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Squid Game – Decode

By: Eyes to See
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5G Danger

Screenshot Squid Game Decode Page 1 -

Welcome to my Squid Game decode.  In this decode we will examine some of the hidden and deeper meanings codified into this great show on Netflix.

Show Description -


Looking at the slide below, we see that SQUID GAME was released on September 17th.  Looking at the chart from the Cards of Destiny, we see that September 17th is associated with the SEVEN OF CLUBS card.  The SEVEN OF CLUBS translates to the Tarot deck as the SEVEN OF WANDS, which is the 28th card of the Tarot deck.  The SEVEN OF WANDS is associated with the words; Challenge, Opposition, Rivalry, Competition, Staying at the Top, Power, Control and Fighting.  These are all themes explored within the show itself.

Twenty-eight is the second perfect number, the first perfect number is 6, and we learned in my “Church of Satan – Decode” that the 3rd perfect number is 496, which is the Hebrew sum value of the word LEVIATHAN.

Furthermore, 28 in the Chaldean cipher is the sum value of the word LUCIFER, as well as the word ARCHITECT.  It is the also the sum value of the word RELATIVITY, which is the name of the artwork by M.C. ESCHER called “Relativity”, which features maze like gravity defying staircases, which SQUID GAME based their imagery off.

The show’s title, SQUID GAME is also the sum value 28 in the Chaldean cipher.

Screenshot Squid Game Decode Page 3 -

The show’s title having a sum value of 28 is not the only reference to LUCIFER being made.  In the slide below, we see the poster for the show itself.  Encoded within the show’s Korean lettering on the poster is the number 741.  This number, which we have learned from Manly P. Hall, who was a 33rd degree Freemason and master occultist, that this number represents LUCIFER.

The Chaldean sum of LUCIFER, also being the sum of SQUID GAME, matches the 28th element NICKEL on the Periodic Table of Elements.  Which just happens to be named after DEVIL’S COPPER.  Additionally, one of Nickel’s isotopes has an atomic weight of 59.931.

The number 59, which is associated with the term, THE GAME OF LIFE, also matches the sum of the words, CIRCLE TRIANGLE SQUARE.  Those three shapes within the show distinguish the ranks of the Workers, the Soldiers and the Management employees of the SQUID GAME.  Fifty-nine is also the sum value of ZERO ZERO ONE, the number tied to the ‘old man’ in the show, as well as the term THE WISE OLD OWL, a reference we will see again later in this decode.

The TRIANGLE, CIRCLE and SQUARE symbol is also a reference to the geometric concept of ‘Squaring the Circle’, a mathematical impossibility based on the infinite nature of Pi (3.14).  However, metaphorically it represents the concept that we humans are the bridge between spirit and matter, thereby we as humans ‘Square the Circle’, this concept is demonstrated in Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Vitruvian Man‘ artwork.

This is another reference to the world we live in.

Screenshot Squid Game Decode Page 4 -


So far we have references to LUCIFER and THE GAME OF LIFE revealed through decoding.

In the slide below, we see that SQUID GAME is also making a cryptic reference to THE EARTH.  The number 456 is displayed prominently in the show, as it is the number worn by the main character.  According to the Brave search engine’s A.I. Summarizer, the Earth is estimated to be 4.56 Billion years old.

When we say the words FOUR FIVE SIX we get a sum value of 52 in the Chaldean cipher.  The number 218 worn by the main antagonist in the show, also sums to 52 when we say the number TWO ONE EIGHT.

The number 52 is associated with the element TELLURIUM on the Periodic Table of Elements.  The element itself is named after the Latin word for EARTH.  The artwork featured at the Royal Society of Chemistry ( for TELLURIUM is an Earth like sphere.  As well, the English Ordinal sum value of the word EARTH is 52 (not included in the slide), imagine that.

According to, SQUID GAME’s tagline for the show is “45.6 Billion Won is Child’s Play“.  This tagline sums to the value of  127 in the Chaldean cipher.  Which is the average atomic weight of TELLURIUM, again referencing the EARTH.

Screenshot Squid Game Decode Page 5 -


Now let’s look at the meaning of what is a SQUID GAME.  The word SQUID sums to 15 in the Chaldean cipher.  The number 15 in the Bible is the word DESIRE, and the 15th card in the Tarot deck is THE DEVIL card.

A giant squid is referred to as THE KRAKEN, which sums to 93 in the English Ordinal cipher matching the element NEPTUNIUM on the Periodic Table, the element with the Devil’s pitchfork for its artwork, also a number featured within in my “Nefarious – Decode”.

It’s pretty clear we can substitute the word squid for the word Devil, and call this show Devil’s Game.

Screenshot Squid Game Decode Page 6 -

A giant squid, aka THE KRAKEN is a symbolic reference to the Devil, and the KRAKEN is also synonymous with being a SEA MONSTER, a LEVIATHAN.  In my “Church of Satan – Decode”, we examined the Sigil of Baphomet and we identified that the logo for the Church of Satan features Hebrew lettering spelling the word LEVIATHAN.

