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Marina Abramovic “Ukraine’s Wicked Witch”

By: Eyes to See
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5G Danger

Screenshot Marina Abramovic Decode Page 1 -


Hello Everyone, and welcome to my Marina Abramovic “Ukraine’s Wicked Witch” Decode.  In this decode we will look at the recent news involving Marina Abramovic’s recent appointment as Ukraine’s Ambassador responsible for rebuilding school’s for children.

In the slide below, we examine an article posted in the Epoch Times.


This invitation occurred on September 22nd.  This is an important date in a ritual context.  The month of September can be interpreted as being the 7th month of the year, as the word ‘sept’ means SEVEN from its Latin roots.  In the video link below we observe Donald Trump calling the events of September 11th 2001, the events of 7-11.  This was not corrected, and imho is done with intent.  Seven-eleven is deeply significant and is used as a symbolic reference to the “human-host-body“, and the destruction of the Twin Towers on that day were meant to symbolize exactly that!  The ultra-rich who control this world appear to know this information.

So knowing this, September 22nd can then be seen as a reference to 22/7Twenty-two divided by seven is a classic reference to the number Pi (3.14) and we see this number appear in many suspected numerical rituals intently performed by these same ultra-rich parasites.

So looking at the date September 22, to Marina Abramovic’s birthday on November 30th, we can see that it is exactly 69 days apart.  The number 69 is a significant number symbolizing the Yin-Yang (dualistic) nature of our reality, also the transmutation from down to up, as exemplified in Matthew 27:45, referencing the crucifixion of Jesus between the 6th hour and the 9th hour (3-6-9).

Matthew 27 45 -

In the Chaldean cipher, the number 69 is the sum of the following words:  The God Cernunnos, Mother of Heaven, Vengeful Creature, Evil Consciousness, Agent Provocateur, Spell of Entropy, The Bottomless Pit, The Beehive Cluster, Who Created the Game, All that is and can ever Be, I am the Dark and the Light, All Seeing Eye of God. 

We can see how the number 69 carries with it some significant references to Biblical themes, witchcraft and the Occult.  Additionally, it is the number on top of the Masonic Royal Arch (a reference to Cancer), which some believe to be an occulted reference to The Beehive Cluster (, the area featuring the “1000 Points of Light“, potentially a reference to a portal within the heavens.

Masonic Royal Arch -

Screenshot Marina Abramovic Decode Page 2 -


Below, we see that MARINA ABRAMOVIC sums to the number 41 in the Chaldean cipher.  The number 41 is the 13th Prime number, which carries with it its own significance.  However, we see that her name matches the following words in the same cipher; Devil’s Witch, Ukraine Witch, We are Two X, Cernunnos, The Black Cube, Masonic Ritual, Checkerboard, Black or White, Earthbound, Execution, Deceptive, Fear Factor and Fear and Obey.

Marina Abramovic’s birthday is on November 30th (which can be interpreted as 113 – ignoring the zero – is the 30th Prime Number, matching the word Demiurge in the Chaldean cipher) and this date is linked to the Three of Hearts within the Cards of Destiny ( The Three of Hearts is the card of Love and Imagination.  The Three of Hearts is the 3rd card of the deck.  While not included in the slide, the number 3 in the Bible is the Greek word Abaddón, defined as Destroyer (i.e. Destroying Angel) or place of destruction (personified), an alternate name for Satan. (

The Three of Hearts translates directly to the Three of Cups in the Tarot deck.   This card is associated with the following words; Emotional Growth and Development, Celebration, Weddings, Toasts, Friends, Get-Togethers, Reunions, Socializing,  Partying, Festivities,  Indulging, Intoxication, Exuberance, Teamwork, Rewards, Women’s Groups/Gatherings, Feast or Famine, and Harvest.  These themes are all consistent with Marina Abramovic’s life and persona.

The Three of Cups is the 39th card of the Tarot deck.  The number 39 is deeply significant to the occult.  It’s not only the mirror of the number 93 (a number heavily linked to the Ordo Templi Orientis and Alleister Crowley), but 39 is the Hebrew sum of the word Lucifer, found in Isaiah 14:12.

Looking at an infamous image featuring Marina Abramovic’s performance art, where she has painted instructions in blood on a wall, we see that she instructs her followers to “EAT THE PAIN”, and these words sum to 39 in the Chaldean cipher.

Screenshot Marina Abramovic Decode Page 3 -


Looking at the slide below we break down the words NOVEMBER THIRTIETH, Marina Abramovic’s birthday.  When we say the words NOVEMBER THIRTIETH we see that it sums to the number 67 in the Chaldean cipher.   The number 67 in the Chaldean cipher, as seen in my “Church of Satan” decode, is deeply connected to Devil worship.

