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The Hidden Force: Nano Snow Blackouts and Eclipse Rituals Uncovered

By: Truth Mafia Podcast
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Nano Snow

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➡ The Truth Mafia, led by Tommy Truthful, is a group that investigates hidden truths and mysteries in history, pop culture, and ancient times. They explore everything from ancient symbols to the meanings behind popular media. In their podcast, they discuss various topics, including the impact of astrological alignments on world events, power outages, and potential future events. They believe that these events are not random, but are planned based on astrological dates and alignments.
➡ The text discusses various astrological events and their potential influence on historical events and pop culture. It suggests that certain dates, particularly in April, have been associated with significant events, both positive and negative, due to astrological alignments. The text also explores the idea of pattern recognition in these events, suggesting that they may not be coincidental. Lastly, it touches on the concept of numbers and their symbolic meanings, suggesting that they can be used to predict or understand events.
➡ The text discusses the concept of synchronicity, the significance of certain numbers, and the interpretation of astrological alignments. It also delves into the mythology behind planets and their roles in astrology. The speaker mentions a series of planetary alignments happening in April, including those involving Venus, Neptune, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus. They also discuss the potential impact of these alignments, suggesting they could magnify certain energies or events.
➡ The text discusses various topics, including ancient rituals, symbols, and their meanings, the power of fear, and the concept of manipulating reality. It also touches on the idea of ‘looshing’, which is a cycle of negative energy, and the importance of understanding and using symbols. The speakers also discuss the concept of alchemy, the use of substances like ayahuasca, and the influence of media and technology. They encourage viewers not to fear but to understand and use their power to shape reality.
➡ The speaker discusses a video that went viral, which led to a significant increase in their income. They also talk about a patented product called Nanosnow, which is used for cloud seeding and is believed to create artificial snow. The speaker suggests that this snow contains nanoparticles that could potentially be harmful. They also discuss various conspiracy theories related to this topic, including the idea that this technology could be used to control or alter human behavior.
➡ The speaker believes that powerful people are using technology to transfer consciousness between bodies, and that they’re planning to collapse the American economy to introduce digital currency and social credit scores. They also think that these people are building “smart cities” in places that have recently experienced disasters, and that they’re poisoning the population. The speaker also suggests that these powerful people are collecting DNA to create targeted diseases, and that they’re using symbolism in popular culture to hint at their plans.
➡ The text discusses various theories and beliefs about phenomena like the dancing sun, the existence of Nibiru, and the plasma apocalypse. It also talks about the idea of plasma being a life form and its potential effects, such as reanimating the dead. The text also mentions the Carrington event, a significant plasma event that disrupted technology. Lastly, it discusses a new series called “Constellation” that explores concepts like quantum entanglement and the existence of multiple versions of oneself.
➡ The speaker is discussing a variety of topics, including their anticipation for the final season of Stranger Things, a new website they’re working on called, and a range of products they offer, including obsidian bracelets and items with a holistic health theme. They also mention their plans to create a social media platform and their appreciation for their audience’s support.


Form the truth mafia, a collective determined to investigate conspiracies and occult mysteries that have been buried for centuries. With a passion for uncovering the truth, they delve into the darkest corners of history, pop culture, and ancient mysteries, seeking answers to questions that have plagued humanity for ages. The truth mafia is led by Tommy Truthful, a man shrouded in mystery and intrigue, dedicated to covering the hidden truths behind some of the world’s most perplexing and enigmatic phenomenon.

Their research has led them down countless rabbit holes, from deciphering ancient symbols to exploring the hidden meanings behind popular media and literature. Despite the risks and challenges they face, the truth mafia remains steadfast in their quest for knowledge. Will their investigations lead to groundbreaking revelations? Or will they unravel an even deeper web of secrets and lies? Only time will tell in this ongoing saga of conspiracy and intrigue.

Welcome to another episode of the Truth Mafia podcast with your host, Tommy Truthful. Before we get started, all the links are down in the description, so there’s several links for this live to blogs we’re going to discuss during this live. They’re all down in the description as well as all of our sponsors. Check them out, and if you wanted to get a personal decode that we offer them, links are also down below in the description.

We got a really awesome episode for you guys today, and I’m on here with my brother from another mother Donut. What up, Tommy? How are you doing today, buddy? I’m doing good. How are you? I’m good, man. So what do you think about everything going on? We got power outages worldwide. I don’t think people realize how it all has to do with these alignments of the planets and these astrological alignments, with the election and everything that’s going on.

So what do you think about that, brother? Absolutely. The way that the elites do things are on certain astrological alignments going back to the ancient days. This is nothing new under the sun with this. So astrology plays a huge role in certain events, certain dates through numbers, through energies, or whatever the belief is. Like for example, full moon makes people a little more nutty, right? Makes them more loony.

The loony bin gets crazy on the full Luna. Full moon, and we’re coming up on a full moon. And today is. This is when Joe Biden came out at years go. That was huge news. So these dates are picked for reasons. And you’re right, the Internet is all out. I think that is priming us for events to come through the movies and all that. Like leave the world behind.

It’s trending today. Yes, you’re right, man. Yeah. They’re saying my mom woke up to it. I don’t have at t. So my phone was working, thank God. But major power outages. I heard it wasn’t just at and t. From what I heard, my boy dabo seven shout out to Dabo. He did a video on it, and he was saying, you can find his video in the description. He was saying it was a bunch of different companies that was out.

Now, I don’t know if boost was. I didn’t hear nothing about that here in Ohio. But a lot of people was without power and their phone up here. Not just their phone. Some people went without power. And we’ve had problems with the power grid a lot lately. It’s been weird, man. They’ve been going out, like just at night, you’ll be sitting here and they’ll go out. And then I linked this article to Dabo’s video because look what they said.

So how donut mentioned they’re priming us. And it’s funny, I noticed a lot of people are using that word now. Priming. You started that. Because I’ve always called it predictive programming, and that’s what everyone in this community calls it. So I never heard no one call it priming. But now I’m starting to hear people say it. That’s kind of funny. That’s hilarious. But anyways, their warning of chinese cyber attack will be 100 times worse than at t power outages.

So that, that’s what donuts talking about, priming you, you know, Mountain Dew and Oreos with the pitch black or the blackout leave the world behind is about the phones going out and these events to take place. This is going to be the next big event. And they do it on a solar flare day. So there was multiple solar flares. And I think that this was a controlled operation, not a solar flare.

I think they did it on the day of the solar flare. So people will look at that and say, that’s the reason. But really they knew that they can do a test run of events to come. And even a lot of pharmacies, it’s in the news now, pharmacies being hit with the outages. Now there’s a book called 1 second after or 1 minute by. It’s an older book.

It’s pretty much leave the world behind. But New Greengridge told all of Congress to read it back in the day. And let me tell you, when people can’t get these pharmaceuticals, you’re going to see a lot of people go events. So whoever did this, it’s going after that. Look, exactly what you was talking about. Here’s an article saying, did a strong solar flare cause the at t power outage? So there’s them connecting it to the solar flares, you know what I mean? It’s crazy, really.