Looking at the definition of the word LEVIATHAN in the Bible, which is H3882, it is the Hebrew word transliterated as  LIVYATHAN, this sums to 112 in the English Ordinal, matching THE GAME OF LIFE, as seen before.

Strong’s Concordance defines LEVYATHAN as a ‘serpent’, a ‘SEA MONSTER’, or a ‘Dragon’.  Breaking it down further, using the Exhaustive Concordance, we see that it is also defined as a ‘Wreathed animal’, (i.e. the Ouroboros), and the ‘Constellation of the dragon’, perhaps a reference to the Draco constellation encircling the Pole Star.

The words SEA MONSTER sums to 39 in the Chaldean cipher, the mirror number of THE KRAKEN summing at 93 in the English cipher.  The number 39 also matches the Hebrew (H1966) spelling of Lucifer found in the Bible at Isaiah 14:12.  Interestingly the Church of Satan was founded in 1966.

Screenshot Squid Game Decode Page 7 -


001 – OH Il-Nam

So far we have references to the biblical concepts of LUCIFER, EARTH and the GAME OF LIFE.

Let’s take a look at the two main characters in the show.  First we will look at the ‘old man’ named OH IL-NAM.  The character’s name literally means FIRST MAN, matching his number 001.  The number 1 in the Bible is the word FATHER in Hebrew, and Alpha in Greek, and consider that the number 1 represents the sacred masculine in numerology.

OH IL-NAM sums to the value 26 in the Chaldean cipher matching the words; Evil Eye, Nemesis, Watcher, Annunaki, Archons, Builders, Dictator, and Sinful. We learn in the final episode of Season 1 that OH IL-NAM is the Creator of the SQUID GAME.  He created the game for ‘fun’, due to his boredom and loss of faith in humanity.

We see after he passes away that he wore the mask of THE WISE OLD OWL.  So, we see now that OH IL-NAM is the representation of the creator of “The Game of Life”, the “Devil’s Game”, as the embodiment of Lucifer.

Some of his last words in the show are, It seems like you’ve forgotten.  I never forced anyone to play that game (Squid Game).  You also ended up coming back on your own accord.  This theme is parallel with the Biblical truth that Lucifer, is the creator of our world and our human-host bodies, and we (the angels) used our own free will to come and enter this game called life.

Screenshot Squid Game Decode Page 8 -

In next slide we see that FIRST MAN (the meaning of Il-nam), sums to 28 in the Chaldean cipher, matching SQUID GAME, ARCHITECT and LUCIFER, it also matches Biblical truths of Genesis found within the Strong’s Concordance’s breakdown of the English words within the King James Version of the Bible.

Examining Genesis 1:27, we learn that the word “God” used in the verse, is the Hebrew word H430, “Elohim”.  This word means Plural, “Gods in the ordinary sense, but specifically used of the Supreme God“.  This is not the Most High, the Supreme God, the Lord God.  Elohim is also synonymous with the word Angels and Judges.

The word “man” within the verse is the Hebrew word H120, “adam” (lowercase).  The first man in the Bible, which is pronounced “aw-dawm“, was made in the image of Elohim, the Gods (many-in-one), aka Lucifer, who created a version of himself – the first man, then created male and female.  We see that “adam” is defined as a human being, mankind, a hypocrite (aka actor), a man without a living soul.  The human-host body.

This is not “Adam” H121 (uppercase – proper noun), the Lord God’s representative within the world described in Genesis 2:19, the “Adam” that became a ‘living soul“.

So we can see that OH IL-NAM, 001, the Alpha, the Father, represents Lucifer, also the FIRST MAN, the creator and first player of the Game of Life, of the SQUID GAME.

Screenshot Squid Game Decode Page 9 -

456 – Seong Gi-Hun

Now let’s examine the main character within the show, named SEONG GI-HUN.  We see that his name sums to 43 in the Chaldean cipher.

Interestingly, the Square having 4 angles, the Triangle having 3 angles and the Circle having zero angles, forms the number 43, when omitting the null value of zero.

The number 43 is tied to the element TECHNETIUM on the Periodic Table of Elements, which displays artwork of a silvery human hand within a circle.  The name of the element means ‘artificial’ or man-made.

The number 43 matches the following words in the Chaldean cipher; Planet Earth, Ouroboros, The Anti-Christ, Luciferianism, The Illuminati, Hollywood, Temptation, All the Money, Technology, Surveillance and Controlled.  These are themes we have seen so far in this decode and within the show.

I found it interesting that the number 43 also matches; Twin Towers, Occult Ritual, Corona Virus, Covid Shots, Messenger RNA, The Holy Bible and Took the Mark.  Especially in the context of being ‘artificial’.  As for me, these themes became even more relevant after examining the Bible meaning of the number 456 in the Strong’s Concordance, worn by the main character.

