, even just be like, hey, here’s your chance to dispel all the rumors that you look exactly like this guy in the challenger and you have the exact same name. Why don’t we try that? We should reach out to him. Dude, me and you say, hey, listen, we’re doing a video, and we’ll be fair. We’ll give you an opportunity to explain why this person is not you.

I think we should totally do that. So it looks like cows and trees doesn’t exist anymore. But I was going to suggest, like, hey, just reach out and be like, hey, I’ve got a branding project. I’m trying to brand this new thing called the Challenger conspiracy. Can you help me out with it? Can I hire your company? Oh, the cows and trees websites? Not. Well, I’m looking. It says cows and trees.

A former Chicago based branding company headed by Scoby. Yeah, yeah. So it collapsed or something. Who knows? What did it say happened to it? I’m just looking at someone, basically pointing out the same thing that you’re pointing out. Like, hey, look at how familiar these guys are. Yeah, but it was definitely a real thing. 100%. And that is definitely their logo. Yeah, it probably ain’t around anymore, but these people go through companies like they go through freaking.

So, uh, then we have this gentleman, Ronald McNair. Who is that? Well, he says this is his brother, Carl McNair. I don’t know what a coincidence that there were so many identical twins on the know. Like, what, they all have twins now to me. That’s crazy, bro. Yeah. Was this, like, a german experiment? And this guy’s got a twin, too. Claudia is his twin’s name. Ellison. I can’t say his name.

I’ll butcher that. But he has a twin, too. That one’s harder for me to tell. Well, yeah, me, too. It’s hard for me. I can’t tell either. This one, she really looks like her to me. I would say she does a lot. She was the first jewish woman ever on the space mission. Sharon McOlfee. Huh? The last two probably. Why? Is there any more? Look how many jewish women have been on a space thing.

Look that up for me. Jewish women have been in space? Yeah. And here’s all their ancestry. com things too. So you guys can come over here and read this whole article and take a gander and let me know what you guys think. Now let’s cover the fun part. So major events, right? So I’m like, okay, the challenger blows up. I wonder how long from the Challenger until 911 happens.

Well guess what it is. 187 months. That’s how long. 187 months from the time the Challenger blows up until the towers collapse. Interesting. And challenger and twin tower equals 1116 like 1000 points of light, which that was in George Bush’s inauguration speech. That’s a sick picture right there by the way. Oh, you like that? I created that. Yeah, the challenger and the twin towers. That’s awesome, man. Yeah, I’m turning into an artist, bro.

You know, I’m like an artist. So check this out. In Trigonometron Kabbalah the Challenger shuttle equals 187. So it was 187 months between these two events from the Challenger until 911. And then using trigonometron Kabbalah, boom. What do you get? One eight seven. Which it matches with 137 spelled out. Well we all know 137 is the 33rd prime number. Which false flag is 33. Cast a spell is 33.

You take the 47 by 90 deg masonic compass. Add it up. What is it? 137. So it’s a number we see over and over again with these false flag type events. I’m not buying it, dude. And if you watch the original video it is so suspect, bro. So they said that it broke off. And look at this one. I made paranoid. 38 year anniversary of the Challenger mission.

That one’s pretty hard, right? There’s two earths. There’s like a fake holographic earth outside the other. That’s. Yeah, that’s not supposed to be Earth. But I told it to make Jupiter there. But that’s what it made for me. So you like this one though? How I got the star? That star? Yeah, it was hard to get it to do that, dude. We still got to get together and do a little session, man because I think I can unlock the next level for AI and you.

So that if you ever come up with something and it’s like, oh I like it. Except that one part, it’s real easy to fix that one part. Oh, like today you did fix that one part. For me, that was this part, guys. Let me see if I got it in here. Paranoid fixed it for me right here. It was, like, what I was going to do for mine to be Dell’s thumbnail, but it had an extra eye in it when I created it with AI.

So it said truth mafia with two eyes. And how’d you get that out of there? That one I just open in Photoshop. Yeah, but it looks like you shortened that, too. Yeah, it said the truth mafia. And then it also had, like, a weird little symbol that was breaking it up. But I don’t think it’s thetruthmafia. com. It’s truthmafia. com. It is truthmafia. com. So that’s hard now.

