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Big Cyberattack on national healthcare company.

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CyberAttack on national healthcare company Truth Mafia News 

Cyberattack On National Healthcare Company

The Prelude to a Digital Shift: Cyberattack on National Healthcare Company Disrupts MS Coast Pharmacies

In an age where digital warfare is becoming as tangible as the traditional battlefield, a recent cyberattack on a national healthcare company, Change Healthcare, underscores the vulnerabilities that weave through the fabric of American society. This event, which led to significant delays and operational hurdles at pharmacies across the nation, notably on the Mississippi Coast, is not just an isolated incident but a harbinger of the orchestrated chaos that lies ahead.

On a seemingly ordinary Thursday, pharmacies found themselves in a quagmire, unable to process some prescriptions due to the cyberattack. This led to patients either paying out-of-pocket or waiting indefinitely until insurance claims could be processed. The attack, first identified on Wednesday morning, prompted Change Healthcare, a subsidiary of UnitedHealth, to disconnect its systems to mitigate further damage. Yet, the specifics of the attack, including the nature of the compromised information, remain shrouded in mystery.

While some Coast pharmacies reported business as usual, others like Love’s Pharmacy in Ocean Springs experienced significant setbacks, highlighting the uneven impact of the cyber onslaught. Corporate giants CVS and Walgreens provided vague reassurances, with CVS stating no compromise to their systems and Walgreens noting minimal impact. However, the distress was palpable among local pharmacies, with Woolmarket Pharmacy in Biloxi and Butler Pharmacy in Gulfport grappling with insurance billing challenges.

This incident is not a standalone event but a piece of a larger puzzle. At, we have long warned of the rising tide of cyberattacks. The pattern is clear: governmental drills often precede real-life enactments of chaos, a method of predictive programming that desensitizes the public to impending threats. The cyberattack on Change Healthcare is a mere precursor to a much larger scheme aimed at undermining the American financial system, pushing society towards a digital currency.

The narrative being spun around these cyber threats, with China frequently cast as the antagonist, is setting the stage for a major cyberattack that will target the core of Western civilization – America, the UK, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, and Scotland. This orchestrated chaos is designed to cripple our current financial systems, making way for a digital currency that will fundamentally alter our way of life.

The recent disruptions experienced by pharmacies on the Mississippi Coast serve as a stark reminder of our vulnerability in the face of cyber threats. It’s a calculated move in the grand chessboard of digital warfare, pointing towards a future where digital currencies reign supreme. This shift towards a digital economy is not a question of “if” but “when,” and the recent cyberattack on Change Healthcare is but a prelude to the sweeping changes that await.

For a deeper dive into how predictive programming in media foreshadows these cyber threats, explore our detailed breakdown of the movie “Leave the World Behind” at Join us and the DOENUT Factory as we unravel the symbolism and hidden messages that prime society for what’s to come.

Stay vigilant, stay informed, and most importantly, stay ahead of the curve with, where the search for truth never ends.

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➡ A major healthcare tech company in the U.S. is facing a cyberattack, causing delays in prescription orders at pharmacies nationwide. The company has gone offline to prevent further issues. This situation is causing problems for pharmacies, as they can’t get certain medicines until the issue is resolved. The cause and connection to other tech issues are still unclear.


This is Dabu seven. We now have pharmacies across the country reporting delays to prescription orders, and it’s all due to an ongoing cyberattack against one of the nation’s largest healthcare technology companies. They’re saying that change healthcare has reported this morning that they cannot process orders from patients or any throughout the US because of this cybersecurity issue. It’s affecting its networks. They noticed this first thing this morning, and in response to this, they disconnected from being online and disconnected from the systems is how they put it, to stop further impacts.

So this is an ongoing event. They say that they will provide updated information as it becomes available, but this affects pharmacies across the country as they have been put on notice that this will disrupt their ability to get certain medicines and different things like that from the pharmacy from here forward until they clear this up. Some are saying, is this a beta test? What’s the odds that this is happening at the same time as the big cell phone outage? Regardless, it seems like something is in the offing and I would be ready for it and a lot more of this type of stuff.

I’ll leave a link below. Follow me on Twitter for updates. Join me on the live streams Monday and Friday, 09:00 p. m. Eastern on D Live and Rumble, where I talk about things they want to censor on all these other platforms. Much love. Bye. .

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