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That Impossible Channel – Watching the Most Unexplained Videos at Midnight

By: That Is Impossible
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That Impossible Channel

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Diving into the Unexplained: A Recap of ‘That Impossible Channel’s’ Latest Live Video

That Is Impossible

Hey, TruthMafia community! It’s incredible to see how much we’ve grown, making us the #1 alternative media conglomerate worldwide. It’s all thanks to you and the remarkable content creators we feature. Tommy Truthful, our esteemed leader, ensures thorough research on each creator to verify they have no connections to intelligence groups, secret societies, or the Illuminati. Today, let’s dive deep into the latest live session of ‘That Impossible Channel.’

The Shout-Outs

Kicking off, our host gave a massive shout-out to Jay Dreamerz, the genius who introduced Tommy to ‘That Impossible Channel,’ paving its way onto our platform.

The Suspended Plane & More

Our host posed thought-provoking questions as he showcased a baffling video of a plane appearing motionless in the sky. Is it an optical illusion? Or could perspective have played tricks on our eyes? Adding more mystique, he discussed the folklore of little people, including the legendary green children of Woolpit.

Touching on Cryptids, UFOs, and the Paranormal

From Bigfoot to twilight zones and ghost occurrences, the host critically evaluated their credibility. While some might be hoaxes, there’s always that possibility that some are authentic supernatural events.

Unusual Sightings

Are they hoaxes or reality? Videos portraying entities resembling folklore creatures and angels have ignited debates everywhere. Floating energies, eerie tunnels, and personal UFO encounters further added layers to this session.

Glitches and Denver Airport Murals

Ever witnessed real-life glitches? Or pondered upon the hidden symbolism in Denver Airport murals? The host took us on a journey through these topics, linking offline glitches with potential paranormal activities found on YouTube.

The Enigma of ‘Red Mercury’

This mythical substance, showcased in intriguing videos, sparked intense debate. Could it be a Soviet-era code, a connection to unexplained deaths, or just an elaborate hoax? Furthermore, what was that mysterious object on a Brazilian beach?

Cryptids and Ancient Civilizations

Cryptid enthusiasts, there’s something for you! The next segment was all about Bigfoot sightings in Kentucky. There’s also a theory linking UFO spheres to poltergeist activities. Intriguing, right?

More Mysterious Footage

From ghostly reflections to potential Bigfoot vocalizations and eerie glowing eyes on CCTV, the live stream was packed with content that made us question our understanding of reality.

Concluding with Light Refractions & Ghost Sightings

Our journey concluded with strange footage, from light playing tricks to potential ghost sightings and even a bizarre foam chasing a boat in a park.

Final Thoughts

‘That Impossible Channel’ truly lived up to its name in this live session, offering us a feast of mysteries. As always, viewer discretion and critical thinking are encouraged. And to our ever-curious TruthMafia community, remember to stay tuned for more! Let’s keep seeking the truth together.

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➡ The speaker is conducting a live session, checking in with his audience, discussing potential future topics of interest related to the mysterious and unexplained, and showcasing a puzzling video of a plane apparently suspended in mid-air. The speaker is soliciting audience input and interaction throughout the session.
➡ The text discusses a video speculated to feature optical illusions, the possibility of a plane appearing to move differently due to perspective, a video of a small humanoid figure, folklore of little people, and a reference to the historical case of the green children of Woolpit. The speaker also mentioned potential contributions from the audience to the channel and hinted at a future story project.
➡ The narrator discusses videos and personal encounters with phenomena such as constant twilight zones, Bigfoot sightings, and ghost occurrences, expressing skepticism over the credibility of these encounters due to lack of concrete evidence or context, but also suggesting that while many could be hoaxes, some might be real supernatural events.
➡ The video discusses various strange and potentially extraterrestrial sightings, questioning their authenticity and encouraging audience engagement. The clips display entities that look similar to depictions of folklore creatures and angels, sparking debate about whether they are hoaxes, marketing campaigns, or reality.
➡ A series of unusual phenomena are discussed including an entity captured on a telescope that might be a magnetar, occurrences of people bizarrely mimicking live television broadcasts, floating energy captured on video, and explorations into creepy tunnels, along with some personal experiences of UFO sightings.
➡ The text describes a series of interactions where individuals are exploring a spooky environment and later transition to a discussion about different videos on YouTube, covering topics related to glitches and potential paranormal activity. They consider explanations for what they view, discuss community posts and the content on their YouTube channel, and chat about offline glitches and the symbolism found in Denver Airport murals.
➡ The narrator discusses a series of intriguing videos related to the mythical substance ‘Red Mercury’ which is shown to have strange properties in the showcased videos. The substance’s existence is disputed with theories suggesting it could either be a hoax, a Soviet-era code word for lithium 6 used in fusion, or even connected to a series of unexplained deaths. Other discussions revolve around a mysterious object washed ashore a Brazilian beach, possibly from a whale or a means to transport rubber.
➡ The live stream host discusses his upcoming video focusing on cryptids, especially Bigfoot and Sasquatch sightings in Kentucky, and shares intriguing UFO sightings and possible defense mechanisms by ancient civilizations. He also covers an interesting theory by a paranormal investigator about UFO spheres being linked to poltergeist activity and being a global defense network. The stream ends with audience interactions and video presentations.
➡ The text mainly discusses various perplexing videos such as a “glitch” video showing a figure’s reflection looking at him, a strange creature spotted in a video, a truck appearing out of nowhere in dashcam footage, a UFO sighting, a potential bigfoot vocalization, and mysterious glowing eyes seen on a CCTV camera. The text also talks about an ancient Egyptian artifact that shines when a flashlight is held in a certain way.
➡ The text describes various peculiar videos dealing with light refraction, a potential ghost sighting, a strange foam chasing a boat, and a supposed demonic creature in a Utah park. The author invites viewers to interpret the scenes, highlights the importance of scrutinizing CCTV footage and remarks on future live streams.


Fine. Perfect. Good. Fine. Okay, perfect. Okay. No, probably no echo right now anymore. 100% too loud. Perfect. It’s good. Yes, it’s better. Okay, now I think it’s working fine. All right, guys, let me check this out. Just want to make sure. Let me see here. We have a couple of videos that I would like to show you guys. Actually, more than a couple of videos. Videos that were sent by subscribers, videos that were coming in this week.

And I got this new setup, a different setup. And yeah, that’s about it. So how are you guys doing? I want to know where you guys coming from, so leave a comment. Where are you guys from? Texas. Kentucky? Ohio? It’s great to be here with you guys today. I was supposed to upload a video right now, actually, today new video. But I’m working on a video that was actually requested by you guys on our last no Way videos compilation, and I took it seriously.

So I started doing a video on cryptids. I don’t know if I should actually say this because it was supposed to be a surprise, but it’s getting better. Stories are coming in. Videos are coming in. I’m actually researching more and more about hey. Texas. Indonesia. Wow. That’s awesome. Canada. Wow. UK. Philippines. Wow, guys, this is awesome. Mars. We have someone from Mars. Nice. I don’t doubt it. Los Angeles.

David C from Los Angeles. Nice. West Australia. Germany. Switzerland. Wow. Costa Rica. I heard that Costa Rica is supposed to be a beautiful place. Heard about it. Sweden. Malaysia. Alaska. Illinois. Nice. Nice. Okay, guys, this is awesome, right? So let me see if I can michigan. Kuwait. Wow. Okay. There’s a lot of wow, guys, you are awesome. You guys are awesome. North Pole. Really? North Pole. Really? Wow.

Okay. Best channel on YouTube. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. It’s about you guys reading the comments. There’s always going to be bad comments, but reading the comments, I want to put more effort into the channel right now, and I guess that this year, next year, things are going to be better. I’m working on uploading more videos, hiring people to help me out, making the team a little bit bigger so that I can produce more videos for you guys.

Indiana. Aloha. Aloha, guys. Okay, we have a lot of people out there, so I want to know from you guys what is your favorite topic when it comes to mysterious and unexplained creepy things? I want to know your favorite topic, because I have a few videos here, actually more than a few videos that I would like to present. And I want to know if I’m starting with the correct and the right ones.

Just give me a SEC. I’m going to set up everything here in my other computer. Did your dad start the channel? No, actually, it’s me. The icon, the logo for this channel, it’s me. It’s actually me. And it’s not AI, actually. It’s just someone who made it look like I was an old captain. It wasn’t my dad. But I should maybe make up some really good story about it.

Maybe a better story than I just this is the actual story, so it’s just me, but there’s not much to it. Cryptids bigfoot UAP. Mandela Effect. That’s a really nice one. UFOs. Aliens. Wow. Talking about aliens. We have so many strange things going on about aliens right now. Wow. Scary ones. Okay. Yeah. Paranormal. Nice. Ghosts. There are so many paranormal glitch in The Matrix. I mailed you two times already.

What? Go back. Let me see here. James, I emailed you two times already. Please check. I will. It takes some time, but I do check emails. And just to show you guys that I do, I will be featuring some of the videos today are featured by some of our subscribers, actually. Ghosts, mysteries, cryptids. Well, if you’re into cryptids and gin and creatures and all that real footage. Yeah, me, too.