I took that out. Yeah, I like that one. That one looks pretty freaking good right there. All right. And I did this one, too, bro. Let me show you this one. Are they doing, like, surgery on a reptilian Statue of Liberty? No. You know why I did this? Because I was. Okay, let me tell you about this story, man. I was doing a podcast while I was doing my upload video, and I was listening to this video that Greg Reese did, and he was talking about.

In his video, he was talking about how, well, he showed a clip of how this girl, she was over at Epstein’s island and down on the island, she said that she woke up on a table and they were experimenting on her. But Epstein shapeshifted into a freaking reptilian or something. Here, let me play the clip, because I’m not doing it justice. I’ll play y’all the clip real quick.

Did you hear I almost died, bro, tonight? No. A couple of days ago, I got bit by a freaking brown latoo spider, bro. And I’m in Ohio, so I don’t even know how the hell a brown latoo spider was up here. I’ve heard that those are described as, like, a bullet wound. It hurts so bad. It felt like a beast thing to me, but a very hard one.

But it was terrible, man. And I’m laying in bed watching a movie, and then it bit me, and I smacked it. So I did kill it, and I had it, thank God, so I could show them. But I just go to sleep. I don’t think nothing of it, right? I’m like some kind of spider that bit me. So I brushed it off my leg and went to sleep.

And when I wake up in the morning, my leg is swollen up like a freaking balloon. And then by the next day, I still don’t go to the hospital because I’m scared of doctors. By the next day, it ate a hole in my leg. Damn, man. Bro, I’ll show you a picture, bro. I got holes. Please don’t. I trust you. I believe you. Oh, it’s so bad, bro.

It looks like I went through a zombie apocalypse. What’s the recovery time on this? I don’t know, but it turned to MrSA, so it’s not looking good. I’m on heavy antibiotics, bro. Damn, man. Dude, I will send you a picture. You’ll be shocked when you see it. You’ll be like, holy cow, Tommy. It looks so bad when my mom seen it because I wouldn’t go to the hospital and she said she flipped on me, dude.

Flipped out on me. If you don’t go to the hospital, I’m never talking to you again. So I end up going because you don’t want your mom to not talk to you anymore. I mean, there’s some exceptions, and I think getting bit by a Brown recluse spider can be one of those exceptions. I’m just scared of doctors, dude. It freaks me out. Let me present my screen so I can show you all this clip real quick.

And make sure you guys go over to paranoidamerican. com, too. Check out some of his stuff. I’ll plug your website before we go too, brother. And then I got to add your. I think I got to maybe re add your links after this. I don’t know if I did, but I’ll make sure I do. Let me see here. Okay, this is the video. I turned the audio on, so I’m going to skip past the first part.

Oh, man, I hate when it does this. Hold on. What are they pouring crown Royal into a car? They put commercials on your video on Rumble and don’t pay you for them. Like, bro, how are you going to put a commercial on my video and not throw me some dough for it? At least they’re giving you, like, toilet ads, too. Let me get this part. Okay, so he was talking about the underground tunnels.

We’re going to skip that part because everybody’s already heard about that. So let me get past the human trafficking, too, so we don’t get flagged right about here. This is where it gets good. Okay. Oh, yeah. Phil Schneider, you don’t have any audio coming through, by the way. What did you say? I said you don’t have any audio coming through. Oh, it’s not. The audio is not working.

Are you kidding me? Did I put it on? Hold on. Stop screen share thanks for letting me know that. Yeah, that talk by Phil Schneider is a great one. There’s a few of Phil Schneider online. He’s the one that really, I think is the first time I ever heard a deep underground military bases was all through Phil Schneider, bro. And Phil Schneider, they hung him. You know that? Yeah, he got taken out.

He was made an example of for sure, bro. They really killed that poor dude, man. I seen the pay. His face was purple. But I did see a video of Phil Snyder shapeshifting before. He kind of looks like he’s throwing it right here, don’t he? Well, that’s wild, because Dell said that that’s not an ability, that’s technology. So that means that someone else might be able to shape shift you even if you don’t want to.

