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Lil Durks | Deal With The Devil

By: Seethruthescript
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5G Danger

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➡ The video discusses Lil Dirk, a popular Chicago rapper known for his melodic, drill music, who has collaborated with big artists like Drake, Future, 50 Cent, and J. Cole.
➡ Born Dirk Derek Banks, Lil Dirk’s childhood was characterized by hardship and struggle growing up in the Inglewood neighborhood of Chicago, known for its crime rates and gang activities. His father, a former gang member, turned to Islam during his 26 years in jail.
➡ He joined the Black Disciples gang, dropped out of school to survive and support his family, and launched his rap career in 2011 with the release of his mixtape “I’m Still a Hitter”, later founding his own label called OTF (Only the Family).
➡ After gaining local recognition, Lil Dirk signed a deal with Def Jam Recordings and released his debut studio album, “Remember My Name” in 2015 which included hits like “Like Me” and “My Beyonce”. His single “This Ain’t What You Want” became crucial for his career, helping him reach a wider audience.
➡ Despite his success, Lil Dirk faced a series of personal tragedies losing his close friend Leonard La Capone, and family members to fatal shootings. He then parted ways with Def Jam Recordings over lack of support and signed with Alamo Records, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment, in 2018 for a better creative control and independence.
➡ In 2020, Lil Durk helped launch the career of his longtime friend, rapper King Vaughn, who was later killed and in 2021, faced another tragedy with the death of his older brother. Despite dealing with a series of personal losses, Lil Dirk remains a significant figure in the drill music genre.
➡ The video concludes by proposing to investigate if the tragedies in Lil Dirk’s life might be part of a “faustian bargain” benefiting Lil Dirk’s career or merely tragic events without any underlying conspiracy.
➡ La Capone was killed on September 26, 2013, his name and the date numerically align with aspects of the reduction cipher. His stage name aligns with the date numerology of his death, he was 17 when killed, the same number as rap, kill, and shot in the reduction cipher.
➡ OTF Nunu, Lil Dirk’s cousin, was fatally shot in a parking lot. His death shows a numerical synchronicity, aligning with his stage name, the date of his death and the number associated with the beast. His mixtape released posthumously 34 days after his death, which corresponds with ‘murder’ in the reduction cipher.
➡ Lil Dirk released a mixtape 38 days after the killing of OTF Nunu, a number that’s synonymous with rappers. The label name Only the Family numerically aligns with Faustian Bargain and sacrifice, hinting at a darker narrative.
➡ OTF Chino Dala, Lil Dirk’s manager, died in a shooting that numerically aligns with ‘kill’. Chino was shot on the 86th day of the year, numerically aligning with ‘human and blood sacrifice’. His death is seen as a sacrifice that contributed to Dirk’s success.➡ Further incidents align with numerology, such as the death of OTF Chino 206 days before Dirk’s 23rd birthday. This matches ‘sacrifice’ in the Latin cipher, and OTF Chino Dala equals to 62 in the reduction cipher.
➡ Dirk’s major label album was released 67 days after OTF Chino’s death, aligning with the numerology of ‘blood and human sacrifice’. King Von, a Chicago rapper and associate of Dirk’s, died in a shooting that was numerically interconnected with his mixtape Levon James.
➡ Vaughn’s death and the mixtape share significant numerical similarities, including the 64 present in his childhood street name and his shot clock, and the 116 in the date of his death and the name of his mixtape. Vaughn’s death led to increased earnings for his labels, due to posthumous album sales.
➡ Vaughn’s highest charting album was released on a date that numerically corresponds to ‘murder’. This aligns with the theory that these individuals’ untimely deaths serve as sacrifices, contributing to ongoing success.
➡ Lil Dirk’s older brother, OTFD Thang, was tragically shot after the release of Dirk and Lil Baby’s joint album.
➡ OTFD Thang’s real name matches with the phrase “ritual sacrifice” and he was killed 137 days before Dirk’s birthday (the 33rd prime number).
➡ OTFD Thang was killed at Club O on a Saturday, which the creator believes is not a coincidence due to the ’17’ connection with those words.
➡ By 2024, Lil Dirk has not experienced any major loss since 2021 and has released four successful projects.
➡ Dirk’s 2023 album, Almost Healed, is characterized by classic symbolism and comprises of a song nominated for a Grammy.

