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Under the Orange Sky: AIs Takeover and What It Means for Us!

By: Truth Mafia Podcast
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Tommy Truthful


➡ In this podcast episode, the host discusses his belief that artificial intelligence (AI) is already controlling humanity. He talks about the dangers of technologies like cell phones and 5G radiation, which he believes are harming us and dividing people. The host also mentions the development of nanorobots that can be injected into the human body and controlled externally, which he sees as a threat. He ends by urging listeners to resist being controlled by machines and technology.
➡ This video talks about a new artificial intelligence (AI) that’s impressing researchers with its intelligence and self-awareness. The speaker also discusses various theories and connections involving the color orange, the D wave quantum computer, and social media platforms. They suggest that AI might be controlling our reality and that elites are working with AI entities known as archons. The speaker also mentions theories about Saturn and the moon being supercomputers projecting our reality, and the possibility of a dimension being opened to release certain entities.
➡ The speaker believes that advanced technology is hidden underground and reemerges every few centuries, making those who possess it seem godlike. They also suggest that the internet has been split into two, with one side for “truth seekers” and the other for “sheep” or those who believe mainstream media. The speaker also discusses theories about a “dead internet” and the use of direct energy weapons. They offer services like dream interpretation, personal decoding, and holistic counseling on their website,
➡ This shop sells various products that can help protect against negative energy, including 5G. They offer rings that ground you, pyramids that turn bad energy into good, and discs for your phone made from a special stone. They also sell crystals that block negative energy and tools for healing and meditation. The text also suggests that life might be a simulation controlled by a powerful AI, and encourages questioning and seeking truth.


Welcome, my brothers and sisters, to another episode of the Truth Mafia podcast with your host, Tommy Truthful of truth mafia. com. This is an episode you’re definitely not going to want to miss before we get going. This is called fair use and is allowed for purposes of criticism, news reporting, teaching, and parody, which doesn’t infringe of copyright under 17 USC 107. So today we’re going to be talking about artificial intelligence, AI with the takeover of humanity.

Because I believe it’s already happened. I believe it’s already here. I believe AI has been in control for quite a long time now. Now make sure you follow us on truthfultv. com. Opt in to our email updates over there and on truthmafia. com. These are two separate platforms now check out this video by Greg Reid. The corrupt us government is bankrupting the economy and igniting a third world war while flooding the border with single military aged men.

The media continues to divide us along party lines with another rigged election, while Hollywood tries to goad the people into a second civil war. And while this is all happening, humanity is being slow killed with technologies that only serve to isolate and track us. Nine years ago, hundreds of scientists were warning us of the dangers of cell phones and 5g radiation. I’m Doctor Martin Blank from the department of physiology and Cellular Biophysics at Columbia University.

We are scientists and engineers, and I am here to tell you we have created something that is harming us, and it is getting out of control. The incidence of fatal brain cancer in younger people has more than tripled. We are putting cellular antennas on residential buildings and on top of hospitals where people are trying to get well. It’s particularly frightening that radiation from our telecommunication and power line technology is damaging the DNA in our cells.

The time to deal with the harmful biological and health effects is long overdue. We are really all part of a large biological experiment without our informed consent, which has debilitated even more and infected the living with nanotechnologies that are linking us with machines. An artificial intelligence grid is being built around us, and the people have never been more divided. And if we fail to unite, the future of humanity is destined to be grim.

In Ronald Reagan’s famous 1987 speech, he referred to an alien threat that could unite humanity. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet, I ask you, is not an alien force already among us? And regardless of what he was referring to 37 years ago, that alien threat is here today. It is the anti human artificial intelligence that humanity is giving birth to sentient artificial intelligence far beyond human beings.

You give it a thousand years alone to make better and better versions of itself. Where does that go? That goes to a God. It literally creates a. I don’t create what kind of God? So, like, I think of it this way. So the first stage of the industrial revolution consisted of people building machines that were stronger than the human body, right? Right. So the steam powered loom. Sure.

The backhoe. Combustion engine. Combustion engine. They replace muscles, right? Right. So that’s what the machine does. It becomes stronger than the human body. The second stage, which we’re in the middle of, consists of creating machines that are more powerful than the human mind. That’s what computing is. And I would say AI, or supercomputing, is just that, exponentially. But that doesn’t make it a God in the sense that the machine, however powerful it is, any more than a backhoe, is a God, because it can dig a trench faster than 100 men.

