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Weather Warfare: The Covert Battle for Climate Control

By: Truth Mafia Podcast
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5G Danger

The Impact of  Weather Warfare Geoengineering on Regional Politics

By Tommy Truthful

How China Uses Geoengineering To Pursue A Hybrid Warfare Strategy

Geography plays a critical role in shaping a region’s politics. The uneven distribution of natural resources often enormously influences the regional political landscape. However, in recent times, these natural resources can be manipulated as per a country’s requirements over the near to medium term through various geoengineering techniques.

What is Geoengineering?

Geoengineering refers to the large-scale manipulation of specific processes central to controlling and channeling the earth’s resources, such as the oceans, rivers, soil, and atmosphere. These techniques are rapidly developing primarily to achieve sustainable development in agriculture, water resource management, energy generation, navigation, connectivity, and climate change mitigation. Unfortunately, the use of these geoengineering techniques is not limited to such noble objectives; they can also be harnessed to dominate or subjugate other countries in a particular region.

China and Geoengineering

China has adopted a hybrid warfare strategy against countries it considers hostile or potentially hostile. Geoengineering has the potential to become a game-changing tool for Beijing’s implementation of a hybrid warfare strategy, especially in China’s neighborhood. Various geoengineering techniques could amplify China’s grey zone capabilities and shape its future strategy in regional geopolitics. Here are three main geoengineering techniques that have bolstered China’s hybrid warfare capabilities.

Weather Modification

According to a statement from China’s State Council, the country is committed to bringing about 5.5 million square kilometers of its land area under its weather modification program by 2025. Much of this involves the process of “cloud seeding.” China claims to have developed this technology to increase agricultural productivity and prevent natural disasters like droughts and floods. However, the impact of cloud seeding can be seen beyond China’s borders, as it may disrupt the normal monsoon in neighboring countries such as India, Myanmar, and Vietnam. This could adversely affect agriculture in these countries, rising potentially to a form of “rain stealing.”

Weather modification may also be used to sabotage troop movements and logistics operations in border regions by artificially altering rainy conditions, which would slow down the adversary’s tactical movement in real time.

River Water Obstruction

China has the advantage of being an upper riparian state for two major transboundary rivers, the Brahmaputra and the Mekong. These rivers affect the livelihoods of millions of people in South Asia and Southeast Asia, respectively. They provide fresh water for fisheries and agriculture and bolster navigation and tourism in India, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

China has constructed many large-scale reservoirs on the upper reaches of both rivers, with large capacities for water storage and power generation. Controlling the water flow gives China a strategic advantage over the lower riparian countries. The sudden release of stored river water can destabilize the lower riparian countries, impacting their livelihoods and food security.

Construction of Artificial Islands

The South China Sea has been a subject of tension for the past two decades, primarily because of China’s illegal claims over most of this vital waterway. These claims are challenged by many countries in the region that share maritime boundaries with China, such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Taiwan. These countries cannot afford to lose access to their Exclusive Economic Zones, which hold large amounts of minerals and hydrocarbons. Additionally, many nations are reluctant to compromise the principle of freedom of navigation, as nearly 60 percent of global maritime trade transits through the South China Sea.

The region’s geostrategic importance has prompted China to conduct offensive activities, such as constructing artificial islands on the reefs and other features it controls. These artificially constructed islands are being developed as military bases for the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) under its anti-access/area denial strategy. This strategy aims to prevent any external military intervention in the disputed waters. The unhindered construction of these islands in recent years highlights Beijing’s blatant disregard for the 2016 ruling of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which rejected China’s claims over the South China Sea. These islands undermine the autonomy of other countries to carry out legitimate maritime activities in the waterway, which today acts as a naval buffer between the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Proof and Evidence

For those who think geoengineering and chemtrail technology are mere conspiracy theories, here’s the undeniable proof: Geoengineering and Chemtrail Technology. This technology has been used on us for quite some time, poisoning the crops, contaminating the water supply, and manipulating the weather. The elites dismiss it as a conspiracy, but the evidence speaks for itself.

CIA – Weath



Cia – Weather: Warfare's Next Weapon
CIA – Weather: Warfare’s Next Weapon

In conclusion, it’s clear that China’s aggressive expansion of geoengineering technology, aiming for complete weather control by 2025, raises significant concerns and implications. While China is not alone in utilizing weather modification techniques—Dubai’s current flooding due to cloud seeding serves as a recent example—the scale and ambition of China’s program are unprecedented. The potential repercussions of attempting to “play God” with the weather are profound, echoing warnings from whistleblowers like Edward Snowden who have suggested that such technologies could be used for more nefarious purposes, including population control.

China’s announcement that they will completely control the weather by 2025. The Great Tribulation equals 225 in English ordinal Gematria. I believe that the 7-year period, where they will play out a script from the scripture on the world stage, will be between 2025 and 2032. I’ve been saying this for years now, and it looks like I’m going to be right, unfortunately. This is something I will not be happy to be right about.

Adding to this, there is a government prediction that by 2025 a significant portion of the world population will be dead. What do they know that we don’t know?

For further insight, you can read more about China’s weather modification plans in this CNN article and the details of their weather control efforts in this 2021 study covered by The Hill.

As we navigate this complex and evolving landscape, it’s crucial to remain vigilant and question the narratives presented to us. Geoengineering might offer solutions to climate challenges, but its implications for global power dynamics and natural order cannot be ignored. Always think critically and seek the truth, my fellow truth seekers and decoders.

Tommy Truthful signing out.



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Stay vigilant and keep seeking the truth.

Tommy Truthful

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Researchers form the truth mafia, a collective determined to investigate conspiracies and occult mysteries that have been buried for centuries. With a passion for uncovering the truth, they delve into the darkest corners of history, pop culture, and ancient mysteries, seeking answers to questions that have plagued humanity for ages. The truth mafia is led by Tommy Truthful, a man shrouded in mystery and intrigue, dedicated to uncovering the hidden truths behind some of the world’s most perplexing and enigmatic phenomena. Their research has led them down countless rabbit holes, from deciphering ancient symbols to exploring the hidden meanings behind popular media and literature.

Despite the risks and challenges they face, the truth mafia remains steadfast in their quest for knowledge. Will their investigations lead to groundbreaking revelations? Or will they unravel an even deeper web of secrets and lies? Only time will tell in this ongoing saga of conspiracy and intrigue. Welcome to another episode of the Truth Mafia podcast. We’re going to be getting into all this crazy weather that’s taking place all around the world right now. Before we get going, make sure you smash them like buttons, guys. Hit the like button. Share the video and check out our sponsors. The links are down in the description.

I highly recommend the ultimate wellness band. And it’s just amazing for all the frequencies we’re getting hit with. It’s got all them stones ground up in the band, the sug night and different stones and use promo code. Truth mafia. All one word. The t and m is uppercase. And you’ll get an extra 20% off today. I got my father with me. What’s up, pops? Well, what’s up, family? How you doing? How you everyone doing? I’m excited to be here with you, son. A lot’s been going on behind the scenes, as you know, and going to start coming out again with this show.

You and I, every, every Wednesday and a lot, lot going on. Lot going to be coming out for everybody. Yeah. So first thing, dad, like, there’s just all this crazy stuff going on with the weather, right? And, you know, I know you’ve been talking to me about this for a long time. Yeah. That it was going to get worse and worse and worse. And now they’re trying to blame the northern lights on conspiracy theorists. Of course, that’s a trending topic right now. Conspiracy theorists claim government is behind recent northern lights display, and it’s because they were testing heart, the weather control technology as these Aurora borealis were taking place.

And heart can cause artificial aurora borealisis. But they said it would take 10 billion years to have enough power to mimic the northern lights. I call B’s on that myself. I think they got plenty of power. But what’s really interesting about all the northern lights, pops, is back when the whole poll shift thing first started, when people were talking about it, like back in 2011, I remember they said when you see the northern lights from the whole United States, that’s when the polls are shifting. So that was. They were talking about this, you know, 1015 years ago, and now it’s happening in front of us.

They’re giving us all kinds of crazy reasons why we’re seeing it. They say that it’s due to the solar flares and that we’re in a solar maximum, so the solar flares are causing it. What do you think about that? Well, there’s many variables to this equation. It’s not any one thing. Okay? But let me talk to you about some of the things that I know that’s going on, okay? That I’m privy to information of what is happening. And actually we are working on solutions to help mitigate the poles from shifting. Cause if the magnetic sphere, I think it’s called the magnetic sphere, if it goes down completely, the poles will shift in a day.

Okay? And so I want to talk about electromagnetic pollution that is in our atmosphere eating it. And that’s beside all the other things that are happening that I don’t want to talk about because I don’t want to get up a problem with Facebook or YouTube, you know, what one guy out there calls fluff tube? I don’t want to have problems with that. But besides, what else is going on that everybody sees in their skies? The electromagnetic pollution from the wires, from all the antennas, from all the satellites, from all of this stuff is definitely affecting all of the magnetic sphere and everything else up there.

Okay? Now we’re talking to a guy. I’m working with a guy right now that is in, you know, very, very close. Actually sells one of the products that I have right out there in my yard, okay? And you all know that I’m part of the body line thing that my son TJ showed you. We’ll talk about that later in the show about what the band actually is, because I’ve been doing it for quite a long time. But besides having to protect yourself from 5g, you know, personally, right, they haven’t set this planet up to protect the planet from all of this electromagnetic pollution that’s having a major effect on everything, the weather, everything, even the way we are.

