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The Cult of the Eclipse

By: Tommy Truthful
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Eclipses Through the Ages: From Divine Play to Secret Societies by Tommy Truthful on Roberts Video Cult of the Eclipse.

Eclipses have always been a source of wonder, fear, and fascination across various cultures around the world. These celestial events have been interpreted in myriad ways, from divine wolves chasing celestial bodies in Norse mythology to the dance of shadow demons in Hindu traditions. Let’s delve into these interpretations and uncover their profound implications on modern esoteric practices and secret societies.

In Norse mythology, an eclipse heralded the terrifying onset of Ragnarok – the end of the world battle. The Vikings believed that the wolf Skoll, in his relentless pursuit, finally catches the sun goddess Sol, threatening to plunge the world into darkness. To fend off this apocalypse, the Vikings engaged in loud noises and actions to scare away the wolf, a reflection of humanity’s primal fear of darkness and the unknown.

Contrastingly, in Hindu tradition, eclipses were attributed to the demon Rahu, who seeks vengeance against the sun and moon for his beheading. This myth encapsulates the eternal struggle between light and dark, order and chaos. Similarly, the Inca saw eclipses as manifestations of the sun god Inti’s wrath, necessitating offerings and sacrifices to appease the deity. These interpretations highlight the human tendency to see divine will in natural phenomena, a theme that persists in various guises across cultures.

In Africa, eclipses were often seen as quarrels between the sun and moon, while some Native American tribes attributed them to a mischievous squirrel or a trap catching the sun. These stories reflect not just an attempt to explain celestial events but also a deeper understanding of the cosmos’s interconnectedness.

Moving towards the esoteric traditions of ancient Aryan civilizations around Anatolia, such as the Hittites, and major empires in Mesopotamia, we see a shift towards rituals involving sacred marriages or sex magic. These practices highlight the male and female attributes of celestial bodies, embedding a profound spiritual significance in the union of opposites – a theme that resonates with the principles of alchemy and hermeticism.

As these ancient beliefs transitioned into the secret practices of societies like the Freemasons, the symbolism evolved but retained its core: the transformative power of celestial events and their symbolic representation of universal laws and truths. The Freemasons, with their intricate rituals and symbols, arguably draw upon these ancient traditions, emphasizing enlightenment through moral and spiritual purification.

The fascination with celestial phenomena and their symbolic significance underscores a universal quest for understanding, meaning, and connection with the cosmos. From ancient myths to modern secret societies, the interpretation of eclipses and other celestial events reflects humanity’s enduring endeavor to decipher the mysteries of the universe and our place within it.

As we explore these ancient beliefs and their modern iterations, we invite you to reflect on the universal themes they reveal: the fear of the unknown, the quest for enlightenment, and the eternal dance of order and chaos. Join us at as we continue to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos and their impact on human belief, ritual, and society. T.T

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➡ This week, there’s a solar eclipse, which is when the moon blocks the sun’s light. Different cultures have unique stories to explain this event, like dragons eating the sun in China, or a wolf catching the sun in Viking tales. These stories often involve scaring away the creature causing the eclipse. The article also talks about how ancient civilizations used the sun and moon in their rituals and beliefs, and how these practices have influenced modern religions and secret societies.


We’re living through a time when we happen to have a solar eclipse happening this year, this week, actually, which, of course, is defined as an event when the moon passes in front of the sun, blocking its light and causing a period of darkness. From the perspective of earth, many cultures personified the sun and moon as celestial beings to describe this eclipse. Sometimes these stories involve dragons. For example, in China, where the sun is said to have been devoured by one, and people would play drums and make loud noises to frighten away the dragon to save the sun, which, of course, always works as the sunlight returns.

The Vikings believed an eclipse occurred when the wolf skull, who pursues the sun goddess soul across the sky, finally catches up with her. If skull succeeds in swallowing Sol and plunging the world into darkness, it heralds the start of Ragnarok, a battle between the gods and the end of the world. They try to scare away the world. The Vikings believed that their actions caused the sun to return.

In hindu tradition, eclipses were caused by shadowy demons. Rahu and Ketu were once part of a divine serpent. The Inca called the sun God inti, and solar eclipses were understood to be a sign of his wrath and displeasure. So fasting and sacrifices were offered. Some native american tribes attribute the eclipse to a mischievous squirrel. Others say the sun was caught in a trap. And in Africa, there are legends of the sun and moon getting into a quarrel.