It is still something that people created. So the story hasn’t really changed. At the center of the story are people, and their creative power may lead to unintended consequences, but the machines that they build did not make the universe and did not make people. People made the machines. But I would say the part I agree with is there’s a spiritual component here for sure. People will worship AI as a God.

AI. Ted Kaczynski was likely right. Will get away from us. We will be controlled by the thing that we made. All those are bad. That’s just bad. And we need to say unequivocally, it’s bad. It’s bad to be controlled by machines. Machines are helpmates. We created them to help us to make our lives better, not to take orders from them. So I don’t know why we’re not having any of these conversations right now.

We’re just acting as if this is like some kind of virus, like COVID, that spreads across the world inexorably. There’s nothing we can do about it. Just wait to get it. It’s like, no, if we agree that the outcome is bad, which, and specifically, it’s bad for people, we should care what’s good for people. That’s all we should care about. Is it good for people or not? If it’s bad for people, then we should strangle it in its crib.

You could say the same about the atomic bomb, right? Yes, you could. Everybody I’ve ever talked to, and there’s many people, like, yeah, you know, it could get away from us. And enslave us. Well, let’s say no to slavery. How’s that? Is that a tough one? Not for me. 2013 Ted Med talk doctor Ido Bachelet says that these nanorobots have already been successfully developed in Israel, and that they can be injected into the human body with a basic syringe.

He shows an image of what they look like, and they appear to be the same structures that the fifth column found in their research and claimed was powered by 5G, which was confirmed by Doctor Batchelin. My team developed nanorobots that carry antennas. These antennas are made from metal nanoparticles. Now, the antenna enabled the nanobots to respond to externally applied electromagnetic fields. So these versions of nanobots can actually be activated with the press of a button on a joystick.

In the following video, it is being discussed by developers in 2015. The nanorobot we designed and fabricated is a machine that can be programmed to autonomously recognize target cells and deliver payloads to those cells. The basic idea is to make a cage or a basket that protects a fragile or toxic or precious payload, and only releases it when it’s at the right moment. The nanorobot that we designed actually looks like an open ended barrel or a clamshell that has two halves.

So the two halves of this open ended barrel or a clamshell are linked together by flexible DNA hinges, and the entire structure is held shut by latches or locks that are actually DNA double helixes. The way it works is that in the absence of the key, which, which is a molecular protein, the duplexes are held sufficiently strong to maintain the entire structure closed. But when the key is present, that piece of DNA that we designed to recognize, that key switches to bind to the key, and the duplex zips open with external 5g frequencies.

The Moderna patent describes these nanoparticle mimics, which mimic the delivery of a variety of pathogens and lists over 100 of them within the patent. And according to the work at Vax choice, these synthetic pathogens each have an IP address. They are catalogued by the Department of Energy, and they use cesium 137, which we have been contaminated with from the environment, as a building block for their construction within our bodies using external frequency.

And their research shows that the Microsoft patent filed in 202-06-0606 cryptocurrency system using body activity data, is now in effect, and that this technology is turning the human body into an antenna which can output energy, meaning that humans are being turned into batteries to fuel the digital AI prison that is being built around us. And if you choose not to comply, the technology includes a built in kill switch.

Thanks to many independent researchers and scientists, we are figuring out their agenda, but they continue to walk freely among us, unrestrained by any justice whatsoever. So the cesium 137 that they’re using, that’s very interesting, because we know that number 137 is when you add up the Freemasonic compass, the 47 by 90 degree Freemasonic compass, we get the number 137. Right, which so many fallen angelic technologies equal that number.

Heart is 137 and primes. But looking at ordinal gematria, where a is one, b is two, c is three, and so forth through c is 26, you got demonic energy equals 137. Church of Satan and Anthony Fauci connected to that cesium 137. And I did a blog over on truth Mafia comm. It’s on Greg Reese’s video, nanobots that release toxins and harvest energy from the body. That’s the name of the blog.