And then you got all this negativity out there because everybody sees a lot of shaking going on. And I would ask you all, you know, to make sure that you’re focusing on good, getting close to the creator. Regardless if you call the creator father God, God I am whatever the point of origin of all things, of all creation, as there’s a creator of everything in my office, there’s a creator of everything around all of you. You were created. So, you know, we’re very powerful beings, so we’re made in the creator’s image and we’re putting all this negative energy out because we’re feeding all these negative things going on.

And that’s adding to it. So you have electromagnetic pollution. That’s adding, you know, that is a very big problem that we will be talking. I will actually be introducing a plan called defend planet Earth, the product and a plan to put things out all over the world that will help round all this electromagnetic pollution and reverse start reversing the situation of the damage we have done to mother Earth. A living entity. A living entity that we have disrespected. And, you know, almost, we’re, you know, we’re on the verge of destroying her and destroying the ability to even live on her.

Now, this is not anything. Let me get a little water here. This is nothing that you need to fear because we’re going to win and we’re going to turn this thing around. But so you got that going on. You got all the negativity, the fighting, all of this negativity going on. Um, then you’ve got the weather warfare, right? You got the weather warfare going on. And I don’t need to get into that in detail. I don’t want to get us in any kind of trouble. But that stuff’s been happening since the fifties, okay? That’s been happening since the fifties, just like when you investigate five G and it’s been used for military application and you look at what goes on there and, you know, you got the heart situation, beaming up more energy into an atmosphere that’s already on fire, okay? With getting eaten alive by the electromagnetic pollution.

And we’re sitting here when we’re doing war and we’re doing all kinds of nonsense, when the planet mother Earth is crying out for us to all take action as human beings to bring some of the technology that, you know, I’m going to be introducing to all of you soon, and we’re going to be bringing in people of, you know, significant wealth and resources to help us get these things deployed within a year’s time to help reverse these effects. Because I got to tell you, and I’ve been, son, did I not tell you years ago, I mean, years ago that this weather was going to increase, the shaking was going to increase, everything was going to increase more and more and more and more.

And that’s what’s happening. Oh, yeah, it’s. Go ahead, son. You. Yeah, you definitely. You definitely did. And, I mean, it’s not just like in one location. It is crazy everywhere now. We just had, in Colorado, they said it hailed so much. It’s like up to the cars out there. I never even seen nothing like that in my whole 41 years on this planet, you know what I mean? There’s some real crazy things taking place, man. And it seems like they’re kind of playing the weather down a little bit and keeping our attention on other things that don’t matter.

You know what I mean? Well, let’s say that, okay, so we have electromagnetic pollution, right? We have all the negative energy coming from the daughters and sons of God. Let’s just, you know, we’re. It’s very powerful. We’ve got all this. We’ve got all this heart stuff and weather warfare going on. Okay? We got that going on. We got the creator bringing out the energy that flows through the central suns and flows into our sun that flows to us because we’ve been getting hit and this is nothing. The. What’s going to happen in early 2025. And I got to tell you, because, you know, I’m very.

I’ve been working on myself for quite a long time. More of my brain and, you know, my energy body and my energy portals getting those working really well. And I got to tell you, I feel the energy shift. I feel the increase. And the earth is increasing in vibration. Okay. The earth is increasing in vibration. So that also is going to do what? It’s going to start heating stuff up. You know, like, we’re hearing the things about the volcanoes, right? We’re seeing tornadoes all over the place. Wait till hurricane season. It’s going to be, you know, it’s going to increase because, you know, I was talking to somebody about this earlier.

You know, we might. I don’t know for sure. Nothing is for 100% sure. Only the creator of all things knows 100%. So anyone out there telling you they know 100%, that’s not true. You can work on your relationship with the creator and get more discernment so that you can make sure that you’ve got everything covered for yourself and your family, and then you actually can contribute to the solution to help, you know, help make things better. But, you know, we’re going, we’re in TJ, we talked about this. All this energy that’s coming from the sun is to upgrade us.

The ones that will be upgraded. Right. There’s people that unfortunately will not be upgraded. You know, we got, we’re running at about 6% are, you know, our variabilities. So think about that. We are built to really live forever, to have a lesser, denser body, to be more of a lighter body in a higher density, you know, five d, six d. And we are going through that transition and, you know, TJ, in the certain parts of where we are in this rotation, right, this rotation of, I think it’s 25,000 plus years, we’re in a very, very, very strong energy part of this.

And I don’t know, I mean, how are you all feeling? Are you all feeling the energy? Hit it up in the comments below, son. I know you are because we talked about it the other day. Yeah, dude, I felt, I thought I had like a flu or something. Then I remembered that we got hit with all them x flares. So I mean, I was throwing up for two days straight from it, but I felt great after that, you know, so, but it’s gonna purge you, like, ever since this 8 April eclipse and then the moon and all the stuff, we’re going into Aquarius, things are heating up.

So again, it’s going to be one way or the other for people, and I’ll say this very clearly so everyone understands it. And I’ve said this before, you know, about the great separation and there’s going to be heaven on earth and there’s going to be hell on earth and there’s going to be. What? What way are you vibrating? Where are you vibrating? You know, sleep tight. I sleep like a baby every night. Sleep tight. Because if you’re on the side of the light, then you don’t have anything to worry about. You just need to be making sure you got your stuff sorted and that you’re helping and participating in bringing positive energy into this.

You’re going to see all of this stuff happening. I mean, this device we have out here that I put into the ground, that’s grounding all this electromagnetic pollution, it really, I was told TJ, that and I call my son TJ once a while, so you have to excuse me, son. I was told that it would take like six months to fully activate. Right. It’s been in there longer than that. But within a, you know, within a week I felt the difference in my sleep because of all of the different, you know, we’re getting hit every which way but loose from all of these things.

And that is why this weather is going nuts. It’s only going to get worse before it gets better. It’s always darkest before the dawn. It’s always darkest before the dawn. But if this timeline, you, son, I know you believe in multiple, you know, like some people call them multiverses, some. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, and, and so I’m not going to get into that deeply, but there’s been civilizations that have disappeared. Why? Because they’re in a higher vibration. They’re gone. You can’t see them in the 3d, right? You can’t see them and you’re getting sick and other people are getting sick.

This thing has really escalated since that eclipse, that total eclipse. Oh, it’s really, it’s really like, been full on, and now the sun isn’t even in its peak yet. That doesn’t happen until 2025 in the spring. So this weather is just, you know, an introduction to what’s going to happen. But, you know, when, when you see this shaking, this is waking more people up. This is what I was telling my son, folks, is that, you know, I love the fact that he wakes people up. I love the fact that we’re involved with Sheriff Mac and we’re involved with MPN and we’re involved with.

We’re getting ready to launch a radio show, okay, that’s already existing, but we’re partnering with them and we’re getting really to expand it. Truth Mafia will be on that, that radio show. We’ll have online shows and actual physical radio show that we’re working on getting syndicated so that we can reach more people. And as you educate people and they know the truth through truth mafia and through my son and through others that are on that, that channel. And, you know, you get that truth, then you got to focus on the solution, right? You want to be aware, right? You want to be aware of what’s going on.

You want to be aware of how did this get to this place so we never allow it to happen again. But, son, I feel the energy. I see a bunch of folks said they’re feeling it, too. I’ve almost blacked out. I’m not kidding you, you know, I’m not a napper. And I almost blacked out the other day. It was like two days ago. And I’ve been feeling, like, tired in the afternoon and I’m never tired. Right. Yeah. A lot of people’s, it seems like heart attacks are on the rise right now too. So, you know, who knows? Maybe it’s having an effect on some people’s hearts.

Yeah, go ahead, son. It just reminds me, I’m, you know, I’m not, I don’t really believe in organized religion, but I do have a relationship with, you know, source and the creator. But it just reminds me of that Bible verse that talked about people’s hearts would fail in the end times when we’re energy beings and we’re getting hit with all this electromagnetic pollution and all these other things that are happening. And the earth is moving up into a higher frequency because it’s going to move out of the. Unfortunately, not everyone will go with it. They’ll go somewhere else to a 3d until they can learn unconditional forgiveness, love and being humble.

You know, son, you and I have seen over the years of what money does to people. Oh, yeah, right. What it does to people. And that really shows you who somebody really is when they start to get money in their hands and you watch what they do. You know, I’ve had two, a couple relationships like that. I mean, I’m. We’re still with Sheriff Mac, right. But some of the people, and we’re getting, we got a lot of people coming into the sovereign radio with what you and I are doing with truth mafia and MPN. I’m very excited, very proud of you, son, what you’ve done, the fact that you’ve reached.

I want to show this real quick, folks. I want you to see this. And, you know, I can brag about TJ a little bit. I guess I have no way to. Oh, I can show. Yeah, you can share screen. Okay. Yeah, I just want to show something real quick. I want to show something real quick. And dad, how many of them devices that you have out in your yard, how many would them take? Like, okay, say, I’m gonna, I’m gonna. We’re gonna be. Listen, when this thing’s ready to go, it’s gonna be talked about on this channel here, this show here, before anybody else.

