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Whats Doja Cat Summoning On Stage? Watch to Find Out!

By: Tommy Truthful
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Whats Doja Cat Summoning On Stage? Tommy Truthful Truth Mafia

“I apologize for my poor pronunciation skills. I am having a hard time pronouncing the word “summoning” correctly. However, I assume you understand what I mean. In her performance, Doja Cat calls upon the Jinn, also known as demons in Christian mythology. Her backup dancers symbolize these entities. Similar entities were seen in the opening of the Gothard Tunnel during CERN experiments. Many African and Haitian cultures also work with these unclean spirits.”

“I originally released this video on Facebook, and it went viral; it has almost reached a million views today, May 13th, 2024.


If you check the comments section, you’ll find that Facebook has sent AI bots to provoke arguments. It’s quite comical. Some people can only focus on how I pronounce a word, which I find sad. It shows how low of a vibration they are on. I grew up in the projects and only went to the 8th grade. However, I taught myself everything I know today, from writing to creating content and building an empire. I developed all these business skills on the streets and have not worked for anyone but myself in over 5 years. I built an empire based on truth, and I own one of the largest alternative media platforms in the world,, with some of the biggest content creators in the game.  “I am proud of what I have built on my own and not having to work for anyone else. I am comfortably working from my home doing what I love, creating content and bringing the truth to my audience. My true fans and supporters make it all worthwhile.”

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➡ The video discusses a viral clip of Doja Cat, suggesting that her performance includes symbols related to summoning jinn, or spirits, a practice linked to rituals in Africa and Haiti. The video also mentions a ritual at the Gothard tunnel opening in 2016, which allegedly involved similar symbols. It further delves into the methods used by magicians to summon jinn, including rituals involving fire, odors, and incantations. Lastly, it suggests that celebrities and athletes may be involved in these practices, using symbols and rituals to summon entities, with a specific reference to LeBron James’ pre-game ritual and Doja Cat’s music video imagery.


This video is going viral right now of Doja Cat with the long blonde hair and you’ll notice the people dancing with her on stage they look very strange and a lot of people probably don’t know where this comes from but if you’re paying attention to the lyrics you’ll hear what she’s saying about her demons. Now this is a representation of summonsing the jinn which I will break down for you in full detail coming up. This was a ritual over there at CERN the opening of the Gothard tunnel and you’ll notice these are the same entities that are on Doja Cat’s stage with her and like I said this goes back to Africa and Haiti when they were summonsing the jinn summonsing these entities and here you will see the Baphomet coming here like I said that was all for the opening of the Gothard tunnel which is very strange them doing this type of a ritual to open a tunnel but we all remember this this took place back in 2016 is when the video went viral.

Now here we see they got a little effigy you see the little effigy he’s walking around with the chicken this alive chicken he’s gonna throw the chicken under the thing that looks like a bush these are the the black sorcerers or black magicians and then they throw it under there with this effigy now that little thing that looks like a doll that’s what the jinn manifests up out of and when the jinn is finally under there it’ll take it’ll stand up and take off and start running around that’s the symbolism behind Doja Cat’s video that’s going viral see the jinn comes to life under there and it takes off running or at least that’s the symbolism behind it now I’ve seen crazy invocation spells of these jinns where I watch one manifest up out of a fire so it’s very real they’re playing with some stuff that they shouldn’t be playing with in Hollyweird some demonic magic and listen to this the first method is called as Al Iqsam in which the magician gets into a dark room and he swears in the name of the chief jinn he says oh chief jinn please come he praises him constantly and he wears filthy clothes and he gets into the impure state of the body so when he starts his rituals he lights up fire and in the fire he puts bad odor or good smell based on the subject based on their requirement for example he got the requirement to create differences and divisions between husband and wife in that case he puts bad odor and if he wants to create unconditional love between husband and wife between two friends between two partners between two lovers based on their requirement he puts good smell or he burns incense sticks so after a while he praises the chief jinn he calls him again and again then a phantom appears before him in the form of a dog or a snake and he communicates to the jinn he dictates what to be done and what not to be done and in most of these cases he takes the sweaty garment of the person on whom the magic has to be done the patient or the victim he takes the sweaty garment he ties the knot on the sweaty garment and says this has to be done to this person this has to happen this has to happen and in most of these cases he hears a voice okay what do you want me to do your wish is my command and then the magician says that this has to be performed this has to be done this has to be taken care of so this is the first method magician wears for on on his on his on his food and he walks into the toilet he sits in the toilet and he does all the incantations and the chanting and praising of the jinn and then he comes back to his room and then the jinn comes to him and talk to him so these entities are very real these jinn these demons this is from the book of the dead the Necronomicon they were also known as the Arkons that they are summonsing and you’ll remember Abrina Abramovich in her spirit cooking video she is using blood body fluid just like in the video where he was talking about when they’re summonsing the jinn they’ll defecate on theirself lower their vibration go into the bathroom it’s all about lowering your vibration to get this entity to manifest that the black magician is summonsing and she writes these four quotations on the four corners of the room representing the four elements earth air water fire you know we have the four corners of reality the four pillars of earth whatever you call it it’s all that for symbolism and she even mentions that in the video when she’s talking but yes my brothers and sisters these entities that they are working with are very real and these elites and athletes and people on the world stage they’ve been working with these entities since the beginning of time you see it says as you go into her room put your head on there and let your energy come in seeing these hand signals that LeBron James does before his games looks real suspicious to me where have you seen this video talking about the chalk toss and how he might be summoning demons with is LeBron James just an athlete well I believe this expose we’re gonna take a little dive into what I believe is quite frightening now here you’re gonna see this chalk ritual toss what the sports world calls it a chalk toss but it’s simply disguised for what he’s really doing a high-level conjuring a spell and incantation from this Illuminati wizard where he’s summoning demons I believe he’s conjuring up demons before everything plain and simple really take a look at these chalk tosses it is very frightening this ritual that he does I mean putting his hands up these bath and that’s gonna help dragon demons appear yes they’re trying to lower their vibration to match the vibrations of the entities that they’re summoning these demons and doja cat remember in her video she was sitting in that tub of black goo well black goo is literally a storehouse for demonic consciousness and in the scene doja cat prominently displays the all-seeing eye on the back of her head while she’s immersed in this tub filled with black goo the demon seems to tug at her as if it’s drawing her further in this can be interpreted as her surrendering to the demonic presence or the demonic consciousness thank you for watching the darkest of days they try to shut us down but we won’t be confined call me true for the crew


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2 thoughts on “Whats Doja Cat Summoning On Stage? Watch to Find Out!

  1. It always seems like these demonic/unclean spirits always want to be worshipped number 1. #2 thing that popped out to me is during the summoning ritual the person had to be dirt and wear all dirty shit. Back in biblical times when the Jews would sacrifice to god in there tabernacle they had to clean themselves before they went into the tabernacle. So always an inversion of the way God did or does things, demonic entity’s always invert Gods ways.

  2. Good work T.. Lebron one of the biggest sellouts in the world, right in front of everyone’s faces before every game he conjures up entities so fucked up. I also read and heard about this roughly in the last year. Of course Lebron wears the UN 🇺🇳 🧢 when he was talking about sacrificing loved ones to become great on an interview with JJ Reddick, JJ was a former basketball player too could have been a team mate of his. They just laughed it off of course when he said he sacrificed loved ones to be great.

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