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The Hunger Games the Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes Gematria Decode

By: Truth Mafia
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The Hunger Games The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes Conspiracy Cinema Podcast  

The Hunger Games The Ballad Of Songbirds &Amp; Snakes

TM Tommy Truthful 12-3-23

 Unraveling the Layers of Symbolism in “The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes”

The Hunger Games The Ballad Of Songbirds &Amp; Snakes Decode

Hosted by Tommy Truthful of Conspiracy Cinema Podcast

With Paranoid American of and Special Guest Jay DreamerZ

In our latest episode of the Conspiracy Cinema Podcast, hosted by Tommy Truthful, leader of the Truth Mafia, we delve into the intricate world of “The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes.” Joined by my co-host, Paranoid American, and our special guest, Jay DreamerZ, we explore the depths of predictive programming and the occult symbolism laced within this gripping prequel to the Hunger Games series.

“We can see the connection between the new ‘Hunger Games’ and the Lahaina fires. First, notice the symbol resembling a nuclear sign on the wall, right next to the Masonic Compass. In Chaldean Gematria, ‘The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes’ equals 92, matching ‘The Order of the Illuminati,’ which represents the elite controlling everything in the capital. ‘Forty-seventh president’ also equals 92, hinting at the upcoming 2024 election, likely to be won by Donald Trump. This new ‘Hunger Games’ depicts the rise of President Snow.

‘Get ready for a world currency,’ also scoring 92 in the same cipher, suggests the imminent collapse of the physical dollar and a switch to digital currency. This aligns with the ‘New World Order’ theme, maintaining control by confining us within FEMA zones, reminiscent of the districts in the ‘Hunger Games.’ We could even be forced into real-life battle arenas.

Now, consider element 92: uranium, associated with nuclear energy. This points to predictive programming of a potential nuclear event and World War III. The atomic weight of uranium is 238. This number intriguingly connects with historical events and predictions. For instance, after JFK’s assassination, Lyndon Johnson was sworn in on Air Force One at 2:38 PM. The distance from the Earth to the Moon is allegedly 238,000 miles, tying in lunar energy and lower vibrational forces. ‘United Grand Lodge of England’ and ‘Trump inauguration’ both equate to 238 in English ordinal Gematria.

I believe Donald Trump, representing Gemini, will be re-elected in 2024. We’ve seen his benevolent side; now, we might witness a darker aspect.

The ‘Lahaina fire ritual sacrifice’ equals 238. From the Lahaina fires to the release of this movie spans exactly 102 days. The 102-minute duration of 9/11 changed America, akin to ‘art of war,’ which inverts to 201, resembling Event 201, the pandemic simulation by the Gates Foundation. Remarkably, 102 years before COVID-19 hit the U.S., the mass rollout of the electric grid coincided with the Spanish Flu outbreak. This is attributed to Electromagnetic Frequency sickness, similar to COVID’s emergence during the 5G rollout.”

The Hunger Games: The Ballad Of Songbirds &Amp; Snakes Gematria Decode

Predictive Programming & Symbolism in Cinema

The film, based on Suzanne Collins’s 2020 novel and set 64 years before the original Hunger Games, chronicles the rise of a young Coriolanus Snow. Through this narrative, we examine the subtle cues pointing to a significant nuclear event, aligning eerily with the year of the serpent – 2025. This period, we argue, mirrors the “great tribulation,” a concept tied intricately to English ordinal gematria.

Suzanne Collins's 2020 Novel

Symbolism and Esoteric Themes

“The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes” masterfully intertwines themes of power, sacrifice, and the individual’s struggle against oppressive systems – motifs commonly found in occult and esoteric literature. The character of Coriolanus Snow serves as a metaphor for the seductive allure and corrupting influence of power. Meanwhile, the Hunger Games themselves represent a ritualistic, sacrificial spectacle, paralleling real-world conflicts between individuals and oppressive structures.

“I believe a nuclear event will occur in the Year of the Serpent, which begins on January 28th, 2025. From the release of the new ‘Hunger Games’ on November 17th, 2023, to January 28th, 2025, there are exactly 438 days. In Latin Gematria, ‘Illuminati’ equals 438, coinciding with ‘Satan and Moloch,’ ‘Gematria is real,’ ‘Nuclear dome,’ and ‘True Hell,’ all equating to 438. A nuclear genocide would indeed be a true hell.

The date January 28th, or 1/28, holds significant importance. Recall the bridge collapse in Pittsburgh on January 28th, 2022, coinciding with Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill. On January 28th, 1986, the Challenger space shuttle exploded. During the 9/11 attacks, the towers collapsed at 10:28 AM. Matthew Perry was sacrificed on October 28th, 2023 (10/28), which is also Bill Gates’ birthday. This pattern of the number 128 appears closely linked to destruction and chaos.

In my view, World War III and this nuclear event will likely occur in the year 2025. This is based on my analysis and interpretation of these patterns and connections.”

The Hunger Games Gematria Decode

Dissecting Symbolic Elements

  • Tributes in a Cage: A poignant representation of dehumanization, reflecting the class divide and inhumane treatment of the marginalized.
  • The Hunger Games: The Ballad Of Songbirds &Amp; Snakes
  • Crucifixion-like Imagery: Symbolizing sacrifice and suffering, this imagery intensifies the narrative, infusing it with layers of metaphorical meaning.
  • The Hunger Games: The Ballad Of Songbirds &Amp; Snakes

The Dystopian World of Panem

In Panem, 12 districts are subjugated under the Capitol’s rule, a consequence of a past rebellion. The 10th Hunger Games introduces mentors from the Capitol, providing a new dimension to the Games and a chance for strategy and hope.

The Complexity of Characters

Snow, struggling financially, is contrasted with his privileged peers. His mentoring of Lucy Gray Baird, a charismatic yet unlikely victor from District 12, unveils a narrative of survival, strategy, and unexpected emotions.

Themes of Morality and Spirituality

The story probes the morality of the Hunger Games and human nature. Lucy Gray’s belief in inherent goodness starkly contrasts the brutal reality of the Games, instigating a debate on the essence of humanity.

The Hunger Games

The Darker Side

Themes of violence, especially against children, and the dehumanization of tributes, serve as a stark commentary on the corrupting nature of power and control.

Hope and Resistance

Despite its grim setting, the narrative infuses themes of hope and the perpetual fight against oppressive systems, emphasizing the internal battle between good and evil.


“The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes” presents a complex tapestry of human nature and societal constructs. It invites viewers to ponder the deeper aspects of humanity, morality, and the structures that influence our actions.

Join us on the Conspiracy Cinema Podcast as we unravel these layers of symbolism and connect them to larger global narratives, offering insights that might just break the spell of these cinematic magicians.

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➡ The text is a rambling discussion about The Hunger Games, providing personal opinions and detailed plot reviews, interspersed with some personal admiration for a female character’s beauty and singing talents. The speakers also discuss a cancelled ‘Snow White’ concept and the backlash around it, recognizing the actress’s outspokenness on empowerment as a positive. They end by promoting their social media channels and expressing love for their listeners.


That baby, honestly, between me and you, I think that baby was born just so the queen could transfer her consciousness into it. I really believe that with all my heart. I don’t care about that baby. You can say whatever you want about it. I mean, that’s just what I think about that’s just what I think happened, honestly. You got people like what’s his name kissinger. I don’t think he passed away either.