We’re getting people that are worth tens of millions, hundreds of millions of dollars involved in this thing for the big units. And then we got smaller units that can help agricultural and all kinds of stuff that, you know, there will be no shortage of anything. But I want to show you all. Can you see this, son? Can you see this? Yeah. You know, I have not, you know, my son and I put this together, um, it kind of morphed from Tommy truthful into truth mafia, right? And I, we have not spent any marketing on this? And 285,000 followers.

But when you go to the insight and you look at the fact that in the last 28 days that the posts that he’s done have reached 3 million people with over a half a million people engagement, all these new followers and link clicks, I gotta say I’m very proud of what you’ve been doing, son, to get more and more people, you know, into. And I should be good now, hopefully. Hold on 1 second. Yeah. Froze you for a second. Did I froze. Hold on. It wants to freeze me. I don’t know what’s going on. Why would it do that? That’s very weird.

Okay, there I am. Well, folks, this is my, this is my office downstairs. We’re setting up a little gym there. So just a quick little tour. My son says this is the first show. My son loves this computer here. Check it out. Yeah, that is pretty bad. Yeah. And this is your home in Texas, right? Yeah, I’m in Texas now. We go out to Dominican Republic, to our apartment over there. But yeah, we’re back in Austin for a while. I mean, I gotta look at what’s going on before, you know, what’s going to. This summer is going to be heated.

He did, he did. And so I want to make sure before I go back down again that I know what’s going on and all of that. There’s a lot of ways, a lot of the folks that watch you’re going to be able to help us get this information out to the, to more and more people about what we need to do. Let these clowns in governments and all that. Let them do their thing. Let them fall apart. There’s are, we’re already involved with, you know, supporting, you know, with the, with Sheriff Matt and the CSPOA and MPN and sovereign radio.

We’re helping, you know, we’re working on, you know, bringing, you know, freedom and liberty and all of that back to, to America and to the world. And I know some of you also are doing that, but we got to also focus on other solutions that are going to help this situation. Because, son, you’ve got more images, right, of the weather that’s been going on. You have more images there. Yeah. And a lot of people, this was over in the UK. Um, a lot of people are showing that there’s been two suns in the sky. Now maybe it’s a.

So I did a whole video on the solar simulator and it went viral. I showed the patents of it and maybe that’s what we’re getting hit with. It could be even linked to these fires. Guys like, you know, you can go back in ancient times with, uh, what was his name, Archimedes? Or the guy that had the giant mirror that burned whole cities. So they was, they was able to burn boats and cities back in the ancient times. Think of what we can do now. But this was taken over in Plymouth, UK. I believe that was the location of it.

I actually put it on my big facebook. I posted there. Yeah, UK, Plymouth. That’s where that was taken at. So now what? I tell people all the time, too, dad. Like, who knows if it’s really nibiru that’s supposed to be allegedly on elliptical orbit with our sun every 3600 years, or some people believe that it’s the black sun and it’s from inner earth. But I say we don’t rule out the artificial sun created by NASA. You know what I mean? We don’t rule that out because it could definitely be that and being used for a form of population control.

Now, what do you, you know, you believe that there is the light angels, right? That. Yeah. Creator. And I think the name was Lord Sama, Lucifer, who took a third of the angels that became the falling angels, 33%, right? Dracons, I think, or Drake, something like that. These reptilians that are actually integrated into our societies, right? They’re here. Now, I heard that planet X, that new Baru, was actually a battle planet controlled by. And now I don’t know if this is true or not, but they said it was controlled by the light to actually, it destroyed one of the planets of the Reptilians.

That was like one of their main bases. You know, people think that we’ve been here for 6000 years. I got news for you. You better think a lot further than that. I thought what they were telling me before about, you know, 140,000 years, that’s even too little. I mean, that’s not even right. Okay. You know, Atlantis, when it was here, its technology was way beyond what we got right now, right? So no one knows 100% of anything, right? The creator does. We don’t. And as you continue to, I don’t want to say ascend, but you continue to go into a higher vibration and you move three, four, 5670, whatever, or you’re able to be in a bunch of different dimensions simultaneously.

The download of the truth is going to be much, much Atlantis. Yes, much, much more in your mind. You’re going to remember these things as you get closer and closer and closer to the creator, because that is what powers all of us, right? That’s what powers all of us. And, you know, right now we’re running at 6%. Some are running higher. I hope I’m running higher, but some are running a little higher. But most people are lucky if they’re running at 6%. And most of our DNA isn’t even activated. So this is, this is really, really interesting.

I know it feels like we’re in a blender. It’s getting blended up, but it’s really, really. There’s a lot of good stuff going on too. A lot of good stuff going on too. I’m in this for my son. I mean, you know, I’m in this, the battle against light and darkness and I’m with the light and I’m in this battle again. Like my son said, I’m not religious. I believe in relationship. There’s good in religion. I’ve read a lot of the books, okay? Whether it’s Hinduism or Christianity and many forms, Judaism, I’ve read a lot of books.

My son knows I constantly study, okay? I constantly am feeding my mind. And there’s good in religion, but there’s a lot of bad too, and it’s a control and there’s a lot of stuff that isn’t in there. Like how about 366 books that Enoch got dictated to him by the creator? Where the hell they at, right? You know, you find two or three of them. Where the hell are the other 363 books that actually spells all of it out that the creator wanted passed down from generation to generation, and it’s not. And they, where do you think that is? They don’t want anybody to see that.

They want no one to step into their power, not anybody. When I say step into your power, that’s. That’s about your connection to the creator and you got to put time into that, right? The weather’s going to get weirder. It’s going to get weirder. Like you showed some hail that looked like it’s snow, but that was all hail by crazy right there, right? They’re messing with the weather in Dubai, you know, where they’re actually seeding the clouds and next thing you know they got cars floating down the freaking road and blasting through hotel doors. Gotta stop messing with mother Earth.

We got to get the electret electric electromagnetic pollution grounded. And son, you told me about devices, about 330 of these devices, okay, the big ones that around the planet, strategically placed, will pull all of this electromagnetic pollution out of our atmosphere, start repairing the damage and bring us back many, many, many moons with our, you know, our environment, our air, you know, our. Our plant life, all of the stuff that we have continuously destroyed. Right? It’s like, why did we put wires for electric above the ground when Tesla had it moving without wires? Why? Money? Greed.

Yep. Yeah. I mean, the tartarian empire was all on that free energy. And, you know, they was using this stuff called red mercury, too, which our government tries to lie and say it, red mercury. But, yeah, that’s. It’s created through that cinnabar, so it definitely does exist. And a lot of these resets that we’re going through. And what are you saying about red mercury, son? Well, it’s used in free energy. Right? And you know what? You want to hear something? It’s funny that you mentioned that it’s in the main pyramids, too, right? But these devices have that in them.

The red mercury. Yes. Yeah. And they try to tell us, like, all you got to do is find an old tv and take it apart, and you can find some red mercury in there. So they. For them to try to tell us that it doesn’t exist, it’s just crazy. They literally think we’re dumb, you know, and most, a lot of people have been dumbed down, so you can kind of understand why they think that. But, um, yeah, it’s. It’s. It’s nuts. They. They would rather us have this dirty electricity and just look at it like this.

Guys who rolled out five g first Wuhan, China. And they had the first confirmed case on November 18, the 322nd day of the year that. Three, two, two. So, you know, then you had 100 years prior to that, we had the spanish flu, which was the mass rollout of the electric grid. So it’s just electromagnetic frequency sicknesses is what is hitting everyone. But, yeah, yeah. And that’s why it’s so important. Like, this band, you see, I wear it, and it’s got over 200 frequencies in it besides the ground up Suge knight in the band itself, that actually help the body mitigate the harmful effects against EMF radiation.

EMF radiation, electromagnetic field radiation is the issue. Okay? And there’s studies out there. All you got to do is, you know, EMF radiation sickness, EMF radiation symptoms. You know, sickness symptoms. You just put it out there and you’ll see, you know, what is going on. Well, 5g kicked that up way more than 4g. Okay? And now think about what’s happening, son and brothers and sisters out there, is that now we’re putting five g and they can go to six and they can go to seven satellites all around the freaking planet and beaming down in, in Dominican Republic.

I have a starlink, son, and it’s starting to bring down 250 megs per second. Up and down the starlink? Yes, up and down. I don’t trust that either, though. What? Because, I mean, yeah, I could just, you know, oh, no, I’m using the technology, but I’m saying, you know, the power that it must be beaming to the planet that’s produced 250 megs up and down, and now they’ve got, what, 5000 of those things out there. The plan are, they’re saying within, by 230, they’ll have over 100,000 with all the people that are going to compete and all that, like 100,000 plus of these satellites beaming down, by then it could be eight g.

Who knows what it’s going to be? But each time it goes up, it increases EMF radiation, which is not good for the human, you know, it’s not, by the way, it’s not good for the energy body and it’s not good for your biological mass body. It’s not good for either or. They got ten g already, bro. Some locations here in Ohio. This girl I was talking to, she’s a follower of mine. She sent me pictures out in Youngstown, Ohio. You know where that is, pops? And yep, she has pictures of the vans putting in the ten g technology.

And it’s all fiber optics. Yeah, it’s all underground fiber optics. And they wanted to run it to her house and she didn’t let them. And they really gave her a hard time about it. And she’s like, well, just cut me off then. You know, when you’re done with this, the one we have now, you can just turn me off. I don’t want that in my home. And they kind of try to force it on her. So who knows? Is the ten g going to be better? Is it going to be worse? I don’t, I don’t definitely don’t trust none of the technology.