Someone could just point like a shapeshift array at you and now you’re shapeshift. I didn’t think about it like, mean, if it’s technology, then that means it can be applied to anybody. Yeah, we got to get into what Bdell. I told you he was super cool, man. I talked to him on the phone for like 2 hours. And man, his knowledge, he’s got a lot of knowledge when it comes to all this.

And of course, you can tell when someone’s making it up as they go. But you could tell that he’s got a huge library of information in he. It’s. It’s from a lot of Malachi York’s teachings and different teachings that he’s acquired over the years. I know where he’s got some of it and he’s honest with that. But, like, paranoid. All of us just have our theories right. I would never come on here and tell someone my theory is 100% right because it’s just my theory through my research and my decouple.

But one thing I will say, I’m 100% right on, at least I think I am, is that we’re in a simulation because the numbers don’t lie with that. But that’s the only thing I would say. And in a simulation, it could be a mixture of both. I like Bidell’s explanation on how they created the firmament, but on the outside of it is the real world. That’s a cool theory.

You know what I mean? I was just looking through a book today. Earlier I was doing a live where I just go through all my old books. And today in particular I went through a bunch of old masonic books and old masonic magazine articles and newsletters. And there was one of them that showed an illustration where it came from the 1730s, and it was basically this gigantic room.

It was like the size of a neighborhood, but you would go inside of there and they had the entire sky and the moon and all the stars as like these little pinholes in this huge dome. And the whole concept is that you could simulate the entire night and day sky if you were able to control everything that was in the ceiling of this big dome room. And this is like 1738, if anyone put their mind to that for 300 years, with all the resources that you could amass, it seems like a very plausible endeavor for someone to try and test out.

Yeah. Especially a super advanced race, humanoid. Whatever you think they are, everybody has their different opinions. Some people believe they’re from inner earth and they’re super advanced humans, and they’re the ones doing these global cataclysms. That’s another thing I wanted to get in to with Bdel, but I’m going to wait to bring him back on so I can get my boy j dreams on here. Yeah, I was going to say that’s got to be jdreamers.

Jdreamers. com. Check out jdreamers. com is YouTube. Jdreamers with the z. And he had to handle some personal business today, but I would love to get them two talking about the plasma apocalypse. And Vdell did some work on the blue, and then we definitely got to get him on with Ani. But let’s tell me if you can hear this now. Bases went on a tour. Can you hear it? Yeah, we’re good.

Okay, let’s let it go. Giving lectures and blowing the whistle on what he witnessed. He claimed there were 129 deep underground bases in America alone, all of which were the size of a small city. He found that some of these underground bases were connecting to ancient underground tunnels and cave networks that were inhabited by a non human species, which he ran into while building an underground base beneath Dulce, New Mexico.

Schneider said that the Dulce area was a hub of underground bases, all connected by a high speed underground rail system. Less than a year after blowing the whistle, Schneider died under suspicious circumstances. Dulce, New Mexico is 170 km from the four corners, an area known for the skinwalkers, who the Hopi tribe describe as a nonhuman species that live underground. Dulce is 260 km from Scientology’s heavily guarded underground Trementina base, and Dulce is 200 km from Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro ranch, which is known to have an 8000 square foot underground level and is rumored to lead even deeper underground.

According to several prominent scientists, who Jeffrey Epstein had as guests. Epstein hoped to seed the human race after a cataclysm by impregnating 20 women at a time at the Zoro ranch. According to researcher Christopher John Bejirkness, the goal of breeding jewish seed lines with gentile women is the fulfillment of kabbalistic legends of Samael and Lilith. According to Bejerknus, the kabbalistic teachings include a geocentric model of the Earth, with an underworld that extends seven levels beneath the surface, where a reptilian species lives.