I think these people are uploading your consciousness, honestly. And we just talked about that with that series Paranoid recommended to me. What was it called again, bro? Pantheon. Pantheon. Guys, I’ll get into it. I got a breakdown for it. It’s so amazing. It’s like a cartoon series that came out on, I believe, Paramount AMC or something like that, but came out in 2022. And it’s all about uploading your consciousness.

And that’s what these elites have been doing for not just 100 years. They’ve been doing this for thousands of years. Their technology is so far advanced beyond anything we can even fathom. They’ve been doing it since the Egyptian times. And before that, transferring one’s consciousness. Just like in X Men. Remember that dude that came back in X Men that was like the god, and he was in the Egyptian pyramid and transferred his consciousness into the pharaoh apocalypse, right? Yes.

X Men apocalypse. That was a great one. Yes. That’s the guy’s name, I think, is Apocalypse. Yes. And he said my name’s been many different names. Elohim, they called him many different gods. Like the dude from Neferus. Yeah. So they’ve been transferring consciousness for a long time. They show us that symbolism in so many movies. Now, with this one, I will say this. There is a ton of symbols.

A ton. In the first scene, instantly you have all the kids from the Capitol, right? And this is future President Snow. For any of you that know The Hunger Games, he’s the future president. The kid with the blonde hair there. And they’re sitting in here getting ready. They think they’re going to win this prize, but they end up having to have a tribute this year. It’s something new that they’re adding, right? So each one of these upper class children are getting a tribute from the district that they have to sponsor, and that’s going to determine whether they get this sponsorship to go on.

It’s kind of like a college type thing. But in this scene, guys. I mean, look at the symbolism. You got the Masonic compass right up there on the wall, right? And that’s symbol of school, each kid has that little pin on their chest, this Masonic compass symbol. And then next to it, you have the nuclear symbol. It’s supposed to be a phoenix, but it is clearly a nuclear symbol.

And then when I started decoding it, it really cemented it for me, because you know me, guys. I always look at the gamatria, which comes from jewish Kabbalah mysticism going back to Babylon. The elites have a secret hidden language of symbols and numbers. So using the purest and oldest cipher in Chaldean, the ballad of the Songbirds and snakes is 92, matching order of the Illuminati 47th president. And he’s the president.

President Snow. We’re getting ready for the 47th president. I believe it’ll be Donald Trump. And get ready for world currency is 92. And that’s really what this is all about. The new world order, putting us in districts and then FEMA zones, flipping us to a digital currency, martial law, all that. Element, 92 is uranium, which has the nuclear symbol. So whenever you’re decoding, you use your Chaldean cipher for your element number, right? So whatever it equals in Chaldean, you go look at, well, what element is connected to that? And it will give you, in this case, uranium.

And then the atomic weight of that element is 238. Well, that you’re going to use either English ordinal or Latin to see the connection. There 238. From the Earth to the moon is 238,000 miles. And where do we have 238 connected to a president? Guys, JFK. JFK was taken out and Lyndon Johnson was sworn in on Air Force One at 02:38 P. m. . So we have a 238 connection to a president.

And then Trump inauguration is 238. And I believe Trump will be taken out after he becomes president. They’re going to take him out just like they showed us in The Simpsons. That’s a form of lesser magic predictive programming, truth in plain sight. To really get the people that worship Trump out there in Irate as they’re trying to get us in the streets, create the Civil War so they can declare martial law, you know what I mean? And also, if you look at that cipher, 238, united Grand Lodge of England is 238, which is called the Mother Lodge.

It was created in 1717. And you have the freemasonic symbolism right up there. We have the connection to Trump. We have the 47th president in both ciphers. And then the last but not least, Lahaina. Fire ritual sacrifices. Two, three, eight guys. And from Lahaina. Until this movie came out, was exactly 102 days. Well, 911 was the 102 minutes that changed America. 102 is Art of War. Flip it around.

What is it? 201, like event 201. And then you have 102 years before we went on lockdowns here in America was the Spanish flu exactly on the same day. 311. 102 years earlier. So with Maui, the 47 degree connection, we see with the Masonic compass, the 47th president. If you remember, during Maui, the famous banyan tree, the largest in the US. That spans two acres and has 47 trunks, was scorched by the fires, remember? So, yeah, there was a lot of crazy connections to symbolism in this movie, which I felt I thought it was pretty interesting.

And if you look at the main symbol, it’s serpents. Right? So there’s a scene at the end where the serpents cover everyone, and they send these serpents in to take them out. They weren’t going to let no one survive. And you’ll notice the blue symbolism, too, guys, all throughout it. In the beginning, when Lucy Gray is called up to be a tribute from District Twelve, she has a snake in her hand.

So at 13 minutes in, it starts out with her pulling a snake out and putting it in a girl’s dress that has a blue dress on, right? You remember during Maui, the blue color didn’t burn, and then she has blue flowers all over her dress. Lucy Gray does. Now, the snakes ain’t biting Lucy, and she’s singing to them. She thinks it’s because of her music that they’re not biting her.

But these are weaponized military snakes. So what happens is, if they have your scent, they won’t bite you at all. If they know your scent, they will not bite you. And he finds this out, the dude with the blonde hair that is sponsoring Lucy Gray. This kid here, he realizes that when he goes into the lady that’s running the War Department, the black lady, she has one blue eye and one normal eye.

Just like in the changeling. The girl that put the red bracelet on that girl’s hand, remember, she had the one blue eye, the one normal eye. There’s something going on with that, too. And I started seeing it after all this fire stuff. But when he goes in there and sees these snakes for the first time, he’s reading a presentation to the doctor and telling her these things that they should implement in The Hunger Games to get more people to watch.

Well, his partner that he allegedly does all the schoolwork with, she tries to take the credit, and the doctor is like, oh, you’re the one that wrote that presentation? Oh, cool. Well, my person dropped it in the snake tank. Stick your hand in there and grab it for me so we can read your presentation. And she’s like, as long as them snakes, you really wrote it and your scent is on that paper, then you won’t be bitten.

So the girl reaches in there. Of course, she didn’t write it, and she’s bit, right? She falls out on the floor. So that’s when the blonde kid sees that for the first time. And he’s like, okay. At the end, when he realizes they’re not going to let no one win The Hunger Games because there was a bunch of events that took place that they considered terroristic, right? So they’re like, we’re making sure everyone dies in this Hunger Games.

And they release these snakes in there, but they don’t bite Lucy because before, that kid, he’s like, falling in love with Lucy now. No. So the night before that, he goes to the cage at the zoo to see Lucy, and she just saved his life. He says to her, I’m going to get you out of here. She’s crying. It’s nighttime. And he takes a cloth out of his pocket, wipes her tears, puts it back in his pocket.

So now that the next day when The Hunger Games is going on and they decide to take everyone out with these snakes. He remembers that they wouldn’t bite you if they knew your scent. And he looks in his pocket and has that rag right there that he wiped her tears with. So he drops that in the cage, and when they drop this giant cage through the top of the stadium, she doesn’t get bit.

And that’s where they kind of know, oh, something went wrong here. And they find the rag in the serpent cage. And that leads to him getting sent out. They try to send him to District Eight. He spends his last little bit of money to get sent to District Twelve because he doesn’t know if Lucy survived or not. He don’t know she’s alive. And they send him to the military where he’s got to be a grunt for 20 years.

Well, Lucy is alive, and that’s really where the story really begins. So after The Hunger Games, there’s like a whole hour left where it kind of begins with how snow becomes snow. And, yeah, that’s pretty much the stuff I seen in it. What about you, Paranoid? What did you catch? So I got a completely different tangent, as usual. Of course. Let me pull mine up. You know, people were messaging me.