They’re going to knock the power grid down. But I do think there’s something going on with the sun, Donut. I think there’s some astrological things going on that are cyclical that are happening. They’ve been called many different things by the ancients. The Phoenix phenomenon, the Hopi prophecy pole shift, the plasma apocalypse. I really do. At first I wasn’t fully on board with all that, but I thought it was cool to look into.

Now I’m fully on board, dude. I mean, I’ve studied. When they started first talking about it, when they started suppressing that information, it seems like all the conspiracies they came up with, they really don’t care what you believe, as long as you don’t know what’s really going on out there, right? Crazy. But they said no. When our disinformation has ran its course, when nobody knows what to believe.

Remember when they said that, right, in the movie, right? Leave the world? No, no. Well, they said it in there too, but I’m talking real life. The CIA said that shit. Oh, they said that because that’s what they were saying when they were like all the flyers all over the world. I can’t remember who made that quote, but it was somebody, I believe, that worked for the CIA.

It was either in the early ninety s or late 80s. So the sun is just plasma. So this is a plasma flare in a sense, right? My cat has been wild the last few days, beyond average hyper, wanting to run around, go outside and I wonder if there’s probably something up with the sun and all that. Yeah, there’s definitely something going on up. And this all ties into the astrological alignments, right? So we’re getting ready to have some major alignments, donut, and shout out to your people over there in Israel, because you’re going to be able to see this alignment from Jerusalem looking to the east, and you’ll see all the planets lined up.

This is a once in a lifetime event, and it’s coexisting with the twin eclipses, making the x over the new Madrid fault line, which I’m telling you, America was built to be destroyed, brother. It’s a ritual, it’s an offering. They are going to nuke this place. That’s what I truly believe with all my heart. I do, too, man. I feel like America has only been around for such a short time.

It was an experiment. Well, think about this, though, nut. Okay, so, like, all the people that were back in the day, they were killing people for being a Christian. And I’m not religious. I have no religious ties. I’m just looking at this from an angle of, okay, if I was the pope and I don’t like Protestants and I’m persecuting them, but then I come up with the idea, instead of persecuting them, why don’t we build their own state for them and let all the people that are anti government, anti crown, anti Vatican move to this one country.

We get them all over there, and then we’ll destroy it. That’s what I’m thinking. They did for real, bro. And we’re leading up to that final event, these planets are lining up, and you’ll be able to see it in Jerusalem. Yes, sir. Here. Okay. Yeah. You’ll see it on April eigth, the sun, the moon and the other planets in our solar system will align in a straight line in the sky.

When viewed from Jerusalem, looking towards the east. That’s where you’ll be able to see it from over there. So it’s connected to the holy land. And just a real quick note here, the devil’s comet, twelve P proton Brooks, will be visible during this eclipse on the eigth. So let’s cover a couple also, astrologers point out, you never want to look at an eclipse. Now, Donald Trump, he looked at the eclipse without the glasses on.

And that’s when all his downfall of his presidency really started to happen, with him getting in trouble and whatnot by the lunatic left. We’re not supposed to look at this. Everybody wants to go look at it, but that’s a no no according to astrologers I’ve heard from. Yeah, no, you’re not supposed to. And I won’t be looking at it. I won’t be outside filming it or looking at it, but some of the energies from it, if you know how to use it in the right way, but standing outside staring at it is not the proper way.

Now, we also have all these other astrological alignments in the month of April. And, guys, before I break down these alignments for you, let me just let you know what April is, because we got a lot of new people in here that have no clue. So the cabal, the illuminati, whatever you want to call them with these dates, these occultic dates, they weren’t always evil, right? They actually align with the energy flows into the earth from the sun and celestial bodies like planets and constellations.

They’re like cycles that can be broken down into days, months, years, and great years. These dates also tie into the tale of heavenly gods, astrological signs, and symbolic deities that mirror different aspects of the human consciousness. The ancient science of studying the heavens has now turned into this western astrology, which a lot of it is propaganda. What you really want to study is the eastern astrology. Right? So we have this major alignment happening April 19 is called the 13 days of preparation going into Beltane.

Now, this is huge, because during this time, we have a major planetary alignment. And I’m pretty sure this one has to do with Uranus, which is the God of Saturn. That’s his father. Right? I think that. Yeah, this is the Jupiter in Uranus conjunction. So that starts on April 20, which April 19 marks the beginning of the 13 days of preparation going into Beltane. Now, you might ask, well, what does that mean? Well, these are all major events that took place during this period, some of them just a couple of days before the Boston marathon bombing that happened on April 15, 2013.

And I like to notate the Titanic as well. Right. But with the Boston marathon bombing, they put Boston on martial law on the 19th. Remember, that’s the day they was looking for the killer. And this is linked to child sacrifice. It’s connected to ball. Okay. So we always have kids pass away during this time of the year. Yeah, you got. On the 19th was, I believe, Waco. And also, this is when Taylor Swift will be releasing her new album.

It’s also National Bicycle Day. Oh, wow. Well, Virginia Tech, 32 students. Texas Waco fertilizer plant. Five to 15 deaths and hundreds of injuries. Located 20 miles north of Waco. April 19 of 1775, the battle of Lexington and Concord, a key event leading into the Revolutionary War. On April 19 of 1993, government forces raided David Caresha’s compound in Waco, resulting in the death of 25 children. April 19 of 1995, we had the Oklahoma city bombing, leading to the death of 19 children.

April 20 of 2010, deep water horizon offshore drilling rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, causing eleven deaths. And who knows how many children died from that pollution, you know what I’m saying? I mean, probably. Wow. That was probably the biggest one they did right there. April 20 of 1999, we had Columbine high school massacre. That was the first one. Then next thing you know, we got 400 a year.

Right? That was twelve students, one teacher, which is the number 13. I’m going to skip this one. We’re going to not say that one. But he was the leader of Germany in World War II. And let’s just say that’s his birthday on the 20th, and then he passed away on the 30th, which was the day that they created the church of St. In. And that was linked to Travis Scott too, right? April 30.

Wow. Good catch. And also there was a geomagnetic storm. What was it tied to? Travis Scott, though, do you remember? Yeah. Wasn’t Travis Scott’s birthday the same day the satanic temple was founded? Yeah, I think so. Could you look that up real quick, just so make sure. I don’t want to say the wrong thing. That’s April 30. That’s the day the german guy with the mustache allegedly died.

But we found out later that it was a female’s body. It wasn’t even him. He went to Argentina. From Argentina down to Antarctica. Right. That’s what the theory is. But there’s actually FBI and CIA files declassified stating this. As far as the Argentina thing goes, that was his birthday, April 30. Travis Scott in the satanic temple founding. So you see what I’m saying, guys? It’s called pattern recognition.

You got to start paying attention. And May 1, 176 was the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati. They was infiltrating freemasonry to believe all. Freemasonry wasn’t originally evil like you think it is now. That’s why it represents the white and the black, the dark in the light. But who knows now, maybe they’ve infiltrated it all. But May 1 of 2023, George W. Bush mission accomplished speech on the US.

Abraham Lincoln declaring the end of major combat operations in Iraq. And then May 1 of 2003, that same time, the invasion of Iraq under the name Iraq Freedom, which lasted 21 days. And May 1 of 2011, the announcement of Osama bin Laden’s death by the United States. And also, this was the day that every American had to turn their gold in on May 1. May Day. 5151, Area 51.