These legends foretell a cleansing of the earth, when everyone on the surface will perish and only those in the underworld will survive. High level freemasons allegedly believe in a hollow earth, where a non human species rule from an underworld called Agartha, and their most guarded secrets seem to revolve around a cyclical, cataclysmic event. Phil Schneider also built submarine bases and said that most were connected to the vast network of deep underground bases.

Ghislaine Maxwell had a submarine license and was known to transport people to Epstein island through an underwater submarine port. The US military built a submarine base on St. Thomas island, which is just 13 km from Epstein island. And right next to this submarine base is water island. Now, you could tell my boy Greg Reese listened to mine and Ani’s video, because Ani talked about the seven layers of heaven and hell, and he was mentioning it connecting water island and all that.

What, we did it two weeks before this video came out, owned by Joe Biden’s brother and their business associate. In a recent interview on iconic Juliet Bryant, who was kidnapped by Jeffrey Epstein for two years, said that she never witnessed any of the dozens of girls there being trafficked to any men other than Epstein. But she did wake up once, paralyzed, on a lab table, and witnessed Epstein shapeshift into something.

Know? And I still want to know why exactly I was taken there, because there’s a lot more weird stuff going on. Know. I didn’t see any girls getting trafficked to other men. So there’s something else that they were doing that’s fascinating in itself. And we have a lot of talk, and this doesn’t get spoken about that much, but it’s the kind of cloning dna part that he was obviously transhumanism that he was interested in.

Did that come up anywhere? Did you see any science? Obviously there’s scientists. I’m just going to put it out there right now. I woke up in a laboratory there one night. Wow. These are the things I haven’t wanted to talk about, because it’s frightening. But there were scientists know, and I woke up one night in a laboratory, paralyzed and naked on a table. I would like to be lie detected on know.

There are other weird things that I saw. I saw Epstein shift in front of my eyes. It was very, very frightening. And it’s something that I had to explain to myself because I saw him turn into something Greg Reese. So you know what I’m saying? That’s why I created that image. It was inspired by that video right there, dude. That’s why I’ve never heard or seen that before.

I’m going to that video right there. I don’t think anyone’s seen it yet. And that’s why I had to get that up out there, and that’s why I created this image right here, bro. Well, that’s going to have to go into the Epstein’s quest game, too, now. Yeah, we’ll have to get that on the Epstein quest game. So what are your thoughts on that video? Let me mean, I think that there’s something definitely to the deep underground military bases.

I think that’s not even a conspiracy. Those are proven. The outlandish aspect of what Phil Schneider was talking about is that there’s alien entities under these. But the more I look into this, too, I start from an extreme skeptic, almost like, that’s silly, like children type stuff. But, man, if you overlay a lot of these reports, too, with, you ever heard of the missing four one one? This is a guy that he’s looked at all these disappearances around national parks and national parks.

If you take the overlay of all these people on the missing four one one, and you lay it on top of the underground tunnel system and the national park system, they all kind of line up directly with each other. So there’s this implication that these vast underground tunnel networks exist and that they’ve got these portals, essentially, in these various national parks, and that people absolutely go missing constantly in these areas.

Now, it might just be people getting lost in the woods. No one ever sees them again. But if you give any credit to this concept of skinwalkers or anything that Phil Schneider said outside of just deep underground military bases, then all of a sudden, this missing four one one and the underground cave systems, and not to make it sound silly, but even Bigfoot can kind of fit into this same pool because some people might call Bigfoot, other people might call them skinwalkers, other people might call them ancient underground tunnel aliens or whatever, but it might just be the same thing that people are describing in different ways.

Yeah, it’s definitely fascinating to say the least. Right? I love looking into it. And one of Bidell’s people said, isaiah, shout out to Isaiah. Can you speak? If we are transferring into a new age, what should we do to be prepared? I heard moving up to the Midwest is the best location right now, brother. I would say. No, the Midwest is not the best location. I’m up here in the Midwest, and you know where them twin eclipses are making that x, bro? Over the new Madrid fault line.

I think there’s going to be a major cataclysm up here. And that’s where they did all that fracking Isaiah right up that new Madrid fault line. And here, let me show you an image of it, brother. Let me pull this up for you real quick. Twin eclipses. I think there’s an old military map that leaked that shows America being split up the middle. And then the whole west coast is gone.