They’re like, man, after your last show, you and Paranoid fell out. You guys don’t do podcasts no more? Yeah, we had a brawl, bro. We had to go and solve it physically. And it was like blow for blow. We’re both recovered now we’re all good. Ain’t that funny? I was like, man, we were cool right after that show. I just was in the middle of moving, and that’s all it was.

We would definitely never fall out. So I’m going to focus almost entirely on this whole premise right here, basically, of The Hunger Games itself, where he’s describing and the original premise for everyone doesn’t know The Hunger Games already. They pick two children from each district and they put them into the Capital Arena. And in this case, again, the arena was like a tiny little sort of foyer almost, or like a little coliseum kind of.

But in the other Hunger Games that take place after this one, in the future, they take place in this big, wide open forest where they can go and hide and make little shelters and stuff. So it’s a little bit of a departure from that. But what this is actually describing is the same premise as the Minotaur and the labyrinth. So in Minos, right, and here’s the snakes again, too.

So Minos was basically from the story Minotaur. This is like the Bull of Minos and the Minotaur here we go. The Minotaur lived in this labyrinth that was created by Daedalus. And Daedalus basically creates this labyrinth. They put the Minotaur at the middle and the children of Athens are sent, depending on the story, some say every year, some say every six years, some say every twelve years. But every X number of years, these children from Athens, from the affluent communities, they would get sent into this labyrinth to go and try and find the Minotaur.

But it was ultimately a version of sacrifice because the kids never came back out. And actually the person that ends up taking the Minotaur out later on is Theseus, I believe. And he’s the one that actually ends up killing the Minotaur and ending this whole entire ritual. And this ritual is very likely a reference to those old Carthaginian and phoenician rituals. But in this version, they just say that they take them into this labyrinth and they give it to this bull that lives in the center.

But this is that same exact premise of bringing your kids to the big bowl, and that is this form of sacrifice that you have to do in order to just make your way. Still and Athens was basically in debt to Crete for many years while they were doing all this. And then the whole reason why this bull was even locked away like this and why this labyrinth was created and Athens had to send their kids was because this chick right here and I’m going to butcher the name Pacify.

She basically was the queen of Crete. And her husband finds out that she’s got something going on with somebody else and creates this Minotaur. So she’s actually referred to as the goddess of witchcraft. And sorcery, so we’re literally talking about magic combining with this two horned deity that turns into the Minotaur at the center of this labyrinth. And then again, there’s the picture of the original Minos. And then this right here is also really crazy.

So Talon is a direct connection between the Minotaur that lives inside the labyrinth. There’s the concept of that Carthaginian god that you would also bring your sacrifices to and also Talos. And Talos is a giant automaton made of bronze. So this is like an old school huge mech robot, right, that would protect Europa from pirates. And was it was legit, like a robot sidekick that was like your bodyguard.

And this is nuts that this is so old that they were writing about this like literally a giant automaton. And then here’s a picture, right? And this is on the left, I believe. Androgyus and this is where you get the word Androgynous from here’s. Androgyus and. Androgius is probably well represented by the Hunter Schaefer character in this movie because Hunter Schaefer is the Androgynous person from what is it, Euphoria? I don’t know if you guys seen the there’s there’s an interesting connection between the very premise of Hunger Games where you’re bringing your kids up to be sacrificed for the greater of the city, which is the exact same story as the Minotaur, Athens and Minotaur.

And this entire story, the whole reason that you would even have to do this was entirely because of this queen of magic basically procreating and involving this Minotaur. And then that just dovetailing into almost every other modern story that we’ve gotten here. There’s even some connections. I’ll give a little tiny preview of some of my deep research from Thrill Oxide. I won’t say the name, but here’s an actual dagger that they found in 1979 that was from this area where they were actually doing these kinds of sacrifices.

And it’s really hard to see on here, but like Carthage. Yes, real oxide, if you want to know what that means. I forgot to put the link in the description. But go to Occult Decode. com, that’s paranoid American, one of his websites, occult Decode. com. And there’s words on there a word list. You know how like we have the Gamatra calculator? Well, this is a hidden word and you just type in the throw oxide bam.

And you’ll be able to see what it means right there. Band word list. Yeah, and I’m not going to uncheck, but if you uncheck that screen share mode, it’ll show you what this word actually is. That we’re not allowed to stay on a live stream without getting in trouble. These are all banned words that you could get in trouble on YouTube for. So it’s really cool if you’re a follower of ours, you can follow along in there.

There’s a bunch of different words and you can code red. That’s one of your favorites. Yeah. And you guys know what that is. We’ve been on lockdown forever for it. Hot coffee. That’s a grand theft auto. Inside joke. Yeah, there’s a bunch of them, man. We came up with many different ones. It’s cool to watch it the list build and then you just kind of learn our little lingo, what we’re talking about.

So it’s a cool way to follow along, but that’s occultdecode. com. Okay, go ahead, brother. I’ll pause. Yeah, good call out there. And then it’s really hard to tell on this one, but right in the middle of this image, there’s this etching of this wolf’s head, or it’s actually a boar, like a wild boar with these little tusks. But this was a sacrificial dagger that they found next to all these different remains.

And this is a quote from this article right here about them finding this cannibalism in Crete. And it says that the altar was the biggest they found in Crete. That was written about in these initiation rites. And the priests would display this red stuff from the birth of Zeus. And that the actual place of the cult where they found this dagger that’s right outside Crete that at first I thought the priest came because of the pure air of the water spring, but then I learned from a geologist that it had a cross point of seismic lines.

So there was actual proof that these ancient Carthaginian and Crete and Phoenician sacrifice rites were actually being performed on these seismic lines. And I would almost derive from that, like, Ley lines, the fact that they might actually understand more about where they were at than science did up until very recently. And then here’s this I just got a whole bunch, and there’s this article here that goes on to talking about they found 203 bones in a heap and that they all belong to children less than ten and certainly less than 1520 of the bone.

And this is where they know that it wasn’t just like a burial pit where people would just take the kids that had died of natural causes. It was because the bones show these fine knife marks, like butcher cuts. And then it said that there’s also versions of this that go on much later that get attributed. Dionysus. Dionysus, which is the god of LGBTQ movement, and it’s also Bacchus.

Dionysus and Bacchus are the same entity. And that’s Bacchanalia and bacchanalia right here. If you see, this is where they tear apart wild animals and they eat them raw, and they usually put the blood on their faces, and they run around town in celebration. That sounds fun. That sounds great, dude. Yeah. And they’re still doing you think this stuff stopped you’re out of your mind. This stuff is still carrying on today.

They do these they give us this watered down version of religion when they’re still doing these ancient rites and doing them on, like, Paranoid. And by the way, that 203. That’s my new address, dude. So something bad happens to me. You know that Jim Carrey show, the enigma 23 and the 203 address? I’m kind of nervous about that. When I seen that new address, I’m like, all you just got to make sure you don’t get lost in it.

That’s the whole danger of 23, is that if you start looking into it, the rabbit hole never ends. Oh, it’s crazy. I’ve already been down that rabbit hole. It totally fascinates me. My rabbit hole that I’ve been on lately, though, is 36. And in the Bible, it talks about these 36 people that will save the world. These 36 people, right? And, dude, all my codes, if you break down my numerology, connected to my name, connected to my business, connected to everything in my life, it all is connected to 3636-3636.