But ain’t it, is it supposed to get better the higher we go past 5g? Yeah, once you’re at, you know, you’re going into other frequencies to move into other dimensions. Those kind of things don’t affect you like they do when you’re here at the biological way, but there are also ways to do it that’s not so damaging, remember, and I don’t want to. Again, we got to be careful what we say here, but it looks like everything that’s done on this planet by the powers to be is intentional in order to, you know, further agenda, right? And reptilians.

Well, yeah, those are. Those are the, you know, the. The race that was seeded by the fallen angels, too. Right? And their shape shifters and all of that stuff going on there. So it’s. And you notice how people are starting to see more of these sightings of different things happening. Yeah. Because the Earth is increasing in its frequency, which is moving it, you know, into a higher dimension. Now, again, the timelines can split. I don’t know what’s going to happen. Somebody’s asking about space. Look, I’ve never been in space. I don’t know. You know, I know that for us to think that we are the only planet in all creation is just not logical.

And the fact that there’s not other planets with other living beings on it, that doesn’t make any sense. Okay, if that, there wouldn’t be, because there is. And, you know, the creator creates. Universes are getting made every day. Planets are getting made every day. You know, the way that they’re. They have set up the way that they run this. One day, we all will know. We all will know. I’m reading a very interesting book. I don’t want to talk about it at the moment, but I showed it to you, son, and I introduced you to. I showed you that guy.

I want to get him on our truth mafia podcast show. I want to interview him and bring his information to our folks to let them tell us what they think. What is their discernment? What do they feel inside? I’m like, I picked the book up. I ordered it when I was in the Dominican Republic, and then I started reading it on Sunday. I spent 4 hours reading this book, halfway through it now. And so it’s logical, what it’s saying. Okay. But again, I don’t know 100% of what the creator has planned and how was creation laid out? But again, all of.

First of all, the whole, I used to believe in flat Earth wholeheartedly, but now I’ve evolved above that. It’s. It’s all interdimensional and it’s all. We’re in some type of giant simulation. Well, it’s a hollow, it’s holographic. 100%. Yeah. And there’s other. I do believe there’s other worlds outside. Yes. Is there a firmament over this? We live in an enclosed organic simulation that has most likely been hijacked by these entities called archons. And if you look into the gnostic text, that’s why the whole library of Alexandria was burnt down. Oh, yeah. That is, yeah. If you.

If you watch Jupiter ascending. They have the abrasic family that goes around all the different planets and harvests the people, and they make this, um, secretion out of the people, and they go in it, and they come out. They’re brand new. They’re. Yeah, like some vampire show. I watched that show a couple times over the years, but. Well, that’s him, dad. The Abrasix family is based on a real demon. It’s an archon. His name is Abrasix, and that’s what he looks like. And why we see all these elites and famous people walking around with the one black eye.

It goes back to this ancient soul scraping ritual, which is nanotechnology. You know, that’s why you see the black goo crying where they have these nanoworms that go in through the eye, taking over the optic nerve, taking over the consciousness of the host. And that’s how they’re able to transfer consciousness from one to another, these little hybrids that these retinoids created. So, you know, it’s for any of us to pretend like we know everything. You’re. You’re tripping, because even me, I don’t know everything, and I stay open minded to anything. But a lot of people, they’re so closed off.

If you. If they’re a diehard, flat earther and you mention anything besides that, they tune out and leave. You know what I mean? Look, I mean, here’s the thing. When I turn into Superman, and I can fly up and fly, you know, whether it’s flat, circle, dome, whatever, and I can fly and see it, then I can tell you for a fact. Okay, right. You know, again, I think that. I think that we. It’s very interesting that, you know, we’re talking about these multiverses, and you could be in multiple places simultaneously. You know, the Christ, right? Some people call Jesus, some people call Yahushua, some people call all different things.

You know, I believe that was, you know, God is, you know, there’s a God, the father, and there’s the female side, right, of the equation, and the son is the Christ. And the Christ’s consciousness is coming back. And, you know, I don’t know where we’re at, you know, but this, this quantum, quantum mechanics and the science of the quantum fields and all that stuff is proven out. God more and more the creator more and more every day. So nobody can do the big Bang is happening daily. Like I said, many universes, many planets being made every second of the day.

The amount of stuff that’s out there is just. We don’t even comprehend it. You know, there’s no time in the center of all of this, right where this has come out and, you know, where it’s all being controlled by the creator and how he’s built his leadership team through his, you know, the things that he creates. Because everything came from the creator. Everything. It’s a point of origin of all things. So at the end of the day, none of us know exactly 100%. But what I can tell you is make the time every day to just talk to the creator like I’m talking to you right now.

You know, I don’t know, you know, I don’t want to say something that, you know, insults you, father creator, God creator, I don’t want to do that. Give me the download. Give me the truth. Give me the truth because that’s what you want. You want the truth. There’s so many people saying they know a hundred percent of exactly what’s going on. And, you know, I don’t know that anybody but the creator knows a hundred percent of what is going to unfold here, exactly how this is going to play out. No, I definitely agree with you and little, little promo guys.

Make sure you join the truth mafia. Help fund the movement. This gets you access to our members only content, our members only WhatsApp group. And it’s just a great way to help fund the movement. You know, paranoid America made this little video for me right here. The truth mafia, led by Capo da Capi, Tommy Truthful, alongside his underboss donut factory, Siglieri, Anio Saru, and capo Paranoid American of, all united under one flag to combat censorship and champion free speech. Become a maid member today. Click the link in our bio on Instagram, in the description on all other platforms.

Join the truth mafia, become untouchable. Play your part in this vital information warfare at truth pretty cool. He made that for me and I wanted to show you something. This happened, started happening right after the eclipse. All these people were showing up with freaking black eyes. Maybe it’s demonic possession, I don’t know. My boy, be dell, he’s amazing. He did a video on it. I’m going to show a little clip of it and then we can talk about that a little bit. Today I’m going to give an extensive synopsis on the spiritual implications of the parasitical infestation of the black eyed phenomenon that’s taking place on the planet ever since Cern was activated during the time of the solar eclipse.

So with that being said, ladies and gentlemen, the encounters of this anomaly is at proliferating numbers. So that’s why we must extrapolate the substantial evidence within this presentation. Because the spiritual apparatus of this phenomenon coincides with the reality glitch theory. By way of an interface transition that’s connected to the hexakedron prism matrix system that operates on the magneto hydrodynamic ascending gaps of the rings of Saturn. That creates a holographic projection due to the subatomic particles to where it subjugates the spiritual head. The technology in itself is to manipulate your genetical structure. When your genetical structure is manipulated, this is where your.

Your body is a low vibrational state. And where these entities is able to take upon your physiology. So this is why you starting to see people with the black eyes. This is why you’re starting to see people with the reptilian eyes. This is why you starting to see people with the demon face, right? This is why. Because when CERN was activated, this one, these entities were starting to come in. So it’s not a coincidence that the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency works in conjunction with the majestic twelve. Works in conjunction with DARPA, which is defense advanced Research Project Agency, which works in tandem with the grays.

And the Grays and the Reptilians are basically hijacking the bodies of those who have the NPC avatar. Yeah, you know, that’s very interesting. And you know, the drake of the Reptilians, you know, the grays, all of. Of these things that are, you know, from offset of the fallen angels, right? You know, the bloodline of the fallen angels, right? From Lucifer, you know, to all the fallen angels they created also. And you know, we get to a point, somebody was talking about God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit. I believe in the Son, I believe in the Holy Spirit.

I believe in the Father God. But I also believe that the feminine side cannot be left out of this, of the, you know, the equation at all. And do I know exactly how that works? Absolutely not. I do not know exactly how that works. And did I, was I a Catholic for up until I was like twelve and then I was a Christian, you know, after that. And I had to go to Wednesday church, I had to go to Sunday search, I had to go to all that. Look, the bottom line is none of us know a hundred percent, okay? But there is a creator.

And how that creator, you know, I do believe in the Christ, 100%. The Christ consciousness. The Christ that was on this planet to give his life to you. Know, to be, you know, ripped apart. Right. And then to actually show us how the biological matter body, the light body became one. Well, he’s. He’s the same archetype as Neo from the Matrix. What my dude just said there, how these entities are taking over the consciousness of all these NPC’s. Anyone that’s ever got one of my personal decodes and if you want one, the link is down in the description.

You know, I decode you based on your name. My dad. We’re going to do one live for you guys here. Coming up on my dad. And he, his name, his full name equals 64, which is first player character, you know, that is tied to Jupiter and Zeus and Jesus who Zeus has always tried to protect humanity. That’s the role anyways, it plays. And then you have Kronos, which is his father, Saturn. So Jupiter has 63 moons plus the one planet which is 64. And then Saturn has the 62 moons plus the one planet which is 63.

And that’s the number of the non player characters. 63. Black cube of Saturn, 666. All the world’s a stage. And then the 64, you got the Phoenix power. This is what we were talking about with people’s abilities getting amplified due to this event that we’re going through. Planet X, the destroyers in 64. All the world’s a stage. And whatever planet X is, if it’s from inner Earth or is it the solar simulator that they have worshiped that we see in Freemasonry and many of the different secret societies, it’s being used to kind of factory reset us, right? And take us.

