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The Great Awakening Excerpt

By: BDELL1014
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5G Danger

The Great Awakening

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The Power of Emotional Energy and Balance: Insights from Bdell’s New Video

Written by Tommy Truthful

In a riveting new video by Bdell, we explore the profound impact of sexual and emotional energy on our lives and the world around us. This thought-provoking piece delves into the concept of energy manipulation, its ties to our emotional state, and the broader implications on societal norms and personal well-being.

The Influence of Sexual Energy

Bdell opens up a fascinating discussion about the potential of sexual energy, particularly in women. When harnessed and used correctly, this energy can be powerful enough to manipulate elements like the weather. The video draws parallels to characters like Storm from the X-Men series, indicating how popular culture often echoes these deep-seated truths.

The Significance of Emotional Control

The video stresses the importance of controlling one’s emotions, suggesting that an imbalance can lead to toxicity and chaos. The concept of ‘Kronos,’ the god of Saturn, is introduced to illustrate the idea of artificial time control – a mechanism that governs our lives through structured schedules and societal expectations.

The LGBT Flag and Chakra Systems

Bdell touches on the topic of the LGBT flag, interpreting its color spectrum as a reversed frequency that disrupts the natural order of the chakra system. This perspective views the LGBT movement as part of a larger agenda to invert societal norms and values.

The Misinterpretation of Masculinity

A significant portion of the video is dedicated to deconstructing modern perceptions of masculinity. Street culture, often glorified as a symbol of masculinity, is seen as a facade masking deep emotional and mental issues. The video argues that true masculinity lies in logic and balance, not in the emotional impulsiveness often depicted in popular media.

The Emotionalism and Its Impact

The discussion extends to the broader effects of emotionalism on society. When emotions are not balanced with logic, they create a breeding ground for toxicity. This imbalance can open the door for negative energies to infiltrate and deviate individuals from their true purpose.

The Path to Balance and Self-Discovery

Bdell emphasizes the importance of self-initiation and healing. Before entering into relationships with others, it’s crucial to build a strong relationship with oneself. This journey involves confronting and healing from past traumas to achieve a balanced state of being.

Truth Mafia


➡ The text explores themes of striving for greatness while being trapped in societal constraints, discussing love, sexual energy, societal standards, emotional balance, and the importance of self-care. It also discusses the struggle for masculine identity, the effects of unbalanced emotions and trauma, and the speaker’s relationship with God. Their hope is to reconnect with ancient knowledge as a path to wisdom and balance.


You be Frankie. Yeah, I’m striving for greatness, trying to make it? I was stuck in the Matrix, yeah, I’m striving for greatness, trying to make it? I was stuck in the Matrix, yeah, I’m striving for greatness, trying to make it? I was stuck in the Matrix, yeah, I’m striving for greatness, trying to make it? I was stuck in the Matrix on an external level, that’s what a demon scale.

I love my car. I love her. You don’t love yourself, bro. I love double cheeseburgers. Love could be a demon. You ever seen a person love something so much that it destroys them? You got people on my 600 pound life. They love fast food. They love McDonald’s. But like I said, they love has transmuted into being a demon that a demon took upon the vessel that made them 600 pounds.

A woman has her sexual energy intact, and she’s using it correctly. She can manipulate the weather. Most women, they got to protect that sexual energy. Your sexual energy has an organ energy. Yo, that’s crazy, man. What was storm? She was able to control the weather. You see what I’m saying? They give you the edification when you look at these cartoons or whatever. So that’s why it tells you in Psalms 82, verse six that you are gods.

You are God because you’re able to create with the octave frequency of your voice. You’re able to create through procreation, by bringing somebody to this planet through your Yoni portal more. The planet speeds up in vibration. Your sexual energy is going to increase. Clock in to work. Your time card or just the machine you clock in at, it has Kronos on it, if you pay attention. And Kronos is the god of Saturn.

He is the ruler of all planets. Father time. Yep, Father Time. Kronos or quantumlogy. Kratos. That is the god of Saturn, which is propagated by the archons of the Saturn Moon Matrix system. So the Saturn moon matrix system, it is being governed by the artificial time analysis mechanism of time that keeps you tracked. Like, you got to go to work and you got to clock in at certain times or whatever.

If you pay attention, everythIng’s out in front of you. LGBT flag or whatever. It’s a reverse of frequency that’s literally like, upside down. That’s why when you look at the color spectrum of a chakra system, you look at the LGBT flag or whatever. It’s a reverse of frequency. It’s an inverted lifestyle. They want everything to be upside down. They want everything based on chaos. They put the root chakra at the top.

That shall check your energy. Really? You know what I’m saying? The crown chakra is supposed to be at the top. When you’re looking at the rainbow, street dude ain’t no different than a female. They propagate gangsterism. Women think that’s masculinity. It’s a call for help. Street dudes grew up without a father. Father Time. They’re going to teach him not to be in the streets. But listen, when you stare at a street dude, what do he do? You looking at? What are you looking at, nigga? That’s the same thing that women do.