Even my literal Facebook. I tried to get the at sign Tommy Truthful three, six, Nine, and it wouldn’t let me. So it gave me Tommy Truthful 36. There’s just all the synchronicity to that number. All I can think about are the 36 chambers. Yeah, well, they use it for a lot of negativity. Like, this year is the 36 year anniversary of Harp. Why? We’ve seen Maui. It’s a 36 year anniversary of Hamas.

That’s why that’s going on between over there and six six six is the 36 triangular number. But six six six ain’t evil either. It comes for the breakdown of carbon and melanin. It’s linked to the human, but it’s just all a perversion. Even if you look into the scripture in the oldest book of revelations found in Papyrus 115, the true number of the beast is 6116 and it’s connected to Nero.

And then I think it’s ritual sacrifice that equals 6116, if I’m not mistaken. So you see that number over and over again, but yeah, it was from Papyrus 115. So they just take anything sacred like the number 33 and pervert it. Anything sacred, holy. They take that and they’ll try to pervert it and attach negative energy to it. But it’s quite comical, to tell you the truth. And guys, all links are down in the description right now.

We got a sale going on over on my other website, Truthfultv. com, where I do all my decodes. If you want to get a personal decode, we do them over there and you use promo code sales 17. I was born on the 17th. Everything I do is with numbers. And that gets you an extra 17% off all of our stuff right now over there on Truthfultv. com. And we got some amazing stuff.

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That’s the only stuff I promote. And remember, we are self funded by the viewer, so people like you when you do purchase, it’s a great way to support the podcast and we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without you guys. Now with the personal decodes, we got some really cool things going on with that right now, too. And I do personal decodes to let you know if you are a first player character with the soul or one of these NPCs running around controlled by this quantum computer.

And you can ask anyone in the comments that’s got a reading from me. It’s very detailed, takes me a little bit to do, but usually we’re booked out for several months and ahead. Right now I think we’re about a month and a half out. So just book your reading. You’re always going to be on a waiting list. That’s never going to change. But it’s $26 and if you use promo code decode the matrix from now through Christmas you get an extra 11% off that $26 and we just cover.

Like me. I was born January 17. Truth mafia is 1117. We look at your Gamatria, we look at your destiny cards. You see this ten of diamonds. I’m a ten of diamonds. J dreams is a four diamonds. I know Jay’s whole code by heart. I know Paranoids too. Paranoid is a three like me. But I have the hangman and the empress, right? Which the hangman is the twelveTH card.

The empress is the third one plus two is three. Both of my birth cards come back to my life path number. And when you see these NPCs that does never lines up their birth cards will be totally different than their life path number. And you can tell too because they’re so bizarre when you talk to them. How do you break it to someone when you find out they’re an NPC? They asked me that last night.

I just tell them I mean I’m really nice about it. I just you know, you got the code that I don’t call them an NPC. I just tell them that they’re not a first player character in the game of life and it’s hard. I try to say it as nice as possible but yeah, it sucks. I don’t enjoy doing it at all. I would rather not do it but they’re paying me for a service.

They want to know so I can’t lie to them, you know what I mean? I have to tell them the truth so I just tell them the truth. Now Paranoid American, he has the empress card but he has the world card. And the three is the only number out of the one life path. The two, the three, the four, the five all the way through nine. The three is the only life path number that has two mixtures of the cards.

So if you’re a three and you’re a first player character you’re going to have the hangman in the empress or the world card in the empress and the world card is the 21st card. Two plus one is three. So it still comes back to the three. Paranoid American has the world. In the empress. I got the hangman and the empress and hangmans. We always sacrifice ourself for the better good.

You know what I mean? And look what I do for a living. The empress, she’s the creator of this reality. Now the destiny card number ten is the most lucky card in the deck and it’s known as the good fortune card. People that have this are able to manifest money anytime they need it. If they run into trouble in their life money will always appear and that has been the story of my life, believe it or not.

It’s so bizarre. And then Jay dreams is four of diamond cards. Says a lot about his character too. There’s a lot of cool connections and it has to do with about his passive nature and just good spirit that he has. Why he’s that positive know that’s all has to do with his destiny card. So it’s really interesting. That link is down below in the description. You’ll see book a reading and that’s on Truthfultv.

com Jay. And guys, don’t forget to go over and join Jay’s membership. He has an amazing membership. He’s also starting a membership. Well, he has one on his website, but he’s going to start doing a lot more content over there, ain’t you, brother? On the website? Yeah. So I’m working on the Fractal Verse web page right now and the arcade is I’m pretty much done with the arcade for now.

I’ll come back and add to it later. But it looks awesome, dude. Are you able to show your screen and show the people what you’ve done with that already? I don’t know if you’re able to or not. This is the one me and Jay is going to do together. And it’s pretty cool, guys. I’m super excited for it. So we’re going to kind of do like a call in show based thing and we’ll have some stuff on YouTube still, but then we’re going to do shows where you go on the website and you can chat on the website.

You can leave comments. So it’s just a better way to get people to support our platforms instead of YouTube because they’re making billions of dollars off of us. You know what I mean? I got it all set up. Yeah. Jay’s website is so cool too. All right, so this is the main welcome page and you just want to click where it says main menu right here. And then you scroll down to the arcade.

Boom. Sorry, I’m watching the live stream and it’s like behind oh, snap. Audio in my headset. I don’t know if you can hear it. Hopefully not. All right, well, anyways is that Copywritten that music? Yeah. Oh, we just got flagged, I guarantee. Sorry, dude, I didn’t know you wanted me to do this. All right, don’t worry about it. It ain’t no big deal. Go ahead, brother. Yeah, this is the new page.

It’s got some video games you can play. And this is where we’ll be doing our live streams where you don’t have to worry about code words or anything. Yeah, that’ll be fun. And we could do the call in show too. Then our callers, they don’t got to be cryptic. They can talk freely. And that’ll be really cool to be able to hear everybody’s different perspective on things and what they think is going on in the world around us right now.

I’m really excited to hear all that stuff. So. Yeah, it’ll be fun, man. A lot of cool stuff planned, and it’d definitely be fun. All Jay’s links are down in the description. His link to his membership on his YouTube is down there. So if you want to join him through his YouTube membership, that’s down in the description as well as all links. Now, Jay, what did you think, brother, about this movie? I know you didn’t like it, but as far as the symbolism goes, well, what do you want to know exactly? Like, if you prompt me, I can go off.

I don’t have anything to share. Was there any connections to the plasma apocalypse with The Hunger Games, is my question. Yeah, I got, like, so much I’ve wanted to say so much this whole time. Like, you have no idea. You told me about a Chan Thomas connection with something about Colorado, and I was trying to talk about it yesterday, but I forgot what you told me about Colorado being a safe zone and the Capital.

Something about the capital. In the book series, the capital is in the Colorado Rockies. It’s right behind that’s. That’s the survivors. That’s the rich district that’s in charge of everybody. So I think that the reason that they’re rich and in charge of everybody is because they survived the last apocalyptic cycle, and all the heathens and savages are those that live outside toward the southern boundaries of Hyperboreia Garden of Know, the safe area or whatever.

So do you think the capital in The Hunger Games? What did you say about Shan Thomas’s book? The Safe Zone. Where’s that at? In Colorado. Well, he said it’s on the Lee side of Pikes Peak. Is that close to where the Capitol um, yeah, it is. It’s exactly where the capital is, actually. Wow. And then there’s that whole Phoenix symbolism connected to The Hunger Games like I showed, which could be a representation of a nuclear symbol as well.