2017, 2024. We’re definitely headed into a new age. You were just talking about Pluto. But also we’ve moved into almost fully. Right. The age of Aquarius. Now, isn’t that where we’re supposed to be? Yeah. And who used to talk about that? A lot of people. I always go to krs one. Krs one always used to talk about that. And Crowley. Yeah, Crowley talked about the age of Aquarius, a.

Right, so. And Aquarius is supposed to be the transition into more cerebral spiritual range. Although that might explain why there’s so much pushback now like that, why we got these chaff Faraday cages in the sky. Maybe it’s because it’s a fight back against allowing what the natural progression would normally entail. That’s a good theory. I think you might be onto something there, actually. And so see these twin eclipses? They make an x right over this new Madrid fault line.

And that’s where it’s supposed to split up the middle, right? Like, in this area. And that’s where they did all that fracking, too. And you look up. What is it? Hold on a second. Us naval map. This came out, like, before YouTube blew up. Let me see if I can find the proper one. I was talking to BTL about. Yeah, yeah, right around here. I think that’s the one that shows a split DM.

That is so little. Who could see that? Oh, here we go. That’s the one that leaked back in the day because I watched this guy’s on a freaking vhs tape. That dude was talking about cataclysms and pole shift and connected to Nibiru. Right now I’m starting to think my personal view on Nibiru. I think it’s a dimension that they’re opening up these interdimensional stargates, these portals through technology like CERN, right? And that’s where some of these other entities are from, this other reality through the multiverse.

But regardless what it is, if it’s a dimension, if it’s a planet, something’s going on right now. Some people think it’s from inner Earth, from Shangri La, the dark sun, the black sun, the destroyer. And then there’s a whole school of thought that thinks it’s just all sun simulators and that they’re going to pretend that it’s happening while they’re using the wrath of God, which shoots these rods down into earth and can literally mimic like a nuclear explosion without any fallout.

So they could project a hologram around it and say apophis hit, right? Or a piece of apophis hit. But as you see here, it splits that all right up there. And some people think it’ll know to connect the Great Lakes and all that. And then the west coast is pretty gone. Well, just look up this. This was seven years before Corona CIA declassified this on the CIA’s website.

Guys, CIA declassified the Adam and Eve story. And why did they classify it in the first place? And it talks about this calamity. Let me find the part so I can read it for you guys. Hold on 1 second because it sounds not so fun. You ever see this paranoid? Yeah, this is one of my favorite docs from this too. Man, this is wild. I know, it’s so weird, dude.

Another really cool one too. It’s not related to this. But if you ever got time to to look for Alice in Wonderland programming, there’s a whole explanation from the CIA’s documents where they describe a specific type of mind control and they even themselves name it Alice in Wonderland programming. Wow. Yeah, I got to check that out. Okay, here we go. It talks about the Mayans, these different global cataclysms connected to the great flood and all these different ones.

That’s all that part. See, 4500 years ago, 11,500. And this was in 2013. Actually it was written in. I think they classified it back in the. But it was released June 24 of 2013. How do you get this job at the CIA? I want to join the CIA and just research Genesis and regenesis and write about like occult research. Me too. What’s it say about the Naga? A translation interpretation of Genesis one, two and three from a reconstruction of what the Naga must have been to give us the chapters as we have had them in English.

That’s interesting. The Naga, ain’t that that serpent race? Yeah, this is hard because this is like real deep right now. We’re on one of those. When you see the big posters of the iceberg and all the different conspiracies. We’re towards the bottom of the iceberg on this one. Yeah, we’re deep on this one. I’m trying to find this one part I want to read for him, but I feel like I don’t want to.

Irish exit. I’m going to have to go in like a minute or two here. Oh, you’re good, brother. But anyways, I’ll just summarize. Says you guys can come read it over here. It says that this cataclysm is going to wash away the whole west coast. It says Los Angeles, San Francisco will be washed away like a grain of sand. New York will be at the bottom of the ocean.