And the esoteric traditions of the earliest aryan civilizations around Anatolia, such as the Hittites, and also major empires in Mesopotamia, such as the Sumerians and later Babylonians, the male and female attributes of the celestial bodies coming together were highlighted by rituals involving a sacred marriage or sex magic, which was the foundation of an occult tradition which has been carried out by secret societies. Until today, many people have heard of the 33rd degrees of freemasonry, which some have claimed arises from the number of vertebrae in the human body.

I disagree with this assessment because while it does involve the generative principle or force derived from the union of male and female polarity, that can have a profound spiritual effect when directed up the spine, not all people have the same number of vertebrae, so the reference is not necessarily material or physical. The esoteric reason which is revealed at the highest levels of initiation has to do with the lunar and solar calendar aligning every 33 years.

A solar year is 365 days and a lunar year is 354 days long. After every 33 years, they align, which is significant to cultures which placed a lot of emphasis on astrology, such as the Babylonians, whose religious practices are encoded in the text of abrahamic faiths. The reason for this can be traced back roughly 2600 years ago to the israelite captivity, which lasted for about 50 years. This came to an end when Babylon was conquered by what became the persian empire, and King Cyrus the Great allowed them to return to Jerusalem in 538 BC.

Of course, some did return to the Levant, others stayed, and still others travel to places like Turkey, Greece and Egypt. Having been exposed to the esoteric mystery school practices of the chaldean magi, or possibly having aryan magi joining their ranks, the alchemical knowledge based on the seven planetary gods were dispersed through much of the world. In Alexandria, Egypt, this was expressed as hermeticism. In Greece, this was infused into the mystery cults of Dionysus, among others, and emerged in the rites of the philosophers, Pythagoreans and neo Platonists.

In esoteric Christianity, it is known as gnosticism. In parts of Europe, it was disguised as alchemy, where the seven planets were symbolic of stages or grades of initiation, with Saturn regarded as lead, which is then converted to solar or spiritual gold. In Islam, these practices emerge in certain sufi sects, and in jewish mysticism it is known as kabbalah. One needs only to look at the flag of modern Israel to see the symbolism expressed as the Star of David, which is also known as the seal of Solomon, who was said to have been a magician.

This ancient pre judaic alchemical symbol does not appear anywhere in the orthodox jewish faith, but has its esoteric roots with the aryan magi, or magicians, where the joining of two pyramids represent unification of male and female polarities, a central theme in creation and manifestation, which astronomically or astrologically is expressed by the sun and moon, which brings us back full circle to the eclipse. In the ancient Hittite capital of Hattusha, there are some dramatic rock reliefs depicting cosmic narratives inscribed in the rock, which are illuminated annually by the shadows created by the sun at various points in the year.

These reference periods when the royal lineage is engaged in sexual rites for purposes of renewal of the land and other esoteric practices regarded as magic. The Hittites are regarded as the earliest offshoot of the Proto Indo Europeans, or Aryans, as can be recognized by their conical headdress, which can also be seen in other cultures, such as the Scythians, Phoenicians, Terambasin, Aryans, the Magi, Egyptians, and Easter celebrations, which of course have to do with the resurrection of Christ, but in pre christian times is mirrored in the yearly resurrection of spring, an annual cycle of birth death and rebirth also symbolically reflected in the swastika since antiquity, which was eventually replaced by the cross.

Of course, the conical hat is also made notorious by the KKK, which incidentally k is the 11th letter of the Alphabet, where k k equals 33, which I touched on earlier in reference to freemasonry, which has been shown to have been infiltrated around the time leading up to the French Revolution by a secret society known as the Illuminati, founded by Adam Weishaupt, who many people have heard of.

What most people are unaware of, however, is that the other founders were Amschel Rothschild and Jacob Frank, a self professed successor to Sabbatai Zevi, a kabbalist that declared himself messiah in the year 1666. His following include half of the world’s jewish population at the time, before he was excommunicated out of mainstream Judaism, subsequently converting into Islam, along with many of his followers, who have continued his teachings in secret, which proclaimed that redemption is available through acts of sin.

Jacob Frank claimed to be the reincarnation of Sabbatai Zevi, and after also claiming to be the messiah, he converted into Catholicism with tens of thousands of his followers, who carried on the tradition of subversion of religion and governments, while practicing occult rituals in secret, which from a modern perspective can be considered satanic. Bringing me to some hidden camera footage I’d like to show from a masonic lodge in you, Turkey, during a ritual attended by members of the 33rd degree, who are also wearing similar attire.