We went through these global resets over and over again. The tartarian mud, floods and the Carrington event was probably the last one we had. But we’re going through a real big one right now. And all that, all that energy tied to that, whatever you want to call it, a planet, another dimension. That’s kind of how I look at it, dimension X. And that is what is amplifying people. Plus the solar maximum that we’re going through. But whatever they’re trying to hide up in the sky, what they’re using the solar simulator to hide and block us from seeing, right? And then you can kind of see, I think the solar simulator is the real brighter one in the front and our actual sun is the dimmer one behind it.

And there’s many ancient cultures that talked when these global resets would take place. Place that the sun would turn dark for a long period of time. So yeah, it’s just, it’s kind of cool. To look at all that and try to figure it out, what is, you know, if you watch archaics stuff, he calls it the phoenix phenomenon, and he believes it’s pretty much some advanced technology connected to these advanced humanoids from inner earth. So, um, that’s where I kind of lean with it, too. Even the reptilians, they had these reptilian catacombs out in California. You can look up, type in, uh, reptilian catacombs found under LA, and you’ll see the 1934 newspaper article about these catacombs, where they found gold in them and all kinds of stuff.

So they just don’t want us, I think, anything that is the truth, they don’t want us to know it because there’s power in that. You know what I mean? No. Yeah. If you follow, you know, and I believe in the Christ consciousness, of course, you know, do you ever figure, you know, remember what we have in the. What you call the Christian Bible has a Torah in there, but it also has the New Testament and other books that aren’t in the Torah. It’s very small. I mean, if anybody really, truly believes that’s the total word of God.

I got a bridge for sale for, you know, for you over here. You know, you can buy, you know, set up tools. No, it’s so much more. I mean, just 366 total books of Enoch alone. And these books were, you know, about this thick. Okay, so where they at? Right? So we don’t know. I’ve heard that that planet X or Nibiru is a. Is a, like. Like, you ever see Star wars where you got one of those planets that’s like a destroyer? Yes, but it’s controlled by an ENT. Is controlled by an army. Now, I’ve heard that, too.

Now, I don’t know. You don’t? I mean, I don’t know. Oh, yeah. But it was controlled by the light forces, and they’ve been utilizing it to destroy the reptilian planets. And, you know, again, I don’t know. This is just something that I’ve heard from somebody that is, you know, really into this information, and they say that they get downloads. Again, you have discernment, you know, if you don’t think the creator can download into you, then you don’t have a good enough relationship. You better work on it. Right. And. And I’m sure some of you have a great relationship, and then some of you have a social relationship, and then some of you might have no relationship.

Okay. But yes, you can get downloads. You can get. I’ve told thing things to my family that God told me, not that I take credit for it. And it happened. Okay? So, yeah, he. He tells people, his. His sons and daughters, you know, as they dedicate more time. Remember, the creator got. Owns everything. All the planets, all the universes, all. Everything. Everything is the creators. 100%. 100%. So what? He’s what? And I hate to say he she, because people don’t understand. When you get into a specific dimension, you’re, you know, you can create everything, right? Everything.

So the creator piece, everything created, all the animals created everything. The women, the men, the, you know, the animals, the different races, the different species, everything was created by the creator, you know, the creators creation. I don’t know exactly how that has, you know, played out, but again, we don’t know. We really don’t know everything that we know, but we’re going to find out. I got to tell you. We’re all going to find out. And the weather’s going to get crazy. Don’t get yourself engulfed in it. You know, I tell my son, Michael, you know, your brother, Michael, son.

I tell him, you know, don’t show my wife this negative news stuff, you know, I don’t. You know, you. You tune into that. First of all, television is at 440. Makes you depressed, makes you anxious. It’s not a good. Hurts to be watching. And if you don’t have one of our discs or one of those stickers on there, holographic stickers, even though they look thin, they got the. It’s the frequencies in them that matters, you know what I mean? Just like this back here, right? It’s the frequencies that are inside there that penetrate into my body that makes the difference, right? If I can put something on the EMF that shuts down, what’s happening to me with five g and EMF radiation, where it’s shutting down, my ATP channel, where my good nutrition goes in and the waste goes out, and now, all of a sudden, it’s shut down.

So what happens to the cell if it can’t eat and it can’t get rid of its waste? What happens to the cell, son? It dies. Dies. So believe me when I’m telling you, um, you know, I noticed a big difference in the food, uh, the fruits and the vegetables that I eat in Dominica republic versus the fruits and the vegetables that say they’re organic here in the United States. Oh, yeah, they don’t even taste the same. I mean, the stuff down there, I wouldn’t say down, but over there, the stuff over there is so much better.

It tastes. So a banana is amazing. I think everybody would eat bananas if they tasted the Dominican Republic bananas that have no, nothing on them. Right. They’re not sprayed. They’re not, you know, sprayed for transport or for bugs or anything like that. They just. They’re just delicious. And they’re, you know, they’re. And so there’s a lot going on here to mess with who we are and to cut down that connection with the divine. Right. Let’s calcify the pineal gland. Right? Let’s calcify the pineal gland. Let’s do all of these things. Let’s introduce all the different things that we consume.

And I don’t want to get into the detail because, again, big brother’s watching. It only seems like America does it, though, dude. Like, a lot of these GMO’s, genetically modified organisms are banned in all the other countries, even third world world countries, but they’re shoving them down our throat. I kind of think we’re like a test to, like, America is a test, dad. Like, we’re like, they’re testing us with stuff, and that’s why they’re allowed to give us the GMO’s and all this stuff over here. We’re always taught this, american politicians are easy to buy. Yeah, they’re easy to buy.

I mean, if you think the government runs the world, then again, I don’t know what to say. It’s the people behind that that do it. And, you know, these senators and Congress people, they just want money. You know, they want money. You know, they want you to give them money, and they want to go in making $150,000 a year, and then they leave office and they’re freaking got 30, 40, 50 million. And what from insider trading where you and I and everybody here would go to prison if we did it? Meaning, say you got a friend that’s a CEO, or say you’re doing a law, a law that is going to affect the company stock price, and you can go in there and buy the stock and benefit off the insider information or the law that affects the company, and there’s no consequences at all.

So, you know, let’s all continue to move ourselves forward, working on ourselves, and let this old system fall down to pieces because it’s all built on sand and deceit and evilness and greed, and it’s built on, I would like to say, quicksand. I’d like to help be part of and going to be part of us. You know, the folks that are going inside. See, somebody has said something in the comments about not all people will move into the heaven on earth, 100%. Not all people will move into the heaven on earth. No, I know that picture where you turned it, two of them, upside down and had Satan.

Yeah. I wanted to ask you, I mean, dude, dad, what in the heck? What was he thinking to paint this? And then you got the monarch butterfly on his shoulder, which he said he was like, I wanted to put something special in for the children. And so he puts a freaking monarch butterfly, which comes from monarch programming trauma based mind control, where they’re using very dark, demonic ways of programming these poor kids. So that blew my mind when I seen that, this image. It’s just like, dude, what are you doing? He kind of looks like he’s engulfed in this fire.

Right? And then if you look at it. Let me exit this part. If you look at it right here on these slides, when you mirror it, there’s some little demon down in here. And it reminds me of this picture where the devil is eating the body up here. And then the torso is coming. So right here, you can see below it, you got the mouth, the torso coming out of it. There’s also an entity up here, too. There’s several entities within that painting, right? Several. And, dad, they do this stuff. I’m going to be very careful how I say it, but spirit cooking, where they use body fluids and it’s supposed to bind entities.

And son, you know, and I tell. I tell folks this, too. The demons have always remember something. And, you know, you might want to change that picture. So again, you have the creator that created. And Satan was created. Samanas, I think that Lord Samantha, who was Lucifer, was created and actually was like, you know, one of the most beautiful, you know, angeletic beings. And, you know, Michael, Archangel Michael was created. You know, Christ was, you know, came from out of the father, right? And again, this entity is everything. All right? Everything. And when they started seeding the planets with, you know, God, right, God created, you know, the.

His DNA. God’s got his DNA. Well, when Satan fell and took the third of the angels, their deal was to seed and to take over and to sacrifice the non, uh, you know, luciferian DNA, whatever it’s called. You know what I mean? Draconian, whatever it’s called, okay, they didn’t want God. Yeah. They wanted to eliminate all of God’s DNA. People get rid of them all. That’s why if you look back, even when they. In the. In the Jewish, the Hebrew Bible, the Jew Judaism, and you read about, you know, that they kept going back to sacrificing the kids through the other relationship with the other, you know, you know, towns of different people, you know, different races of people, they always went back and started, you know, burning the children again.

And understand this is one, they get the power from it. We know all that stuff that goes on. I don’t want to talk about that because again, we, we have to stay within, you know, these social medias, you know, be careful. Yeah. If we was just on Facebook, it wouldn’t matter. Facebook really doesn’t flag you. I put some crazy stuff on Facebook and. But, you know, they, they take my channels anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. Right. And so, you know, the thing about it is, you know, the devil created race, right? The Reptilians, all this going on, and the light and dark has been battling for God knows how many years, billions of years.

I have no idea because there’s no time, you know, with the creator, who knows what time is there? There’s no time, right. But at the end of the day, that’s been going on, that stuff, you’re shown for ever that been happening as long as there’s been that DNA on this planet. And I served the light. I. Somebody said about you. So you, sir, serve. I don’t know who that is. Goodwin? Yeah. I serve the light. I serve the creator. The point of origin of all things. What was always been and always will be. Not any of the creation.