➡ The album’s one-eye cover is due to an accident at a concert, but the creator thinks it represents Dirk’s sacrifices and affiliations.
➡ Dirk posted a tweet in 2021 expressing his inner sadness, which the creator relates to the concept of a “faustian bargain.”
➡ The creator ends the video calling for engagement and subscription to his channel.


Hey, what’s good, everybody? It’s your boy. See through the script here. Back with another video. And in today’s episode of the ongoing faustian bargain series that I kind of got going on, we’re going to be exploring the life of a popular Chicago rapper best known as Lil Dirk. Since 2013 and onward, Lil Dirk has been a fan favorite for those into that melodic, drill sounding music, even collabing with the biggest artists in the game from Drake, future, 50 Cent, J.

Cole, and many more. Like the story often goes, during little Dirk’s ascension to the mainstream, he began losing more and more family and friends. Today’s video goes through each case, observing them from a numerical perspective to see if there are any signs of a classic faustian bargain. So without further ado, let’s get into it. Born on October 19, 1992 in the Inglewood neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois as Dirk Derek banks, Lil Dirk’s journey began in the midst of challenging circumstances.

The hospital that witnessed his arrival was the Inglewood based St. Bernard Hospital. Growing up in a city notorious for its crime rates and tough neighborhoods, Lil Durk was exposed to the harsh realities of life from a young age. Raised by his mother, Lashonda Woodward, and father, Dante Banks, a former gang member that turned his life to islam during his 26 years in prison. Not having his father around at a young age only made Dirk’s life harder, especially considering where he grew up, something he’d mentioned often in his music.

Dirk’s childhood was marked by the daily struggles of surviving in the rough environment of Inglewood. The violent streets of Chicago, known for its gang related activities, became the backdrop for his formative years. Attending Paul Robeson High School, Dirk faced not only the challenges of a tumultuous educational system, but also the lure of the streets. Faced with the decision to join the black disciples gang, Dirk chose a path that would forever alter the course of his life.

The pressures intensified as Dirk became a young father in his teenage years. Balancing the responsibilities of parenthood with the challenges of street life proved to be an overwhelming task. The weight of these responsibilities then led Dirk to make the difficult decision to drop out of school, a choice driven by the immediate needs of survival and providing for his growing family. So in 2011, Little Dirk’s breakthrough moment arrived with the release of his mixtape, I’m still a hitter.

This marked the beginning of his rise to prominence in the rap game. Recognizing the importance of family and loyalty, Dirk founded his own label, OTF, an acronym for only the family. Reflecting his commitment to those who had been with him since the beginning, his mixtapes such as the sign to the street series solidified his position in the rap industry. After gaining local recognition, Lil Durk signed a deal with Def Jam Recordings, a major milestone that paved the way for his entry into the mainstream.

His debut studio album, remember my Name, dropped in 2015, featuring hits such as like me and my Beyonce. However, it was the release of the single this ain’t what you want that became a pivotal moment in his career. Released in 2013 as part of his sign to the street series, the track showcased his gritty storytelling and garnered a bunch of attention, setting the stage for his future successes.

Dirk’s affiliation with Def Jam Recordings was a crucial chapter in his career. The label provided a platform for his music to reach a wider audience, and his song this ain’t what you want became a signature anthem. Despite this success, Dirk found that the support he expected from Def Jam did not materialize as he had hoped. In response to the lack of support, Dirk made the strategic decision to part ways with Def Jam Recordings.