Dallas will be at the bottom of the know. This was all declassified by the CIA, so I don’t know, man. It’s kind of weird. And it was seven years before Rona. It was the same time that that pope came in, Jorge Mario Brigolio, that lives in room 201 and event 201, the whole simulation situation, that 201 is a really big number. But, yeah, this was just fascinating. So what if we are in some type of a government drill that is like a cataclysm and that’s why they’re all going underground as well.

Let me plug you before you go off. Do you got any crazy stuff on your. No, everything is safe. And actually, at the very top of paranoidamerican. com, I just checked, I got four left because I sold seven of these combo packs today. So I got four left, and then they’re all gone forever. And that’s the paranoid american 2023 combo pack. You got the homie wan in there.

It’s got, I think, like 26 different items for $33. Coincidentally. Coincidentally, it was a coincidence. That has nothing to do. It’s got the MkUltra pamphlet, it’s got the homunculus owner’s manual that breaks down alchemical and spiritual homunculus concepts. It’s got a bunch of stickers, prints, all kinds of cool stuff in here. It’s a fun way to learn, and especially if you got kids, you can get this for your kids.

What’s better than to teach the kids about chemtrails? And this book is actually fascinating. My six year old daughter has it in her room. It’s legit. Anyone that’s taken a look at it, adult or child, knows that it’s 100% a legit book. Not only is it entertaining, it’s full of facts, but it’s not something that beats you over the head with it. It’s legitimately a great children’s book.

And he’s got the frazzle dripper funhouse. Also not a children’s book, to be very clear. This one’s book. Right? Maybe I should organize the comics on there a little bit. Yeah, get that one away from the children’s book. But that’s all on paranoidamerican. com and then guys over on my other website. So I got truthmafia. com and I got truthfultv. com. Both. All my links are in the description on truthfultv.

com. This is where I do my personal decode. You just scroll down. There’s a video up here that walks you through the whole process. And you can get a reading or a dream interpretation. And you just click on it, set up your date. You don’t have to have a PayPal account. You just check out as a guest using PayPal for secure checkout. We also got some new items on our store over here.

We got some stuff that blocks all this negative energy. We’re getting bombarded with the hats that block the microwaves. We got the organite pyramids, bro. They put this guy, William Wright, I believe was his name. They put him in prison for developing that technology, these organite things, right? And then they use those for cloud busting, too. That was basically like anti chemtrail devices. Yeah, that’s crazy to me.

I’ve read everything about them. And we got the pyramids, we got the necklaces. And that price is not a mistake. That’s with shipping included. So you ain’t going to find no one cheaper. $14, $26. You notice most of my stuff is 26 and 17. That’s because $8 or two plus six is eight. One plus seven is eight. The number eight attracts money. That’s known fact. Shout out to Gary, the numbers guy.

He taught us all that back in the day. But they say obsidian is really good to block, like witchcraft and black magic attacks. So, yeah, man, it’s just really cool. All different kinds of stuff. It’s a good way to support the podcast. Check it out. And don’t forget to check out our truthmafia. com. Now I’ll take some questions, and then we’ll sign out. And thanks for everyone for watching.

I’m going to have to dip out. I’ll stay along next time to answer questions. All right, brother. You have a great night. A piece to everyone in the comments. Keep it drama free, all. Yeah, keep it drama free, or you will be blocked. Yeah, that black obsidian works really good, man. And a lot of the native tribes used it. Well, not really the native Americans, but the Mayans, the Aztecs.

Now, mostly they were using it to sacrifice people, but they even would make jewelry out of the obsidian. And it has a bunch of spiritual properties where it’s really good for blocking negative energy. It’s awesome, man. Turquoise. You know, I’ve been finding out from doing these personal decodes guys, that everybody’s. Because I always thought my birthstone is stupid. I’m like, man, why couldn’t I have a cool burstone? But mine’s garnet.

But all of our burstones, garnet, emerald, it doesn’t matter really what it is. They all hold different metaphysical properties to them and healing properties. Some activate the heart chakra, some activate the root chakra, some activate your throat chakra. Just different properties. And everything was given to us organically, but it’s been manipulated. And now they hit us with big Pharma and they just want to medicate us. So it’s kind of crazy.