I don’t worship, serve creation. I serve. Creator of all things. Satan was created. He’s not the creator, even though he wants to be, right? Okay? Not me. Oh, I’m glad, brother, because it ain’t me, that’s for sure. And even though he wants to be the creator, he’s not the creator. The creator created him. Okay, so, you know, this. This battle has been raging on for a long, long time. There’s some people that think this blasting that’s happening from our sun is going to activate more of our DNA, that it’s going to create a separation of timelines where you have the heaven on earth and the hell on earth.

Yeah, well, CERN is creating them parallel timelines right now. And someone, John said the devil created nothing. He only steal. Well, that is true though, too. So what he’ll do is in the Archons, if you read about the archons, they can take anything that already exists and manipulate it, but they can’t. So they’ll take anything God created and inverted and attached their little negative energy to it. A lot of holy and sacred things they have inverted, like the number 666, that’s break down for carbon, you know, has nothing to do with nothing evil. And then even the number 33, which represents our inner Christ.

Our inner Christos. Yes, right. Well, and even when I was born on the 13th, I mean, how they tried to turn that number into a terrible number, they always take symbols and numbers and all of that and pervert it, you know, they pervert it again. Fool the people full to people. I can’t wait till, you know, when I sent you that video that one night when I was using your system and I ran my name, I was blown away of what was there. I couldn’t even believe it. I mean, I was like, okay, this is very interesting.

And, and because of some of the things I’m involved in, and I know people right now that are fighting the darkness. I mean, they are fighting it. There are lightworkers all over this planet. There’s angelic beings all over this planet. Don’t you think for 1 second that there isn’t a battle raging that you cannot see with your human eyes right now because you’re not at the frequency to see it. If you’re at the frequency to see it, just like Elijah opened up the servant’s eyes when the army was surrounding them, and Elijah could see beyond what the third dimension and could see the warrior warrior angels surrounding the army that was just could destroy it, you know what I mean? But the servant couldn’t see it because his vibration.

And Elijah prayed to the creator and said, open his eyes to see what I see. And bang, he’s seen it. And when Adam was first created on this planet, he wasn’t created in 3d. He was not created in three dimension. The fall brought us down to this density. I mean, Adam seen the angels coming and going from the planet. Heaven and Earth were like, you know, pretty much there. You know, they were traveling very quickly back and forth. And it was the fall that brought us down to lower density. Right. And the galactic center, they have this thing called the Golden Gates, right, and it’s called the galactic center.

It’s supposed to be a portal from heaven to earth and that the, the elites are trying to destroy it. When we see the, the, the golden gates out west go down, guys, that will probably be symbolic of that event. And also it’ll repert. It’ll be connected to our currency collapsing too, because they’re definitely trying to collapse our physical currency and flip us to this whole digital currency. But don’t you like, son, the guy that’s sitting there promoting crypto on this show. You know, every freaking other thing. Please, whoever’s the moderator, remove that guy. You know, this is not a place to promote your crypto.

Oh, dude, they always try that stuff. I’ll handle him. Don’t worry. I got it. Yeah, I mean, it’s just, you know, again, people that do these kind of things and negative things and are not helping other people will not move forward. They will not make it. Okay. One was in the. Two were in the field, one was taken, one was not. Two were in the house, one was taken, one was not. Based on your vibration, based on what you’re doing, as little as a comment where you’re spamming a show that has nothing to do with crypto, or if it even did have something to do with crypto, it’s not your show.

But it’s such negative energy that those type of people will not go anywhere. They won’t. They’ll go somewhere, but it ain’t going to be heaven on earth, that’s for sure. He really spammed me, didn’t he, hold? Yeah, that’s just. That’s why I called it out and, you know, look, I’m going to call people out. I don’t care. That’s the way Papa truthful is. I’m going to call people out if they’re not behaving. I’m about love and light. I love you, brothers and sisters, I want to help you. There’s things that we’re going to be bringing to the table to help you in every single area of your life.

That’s where I’ve been. I’ve been working on them with the team. Okay? And we’re going to be introducing them over the next as we bring these podcasts out more and more. There’s a product that used to be the main ingredient, the only ingredient. We’re not going to tell you what it is at the moment. The only ingredient in that product, except for the stuff that helps it penetrate your cells, used to be in all of our food. But guess what the problem was? Why did they take it out of the food? Because it actually kept the body in balance to heal itself.

What? What? Yeah. It basically kept the body in balance to heal itself. And it used to be in all of the food and. No, it’s not him. No, it’s not him. Nope, not him. But so, TJ, I sent him because I’m working with these folks, helping them. This was another God thing that was brought to me. I wasn’t looking for it, and I sent my son some of this and the pictures that he has, he’ll be sharing late, you know, on a show that we’ll be doing that we’re going to be talking about this and everything else to make sure that you are getting your.

And economically, okay, that you’re getting your energy body and your physical body in the top shape that you can get it into because you got to get there. We all got to get there together because of this increased vibration, this creased frequency. We got to get there. We got to. Oh, yeah, I’m a. I’m a pro hemp person. Don’t, don’t misunderstand me, but this is not him. And it is powerful. What it TJ, is it. Is it real? Oh, yeah. It’s pretty good stuff. It definitely helped me a lot. Well, yeah, don’t get the details, because when you tell the story and you show everybody what it did for you, I think they’re going to be very excited about it.

And this company, also, the owner of this company is the one that introduced me to these systems that actually pull the electromagnetic pollution out of the atmosphere and will reverse all the damage that we know who did. Okay. And that’s good for, you know, the. Our grandchildren and children and all that. Now, again, if come next year, in the beginning of the year, we get hit with the solar blast that are supposed to make these ones look like nothing, by the way. We’ll see what happens. Again. I don’t know the time, I don’t know the day.

I don’t know the year. I don’t know when the creator is going to do whatever. Where the one. The two are in the field, the one is taken, the one is not. One’s going into the higher dimensional realm and the other is stuck in three D. And good luck because you’re going to just recycle through until you get it. Until you get up. Definitely not a good thing, right? Oh, wow. This little kid that just got. They just found some little kid in what’s a borrow pit. I don’t even know what the hell that means. Yeah, the silver.

The silver is good. The silver. By the way, I still think I have the frequencies. I gotta. I’m gonna be setting up something in Tommy truthful where I’m gonna bring in some of these frequencies we have for our members. You know, if you can, you know, do it. Support the truth mafia. Absolutely. You know, do that so we can continue. We’re working on. By the way, we’re talking about AI. I know. We were going to talk about AI in this podcast. And, you know, AI can be used for good, and AI is being used for bad.

It’s being good, and it’s being used for bad, being used for both. And, Pops, I think that we’re so far more advanced. Eric, thank you for that donation, brother. I think we’re way more advanced than people think we are with artificial intelligence. And you remember who Edward Snowden was, Pops? Yeah, yeah. Work for the NSA. And then he’s over in Russia now. Well, he, like, back in 2012, he did this interview. I got to find it on the Internet. But he warned. He said in the near future, they will be using weather control technology and geoengineering to cause population control.

And, I mean, I think that’s what’s going on right now. Not only that, but they want to get us out of the country, out of living on our own. You know, if you have a farm or your own sustainable situation going on, they want to get you into these 15 minutes smart cities that are all ran by artificial intelligence. And I think artificial intelligence is what’s controlling the weather control technology, which is really fallen angelic technology. That’s. That’s what it is that. That they’re using on us. Well, okay, so they’ve been using AI for decades. They’ve had this technology they’re releasing now, has been around for 30, 40 years, and they’ve been using it on us behind the scenes, right? I’m not sure.

I think it. Norway. You can get it on the site. Norway? I’m not 100% sure, but I think you can. If it’s in that election, they can. They can ship it there 100%, but, yeah, you know, it’s. It’s. It’s. We’re. We’re working with it to get the truth out. We’re working with it to help, you know, do the things that we need to do online for business, right. To get more. More and more people. And what we’re putting together will help other brothers and sister patriots and stuff to do the same. I mean, we can’t let them have an unfair advantage.

We got to deploy it, too. But remember something. You know, the direct, the reptilians based on technology, right? They do everything with technology. When you’re like an angel, like Archangel Michael or they. Sometimes they call them Lord Michael or Christ Jesus, you don’t need technology. You could create anything you think about instantaneously. You have to be love and light completely because you can destroy anything with your mind. You could create anything with your mind. You can go anywhere with your mind. So why do you need technology? Right? Why do you need technology? So eventually we don’t need AI.

When we’re at that level of vibration, we won’t need AI. But right now in this 3d battle that we’re going in right now and the other side has been using it and on us constantly, we’ve got to utilize it to help us get more people, wake more people up. You know, the goal that I have personally is how many more people can we help wake up. Once they get waking up and they understand what really is going on, then how can they get involved? One, you know, make sure they’re solid, make sure they got revenue streams coming in, you know.

By the way, we’re launching something in truth that’s going to let you promote Truth and make money off of truth Mafia on all of the different sponsors. Okay? So we’re working on that with all of the brands that we have so that people, if they say, hey, you know, I really don’t want to, you know, have my own business or I don’t want to promote a particular product, but I’d love to share, you know, this information, to share videos and you know, people go back and watch the information they’re on my, on from my link, I make money.

