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“Unveiling the Mysteries: Albert Pike’s Three World Wars, Black Magic in Hollywood, and Gilgamesh Resurrection Technology” Tommy Truthful Live 10-11-23

By: Tommy Truthful
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Three World Wars by Tommy Truthful – Greg ReeseNumb3rs Dont Li3 10-11-23 

Three World Wars To Usher In A One World Religion

Saturn Ritual!

“TOMMY EXPOSES: Unmasking False Flag Events in Israel”

In this extensive episode of the Truth Mafia podcast, we delve deep into the predictions of 33rd-degree Freemason Albert Pike regarding the Three World Wars. Join me, Tommy Truthful, your host, and leader of the Truth Mafia, for this over three-and-a-half-hour-long exploration.

We discuss the current situation in Palestine versus Israel and its potential connection to the prophesied Three World Wars outlined by Albert Pike back in the 1800s. Additionally, we take a closer look at Greg Reese’s latest video on this subject, which I’ve linked below.

🎥 Greg Reese’s Latest Video

The infamous Albert Pike Letter to Mazzini, known as “The Illuminati Plan for Three World Wars,” allegedly dates back to 1871. This controversial letter outlines a strategy aimed at fomenting three global conflicts in a bid to exert control over the world.

It has been suggested that the letter was once publicly displayed in the British Museum Library, but the British Museum officially refutes this claim. Some critics point to the use of terms like “Nazism” and “Zionism” in 1871 as evidence of the letter’s fraudulent nature. However, it’s worth noting that Zionism as a non-religious nationalist movement, asserting Jewish claims to Palestine, was indeed emerging in the late 1800s.

Albert Pike, a prominent figure in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows since 1840, eventually became the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite’s Southern Jurisdiction in 1859, a position he held for the rest of his life. This leadership role would have likely acquainted him with developments such as Zionism, lending credibility to the possibility of his usage of the term “Nazi” if this Illuminati plan were genuine. Regardless, the contents of the letter make for a thought-provoking read.

“The Illuminati Plan for Three World Wars” proposes the following:

  1. The First World War: This war’s objective is to overthrow the Czars in Russia and establish an atheistic Communist stronghold. The Illuminati plans to exploit tensions between the British and Germanic Empires to incite this conflict. After the war, Communism will be leveraged to dismantle other governments and undermine religious institutions.
  2. The Second World War: This war is intended to exploit differences between Fascists and political Zionists. Its goal is to eliminate Nazism while strengthening political Zionism to establish a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During this conflict, International Communism should become potent enough to balance Christendom, holding it in check until needed for a final societal upheaval.
  3. The Third World War: This war aims to capitalize on divisions between political Zionists and Islamic leaders, resulting in mutual destruction. As other nations become embroiled in this global conflict, they will be driven to the brink of exhaustion, both physically and morally. The Illuminati plans to unleash Nihilists and atheists, inciting a devastating social cataclysm. This turmoil, they believe, will highlight the perceived consequences of atheism.

Ultimately, the letter envisions a world where disillusionment with Christianity and atheism paves the way for the emergence of a new ideology rooted in the doctrine of Lucifer. This transformation is expected to follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, which are seen as forces to be conquered and exterminated simultaneously.

Regardless of its origins, this letter presents a sobering perspective on how manipulation of beliefs and emotions has played a role in steering humanity toward devastating conflicts. In a world where emotions are running high, it’s essential to pause, take a deep breath, and seek inner clarity.

We’re excited to introduce our newest Truth Mafia member, Numb3rs Dont Li3. We break down his phenomenal video that reveals how Hollywood systematically influences our minds, basing all characters on seven distinct archetypes.

📽️ Numb3rs Dont Li3’s Video: Hollywood Demystified – Archetypal Transference and Metaphysical Mind Control

During the live session, we provide a glimpse into the readings we offer for our customers. We explain how to explore the first part of the reading, focusing on one’s birth cards, which are derived from a standard deck of playing cards. Each person has two birth tarot cards and one destiny card, drawn from the 52-card deck.