We see that the number 67 is associated with the following words in the Chaldean cipher; The Church of Satan, The Mark of the Beast, Speak of the Devil, Anton Szandor LaVey, The Beast of the Sea, The God of Sleep, Five Pointed Stars, Deep Mind Control, A System of Control, Hole in the Ground, Harmonies by the Hive, We live in a Digital Matrix and Computational Matrix.

A shout out to Paranoid American and his “Occult Decode” website ( we are able to see some significant events on the anniversary of September 22nd and November 30th linked to Ukraine and the Holocaust.

Screenshot Marina Abramovic Decode Page 4 -


The concept of SPIRIT COOKING is directly linked to Marina Abramovic.  The words SPIRIT COOKING sum to the number 47 in the Chaldean cipher.  The number 47 is a deeply significant number as the word TRANSMUTATION sums to the number 47.

I found it interesting that according to Wikipedia, that Alexxa (Two X) Gotthardt, explains that Marina Abramovic’s work is only a “comment on humanity’s reliance on ritual to organize and legitimize our lives and contain our bodies”.  That Marina Abramovic’s recipes are “meant to be just poetry”, I think we can judge this for ourselves, thank you very much Alexxa.

SPIRIT COOKING evolved from Marina Abramovic’s recipe book to a form of ‘dinner party’ or ‘entertainment’, that “Abramovic occasionally lays on for collectors, donors and friends”.  Friend like John Podesta and his brother Tony Podesta.  If you don’t know who these two people are, then I would suggest some research on the topic.  Caution as it leads to some dark topics involving the abuse of innocent children.

*** Note: The email I had to find using The Way Back Machine, as if this information is being supressed.

Screenshot Marina Abramovic Decode Page 5 -


We already know that SPIRIT COOKING sums to 47.  The 47th element on the Periodic Table of Elements is the element Silver.  The artwork provided by the Royal Society of Chemistry ( displays silver’s alchemical symbol on top of an image of the Gundestrup Cauldron, which according to Wikipedia features the Celtic God of the Underworld, Cernunnos.   CERN references this same Celtic God.

The number 47 in the Chaldean cipher matches the following words; Babalon Working, Transmutation, Energy Harvest, Transgenderism, Magnum Opus, Square and Compass, Planet Saturn, Scorpion King, The Destroyer, The Emperor, King of Babylon, Lightning Strike, Thunderbolt, Total Eclipse, Scripted Reality, Eclipse Code, Prime Numbers, Silver and Gold, Sun and Moon, Idol Worship, The White Rabbit.  Also the following words directly related to the War in Ukraine; Pharmaceutical, Third World War and Russia Ukraine War.

The number 47 is hidden within the Masonic logo as the compass is precisely set at 47 degrees.

The mirror of the number 47 is the number 74.  We see that the appointment date September 22nd 2023 sums to the primary numerology of 74.

The number 74 is associated with the following words in the Chaldean cipher; President of Ukraine, Marina Abramovic Institute, The Crystal Wall of Crying, The Devil in the Details, High Priest of Satanism, Demonic Possession, Rise out of the Ashes and The Thirteenth Hour.

Also in the below slide we see the musical artist BLONDIE attending one of Marina Abramovic’s SPIRIT COOKING parties.  BLONDIE is wearing a red dress and is captured holding up a heart cut out of her own naked effigy.  Marina Abramovic is featured in the image wearing the white robes.

Just entertainment everyone!

Screenshot Marina Abramovic Decode Page 6 -


Below we examine one of Marina Abramovic’s famous performance art pieces, titled THE ARTIST IS PRESENT.  Marina Abramovic spent 716 hours sitting across a table staring into ‘museum-goers’ eyes. The number 716 appears at the 39th digit of Pi.  We saw earlier in the decode that the number 39 is tied to the word Lucifer.  Can’t make this stuff up.

Also in the slide below is an image capturing Marina Abramovic’s THE ARTIST IS PRESENT art piece from an above angle.  Hidden in the image, within the shadows on the floor we can see TWO X symbolism (double cross – female goddess).

We see that the words THE ARTIST IS PRESENT sums to the number 65 in the Chaldean cipher.

The number 65 is associated with the following words in the Chaldean cipher; The Devil in Disguise (201 in English Ordinal), Performance Artist (also 201 in the English Ordinal Cipher), The Artist is Present, Ambassador of Ukraine and Ukraine’s Wicked Witch.

Screenshot Marina Abramovic Decode Page 7 -

Thank you all for reading my decode!

Much love to All,
Eyes to See

You can follow my work using the links below.

  • Eyes To See

    Eyes to See is a prominent member of the Truth Mafia, known for his exceptional decoding skills. He rose through the ranks directly under the legendary Tommy Truthful. With eyes that perceive beyond the ordinary, his abilities are truly extraordinary, making him an invaluable asset to the organization.

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5G Danger

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