It’s a distress call. Mayday, mayday. Yes. That’s when the aliens invaded in Las Vegas on five one. And remember that year, if you remember me and you did a show before that, and we called that, bro. I said, guys, between 411 and five one, there’s going to be major rituals. And it was due to the astrology I looked at that year. And I mean, boom, it was one of the biggest years we have.

And now this year, I think it’s going to make that look crazy. Yeah. And also this month, April eigth, then you got. April twelveth is when the civil war kicked off. And the new movie Civil War will be coming out as well. 26th. Yes, on the 26th during the 13 days of preparation. And that’s a movie about where the US president bombs, he nukes the american people. That’s what donuts talking about with priming, you know what I’m saying? That’s predictive program.

And they’re getting you ready for that type of event. And then it also frees them karmically because they told you. They showed you crazy, bro. And from the Super Bowl, Super Bowl 58, it’s 58 days till this eclipse, which that 58 number is a very sacred number because it’s 13. You always reduce, see what it comes down to. Five plus eight is 13, the 13 bloodlines, and then one plus three is four.

And four is the number of death. Taylor Swift has so many connections to that number. We could do a whole nother video on that. The matrix is 30. 113 is 31, and donut is 31, too. Your two numbers are 31. And then the donut factory, or donut factory is 57. Matching law of attraction. We all have numbers, guys. There’s no such thing as bad numbers. It’s organic synchronicity.

It’s what it’s used for. So the elites know how to hack the Matrix, they know how to shift the energy. Right? And I’ll break it down here in a minute. How I did that the other day with that nano Snow video I did. If you go back and look at that video. So what is Nano Snow? Oh, dude, let me finish this real quick, all right? And then I’ll get into nano snow.

Brother, the nano snow is crazy. So I’ll get into that in just a second. But this eclipse that happened in 1331, it went right over Wuhan, China. And that lined up with the first case of the black plague, the Black Death. So 13, if you have 13, the mirror reflection is 30, 113, and 31 is the ultimate eclipse number. And it just so happens 1331 equals 1331. And that happened on November 13, which is 1331.

And then 133 spelled out as 1331, which the other day, me and Juan was doing a podcast and we kept seeing. Well, that’s the first time I’ve seen that number. Really? Juan brought it up during this podcast we did. And he’s like, yo, Tommy, look, 1331 is on the image right here during our podcast. So later that day, I was doing my what is that an image of.

Oh, the bomb. The bomb from. We were talking about alchemy, alchemical magic, and how they took the moon child and put it in the first nuclear bomb, the fetus of it, to create a nuclear homunculus and rain hellfire on their enemies. So we were talking about that. And look at this 1330. Then after that, I’ve seen it over and over again, even with this girl, who’s a paranoid Americans homegirl.

I went and liked her video that night, and I was the 133rd person to like it. That’s organic synchronicity. It’s your higher self trying to show you something when you keep seeing it like that. Guys. And then I go, look, what is in 1333? Well, alien agenda. Decode agenda. God. Inky eight, which the eight pointed star is connected to him. Anu, we’ve seen that a lot. But this all goes in with this decode that I did on immortal engines.

You have to watch that. The one two eight code. This is for members only. I was just giving you a little sneak peek. But look at that donut. Plasma apocalypse. One two eight, bro. Depopulation. One two eight. You know what I’m saying? So that was just to show you a little bit how synchronicity works. Why I started seeing the number, and with the number 13, it’s not an evil number, either.

It’s actually one of the very lucky numbers. But they tell us everything’s evil nowadays. So now we’ll get into nano snow. Nano snow. Let’s break that down. But, yeah, there’s tons of astrological alignments. It’s crazy. The whole month of April is just full of them, one after another, after another, after another. And I put all the links right here for you guys because it’s way more than even what I’m mentioning.

All these planetary alignments that are happening, it’s mind boggling when you see how many. A matter of fact, let me click. Now, you know what’s interesting, Tommy? I’m not sure if you know this, but on the mountain dew, pitch black, there is a devil comet hidden within it. So there is a devil comet on the pitch black. For real? Yes. This is where I found all this info from this dude right here.

So I just want to give him credit. Shout out to him. I learned everything in his blog, and then I just wrote it in my own words. You know what I mean? But I learned it all from him. He was breaking it down. On April 4, just four days before the great american eclipse, there will be a planetary alignment that will involve four planets. The next planetary alignment takes place April 4, 2024, and featuring four planets.

Venus, Neptune, Saturn, and Mars. So that’s the 44 one, which, you know, that’s a huge number, 44. On April 3, we witness conjunction of Venus and Neptune. Neptune. I wonder what Neptune’s mythology is. And then on April. That’s the water trident. Yeah. Neptune is pretty much Poseidon. Okay. Yes. On April 10, we will witness the conjunction of Mars and Saturn. Mars is the God of war. Saturn is Kronos.

He’s the harvest God. Right. The grin. Father time. Yeah, the time. And his father’s Uranus. So that Uranus, Jupiter alignment. And Jupiter represents the king of the gods, or Zeus, who went to war against the Titans. He fought his father, Saturn, Kronos, and Saturn’s father is Uranus. When he was in his mother’s womb, he used a sickle to cut off his dad’s joint. You know what I’m saying? His dad’s penis.

That’s the mythology behind it. But April 10 is. Which one is that one? Hold on. That’s the Mars and Saturn conjunction. Oh, yeah. Okay, thank you. On April 20, this is the day after the 13 days of preparation. That’s the big one. Jupiter and Uranus. People don’t even realize how huge this one is. And what I’ve come to realize with the astrology is that whenever Jupiter is in a sign or something like that, it magnifies it.

Jupiter magnifies whatever is happening. And then you got Mars there, which is that war energy that masculine know. Yeah. So magnify that, right? It’s going to magnify all that energy. So, yeah, man, it’s just a lot of stuff in the month. And also, I believe the month ends with alignment, too. I’m sorry, guys. I didn’t mean to click off that. Hold on. And when you’re on this blog on truth mafia, the link is right there.

So then you can go over here and check his stuff out, too. I always give credit. I believe in paying homage. Where is April eigth? No, that’s the moon one. Beginning January 24. Oh, here it is. Here it is. Here it is. Okay. And the final grand finale is Mars and Neptune, bro. Neptune. So let’s look that up real quick. I’m not too. What does it mean? Mars lines.

Sorry, buddy. No, you’re good. They called when, you know, you were talking about Osama. The operation was called Neptune Spear, Neptune Trident Spear, something like that. And it was on that day during the 13 days of preparation. And we’ve been having mad trident symbolism, man. Well, no, it was on May 1, but they mixed the dates up so it was like on both days, you know what I mean? They never tell us the truth.

They told us that they got rid of bin Laden multiple times in newspapers. They did say that. Yeah. But if you look up the Neptune Trident spear or something, it will say May 1. Well, look at this, brother. Neptune conjunction and Mars is a powerful astrological aspect that brings together the energies of Neptune, the planet of illusions. We’re going to do some type of stage type event, I bet you.