Real footage. That’s what I would like to feature, guys. It’s really hard to find real footage nowadays, but there are a few there from all of the at least in this compilation that I’m going to show you guys right now. In these videos that I’ve separated, that I put apart. Most of them are real, but it’s really hard to find real videos out there on the Internet right now.

I don’t know if it’s the algorithm, what it is about it, but you have to filter out a lot of things out there. A lot of filter. A lot of things are fake nowadays. Halloween, witchcraft. Nice. I’ve noticed that in the past few months. A lot of paranormal videos, a lot of ghost videos. All right, so let’s start with this. Let’s take a look at some of the videos that I have here with just a second.

Let me just set up just a second. I’m not going anywhere. All right, I’m back. Yes. This is live. This is live, guys. Parallel universe. That is a topic that really intrigues me. By the way, if you have any stories, guys, that you want to share with me videos, stories, pictures that you’d like to share, doesn’t matter the topic. It has to be something that will blow anyone’s mind.

If it blows your mind, if it makes you wonder about the universe, life, this planet that we live in, in general, just send it over to thatimpossible channel@gmail. com. I’ll be glad to feature it on the channel. All right, let me see. Well, like I told you guys, I’m using a different app. Live streams are actually much more complicated than it seems on YouTube, at least. So let’s see if this makes sense.

Okay, can you guys see the screen that did the screen change? Just want to know if now you can see for instance, let me pick a video here’s. All right. Do you guys see a plane? Yes. Sounds good. Plane. Nice. Okay, it’s working. Nice. This is awesome. Okay, then. I love your voice. Well, I love you guys. Okay, nice. Perfect. Just want to point out something very important, guys.

There should be a super chat button next to the live stream. So if you guys feel like helping the channel out, just click the super chat button and I don’t know how it works. Also, I’ll be featuring some of the messages. So let’s just say that you super chat and you send me a message if you want me to reply. It makes it easier to see the message you’re sending.

So if you use super Chat, for instance, your message will actually be featured on top of the chat for a while. It’s really interesting feature. You need a guy in the chair. Good idea, James. Be a good feature. Other YouTubers with similar interests? Yeah, I’ve been in contact with a few YouTubers, other YouTubers, and I’ve been thinking of doing something different. Maybe a podcast. I’m not sure. Anyways, if you guys see a plane, let’s go to plane.

Let’s check this out. This is a really interesting video because glitch in the matrix, right? Parallel universes. I don’t know if you guys believe in glitches, but this video is just too much for me. I know a lot of people believe that these airplane videos stuck in midair are just a coincidence or headwind, but in this case, I’m not sure. This is one of those creepy videos where you have a plane going the same direction as the other one, but the other one isn’t moving at all.

So I don’t know how to explain this one, because when you have a car notice how these glitch in the matrix videos where you have a plane that seems to be halted and completely paused in midair, right? When you have these kind of videos, you usually have a car going the opposite direction of the plane. Your channel helped. Inspired me. Thank you, J Dreamer Z. Yeah, I hope it did, because I really want to inspire people out there in a good way.

Thank you, Jay. Anyways, when you have these types of glitches, usually there’s an explanation. It’s just it has to do with physics. Cars going one direction, plane is going the opposite direction. It kind of seems the plane this is not what’s going on here. Take a look at that. The plane isn’t moving. It’s not moving. It’s just not moving. Both planes are going the same direction, right? What’s going on with that plane? It’s not moving.

How do you explain that? Can someone please give me an explanation? Leave a comment. Drop a comment. Microsoft flight simulator. Yeah. No, actually, this is the real deal. This is coming from Will Magnitis on Twitter. You can actually go there and check it out for yourself. I’m going to play it again just for you to check this out. I wish I could, actually. I don’t know if you can see that I’m messing with the video speed over here right now.

I’m going to play the video. Will Manitis on Twitter. This is the original source. Actually, Twitter isn’t Twitter anymore. Right? Do you think it moved? Someone said it moved. I see it moving right there. I think I do. But if it is, it’s moving like, I don’t know, holographic technology. I wouldn’t doubt that, but I don’t think this is the case over here. I don’t see why. But even so, I would like to know.

Is it just me, or is this plane the person who’s recording this from this plane? Is it moving way faster? I guess so. Maybe this is just it, right? I saw the dwarf star, blue star. Kachina year was 2000 from Mike Does. Wow. Mike, do you have a picture or video of that? That would be interesting to see. It’s an optical illusion. Someone’s saying it’s a balloon or an optical illusion.

I don’t know. It’s really weird. I think it could be an optical illusion. Taking into consideration that both planes are going the same direction, one could be going faster than the other. But even know I don’t know. This is really weird. It should have gone over the bridge within that time. From Sarah Sunshine. I agree with that. Sarah. Not only you, me and a lot of people agree with that.

If you go over to the original video on Twitter, there’s like thousands of comments of people that are just this is not fake. Blue Dream. This is not fake. This is the real deal. But it could be an optical illusion. I’m not saying anyways, let’s take a look. A lot of emails coming in. If you want to send emails. Dadimpossiblechannel@gmail. com. If you have anything you want to send it over to Dadimpossiblechannel@gmail.

com. I’ll make sure I’ll take a look at it. If you want me to feature a video of yours, if it has to do with cryptids, for instance, or creatures, bigfoot sasquatch, I’m featuring a video this week, so let’s take a look. The plane transmission is in reverse. I don’t think so. Oh, the transmission. Are you saying it’s going to land? That could be a plausible answer. No shadow.

No shadow on the plane. Let’s watch that again. No shadow on the plane. Interesting. Well, the shadow is being cast. You can see the shadow on the bridge. No shadow on the plane. That is correct. Wow. Okay. What the heck is going on here? There’s no shadow on the plane. Oh, my gosh. Someone pointed out something really interesting here. There’s no shadow on the plane. Well, there is no shadow.

Yeah. I don’t know why, but yeah. And wheels. You can see wheels on the plane probably is going to land. True. It could be in reverse transmission. I don’t know if that exists. Peace. If there’s a pilot out there. Just point that out. Let’s go over to the next video. Right? Okay. Let me just rewind this video. Let me stabilize the footage and let me fit the screens over here.

All right. There you go. Okay, so this footage is actually, well, very interesting when it comes to dwarfs or dwendes or humanoid creatures, tiny humanoid creatures. Let me just play the video and you tell me. We can discuss about it again. If you want your message to stand apart, to stand out from all the messages that are coming in there’s. Super chat feature. Take a look at that.

It’s really interesting. All right, let’s play the video. All right, pay attention. I think it’s going to happen right now. Just want to pause the video and ask you guys if the audio is okay. I think the video is fine, but the audio can you guys hear the truck and all that? Too shaky. Yeah, I know. I know. Most cameramen are let me see here. So this video let me see if I can okay, over here.

Pay attention. Did you see that? What was that? I mean, what is going on here? Take a look at this video. I remember if this is in Mexico or something like that. I guess so. Look at that. What is going on here? Look at the size of this person. This is not a person. Look at that. I mean, this is a beautiful place. Look at the mountains over there.

I just love the wow, man. I don’t know about you guys, but traveling I don’t travel too much, but when I do, I really enjoy I love going to beautiful places. I don’t know if you’re a mountain type of person or a beach type of person. Leave a comment. By the way, let’s take a look at this again. Little man. A really little man. Like a Dwayne day, maybe you notice the two lag shadow like shadow after it’s.

What? It’s edited. Okay, let’s take a look at this. Someone pointed out that there’s a shadow. It could be edited. Let’s take a look at that. Alvin and the chipmunks. What? Let me pause the video here. Gonna pause the video. Just a second. Did it amass? Millions of views, thousands of comments. Look at that. Listen. I don’t see the shadow. I don’t think it’s fake. I don’t think the shadow is too off.

The shadows are probably not the person’s legs. Actually, it looks like it’s all right. Actually, look at that. Let me see. Look. It doesn’t look fake to me. The video quality isn’t exactly the best. This is an old video, but I don’t know. It’s too shaky. The camera is too shaky to be CGI. If it were CGI, this is probably, I don’t know, 1990s or 2000s video. It looks legit.

It does look legit. The thing about it is, if you talk to people all over the planet, your grandpa, maybe, or your grandma or I don’t know. There’s a lot of people that actually had encounters with tiny people, you know, duendes or I’m not sure. It’s really weird. Frodo. Yeah. I don’t know if you’ve ever taken pictures or videos or if you’ve ever heard stories coming from your families, friends, or someone, you know, that involves Dwayne days, gnomes, or these kind of creatures.

It’s the kind of thing that you will only believe in it when you see I didn’t believe in it, but then I didn’t see it also. I’ve never seen a Dwayne, de or gnome, but I’ve seen so many videos and I’ve talked to so many people. There are so many emails from you guys, people that send me emails like James, I saw one, here’s a picture, here’s a video.

