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“Sun’s Intense Surge: How Will Blackouts, Flight Hiccups, and More Shape Our World?”

By: Truth Mafia
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Sun’s Intense Surge

Blackouts, Flight Delays, And More—What Other Effects Can We Expect From The Sun's Upgraded Activity?
Blackouts, Flight Delays, And More—What Other Effects Can We Expect From The Sun’s Upgraded Activity?

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Power Outages, Airline Interruptions, and Beyond What Consequences Might Arise from the Sun’s Intensified Activity? At the heart of our solar system is the sun, an indispensable star for Earth and its neighboring planets.

The sun serves myriad roles in our daily existence. Yet, excessive solar exposure can be harmful for a range of reasons. The energy produced by the sun benefits us in many ways. But, experts indicate that the sun is transitioning into a heightened phase that will persist for a while.

Studies suggest that after a prolonged dormant phase, the sun is becoming more active, possibly reaching peak intensity by year-end. This cycle, termed solar maximum, recurs roughly every 11 years. During these phases, the sun emits intense energy bursts called solar flares. The sun’s face becomes dotted with an increased number of sunspots, potentially leading to more solar storms and higher electromagnetic energy releases, potentially disrupting power grids and GPS functionalities.

While this didn’t pose significant issues historically, today’s scenario is distinct. The increasing reliance on electronic networks and power makes us more susceptible to these solar influences. The sun consists of superheated plasma at its core. This plasma, constituted of electrically charged particles, rises to the sun’s exterior, cools, and circulates back down. This cycle, termed convection, generates robust magnetic fields at the sun’s extremities and more localized ones on its face.

Space physics expert from the University of Reading, Professor Matthew Owens, mentioned that every 11 years, the sun experiences such intense magnetic turbulence that its poles interchange. This disrupts the sun’s magnetic orientation. The resulting magnetic turbulence amplifies the sun’s activity, marking the onset of the solar maximum. The greater the magnetic unrest, the more expansive the sunspots observed. Professor Owens highlighted the increasing discovery of larger sunspots.

Supporting his observations, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory reported a vast cavity on the sun, approximately thirty times Earth’s dimensions.

So, we’ve certainly observed that the sun has transitioned from the lovely yellow hue we all remember from our childhood to a stark white brightness. I’ve always felt that “Corona” was closely tied to the sun, because what is the Corona? It’s the outermost layer of the sun’s atmosphere visible during an eclipse.

This reminds me of the events depicted in the movie “Greenland”. Over time, this event has been referred to by various names such as The Rapture, Pole Shift, The Phoenix Phenomenon, or the Plasma Apocalypse.

The Electromagnetic Plasma Theory: A Dive into the Unknown

The Electromagnetic Plasma Changeover Event, often labeled as the Plasma Apocalypse or EMPCOE, is an enigmatic yet captivating conspiracy theory that has piqued many interests. I’m not claiming that such an event is looming or if it will ever transpire. However, the vastness of possibilities is intriguing. Advocates of this hypothesis argue that a forthcoming celestial phenomenon might activate a skyward portal. Ancient chronicles hint that such cyclical occurrences might have previously transpired, possibly leading to Atlantis’s demise. This alleged portal, an ethereal plasma vortex above the North Pole, is believed to provide a gateway to superior dimensions. But for it to align with our realm, Earth’s electromagnetic shield needs to diminish. The hypothesis extends to suggest a potential pole shift might cause our planet’s electromagnetic defenses to temporarily weaken, a phenomenon scientists acknowledge can diminish our protective barrier.

Live Science Article

NASA’s data reveals that these pole shifts transpire roughly every 200,000 to 300,000 years. Given that it’s been substantially longer since the last noted shift, some speculate we might be on the brink of another. Historical data and certain archaeological interpretations suggest past civilizations might have fallen victim to such shifts. An emerging magnetic aberration in the South Atlantic fuels these speculations, as its expansion hints at another potential pole shift.

NASA’s Insight

Daily Galaxy’s Perspective

Pole Shift Hypothesis

The notion of a celestial portal seems fantastical. Still, ancient texts like The Quran and The Bible allude to apocalyptic visions where the skies reshape, mirroring a scroll’s unwinding. Pop culture, too, isn’t far behind. The show “Gravity Falls” portrays a similar end-time event termed ‘Weirdmageddon,’ where an extraterrestrial chasm ruptures the skies, unleashing alien entities and distorting the physical laws.