The planet of illusions, dreams, and spirituality, and that Mars, the planet of action, assertion, and aggression. So when Jupiter and Mars is aligned, Jupiter is going to magnify all that Mars energy. Right. All that aggression. Action, assertion. This is April 29. Yeah. And then right before April 29 is the one with. It’s the 1119 day, too. So it’s 911 backwards. On which day, buddy? April 29 is the 1119 day.

Oh, the 119th day of the year. Yeah, you got to make sure you say that, because I didn’t know what the hell you’re talking about there. It’s the one one 19th. The one one 19th. I’m not good. When I put numbers together. You’re the number guy. No, but you’re good. You’re getting into the one two eight. People will come over when I’m talking about one two eight and be like, yeah, donuts.

Been talking about this for a long time, Tommy. You learned that. I learned that from you. It’s everywhere. You pointed it out, and then it took me down a rabbit hole. Look, the year of the dragon ends on one two eight on January 20 eigth. And you pointed it out to me that the towers collapsed at 1028. And I brought up to you, I said, this is leave the world behind was released on twelve eight.

And you said, oh, there’s something with that one two eight. So that took me down that rabbit hole, and I couldn’t believe how important that number is to the elite. That’s crazy. Well, now we see why, though. There’s so many things connected to that number. I mean, guys, look at this. First of all, the first D wave quantum computer that is harvesting our energy was 128 qubits cern one two eight.

And that’s in Latin. Jewish, Hebrew. It’s really the only number you can call Gamatria. All these other ones are numerology. When you’re talking about Gamatria, that’s gamatria. It’s Hebrew, it’s Jewish. I don’t know why they renamed it Latin, but it was really Hebrew at one point. Then it went to Jewish, then it went to Latin. I’m like, just keep it the same. Quit changing it all the time.

Now, one thing I wanted to show you, bro, because what they’re doing is ancient alcohol and damn, we got 735 people in here. Hit them like, button smash the, like, button. Smash that, like, button. Well, we got more because I’m up on the rumble, and the Rumble got over 300. And I’m on rumble. Yeah. So make sure to smash that, like, button. Share it out. Yeah. Yes. Because I’m on rumble, too.

I probably got about 100. You got a couple of hundred. So, yeah, we’re over 1000 up in here. And what they’re really doing is ancient alchemy, guys, where they’re bending and manipulating reality to their will. Now, that’s why all these rituals, I hit the wrong one there, but I’ll go to that one in a second, bro. That was sick looking, bro. I like how you always got the green everywhere.

Like, I want to start using green because you always heart chakra, brother. It’s the heart chakra. I’m trying to put out positive. Well, you know, I’m going to come out with that yellow. I’m going to be doing some dick Tracy stuff here in the know. I’ve been doing the Illuminati dolphin. I’m going to start doing Dick Tracy next. Well, you need to find out what your colors are.

What colors line with your code. My code? The colors that line with me is green and then red and yellow. So that’s why you always see me using green or red and yellow. That’s the colors that align with my vibration. How do you figure that out? I’ll do it for you and send you a paper. I’ll decode your whole thing and send it to you. All right, I’ll do it for free for you.

Bill me. No, that’s cool. Bill me. You know that. But look at all these rituals, bro, that they’ve done on these ancient lay lines. This is an older thing. It’s just to give you an example. And they’re pushing all that energy back towards the middle. And that’s right, guys, where them twin eclipses make that x over that new Madrid fault line. And guess what’s right there? Donut a large hydron collider, bro.

Right area. And look, the twin eclipses. That’s right where they are. I wonder which hard on Collider is there. Hydron collider. One in Tennessee. Parallel. Okay. I call it the hard on Collider. The hard on Collider. But no. It’s a form of ancient alchemical magic that they’re doing. They’re doing some type of a summonsing ritual at CERN. They got all these little sigils made on glass. And me and, you know, this is so cool that I’ve been learning this.

When I first started doing my channel, I never knew about alchemy. And you and Juan were showing me so much, and I didn’t know how important this was. So I’m like, I understand a lot of these symbols now. It’s kind of cool when I’m looking at this. Like, I could see the Leviathan cross right down there. The 118. You could see, like, a 33, too, down there. But the fire, air, water, earth.

Look at this one, buddy. Right down here in the center. That looks like the masonic compass, right? It does. And then you can see the knights Templar symbol right in the middle, too. It’s crazy when you learn the symbols, because you see the world differently. You can’t step out of it. You just see it, and then that’s it. Then you can read. It’s like just learning another language.

Like you’ve learned the language of numbers. So when you see words, you know what it means in a number. If you see a number, like you’ve learned that language. It’s fascinating. It is fascinating. And shout out to everybody in the comments on both, all the platforms. I see all you all in there. Sorry. We’ll come to your comments in a minute. We were just pretty excited about this, what’s going on right now.

And it’s nothing to fear, guys. It ain’t nothing to fear, because we have the true power. What they want us to do is fear. They feed off that loosh energy. Don’t fear none of this. We have the power, honestly, to bend and manipulate reality to our will. And if people just realized that and started learning how to do it. And I’m going to do a video showing you guys how I did it with that video on Nanosnow, which we’ll get into in a second.

I can’t wait to hear about the nanosnow. But just to top it off of what you’re talking about, what’s happening is called an amygdala hijack. They’re hijacking the amygdala part of the brain. So you’ll be in fear or envy. There’s different lust, there’s different emotions that go to the amygdala where it gets hijacked, and then you become irrational and make terrible decisions. And that’s usually what the purpose of the looshing is.

And what’s happening is they want to loosh everybody against each other. So anybody who’s going after certain people, I just feel like they’re all part of the loosh energy. Yeah, all the hate. And all the hate is the looshing thing, because what’s happening is you’re looshing other people, and then those people start looshing back, and then everybody’s in a loose circle. Yes. It’s sad, brother, because you got a lot of these so called truth ers.

There’s a bunch of them that will do video after video of me and donut, but we don’t mention their name because they don’t get no real traction. So it’d be dumb for us to ever bring them up. But I just feel bad for them, bro, that their whole life is to make videos about us. You know what I mean? It’s like, come on, man, try to get your own art.

Figure out a way to express yourself artistically. Why do you want to try to tear me down? I never did nothing to you just because you disagree with me. Well, that’s cool. You can disagree with me, but you don’t have to do videos, like, evilly, but people are lower vibrational. I believe a lot of these people got that chaos. Go, brother. And that’s what they were coded for.

You know what I mean? Well, we live in an age of adolescent children in adult bodies. So a child will scream and cry to manipulate the parents. And some people don’t grow up. Yeah, unfortunately. Unfortunately. And you know what? It took me a while to grow up. I’m not perfect in this. You know what I’m saying? It took me, too. So let’s pray for the haters. Let’s pray for this happiness.

Moment of silence for the haters out there. Keep working, and you will get your numbers up like us. Just keep trying, guys. We’re praying for you. Now, listen, something interesting, okay? Alchemy 22 in Chaldean. Well, 22 is known as what, the master builder number? And alchemy, it is a form of building, ain’t it? And then alchemy matches d wave and mkultra. I found that fascinating. And Juan broke down how certain mkultra rituals that they do the trauma based mind control is a form of alchemy.