There’s a lot of things that I’ve never shown you guys, and I don’t know. Let me just replay this video so you guys can check this out. The thing about this video, this is one thing that gets to me about this video, is the fact that it’s a long video. It’s a 1 minute and something video. 1 minute and ten second video. It’s not the kind of video that’s too short and the person is just recording the road because it’s most likely a beautiful place, beautiful scenery, and then all of a sudden, there’s a Duane day, and that’s about it.

This video took a while to become a viral thing. It was actually just a kind of video that you wouldn’t even realize that there’s something strange about it. This is what rings a bell for me, and at least what makes it let’s just play the video. There’s something strange about this video. I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something really strange about this video. Look at that.

The letterman stops. He stops for the okay, yeah. Well, go frame by frame, please. Okay, I will go frame by frame. 1 second. Here you go. Look at that. The road can’t be that big. It can’t be just a camera illusion. And as you can see, the person who’s recording this didn’t even notice. I don’t know. This is really strange about something really strange about this video. It’s not the kind of video like, wow, look at that.

Look at that adwende. Let’s run towards it or from it. I don’t know. All right, so this next video, let me just this is a really interesting video also sent by a subscriber, but I’m not sure exactly. Pygmies dwarves, brownies gnomes. Yeah, I don’t know. It’s a really bizarre video if you research the topic. There’s those green kids from the 16 hundreds, I guess, or the 1200s way back.

Let me wait a minute. Let me see if I can research this. Just a second. Let me open this page. We’re talking about this. The green kids. Yeah, that it, Wolf. It that image. Exactly. Can you guys see this in 1152 children with green skin were found in wool pit sufolk. Where is that? They spoke in an unknown language. When eventually educated in English, the girl remembered that where they came from, it was always Twilight.

Some suggest that this was Agartha or inner Earth. Also, they came from a cave. They remember coming from a cave. This is not there’s probably more information here. I would love to talk about this place where it’s always Twilight, but I can’t. This is something I’m gonna leave for a book maybe, or a story, I don’t know. Or maybe a Netflix or a movie. If anyone here works for Netflix, or if anyone here has contact with someone who makes movies, please send me a shout out on my email.

I really want to tell a story that I want to make it as fictitious as possible. I don’t want to draw that much attention. But there’s a place where it’s always Twilight. Indeed. There’s also a video on YouTube of this guy who talks about this place that it’s always Twilight. I don’t think I’m going to be able to find this here Twilight in Area 51. Let me see if I can interview.

Is it this guy? No. Yeah, I don’t think so. YouTube search engine has been so messed up lately. I don’t know if it’s happening with you guys, but if you search a topic, it will only give you what it wants. It won’t give you what you are really searching for. But there’s one interview. I’m going to scroll here a little bit, see if it shows up. There’s one interview that is really worth it.

I have this video somewhere in my external hard drive. Oh my gosh. Where is this video gosh? Let me see if it shows up. I’m sorry. I’m taking a bit long here. Yeah, I don’t think it’s long. It’s there on YouTube somewhere, but they won’t let it’s just History Channel. You have Prime Minister there. I don’t remember. Anyways, this guy talks about this place where it’s always Twilight.

Anyways. Okay, let’s play this next video. This is a bigfoot video. Actually, it’s more than one bigfoot. This is what makes this video so interesting. Let’s roll the video. Look at that. There’s one behind the tree. Okay. I think the video is replaying. Yeah, the video is definitely replaying. Take a look at that. So can you see this bigfoot? The first one is actually carrying something. It’s supposed to be a chicken.

You can also hear yeah, too skinny. I thought that maybe they’re young bifoot creatures. I don’t know. Maybe there’s also a scream in the background. It sounds legit. And there’s a reason I say this. This is because if you take all the bigfoot videos out there, the way they shout, the way they produce this vocalization. They vocalize it’s really similar. I understand there are various different types of bigfoot colors.

For example, there’s bigfoot that look brown and the fur is brown. There’s others who are, for example, dark brown. The fur changes. This is what I understand from Bigfoot. From all over the world. You have different types of fur and different types of fur collar and all that, but you have the same kind of vocalization that they appear to produce, or they appear to. I don’t know. This is really interesting about Bigfoot, and I think you can hear that very clearly in this video.

You can hear that right now. The thing about this video is I’m researching the origin of this video, where it’s coming from, the source and all that. Where is it? Where was it posted first? And if this is in Canada, for instance, or something like that, because there are so many Canada sightings, and in this case, here, you have a very clear image here, and you have a Bigfoot in the background.

He’s, like, peeking over, and then he goes back. I don’t know. This is a really strange video. The thing about it is it’s too skinny. It does look too skinny, but it is walking upright. It doesn’t look like it’s fake, but I’m not sure. Let’s take a look at this next video. This is a very interesting video that was sent in by a subscriber. For those of you who like ghost videos, sit tight, because this is a really good video.

Let me check here. Just a second. This was sent by oh, my gosh. Why is this happening? I want to make the screen bigger. Just a second, guys. All right, there you go. Are you guys ready? Because this is a really wild video. Yeah, I have to agree with Kevin Sykes. It’s not that blurry. The Bigfoot video isn’t that blurry. It is a bit shaky. It is a bit blurry, but it’s as clear as day.

It’s a really good footage. However, there’s not much information about it. Where is it coming from? Who posted it? So this is what kind of loses a little bit of credibility there. Let’s take a look at this video. This is coming in from a subscriber, monilu. I don’t know if I’m pronouncing this correctly. Please correct me. This is a subscriber that sent me an email recently. Her instagram is Monilu.

And this is a crying ghost woman or something like that. The story is, my nephew sent this to me. Happened to him at his job site in Black Hills, South Dakota. Well, check this out. This is why I don’t like this place. All right, video is repeating itself. What is going on here? I don’t know. According to this, the person who sent me the video, she doesn’t want to disclose much information.

Actually, she sent a lot of information. She told me the background story and all that. But she asked me to maintain most of this private because it could jeopardize the person who was capturing this on camera. The thing about it is, some people are saying llorona which would be this screaming lady that are something that’s being captured on camera all over Mexico, California, and other places. I’m not sure if this is the case, but it seems that the person who’s recording this was constantly hearing a woman crying in the basement.

And the coworkers were also hearing the same thing. So one night, I understand he decided to go out there, record it, actually go to the basement and record this. He was a very brave man, in my opinion, because there’s no one there. There’s clearly no one in the basement besides him. And the parts in the video that you can hear the cuts in his voice is because he’s swearing a lot.

And I had to cut that because there’s other channels who don’t have a problem with this. Just swear words here, swear words there. I just cut the swear words. And this is why the video is let’s play this again. I want to know your thoughts on this. And if you have paranormal experiences, please do leave a comment. And again, if you want your comments to stand out, super Chat it there’s a button there just next to the just next where you type Super Chat.

Your comment will stand out for quite a while. Take a look at this, guys. Let’s play it again. I’m pretty sure I see something there at a certain moment. It is that event. There’s a vent there. No, it’s not a vent. Do you hear that? Yeah, I do. What’s going on? Okay, so that’s where the sound is coming from. This is not nice. When it comes to paranormal, all these videos are fake.

I don’t think so, AJ. Most of these videos, some of them could be fake. For instance, the airplane could be an illusion. The bigfoot video could be, for example, from a movie. But I don’t think so. I think that if it were from a movie, a lot of people would already know and point out. And this particular video is definitely not fake. But yeah, the thing is, when you have one of these experiences yourself, this is when you start getting the chills and start realizing that half the cotton you watch on the Internet isn’t fake.

At least one third of it isn’t fake. Let’s take a look at this next video, guys. Wait a second. There you go. But I want to know your comments. I want to know your thoughts, guys. Do you think the ghost video is fake? It’s not exactly difficult to fake a video like this. He could have, for example, installed some sort of audio or an audio player in the basement just to, you know, stand out, make make this I don’t know, make it look like it’s the real deal and try to make a hoax video, whatever.

And people are doing that a lot. But I don’t think this is the case. The person seems really scared. The story that was sent to me seemed legit. And there’s loads of people who experience something really similar, so it’s not that off. Now, this is a very interesting video also sent to me by a subscriber. Let’s take a look at this. I’m going to have to take the audio just for a second there because I don’t want to get a claim.

Did you see that? I’m going to play that again. Pay attention. Oh, my gosh. Did you see that? Just behind his closet. Take a look at that. I’m going to play it without a song, without audio. This clip is 100% real. I do believe it’s. Yeah, DMCA. Exactly. Look at that behind him in the closet. What the heck is that? Look at that. And he saw it while he was recording a live video.

He’s creeped out right now. Let me play the rest of the video so you guys can see it now with audio. Cursed wig behind closet. Project Sasquatch. Nice. Thank you very much. Project Sasquatch. Nice. Interesting. Doing a video on cryptids. So if you have anything you want to share about Sasquatch Bigfoot, this is a very scary video because I understand this person was live streaming. It’s a bit more difficult to fake any video when you’re live streaming.

For example, right now, if something happens in my background or whatever, it’s most likely going to stand out. It’s what happens here. I’m not sure if this is a wig. Whatever this is, this is creepy as heck. Look at that. And it’s very organic, the movement of this whatever this thing is. I’m going to try to zoom in here for you guys. See if I can do that.

