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Playboi Carti | The Doors To Success

By: Seethruthescript
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Playboi Carti and Our Simulated Reality: A Decode by SeeThruTheScript

By Tommy Truthful

Another decode from one of the top decoders within the Truth Mafia, SeeThruTheScript, takes on Playboi Carti, exploring the notion that we live in a simulated reality where everyone has a source code assigned to them. Using gematria, which originates from Jewish Kabbalah mysticism dating back to Babylon, we can decode this secret language of the elite. Are you one of the NPCs (Non-Player Characters) controlled by artificial intelligence, or are you a first-player character with an actual soul? Perhaps youโ€™re one of the rare first-player characters possessing this rare Neo code.

Understanding Gematria and the Matrix

The Matrix Gematria

Remember the movie The Matrix, where characters like Neo could read the Matrix Rain, the green lettering of the Matrix? This is a representation of gematria, which lets us decode the fabric of our reality. Gematria provides the keys to understanding our existence and the underlying structures that govern it.

Playboi Carti and the Simulation

Like many other celebrities, Playboi Carti is a figure through whom we can explore these deeper realities. By analyzing his public persona and actions through the lens of gematria, we can uncover hidden meanings and connections that reveal the nature of our simulated world.

Decode Your Reality

Book your personal Gematria email decode if you want to discover your role in the simulation. Discover if you are a mere NPC or one of the chosen 144,000 destined for a higher purpose. Understanding your code can unlock your true potential and reveal your path in this complex Matrix.

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Sincerely, your brother in truth, Tommy Truthful.


โžก This text discusses the journey of rapper Playboy Cardi, born Jordan Terrell Carter, to fame. It highlights his early life in Atlanta, his passion for basketball, and his shift to music after a disagreement with his coach. The text also mentions his move to New York, his association with rapper ASAP Rocky, and his eventual signing with Interscope Records. It ends with his relationship with Australian pop artist Iggy Azalea and the birth of their child, Onyx.
โžก Cardi, a popular musician, faced criticism for his parenting skills and his mysterious persona. Despite this, his fans eagerly awaited his new music, which he released on Christmas Day 2020. Cardi’s actions and poses in photos leading up to his album release were seen as questionable, with some speculating about his sexuality. Despite the controversy, Cardi’s album achieved great success, but was followed by the tragic death of his close friend and fellow artist, five reals.
โžก This text discusses the use of English gematria, a practice of assigning numerical values to letters, to uncover hidden patterns in events and narratives. It suggests that these patterns may reveal a darker side to the entertainment industry, including the idea of sacrificing someone close for success. The text also discusses the influence of artists like Playboy Carti on younger generations, suggesting that their promotion of negative imagery and themes could have harmful effects. Finally, it mentions the speculation around Carti’s potential satanism, based on his use of satanic imagery and references in his music and tattoos.
โžก Cardi, a ten-year veteran in the rap industry, is not only creating his own music but also promoting new artists like Ken Carson and Destroy Lonely under his label, Opium. These artists, who were friends of a deceased rapper, are following Cardi’s unique style, including his use of upside-down crosses and occult-inspired clothing. Cardi recently performed at the Grammys and appeared on a track about selling one’s soul, leading some to question if he’s involved in something sinister. The author encourages viewers to share their thoughts and subscribe to his channel.


Yo, what’s good, y’all? It’s your boy script here. Back with another episode of the highly requested doors to success Playboy Cardi edition. For those new, I’ll allow me to bring you up to speed real quick for a good while. Fans have undoubtedly noticed that artists of a certain caliber appear to go through various rituals to achieve their success throughout their careers. These rituals comprise of a variety of things, from the promotion of occult and satanic imagery, partaking in some rather questionable activities, often likened to a humiliation ritual, and lastly, the sacrifice of a friend or family member.

Well, in 2015, DJ Vlad interviewed New York rapper Norrie, and at one point in the interview, Norrie described his personal experience with fame, particularly at the height of his musical career. He explained how at a certain point in his career, when he was making 50,000 per show and reaping all the benefits of a major label, he was faced with a few barriers that he likened to doors that hed have to pass through in order to achieve more, if you will. Theres three different doors, right? Theres three different ways to walk. These doors consisted of doing some fruity shit, sacrificing someone close to you, or taking an independent route.