But ayahuasca is also 22, matching alchemy. And that’s some type of a spirit. Molecule that lets you interface with these entities, whatever they are. Some people say they look like spiders. Other people say they look like machine elves. The arcons. I don’t think they’re good, though. And I used to be all about magic mushrooms and ayahuasca, but I’m not saying that is bad, but there’s entities out there.

When you’re on that stuff, that is definitely not good, and you shouldn’t be interfacing with it. Bro, have you seen the movie midsummer? No, I haven’t checked that out yet. You got to check it out, dude. It’s a trip. You would dig it. You just got to get the beginning of it. Kind of like, I don’t know if I’m going to watch this, but just wait until they go into the cult, and then it gets good.

But you’ll like it. I didn’t like the beginning, but it served a purpose for the film. You’re just going to have to sit through the first 15 minutes of it, just kind of like, what is this? But then once they get into the cult, it all makes sense. So you kind of got to watch that part for it to make sense. What’s it called again? Donut? It’s called midsummer.

It’s about the spring equinox or the summer solstice rituals. It’s a horror movie by a 24. Yeah, I’m checking that out now. That 22, I noticed Donald Trump’s alchemical shoes. Me and Wanda video on it. Because the souls to the poles, right? The souls to the poles. Everything’s electricity. We’re electric beings. We are full of electrons. We charge the volt. The vote to pick the red, the right, or the left, the blue side of the battery.

The positive, negative, and gold is a conductor. And that’s why Donald Trump released those shoes, was to get young people to the polls. The souls to the polls. And gold is a conductor. But the thing is down. Those shoes had a t. And so I looked up what is t in the periodic table? And titanium popped up. I’m like, oh, that’s interesting because Kanye’s mouth is titanium, and the titanium is 22, and it’s 47.

So it’s like 47. Look at that, dude. See how it all ties in? And the conductor, that conductor energy. Speaking of this, nanosnow, dude, it’s a patent of graphene oxide, which is. Let me show you guys this real quick, and then don’t let me forget donut at the end of this to talk to you about this new series out on Apple TV called Constellation. All right? Please, dude, it is unreal.

We got to talk about that for a second. I just want you to watch it, and then me and you come back and do a podcast on it. Dude, it’s all about quantum entanglement and how there could be the two different versions of you existing at once. It’s fascinating, bro. Apple TV is putting out the best content right now. Ain’t they, bro? Okay, I’ll check it out. Yeah, they put out some good stuff.

I mean, they own everything. They’re the ones who put on the Super bowl. Oh, that was. Huh? And who owns Apple now? Because they killed that one dude, Steve Jobs. I think Tim Cook is in charge. Who is this guy? Or is he a front guy? I think there’s a bunch of. Are they like, front guys or a character on the world stage? Oh, yeah, for sure. I think so, bro.

I really do. Well, check this out, guys. I did a video, and the video I can’t show because I’ll be taken down so quick my head will spin. But you can click on the link in the description and watch the video for yourself. This video I made 10 minutes, and I think it’s 10 minutes and 17 seconds long, which truth mafia is 1117? My birthday, January 17. And 2 hours after I shared it, it went viral.

And I really believe I was telling donut before we went live, it was all based on how I created this video. Just like the elites know how to hack shit, you can do it, too, guys. That video went viral that quick, and I’m all 100% viewer funded. Now. When I went to sleep that night, I had moved all the money I made for the day out of my PayPal and out of my cash app and moved it into my business bank account.

Went to bed, I wake up, I had $8,000 on my payPal. What the hell is going on right now? And I didn’t realize that that video went viral. And I had talked about this new product that I was really excited about, and I wasn’t even trying to promote it. When you go watch the video, I was just really talking about it, but a ton of people went over there and got it.

So it’s just a way to show you how manifestation, it’s all real, and you can use it. You just got to believe in yourself. Now with this Nanosnow 3d graphene oxide nanoparticles for cloud seeding. It’s an actual patent. US patent 2022. One five nine a one. Here’s the patent so you can see it for yourself. I downloaded it for you guys. So all you got to do is click on it and you can go through it and see what it’s all about.

So I’m like, what is this? What are they creating here? And that’s what it is. It’s Nanosnow. It’s freaking Nanosnow when you read about it. So remember everybody was talking about the snow was changing. Remember that? Let me go to this one part of the video, because it’s. Yeah, and this is a conductor as well. Just like when you bring the soles to the poles with the gold shoes, we’ll picture not just the gold shoes, but if this snow, for some reason was there, the graphite, that’s a conductor as well.

It’s crazy. And with everything that’s going on with the election and these people got that inside of them and they’re getting it in them many different ways, so that’s kind of nut. What do you think they’re doing with that donut? I don’t even think I could say what they’re doing with it and get the right words out. But I think it’s like the movie the cell. I think that movie is a good artistic representation of what I think is happening.

I think it goes into some science fiction stuff, right? It’s not Sci-Fi, but the way I think of it is so out there that I don’t want to even say it just because we’re over on Google, but everybody kind of understands what’s happening with that. And so you guys see they’re actually putting this in it and the boreum that they’re spraying overhead. Aluminum boreum. Well, that spells ball.

And look at the number on there, guys. 137 and 33, right? So let me pause this volume. Part of this. 137 and 33. Well, you take the 47 x 90 degree freemasonic compass, you add it together. It’s 137. I’m going to screenshot that because that’s crazy. 137 is the 33rd prime number. And cast a spell is 33. So this is some form of ancient pharmacia, ancient sorcery. Bro, the background is moving.

I’m tripping out. I made it do that. Yeah, I’m tripping. I put a lot of work into it, bro. And what it’s called is ice nucleating particles for cloud seeding. So it’s literally creating fake snow. The video I want to show you, donut, is right here. Okay? This is the one that went viral. People were trying to set the snow on fire to melt, and it didn’t even melt.

Shears her doing it. She says in this video, she says it smells like plastic, bro. And then her mom goes outside and picks it up off the car. Well, actually that’s vice versa. She did this first, but in my video, I switched it around so that she did this part first. Then they went inside. But look at that, dude, that is like styrofoam. Looks like styrofoam. All these people are sharing videos talking about the snow snake.

They never call it Nanosnow. You know me, it sparks my interest. I’m like, that’s a snake title, nanosnow. Well, nobody’s smart enough to go look up and see if there’s a patent on Nanosnow. My homeboy actually did something strange in Pa. I tagged him on Instagram. He does all this chemtrail stuff. So he figured it out. Actually, he went and figured it out, and then I made the video because he don’t really make videos like that.

And then I tagged him in it to plug him. But look at this, bro. She gets the snow, takes it, melts it. Look what’s inside of it, donut. Some type of which the nanotech. It makes these little structures within the body that kind of look like bugs, bro. But they’re little computer systems. They look like. Yes, they’re parasitic. Look at that thing. Don’t that look like a little cobras? Yeah, that looks like the Archon right there.

It does, dude, it looks like the archon. That thing looks like a freaking arcon. It probably is. Look, it looks like it’s right there. It’s coiled up. I mean, that’s what’s in this snow. And then you look at the word nano snow and what do you got? 115 hijacking the mind. I’m not going to say the rest of that. Let me get up off of that real quick road, that snow falling down.

