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The Power of VRIL: Unveiling Inner Earth’s Energy Source

By: Tommy Truthful
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The Power of VRIL Tommy Truthful – Paranoid American – Jay DreamerZ

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Exploring the Essence of Vril: A Universal Life Force By Tommy Truthful 

The Power Of Vril

In the mystical lexicon, “Vril” embodies the concept of a ubiquitous principle of vitality, akin to what many refer to as the life-force or vital magnetism. This term, steeped in arcane lore, is said to trace its roots back to the ancient civilization of Atlantis, where the word “vri,” signifying life, is thought to have originated. Vril, thus, encapsulates the quintessence of the vital principle or life-energy. This ancient Atlantean root is believed to have influenced linguistic derivatives in Sanscrit, and subsequently Latin, a progenitor of many modern languages, embedding itself in various words that connote vigor, energy, and virility.

Vril, Or Vital Magnetism By William Walker Atkinson

In ancient Greek, the term “veros” denotes a hero, mirroring similar connotations in Sanscrit’s “vira” and ancient Irish’s “vear,” both translating to “a hero” or “a man.” Likewise, the Gothic “wair” and Anglo-Saxon “wer,” meaning “a man,” as well as Latin’s “vir” (the root of “virile” and “virility”), are thought to have sprung from the Atlantean “vri.” This linguistic journey suggests a natural association between the concepts of “man” and “life,” with “virile” and “virility” in our lexicon today reflecting life-force or vital energy, especially in the context of procreative power.

The novelist Bulwer, with his deep occult knowledge, introduced the term “vril” in his fiction to describe a potent energy harnessed by an advanced civilization, likely drawing from ancient esoteric texts. The term “vril” appears across various occult traditions, associated not just with the principle of vital energy but also with the concept of “human magnetism,” offering explanations for numerous occult phenomena.

The Arcane Teaching provides a multi-layered understanding of Vril. Primarily, it is seen as a cosmic energy permeating all matter and integral to thought processes, distinct yet emanating from the mental principle. This foundational energy gives rise to various forms of energy and matter, marking Vril as a core universal principle, elusive and indefinable until we consider its tangible manifestations.

The Nazis And Vril

Vril also signifies the inner vitality present in all matter, suggesting a universal life presence across all forms, a view that modern science, through figures like Haeckel, increasingly echoes. Haeckel’s observations on the lifelike properties of atoms and their interactions hint at a universal “soul,” a rudimentary sensation, and inclination present even at the molecular level. This perspective aligns with the Arcane Teaching’s view of Vril as the intrinsic energy enabling action and movement in the universe.

Part 2  

Maria Orsitsch

Maria Orsitsch, better known as Maria Orsic, gained notoriety as a spiritual medium and eventually rose to prominence as the leader of the esoteric Vril Society. Hailing from Vienna, she was born to a Croatian father from Zagreb and a Viennese mother. Orsic became an adherent to the German nationalistic movement prevalent at the time, which aimed to unify Austria with the German Reich. In 1917, significant figures in the occult, including Karl Haushofer, Rudolf von Sebottendorf, and WWI hero Lothar Waiz, along with Maria Orsic from Zagreb, convened at the Schopenhauer Café in Vienna, delving into Templar mysticism and esoteric lore.

Vril Society

The individuals in question had a profound engagement with the Order of the Golden Dawn, absorbing its doctrines, ceremonial practices, and particularly its insights on clandestine Eastern fraternities. Sebottendorf and Haushofer, both well-traveled in India and Tibet, were deeply influenced by the philosophies and legends encountered there. In the midst of the First World War, Haushofer came into contact with a significant esoteric group from Asia known as the Tibetan Yellow Hats, which eventually led to the establishment of Tibetan settlements in Germany during the 1920s.

Tibetan Yellow Hat


During a pivotal gathering in Vienna, a group of young individuals, deeply engrossed in Templar lore and esoteric societies, yearned to unravel the Knights Templar’s arcane texts and the clandestine brotherhood known as Die Herren Vom Schwarzen Stein (The Lords of the Black Stone). They believed that Gernot, a leading figure from the Templar lineage, might enlighten them about the dawning Aquarian age. Later, in a remote lodge near Berchtesgaden, Maria Orsic, a renowned medium, along with others from Thule and Vril, claimed to receive telepathic messages in an obscure Germanic Templar script, allegedly from Aldebaran, detailing the blueprints for an aerial craft.

Vril Society Nazi Connection

Maria Orsic, a key figure in esoteric circles, possessed two sets of documents — one in an ancient Templar code and another in legible text she believed was in Eastern script. With assistance from the Panbabylonists, experts in Sumerian language, these writings were decoded to reveal designs for an unconventional aircraft. This event catalyzed the pursuit of ‘alternative sciences’. Maria, together with Traute A., formed a group in Munich, known as the “Alldeutsche Gesellschaft für Metaphysik,” later recognized as the Vril Society. The members, known for their long hair, which they believed to be cosmic antennae for receiving extraterrestrial signals, wore distinctive disks symbolizing their founders.


In late 1924, Maria Orsic met with Rudolf von Sebottendorf, the founder of the Thule Society, in Munich. They sought to commune with the spirit of Dietrich Eckart, a deceased Thule member and former publisher. During a séance with Thule members, Orsic fell into a trance, channeling a voice claiming to be from a distant civilization associated with the star Aldebaran in the Taurus constellation, which left the participants, including Hess and Schulte-Strathaus, in astonishment.
Rudolph Hess
The voice channeled by Maria Orsic during her trance was said to be from an ancient extraterrestrial race called the Sumi, who claimed to have settled on Earth millions of years ago and influenced early human civilizations. Maria’s revelations included detailed information about potential habitable planets orbiting Aldebaran. In 1943, a meeting in Kolberg, attended by Maria and her colleague Sigrun, focused on plans for interstellar travel to Aldebaran. Subsequent high-level discussions led to the decision to launch an exploratory mission through a dimension channel to Aldebaran, with the initial test flights reportedly occurring in late 1944.
V R I L One U F O

Maria Orsic, associated with the Vril Society, vanished in 1945, leaving behind a cryptic note suggesting a departure to Aldebaran. Post-war, rumors circulated about a covert U.S. mission to Antarctica, allegedly targeting hidden Nazi technology and extraterrestrial artifacts. This mission, coinciding with early UFO sightings, sparked widespread speculation about its true purpose and outcomes.


The Nazi Vril Society

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