Although success for those that partake is never guaranteed, it does seem like the ones who go through these doors get to reap the most benefits. So today, well dive into the life of Playboy Cardi and see what doors hes walked through to reach his current level of fame. Playboy Cardi was born Jordan Terrell Carter on September 13, 1996, the same day Tupac died, a fact that has become something of a meme among Cardi fans. Cardi grew up in south Atlanta. This neighborhood is on the opposite end of the city from where he lives now, yet equally removed from the bustle of Atlanta’s downtown.

Quote, its a little slower than the city, he says of the area out there. Got something to prove? Turn gangster overnight over there. During his early teenage years, basketball was his main focus, and he credits the sport with keeping him out of trouble. That separated me from everybody else, he says, going to practice on the road, traveling for games all year round. Growing up, he looked up to his big brother Reggie, who introduced him to Gucci Mane and other music that was popular on the streets of Atlanta at the time. In high school, Cardi, who at this time went by Sir Cartier, started skipping classes to go to a friends house to record music, smoke some weed, and practically live that stoner lifestyle.

In a 2016 interview with Complex, Cardi said, my ma couldnt tell me shit. Nobody could tell me shit. This kind of lifestyle, coupled with his hot headed tendencies led to an argument with his coach, causing him to drop his NBA dreams pretty quickly and shift his focus toward music. Young Cardi at the time was your average teenager working in retail from bagging groceries to his time at h and M at the age of 14 going on 15. Sir Cartier, aka Cardi, went on to release two projects with more being known about his second tape titled THC the High Chronicles.

He also would release his first ever music video where you see a young Cardi roaming around South Atlanta strip malls and parking lots with a crew, filming your classic low budget high schooler rap video. Now, if you were tapped into hip hop in any way, shape or form during the years of zero nine to 2013, artists like Mac, Miller, Wiz Khalifa, currency and many more were holding down the underground mixtape after mixtape, especially if you were about that stoner life. And after listening to his earliest releases, you could easily hear the influence from the artists I just mentioned.

So with Cardi prioritizing his music and even his job at H and M at the time, his attendance in school would get so bad that when it came to senior year, he didnt even know if he would be graduating. Cardi said, quote, I was in class with freshmen finishing work and if I finished the nine assignments before this time, I could graduate. He went on to say, I didnt even have family there cause nobody knew if I was gonna graduate. Despite Cardi doubting at one point whether he’d even graduate, he seemed to have more than enough confidence that things would just pan out for him.

He described how several times working at H and M, women would approach him and compliment his music. He took this as a sign that it was time to part ways with his job and take his music career seriously. I’m like, nigga, what the fuck? Like, I don’t want to work here no more niggas coming to the job. Princess look like this, like yo, you Cardi? Yeah bro. That song you got fire as fuck. How long you been working here? That shit don’t sound right, bro. In 2013, Cardi connected with rapper and producer ethereal of awful records through a mutual friend.

Cardi, albeit young, was drawn to this unconventional group of diverse sounding Atlanta artists. It didnt take long for the collective to bring him under their wing, and he quickly became the little brother of the crew. It was around this time when he released his first song on an ethereal produced beat through Soundcloud, releasing it under the name Playboy. Cardi, rocking with this new crew for a short while, Cardi got his chance to really build up some buzz within the underground Atlanta rap scene, performing at house parties and whatnot. Eventually, Cardi would form a friendship with stylist Ian Conner and this relationship would prove to be quite beneficial for Cardi in his early come up as around 2014 at south by Southwest, Carti would do a show with producer collective 808 mafia and through the help of his friend Ian Conner, who is based out of New York and tapped in with the ASAP mob, introduced Carti to ASAP Rocky, who at this time was at the peak of his career and according to Cardi, the two hit it off pretty fast.

However, it wasnt until later, when Cardi was invited to a few events by Rocky and got to hang out with the ASAP crew, that their friendship grew deeper. Rocky was essentially acting as Cardis mentor, taking him under his wing. During this time, ASap had launched his own creative agency and label by the name of Aug and saw Cardi as the perfect fit for the team. By 2015, Cardis Buzz in the Atlanta scene was starting to outgrow his awful records counterparts with his single broke boy making waves. So at 18, Cardi decided to make the move to New York City to live with some family and friends while plotting on his next moves.