Now you like the video though. You just got to have a young jeezy snowman music in the background. You know, he just did a live performance. I should have. They would have flagged my video. But how many movies donut have we watched, brother? Where this black goo, which is the graph, movies, music videos, television shows, magazine covers, it always, bro is like anybody that gets infected with it, turns violent and tries to kill other people because it is a literal story.

It’s some type of very advanced AI. You’re creating some new sort of human race. Well, this is AI. The black goo is actually AI, and it rewrites the organic organism. It’ll recreate it, maybe in its image, but that’s what it’s doing. It’s taking something organic and recreating. Know, it’s kind of nuts when you think about it. They talk about it. In this video, alien Covenant finally explains the mystery behind David and black goo.

Watch this one, guys. It’s really fascinating. And I included that video and this video because every time we see it, it’s a parasitic consciousness. Think about venom. What’s he doing? He’s living off of him and it causes him to get sick. It causes him to have super. It looks like that worm you were showing. Yes, it does, don’t it, bro? That cobra worm. It does, bro. And what did I say? It’s all about the.

Why do they always make it black? Like every movie? Why don’t they make it red? They’re all using the same shiny. It all ties to this, brother. And you were speaking about this with Juan in one of your videos? Well, agenda 25, the Avatar project, is real. And this is what their goal is. And their end goal, their end game, is to create a hologram like avatar, where you are in a virtual reality, a phantom matrix.

A matrix within a matrix. They create a quantum copy of your soul without you even knowing it. They’re spraying it over our heads. So now when you die in the physical, you wake up in this new reality that their gods in. It’s beyond crazy what they’re creating. And their AI that they’ve released on us is eating up the organic matter, which is powering up that phantom matrix. So they don’t just have nanosnow guys, or the graphene one.

They got this stuff called gray goo that has a patent, too. I’m going to do a whole video on the grey goo and the gray goo they’re spraying over our heads, too, which it reverse engineers anything organic it comes into contact with. That’s what the freaking patent says. So it’s like, whoa, what are they up to, man? These people are on some real crazy stuff. This is probably the biggest threat we face as humans, and nobody knows about it.

It’s in our water, brother. It’s in our food system. Our food, everything, bro. Damn. Yep. There’s deep. It’s deep. So not only when we see them with the black eyes, that’s because that’s not a lizard’s probioscus. Like Donald Marshall said. It is a nano worm probioscus. I like how you said that. That’s what he called probiock. I don’t even know what that is, but that sounds cool. It’s this thing you see the lizard up here with the little thing on his head? It’s a real type one lizard.

And Donald Marshall said, it sounds so stupid when you say it out loud. That’s how it’s designed to sound. So when you say that to someone. Yeah, it sounds dumb. It’s not that they’re reptilians. That’s a fun thing to look at. They’re immortals. They are using technology. They’re more closer to a vampire than a reptilian. And that’s why reptilians and vampires has the same 30 cipher and gamatria.

That’s really what they’re closer to. And they’re using technology to transfer consciousness from one host to another. And it’s through the eye socket that this nanoworm goes in, wraps around the optic nerve, and then it can take over the consciousness of that host. So they could transfer it from one to another. Kind of like Queen Elizabeth when she just died. 100%, I believe they transferred her into that little baby a little bit.

Wow. That’s my opinion, anyways. I have no evidence saying that she was transferred into the. You know what I mean? It’s just my theory on it. So what’s your thoughts on what’s the agenda behind the power outages? I really believe that what they’re doing here, it’s a major sacrifice, bro. They’re sacrificing America. You know what I mean? They’re going to collapse everything to flip us to that digital currency and that social credit score.

That’s their ultimate end game, creating the smart cities. They burned Lahaina down, they said, when we said, oh, no, they did that, they said, no, there’s no smart city going up there, and now there’s smart cities going up there. Chile gets burnt down, they said, nope, that was a conspiracy. Now smart cities are getting built just weeks later. Like, come on, man. You know what I’m saying, bro? No one’s dumb.

We see what’s going on, but people are so programmed, and they’re worried about the Super bowl and Taylor Swift and all this, and we’re not focusing that. They’re poisoning us, and cities are burning. So, yeah, man, that’s what I think we should be focused on. That stuff’s cool to look into a Super Bowl. I do it, too. And the famous people here and there, I’ll check into them.

But I really like to know what type of shit they’re spraying over my head, what type of stuff they’re putting in my food, my children’s food. What do you think about chili, did you hear anything about it yourself? You know, it wasn’t really out there. The only thing I’ve heard about it is from watching your stuff. Yes. You can look it up. It’s a real thing. There’s news articles.

They just did not promote it at all. They really covered it up. And then the funny part is, the same day all that happens, they killed. Well, I can’t say they killed them, but their president, I believe, died in a helicopter crash. Wow. Yeah. So something weird was going on over there. It’s probably a takeover of that country right now, dude. Things are happening like, or as well, 1984, brother.

These people are making their move, man. They’re making their move and we’re all just sitting here letting it happen. It’s kind of freaky, really, when you see how it’s going down. And then everybody that stands up against them turns up dead. Before Rona popped off the head of the CDC, remember that black dude? He turns up dead. They found him in the river three years before Rona. Everybody said it was connected to the flu and all this.

No, it wasn’t. It was connected to what was about to pop off. And that’s why he was dead. Then the haitian president, he tries to step up and say, no, I’m not going with this agenda. He dies. The south american president, he tries to say, push back against her weather control. He dies. And it’s funny that Hillary Clinton in 2012, there’s emails showing you that she got all the DNA on all the south american presidents and all the african presidents.

Why would they want DNA on all these different presidents? And right before all this stuff popped off, they pushed that 23 andme. Now you don’t hear about 23 andme as much no more. But don’t you remember every commercial? 23 andme. 23 andme. Find out your history. Because you can take dna. If I know your dna donut, I can create something that attacks your dna specifically, and you die of some advanced cancer or something.

You get what I’m saying, right? You want me to add this to the screen? What you’re looking at? Oh, it’s know stuff that I was looking at. I thought this was interesting. If somebody in your audience hasn’t seen this yet, but we’re speaking about Chile and the direct energy do is that’s Neptune on there. Well, this is what I’ve been looking at is the devil’s comet that’s on there.

Yeah. And Neptune’s on there because Neptune sideways like that depicted with a tiny little thing that’s not Saturn that’s Neptune. Okay. Yeah. So what I’ve been looking at is this the devil’s comet? Yeah. Wow. It is. Holy cow. With the devil horns. Yes. And the devil’s comet will be happening during this eclipse. So I feel like this is the predictive programming. And you also got Oreo’s blackout cake as well.

Oh, wow. So this goes into that priming. Also, I was looking at. What’s your thoughts on this right here? Remember we started breaking this down right after Maui? Remember all the Maui stuff? So now we’re seeing it manifest. You see this lion? Yeah, kind of. I don’t know why. It reminds me of that thing in the super bowl. That. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking in my head.

Oh, bro, me, too. I was thinking that, too. Looks like that to me. And I didn’t even know you were going there with it, but that’s what I was trying to just express. That’s what I think of when I see it. That’s what I thought, too, when I saw it. That’s funny. So there’s something subconsciously going on there that makes you think of that. That’s weird. It’s like the symbol.