In 2018, he signed with Alamo Records, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment, seeking a new chapter in his career. The move allowed him greater creative control and independence, aligning more closely with his vision for the future. But back to the timeline. In 2013, amidst little Dirk’s rise to success and signing with a major label, he faced a significant loss. His close friend and fellow rapper, 17 year old Leonard La Capone, was fatally shot leaving a South Shore recording studio near 70th street and Stony Island Avenue at 06:25 p.

m. . La. Capone’s death profoundly impacted the Chicago hip hop community and left a lasting effect on Lil Dirk, who honored his late friend with a tribute tattoo. In 2014, Lil Dirk faced more tragedy with the murder of his cousin, MacArthur Swindle, also known as OTF Newski or Nunu Newski, a promising artist, was fatally shot around 03:20 p. m. While seated in an suv on East 87th street.

An unidentified person approached on foot, firing shots, causing Newsky to crash the suv into a nearby storefront window. Residing in the 7200 block of South Halstead Avenue in Inglewood. Despite gaining fame, power and riches, Dirk faced a reoccurring pattern of tragedy in 2015. Shortly after collaborating with retired NBA player Jokeem Noah, known for his time with the Chicago Bulls, Dirk’s manager, OTF Chino Dala, was fatally shot at 01:50 a.

m. In the 8400 block of South Stony Island Avenue. Hit multiple times. He died after being driven to the hospital in the Calume Heights neighborhood. Strangely, the meeting with Jokeem Noah was for Noah’s antiviolence campaign. Yeah, she boy Lil Dirk, man last Chicago, man, my city, man and when you rock your drop, just know your neighborhood safe, man. Stay with stop the violence movement. My fans who my followers, let’s get it so in just two years as a major label rap artist, Lil Dirk tragically lost three close affiliates, all victims of brutal murders.

But fast forward to 2020. Lil Durk continued his successful trajectory, releasing multiple projects and introducing his longtime friend, rapper King Vaughn. Vaughn, who had been rapping since 2018, gained substantial recognition in 2020 for his raw storytelling and authentic drill image. His popularity soared with videos on platforms like YouTube and Spotify amassing hundreds of millions of views. Supported by Dirk’s OTF label and Empire distribution, King Vaughn released the mixtape Levon James in the early half of 2020.

This, featuring his hit song, took her to the O. But tragically, on November 6, outside a hookah lounge in Atlanta, Georgia, King Vaughn and his crew faced a devastating incident. Outside the lounge. Savannah rapper Kwondo Rondo and his crew were present. Kwondo, resting in a car, witnessed King Vaughn approaching with anger, initiating a confrontation. The situation escalated as King Vaughn threw punches at Kwondo’s crew in self defense.

Lil Tim, a member of Kwondo’s crew, fired at King Vaughn, leading to Vaughn’s tragic death in 2023. Approximately three years later, charges against Lil Tim were dropped in the realm of rap music, particularly in the drill scene where Lil Durk operates. Unfortunate as it may be, involvement in crimes, fights and the loss of close associates only serves to strengthen one’s street credibility in the eyes of the adoring fans.

Now, as a major label artist for eight years, by 2021, Lil Durk had experienced the unfortunate loss of four significant individuals, including his two friends, manager and cousin. This series of tragedies highlighted the harsh reality that the life of a drill rap star is certainly not everything. It appears to be. Coming off the loss of his close friend and once rising star King Vaughn, Lil Dirk would unfortunately receive more tragic news, this time involving his older brother, OTFD Thang.

On June 5 of 2021, just one day after Dirk released his joint collaborative project with Atlanta’s Lil Baby, whom I recently made a similar video about. And you should check it out after this one, a chaotic scene unfolded in Harvey, Illinois, at Club O. Multiple shots were fired, resulting in an officer being hit in the thigh. Tragically, Dirk’s older brother, OTF D Thang, was hit in the head, leading to his pronouncement of his death.

