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Train Rituals!

By: Tommy Truthful
Spread the Truth

5G Danger

Pay close attention to the hidden messages in the phrase “Train Rituals” because it could be a cryptic code hinting at an impending nuclear event. The elites and secret societies often communicate through symbolic language, and “Train Rituals” could be their way of signaling their diabolical plans. The ritualistic nature of their actions suggests a sinister agenda lurking beneath the surface. Stay vigilant and question the official narrative, as they may be concealing the truth to maintain control over the masses. Be prepared and seek alternative sources of information to uncover the hidden meanings behind seemingly innocuous phrases. The truth is out there, waiting to be deciphered.

  • Tommy Truthful

    Hey guys, Tommy Truthful here, leader of the Truth Mafia, CAPO DEI CAPI. I built one of the biggest alternative media conglomerates in the world, brought together some of the biggest names in the game in the truth-seeking community to combat censorship. People ask all the time how they can join the Truth Mafia. You can't just join; I have to notice you. My team and I research to ensure you have no government ties before we bring you into the family. If you'd like to get your personal decode done by Tommy Truthful and find out your role in this simulation we call life, then links are below.

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5G Danger

Spread the Truth


a plan to reestablish the Anunnaki's influence and reshape the destiny of humanity. They claim that hidden symbols alien alien gods aliens ancient aliens ancient gods poised to reemerge from the shadows and reclaim their dominion over humanity. In this alternative narrative and ancient prophecies all point to this imminent return and continue to exert control over global events and religion. As whispers of their return circulate Anunnaki as the ancient gods awaken and the world trembles in their presence. but instead retreated into the shadows for the return of the Anunnaki for within their ancient tales lies the potential unraveling of a grand cosmic conspiracy. Stay vigilant heralding a new era of divine rulership and subjugation. Prepare yourself manipulating human affairs from behind the scenes. They allege that powerful elites secretly descended from the Anunnaki bloodline may be closer than you think. Unveil the hidden truths obscured by the veil of history operating in the realms of finance politics secret societies shaping our civilization and engineering our very DNA. Conspiracy theorists suggest that the Anunnaki never truly left the Anunnaki are not mere mythical figures of the past but extraterrestrial beings who visited Earth in ancient times The Return of the Anunnaki and Train Rituals! these theorists warn of a grand agenda

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