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Webinar test September 14th of 2023.

By: Tommy Truthful
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I am considering offering a live webinar option exclusively for my members, where you can join and participate. Currently, I am testing it out, and I am making this video public to invite your feedback. Please leave your comments below and let me know how easy it was to play the video and if it worked smoothly.


  • Tommy Truthful

    Hey there! I'm Tommy Truthful, the leader of the Truth Mafia. We're a massive online alternative media conglomerate, bringing you authentic and unbiased content. Our team is comprised of carefully selected creators, ensuring they are not influenced by any external agendas. Our common mission? Delivering the truth right to your doorstep.

Steve Lepkowski Informs Us All About 5G & Emf Radiation

Spread the Truth

4 thoughts on “Webinar test September 14th of 2023.

  1. Those so called alien bodies are nothing but paper mache “alien” models. All B.S. LIARS. Project Paperclip Nazis essentially run our government. Post WW2. the Nazis moved to America and were given government jobs and new identifications, this Project Paperclip in which their new and false identities were paperclipped to their real files. Our government wanted the technology Hitler obtained from the fallen angels. So we played ball with nazis to gain access to nazi technology that Hitler obtained by way of fallen beings, or devils. Our government is run by these nazis and their offspring. Project Paperclip goes into detail.

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