That’s some of the things we’re going to be, be introducing that we’ve been working on that are now ready to go, you know, for this period of time that I haven’t been doing lives. And now I’ve got things sorted where we’ll be doing this every Wednesday and other things we will be doing and TJ and I will bring bringing on guests to where to help you because again, okay, you’re, you’re, you’re awake. Now what? Work on yourself with the creator, your relationship. Keep working on that. That’s the most important thing. You want to get to that vibration, you got to work.

Then what are you doing for your energy body, you know, besides your physical body, you know, eating better, I got to eat better. You know, my wife and I, my wife is very thin but you know, I’m sure TJ, you need to eat better, right? We all need to eat better that do eat very, very well. But get taking care of your energy body and your biological body, opening up your portals, you know, making sure that you’re, you know, you’re doing exercises that going to help open up your, your portal. Some people call chakras, you know, some are, I call them energy vortexes basically that keep the, you know, keep that energy body going.

Now, they have devices that can actually see the energy body. Okay? They have technology where you can see the energy body. And by the way, another benefit of this product that we’re going to talk about, TJ, go through his whole story, go through the science. All of that literally helps get the energy body back into. You know, when you look at the energy body, there’s a bunch of dents, like, looks like somebody’s, like. Is smacking it with a ball back. This helps smooth all that around again. So. And there’s been tests on it to show that.

So that’s pretty significant. Remember, this was in the food. This used to be in all the food until they refined it out. A lot of food. Then they refined it all out. Right? They make sure that nobody’s getting qualities of that. Just like they make sure they put fluoride in our water. Right, right. And speaking of chakras, the earth has these chakras and energy fields, too. And if you look at all the rituals they’ve done over the years, it’s so strange. It’s all done in the shape of this giant pentagram, and then it pushes all that energy back towards the middle, where.

Guess what we have right there. A collider. Just like, over in CERN. We actually have two of them. One in Illinois and one in Tennessee. And it’s right in the center of that circle where. Where did the twin eclipses. Guys, it made an x over that same mark right there, that same new Madrid fault line. And we did have a ritual. 41 days over a mass shooting. It wasn’t on the 40th day, but it was on the 41st day. So 41 days before the 2017 great american eclipse, we had the Texas buyers pop off, right? Right.

And then go back to 20 1741 days after that event, that eclipse. We had route 91 harvest festival, the Las Vegas shooting. So it didn’t. You know, I didn’t take me much to figure out. They would probably do some staged event on the 18th of this month, which they did. They had a shooting on that day. It seems like they’ve ramped up these type of rituals since after the. The eclipse, and it’s all about harvesting energy, dude. There was this crazy rumor, dad. Like, during the eclipse, our government was working with these entities and trying to.

So they made contact with these entities at CERN, and then they. The entities told them that they had to harvest this thing called loosh, which is our. Our energy signature. They keep us a state of fear and terror to amplify the loosh that they harvest. So, like, tons of videos went viral of something that looked like a craft coming and going around the backside of the eclipse. And then the very next day on the 9th, the anniversary of Prince Philip’s death, we had these 80 foot waves down, um, in the Antarctica region. Yeah, I see that anomaly that was all read in the map by South America.

South Africa. Right. And all that. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So the rumor is anyways, that that was that giant ship going underwater and that they gave that these entities a big part of Antarctica, which they’re probably demons. Honestly, who knows what the hell these governments are working with. But now the Vatican, did you see the Vatican just released about what you should do if you see an alien and stuff? Yeah, yeah. Well, again, there’s these demonic aliens that are from, you know, the Lucifer DNA and. And all the fallen angels. And then there’s these angels that are from the creator and, you know.

Yeah, royalty is B’s. Jay. I agree with that. But at the end of the day, it’s. It’s interesting what is going on. And again, I think that however we all can get ourselves sorted and then, you know, that’s interesting. Yeah, he’s preparing everywhere to, you know, talk more about that. They’ve been setting up that whole thing for a while now, right? For a couple years, I think the government and. Yeah, yeah, you’re right about that, Bernie. About the Vatican for sure. Yeah. This is my boy swinging stone. He did a video on it, guys. So you can check that out up on truth

another really good video that I recommend for everyone because this is just some positive good stuff is this video that my boy disclosure hub did. And it’s teaching you how to grow your own herbs and actual herbs, you know what I’m saying? So it’s a cool video. It’s a couple hours long. It’s full of so much good information. I highly recommend that one too. But yeah, man, I wanted to show them some of these things that are going on around the world. Like it’s just, it’s never ending. One thing after another after another after another. So this was the tornado.

And then did you guys see also they said, hold on, let me show you this real quick. I’ll come back to that. Also, look at this. Did a storm chasers car get sucked up into a tornado on live stream? So you guys probably heard that went viral, right? They said some storm chaser got sucked up, which I researched. It, dove into it. It’s all lie. So they like to put stories like that out so that we will share them. And then they can come and hit you with fact check and make it look like you’re a compulsive liar.

That’s how they do it. Here’s the original post. It’s a terrible video, by the way, I might add. So terrible. I don’t know how this video went viral. Right here. Look. It’s just a little piece of, I mean, this went crazy viral. And that top, that top camera is supposed. Now, the true story is they were there, but they hydroplaned. So they thought that was them getting sucked up in the tornado. It. They were chasing the tornado. That parts. True, but they got, they hydro plane. They didn’t get sucked up in it. So you know that.

That’s how you got to be careful with fact check because they’re very deceptive like that. And in the original story, they fact check it. So they walk you through this whole thing about it. And then at the bottom, you know, they make these people look like liars. They show the links to all their different accounts and they just how they do. So you got to be very careful whenever you’re sharing information. You got to research it yourself, guys. Don’t just take what someone says on YouTube and share it instantly unless you can trust that person wholeheartedly because there’s a lot of these people are controlled opposition.

They really are. And speaking of all these, this was one, this was the Iowa one. So here’s Iowa right here. Let me bush play. Let’s see. I mean, these tornadoes are just manifesting everywhere, which, believe it or not, you look at the matriar tornadoes is in that 666 cipher. Like I told you, it’s not originally a bad thing. There was a big one last night in Illinois. I was watching it live out as it was happening, and it was pretty exciting, actually, to watch. Now, we almost had one up here where I’m at in Ohio. We had a small one in Ohio, but it wasn’t around where I’m at.

And my mom said we had a tornado here since I was a little kid. When I was a little kid, I guess we had one out by Marlboro, where my grandpa stays. Dad. Yeah, yeah. When I was young and living in Ohio, we had. We had them. We had. We had the. You guys had them? Yeah. They might be exciting for you, son, but they ain’t exciting for the people that they’re headed towards. I can tell you that right now. Can you imagine? Oh, right. I know. Yeah. The energy. Yeah, it’s, it’s. Again, you know, all of these things that are going on will continue to intensify.

And some people, like you said about when, you know, they talked about people’s hearts failing them based on what they were seeing happening. And I can see that, you know, with a lot of people that won’t make it. There’s things right now with people that are a friend, acquaintance that has a friend that owns a bunch of rehabilitation centers. There’s been more overdose deaths than in the history of these centers. Okay. People were, you know, there’s going to be a lot of people leaving the planet, right. But not leaving it from a higher vibration, but leaving it because they’ve chose to do it over again somewhere else.

You know, I mean, right? And now they’re telling us the, the solar flares is a. We’re about to have these cannibal CME. So that sounds crazy right there. A cannibal solar flare. And as it’s going to amplify what’s going on with the aurora borealis. So you’re going to be able to see that even more, which I think it has something to do with a shifting right now. I mean, I’m 41 years old, guys. I never seen this damn thing ever. So it’s kind of crazy that we see it over and over and over again. And this is down in Texas.

They just keep getting hit with hail down there. That’s where you’re at, pops. You said this ain’t happening in your location, though, right? No, I haven’t had that happen yet here. No, it’s interesting. Texas is massive, right? And then the one, the other thing I wanted to show you guys was this story. I showed you a screenshot of it, but so you can see that it’s an actual story. Heavy equipment snow shovel used to clean up hail pile knee deep in small Colorado city. My friend Lindy lives out in Colorado. I wonder if she’s cool. Look at this.

I mean, look at that, guys. So mother nature is not happy right now. Not at all. This video is 44 seconds long, too, which is heart harp equals 44. Go figure. Look at that. And I mean, this ain’t winter time, you know? Whoa, look at that, dude. That’s all hail, guys. Can you believe that? I wouldn’t want to live there right now, would you, dad? Look, I mean, it’s gonna get, it’s gonna get crazy. Um, again, we gotta, we gotta focus on, uh, just look at this stuff and. And go, oh, and, you know, get focused on yourself and your family.

Make sure that you do have some stuff for, you know, emergency situations that you have, you know, some food and water and maybe, you know, some solar powered battery generators or backups, whatever you can do. But look, it’s going to get, it’s going to even get more intense as this year goes on. It’s going to get very intense. Very intense with, with what’s going on with the weather and all that. It definitely is. And guys, I just want to let you know, um, all the links, like for the 5g protection where my dad has that on his wrist.

That’s right here. You click on it and you got to put the promo code in just like this. All one word. The t is capital. The m is capital. That’ll get you your 20% off. You just click on it. Boom. Brings you over here, save your 20% off, and then to join the mob. Did they really break my link right here? Hold on, let me broke. And it just does that. Why does it do that now? I don’t like that. I don’t know. It’s so weird. It never used to do that. You notice it’s been doing weird stuff like that.