But what do you think about this? I was thinking the snakes could maybe represent plasma. Do you think so? And they come through the roof. Dude, you did amazing breakdown off air when you were on the phone about the roof symbolism and being the open. Yeah, that’s before I even saw the movie. It was really obvious what they were showing. They’re showing the domed roof, which is the firmament, and it’s blown open.

So I knew that the snakes came in from the hole in the roof. It could have made them come in from anywhere, but I just knew that they would, because that’s where the fiery serpents descend from, is from God or from the sky, and those are the fiery serpents that come down. That’s why they’re all multicolored like that, too, because of the different gases that they have to pass through to get to the surface, because it’s just ionized gas.

So it’s electricity that’s passing through gas, and when it goes through different pockets of gas, they’ll change colors. So these will be Rainbow serpents, you know what I mean? Down or whatnot. But for the most part they’re magenta when they first come down because they’re hydrogen way up there in the highest parts of the atmosphere. But that’s how I knew they were coming in from the sky. It’s all symbolic of the apocalypse.

It’s very super obvious. These are all post apocalyptic survivors, maybe however long after the event happened, I would guess ten years if this is the 10th Annual Hunger Games, you know what I mean? Well, this was actually no, this ain’t after. This is actually 64 years before the first Hunger Games that we watched. So this takes place 64 years before the first one we ever seen. This is the rise of the President.

Remember President Snow? That was in the first Hunger Games, Jay? Yeah. This is the rise of him. So this is taking place when he’s a kid. It’s the 10th annual one, right? Yeah, the 10th one. I thought you meant the 10th since it started. Oh, no, I just meant like, that’s when the apocalypse happened. Because if the Hunger Games commemorates the apocalyptic event, obliterates everybody and throws them all into chaos and disarray, you know what I mean? Like, this would be the 10th.

This is how they keep track. This is a holiday, basically. The Hunger Games is Saturnalia. What was the other one you guys mentioned? Baca nalia or whatever. Yeah, those are the exact same thing. And there’s reasons why right back to I know it’s easy to be like, oh, they ran around covered in blood and fucking saying stole, or whatever they did. It’s easy to dismiss that now and say, that’s retarded, you know what I mean? Or that sounds wacko or whatever, but that’s because we live under a different conditions in this world, you know what I mean? I would say, why did they do that? They had reasons why they did it.

They weren’t just psycho, cannibalistic, satanic weirdos that just decided to cover themselves in blood and you know what I mean, do all that stuff. Those are holiday traditions that either became cartoonified over time and people lost the meaning of them, or they were just dismissed and they stopped doing them because there was no longer a need to do those things. There’s the symbolism of the COVID where that open hole right there is where the serpents come through.

That’s where the serpents descend from that open hole. I mean, look at the COVID image, too. You got the phoenix attacking the snake and then like the sun behind it. Yeah, the phoenix is the blue beam of light that shoots up and spreads its wings and attacks the serpents that come down. I mean, the whole symbolism in that is crazy, bro. Yeah, I guess it could have been better, but me personally, guys, I enjoyed it.

I know these two didn’t really get into get picky on this. But my ultimate question after almost every movie is, could this movie have been half the length and been the same movie? And this one is like, yes on every box. Like, every single thing, every message they got conveyed to the viewer, all could have happened in an hour and a half and not two and a half hours.

So that’s my number one complaint. But yeah, I remember when I was younger, I used to love two or three hour movies. It was like, oh, man, you’re getting all this extra value for your money. You know what I mean? I paid the same for this ticket. Why wouldn’t I go to the six hour movie versus the hour and a half one? But now when time is in essence, I find myself like, come on, wrap this up.

Wrap this scene up, right? No, I get it. And shout out to everybody on Rumble. I’m looking at the chat back here. I see you guys over here. Got some people over on Rumble. Hit that like button. Make sure you hit that like button. We appreciate you all, too, on all platforms now. Yeah, it could have been better, but I enjoyed it myself. I thought it was a decent movie.

I was excited to do it because the symbolism, of course, and I know it’s going to be a major event in the Year of the Serpent, which again, starts January 20, Eigth, of 2025. And from the release of that movie is 438 days. And you guys see the 438 connection. I think The Year of the Dragon is going to be pretty decent. It’s supposed to be a year of prosperity, and it’s going to get us to let our guard down in 2024.

And then 2025 through 2032 is going to be unreal. That seven year period right there. The great tribulation equals two two five. So I think that’s when it’ll pop off and stuff’s going to get nuts. Now, another movie, guys, that I checked out, which was terrible, but there was so much symbolism in it, was good burger, too. And shout out to my dude David from Indiana, because without him, I would have never known about this.

I did a reading on him, and he had the neo code. So it makes sense that he caught all this because he sent me a bunch of screenshots when I did his decode. He’s definitely not a first player character. He actually has a very rare code known as the neocode. You don’t see it a lot. And he caught, like, almost everything. He didn’t catch the fire thing. I did.

That the fire truck. But the laser storm. This was at the roller rink. And look what it says. Can you survive laser storm? And in the beginning scene, the first couple of minutes, he’s in a blue, all blue outfit standing out in front of his house, and he’s talking about this new chemical you spray on your house and it’s anti inflammatory. So then he has this dude come in with a freaking what’s that called, the fire launcher flamethrower.

And he sprays the house and it’s supposed to not catch on fire, right? But it does. And right before that, they had all these fireworks in the house. So when the house catches on fire, these fireworks start shooting out. And in the movie, it looks like directed energy weapons are coming at him in the blue. But he’s dodging from left to right. They never hit him. And there’s also, remember in Hawaii, they didn’t hit anything that was blue.

So you got that symbolism there. And then on the truck, when he goes out after the fire, he’s talking to the guy in the black SUV. And the fire truck is off to the distant. Now, you notice the number 44 on the fire truck right there, right? So from the release of this actually from the Belfort Fire until Maui was exactly 44 days. And if you don’t remember the Belfort Fire, this took place June 25 of 2023.

And that’s the day when they shared all them newspaper articles showing New York covered in that orange smoke. Remember? It was the worst air quality we ever had. They showed pictures of Chicago with the freaking orange. The New York, like everywhere. The whole west coast. The east coast? All this orange guy. You could barely see anything, right? And that was right after this is a couple of days after New York put up that giant sign that said welcome to Hell.

That was on 66. So then this is like a week and a half later, the Belfort Fire pops off. And that was exactly 44 days from that Belfort Fire to Maui, the biggest fire event we’ve ever seen. And Harp is 44, maui is 44, Cook is 44. And they got the four four right on the truck. They are in this movie that has so much symbolism connected to lasers and you know what I mean, fire.

There’s a ton of scenes where he mentions fire, too. Like out of nowhere. It just doesn’t even make sense why he brings it up. So I wouldn’t recommend watching it. It was really terrible. But there was a lot of symbolism in it. If you wanted to watch it just to catch that, I guess you could because it’s loaded with symbolism and little Easter eggs. But at the same time, it was terrible.

Honestly, I couldn’t even get into it. I just used it to decode. But it was bad. It was really bad. And then another connection. Guys, I’m working on a video right now, a three part series, unbreakable the movie Glass and Split. And I also owe that to that same guy that told me about the new Good Burger, david from Indiana. He told me to watch Split. And I had already seen Unbreakable a long time ago, but I never seen Split.