When you’re staring at a woman, like, boy, what you looking at? They got the same energy as a woman. It just has a different frequency to it. You got the same energy. When you’re overemotional, that creates toxicity. Your emotions is not imbalanced with logic. They’re dealing with a lot of internal problems. Propagate gangsterism. And women think that’s masculinity. Poking all day, popping pills, you know what I’m saying? Flashing the money.

They trying to compensate for the lack thereof. Something happened to that man when he was a little boy. A lot of them deal with a lot of mental issues, while a lot of them are really, like, low key homosexuals, too. Yeah, I heard about that. I did hear about that. A lot of really, you know what I’m saying? But a lot of women today, they really think that he’s a street dude.

You know what I’m saying? Listening to NBA Young boy, that’s Bay right there. They think that’s, like, masculine energy. A masculine man is always a very logical man, not an emotional man. Emotional people act on impulse. People say that man’s masculinity is connected to his money. You’re not bringing in Enough resources or whatever. That man is not going to feel like a man. And if he’s dating a woman, he’s going to feel emasculated.

And in his mind, since he’s not being a provider because you’re here to provide and protect the woman, he’s going to feel like she’s probably cheating on some women, they end up dating players and stuff like that, and they try to bring that energy into the next relationship. So, like I said, it’s one of those things where you got to go through a process of self initiation. You got to heal.

Some people, they afraid to be alone so much, they just start jumping in relationship. You got to build that relationship within yourself. Before you start giving yourself to somebody else. Great majority of relationships or marriages, they only last like 30 minutes because not dealing with the trauma, bro. The man who fell to Earth, we came down, he didn’t have no emotion. He seen that motions, had a chaotic energy.

I lost my job, lost my girl. You got to get away from me. That your emotions is not real because none of this stuff is real. Put like an encryption on the mental and the physical capacity of human beings on the planet. That’s what emotions do. Be operating at zero point energy. And those cometic principles are under the laws of Mayache. But you got to be balanced. If you don’t have no balance, you don’t have nothing.

And you can’t be balanced when you’re in a state of emotionalism. Because when you’re in a state of emotionalism that is the precursor to toxicity. And when you in a state of toxicity, this is where demons can take upon your energetic frequency and deviate you from your purpose. Too happy, a demon can infiltrate you. Too sad can infiltrate you got to be balanced. I know it’s been a long time since I last called you back on your line.

So I hope and I pray for your hand to help me on the ladder to the land. Calm is going to get to you when then you’ll have a cherry yet with only one less friend. No, I had distant folks that are looking to my eyes to understand the wisdom hE’s given and his wealth from the skies. So thanks for this love that I’m about to receive. And thank you for my health and all the good memories.

Thanks for the courage taking on another day when I used to not believe, but now I know about grace. Stay away from the fire because the flames does burn. Go with your gut feeling. When it’s wrong, you learn for every one step I take, the Lord takes two and do one to others if you want it done unto you. It’s me again, God. I know it’s been a long time since I last called you back on your line, so I hope and I pray for your hand to help me on the ladder to the land.

It’s me again, God. I know it’s been a long time since I last called you back on your line, so I hope, Ben, I pray for your hand to help me on the ladder to the just a completion. The Sofish protein. Amarindian, Phoenician. I’m the last of the Mohicans, the bastard of the land, the pan melon and accretion and we just trying to get back to the fact that we were kings and queens of a lamb up of the avalanche season I live on Turtle island with the rest of the disease better than the medicine for seven different treatments niggas Try to ride away but end up getting C Six asleep and fill my words like Brell? And they’re awakened with the penmanship of Hindu script written in them vacant monastery honorary payments to the prototype? Tomorrow’s only a day away but nothing happens overnight the fuck’s wrong with going left when you know it’s right? Biting off more than I can chew.

That’s an overbite. Black on black crime is like watching two soldiers fight when all along they was on the same page. History. It’s me again, God, I know it’s been a long time since I last called you back on your line so I hope and I pray for your hand to help me on the ladder to the land it’s me again, God, I know it’s been a long time since I last called you back on your line so I open? I pray for your hand to help me on the ladder to the land.


  • Bdell1014

    BDELL1014, the latest addition to the Truth Mafia family, was personally selected by Tommy Truthful, the leader of Truth Mafia. He's an outstanding teacher brimming with knowledge, making him a valuable asset to our Truth Mafia community. You can connect with him on Instagram (@Bdell1014), Facebook (Brydell Rice-Bey), and TikTok (@Bdell1014). He proudly identifies as a Moorish American 🇲🇦. Bdell 🇲🇦 (@Bdell__1014) / X (
5G Danger

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