The transition for him was pretty easy as his mom was actually from Brooklyn dropping his awful records affiliations. Cardi would end up signing to Aug around 2015 2016. Depending on your sources, this mentorship from Rocky really helped to get his foot in the door. In 2016, things would finally kick into high gear as hed officially inked his first major deal with Interscope records sometime in the fall of that year, as seen by this tweet from dollar AP Ferg congratulating him on his deal. Then on April 14, 2017, Playboy Carti, with tons of underground hype around his name, released his first commercial mixtape self titled Playboy Cardi and on this tape had the Pierre Bourne produced track Magnolia paired with his unique sound and Aug directed visuals, this song really blew Carti up on a grand scale.

Although his first tape didnt do crazy first weeks sales, the tape proved to be a household name when it comes to that Soundcloud era of rap and after gaining tons of recognition, Carti would end up linking with Philly rap artist Lil Uzi Vert, who I recently did a similar video about that you should go check out after this making their smash hit woke up like this, accompanied with visuals that got over 90 million views on YouTube. At this point, there was no denying whether you were a fan of this new age sound of rap or not, that Cardi was gonna be an artist here to stay, following up his first commercial release with the debut studio album Die lit in 2018, which dropped with very little promotion.

Granted, at this time, Cardi was slowly entering his mysterious punk rock rap era, if you will. This project, especially at the height of its release, received mixed feedback from the fans despite selling more in its first week. Initially, many felt hed already gotten too comfortable with the fame, leading him to put out a lackluster project. However, that sentiment would change over time amongst his fans. In September of 2018, Cardi, while touring overseas, would end up sparking a relationship with the australian pop artist Iggy Azalea, and the twos relationship escalated fast with them moving in together that same year living in Atlanta, then a little less than two years after meeting the two, would end up having a child by the name of Onyx.

During this time, the details were kinda quiet until Iggy Azalea came out to the media explaining her frustrations with her childs father, aka Cardi, going on record to say that Cardi refused to sign the birth certificate or even be present at the birth of his child. Despite being dragged in the headlines by his baby moms, Cardi didnt seem to be phased with the comments or opinions of outsiders regarding his parental skills. If you well. Yet amidst all this, Cardi fans were growing increasingly eager for new music after teasing what we now know as whole Lotta Red released in 2020.

As far back in July of 2018, according to this Reddit post, fans were left hoping for leaks of tracks while Cardi remained relatively silent on the music and social media fronts, playing into his mysterious Persona. But finally, after a two year wait on Christmas Day 2020, Carti, instead of spending the day with his baby, mom and child cherishing his gift to life, decided to gift his fans his sophomore album whole Lotta Red. But I should mention that the very next day, Carti would post a video of him and his son spending some time. Yet it appeared that from this point on, Cardi was about to go full on anti everything and start showing fans the inner zestiness he kept buried inside.

Inside. On the tail end of 2020, with extreme hype surrounding playboy Cartis sophomore album whole Lotta red, Carti began to really tap into that mysterious aura of his that his fans seemed to appreciate, at least for a bit, whenever he would pop out in the media or on his socials to promote this upcoming project of his. Well lets just say his actions were rather questionable now before the Playboy Cardi stands hop in the comments and say oh well its just an act for his album and all that type of nonsense. Boy if you dont get man just say youd be gay for pay too because like the Uzi video and all the others, if youre pushing something that you know is against your own moral code but also wrongs others through your influence, youre a sellout.

Dont matter how you flip it. So yeah lets just start with the photos and the way Cardi kept posing in them leading up to this album. For anyone into photography or currently does photography, youre well aware of masculine and feminine poses and a quick Google search could show you examples of the differences. In short, mens poses tend to avoid softening the pose with rounded shoulders or exaggerated shoulders, hips and legs, while of course women do the opposite. Based on those examples you just saw in these photos of Cardi, where do you think he falls? These look like pretty feminine poses to me.

And look I said it in the last video with Uzi. This isnt a red pill channel. Im not preaching how to be a man, im simply pointing out the weak tendencies in Cardis character and how a real strong minded man wouldnt present himself this way knowing that it would go against his moral codes despite whatever money and attention it could bring to his brand. Like Lil Uzi Vert, Cardi has been teetering the lines with his sexuality, stating in this interview with highest nabiete, if this world’s going right I’m gonna go left if your cross is straight then I’m gonna put my shit upside down if you hate cigarettes then I’m gonna smoke as many as I can.