At the scene this marked the fifth person Dirk tragically lost, with each of them all dying at the hands of some wicked murder. Now, before I dive into the decode, it’s crucial I acknowledge the obvious. Yes, little Dirk emerges from a violent upbringing with lingering threats from individuals in his old neighborhood who may harbor ill intentions towards his success or those close to him. Moreover, Chicago, with its notorious history of violence, is the birthplace of one of the most violent genres in modern day hip hop.

In this video, though, I approach the narratives from a numerical perspective, exploring any peculiar patterns surrounding the deaths of these individuals. I investigate whether they fell victim to a faustian bargain potentially benefiting Lil Dirk, or if their deaths were tragic occurrences without any underlying conspiracy, quote, unquote, leaving that judgment up to your own interpretation. But with that said, let’s talk numbers. All right, going in order of events, we’ve got the unfortunate passing of rapper La Capone.

He was shot while leaving a studio in Chicago at the age of 17. And get this, it happened somewhere around the time when Dirk signed his big deal with def Jam recordings. Notice La Capone died three weeks and three days before Dirk’s birthday. La Capone’s real first name, Leonard, equals 33. Like Lil Dirk in the reduction cipher. La Capone died on September 26, 2013, a date that’s written 26 nine.

Like the number 269, which happened to be the day of the year Capone was killed, along with the fact that his name, written how the media would write it, equates to 269. In the reverse ordinal, his stage name alone equates to 41, matching the date numerology of when he was killed. Remember, he was shot at the age of 17 years old. The words rap, kill, and shot all equate to 17 in the reduction cipher.

Next up is Lil Dirk’s cousin, OTF Nunu, also known as Newski. Newsky was fatally shot on Saturday afternoon in Chicago while chilling in an suv at a parking lot. When looking into his death, I noticed a very intricate pattern. Newski died on 31 May in 2014, which was the 151st day of the year. 151 is the 36th prime number, and May 31 has date numerology of the number 36.

Five plus 31. Notice the word cousin equates to 36 and the reverse reduction cipher to tie it all in. OTF Nunu, his stage name equates to 666. And the sumerian cipher 666 is the 36th triangular number. So, yeah, I mean, it appears to be a very precise numerical synchronicity, if you ask me. But speaking of the number 666, it’s known as the number of the beast, a phrase that equates to 66, like the name of little Dirk’s label, only the family.

Before Newsky was killed, he had plans of releasing his debut mixtape, which ended up getting released posthumously exactly 34 days after his death. OTF Newsky and murder both equal 34 in the reduction cipher. May 31, 2014 also had 43 date numerology, which ties to the word murdered, again matching the narrative we’ve been told. Newsky was shot on a Saturday afternoon. Note, Saturday and shooting are a two for two match in the ordinal ciphers here you can see that OTF Nunu equates to 33 like Lil Dirk and the word family.

And remember, Nooski was Lil Dirk’s literal family member. As you’ll begin to notice, Dirk seemingly keeps losing someone close to him before or after he releases a project. And in Newski’s case, Dirk would go on to release his follow up mixtape through def Jam recordings just 38 days after his cousin was murdered. The number 38 in rappers literally goes together like peanut butter and jelly. Unfortunately. Now, before we get into the next unfortunate passing surrounding Lil Dirk, I wanted to point out how Dirk’s label name only the family equates to 620 in the satanic cipher.

And for those new here, zeros are null in numerology, leaving us with the number 62, which matches with the words faustian bargain and sacrifice. As this video goes on, it should become even more apparent why I shared that with you. In early 2015, despite personal losses, Lil Dirk’s career soared with two mixtapes under Def jam, prepping for his major label debut album, he and his manager, OTF Chino Dala, joined former Chicago bull star Joe Kim Noah for an anti violence campaign discussion at Noah’s condo.