I think so. Yeah. Let’s try to zoom in as much as we can here. I don’t think this is fake. The movement, whatever this thing is, its movement is very organic. It doesn’t seem like CGI or someone messing around with strings. Look at that. But there’s no way a person would fit. There no way. No way. This is impossible. Look at that. No way a person would fit there.

He even checks it out. That is creepy. That is creepy. Let’s take a look at this next video. This is actually something that’s going it’s trending all over the Internet right now. And I’m not sure if this is I don’t think this is real. Definitely not real. But you can see that there’s an effort that’s going on here. Let me just downscale this image on the screen. Just a second there.

All right. There’s definitely an effort being made here so that I don’t know aliens. But what if it was yeah, this is the question I think a lot of people would want to ask. What if this was real? It’s real. Fake? Yeah. Silicon mask? Yeah. No, I think so. I even thought that maybe this was for a movie. A prop for a movie or, I don’t know, maybe a marketing campaign.

There’s. A lot of marketing campaigns right now. People are doing lots of these. This is definitely fake, or else it would be all over. But even so, the question we have to ask ourselves is, what if this happens? What if this shows up tomorrow on the papers, on the Internet, everywhere else? What would be the world’s reaction? And I don’t know if you guys seen this. Let me just jump over here a second.

Again, I don’t know if you guys seen this. The alien from Mexico. Is that it? That’s it. This over here, this little dude really strange. I want to know your thoughts about this because why is it in this? Is it? There’s a lot of people talking about this topic right now. This specific mummy that was found. I want to know what you guys think. I don’t think this is real.

You should stream more often. Awesome content. Thank you very much. Nick. Area 51. Yeah. Truth in movies. Yeah, I think that there’s a lot of truth in movies. How many movies? I will stream more often. Aria. Nick? I will make this a more common thing, more frequent thing. There’s a lot of people talking about these extraterrestrial bodies that were found in Mexico. Supposedly found in Mexico. What gets to me is the fact that I don’t know the person who presented these supposed mummies are the same ones that supposedly presented fake ones before.

So I think it’s fake, but I don’t want to be the judge about this. I don’t want to be that boring guy. That’s fake. It’s fake, but I think it’s fake. Okay. However, now this is where things get freaky. You go over to Reddit. There’s a lot of boring people on Reddit. I don’t know if you guys know Reddit, but there’s a lot of boring people on Reddit.

People are very skeptical on Reddit, which is good sometimes, which is good. See here? Here you go. This video, this particular video. Let me see if I can I don’t know if I can play this video. I think so. Do you guys remember this video? This is in Russia. I have this video. I’m most likely featuring this video on my next release. I’m not exactly sure, however, if I’m actually doing this.

I’m not exactly sure if I should feature this video because a lot of people know about it. But when it comes to cryptids, when it comes to encounters with something that’s supposed to be fringe, this is it. Look at that. Actually looks like the same thing. But this was found in the middle of the jungle in Russia. And it’s not the only one. There are others, other types of similar creatures that were found also in Russia.

Different dates, different people. Let me play this video. No, that’s not my dad on the logo. Mick. That’s me. I’m reverse aging. Good question, Chris. I don’t believe it’s real. If it was or if it is, it sure will change the world’s paradigm. I love your channel. Love you, Terry. Love you guys. The jungle. Yeah. I don’t know where this is. I think it’s Russia, if I’m not mistaken.

There’s loads of videos in Russia of these types of I could play it under video right here. Let me see if I can find it. Look at that. I mean, what is going on here? It looks kind of fake, but there are so many similar videos. Seem to find it here. I think. So just a secondary. I don’t have video here right now, but this is thank you, projects.

Hosquatch. Once again. Here is some more, brother. Hope all this helps. It helps a lot, guys. Actually, any support coming from you guys helps a lot. It shows me that we’re one big family. And I think that this is really important. Nowadays, the world’s kind of divided. This is bad. But here we have a special family. In my opinion, whatever is happening in this video, whatever’s going on here in this another video of alien that resembles the Mexico.

It does look like the Mexico alien, but whatever’s going on here, it could be a very, very elaborate hoax. The kind of thing that people start releasing little by little in different types of different ears, different social medias, just to hype it up. But at the same point, I don’t think this is it. Because it could be a Duende. It could be the creatures. That a lot of something that is similar to what a lot of tales and myths talk about.

And this is what creeps me out, because if this is the case, if we have here a legit video, let me play the video again just so you can see what I’m talking about. There are others. Let me see. I keep talking about other videos, but there are here is what’s going on right now. This is a topic everyone’s talking about. This is fake. This is me just saying this has to be fake.

Look at that. I mean, what’s going on here? The X rays, however, are very strange. This is what I think a lot of people were posting on Reddit is that they did an X ray on this guy and they did an X ray on another one in Russia. And they found a similar types of similar type of skeletons, similar type of structures. But even so, it looks fake.

It feels fake. I don’t feel it’s real. So, yeah, it makes it all but there’s this other video. It yeah, that’s the one. That is the one. This first video over here. Yeah, history Channel made a story on it. Let me see if we can find the original one. This is a very interesting video. Anyways, this is the video. I’m not going to play it. I think you guys can see the thumbnail, right? This is what I’m talking about.

This is exactly the same thing. In Russia. So what’s going on? Right? We have three different types of creatures. Let’s play the next video. This subject is going on for too long. Let’s take a look here. What the hell did I just take a photo of my torture? It’s like an okay, this video is really weird. Like I usually say, amass. Millions of views, thousands of comments. People are baffled about it.

That’s true. This is coming in from Joey Tefa on TikTok. Now Joey Tefa has a TikTok account I can show you guys right now. He usually posts videos of that’s a really good story. Joey Tefa, this is his profile. So Joey is into telescopes, space and all that. As you can see here, there’s not much about, I mean not much. He doesn’t go into mysterious and explain that type of thing.

So there’s one specific video from Joey. Let me see if I can find it. Here the first video. Actually his first video, 4. 2 million views. It caught a lot of people’s attention. And let’s take a look at what people talking about it. See if I can zoom in on the topics or comments. Bros about to go missing. Well, okay, so there’s this guy saying that stars are angels and they describe angels as rings inside rings.

Okay, let’s take a look here. This is really interesting. Or in ancient scriptures, really interesting. This is how an angel is usually depicted in ancient scriptures. Okay? And this is what Joey Teffa captured on his telescope. Now the problem with this is that if this is not an angel, this is most likely a magnetar. And a magnetar is something that could be compared to a black hole. Take a look at this.

I’m going to play the video again. This is not good because he’s using a telescope. It kind of means that this thing is not exactly that distant from Earth. What the hell did I just take a photo of with my fucking Adam man? The hell? Okay, pause the video. Look at that. So he published this video, maybe a portal as magnetar, right? And people were freaking out, freaking out about it because whatever it is he captured on camera, people couldn’t exactly explain.

Even people who are into telescopes. And is this a magnet? Let me show you guys what a magnetor is. This is a magnetar and it’s supposed to be something these are the most magnetic objects in the universe. They’re not black holes, but they’re compared to you don’t want to be close to one of these. And let me see here. Right there. It’s not a black hole, but it could be compared to one.

It’s not a good thing and not a good thing to be close to. At least it will suck. It’s magnetic. It’s one of the most magnetic things in the universe. It’s like a black hole but it isn’t. So yeah, this is what Joey Teffa captured on camera on his telescope. And no one knows exactly how to explain this. So it’s freaking out a lot of people on the internet.

A lot of people. Let’s take a look at this next video. If you have any explanation for this video from Joey Tefa, please do explain. I would love to understand what’s going on here. What is this? What could it be? This is a creepy video. Check this out. You know those videos from politicians and not exactly people? They’re on television. They’re talking about something. And then in the background there’s something.

Someone mimicking their mouth perfectly. Like they know what they’re talking about. They can foresee what’s going to be said. And it’s freaky as heck. And this is happening all over. There’s like loads of videos of these kind of things. This kind of thing happening. And this is one of them. This is happening in Brazil and this is freaky. I’m going to play the video. Pay very close attention.

I don’t know if you guys are going to get this video, but yeah. Police federal mesiono Nakari momentum nowhere. Look at that. Holy GFER h ducio kagoratasha duke omal gas. Okay, so this guy is mimicking absolutely everything that’s being said. What the heck is going on? This is that kind of video that I don’t know. Cassette. Super weird. Okay, this is another strange video, but a lot of people are saying that this is just has to do with physics or maybe a lightning ball.

Let me play the video cassette. Mirana de nira muchacho mirror cassera. Do you guys see that? The heck is going on here? Just pause here. I had to agree with some of you guys saying that there’s probably a telegraph. Photographic memory reading a prompt could be the case. Most likely it is what’s going on here. But there’s a video of that lady that was doing the same thing and she got the mistakes right.

So the person babbled and said some things that weren’t supposed to be definitely not on the script. And the person actually got it right. I think Casper site featured this video. Really creepy. Anyways, this year. The guy is saying that this is an energy. This is coming from Alex wolverine 2024 on TikTok. This is the real deal. You can see that there’s something there. I don’t know what it is, but it’s some kind of energy.