The following was aired on turkish national television. In other recordings which were published shortly after these shocking videos, masonry in Turkey has been completely exposed. In these videos, a satanic worship ritual is being performed where only 33rd degree masons can join in. The senior master who managed the ritual was drinking the blood of a goat, which was sacrificed for Satan on the middle of the lodge floor. And he was finalizing the satanic worship ritual by saying some prayers in the language of Hebrew.

Even though the ritual included Hebrew, which in its ancient form is identical to Phoenician, the seam is not what one expects to see in a typical jewish household or synagogue, and thats because it predates Judaism. Many ancient ritualistic practices survived the fall of Babylon and were cloaked into various esoteric aspects of modern religions and higher degrees of secret societies, where adepts carry out a legacy of mystery school religions which allegedly stem all the way from the Pleistocene, when Atlantis was allegedly said to have existed.

Of course, there was no such thing as the term Jews during the Ice Age. According to the Bible, they originated as descendants of Jacob a patriarch that was later renamed Israel and whose offspring then formed the twelve tribes, which is a coded reference to the twelve zodiac signs, a significant number in the chaldean and babylonian mystery school religions of the Magi, who subscribed to a God of time, which was represented as a cube with twelve edges.

In other words, the universe, or spacetime, was postulated as being a cube, which later comes down to us as Kronos, the God of time in greek mythology and Saturn in Roman. While modern Hebrew is constructed of a new script and includes borrowed words from Arabic, Aramaic, Latin, other european languages, the original old block Hebrew is virtually indistinguishable from Phoenician, a seafaring civilization that mystery school religions claim inherited their linguistic and esoteric rituals from their atlantean forefathers.

While the phoenician Alphabet is originally derived from egyptian hieroglyphics and not from cuneiform. The numerical values that are present in sacred geometry, astrology and Kabbalah numerology share the same origins, which were introduced to the southern Levant by aryan tribes from northern Iran and Turkey that started the chalcolithic or copper age, and were the blue eyed, fair skinned nobility and priest class of the sumerian, babylonian and Phoenicians, from where Judaism and other abrahamic faiths derive their occult mysticism.

Each letter is a number, like the Hebrew a olive, it’s one. B, bet, is two. You understand? But look at this. The numbers are interrelated. Like, take the hebrew word for father, of olive, bet. One, two equals three. All right. Hebrew word for mother. Aim. Olive, memory. 140 equals 41. Sum of three and 41, 44. Right? Now, hebrew word for child, right? Mother, father, child. Yellowed. That’s 1030 and 444.

Power is just a long string of numbers. Some say that it’s a code sent to us from God. That’s kind of interesting. Yeah, that’s just good stuff. Check this out. Okay. The word for the Garden of Eden, kadam. Numerical translation, 144. And the value of tree of knowledge. All right. In the garden, right? 233, 144, 233. And you can take those numbers like the Fibonacci sequence. Fibonacci. Fibonacci is an italian mathematician in the 13th century.

If you divide 144 into 233, the result approaches theta. Theta, theta. We assemble the golden ratio. Golden spiral. Wow. I never saw that before. Just like that series you find in nature. Like the face of a sunflower. Where are the spirals? You see, there’s math everywhere. Of course, mathematics and sacred geometry that permeates all of nature and are found in what has become known as the occult, which simply means hidden, are not inherently evil.

But when power or covert influence is derived from esoteric knowledge that is withheld from a manipulated public, then it is considered a dark art. According to cult author Manley hall, black magic can trace its roots back to Atlantis and is a tradition that has been passed down into our modern era by certain sects which have covertly infiltrated various religions as a heretical offshoot, but are not really part of the mainstream or orthodox faith.

This was the case with certain sects within Zoroastrianism, the religion of ancient Persia, whose occult practices were inherited from the Babylonians before them and passed on through mystical offshoots of Jews to other parts of the world, eventually entering Europe through the Knights Templar, re emerging in kabbalistic orders such as the Rosicrucians, and later with the Freemasons. That said, I recently had a brief discussion on the Alex Jones show where I was asked about the relevance of the current eclipse and wanted to take a moment to articulate the idea that these occult practices should not be attributed to any one religion, as it would be careless and inaccurate to do so, as most members of any given faith are unaware of the occult rituals which in many cases have been publicly denounced by the religious leaders long ago and forced to go underground.

We’re already getting loaded up with speakers, all sorts of interesting people from different fields. Also folks on Skype, Chase Geiser’s Han showing this. Tell us what’s coming up and give me your view on this. Yeah, so we’ve got a lot of people that have agreed to pop in. This is the first time that we’ve done a space not as spontaneously as we usually do. Usually we decide to do a space maybe 30 minutes before the show, and then we just launch one.