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EMPCOE aficionados speculate that without our electromagnetic buffer, gravity might cease momentarily. While it sounds like a stretch, some modern physicists are mulling over the connection between gravity and electromagnetism. The intricate nature of gravity remains a puzzle. In “Gravity Falls,” the show’s title and the central character, Dipper (named after a birthmark resembling the Big Dipper constellation that points to Polaris above the North Pole), hint at this gravitational mystery.

Iby1Htlc7Sl51 -

“Gravity Falls” is indeed rich in esoteric symbols and allusions, and dedicated fans often delve into its layers of mystery and coded references. The series is renowned for its intricate plotlines and symbolism, which often lean into themes of the occult, secret societies, and other hidden elements. One of the standout symbols scattered throughout the show is the all-seeing eye, which is reminiscent of the Eye of Providence, often linked with Freemasonry and other secret orders.

In the series, a character even dons attire reminiscent of a Shriner, a subgroup within Freemasonry, accentuating the show’s penchant for subtly (and sometimes not-so-subtly) referencing Masonic themes. The presence of these symbols has stirred discussions, analyses, and speculations among fans and theorists alike. While some believe these are mere Easter eggs or nods to conspiracy culture, others argue they may hold deeper significance within the story’s lore. Regardless of the intent, the incorporation of these symbols adds layers of intrigue and depth to the beloved series.

Blackouts, Flight Delays, And More—What Other Effects Can We Expect From The Sun's Upgraded Activity?


EMPCOE theorists postulate that during a period of zero gravity, objects not anchored to the Earth will levitate and be drawn into an overhead portal. This event is likened to the rapture, an eschatological concept in certain Christian beliefs where the faithful ascend to heaven during end times.

Read more about the rapture here.

The animated science fiction film, “Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs,” appears to mirror elements of this theory. Within the narrative, an interdimensional fissure in the sky is discovered, which alters the laws of electromagnetism in its proximity.

Discover more about “Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs” here.

Fry, the main character, ventures into this rift, encountering a gargantuan creature with myriad tentacles, possessing a singular eye and constructed from a material termed electro-matter. As the story progresses, this beast awakens, intruding upon Earth through the portal with its tentacles. Analogously, EMPCOE proponents suggest that during this hypothesized event, tendrils of plasma will emanate from the vortex, encircling our planet in search of grounding points, with some targeting human beings as conduits. In the movie, the beast, evoking the image of an immense plasma sphere, endeavors to connect with every individual.

Plasma Apocalypse

Proponents of the EMPCOE theory speculate that certain plasma streams could bond with non-living entities, effectively revivifying the deceased and even animating inert machines. This phenomenon seems to find representation in the film “Ghostbusters”, where a gateway opens, enabling spirits to inhabit both the deceased and even a colossal brand mascot.

Subsequent to Fry’s meeting with the behemoth in “Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs”, he returns with a tentacle affixed to him. This inspires him to advocate for the acceptance of these appendages, leading to his establishment as the leader of a new faith venerating them. This theme, of tentacles dictating the thoughts of humans, is recurrent in cinematic narratives. EMPCOE theorists suggest these plasma tentacles may override their host’s memories. Although this sounds fantastical, some believe electric plasma’s interaction with our neural circuits might enable this, and studies have indicated that electric impulses can impact memories.

Learn more about the research here.

The term ‘plasma’ is derived from its analogous behavior to blood plasma. If physicists are right in asserting that plasma constitutes 99.9% of the Universe, could it exhibit sentience? This raises a question: could this pervasive plasma be perceived as a divine force? In the movie, after humanity’s conversion, the colossal entity seeks to unite with them in its ethereal domain, an allusion to religious concepts of rapture and the spiritual bond between the faithful and the divine.


Early in the narrative, there’s an attempt to launch a missile into the portal. EMPCOE theorists believe that the global elite might try a comparable escape strategy. The portal’s emergence might present an ascension opportunity for humankind. To divert attention, a faux extraterrestrial invasion, termed Project Blue Beam, might be staged.

Learn about Serge Monast and Project Blue Beam here.

These theorists also speculate that to inhibit the masses from ascending, the elite may generate an artificial EMF to counter the plasma when Earth’s natural shield fails. Symbolically, this is mirrored in the “Futurama” movie. This theory posits a link between this artificial EMF and the introduction of atmospheric “smartdust”. The narrative suggests only organic beings can transition through the portal, hinting at the potential risks of human-technological convergence.

