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The Changeling Conspiracy Cinema Podcast

By: Tommy Truthful
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The Changeling

‘The Changeling’ review: Apple TV+ fantasy mines parental anxiety in standout horror fable

The Changeling

**”The Changeling” Review: A Disorienting Tale Lost in Translation**
*By Tommy Truthful*
*Date: September 10, 2023*

Apple TV+’s adaptation of Victor LaValle’s critically acclaimed novel, “The Changeling,” ventures into a realm where fairytales seamlessly morph into nightmarish realities. The journey of Apollo Kagwa (played by the brilliant LaKeith Stanfield) as he feverishly searches for his mysteriously vanished wife, Emma Valentine (brought to life by Clark Backo), promises to be gripping. But does it deliver?

The Changeling

Set against the sprawling backdrop of New York City, the series interweaves Norwegian fairytales with rich narratives of Black American heritage, Ugandan traditions, and enchanting folklore. It’s a captivating premise that, unfortunately, didn’t entirely find its footing in its screen adaptation by writer Kelly Marcel.

The storyline unfolds in Fort Washington, 2010. Apollo’s blossoming love for Emma, an ambitious librarian with a zest for life and wanderlust, is tender and touching. Following a reunion after Emma’s travel escapade to Brazil, their whirlwind romance rapidly evolves, encompassing marriage, parenthood, and the associated challenges.

The Changeling

The darker shades of the narrative emerge with Emma’s spiraling postpartum condition. It’s a hauntingly stark portrayal of postpartum psychosis and the profound obligations of motherhood. Apollo’s mother, Lillian (essayed by Adina Porter), poignantly comments, “Once a mother, always a mother.” Yet, the series’ choice to centralize the initial episodes around Apollo’s perspective, only transitioning to Emma’s viewpoint in the latter episodes, feels somewhat misguided. This approach inadvertently casts Apollo in an unflattering light, often seeming dismissive of the profound maternal experiences that Emma endures.

The series’ intricate web of tales can be dizzying. While literary works have the luxury of extensive detail, its translation to screen can mire viewers in excessive backstory. The sporadic flashbacks and historical diversions, though rich, often lead to narrative congestion. The eventual unveiling of Emma’s perspective, covering their initial romance and pivotal moments from her past, does provide some clarity. Yet, Lillian’s own backstory in the following episode feels like a tangent from a completely different tale.

“The Changeling” ambitiously attempts to tackle themes of memory, parenthood, and sacrifice. But its execution often overshadows its intent. The partial exposure of Emma’s psyche and Apollo’s limited grasp of events leaves viewers navigating a maze of hints with little guidance. Instead of an immersive experience, we’re frequently left piecing together a cryptic puzzle.

The Changeling

In storytelling, ambiguity can be a powerful tool. However, “The Changeling” often feels as though it’s holding back too much from its audience. What might have emerged as a mesmerizing horror fantasy instead teeters on the brink of incoherence. Some tales, regardless of their enigmatic allure, might indeed be best savored in their original written form.

“‘The Changeling’ was released precisely 32 days following the Lahaina fires. Intriguingly, in a scene where a house is engulfed in flames, the address prominently displayed is “32.” This number hints at the impending introduction of digital currency, the beast system, and the initiation of a sophisticated smart grid. It’s almost as if these film wizards are engaging in a blatant form of predictive programming. This technique, referred to as the “revelation of the method” or “lesser magic,” posits that they must reveal their intentions before acting on them. It’s believed this act liberates them karmically, especially if society remains passive and fails to counteract.

Such films appear to weave spells over their audience. Together with Paranoid American, we delve deep into the hidden occult connections within cinema. This level of insight is rare, with perhaps the only comparable insights being from J Dreamerz, who also offers exceptional film analysis. Of course, given that he’s a part of the Truth Mafia, his caliber of work is expected. As I’ve always maintained, we boast the most adept content creators and decoders in this domain.”

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5G Danger

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