So for the past couple of days, we’ve scheduled this, got everybody hyped up. We’ve already got close to 2000 people in the space. We’ve only been live for about eight or nine minutes or so. So this is great. We’ve got some awesome speakers that are going to pop in. Jack Poso, as Alex mentioned, and others. Adrian Dittman, I believe, is joining us as well. I reached out to Andrew Tate.

He asked what time it was in Bucharest, so maybe he’ll pop in. We’re not sure it’s going to be 01:00 a. m. . I believe for him, of great speakers popping in already. We got anthropologists, we got reporters, we got champion boxers, we got everybody here. Chase. Absolutely. It’s been awesome. So, Robert Sepper, if you’re still with us, I know you’ve been a speaker for a long time.

Go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say. If you’re not there, then we’ll move on. Give you a second. There you go. Great, thanks. How you guys doing? I just want to say hello to Alex and acknowledge what a big impact he had in 2016, getting Trump elected. And it’s great to have him back on the platform. It’s a noticeably better platform with Alex on it.

And I just wanted to touch on jews, if I could, as an anthropologist, you know, this Shmuley’s kind of going viral, and I wanted to remind people there’s different kinds of jews, there’s atheists, there’s religious jews, there’s different kinds of religious jews. There are some sects that have been excommunicated, so it’s not, you know, we shouldn’t lump them all together. There are some that you can politically align with and some that are, you know, my point is they’re not a homogenous, monolithic demographic.

Thank you, Alex. Well, thank you, sir. Will you give us your view as an anthropologist on human obsession with eclipses, solar and lunar, and why you think this is being hyped? Well, you know, there’s an occult or esoteric aspect to religions, a kabbalistic aspect that predates Judaism and all the abrahamic faiths. And this goes into basically periods of the year where they do rituals, and there’s a lot of truth to that.

So the idea is that there’s certain energies that are available and not to get too, you know, X rated, but there, you know, a lot of the rumors are true. There are sexual things that happen. There are, you know, blood things and what have you. So it’s kind of dark. But like I said, I don’t want to make any kind of blanket generalizations on any one group. So it’s kind of a sect that’s within all the other religions.

So it’s not just. That’s very wise, what you said, because the Republicans just put out a big list of what they say is anti semitic, and I disagree with most of it. What is anti semitic is to say that Jews all secretly work together and agree with each other. That is ridiculous. And to claim any human group does that is a lie. And I’m not here as an apologist for Jews, but the idea that evil inherently comes from Jews is a load of shit.

But also then sitting back and saying, you can’t criticize carpet bombing civilians, that is B’s too. Or defending Hamas. People like, oh, you don’t like what Israel’s doing now? You like Hamas? No, I don’t. So it’s like people have to do research. They have to be nuanced here. It’s very frustrating. And if they get us in these camps, they can control us. Agreed. And, you know, there’s certainly a sect that wants to escalate this whole situation.

And most of us, you know, are sympathetic with the Jews that were taken hostage, sympathetic with these pictures of children starving. But there’s a sect that wants to have this, like you were touching on earlier with the temple, and wants a global escalation, wants to move into Europe and to America. And really, it’s. They’re trying to use revelation as a playbook and they want to bring about, you know, these.

This catastrophe so they can then usher in the world the way they want it. No, I agree. But what’s even. What’s it scary is that then the Shiites particularly, they are. They have their own version and, like. And they’re just as crazy. Yeah, exactly. They, you know, I wrote a book called 1666, and it’s about a sect that converted into Islam, converted into Catholicism, the donme, and then Jacob Frank.

So they’ve infiltrated every group. So it’s really a hidden hand. And, you know, it’s counterproductive to just name a group because they really infiltrated everything, by the way. I agree. And I would use that as Frank Herbert trying as a decoder with his book dune. The later books are not that good because I read them all. But the first one’s really good. It’s already studied history. And I went, wait, these are all metaphors for history.

The Benny Jesuit are in every group, every religious group. But they’re the cult controlling it. Exactly. So with Jews, since there’s such a powerful demographic, it’s wise to align with the ones that are, you know, politically on our side, let’s say, rather than to vilify or demonize the whole group. And, you know, other than that, I just wanted. Again, thank you. I don’t want to hog up too much time here, but you’re doing a great job, Alex, and we support you.

So thank you so much. I can’t believe how smart these people, the speakers, are. This is just. My name is Robert Sepper. I’m an anthropologist. My published work is available on Amazon and through all other major book outlets. There should be a link in the description. Please subscribe for future updates. Leave your thoughts below. Have a wonderful weekend and I hope to see you again soon. .

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