Know more about Smartdust.

Explore Transhumanism.

Read about technological defense against solar flares.

As the film unfolds, the creature’s main tentacle penetrates the city’s heart, evoking the legendary World Tree, a bridge between our world and the divine.

X5Wzwo4Egsl51 1 -

Certain individuals believe that powerful elites aim to instigate this cataclysmic event. Researchers at CERN transparently acknowledge their pursuit of alternative dimensions. Interestingly, the founder of D-Wave has proclaimed that quantum machines might invoke entities reminiscent of Lovecraft’s Old Ones. Tentacled creatures might symbolize this plasma-driven catastrophe. In the film “The Mist”, military action opens a gateway, leading to the emergence of creatures akin to those in Lovecraft’s tales. This narrative hints at a forthcoming mist during the EMPCOE event, speculated to arise from atmospheric depressurization once Earth’s electromagnetic shield diminishes.

Learn more about The Mist film.

As per these theories, the portal, akin to a black hole, will draw in ambient heat energy, producing a spiraling tempest of frigid air. This storm is believed to result in instantaneous freezing. A large portion of Earth’s water is predicted to be drawn into this vortex. Some of this water, on passing through the storm, might solidify into vast hailstones. The remaining water could become irradiated by the vortex’s radiation, leading to the phenomenon of crimson rain.

Understand Hawking radiation.

The crescendo of the plasma event foresees even mightier plasma jets striking the planet, reshaping the topography by gouging out canyons and obliterating mountain ranges. In certain regions, the ground could liquefy under the force of these beams, leading to devastating mudslides that could engulf entire cities. This apocalyptic description bears a striking resemblance to Revelation 16’s account.

After the pole shift culminates and the electromagnetic field regains its stability, the portal will cease to exist. While a significant portion of humanity may perish or ascend, a select few might endure. The prevailing theory speculates that a majority of these survivors would suffer memory loss, but a handful will retain recollections of the events. These individuals might document the occurrence through ancient techniques like stone carvings. Some might consolidate power by establishing clandestine organizations exploiting this knowledge, while others might propagate the truth and give rise to new spiritual beliefs. These individuals would inevitably emerge as the next epoch’s leaders.

The Book Of Eli Tells A Similar Story

Discarded relics that were once propelled skyward will descend, offering remnants of a forgotten era and resources for reconstructing society. Machines, having gained autonomy during the cataclysm, will persist, and a symbiotic relationship will evolve between humans and these machines. Together, they’ll combat the myriad of entities that emerged from the vortex. Over time, these creatures will be vanquished, their memories fading into folklore, becoming the new legends and mythical beasts of the post-apocalyptic world.

Sun's Intense Surge

In this electrically supercharged world, life thrives uniquely. Humans, flora, and fauna exhibit amplified growth and longevity. The birth of children unveils a spectrum of extraordinary capabilities. However, as millennia pass, this surge of energy diminishes, restoring the world’s equilibrium until the cycle restarts. The plasma apocalypse represents a dichotomy – both devastation and genesis. It’s akin to the universe’s hard reset. While this concept may seem fantastical, it’s as if traces of such an event linger in our shared psyche. This latent memory might be surfacing through our creative expressions, each artwork echoing a fragment of a larger narrative. It might be our era’s mission to collaboratively decipher this grand tale. Appreciate the journey through this theory with me.

In the latter part of this article, I’ve rephrased content originally found on this Reddit post. It’s an exceptional read, and while I wished I could have shared it verbatim, I had to avoid potential copyright issues and Google’s penalties for duplicate content. Therefore, I reworded it, but I always believe in giving due credit. The initial part of my article is based on a mainstream media piece titled “Blackouts, Flight Delays, And More—What Other Effects Can We Expect From The Sun’s Upgraded Activity?” The link to that is at the top of the page. Additionally, I connected this piece to another article, “What would happen to Earth if humans went extinct?”. We’ve often heard that the elites feel obligated, by some universal law, to inform us about upcoming events. They believe this absolves them karmically – if they warn us and we do nothing, the responsibility is then shifted. Reading between the lines of these two articles, it’s clear they are hinting at something significant on the horizon. Warm regards, your brother, Tommy Truthful.

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