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We also touch on the critical issue of censorship and the manipulation of platforms like Facebook and Instagram by quantum D-Wave computers. Discover how this technology is being used to censor content creators like me.

📚 Explore My Social Media Platforms: Tommy Truthful’s Social Media Links

But that’s not all – in this action-packed episode, we even share tips on how to watch trending movies for free, without the need for paid subscriptions to services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or HBO Max. Although I can’t provide the link here, you’ll find the information towards the end of the video.

During this episode, we also delve into the recently released movie “Pet Cemetery Bloodlines.” At around one hour and twenty-one minutes into the film, as the closing scene unfolds, a significant detail emerges: the address on the door reads “638.” In Latin gematria, this numeric sequence holds intriguing connections. It aligns with “Antichrist Beast 638” and “The Secrets Code 638.” This suggests a portrayal of the royal lineage of the Antichrist, symbolizing the impending arrival of this malevolent figure. I strongly believe that the Antichrist may already be among us, and the new “Pet Cemetery” film delves into the concept of bloodlines.

Moreover, the “638” connection extends to Klaus Schwab, whose birthday falls on March 30th, 2024. Remarkably, this date is exactly 638 months after he initiated the World Economic Forum. Notably, Schwab is believed to be linked to one of these notorious Nazi bloodlines.

Interestingly, the movie’s release date is October 6th, just a day before the Israeli-Palestine War ignited on October 7th, coinciding with Mohammed’s birthday, as I will demonstrate below.

I hold a belief that an event of significance may occur on October 23rd, 2023, which is precisely 17 days after the movie’s release. This connection is intriguing, as “kill” equals 17.

Screenshot 2023 10 11 151937 -

Below, you can discern a connection to Mohammed’s birthday at the commencement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which appears to be meticulously scripted. You’ll find more insights into this during the podcast, where they incredulously assert that Hamas flew in using paragliders. It’s almost laughable that they expect us to accept this narrative.

A video showcases the precise instant when a group of paragliding individuals, purportedly from Hamas, descended upon a music festival in the Israeli desert. For those who might question the authenticity of this account, you can access the article via this link: link to article.

Video Shows The Exact Moment A Group Of Hamas Paragliders Descended On A Desert Music Festival In Israel

It’s disconcerting how they perceive our intelligence, my fellow brothers and sisters.

Source to below break down!  

Three World Wars

Three World Wars

This live session is packed with valuable insights and discussions you won’t want to miss. It’s a full three and a half hours of engaging content. Your brother in truth, Tommy Truthful, Leader of the Truth Mafia, Capo dei capi.

  • Tommy Truthful

    My name is Tommy Truthful, and I lead the Truth Mafia - one of the largest alternative media conglomerates globally. I created this platform to fight against censorship. I reached out to big content creators and decoders, teaming up with a shared objective: to bring people the truth through any means necessary. Click the link below for a personalized reading from me.

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2 thoughts on ““Unveiling the Mysteries: Albert Pike’s Three World Wars, Black Magic in Hollywood, and Gilgamesh Resurrection Technology” Tommy Truthful Live 10-11-23

  1. Hello and good morning truthmafia, just wanted to say thank you for being truthful. My knowledge is at a very small percentage of what you guys know what’s going on here in America and everywhere else. Our media, our radios and everything else is filled with nothing but devilish output and sick perversion. I live here in San Diego California with my two brother, my mom and my son. Our streets are filled with zombielike “homeless” people that are free to do what they want, anytime, anywhere. I’ve seen, felt, touch and everything you can think about before including gang stalking, demons,, demented gigabyte looking creatures in the sky and I don’t even know where to begin about my local Walmart and what I believe is happening there. I, along with my son are not vaccinated, nor will we ever be. I’m not here to put the blame on anything or anyone for myself or how I have been in the past but man oh man, something’s going on. Thank you for letting me speak the truth.

    1. Thank you for sharing your perspective, Gerald Hickey. It’s understandable that you feel overwhelmed by the state of affairs and the information presented in the media. It’s important to critically analyze the information we come across.

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