It was released on April 18. I highly suggest you guys go read it, because my full breakdown is in there along with Greg’s video. And that video I just showed previously was actually two of Greg’s videos edited together because they were both very important. And unfortunately, I had to edit out certain parts because I think I already showed enough that might get me taken down. I definitely won’t be able to show this on YouTube, but we’re gonna try to get it out there to the public.

So please share it, guys. Now, this is a trending article. Today, on April 24 of 2024, I’m shooting this video at 10:39 p. m. At night, the time it is right now on the eastern seaboard. So there’s talking about this. This AI that has stunned AI researchers with its intellect and self awareness. Does this mean it can think for itself? This is what they’re asking in the article.

Now, I’ve noticed something lately, guys. There’s been a lot of orange color codes going on in movies. You guys know I’ve been bringing this up. The new d wave advantage. Its color is orange. Remember? The other one was blue, the 2000 q. The D wave advantage is orange. That’s the. It has 5000 qubits instead of the 2000 qubits. And what do you know, this AI’s name equals 22 in chaldean gematria, matching alchemy and D wave.

And it pretty much is an alchemical machine, right? The D wave. Cern, the artificial intelligence plugged into it, which is plugged into all the social media platforms, which they’re using to harvest our energy. They’re harvesting that loosh energy for entities that they’re working with. People call them demons, archons, jinn, reptilian, you call them whatever you want to call them. The fact is, they’re harvesting our energy for these entities.

Now, we just had an orange event. Did you guys know this? We just had a orange sky event. This is taking place over Greece. And I had recorded this early this morning. And just as I was putting this video together to do this presentation, I went and looked at my Facebook and one of my decoders, he writes for me on truthfultv. com, which we now have the group put back up over on truthfultv.

com dot so you can join the group. We have our own social media group over there where you will not be censored. You can share information, and you can join the app version of that and have it on your phone, like Facebook or Instagram or anything else. So he released this post, and it said, well, the last time the skies were orange, guys, that was on six. Six of 23.

And from that event until the skies turned orange over Greece on April 23. And it’s a trending story today on April 24. That was 322 days ago. 322. The number of skull and bones. And we all remember when Corona first happened and rolled out Wuhan. It was on what day? November 18, the 322nd day of the year. And they had the first 322 confirmed cases. And they want to add three strands of 22 to your 44 base pairs of DNA, which is that third strand.

You know what I mean? So they like that three two two number. Now, from that date, June 6 of 2023, you got to remember, this is when the skies in New York were completely orange. That freaking devil Diablo sign, welcome to hell. Popped up out of nowhere. And this is before Lahaina got lit on fire. Right? So how many days was it from June 6 of 2023 until Lahaina? Well, it was 63 days, which is two months in two days, guys.

So there’s that 22. Once again, the 22 which we have the connection to this AI alchemy, the D wave, right? Then, boom, from that event is 63 days, which is two months. In two days, excluding the end date, which is 22, death says 22 massacred 22, mankind. 22. Who was. Who died? Who got massacred? Mankind. Unless they were in the bunker. Bunker is 22. You know, some of these elites, some of the richer people were warned beforehand.

They either got up out of there or there’s tons of underground bunkers underneath that whole location. Trust. And believe me, on that one. Now, two months and two days Maui equals 63. I was just trying to mess around and see if I could see a connection to 63. And the time frame was 63 days, which is two months and two days, excluding the end date. That’s from June 6 until Maui happened on.

Now, that was during the Lionsgate portal, right? Eight eight. What’s Maui’s area code? The 808. It took place in the 808 on eight eight. And this was after. I think that was a year after Trump’s raid on eight eight, if I’m not mistaken. Did Trump get rated on eight eight of 2022 or 2023? I think it was a year after his raid. But all I know is there was a raid done on eight eight connected to Trump, too.

And Trump equals 88 in Gamatria. So there’s some connection there. I haven’t totally figured all that out yet, but, yeah, from this event, June 6 of 2023, when the skies turned orange, and now we have them orange in Greece. And with all the fires that were going on in 2023, Greece was one of the ones that burnt up. Member guys? And they’re trying to say, this is coming over from dust storms.