And a lot of people are saying that this has to do with the static electricity, something like that. What is going on here? The person recording this video is saying that this is a spirit, a ghost, a trapped, a portal or something like that. I don’t think this is the case. But I’ve never seen anything like this before. No, it’s not a reflex. This is not a reflex.

You can hear the noise. There’s some look at that. Touch it. I don’t think he’s going to touch it’s making a noise. Exactly. Rich, you can hear there’s this noise? Kinetic energy, most likely. I think so. Hey, total property. How you guys? How are you doing? I’m reading your comment here. Love the aspect that this channel actually covers or uncovers more than people actually know. Yeah, well, there’s a lot of I wish I could talk about, but I won’t go into it.

I don’t think it’s the smart thing to do, but who knows? I don’t know. Leave a comment, guys. What would you like me to talk about that I’ve never talked about on the channel? You can’t get in that part. Love you guys, by the way. Really? How they get out? Okay, so this video is I featured this years ago, but this is one of those videos that freaked me out.

I don’t know why. Let’s play the video. No, because we’re not going all the way. You can’t get in that part anymore. Really? How’d they get out then? That part’s down there and it’s blocked off because they built that big fucking office building. 50 beers, 100 shots, no text. I am guessing we don’t have a permit for this, dude, you can always text it. You don’t need a permit to scout shit, bud.

All you need is 50 beers. They’re not going to care. There’s old people. Except for the four cops coming at us. Wait, jericho Young asked me if I ever witnessed a UFO. Many. I did. Many times, actually. Yeah. Have you guys witnessed a UFO? I didn’t witness a UFO that far away from me, actually. Very up close. Very up close, actually. 20 meters to 30 meters up close.

Wasn’t supposed to see that more than once. And that was a heck of an experience. And then I did the green laser thing once and that was a heck of experience also. Should not have done that. Strange things started happening after that and I was with a lot of people at the time. I was at the beach. I got a green laser and pointed at a star, man.

I know that people that were around me were very skeptical about the topic. Like, nothing’s going to happen. Why are you doing that? Just go back to the house and watch TV, whatever. Play cards. When I did that, the star actually responded very similar to what you see in videos, but it was a bit different. It got way bigger and it was kind of like this door opened in the sky.

I can’t explain it to this day and all the people that were around me, as ten people, maybe they saw it. When I talked to these people nowadays, do you remember that? They’re like, yeah, I do, but I didn’t want to remember that. That’s crazy. As how can I explain that? Yeah. What about you guys? Any strange UFO experiences? All right, we got to clear for Athens. This is the one right here.

Open it up. Hold on. We’re going to be golden in about like two minutes. Not even two minutes. Like 2 seconds. Billy, we’re golden. We’re golden. And we are open that shit. All right. Oh, my God. There’s a dead person down there. That is so fucking scary looking. Go. There’s a car coming. Fucking going. Oh, man. Whose idea was this? All right. Hey, someone’s going to have to grab the camera.

Hold on. There’s an aid. Hold this. Hey, dragon. Zuniga. Am I pronouncing this correctly? Send me an email about that. Grab my shit. I do not want to drop this. Why are you guys going inside a tunnel? It’s late at night. Everything could go wrong. Kids, right? What the hell does that mean? You stepped on my hand. Sorry about that. The cobwebs right there. You see it? Yes.

I aimed a laser at the stars and nothing happened. It doesn’t happen all the time, and it depends on where you are and time of I don’t know exactly how to explain this. I’ve done this loads of times, actually, and I do not recommend doing this. At least not if you’re in big city or something like that. And it’s not all the time that it happens. It’s weird.

Anyways, let’s go back to the video. I forgot how scary it was down here. Pointed down the tunnel. Wow. Let’s try not see how fucking far down it goes. I do not want to get raped by fucking bedbugs. All right, let’s get a baron and things. How small. Fuck it, dude. Crack it. There you go. Have you really never used the lightsake before? Hold on. Turn off the lights.

Hold on. Dude, this is pretty bright. Poop comes out. Ha. Don’t go in there. Who wants to go in there? No, don’t go in there. Dude, nobody would do that no matter how much. Paid millions, dude. Paid millions. You would have to be dumb. Yeah, and crazy. Look at it. Safety, dude. The cameraman cannot fart. Did you just hear my voice? Crack that’s pretty. This one’s like a fucking Cylinder movie is about to become real.

I’m scared now. No, give me cute. I’m not going to be sitting on that. Dude, those are rats. Yeah, or bats. You want to get another one to get some light in here? I want to open too. Dude, you got a Gnaw on it. I’m fucking knowing it, dude. Give me the back. I have Keenan key. End up in the back rooms? Yeah, most likely. Let’s see it.

Just do it one side. Don’t try this at home. Yeah, definitely. Now turn off the okay. Turn off the lights. Can you see anything? Yeah. Toss it down. Dude, it’s not bright enough. Crack it. Here. Crack the other one. That was lovely. Let me try to do the other one, too. I don’t think you’re throwing out enough light here. What’s up, darmy? Anything? What the fuck? Oh, my gosh.

What was that? Oh, my gosh. What was that? That is creepy. As it can get. Definitely. Oh, my gosh. Whose sons are these? Exactly? Look at that. Who is that? Oh, my gosh. And they leave the kid. They just run. Oh, my gosh. Look at that. Oh my gosh. That is super duper creepy. Let’s just run. Let’s not tell him there’s something behind him and let’s just run.

Typical. Let’s take a look at this video. This is a really interesting one. I really love Glitch in the Matrix videos. Mandela Effect. Thank you. Free Mind. Have you talked about Malaysia flight three 70? Yes, I did. I talked about it in this specific video. Let me show you. Free Mind. Let me go over to my YouTube channel. Let me see here. This is the video. This is a video here.

This is a video. I don’t know if this you can guys can see that. Oh, no, you can’t. Wait. There you go. That’s the video. Mysterious Glitch. You’re offline. Okay, I believe that you’re offline. Check your connection. That’s creepy. That’s creepy. Anyways, mysterious Glitch videos that are creeping everyone out. The Mandela effect mystery. That video. I did feature the topic that you mentioned. Let’s come back here about glitch in the Matrix Videos parallel universes or I just love the topic offline Live.

Exactly. What is going on? That was a paranormal that was a legit glitch there on the new you should do a video on the new murals at Denver Airport. The new ones are even creepier than the originals. Let me take a look at that. Denver Airport. Are you talking about these ones? Yeah, I try to play the video, Chad, but it says I’m offline. So yeah, I guess if I’m offline, you’re all offline.

We’re all offline. Just this is just a big glitch in the Matrix, according to YouTube. Is this the wow. Okay, I see what you guys talking about. Is this the new no, I don’t think this is it. Or this is is there a decent picture of this thing? Here you go. Okay, let me see. Is this the one in the new one in the Denver Airport? Guys, are you guys talking about well, there’s definitely thousands of hidden messages here.

Thousands of hidden messages. Hit that like button. Guys. Jr saying hit that like button. Do that. I agree. Let me see here. Gabe 13 11 38. James, I sent you an email. I want to sometimes show you what I capture with my cell phone. Gabe, what is your email? I’ll check it out right now. Let’s just go back to the watching the video here. This is a glitch video, and this is one of my favorites.

There’s probably a good explanation to this video, but I don’t know exactly what could be going on. Yeah, let’s play the video. Oh, there’s no sound. Oh, really? Did you see that? I’m gonna have to probably yeah. Okay. That’s better. I’ll take a look at that. Anya, james, I sent you an email. Okay. Do you see the ball doing that? What is going on here? Take a look at that.

The ball is clearly what it’s bouncing off of? Nothing. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Look at that. It bounces again. It bounces. And there’s two takes of it here. You can see it, but it’s not that apparent in this first take. It doesn’t make much sense. You can’t exactly see it. And then there’s this other take, this one. You can actually see it. It looks as if it’s bouncing out of nothing.

Oh, but maybe there’s a wire. Yeah, maybe there’s a wire. You can see the camera there. In this first take, there’s a camera. Do you guys see it? To the left there’s a camera, but I don’t see a wire. And not only that, the camera is being held by some sort of machine. I don’t think it needs a wire. Look at that. Yeah, there’s definitely no wire there.

Whatever’s going on here, this is a legit glitch to me, at least. I don’t know what you guys think is going on here. Yeah, this is a really creepy one. Magnet. Magnus effect. Exactly. The magnus effect. This is what I heard, that it could be the Magnus effect. Let’s take a look at this so people understand what we’re talking about here. Magnus effect. Let me see if there is a really good no gosh.

Where is a good, easy explanation for it? Well, it has to do with physics. There you go. The ball is spinning at one direction. The airflow is going in the opposite direction, I guess. And the stream of air breaks away from the surface of the tube, leaving a turbulent space, which is exactly I think this is what’s going on there. Could be the thing. Could be. What’s going on here? I don’t think you guys are seeing this.

Let me just click the image here. Oh, it’s a video. Oh, I’m suddenly not offline anymore. It’s playing the video. Nice. Let’s watch this video yourself. Very easily. All you need is a few elastic bands, a length of tape to make a strap, which is then the air. This guy’s going to explain top of it. Take a look at that clings to it. Rather better than the air flowing around the bottom.