So after I watched Split, I was amazed by the symbolism in it. I mean, it is so crazy. It’s this guy that has 23 alter ego split personalities, and then there’s a 24th hidden one, and the 24th one is the Devil, and it literally climbs up walls, guys. It can bend bars. His one split personality is a girl, and it has diabetes. His other personalities don’t have diabetes.

And then his psychologist is doing a report on it showing that these people have unlocked some type of ability in their brain where one of their personalities actually has superhuman abilities. And the 24th alter ego, the devil character, they call him the Beast, right? His split personality is so crazy. Me and Jay was talking about this the other night. He’s literally 40 pounds heavier, a couple of inches taller, solid muscle.

And like I said, he can climb up walls and shit. He’s totally crazy. He eats people. He’s cannibalistic in unbreakable. Unbreakable is a sequel to Glass, and so is Split. Split is a sequel to Glass. Unbreakable is a sequel to Glass. So then when you watch Split, you got to watch Glass. And when you watch Glass, this is where they get took to the hospital, the Raven Memorial Hospital, all that Raven symbolism, which we also seen with The Fall of the House of Usher, remember? And so they go to Raven Memorial, which Raven Memorial equals one eight seven.

They take them there to literally kill them because they want to kill anybody with special abilities. And in the movie Unbreakable, actually in Unbreakable, in the scene where his son’s watching TV, he’s upside down, laying on the couch, watching TV upside down. The whole TV looks upside down at the time. His dad just gets in the train wreck, right? And then Unbreakable, his dad gets these superhuman abilities.

He’s the only survivor on the train wreck. He’s, like, got all these crazy abilities where he can’t be hurt and so forth. So his son’s watching his dad just get in a wreck. He’s laying upside down. You can see, glances up at the clock for a split second. And the clock is on 416 when his dad gets in a wreck. So he jumps up, runs to the refrigerator to look what train his pops was on, and his props was on train one seven seven at 03:40 P.

m. . Well, chip implant is 340. Nibaru is 340. And then the 416 connection, CRISPR Cast is 4116. Human genome is 4116. The death to America, it’s all about genetic modification. Now, the interesting part is Glass released in 2019, right? January 18, 2019. Four years, 16 days later was the train wreck in East Palestine, Ohio. So there’s your 1st 4116 connection. It’s 416 on the clock, right? Then you got the movie Unbreakable.

It comes out 41 weeks and six days before 911. There’s a 4116 connection again. And unbreakable is 92. Like Planet X sacrifice. There’s a lot of connection with that as well. Pentagon is 92. We remember the Pentagon was connected to 911. So then we have this whole 4116 connection connected to genetic modification. The Super Soldiers, they do this trauma based mind control to split these Super Soldiers into alter egos, right? And these split personalities, when you shatter their reality, you do something really harmful to them.

Like, they start very young with these kids, and they’ll have the kid grow up with, say, a best friend, right? Then they make the kid kill his best friend or raise a dog that he really loves and then kill the dog. And they’ll actually violate the child several times. And there will be a handler that comes in and saves the kid. That’s his role in the programming. He always comes in, saves the child.

Well, they’ll do that for about a year, programming. And then this one day, the handler comes in, and instead of him saving the child, he violates the child. That shatters the kid’s whole reality. And now each shattered fragment, the broken glass, just like we see an unbreakable on the COVID the broken glass, the movie Glass, the movie Get Out has the broken glass on the COVID It splits each one of them broken fragments into programmable altars.

This is trauma based mind control. The CIA declassified files that talks about it in, right? So they’re they’re programming these people, and it’s all part of this Super Soldier program where they’re trying to train people to be assassins and all kinds of different things. They’re using genetic modification to create these Super Soldiers. You got to look into Matt Spears, what he talked about with the Super Soldier program, how they were tortured and stuff like that.

He was found vomiting up black goo on a couch in Poland. That’s when he died, he was about to expose a black magic cult. And what they were doing with children with Michael Aquino, who ran the Psychological War Department. And once he talked about doing that, well, guess what? He was found humming up? Black goo. He never got to do that interview. So there’s this whole connection to the Super Soldiers, the gene manipulation.

Genetic engineering is 4116. Genetic giants, the nephilim. And then there’s this other series. It’s called pantheon. And it came out September 1 of 2022. Paranoid American told me to watch it. Guys, it’s phenomenal. It’s all about uploading your consciousness to a computer, right, where you upload your consciousness so it’s connected to that whole immortality technology. And season two, episode 120 seconds in, they’re declaring martial law and coming down the street, and look at the address on the freaking mailbox.

Four one six. And the whole thing is about uploading your consciousness to a computer. Genetic. It’s the genetic engineering code, the CRISPR Nine, where we can create these Super Soldiers and splice their genomes. Now, the interesting thing about that is, too, from the release of that movie until Glass the movie Glass. So there’s a clear connection here was 1322 days. You got the 1322 now guess what 1322 is? Klaus Schwab.

What is Kaus Schwab connected to this whole agenda? This whole agenda connected to genetic modification. Also 1322 is the artificial intelligence claiming to be the creator. And that’s what they’re setting up. This false god created out of artificial intelligence that will be worshipped as a god, right? Phoenix event is 1322 too. And as you see with Unbreakable, we got the 92 connection to Planet X. With Unbreakable, there’s also his train was at 340 p.

M. Which Nibaru is 340. I believe it was 340 days. I got to look it up. Hold on, let me look real quick. Let me pull up my date calculator because there’s some connection there too. To Rona. Hold on 1 second, guys, let me pull this date calculator up the Code Red. I can’t remember the exact connection, so I got to look now. What date did that one come out real quick? That one was February.

Let me try. Glass 1st February 18 or January 18, I mean 118 2019. Okay, so 118 2019 to 1118, the 322nd day of the year of 2019. That’s when the first case happened. Oh, yeah. 304 days. It was 304 days, which is 34 and 340, the 340 on the clock, that’s 34 in numerology. So we have the 34 connection. The CDC released a zombie apocalypse warning on their website on March 4.

Remember guys, 34 and the day the whole Code Red situation went live in the United States, the Jabbers, December 14, during the corona eclipse in Argentina. 13 years prior to that day was the movie I am Legend came out, which is all about genetic modification. These super soldier zombies, so we see heavily ties to both of them, narratives with these movements. Now that 34 connection is zombie. Zombie equals 34 too.

And what are they trying to create? The masses where they are nothing more than like controllable freaking zombies. Like the walking dead. They want us to upload our consciousness to this artificial reality. They’re trying to create a quantum copy of our soul. But I don’t think it’s as nefarious as we think. I think this is the truth. I think that we are in a drill right now and they know the world’s going to end.

They know about the Phoenix phenomenon, they know about the plasma apocalypse, what people call pole shift, planet X, which really it’s a dimension, but that’s neither here nor there. This event is cyclical and they know it’s going to happen. And imagine if you knew 90% of the world will perish. Well, what could you do to make them live on? You create a quantum reality and you create a quantum copy of their soul.

That way when they die here in the physical, they’re reborn in this digital reality where you rule over like gods. You guys are like you set up this artificial matrix that you rule over. I mean, it’s kind of genius when you really think about it, but that’s what I think they’re doing. Their immortality tech, all of it elon Musk, neural length, the brain chip, all that, it’s all tied to this immortality technology.