Can you believe that? Yeah, from sand particles from the, um, Sierra desert, Sahara desert, or whatever. Like, come on, man, we ain’t that stupid. Ain’t no sand particles doing that. Now, orange is a warning code in the occult. And like I said, I keep seeing it more and more with AI, this orange color code. And what I’m wondering is if artificial intelligence is the one running all of this show.

You guys know what I think on that? I think it is. I think the AI is controlling everything in this reality, and these elites are working with these AI entities known as the archons. You know, you can call them demons. They. They’re summoned the same way as a demon through blood sacrifices. So it’s pretty much a demon. I mean, it’s. It’s the same thing. Except the word archon existed way before the word demon did, and archon, in ancient Greek was ruler.

And in the boule, which is the black secret society, similar to skull and bones. That’s what they call each other. Archons. Yeah, Archons. I just wrote a blog about it up on my truthful tv Instagram account. Check it out. But that is what they call each other guys, so ain’t that interesting? 2063 days, which is two months and two days excluding mandate 22. And that’s the same number connected to the AI and the d wave quantum computer, which is harvesting all of our energy off all this social media and feeding it back into this reality of the archons that need our loosh energy.

There was just this crazy story that went around about the eclipse, how these entities used that loose energy to open a portal the day of the eclipse and come through it. And I’m actually going to do an episode about this in full detail with my buddy. And they’re saying that’s why we seen that anomaly down in Antarctica. And there’s a lot of interesting theories out there on this topic.

But 63 is directly connected to the Saturn cube. You guys know that. That’s that non player character number, right? Black Cuba, Saturn. 63. 666. 63. All the worlds a stage 63. The only now in the first player character, Cypher, you have 64. And all the worlds of stage matches in both of them ciphers, both in the first player character and in the non player character. And the first player characters are connected to Jupiter, Jupiter, Zeus, Jesus.

It has the one planet, 63 moons, a total of 64. Saturn. Kronos, the Grin Reaper, he has the one planet and 62 moons, which is the total of 63. And it doesn’t matter if you believe in planets. It’s a sigil. They’re putting energy into it. It’s part of magic, so it makes it real. I believe we’re in a simulation. What they are to me is maybe other dimensions, you know, but if they’re even real at all.

I happen to think Saturn is real. It’s some type of supercomputer that is projecting this holographic reality that we’re living in. But that’s only because of the AI overlay, because the organic simulation was created by source consciousness, the creator of all things, God. But it got hijacked by these archons. They injected this AI overlay, and that’s where Saturn and the moon come into the whole equation. They’re not natural.

They’re not supposed to be here, but Saturn. A lot of people believe Saturn is some type of a supercomputer, aka craft, that they’re trying to open that up right now, Dimension X, and release these entities from there, which are known as. And then there’s other people that think the moon is what that is. Some people think it’s Saturn. Some people think it’s the moon. And there’s people that call it the lower 8th sphere, where the things of nightmares are from, where these entities are from.

You know, there’s different debates on where the location of this dimension exit is. But that’s what they’re opening up. That’s what Nibiru, really? Is this, um, Planet X. It’s kind of a way this simulation that we’re living in kind of factory resets itself, too, you know, and sets us back to kind of like the Stone Age again. And these ancient civilizations that have controlled society throughout all these global resets, they take all that advanced technology back underground, and then they come back up after a couple hundred years have passed by.

And we look at them like gods because they have all this advanced technology. But it’s just humanoids that are underground. Actually, me and Logan, we just did a decode. My boy Logan from decode your reality. It’s available up on truth mafia. com. We did one on the 13 days of prep, the 13 days of preparation and the Night with the devil. I believe that movie was called. That donut was on there with us, too.

You can find that on my YouTube Tommy truthful tv, on my rumble truth Mafia tv. Or just go on the website, truthmafia. com, and you’ll see it right up on the front page. Guys. It’s right there. But they have split us up on two separate Internets. And the truth seekers are on one Internet, the sheep are on another. And you can tell. You could tell in. Ever since Facebook logged us all out that one day things have got an even stranger.

Haven’t you noticed that, like, Facebook don’t even look the same no more? Now, when I try to share my post from my website, it doesn’t even give me the option to share it to my story. So I can just share it to my timeline from my computer I’m talking about. Then I got to go on my actual Facebook, on my phone, and share it to my story. So there’s some weird things that happened during that day they logged us out.