The force pushing the air downwards has an equal and opposite force pushing the tube up. As the direction of the flight of the tube alters that upwards, force moves sideways and takes the tube around in a loop like this. Okay. No, I don’t need the song. No song, please. Like this. Let’s take a look again. Okay. Gotcha the Magnus effect on a ball, a soccer ball. Isn’t it too heavy, maybe, for it to happen? I don’t know.

Interesting. Interesting. Could be a very good explanation to what’s going on here. But I do love this video. I think it’s a really good Glitch video. There are better glitch videos. Okay, so this one let me see here, guys. Let me change just a second. Okay. All right. So this is yeah. Take a look at that, guys. If you want to leave comments here on the chat and you want it to stand out there’s super chat function, whatever button, you can click that and it will make your comments stand out for a while.

Thank you very much. Take a look at that, guys. This is a really wild video. Let me take a look at where this was. But I think it was gonna you’re gonna okay. Russia again, a lot of things going on in Russia. SpaceX. Exactly. This is what I thought at first. I’m pretty sure it is. That’s a rocket launch. Exactly. That is a rocket launch. I have to agree with you guys.

This is just incredible. The reason I’m showing this video is because I want you guys to know that there’s a lot of people that confuse this with aliens, UFOs, and all those things. It’s not it’s just a rocket launch. It is interesting. It is awesome to look at, but it’s just a rocket launch. Okay. This is a glitch video coming in from James O’Hara, one of our subscribers.

And, yeah, this is not exactly the kind of video that makes you or it is maybe the kind of video that will make you scratch your head. I’ve seen this dozens of times, and I cannot explain how this happens. Sometimes I play the video first. Do you see that’s? I love you guys. Super. Yeah, I’ve seen this before, Misty. I’ve seen this before. Yeah. I don’t know exactly what’s going on here or why this happens.

Pretty sure there was sound in this video. It I’m not sure why this happens. You can see in the background, the other plants and all that, they don’t seem to be acting the same way. It’s growing. Some people are saying it’s growing. Look at that. There’s definitely wind. A little bit of wind, but not that much. Look at that. What is going on here? It’s dancing. I don’t know.

This is creepy. And at the same time, it’s weird. It’s weird. But I’ve seen this loads of times, and I’ve seen this most of the times I’ve seen this. It was no end. I don’t know. Let me just take a look at this, guys. I’m going to have to just a SEC here. There’s definitely sound on these videos, and for some reason, it doesn’t want to play the soundtrack.

Of course, we’re going to have problems with audio on a live stream. Why not? Basic. It has to happen. Let me see if I can open another just a SEC, guys. Let me see if I can try to so let me know your thoughts on this last video. And if you’ve been watching the live stream till now, what was your favorite video? And if there’s something that you would like me to feature.

For instance, send me a link on the comments. James, talk about this, talk about that. There are many emails coming in, but I don’t know if you guys can send links on the comments, but you can talk about it. For instance, James, take a look at this website, or take a look at this video on YouTube. I’ll make sure to feature it. Let me just try to fix this audio problem here.

Just 1 second. It’s going to be really quick. I think it’s yeah, it is. Oh, that was quick. Yeah, there’s a oh, Napoleon. I think you guys are wow. There’s okay, found it. There you go. Guys. There’s loads of videos I still want to show you guys. Wow. If you’re still here, take a look at this. Okay, so you probably heard about Red Mercury. There’s loads of videos on the Internet about red mercury.

Let me show you guys what I’m talking about on TikTok. TikTok is right now one of the places that these videos are being allowed to showcase and red mercury, but there’s also a lot of them on YouTube. And take a look at this one, for instance. Let me see if this is playing correctly. Yes, it is. Look at that. Now, this video is weird. That’s a supposed object that was recovered from ancient Egypt, and it has weird writings on it.

And there are loads of videos that feature the same thing. Look at that. This is a time lapse, just so you understand. This is a fast forward speed video. This is why it looks strange. Let me see this one. There’s no audio. What is he doing? Oh, my gosh. Do you see that? Okay, water is turning into wine or something like that. And then he gets the Coca Cola bottle and it explodes when it comes close to this thing, whatever it is.

And then water goes back to normal. Freaky. This is actually a good video. There’s also this one. Let me see here. Have you guys ever heard about this red mercury? Actually, there’s not much deal about it, but I don’t know why. There’s loads of videos where people are. This one I’ve reached on my channel before. I guess this is the one. The bogdot batteries. Look at that. Look at that.

All right, so that’s what I’m talking about. These guys have access to whatever this thing is. I don’t know how. And let’s play the video. It’s not playing. Oh, my okay, let me play this other video then. All right, take a look at that. Houdini. Look at that. It can turn steel into gold. I wouldn’t doubt that. This is really weird. You know what makes this even weirder is the fact that I posted a video about this on TikTok.

I don’t know if you guys know this, but I have a TikTok account. Look at that. Oh my. This video is really good. And the video got taken down. I don’t know why the video got taken down from TikTok, and the reason was because it was something like this and that. But this is what it could be a hoax. It could be like these guys are faking it.

I’m going to show you guys why I’m talking about this. Pay attention. In this video in particular. Look at that. He shows the object. It’s really strange. It’s german. Do you see that? Okay, so he puts the object next to the water bottle. Now pay attention to the water bottle. It kind of moves. Look at that, right? Now, you see that? It kind of moves. So what a lot of people are saying is that there’s something below the water bottle that they installed to make it look like they inject some sort of red stuff on the water to make it look like the water is turning into wine.

Now, what’s really strange about it is that in all of these videos, they put these coca cola bottles next to it, and sometimes they even take a while and they just explode. And not only that, there’s, like loads of videos where they get, like, garlic and other types of objects, and it attracts it’s magnetically attracted these objects for some reason. I mean, like garlic. What the heck? How is garlic reacting to this object? Let me show you guys what I’m talking about over here.

Let me see. I think this is a video. Mercury. Did you all know it? Look at that. Look at that. Garlic. Look at that. What the heck is going on here? How I think that’s gold. So it’s attracted to gold and then he gets the garlic again. No. Oh, it doesn’t have a reflection. Oh, my gosh. I hate when this happens. Look at that. It doesn’t have a reflection on the mirror.

And this is see, it in a reflection. What is going on here? So a lot of people are talking about red mercury. What is red mercury? It’s a myth, actually. This is super creepy, though. Not a translation. NARAB, come on. Google earth. I mean, google myth is a discredited substance, most likely a hoax perpetrated by con artists who sought to take advantage of gullible buyers on the black market for whatever.

So, yeah, it’s what I want to believe, that this is just fake to take advantage of global people and all that. Let’s ask quora. Okay, so this is an interesting answer. Let me just zoom in more. Okay. Red mercury may very well exist. In fact, red mercury does exist. There is no doubt that red mercury exists. I can refer you to the original chemical articles on this particular form of mercury.

And there have certainly been a number of unexplained deaths in people who have allegedly been linked to the red mercury industry myths. Other theories include that it’s simply a soviet code word for lithium. Six, a legitimate element used in fusion. So effective it could be used as an alternative to fission. Primary the science news groups have been a buz with the tales of I don’t know. Yeah. So, yeah, they’re saying that.

I don’t know. In the 1940s, this was used to produce weapons, I guess. And there’s loads of videos of it on the Internet. But what makes it really strange what the sorry. What the heck was that? Oh, it’s the next video. TikTok is so random. It’s probably it’s probably fake. Take a look at that. Again, no reflection. Again. It’s really weird. Some people say this is just a trick, a very elaborate one.

There’s, like, loads of videos on this. If you take a look at it, there’s this video also. It oh, this is a really long video. Is it gonna cook the eggs? I don’t know. Yeah, well, this one was an interesting video. Where is it? Here. Okay, this guy has a really interesting video. Let’s leave it there. Okay, so back to this one. All right, let’s play the next video.

No KK is of, you know, LBO. Hello. This is some sort of creature, and you can see its mouth opening. I don’t think that I don’t know. No KK. It’s us. You know, Haboco hadalingo yes. Some people think this is the philosopher’s tones. Exactly. But I don’t I’m not sure if this is the case. I wouldn’t buy it. Definitely not buy it. So my daughter Noela? Yes. This is a very strange object that washed ashore on a Brazilian beach, and they’re completely baffled about it.

Let’s take a look at that. I’m going to just fast forward the video here. Look at that. Who. It’s not a giant clan. Hey, but they said simple. But that’s not Leo Man. But I want to know from you guys, would you buy that red mercury thing? I definitely wouldn’t. Probably you’re going to buy it and you’re going to get scammed. A lot of scams on the Internet lately, and I would not match with it.

Definitely not if it’s real. But I want to know your take. Would you buy it or not? But yeah, they’re saying it’s most likely from a whale or something like that. I don’t think this is the case. I’ve heard people saying that this is how they transport rubber. I don’t know if I’m right here. This is what’s going on, but it’s really weird. What is this? It’s a fossil.