Just like they’re creating this artificial reality, a matrix within a matrix, with these sun simulators, the chemtrails. It seems like they want to turn everything artificial with them chemtrails, too. We didn’t get into this, but one thing I’m going to tell you all to research tonight for your homework. You’ve heard of black goo, right guys, everybody in here has heard of black goo. It’s called programmable matter, and that’s what they put to use.

It’s in graphene oxide, but it’s also used to create this third strand of dna. Well, they got this other stuff called gray goo that has a patent number. And the gray goo is being sprayed from the chemtrails and everything it comes in contact with organically, it converts and flips it and makes it artificial. Research gray goo. And then when you look into what the AI is really doing, how this AI went through different dimensions of the multiverse, eating up organic life.

And it’s eating up organic life so it can power this phantom matrix. That is what the elites are trying to get us all to merge with and download our consciousness to this phantom matrix. So when we die here in the physical, instead of going back into the life death rebirth cycle and then eventually, when you’re done here and you achieve all your goals, you’ll ascend to the higher realms, right? What we’ve come to know is heaven.

Heaven comes from the word head. Heel comes from the word. Hell, comes from heel. So it’s a higher state of consciousness, but it’s also a place where you exist in your astral body, your light form. But they want to trap us from being able to escape this reality at all. And wait, so we’ll die and wake up in that quantum reality? That’s why they’re using the black goo, the third strand dna, to create a quantum copy, a digital copy of your soul.

And then it goes with the RF spectrum, the 5G network, the smart grid, the smart cities, the smart cars, the smart coffee filters. Everything’s smart, smart, smart now. But it’s all to roll out this grid that they’re putting out. So it’s pretty crazy, man. What we really need to do is get away from all this technology and get back in tune with mother nature. But then how do you do that? You can’t go out and sungaze no more, because who even knows if we’re gazing at the real sun? Might be getting blasted with something artificial.

I mean, I don’t know. It’s definitely crazy. So what are your thoughts before I go on this sun simulator? Have any of you guys in the comments heard about it? And if so, do you think that’s what maybe Nibiru is? Or do you think Nibiru is a real planet? I would love to hear y’all’s opinion on that. Y’all seen that picture I showed you of the sun? Let me show you this real quick while I’m waiting on y’all to answer me.

I mean, what is going on there, guys? Looks like a flashlight, and that’s artificial. And think about this, right? When you die, they say you go into this bright white light. Well, I got shot four times in my chest. My brother got hit in the head. He died right in front of me. I died on the ambulance. In the ambulance when they were trying to hit my chest.

And I didn’t see no damn bright white light, though, before they even hit my chest. I stepped out of my body when I was laying out on the street. And I seen the old lady. I watched her call the ambulance, everything. I seen my brother die. I was outside of my body watching myself. Maybe I wasn’t all the way dead yet. I don’t know. But I didn’t ever get to the part where I seen the bright white light.

But they talk about. A lot of people say you go into this bright white light, and there’s this theory that the bright white light is an artificial light. And it’s kind of that whole thing with masonry, too, where they say you got to go into the darkness, and through the darkness, you’ll find the true light, because you go into this bright white light, and that is not your loved ones that come to you.

They’re these arcons that they can shapeshift into your loved ones. When you go into that light, your memory gets wiped clean. Then they throw you back into a child’s body, where you go back into the reincarnation cycle, and they can then again harvest that loose energy from you, that lower vibrational energy, which is what we are, some type of energetic food source. And they say if you turn away from that light and go through the darkness, then you wake up in your true form.

Right, your light body, because you’ll find this golden light. So that’s what this reminds me of. When I look at this sun, I think of that. I’m like, man, this shit looks fake. Looks like a flashlight to me. And I know for sure that when I was growing up, we had an orange sun, right? Or am I tripping, or did CErN reset the damn timelines again? Last time, I thought we used to have an orange sun.