I’m anti everything. I’m not going out my way to have people like oh, what the fuck’s Cardi on? Is he gay or is he trolling? No bro, I don’t give a f. I’m being myself. I hate that I waited so long to be myself. Now I’m sure one of Cardis stans will come across this video and say how could he be gay? The dude has a baby, mom. But hell, Diddy had Cassie and Kim Porter but doesn’t mean he wasn’t doing no weird shit on the side. As we’ve seen things come to light. I swear it’s like some fans think because they listen to an artist’s album from front to back, watch a couple of interviews, think they know these guys personally, when in fact artists are usually far from how they present themselves in the public eye promoting the single meh off whole lotta red came these photos where Cardi seemed to take a lot of inspiration from fellow ATL suspect Young thug and I mean come on you can’t tell me these don’t seem sus that was real gay man.

But things would get even worse, at least in my opinion, as he’d even addressed these allegations surrounding his homosexuality on the track new tank where he says I got me some hoes, they thought I was gay. This is actually something I forgot to mention in my little Uzi video because he did something very similar on his latest album Pink tape where he said I f ate a day. How could you ever say lil uzi gay? But lets just be real here, if these men didnt carry themselves the way that they did, no one would ever speculate on these things.

I dont see anyone calling rappers like currency or big Crit gay and it’s obvious why. While they might not have the level of star power of an uzi or Cardi, they have respect for themselves and that’s something that money can’t buy. With the album whole lotta red, Cardi whipped out the punk rock vampire aesthetic. The lyrics throughout the album consisted of your standard, repetitive, mind numbing, bass pumping music you would expect from Cardi, with intoxicating lyrics such as when I go to sleep, I dream about murder, repeated over and over again. The title of the track is no sleep with the ES converted to threes displaying a 33.

The word mind control in Gematria equals 137, the 33rd prime number. I say this because repetition is one of the best tools when attempting to brainwash someone, so one could only imagine what pumping those lyrics into your ears nonstop could do. Oh and if the numbers confuse you, feel free to stick around and get a better understanding or bounce out of ignorance cause more are coming. Carti in 2021 did a shoot with high snobiety and man Imma just let these photos speak for themself. Like I could just sit here roasting his overly feminine poses he does in order to garner attention toward his music.

But again, yall know my stance on this type of fuckery. If you gay for pay, theres not much to say. Fast forward to 2024 and Cardi left hip hop blogs and fans alike in awe when paparazzi snapped some pics of him in a wildly questionable outfit, especially considering Cardi views himself as a rapper whos really about that life. As you can see, the dude looks like hes rocking a thong under some camo pants, only to find out later that it wasnt a thong but rather a male stripper esque mesh bodysuit. But people, does this really make it any better? And to the Cardi fans I ask, is this your king now? In Cardis defense, although the new age of rap seems plagued with zesty junkies pumping out repetitive music, even the biggest and toughest acts of the golden era had their fair share of questionable moments.

For example, Tupac did have that weird ass photo shoot where he was naked in the bathtub with chains over his and lets not forget when big e rapped when I met you, I admit my first thoughts was the trick. You look so good, huh? Ill suck on your daddies. I never felt that way in my life. Back to Cardi. I know I said I’d stop roasting this man, but like for real, when is there ever a time that a straight man should ever pose like this dog bro looked like the photographer behind the camera was hitting him with the so from mesh bodysuits, crop tops, painted nails and feminine poses to Cardi quite literally twerking on stage looking like he’s preparing for a twerk off with Ice spice, I think it’s fair to say that Cardi has certainly opened the first door to success.

On August 23, 2021, news broke that up and coming Atlanta artist and Playboy Carti affiliate r five homicide born Rashad Doughty had passed away. At the time, the cause of his death was unknown. Rumors were spreading online that it was possibly tied to gang violence. Others suggested he took a bad Percocet, causing his demise. While most of the media seemed to have reported that he had self deleted, r five was gaining some buzz in the city with his crew known as Homicide gang, where he was the front runner. There were rumors he planned on signing to Playboy Cardis newly created label Opium Records, before he sadly passed away on Cardi’s whole lotta red.