Yeah, it could be. They think it’s from a whale or something like that. I don’t think this is the case. It’s not from a whale. Look at that. It looks like rubber. I don’t know. I don’t know. Really strange video. No one knows. This is the thing. If you have any idea, leave a comment. Would love to know. Okay, so this is a video that was sent to me by one of our sourcers.

We have a few video sourcers that are helping us find videos. And yes, you did catch a live stream. LC, welcome. Nice to see you here, guys. Again, if you want your comments to stand out or super chat, I’m tired of saying that. Anyways, I’m really glad you guys are here. We have 4600 viewers. We had 5000 viewers share this live stream. This is going good. And this is my second live stream this year.

I think I’m going to start doing more live streams. And there’s a video coming out this week on cryptids creatures and bigfoot sasquatch. I mean, bigfoot and sasquatch are the same thing, but bigfoot, chupacabras, skinwalkers, wendigo, dogman, werewolf, jinn, cryptids in general, it’s going to be a really good video. And of course, I’m trying not to mix in old videos, which is why it’s taking so long. And there are really good ones.

And I’m doing research on where they’re coming from, where these videos are coming from. And I found a very interesting story on Kentucky. So if you are from Kentucky or south Ohio, south parts of Ohio, you’re in for a treat because this video is going to be really good. We’re going to have a really good story about Kentucky and why maybe there are so many big forest sasquatch sightings in Kentucky.

Actually, there’s not that many, but there were quite a few, and there’s a really good backstory to it. I did some digging around and I found something that I haven’t found. I actually found something that was not featured anywhere on YouTube or the Internet. And I think this is what’s going to make this video so special. Anyways, let’s play this one. This is coming from MUFON. 1 second.

Let’s play this video. All right, we got a legit sighting, guys. Wow. Hey, Whitney, Kentucky, right? Spread the word. Next video is going to have a really nice story about from Kentucky, featuring Kentucky. This is not CGI is here. Bass player ten. I’m here. No, it’s not a camera filter. I’m going to explain something to you guys. You can actually see when it’s see that? Do you see that? How the frame when it’s kind of blurring, that’s legit.

That’s how light actually reacts to when you’re moving a camera in the evening or with less or little light. This is exactly how light reacts. And that’s how it should react. So it’s not fake. This is the real deal. Look at that. Now, I’m going to also explain something after this video, something that’s really important. I don’t know if you guys seen this, but there’s a paranormal investigator that actually found out why three lights pop up in the sky so regularly, why there are so many UFO sightings that you can see triangular formation orbs.

Like three orbs in triangular formation. They disappear or they have sometimes different sizes. Pay attention. Look at that. Did you see that? Look at that. You have three lights. Look at that one. There’s a one. One of them is smaller. Keeps blinking. That’s crazy. You probably remember also the video from the Malaysia MH 370. I think that’s the plane that disappeared. And supposedly there was this video where three orbs came and surrounded it and it interdimensional.

Some people say it went to another dimension. I don’t know if you’ve ever watched Lost, the series, the TV series Lost. It kind of reminds me of it. Let me show you guys. I’m going to find a very interesting here, let me see here. Paranormal. Where is this? Oh my gosh. Here. Found it. This is one of the most interesting articles I’ve read recently. And I think this makes a lot of sense.

A lot of sense. A lot of sense. Foo Fighters. Exactly. Take a look at that. Irish UFO expert believes orbs discussed in NASA meeting are a global defense network. This guy is a genius. This is Patrick Jackson and he’s been doing research on paranormal events and poltergeists. And he ended up finding out, he ended up actually uncovering what’s supposed to be why these poltergeists or some of these paranormal events happen the way they do.

So let me see if I can zoom in on some sort of here you go. The behavior pattern observed in the building were not human like, but machine like. I saw these orbs everywhere. The flight behavior was unusual. They would repeat the same patterns and processes. It’s still amazing to watch. I have all the videos nowadays. I have figured out how to trigger it and why the system operates the way it does.

He believes that when you see these three orbs, they’re defense mechanism for the planet, but not built by humans. Meaning that all of those theories that maybe there’s ancient civilizations that built the planet, that built the pyramids that still live within us, our society hidden as human beings and all that. Well, there’s probably a defense mechanism that’s being used to protect the planet from, I don’t know, meteors attacks, whatever.

Take a look at this. This is a graphic. This is an explanation he did. So you have type three sphere which is network. Type two sphere, a little bit bigger data relay and type one sphere interceptor. In this video that I showed you guys, I believe we have the three types and there are so many other videos. I could take a look at that. Do you hear the sound in the background? An airplane or something like that? They’re probably already working as a defense mechanism against something maybe related to the airplane in the background or whatever that is.

Now he explains you it the spheres behave let me just there you go. The spheres behave like a global defense network that intercept space based threats ranging from meters to other space things. Once I figured this out, I got the shakes. It was so overwhelming. This week there was a hearing and was told how around 800 reports of UFOs collected over decades were examined. And while the majority could be explained.

A fraction between two to 5% are truly unexplained. At the meeting, officials did not rule out the possibility that the objects are extraterrestrial in origin. David Spurgel also called for the stigma to be removed from experts investigating flows, claiming it was hindering scientific progress. Speaking to the sunny world, Mr. Jackson, this guy, an It database specialist, says he honed his skills on trying to understand poltergeist activity in a famous location in the UK.

I observed silver spheres flying around the house. Tennis ball sized drones, intelligently controlled, like marbles bouncing off the walls, hitting my face. So this dude was investigating poltergeist activity in the UK. And he actually found out that the poltergeist activity was related to these spheres. He goes on later to explain that most poltergeist activity are related to these UFO spheres. This is super crazy. This is super crazy.

Here you go. There are actually paintings and reports of this thing going on way back. This is super crazy. And he explains how they work, what kind of formation, type three operating buildings and all that. In other words, he says that when you have some kind of poltergeist activity in your home, it’s these spheres actually reacting to something in your home and trying to scare you off that location because of radioactive whatever.

It’s some sort of attack or whatever. It’s protecting you from something. Or the house from something, or people in the house from something. I’m not exactly sure if this is legit, 100% legit. But this guy is doing some really good interesting. Some really good research. Very interesting. Here. You have a legit picture, apparently so, yeah. This is a really interesting topic. If you haven’t read about this, it is a good read.

Let’s go to the next video. Yo, it it’s even going against the window. Yeah, it could be a balloon. Rotating object. Looks legit. It is legit. It’s not CGI. But if it is a UFO, if it is or if it’s a balloon, I’m not sure. I’m going to play the video again so you can tell me what you think. It’s flying against the wind. Yeah, it is flying against the wind.

Even going against the wind. Thank you, Lord V. And thank you, Billy Goat. Wayland Smith. Welcome. Well, this is a really nice sighting from John Erdisti on Twitter. It’s a really good footage. This is really good footage. Really good video. Welcome, Georgia. Timothy Simpson. Welcome. Man balloons. Not a balloon. We have people saying different things. Maybe a bird. I don’t think it’s a to. Here is, I think, a really good catch.

Oh. Tori S oh, you’re talking about a skinwalker video I featured. Let me see if I have it here. Let me see if I have this video here. Just a second. This is going to take a while. Tori maybe. Let me see here. This is the video. Tori that was fast. Let me include it. On my playlist over here. I’m gonna play the video for you, Tori. Here you go.

It’s going to be the last video, unfortunately, but it’s going to be played. Oh, napomanika. All right. And it’s from Queen Ology 100 on TikTok. Tori. So if you want to find a skinwalker cat video you’re talking about, that’s from Queen Ology 100 on TikTok. No worries, no worries. Let me see here. There you go. There you go. Take a look at this video. I don’t know, it’s in Spanish.

It’s from Cartelina. Gabrielle on instagram. He is teaching the four levels of knowledge on Instagram. It’s a glitch video. Pay attention to his reflection. Guys, guys, just a secondificient. And Laosa. Oklahosamal. Intelligent, paralya, efficient. Connor simiento. Nivento. So he’s talking about ignorance, stupidity, intelligence, knowing. Exactly. And then you can see in the reflection. Look at that. Look at the reflection here. Look at that. Well, I’m not sure exactly what this means, but his reflection looks at him.

Right. What I understand is that it’s a glitch video. But what I understand is that it could be CGI camera effect, because he’s talking about the four levels of knowledge, which would be stupidity, ignorance, and all the things. So he could be using as an example CGI to show how people are stupid nowadays on the Internet or something like that. This is what I think. So take a look at that.

Yeah, just a second. I’m going to zoom in. Take a look at that. Play the video here. Okay. Yeah, that was weird, right? Yeah, that was weird. Next video. It just a second here’s. Indeed, very weird video. What is that? What was that’s? Are you sure you saw nothing weird again? Is that a creature? Is that like a giant snake? I don’t know what that is. This is supposed to be just a second.

Let me just fix the video here for you guys, all right? This is supposed to be a Duane day. Yeah. Gnome or something like that. Spray the video. Watch out, watch out. Look at no can get. I’m not sure if what you guys think about it, but yeah, what’s really weird about this is whatever this creature is, it’s hanging on the tree there. And then look at that.