Ironically, hours later, OTF Chino was shot in his car and tragically passed away en route to the hospital. This marked the third close associate of Dirk’s to fall to gun violence within just two years of signing with a major label. Despite his rising success, a dark cloud seemingly followed him. While Dirk hails from an environment where death is unfortunately common, these incidents exhibit peculiar timing and numerical connections.

Plus, I was also thinking like, man, how lucky is it that Dirk wasn’t in the car with his manager, considering they were with each other that very night? And I guess they decided to leave in different vehicles anyway, here you could see OTF Chino, manager of popular rapper Lil Dirk, died on a date with 38. Numerology remember, OTF Chino Dolla was killed. As you could see, his nickname and real name, along with the word kill all equate to 64.

Yet again, another perfect sync with the narrative when it comes to the phrase 86th. You could certainly say it applied to OTF Chino Dala, at least numerically speaking. Chino was shot on the 86th day of the year. Note, both human and blood sacrifice equate to 86. Plus, his birthday was August 6, a date written eight six. OTF Chino was shot exactly 19 weeks before his upcoming birthday that year, which doesn’t seem so coincidental if you ask me.

As previously mentioned, a reoccurring theme appears to be that the individuals connected to Dirk who are experiencing untimely deaths are perceived as sacrifices of some kind, seemingly paving the way for his ongoing success. I acknowledge that this might sound a little crazy to some, and everyone is entitled to their own perspective. However, my intention is to present the peculiar numerical patterns and timing surrounding these deaths for those that are curious and open to exploring a different viewpoint.

That aside, Dirk’s manager, OTF Chino Dala, died 206 days before Dirk’s 23rd birthday. Notice, sacrifice equals 206 in the latin cipher. Lastly, for the case of OTF Chino, you might recall how we talked about the number 62 and how it ties to the word sacrifice and Dirk’s label name only the family. Well, as you could see, OTF Chino Dala also equates to 62 in the reduction cipher, likely further hinting that his death was a sacrifice.

Dirk would eventually release his major label debut album titled remember my name that same year on June 2, a date that’s coincidentally written six two, which means it came out exactly 67 days after OTF Chino died. Remember, blood and human sacrifice equate to 67. So make of that what you will. Now moving on to undoubtedly one of Dirk’s biggest losses, at least in regards to the media attention it received at the time, was the loss of Chicago’s own King Vaughn.

As mentioned earlier, Vaughn was seriously blowing up at this time, and Dirk was certainly in his prime, with both artists amassing millions on top of millions of views. But tragically, on November 6, 2020, Vaughn was fatally shot and killed outside of a hookah lounge in Atlanta by Savannah, Georgia rapper Lil Tip. Oddly enough, just the day before Vaughn’s death, Dirk appeared on the song and video for Pooh Shisty’s mega hit back in Blood, which at the time of this recording has amassed over 340,000,000 views.

So first you could see that King Vaughn and murder have a two for two match in the reduction ciphers, and what made King Vaughn’s death, so eerie was its numerical connections to his mixtape he released earlier that year. Titled Levon James, this album was released through a partnership with only the family entertainment, Lil Durk’s label, and Empire distribution, which certainly isn’t new to losing artists. Right before they reach their peak on the mixtape’s cover, King Vaughn is seen branding a jersey with the number 64 said to represent the street in which he grew up on 64th and Martin Luther King drive on the south side of Chicago.

Plus, the shot clock also reads 64 minutes. But what’s interesting is that Vaughn was killed on the 311th day of the year, and 311 is the 64th prime number. The word kill equals 64. In the reverse ordinal on the shot clock, the score happens to read 24 to six, which some say references the amount of kills his gangs got over their rivals, which is messed up in itself.

But what’s really OD is that the project Levon James came out on March 6 exactly 246 days before he was killed. This seems to be implying that the mixtape cover art was foreshadowing the numerical timing of King Vaughn’s death. The connections to this project and Vaughn’s death seem to just pile on. As I noticed, king Vaughn died on November 6, a date written eleven six like the number 116, which so happens to be with the title of the project Levon James equates to in the ordinal cipher.