Released before five reals death, he shouted five reals out on the track, stop breathing. Which is ironic, considering five would do just that less than a year later. It seems that when an artist achieves a career milestone, not always, but oftentimes, something strange happens either shortly before or after that moment. In Playboy Cartis case, he just earned his first ever billboard number one album, selling his highest first week numbers to date. However, exactly 34 weeks after releasing his first ever number one album, his close friend five reals reportedly died of. Although no official cause of death has been released, at least according to what I could find during this recording, this seems to hold true as it hasnt been dispelled.

Now, using the practice of english gematria, which involves assigning a numerical value to each letter of the english Alphabet, it allows you to generate a numerical value associated with letters, words, names, phrases, all of the above. When observing a narrative, you could spot patterns with certain words, names or events. These values often share a deeper pattern associated with the date numerology behind these particular dates and events, by employing gematria, were able to uncover a deeper side of a story that isnt meant to be revealed. So a second ago I mentioned how just 34 weeks after the release of Cardi’s first ever number one, he lost a friend to notice.

In gematria, using the four base cipher system, the words equates to 34 in full reduction, otherwise known as the most pure cipher. This is when you reduce each number to its singular form. For example, k is the 11th letter of the Alphabet, so one plus one equals two. Hence k has the value of two in this cipher. In numerology, its common knowledge that the numbers one through nine are the purest numbers, with everything beyond just being repetitions or combinations. Hence why its considered the most pure cipher. So as we discussed, one of the infamous doors to success is to sacrifice someone close to you in order to feed the beast and excel further in the devils playground that is the entertainment industry, with the keyword here being sacrificed, the words sacrifice and ritual sacrifice equate to 73 along with the phrase committed and from the release of whole lotta red to the death of five reals, homicide is a span of seven months and 30 days.

In numerology, zeroes are null, leaving us with the number 73. Naturally, I know people completely oblivious to numerology and gematria will see this as a far reach and thats fine. Not here to convince you. This video is simply laying out a pattern based on dates provided by media, publications and information made publicly available. It is fact based information verifiable by you at home using the same tools ive used in this video. If you find it rude or disrespectful to point out these patterns, its apparent youre in an emotional state while watching this as opposed to a rational one.

Now again, it hasnt been officially reported to this day what led to five reals cause of death, but all the media seems to point to note the phrase died by s which is common terminology used to avoid the negative connotations behind the phrase committed s. Interestingly, this phrase matches perfectly in the reduction cipher with r five homicide, his stage name. Once again gematura reveals a pattern, but between one’s name and their associated cause of death, at least according to media publications, five reals died at the age of 22, according to the reports. Notice the words died and dead both equate to 22 and five reals died exactly 22 days from Cardi’s 25th birthday.

At the time, it was stated in the sun that he died on Monday, August 23, 2021. When you spell the date he died, written as such, it equates to 139. 139 is the 34th prime number and as we know from earlier, 34 is tied to the words. For those unaware, prime numbers are numbers that can only be divided evenly by one in themselves. Also notice how r fives real name Rashad Dowdy equates to 58 in the reduction cipher matching the date he died. Now I know people in the comments might say well Cardi had other friends that died, so are they sacrifices too? And my best answer to that would be if its not in the media like posted all on like hip hop, DX and all these other publications, it probably wasnt tied to a ritual of some sorts.

Theres a reason why the media brings up these stories in connection to the artist, otherwise the stories would have been overlooked by mainstream publications, especially since R five was far from an established artist when he passed away. With all due respect, but as usual, its up to you watching to come to your own conclusion regarding this young mans passing and whether or not there was something more sinister behind it, or if the news is actually telling you the truth. So earlier in the video I shared a quote from Cardi himself describing his anti everything attitude as this is how he describes his fashion choices.

And although that might be true, Carti is a product of a major label despite him founding his own label in 2019 under the name Opium. Still backed by Interscope though as ive said in previous videos, its very common for us to see how signing to a major label changes the artist, whether it be their musical direction, fashion or all of the above. Although I mentioned how Cardi started acting out after the release of Whole Lotta Red, a deeper look reveals that he began toying with satanic imagery with the release of Dye lit, his debut album backed by Interscope.