Yeah, no size perspective. Exactly. Yeah, baby. Bigfoot. Could be. I don’t know. That was a huge dog. Maybe. Looks staged. Exactly. I have to agree. Exactly. I have to agree with so we all agree this is possibly fake. Yeah. And this is a magic trick. You’ve probably seen this video somewhere. I’ve seen imad magician do the same thing. I don’t know how they do these tricks. If this is a trick, it’s really well done.

How is that possible? Okay, yeah. Really strange. Really, really strange. CGI all day. Well, I think this one could be CGI. The iman magician one isn’t. I don’t think it is. I don’t know if you guys know what video I’m talking about anyways. Okay, so this is coming in from wait a second, wait a second. This is coming in from Indigo Blues on TikTok. And her boyfriend went through their dash cam, and apparently there’s a glitch.

Let me see if I can it’s too much information. I can’t okay, so most people think that it’s a dash cam problem. Whatever’s going to happen there’s, a truck simply disappears or appears out of nowhere. A lot of people think that this is a dash cam problem due to non continuous recording, and others say that it’s the same truck from the beginning of the video, but she swears that it isn’t.

And her boyfriend was analyzing some of the dash cam footage, and he came face to face with this really strange glitch. I believe her because this is the only video on her profile that has anything strange of this type. They don’t seem to be trying to hype it up. Take a look. It see, that going to play it again. It’s a time lapse, right? So it’s in fast forward.

Some people are saying that this is the same truck over here, that white truck over there, right? Or maybe this one, but I don’t think it is. What I do find strange is that there’s loads of trucks, loads of white trucks, one after the other. And then there’s this one. It’s not the same truck. This one is different. Yeah, kind of strange. Don’t know how to explain it.

Could be CGI. Look at that. If I go really slowly. This is dash cam footage. He was looking at it, and he found this really strange. He didn’t what the heck is going on? Right? This is a legit glitch in the matrix. Maybe this is something he didn’t notice at the time when he was driving his car. But then after reviewing the footage, he saw this truck just showing up out of nowhere.

Strange. And this is UFO. Something in the sky, I’m telling you. Talking about the three orbs in the sky, right? Let’s take a look at this one. Okay. All right. It could be a dash cam lag. I agree. Hey, listen, yo, check this out. Yo, I just seen I see something in the sky. I’m telling you. Hold on. Check this out. No BS. Man. This is right here in the middle of the road.

Like, I’m driving down the road. Hey, look, this is my car right here. No BS. Yo. No BS. This thing is in the sky right there in front of me. I’m on the road going to Somerville like the this thing turning. What the fuck is going yo, it’s a pyramid. No bullshit. A car coming down the road. Hold on. A car looking too. The car probably see it, too.

No BS. Show that thing is in the sky. Look, y’all, I want to know if the car see it. Put on my blinking lights. Is this thing turning. Listen, I’m telling you all, I mean my car now I got on my blinking lights. I want to know if that car see it. That car probably don’t know what’s going on. Everything is right there. Am I tripping and I don’t know, triangle shape? Yeah, hold on.

I got my blinkers on. Hold on. Listen, am I the only one seeing that’s real? Look, camera frame is out of place. Indeed. Thank you very much. That’s a pyramid. Listen, you all can’t see it like I can see it. It looked like a pyramid. Yeah, for real. Let me zoom in. Shit. Yeah. Okay. So shit. Shit. That thing is hold on. How could I? Zoom me. Let’s see what it is.

Yo, that’s an object. That’s something, yo. No BS. Oh, shit. He swears a lot. Okay, so, yeah, this is an interesting UFO sighting again, the three orbs and all that. Very interesting. Could be Tr. Three B, maybe. Let’s take a look at this next one. Wait a minute. Sorry. What? That was quick. Talk about a short video. Okay. This was in France, I think. Yeah. What is that? A flying humanoid or a balloon? Let me see.

It just yeah, it’s not making any sudden moves or anything like that. It could be a balloon. This is one of the sasquatch videos that I wanted to show you guys because of the sound. The vocalization needs are braver than me. Um, it’s right over there. No, come on. That is creepy. What is that? Finally get to hear it. Coyotes. Quiet. Yeah, could be coyotes. I’m not going to say that it isn’t.

It could be. But this is what a lot of bigfoot vocalizations sound like. There are other better I think they’re better videos. This one might not be the best. Oh, sorry, guys. This video gave me kind of woods at night. You have bigfoot sounds vocalization. I felt like sleeping a little bit. Just kidding. All right. Okay. This is coming in from a subscriber. This is a really awesome video.

Let me see here. If so, you can see that this is a CCTV camera coming from an Alfred cam. This is in Norway. This is a subscriber, leon G. And Leon sent me this clip. You can see in this clip, he is let me try to center the video a little bit better here. All right, there you go. So you can see that this camera is picking up Leon in the living room.

He’s watching television. He’s moving around all that normal, normal life, doing normal things. However, in this clip over here wait a second. This is really creepy. By the way, guys, if you want to send me videos, that impossiblechannel@gmail. com. And there you go. Look at that. Pay attention. What is that? The two glowing eyes? He says he doesn’t have a cat or dog or anything like that. And he captured this right after he left the living room.

So it does look like he legit captured something. Look at that again. Pay very close attention. What is that? Creepy. Well, so this is a really interesting video I found while looking for ancient constrictions, archaeology and all that. Ancient Egypt. Look at that. It look at that. What’s going on there? That is completely bonkers. I mean, what’s going on there? Look at that. He found out that when you get your flashlight in a certain place inside the pyramid, I guess there’s not much information about this video.

You can clearly see that it kind of shines inside the rock and around the writings on the wall. What is going on here? Could be picking a piece, cat. I agree. Could be the last video, the previous video. Look at that. That is trippy. That is trippy. Completely trippy. Light refraction on limestone. Could be. I’ve never seen anything like this. I never seen anyone talking about this. Look at that.

So he goes over to one part of the wall nothing. And then he goes over to the left part of the wall, and there you go. It’s as if there’s something behind it. Or if there’s maybe a hidden message that you can only see when you light it up. I don’t know. That’s creepy. Yes. CCTV footage can be tampered with. Yes, it can. Okay. Oh, this is another video coming in from a subscriber.

This is from Bryce Rowley, and he says that he was working. I understand that one of his coworkers passed away, and in the next couple of days, they captured him on camera. On a CCTV camera. Let’s play the video. Where is my father? I’m shaking it’s. Lick my hands. You can see through him. Crazy. Let me see here. Yeah, this is a really interesting video. I’m not sure if this is a cloud or not, but the way it’s chasing the boat is strange.

Take a look at this. Oh, my gosh. What is it? What is it? What is it? I think it’s foam. What? That is and then it goes back. Look at that. It’s far away from the boat. It goes back to the boat. That is really strange. That is really strange. I got to tell you guys, okay, it could be because of the wind. The boat was producing wind or something like that.

Physics again. Sure. But the cloud or whatever, the thing is foam. I guess it was already distant from the boat. And then it goes back towards the boat. That’s foam. Perfect. That is foam. I agree. He doesn’t lose momentum. Yeah, exactly. This is what I thought at first. Take a look at that. So it goes away. Look at that. Look at that. At that point, it could just go on and go on with his life, but it comes back.

Why? Strange. Phenomena. What the guy’s scared of? It strange. Okay, so now the glitch. This is what was sent to me by my subscriber. For this video. So this is a cave and this is the last video today, guys, this is our last video coming in from Kaylee Boyd, what’s supposed to be a demonic creature watching over him at Arch National Park in Utah. Now, I’m not exactly sure what we’re looking at here, but I do find interesting find it very interesting that he thought that there was something looking over him.

You can see a person there, right? Okay, so there’s a person. Let’s take a look at this video. The electric current being made by the boat as it goes through the water is what is attracting it. Could Be. Could Be. Might as well be. Take a look at this. So there’s supposed to be a demonic creature hiding somewhere in these caves. Or looking at Kaylee Boyd. And it was not the first time that they saw it or caught it on camera.

But I want you guys to help me out here because it’s supposed to be there. Cool. Okay. So nothing much, right? So he sent in. Here you go. He sent in a picture of this. Let me see if I can. There you go. Demonic Creature. I kind of can see it here in the picture. I kind of see something there hidden, but I don’t see it in the video.

And I’m not sure exactly if this is a demonic creature or whatever this thing is. I’m not sure if this is anything at all. But it’s really interesting because a lot of people talk about gins, ghosts, spirits. They do. I understand there’s a lot of talk that they hide within caves and things like that, so yeah, could be the case. Okay, guys, so this is it for now.

We do have more videos. Don’t forget to take a look at them. And don’t forget to subscribe. Leave a comment. Leave a like subscribe with Notifications on And I’ll see you guys again. Thank you very much for being here. This has been a wonderful livestream. And I’ll be doing more live streams after this one. I love you guys. And well, that’s about it. That’s about it. See you guys again.

I’m going to end the stream. I’m going to leave the live stream up for you guys to watch it. And that’s about it. That’s about it, guys. Thank you very much for being here. Bye. .

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