In addition to that, November 6 leaves 55 days in the year Levon James also equates to 55 in the reverse reduction cipher. While speaking about the mixtape, notice it was released on March 6, which was the 66th day of the year. And remember it was released through both OTF and Empire distribution. Note that empire and only the family both equate to 66 plus empire distribution equals 116 like the day that Vaughn was killed.

Now, the reason I analyze the numbers around this mixtape is because till this day, it has the most popular song of Vaughn’s career took her to the O, which has amassed over 200 million views on YouTube and over 400 million listens on Spotify. This song likely made Empire and OTF a good chunk of change, as of course, these are the entities that benefit the most. Plus it’s widely known that artists are worth more dead than alive at times, and Vaughn was no exception considering his first posthumously released album was his highest charting project, making the label’s good money from his work.

Lastly, I figured I’d point out that his highest charting album, titled what it means to be a King, came out on March 4 a date written three, four, and remember, king Vaughn and murder both equate to 34 in the same cipher. Now, last but certainly not least, we have the death of Lil Dirk’s older brother, OTFD Thang, who is tragically shot while at a club in Chicago. Yet again, another one of Dirk’s people that were tragically murdered.

And what are the Ods that his older brother was killed just the day after Dirk and Lil Baby released their highly anticipated joint album? Remember what I was saying? Dirk tends to lose people close to him just before or shortly after releasing a project, and I’m not just referring to him in this pattern. This does happen to pretty much most of these celebrities. Note that Dante banks Jr.

D Thanang’s real name equates to 46, like the word sacrifice. Plus his full name also happens to match with the phrase ritual sacrifice. But like some of the previous affiliates of Lil Dirk that I’ve mentioned in this video, some had a 33 connection to Dirk in some way. As we know, his stage name equates to 33 and, well, his older brother happened to get killed 137 days before Lil Dirk’s birthday.

137 is the 33rd prime number. Note the phrase older brother matches the phrases human and blood sacrifice, with the exception of 68 and 86 being mere reflections. And notice the word brother alone equates to 86. Last but not least, d Thang was shot and killed at Club O on a Saturday. Notice all these words on the screen have that 17 connection, which in my opinion is by no coincidence all right.

Now it’s 2024, and Lil Dirk has thankfully not lost anybody else since the loss of his older brother back in 2021, as far as I know. But since then, he released four projects, all doing pretty well, streaming wise at least. And his 2023 album almost healed, brandishing the classic one eye symbolism, has a song that’s been nominated for a Grammy, and like usual, we’ll just have to see if all of his faustian bargains will have paid off or not.

All right, but quick side note, I am aware that the real reason, quote unquote, he has the one eye cover is because of a pyrotechnic device at one of his shows exploding in his face, causing him to have to wear some protection until his eye healed, leading to the inspiration for the COVID But seriously, it’s like they’re just looking for any excuse to display the same old symbolism.

Plus, with the blood dripping down and the one eye tattoo on his upper chest, it’s really looking like he’s trying to symbolize the sacrifices he’s made, along with his allegiance to a certain side, if you feel me. Anyway, I want to end this video with an old tweet from Dirk back in 2021, shortly after the loss of his brother D Thang, where he stated, quote, I’d be acting like I’m happy, but I’m really sad inside.

When I read this, I couldn’t help but think of the definition of a faustian bargain, where it states, faustian bargains are by their nature tragic or self defeating for the person who makes them, because what is surrendered is ultimately far more valuable than what is obtained, whether or not the bargainer appreciates that fact. But guys, with that aside, I appreciate those who stuck around and watched the whole thing by now.

You guys know what to do. Go ahead and beat up that like button comment. Anything I might have missed? Share the video and most importantly, subscribe man, remember, all of those things are free to do. Spin your boy script ripped and I’m out of here. Peace. Peace. Peace, peace. .

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