Here are images from his Tor merch from 2018. As you can see, most of the imagery featured pentagrams, practically setting the stage for what was to come with his next album. When whole Lotta Red came out, it really felt like Cardi tapped into his villain era from the upside down crosses, the one eye symbolism in a bunch of his photos, and the wearing of devil horns to lying down in the middle of a pentagram. Its very clear hes leaning toward that punk rock rebellious image similar to what I shared in the Lil Uzi video. I wont deny that using these images in their videos or merchandise is a great way to promote their brand as it brings all types of attention and debate leading to more people checking out their music.

However, these images are all associated with negative connotations and its the promotion of this negativity coupled with the repetitive murder, sex and drug induced lyrics that subconsciously lowers ones frequency when listening to it. Not even on some overly metaphysical shit, but what you consume consumes you. What consumes you controls your life. Take the case of juice Wrld. Once an average teen influenced by the artist before him, he eventually became an artist the younger rap fans would idolize. In an interview with Hot 107.9, Juice Wrld explained how listening to future rap about sipping lean made it look cool, leading him to want to try it and eventually picking up a bad habit.

Tragically he passed away from drugs at the age of 21. Hearing that music at such a young age. Nigga I was trying to sip lean in 6th grade listening to dirty sprite one and true story. I bring this up because Playboy Carti is seen in the same light as future, at least to a younger more impressionable generation. So whos to say his influence wont have negative impacts down the road? Weve all heard that notion that back in the day rappers used to rap about selling dope and this would influence the ones listening to want to do the same only to shift into this era of what some consider to be junkie rap where everyones a pill poppin lean sippin animal and of course the fans will follow suit.

Not all of course but a good chunk do. In 2022 Cardi had fans further speculating on whether or not hes a satanist when he posted a picture of his new tattoo which was simply the word satan on the back of his neck. Also paired with the heart ogram image, a combination of the heart and pentagram. Hed also gotten a tattoo of baphomet on his abdomen and above that is a cross ironically crossed out just like my video with Lil Uzi. I mentioned how his love for satanism seemed to be tied to his real name and stage name using gematria as you can see here.

And I noticed a similar pattern with cardi as well. His real name Jordan Carter not including the middle equates to 55 just like the word satan which is now tatted on the mans neck. Both of these artists are considered the biggest from the Soundcloud era that are still around along with the likes of Trippie Redd and Lee Lil Yachty. But it seems like Cardi, Uzi and Trippie play off that satanic stuff the most. But anyway, after not releasing any new music for a while, Cardi came back in 2024 with two tracks dropped on his YouTube page, both racking up millions of views in just a few days.

And in one of the tracks titled 2024, he raps the lines done grew me some horns baby, I’m from hell and he also says I’m evil like Lucy’s son referring to Lucifer. And look, its certainly up to interpretation as some just believe hes playing into an act or a character while others like myself believe hes actually trying to invite that stuff into his life and more importantly the fans who follow and support him. I really do resonate with the quote the greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he did not exist. Now with Cardi almost ten years officially in the rap game as a signed artist, there is still a lot more thats likely to come as hes also been focused on ushering in some new artists to his fans under his opium imprint with the likes of Ken Carson, Destroy Lonely and Homicide gang which consist of two men who were friends with r five homicide.

They werent really rappers at the time and stood more in five reals corner but eventually stepped up after his death and signed to Cardis label. Granted theyre on Cardis label, he has the say when it comes to their branding and its clear theyre all following suit with the imagery from the upside down crosses to the occult inspired clothes. As of now well have to just wait and see what else is in store for Cardis career and the ones around him. He did recently perform at the Grammys with Travis Scott and he also made a super unnecessary appearance on the weekends track titled popular which is about the concept of selling ones soul.

So it looks like hes in pretty deep if you ask me. But of course ill let you watching be the judge. Is Cardi just playing into a bit or is he really involved in something more sinister? Anyway its about that time I wrapped this thing up man. Hopefully you enjoyed the video. If you did, just know I appreciate you for making it to the end. You guys know the drill. Drop me a comment below, I want to hear your opinions. Drop the love, the hate, it dont matter, let me know whats up. Smash that goddamn like button.

Share the video most importantly, subscribe man it’s been your boy script and I’m out of here. Peace.


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