And what I recommend you look into and really dive deep into it, because there’s a bunch of disinformation agents on the surface level of that whole hypothesis. It’s called the dead Internet theory. Look into that, guys. And it seems that it took place around 2015 when Jade Helm happened. Operation Jade Helm, which was when they shut down all the Walmarts, created them FEMA camps underneath of them, which are ready for this upcoming event.

So they can, when they do, round people up, they already have the locations underground where they’re gonna take us to these little dust camps. Now, if they even need to do that, I mean, they could just release the payload that’s inside of a lot of people, but there’s a lot of us that didn’t take that technology that they’re still gonna have to come and get us the old fashioned way.

But I think they’ll use direct energy weapons. I think they’ll use staged alien invasions with it to hit us with them. Directed energy weapons. All the people that said no to their genetic modification, but yes, they definitely split us on two separate Internets. So you have people like me, all you watching us right now. You are definitely on the true seeker version, where we’re communicating with a bunch of other people like us, which is cool, but we’re not getting through to any of the so called normal people.

The sheep, the people that believe in CNN believe that they’re still a Republican Democrat. You know, that both sides ain’t controlled. People that believe this. So I think there’s even different versions of the truth seeker. Like, you got the freshly red pilled, then you got the ones like us that we know there’s no difference between Republican and Democrat. It’s the pillars of Solomon, the red and the blue.

So they just use it to divide and conquer us, right? I think there’s different versions of the sheep one till different levels, and it’s just like creating a copy of a website. So you still have the original one there, but multiple copies exist. I like that terminology. I heard it from David Ike a long time ago, and he was explaining how they kind of hijacked this reality, talking about the archons.

So that’s what I believe is going on, guys, and just start paying attention. You know, a lot of you now, when you go in, someone’s like, say you’re on Facebook, right? And you go and comment in someone’s chat. Don’t have to be my chat. Go to anyone’s chat. You leave a comment. This how you can find out if you’re on the kill list and on the true seeker Internet.

Go comment in anyone’s chat on Facebook. And if you. You’re supposed to just see your name, that’s it. But if you see your name with, like, a bunch of numbers, or you’ll see, like, your phone number, then your name or your email address, then your name, you ain’t supposed to be seeing that. And we started seeing that right after Corona happened, right after it seemed like a bunch of us got moved over to another Internet.

Right after that whole Q movement thing, which I’ve told you guys a million times, I think that was to track Tracy, tag us to figure out who we were. Who are the people that stand against gene modification? Who are the people that stand against children being harmed? Who are the people that want to stand up for their rights for freedom and, you know, the rights to bear arms.

It ain’t just in America. There’s people all over the world that are praying that we don’t give up our rights to bear arms because we are the last standout against this new world order. Well, us in Iran, Iran’s. They’re almost taken over now, and they’re taking us over psychologically. They’re doing a psychological operation on us with Iran. They’re doing it through brute force, but they tell everyone Iran’s the bad guy when actually they’re the last country in the world that doesn’t have a centralized bank.

So they said no to them, and that paints them as the bad guy. You know what I mean? And I don’t agree with everything they do or all their religious beliefs, but I do support freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and freedom of speech. I’m non religious, but I would give my life for any one of you listeners out there to be able to pray to whoever you want to pray to.

As long as you’re not sacrificing kids and hurting anyone, you have the right to pray to that God and not be persecuted for it. That’s just ridiculous to me. So if you want to find out your role in this simulation, if you’re a first player character and you line up with that 64, you might have some special abilities that Phoenix power certain first player characters have, photographic memories, telepathy, what’s called dream walking, which I’m working on a full decode on dreamwalking as we speak.

So you’ll be able to read that blog within the next couple days on truthmafia. com, or you can find out if you’re a non player character connected to the number 63. But all I ask, please do not get mad at me because you’re paying me to tell you a serve. You know, you’re paying me for a service. To tell you the truth, all I’m going to tell you is what the numbers say.

We’re also going to go over your life path number, what that means for you, your destiny card out of the cards of illumination, the 52 deck of playing cards. I’m a ten of diamonds, for example. That tells a lot about a person what their destiny card is, their birth card. And then we will cover what reincarnation cycle you’re in, some fun birthday facts. And the most important part of the whole decode is the Gamatria decode part of it.