And you never told me about this donut. I didn’t. That’s so funny, bro, because that’s what I was pointing at right there. That’s what I think of when I see it, though. Yeah. That’s crazy. I can’t believe you caught that comment on there, bro. Yeah, I caught that comment. It’s right here in more detail. You know how many people are going to do a video now and pretend like they did it? Yeah, that comes into territory.

Look at that. It’s the devil’s comet. It is. It’s the devil horns comet. That’s exactly what that represents. Symbolically. Yeah, so it’s wild. Let’s go through a couple of these cans of mountain Dew. I want to see a couple of them. Can you show me a few? Yeah. They’re putting some crazy symbolism on these mountain dew cans. There’s something up with it, bro. Yeah. And they happen before events happen.

So code red happened right before, just a few months before they released the code red FEMA color coding. Do you know anything about this 1938 geomagnetic storm? They’re saying that the solar flares are. I can’t believe you just asked me about this. So, in my members only decode, my people in the chat will tell you I actually was talking about this. Okay. This 1938, they had a red Boris roar borealis and the president that runs Germany with the funny mustache.

He was the only one that put his finger on it at that time. Yes, the secrets of Fatima don’t bring up no World War II. You know what I’m talking about. But it’s all tied to this. They killed Malachi Martin for this, bro. And the secrets of Fatima is all connected to Nibiru. It’s all Nibiru, brother. I got pictures of what they seen here, I’ll show after you’re done.

But yeah. Dude, what made you look into that? That’s awesome. No, I’ve looked at it for a while. I’ve been researching it. Yeah, it’s something that I’ve been seeing for looking into for a while. I mean, it just falls into that whole territory of 14 phenomenon. I did old on it, brother. I’ll send it to you. It’s outdated now, but in that video, there’s a clip of the whole thing about Malachi Martin in World War II when they seen that and they got ready for war right after it, that this blood eclipse.

But it was connected to Nibiru. That’s what they said. And the pictures depict it showing Nibiru, bro, the destroyer. For people who are like, oh, they’re not speaking in codes. I mean, the cell phone alert was an SOS, and an SOS is a secret Morse code right there. SOS is Morse code. So people speak in codes and in. So, like, for people to think that people don’t. I mean, it’s absolutely ridiculous.

Yeah, I was going to say the other r word, but no, it is. It’s ridiculous. It really is ridiculous. I can’t believe you’re looking into that, bro. That thing fascinates me. I would love to do a whole podcast on rumble with me and you where we could show clips of everything I’m talking about and we could really get into it without having to worry about getting in trouble.

Yeah, well, maybe we could do it for our members only. This cyber polygon took place July eigth. They canceled it. And this was for an Internet outage simulation on July eigth. They canceled it, but then the Internet went out in Canada the exact day, July eigth. So this was all simulation for events to come. Just like what happened today probably was assimilation. And what happened at burning man was assimilation.

Well, I want to hear your theory on the Fatima thing. Oh, I don’t have a theory on it. It’s just interesting how all these people saw the sun dancing in the sky. You had thousands of people looking at the sky and the sun was doing like a dance move. It was dancing, yeah, it sounds funny. And then they ended up killing the person, Malachi Martin. He went on art Bell and was talking about it and.

Yeah, it’s all about Nibiru. And they’ve been knowing it was going to come since the 50s, bro. That’s what I’m saying. Everything they’ve been building up to, they don’t care what we believe in as long as we don’t know Nibra is real. And it doesn’t matter if you think we live on a flat plane, look into the plasma apocalypse. If you believe we are in a spinning ball, then it’s on elliptical orbit with our sun.

If you believe that it’s a weapon system, check out archaic stuff on the Phoenix phenomenon. Me personally, some people believe it’s from inner Earth and that really vibrates with me for some reason. They say it’s from Shangri la, this twin sun. And when it comes up, it’s just devastation. That’s what caused the great floods and many different things. I really don’t think it matters what we believe it’s from.

The thing is, it’s real. All the ancients depict it. There’s so many old texts showing us that it’s real. Damn, I wish I could find these pictures that I had on it. Well, the plasma, this is the aura borealis is plasma. The ancients said they were evil spirits and it has a smell of sulfur and plasma. If hypothetically, it’s intelligent life form. Life form biology, whatever. If it is a life form, that’s interesting.

I mean, it looks alive. I think it is. You know about this Carrington event? Yep. That’s all. Yep. Yeah, me and Jay dreams have talked about it many. Yep. That was like a mini. One of these events, the Carrington event. One of these plasma events. And it knocked out the power grids. Well, there was no power grid at that time, but it knocked out the radios. So I guess that kind of was like a little power grid.

Yeah, just not what we’re thinking of today, right? Yeah, well, there was the Manhattan blackout too, multiple times. But plasma, like them orbs we see. Dude, some people say there’s good plasma and bad plasma. Like some of them are angels and some of them are demonic plasma. I got a slide of the plasma balls and. What’s happening? Excuse me, what’s happening? Yeah, I’m pulling up the plasma balls right here.

If you put the slide up at the bottom, I got like a slide 74, it says. Oh, I see it, brother. Yeah. So the plasma balls. Right? This started happening after they made that homunculus device with that 1313 on it, the 1331 that you were talking about. These plasma balls started popping up everywhere, and the plasma goes into environments, and it’s a drone to send the information back to the other plasma.

That’s crazy, right? And all these balls we’re seeing show up now, donut, that people think are ufos. I think they’re this plasma energy. Yeah. And here is a picture of plasma filaments in the cosmic web, and here’s the neurons of a human brain. So it’s a micro macrocosm, and we have an aura around us. So if plasma is its own life form, it has its own soul, then our aura.

We are a soul within a soul. That’s what this book said. I thought it was crazy, and there could be some military starlink aspect to it, whatever this person’s name is. But I think there’s some organic plasma, too, sweetheart. Yeah, not all the plasma. Plasma. It’s not all. That’s the hypothesis. Yeah. I’m sure they have figured out how to create their own version of it and militarize it, you know what I mean? But it’s definitely very fascinating with the plasma thing, bro.

And they say, like, during the plasma apocalypse, it petrifies all the trees, and people even talk about the whole rapture. That’s during the plasma apocalypse, where it literally reanimates the dead people that just died. And this is before embalming, right back in the day. Like, say someone died a day ago, and they’re getting prepped for the grave, and then the plasma thing happened. There was reports that they would come back to light, so it’s just fascinating.

And that movie mortal engines, guys, I just did a members only. If you haven’t got to see the members only one, I did. It’s up on truthmafia. com. It’s called mortal engines. Watch that one. It’s all about the plasma, and at the end of it, they use a plasma weapon to bring down what is the great wall of China, but it’s after a major cyclical event, so the world’s not the same as it was.

It kind of is like a steampunk society. Right. It’s a really good show. I actually told Jay, well, I don’t know if Jay got my email, but I did send him an email telling him about that movie. I hope he got it. Shout out to J Dreams, because I would love to have him watch that and talk about it. But before we sign off tonight, brother Donut, I want to give you a good series to watch and just let our people know a little bit about it real quick.

Do you have anything else? Constellation? Yeah, bro, from the studio. The slides. It’s so good. I’ll check it out. Pull up constellation on your end. All right, 1 second. This girl goes to space, and while she’s up there. Oh, it’s got the guy from Breaking Bad. Yeah, and he’s good in it, too, man. You don’t realize what’s going on in the first three episodes. The last episode, everything kind of clicks.