Like, why is that be broken? I noticed it the other day, but it didn’t seem to affect it. So. Yeah, you know, and then if you want to get your personal decode with me and find out your role, that links also down there. That’s something I just do on my, my own to. I enjoy doing it, honestly. I like looking at everybody’s different synchronicities. And it’s pretty cool. I’m going to do dad’s live on here. Maybe we’ll plan for that a couple episodes from now. But what do you got? Anything you want to plug pops before? Well, no, not that I want to plug that.

I want to say that, look, things are going to look very, very dark again before. Before the dawn. The darkest is before the dawn. Just focus on getting yourself sorted. Make sure you got food and water, make sure you got backup batteries, candles, lights, all that stuff that you need. Get, you know, that prepared so that if something happens that you can, you know, take care of you and your family, work on yourself with your spiritual connection. Again, it, you know, is about relationships. It’s not about, oh, I’m a religious person. But by the way, most people that are, you know, in religion, I think that in the Christianity, they spend about five minutes, like the average people, five minutes in their Bible a week or something on their own.

I don’t know, it’s not a lot, but, you know, you gotta God’s not looking for money. He’s looking for time. So give God time. Give him time and, you know, build that relationship so that you get through discernment so you can prepare yourself. You know, you could thrive or survive or not survive. I think that we all should be on the thriving side of this, okay. Of this whole situation coming on. We got more stuff that we’re going to be doing on these Wednesday night podcasts. We’ll be bringing out a lot of stuff to you. We’ll also be bringing on some guests that we’ll be bringing on to help, you know, again, always listen to people with an open mind, but also, you know, pray for discernment about what you heard.

And, you know, dig in yourself. Don’t let anybody use you as a puppet, because you’re nobody’s puppet. I tell people, don’t worship anybody. Not my son, not me, not anybody, you know, worship creator. We all have respect for people, but, you know, I see a lot of idolism out there going on with people. It’s. Idolism has never been bigger than what it is today between sports figures and actresses and actors and politicians and business people. You know, don’t idolize human beings. Okay. But love you all very much. Exciting son to be doing these with you. Can we take a couple questions before we.

Oh, yeah, I’m here. Yeah, let’s take questions. Absolutely. 100%. So, she’s a good supporter. Mine been with me a long time. Do you think China and Russia is hitting us with weather warfare? Well, I think most of it is probably our own government, but, yeah, I’m sure there is an element of that with it, too, with China and Russia. I don’t think Putin’s this evil demon that America portrays him as though, honestly, I got more faith in him than some of our own leaders, you know? But that’s just my opinion on it. I can’t tell you for sure.

What do you think, dad? Some of it. Well, I mean, look, all we want to do is fight. It’s the biggest business on the planet, right? The bankers fund both sides of the equation, and they fight. They finance it for war, and they finance it for rebuilding. They make trillions of dollars. That’s what it’s all about. Most of the countries that we’re fighting with, the United States, do not have the Rothschild central banking system in them. So they don’t like that. You understand? And now with what’s going on with, you know, all this crypto stuff, all this stuff that’s happening, it’ll be very interesting to watch but usually we’re in war with people that aren’t.

You know, what we did to Russia was wrong. Yeah. Take stealing their money, the dollars they had, you know, who in the hell wants to handle dollars? If any time the United States gets pissed off, it can take your money. I mean, no one’s going to want that. That deal. We created our own issue there. We shouldn’t be doing that. You know, we shouldn’t be doing that. And everybody’s the boogeyman, right? Because we got to keep that freaking war machine going. War machine, right? Yeah, it is. It is so crazy how they painted and Putin has tried so many times, like he’s trying to warn us on live tv what’s going on.

If you really follow him, it seems like, and I’m not saying he’s not controlled. Who knows? But I definitely don’t believe he’s this evil person like they’re portraying him to be. Look, no one’s perfect. Everybody’s got, you know, no one’s got, you know, open their closet and there’s, you know, no cobwebs. And the people that say that usually there’s a secret door behind the closet and there’s more cobwebs than anybody seen in their life. So no one, no one is without, let’s say, sin. Nobody. And Putin’s got his stuff. I’m sure he’s done things that he wishes he didn’t have to do.

Right, you know, but at the end of the day, this whole system is wrong. The whole system is wrong. We should not be fighting and battling with other countries. We all should be loving each other, working together to get everybody food, water, shelter, you know, free energy, bring free energy out. You know, we got enough energy from this, just from the environment, the planet, to power everybody and everything, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Bring out these new technologies that help heal people based on frequencies, bringing their energy. Remember, all sickness starts in your energy body.

All bio sickness starts in your biofuel. All sickness starts in your energy body. And we don’t even do anything about it. Son. There’s a worming thing that brother Jack Mullen gave me, and it is we’re gonna go over, we’re gonna have a show and talk about it. And you can get this stuff at, on Amazon or wherever you want. The feed store is. Some of this stuff is like, you know, ivermectum and panic here and other things, but the human body is saturated with parasites and worms. You know, we worm our dogs heartworm and, uh, we use panicare strong gent to get the worms out of them.

Worm our cats, worm our cattle, worm our horses. We worm pretty much every animal like that. You know, that we domestic, uh, I wrote a blog about it. We don’t worry, we don’t worm the human being. We don’t worry. We’re the human being. And, and a lot of these problems that. But you know, it starts in the energy body, but a lot of problems are from all the massive amounts of parasites that people have in their, in their body. Charlene saying, I take Ivermectin once a week. Yeah, Ivermectin was the do not talk about situation. And they’re finding out all kinds, very inexpensive, doing all kinds of amazing things for people.

But you know, we’re gonna have. I’ve got a whole document, 180 pages, that everybody can download for free, that we can give them. And I think we should have a show and talk about it and then give people the information. Yeah. Worm serpent. A hundred per cent. Well, I mean, it went viral about worming on Joe Rogan show. So everybody in the truth or community was sharing it and sharing. And usually when that happens, I stand back because it seems controlled to me. So I looked at the numbers of it and I don’t know, pops, I don’t know if I trust it.

But what do I know? Maybe it is good. Maybe it does help people if there’s people out there that has really, I’m talking about it, curing cancer, because there’s. Well, I don’t know about that. I know that it takes what kills worms, because I used it to kennel, you know, you worked at the kennel very young, you worked the kennel throughout your, your youth. And you know, we worm the dogs with ivermectin. We worn them with strongent, we worn them with panicure. We were doing wormings. You know, they were on a set schedule for deworming. And then we take fecal, we have them tested, their blood tested, and we have no worms.

And human beings are full of parasites. And you know, one of the sisters here said about serpent. Yeah, I mean, what better to destroy the energy body with all these frequency attacks and all of that, and load us up with a bunch of parasites. Because they load parasites into the food, right? There’s parasites in the food, you know, not all of it, but some of it. And so I think they ground up. There’s a lot of gross stuff happening and you all have to get a lot more on top of our preventive maintenance of our, you know, biological body, our energy body, and get those things into tip top shape because the energy is only going to increase.

And again, how many brothers and sisters have been feeling the energy increasing? Again, how many of you feel that you feel like something big is, you know, big, big, big, big is happening here. There’s a lot of things going on, but I’m talking about really big is going to push through here. And I think if you say on the side of the love and forgiveness and being humble and being productive, helping your fellow man and woman, brother and sister out. We’re all from the same creator, by the way. We’re all related. I know that sounds crazy, but we’re all, you know, part of the same creator hunt.

1150 hertz. Parasite removal frequency. Yeah, we should get check that information out because. Yes, vibration frequency can kill it. Julie, you don’t need to go to the doctor, honey. If you do want some of that, you can go to like, your local cattle store or like, there’s a bunch. You can get it here in Ohio. Locally, you just go up to the feed meal store and you can grab it there so you don’t have to go to a medical physician to get it. But, you know, I’m not a doctor, so I’m not giving you no medical advice.

I’m just letting you know. Yeah, and they’ve got it now online that you can order the ivermectom and all of that good stuff. And. And, you know, it’s. It’s. Again, parasites, could be demons. Hey, whoa. Knows, right? I mean, it’s. It’s definitely not. It’s definitely not healthy for you, that’s for sure. And like I said, I come here and I start eating the food here, and I’m like, okay, well, definitely, you know, you’re allowed to do so much here that, like, Dominican Republic. I did not see one chemtrail. None. Not one. Not one. The sky is so blue that it’s.

It’s just amazing how blue it is. Not one trim chemtrail. So we’ll be bringing on a lot of guests in the future to help with all of these things. Bringing on, you know, people that are experts in. In different areas to help you all. Once in a while, we’ll have a guest on. Not every time, but as TJ and I, we get them on, we’ll be having them. So we’re gonna have fun on these shows. We’ll take any questions, any more questions. Just what evil is a Paris they got? That’s pretty much it on the questions.

I just wanted to tell my people out there in Oklahoma that I’m definitely praying for you because they’re gonna hit you guys again with directed energy weapons out that way. So get ready for some more storms. You guys know who was telling you we were gonna get hit with storms before they started? Your boy Tommy. So when everybody else was saying a million different conspiracies happened about the eclipse, and I said it was going to be harp in geoengineering, and that’s what we’re getting bombarded with. So we thank you guys. Make sure you check out all the links down in the description.

Become a member, help support the platform. And we love y’all. You know, thank you for rocking out with us today. Hit them, like, share the video. We’re out. Take care, folks. Love careful.

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