The number 456 means “I Rebuild”, “What has fallen or been razed to the ground”.  This concept reminded me of when Barrack Obama signed the 11,000 lbs white I-Beam at the One World Trade Center.  Also consider that their logo resembles a syringe within the “O”, perhaps a symbol of their weapon of choice used to accomplish their goals of a One World Order?

“We Remember, We Rebuild, We come back Stronger”, also sums to 403 (43) in the English Ordinal cipher.  This quote, I believe is a reference to rebuilding the human race back to the original creation found in Genesis 1, made by Lucifer.  They hope to accomplish this by altering the DNA of man, thereby achieving the ‘singularity’ and/or the merging of man and machine, the mixing of the iron and clay.

Link: (

One World Trade Centre -

Screenshot Squid Game Decode Page 10 -

In the final episode we see SIONG GI HUN with dyed red hair.  In one of the last scenes as he is about to board a plane, he reveals his birthday to the people operating the SQUID GAME.  We see that he is born on October 31st, Halloween day.  This day is linked in the Cards of Destiny to the FOUR OF HEARTS.  This translates to the FOUR OF CUPS in the Tarot deck, which is the 39th card of the deck, and as we have seen earlier in this decode the number 39 is relevant.

The FOUR OF CUPS is associated with the following words; BOREDOM, APATHY, DISILLUSIONED, TIRED, DEPRESSED, WITHDRAWN and UNAWARE.  These are all themes associated with this character, especially his life before he entered the SQUID GAME, before he was rebuilt and won the game.

We also see that his name in the English Ordinal cipher sums to 119, a very significant number for a lot of reasons.  However, most relevant is its Biblical meanings, and the Hebrew meaning of H119 is “to be red“.  The Biblical meaning of the Greek value of G119 is “a struggling (as in an athletic contest)“.  Both meanings of 119 in the Bible, the Hebrew and the Greek, are incredibly on-point with this character in this show.  Can’t make this up.

Screenshot Squid Game Decode Page 11 -

The Front Man

Let’s take a final look at the third most important character in the show, THE FRONT MAN.  This sums to 36 in the Chaldean cipher.  The number 36 in Chaldean is tied to the words THE DRAGON and most importantly to JESUS CHRIST.  Here, we see an example of our world’s duality within the numbers.  We see it again in the English Ordinal cipher where JESUS sums to 74 as well as the word LUCIFER.

The number 36 is a symbolic representation of the number 666, as the number can be looked at as “three sixes“.  However even more relevant is that 666 is the 36th triangular number, meaning that if one were to add 1 through to 36 it sums to 666 (1+2+334+35+36 = 666).  This number, which is feared and misunderstood is mostly a symbolic representation of our flesh-host-bodies made from Carbon, the 6th element on the Periodic Table, as it is the number of the Beast and the number of Man.  It’s our ‘daemon’ side of our personalities, our evil twin.

Not only is the number 36 heavily tied to the number 666, it also heavily tied to the number 6 and to the cube, and the hexagon.

The 36th Prime number is 151, which is also the sum of JESUS CHRIST in the English Ordinal cipher.  We can see here a perfect example of how these two ciphers compliment each other.

The sixth and final children’s game played in the show, is the SQUID GAME.  A perfect homage to us living in the cube, called the Devil’s Game.

The words WE LIVE IN THE BLACK CUBE OF SATURN sums to 306 (36) in English.

Screenshot Squid Game Decode Page 12 -

So how can the FRONT MAN represent JESUS CHRIST within the SQUID GAME?

If the old man “001” is the creator of the game?  Then the FRONT MAN is the judge, the rule keeper who is responsible for keeping the game fair.  We see this example in the 5th episode of the series called “A FAIR WORLD”.  Where the FRONT MAN is quoted as saying “Equality.  Everyone is equal while they play this game…we’re giving them one last chance to fight fair and win“.  This sounds a lot like Jesus giving us one last chance at redemption, and where He, the Lord, judges us to not be condemned with the world (see 1 Corinthians 11:32 below).

The Korean transcription for this episode’s title is PYEONGDEUNG-HAN SESANG, which sums to 83 in the Chaldean cipher.  Both the number 36, and the number 83 are tied to the element KRYPTON on the Periodic Table of Elements.  Funny enough I always think of SUPERMAN every time I look at the element KRYPTON, and in my research, I found a match between the words A FAIR WORLD and SUPERMAN as both sum to 107 (17) in the English cipher.  Seventeen is tied to the Star (we are the stars) card in the Tarot and the word Angel (we are the angels) in Chaldean.

Screenshot Squid Game Decode Page 13 -

In the end…

We can see from this decode that the SQUID GAME, is really a metaphor for The Devil’s Game. 

The show is deeply encoded with Biblical themes and characters, and it all appears to be a metaphor for this world that we all live in…

Thank you for taking the time to read this decode.
Much love to All,
Eyes to See

Link to PDF: Squid Game – Decode [Eyes to See]

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