Look into Agenda 2045 immortality tech, and you’ll see this is their peer reviewed papers, their research that they’ve wrote on it, what their plans are and what the narrative is they’re pushing forward. I actually wrote a detailed blog on it, on Truthmafia. com. But, yeah, that 4116 connection, I see it over and over and over again to that narrative, and I just thought it was pretty interesting that I’ve seen it with all the movies unbreakable, Glass, and Pantheon, which Paranoid told me to watch it, guys, it’s really good.

How far are you in that pantheon, Paranoid? I stopped at the end of season one, so I haven’t started season two yet. Oh, you haven’t? Oh, it’s so good, dude. I can’t wait for Jay to check it out. It’s really good. I’m not usually into cartoons, but that one’s like an adult cartoon, and it’s crazy, dude. It kind of is. Like, if you unlock your powers in this reality, we might have the abilities like them.

People that uploaded their consciousness, remember, they’re pretty much like superheroes. They could do anything in that reality. And I don’t think this physical reality is much different than that, honestly. They’re kind of trying to create a matrix within a matrix. Right? Yeah. What was that, like, a black mirror episode where it was, like, the simulation within a simulation where that lady’s life was a Netflix show? Yes. It’s called? Joan is awful.

I actually did a video on it. Right? Joan is awful. Yes, 100%. They want to trap us in a simulation within a simulation. They got the newest D Wave, the 2000 Q, the quantum computer plugged into CERN. It’s plugged into all social media. They’re definitely harvesting our energy and feeding it to another reality. And this ties into third strand DNA. Guys, I can’t dive into it too much because I’m on YouTube, but just look at they want to add three strands of 22 to your 44 base pairs of DNA.

When did code red start? November 18, the 322nd day of the year. And three strands of 22 is three. 2222 plus 22 plus 22 is 66. Well, black goo, 66 and the Rona. So you know what I’m saying? We know their true agenda with that, and that’s the nanotechnology, the black goo that plugs you in. It allows them to use you kind of as an avatar where they can control your body from this other reality, from this other dimension.

Some people think they’re demons that’s controlling everything, and I think that’s probably true. Not too far off from the truth. My boy did a video on this about this building that looks like a damn big shot. Right? And the connection to them trying to create this quantum copy of our soul, that’s up on Truth Mafia. com. And Richard. Richard did it. Guys, you know who Richard is over on Truth Mafia.

com. For anybody that follows, he he went missing for a while and none of us knew what happened to him. And then he did a video recently. Some dude in his life was like extorting him and it was pretty crazy. But he’s back. He’s safe now. If you don’t know who he is, here, I’ll show you real quick. He’s phenomenal. His work is really groundbreaking. It’s this gentleman right here, Richard.

I don’t want to butcher his name, and his work is next level. If you like my work, you’ll really love his. He has video 16 spiritual physical tsunami. That one’s phenomenal. And Jay, you should check him out, brother, because he talks all about nibiru and it being this dual system. And he believes in flat Earth, but he believes in this dual system. The way he breaks it down is so fascinating.

And he shows all the symbolism connected to the nobility and different symbols they use throughout time. It’s really interesting. He does awesome slides, too. His videos are so great. Richard. Shout out to Richard. So, yeah, you check him out, guys. That’s on truth Mafia. com right over here. This was a really good one, too. The death of space that just dropped. Phenomenal. Gets into black magic, all kinds of stuff.

We got Henry Kissinger over there. Pole Ship, plasma apocalypse, latest evidence. That’s what Greg Reese dropped. It was pretty good. Paranoid American just dropped this one. Eric conley on MKUltra. Jolly west and Disney mind control. And Jay dreams. Stranger things. But you know, there’s a bunch of cool stuff over here, different stuff for you guys to watch. And while I’m showing you the screen real quick, it’s my other website, Truthfultv.

com. This is where I do all my bookings, guys. There’s a video right here that walks you through the booking process. So you just check out as a guest. You don’t have to have PayPal like a lot of people think you check out as a guest and watch that video. It literally shows you how to do it. And there’s the reading there. We also do dream interpretations. If you’re on your phone, the menu is going to be up in the top right corner.

It looks like a square with three lines going through it. And when you click on that, you’ll see the shop. Click on the shop. Boom. And you’ll notice all of our new stuff we have over here. Bunch of new stuff. Now, the CBD, we only ship to America. And make sure you look at the states right there, because there are certain states we don’t ship CBD to. But the other products we ship worldwide.

Free shipping, you know what I mean? So there’s a lot of really cool stuff. These pyramids are amazing definitely. But yeah, that’s all I got for today. Paranoid. Let’s do a little show the people what you got going on over there in your freaking house. What you set up? Yeah, pop this video open. Yes. This is just some of the titles. I got the pamphlets. There stickers. Tommy was telling me to throw this together to just show how serious this is.

It’s not a rinky dink operation. This isn’t drop shipped directly from Amazon. Like, my entire house is stocked floor to ceiling with comics and stickers. And there’s some little Hillary Clinton toys that haven’t dropped yet. Yeah, there’s a lot of little previews in here. That a lot of products that haven’t released yet. There’s a lot of Chaos twins in there. And then as it pans around, it’s got my whole selection of coloring books, comic books, pamphlets.

This section right here is all my thrill oxide sticker collection. There’s like 20 of them. I got rooms. 0237. Dude, that’s a huge code. The gamma code is two, three, seven. We found a massive connection to two, three seven with Maui the Dues. There’s this gamma code connected to what I believe is the plasma apocalypse and the pole shift event. So what’s up with this two, three seven code right here with your keychain? Well, this is from The Shining, the movie The Shining, Stanley Kubrick, that’s the room that is at the very end is two, three seven.

And all the links to that being indicative of him trying to reveal that that movie was about the moon landing. It’s everything to do with that. Wow, bro, I never knew that connection to two, three seven. Holy. And those keychains are the exact same color as the red keychain in the movie. I’m going to have to get me one of them, dude, all the way down to the font and then yeah, here’s my selection.

These are just the ones that I’ve got printed up right now. There’s a couple here that I haven’t even released yet, but yeah, connect the dots is the chemtrails one mold is going to be coming out in January. All those Illuminati’s at the top are all going to be coming out early next year. Blackmast Pizza is not even out yet, but you could just see I’m completely stocked.

I’ve got all this. And anytime someone buys one of these comics from me, I’m signing it. I’m throwing in a bunch of extras. If someone gets like one of each, they get an extra free comic. I throw all kinds of stuff in. So yeah, look at this. There’s literally over a ton worth of comics in here. You got a sneak peek of little, you know, for a quick split second.

Yeah, you can order that too. That’s hilarious. That’s the biden party. Yeah, yeah, get that. But yeah, that’s pretty cool, bro. You definitely take it pretty serious over there. And it’s all like custom wrapping. Like, I got my. Own tissue paper. I got my own reinforced tape for the packages. I put little golden seals on everything. Like, we do it upright, it shows up. And you’re impressed. I guarantee it.

I want one of them killeries. Can I get mine with a little I’m still working on it. I don’t show you here, but I got an airbrush station set up because I’m airbrushing like reptilian scales on her face and then adding like little all those are going to be hand painted custom airbrushed figures that I’ll be dropping soon. Oh, I need that, dude. I want mine with a frazzle tattoo on her head.

Oh, that’s hilarious, bro. That’s so funny. But yeah, man. What are we going to do next week, Paranoid? We watched a dark song. But that was a slightly older movie, right? Yeah, but Dark Song was dope. But I’m open, man. We still got to start making our way through all the Stranger Things before it drops in 2025. And it seems like that’s a year away, right? But within a month from now, we’re going to have to knock out the first, what, four seasons between January and December.