You’re like, wait a second here. Reality is conspiracy. That’s the title. It’s so good, guys. It’s all about, like, quantum entanglement and how two versions of you can exist at the same time. So you can be alive here and dead over here at the same time. My other version is probably way cooler. No, it’s evil. It’s evil that we all have an evil version. But he’s way cooler than me.

No, you’re the cool version. I’m, like, just reading. You don’t want to come across the other donut. He would look like you too, bro. And there would just be slight, subtle, like someone that really knows you. They would know, though. They’d be like, wait a second here. What the fuck? This is not the real donut, right, but it would be the real you. It’s just the other. We go through different things.

So, like, you might have a tattoo or something that the other doesn’t have. No, they exist the same. Looks the same identical. At least in this theory of the movie they do, but I know what you’re talking about that. Where it could be slightly different. That’s kind of a multiverse theory. This is brand new. This was posted two days ago. So this just came out. You guys know I’m always keeping you up to date on the best movies.

I’m going to check it out. If you can’t afford. Is it crazy? Like, oh, my goodness crazy, or is it just dope? It’s dope, bro. It’s dope. Dope. You’ll like it. Trust me. You won’t get what’s going on at first. You got to get past the first, but it’s interesting to where you want to keep watching because you’re like, what the hell is going on? The first thing I noticed is everybody’s popping pills.

I’m like, why is there the world? And you’ll start to understand why. It has to do with space travel. And when you go into space, right? Okay, so you can go into space, and then when you’re coming back, you’re going through some type of energy thing, and that’s where the flip can happen. So you can come back as the other person, or it can be you that comes back, but you come back into a different reality where your car is a different color.

Your daughter acts slightly different. It’s so fascinating, bro, I haven’t figured out at all yet because it’s only got three episodes. So I finished episode three. So I’m still trying to figure out the total plot to it all, but so far, it’s really good. And in episode three ties it all together. You start to really understand what the hell is going on by the end of that one.

Now the pills, guys. I can’t wait to hear your version on that. When you see, I wonder what’s going on with these pills because all the astronauts are taking them and they’re supposed to be vitamins, but they make sure you see that they’re all taking these weird pills. And if you can’t pay for Apple TV, just go on fmovies with a z at the end. So, like, fmovies F-M-O-V-I-E-S-Z-T-O.

But you have to have the brave search engine. You have to have it downloaded or you’ll get pop ups. But you can watch it for free on there. Donut watches it on there or I watch it on there. All of us do. Okay, so that’s what I got for you. It’s good, bro. It’s good. It’s a real good one. I think it’s going to end pretty well. Now, when are they coming out with the final season of Stranger Things? Do you know any updates on that? No, I don’t.

God, I wish it would hurry up, dude. So did you watch all three episodes? Yes. Okay. It’s got a black mirror vibe. It’s black mirror vibe. Like, black mirror. That whole vibe is what I get from it. Dope. I’m going to check it out. Super dope. I know you’ll like it. Well, what do you guys got? Any questions for us in the comments down there? Anything you all want to say? F movies.

Here, I’ll put it down here for you guys. Oh, wait. If I do, they’ll flag me, though, because it’s a link. F like Frank. F movies. Fmoviesz to z like Zebra. That’s how you spell. So that’s all we got, though, guys, and we just want to thank all you for rocking out with us all the links are down in the descriptions. Make sure you check out donuts Patreon.

He’s got some amazing things over there. Check out our membership link that’s down in the description. And oh, one thing I do want to show you all before we go real fast. Let me do my screen share real quick. 1 second guys, I forgot to show you this. So I’m working on this new website, donut right? Truthfulsocial. com. I bought that domain name now. Right now it’s just a landing page while I’m building the big website behind the scenes.

So the landing page just makes it easier for people to book the reading and check out my products that I got on truthfultv. com, the links down in the description. I wanted to make it easy for older people that are not too savvy when it comes to electronics and stuff, so it’d be easy for them to check out. But eventually truthfulsocial. com guys is going to be a social media website that I’m working on.

Hopefully paranoid American is going to be on board with me with it. And what we had going on on truthful tv with the groups, I had to shut that down because it was messing up my website. If we’re going to do a social media platform, we got to host it on its own server and that know it’ll work fast. It’ll kind of be set up like Facebook. I’m actually building it in the background as we speak.

I’ll do a podcast in a couple days and I’ll go and show you what I’ve built so far. I’ll open it up and show you. But check these out over on the store. These are the bracelets I was talking about and they’re made out of obsidian, which obsidian blocks negative energy. It’s known to block psychic attacks. Look it up, research it. All kinds of the ancients used it.

And then this copper right here was tuned at 7. 83 hz, which literally matches the earth’s natural frequency, right? 7. 83 hz aligning with the Schumann resonance. That’s the earth’s natural frequency and the same rhythm that pulses within our alpha brainwaves. So really good merchandise here. $26 with shipping included. That’s free. And use promo code sale 17 and you get an extra 17% off with that. And I try to make it super easy, you just click buy, it’ll take you to the truthfultv.

com shop where you can check out. So try to make it as simple as possible for the people. And then there’s also instructions on here how to take it off. Like, you shouldn’t wear it in the shower or nothing. You don’t want to wear it in there, right? So make sure you don’t do that. But we got a bunch of cool products over here, guys on the shop you can check out.

And all the products I use, they’re ones that I believe in, that I personally use. Hey, dono, you like this that I made? Tell me that ain’t hard. Holistic health, truthful tv. But we got a bunch of different products. These go on your phone, dude? Yeah, it’s like you’re in the grocery store. You put that on the back of the phone. There’s all kinds of different stuff on here.

Really cool product. So come check it out. You got a bunch up there. Yeah. Great way to. I’ll send you something for free. You don’t got to pay for nothing. And then if you want to get. I got you just pick some stuff out. Tell me what you want. I’ll send it to you. You want a reading, guys, right here. Boom. Click on that. We also do dream interpretation, so just want to point that out real quick before we end.

And that’s it. I love you all. Thank you for rocking out with us today. And I never know how to pronounce that thing, honey. I call it Suge Knight, which sounds like freaking the dude that was with Tupac. I know that’s not how you’re supposed to pronounce it, but whatever. I’m not the best at pronouncing things. You do too. How are you supposed to pronounce it? Shung Knight I think.

I don’t know. Shung Knight I think people, like, pronounce shit. It makes me who I am. You know what I’m saying? So we’re out, guys. We love y’all. Oh, there’s Kimberly. Kimberly, leave a comment because I try to do. Hold on. Let me do this real quick for her. Donut. I promised her last time, and I can’t do it after the podcast is off. I just want to make her a moderator real fast, and then I’ll sign off.

Hold on, Kimberly. I’m coming. So, I know I told you I’d do that before, honey. And go to your channel. Your channel right there. Let me pause the volume on this thing. Okay, there we go. Where’s Kimberly? There she is. Make moderator. Add as moderator. All right, Kimberly, I got you, girl. You’re now a moderator. And you know, I don’t even make moderators, so I definitely trust you.

We’re out. Love y’all. .

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