Maybe it’s the Mandela effect, or maybe it’s them solar maximums everybody keeps talking about. I don’t know, but that don’t look real, man. It definitely don’t. You said there was. Yeah, I think there was a yellow sun, too. 100%. Trying to read everybody’s comments as I go. 100%. I can remember it. I have pictures of it. It does kind of look blue, too. Lacey, that’s a cool way to spell your name.

Lay C. Like the ocean. Let me read these. James Webb. Hey, what did they name that after? A real guy. James Webb. They’re always coming up with this. James Webb this and James Webb that, and then they released these James Webb images. I swear to God, the one looked like a girl’s private area, and the other one looked like a gentleman’s. Did you all see that one go viral? Man, sometimes I really feel like they’re trolling us with that.

It’s like, let’s see who’s dumb enough to believe this. What was that called? That one that went viral that looked like the. I forget what it was called, but it was crazy looking. Damn. I’m trying to remember what it’s called. Let me look it up. Hold on a second. Let me see. James Webb. Where is the one that looked like Vijay? There was one that looked like a vijayj and one that looked like a ball sack.

I’m not even joking you. It was crazy as hell. I’ll find it on my instagram later and share it for you guys so you can see it. I don’t see it on here, but we should check this before we go. Oh, they just released some new James Webb stuff 3 hours ago and it looks like total. It looks honestly like something AI created. That’s what it reminds me of.

Here, I’ll show you guys. This is their newest James Webb edition. 1 second. Hey Rachel, wasn’t it you that showed that thing, that nebula that looked like a JJ and one looked like a scrotum? Wasn’t that you that shared know? I swear it’s like they’re trolling us, man. And then I was thinking about this, guys, tell me what you think about this theory. So movies suck now, right? For like the last three years.

And what if because of this cataclysm they’re already going underground and that now all the movies are getting created by AI because now we’re starting to find out what AI can really do. And if they give us. You guys see what I create with AI. So imagine what they can create with AI. I could take any youtuber on the Internet, take a 32nd image of him, and then I could take it in, run it through AI, and have a full hour podcast of that youtuber with his voice podcasting on any subject I want him to talk about.

And you wouldn’t know. You would not know. So that’s crazy that they can do that. It’s going to get really crazy here in the future. We’re not going to know what’s real, guys. And I kind of think that’s what they want, right? Here’s their new James Webb stunning images. Looks like some BS to me, though. Even if space is real, I still think they lie about this stuff.

There might be something on the other side of that ferment. They say there’s water up there, but I don’t know. I don’t know, man. I never been up there. So let’s see what type of lies they’ve told us today. North korean official killed by a protester in China. Oh, wow. Where’s the trending news at? Oh, here, let’s do this. Google trends. See what’s trending right now. Guys, before we go, I’m going to chop Vdell’s interview up and make that a fire ass 30 minutes video with some images.

Eminem is. Who cares? Suicide Squad killed. What is this all about? Is this a new movie? Suicide squad, kill the Justice League. Is that a movie, guys? Oh, if that’s a movie, I need to watch that. Let me see. I like that shark, dude. Okay, this is. Oh, it’s a game. Damn it. I don’t play games. Thought it was a movie for a second. No, just a bunch of dumb stuff.

Groundhog day. Groundhog day is trending now, but who really cares about that bunch of football? Yeah, nothing exciting. What are they talking about with Robert De Niro? No, it looks stupid, too. Well, there you go, guys. So, man, we still got 1227 people in this live. I just want to thank you guys for rocking out with us to all be Dell’s people. Thank you for coming over and checking us out, man.

I really enjoyed you guys. If you’re new to my content, go over on my Facebook Truth Mafia podcast and look at the new video I just dropped today. And there’s a bunch of really good videos over there that I can’t share on YouTube because they’re a little too. YouTube is more. Believe in censorship, way more than Facebook. So I can share some stuff over there that I can’t share here.

And. Yeah, thank you, guys. All came over from Bdell. He’s a really good dude. And to my people, go over and subscribe to Bdell. All right, go check him out, guys. I love y’all. Hit that, like, button. I’m out of here. .

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