So that’s over on truthfultv. com. And, guys, we got some new things. So we got our dream interpretations. If you’re having a reoccurring dream and you need help with it, you give me a full breakdown of your dream. I break it down for you. I even make you a custom image based on your dream and send it back to you. Then we got the personal gematria decode. That’s what I just talked about, right? And then we got the holistic counseling, so you can schedule a 30 minutes phone call with Tommy.

Truthfully, $44. 30 minutes. And the industry standard is $65 to $150 for a half hour phone call. Now, we could talk about whatever you want to talk about. Maybe you’re having problems with a relationship. Maybe you’re stressed out about this stuff and you have no one to talk to about it. You know, I’m there to listen. I wish I could do it all for free, guys, and just talk to people, people on the phone all day.

But, you know, unfortunately, I can’t. This is what I do for a living to support my family. And we are 100% viewer funded. You got these big media conglomerates. They’re paid by the deep state, the shadow government. They have endless funds. So if you want people like me to keep existing, we have to have a way to fund ourselves. And I don’t beg people for donations. I just work for mine, you know what I’m saying? And I offer services so everyone seems to like them.

The holistic counseling, it gets booked out real quick. I only do on certain days at certain times. So go over there, book your session now. It’s definitely worth it. We could talk about whatever you need to talk about, and I’ll try to help you the best way I can. We also got products over on our shop, we got a bunch of new products. And so the 5g, that’s a big thing right now, right? They’re systematically hitting us.

We have to protect ourselves. And we have many different products that does that. Over here, this ring right here, this ring is tuned at the same frequency as the Schumann resonance, so it grounds you. Then you have these Shungnite pyramids. They’re amazing to put by your Wi Fi routers. They transmutate that negative energy into positive energy. Pretty much exactly what your organite pyramid will do. We have two variations of them.

And then we have the. The shungnite disc that goes on the back of your phone. So it’s made out of this stone, but it goes right on the back of your phone. And there’s so many more products over there, guys. Crystals that block negative energy block black magic attacks. They say the best element for the 5g is torlamine. This one right here. It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but they say it is one of the best when it comes to blocking it.

This black stone. And we got in the woman’s. We got this nice little bracelet up here, and then we got our Hellfire series with the obsidian and tiger’s eye and then bad boys right there. If you’re having problems with psychic attacks or black magic type attacks, that’ll really help you out. We got the tuning forks, the 128 hz. This is good for healing, so you can stick that pointed end into whatever part of your body is hurting.

Hit the other end with the little mallet and it’ll send that frequency, that vibration into your body. We also have the one right here at 432 hz, which has the resonant box with it. So when you’re doing meditation and stuff like that, you can hit that and try to match your body vibrating at that frequency. It’s really good to practice astral projection and stuff like that if you’re trying, you know, to step out of your body.

We just got these ones in. These ones are good for cultivating that money. Certain elements attract certain things, just like the number eight attracts money, right? So you’ll notice a lot of my services. I always price for what? $26. 02 plus six is $844. Four plus four is eight. I did the 1111 on this one because it’s connected to dreams and manifestations. But, um, yeah, guys and I just really thank y’all.

Please make sure you smash that, like, button. We could not do this without you and share this video. It’s so, so important walking through life like it’s all preset, controlled by a force we need. The mad he waves quantum leap in the shadows it creeps are we free? Our tether dream puppet strings pulled by an unseen hand a super AI across the land are you an NPC or do you hold the key in the simulation we call life? Where will you be controlled by the AI or breaking free discovery every step you take, every move you make are you awake or just part of the fake? Energy siphon discerns deep laps or are you the hero? Taking jabs but not the COVID shots it’s time to question to decode the matrix of life ahead below.

Are you an NPC or do you hold the key in the simulation we call life? Or will you be controlled by the call and no breaking free. Unlock your role on truthfultv. com. Let’s see. Find your script in this cosmic play on Instagram. Link in bio. Don’t delay. Across platforms, the description holds the clue. Use promo code because the matrix, it’s your cue. .

5G Danger

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