Let’s start getting into Stranger Things next week because they really like that episode too. I want to still do like every episode one by one. Yeah, we can get into that. Me and Paranoid are working on guys that we’re going to do some shorter, like, ten minute breakdowns that are going to be we’re going to edit stuff in it’s, going to have some AI overlays to it. You’ll see clips of the movie so it’ll be done up really nice.

Like how I do my video edits that go viral. The last three I put out. Dude, I got one right now that’s at 900,000 views, one at like 750. All them video edits I’d be dropping, they go crazy viral. But I think people’s attention span is so low when you do like a long form podcast. It just doesn’t get the views and traction like the shorter ones do.

But I still like doing this. I like talking with you and Jay. I enjoy I like the long form because from long form you can always extract those little ten second clips and everything. Yeah, I got a couple of good clips I’m going to take out of this one when you were doing your breakdown. And I think I’m going to make a couple of different short ones on this.

I tried to invite Donut, but I think he had something to do tonight. And he did several back to back podcast. He did that one with me for our members only. You can watch that up on Truthmafia. com Now. The members only content, $8. 88 a month. Click on the link in the description. We did a phenomenal one. That was Thursday or no, Friday. And then Friday he had to go do one with Paranoid American and that chick.

I want to interview her, bro. Did you? Yeah. Shout out Cheney. We were up from midnight till 05:00 a. m. And apparently even after I went to bed, donut and Cheney were up talking for like another hour or two. So now we didn’t go to sleep until like, seven or eight in the morning. Oh, my Lord. Yeah, I need to interview her, bro. Set that up. I like her.

She’s all about loose energy. And her breakdown on Friends was so phenomenal. That’s what I need to figure out what’s going on. She did a breakdown on what’s her name, doja Cat. Her demon video how she used a Friends logo thing but left out two dots, and she said each dot represented a person from Friends. And she thinks I forget why. She said she thought she left them out, but that’s why I want to ask her why does that represent Matthew Perry? That he was going to die? And who’s the other one? Is there another person from Friends that died? Maybe we could do like a special Friends episode or something.

Break down, like the craziest episodes of Friends I would do yeah, I’m down to do that. Friends. That would be a fun episode, too. But yeah, we’ll do Stranger Things next week. Does anybody got any questions in the comments for me? Paranoid or brother? Jay. Jay, you seem kind of low energy this one today. I do? Yeah, a little bit. You’re really up and happy and just I guess I am a little low energy just because I already did my whole live stream.

And then I thought we were starting at 711, but then we didn’t start for like an hour, and I’ve been sitting here the whole time. And I probably do have a little less energy than when we first started, I suppose. Yeah, you got to know it’s always like, you start, but then there’s the prep. Not only that, but all the cool stuff you told us before the live stream.

And so you know what I mean? I don’t know how to react. It’s weird for me because I hear two presentations basically, like, you give us the presentation before, and then I’m just kind of quiet. I don’t really know when to chime in and stuff. It’s just different for me. Yeah, I always prep every time we do that. It’s just good to prep that way when you’re doing your thing, you know the flow of it, so it goes good, but it happens.

I’ve been off on episodes so many times, dude. I have a lot to say. I don’t always know when to chime in, and I try to be really respectful to when you guys are talking and stuff, so I have a lot to say. If you ask me directly. I’ll have all kinds of stuff to say about it or whatever, but if you guys keep going and talking or whatever, then I’ll just be quiet and just let you talk you know what I mean? We pass a rainstick around.

Yeah, I did ask him. I asked him, what did you feel on the breakdown? I guess you gave your opinion, though it wasn’t one you were really into either. So that happens. There’s some movies I watch, and I’m like, this was definitely my least favorite Hunger Games movie. Out of all the different movies, I think I liked all of them better than this one. Oh, yeah, me, too.

I mean, it wasn’t the best, but the real story started after The Hunger Games. It’s like, not even about that. It starts the hour after it, where he’s in the woods, and he’s really getting ready to pretty much kill that girl, Lucy Gray, because she was the last thing that was standing in his way to get back to The Capitol, because he ended up killing the mayor’s daughter.

Because she walked back there when his friend was trying to help smuggle guns to the rebels, and she was like, I’m telling she’s the one that got Lucy sent to The Hunger Games in the first you know, he shot her with the shotgun, and Lucy had put that gun in the floorboard of that cabin they were in. And she’s like, well, now the only thing standing your way you got the gun, is me.

And she kind of looks at him, and she’s like, I’m going to go outside, because I think she felt he was going to kill her, and she went outside and dips out. And then he goes out looking for Lucy. Where are you? So he starts to walk in the woods, and when he walks in the woods, he sees her shirt on the ground. He goes to pick it up, and that’s where the snake bit know? And he’s like, Is this snake poisonous? He starts screaming at Lucy, and he sees her run through the tree line, and he starts shooting at her with the AK.

But what’s weird, too, is the snake ends up not being poisonous. So he survives. He goes back to the doctor at the end, and he goes back to The Capitol. He gets back there, whatever he gets. His best friend killed, sacrifices him, pretty much was going to kill Lucy. Spoiler alert. And when he gets back to The Capitol, the doctor that created the snakes, the lady with the one blue eye, the one normal, she says, now, what do you think the Hunger Games represent? He said we need the Hunger Games to keep pee.

So now he knows what it’s for, to keep people in line. He’s like the purge. Yeah, it’s like the purge. So he realizes what they need him for. And that’s where he goes under her wing. And she kind of raises him up to where he becomes the President. But they don’t show us what happened to Lucy Gray after that. That part pissed me off, dude. I’m like, what happened to her? She became Snow White or she tried to.

Then she got fired. I don’t know. She was going to be Snow White, but then they canceled her. Oh, for real? Yeah, in real life. Oh, wow. I didn’t know that. Yeah, they didn’t cancel her. There was just so much backlash right. That they had why? For what? What was the backlash for? I think the appropriate word is super woke. You know what I mean? There were no dwarves.

I don’t know what the fuck they were. They were not dwarves. And she’s not trying to look for the prince or anything. They changed it and made her all empowered woman power and weird and stuff. And they were very that’s what I’m asking. Because she’s really outspoken about it and she won’t shut up about it. And she’s making a big deal about all of it. And she’s really defending it, which is causing a stir.

Kind of like the recent Bud Light mascot stir type stuff. Oh, I salute her for that. Then that makes me like her more. I already was attracted to her. I know a lot of people think they’re not particularly what they portray to be in Hollywood as far as certain sexuality goes, but I was trying to see if I could tell with her, and I couldn’t, so I got so paranoid.

If that is true. They did a good job. Whoever her doctor was, they did a good job because I thought she’s pretty and she’s a good singer. Definitely a good singer. I’d never seen her before either until this freaking whole episode or this whole movie. But I had no clue who she was, dude. But yeah, that’s pretty much our take. And we love y’all. All links are down in the description.

We will see you in a couple of days. Make sure you go check out my new videos, guys. If you’re on Facebook, the at sign is Truth Mafia podcast. I put up a bunch of new videos. And if you’re on Instagram, it’s Tommy Truthful TV. That’s my big one. So I love you all. You guys have an amazing day. Thanks for coming and chilling out with us. We’re out of here.

Love you guys. Did it end? No, it’s still going. .

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