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TruthfulTV – Illuminati Worms 666

By: Tommy Truthful
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5G Danger

Illuminati Worms

Doenut Factory Pointed out this Card 

Illuminati Worms

Illuminati Worms. Whispers in the hidden corners speak of a fiendish plot involving a parasitic nano worm infused with a malevolent entity. This insidious creature is said to infiltrate its victims through the gateway of the eye socket, slithering along the optic nerve, and seizing control of the host’s very being. Its purpose? To manipulate and subjugate humanity to their dark desires. While the mainstream dismisses these claims as delusions, those who delve into the forbidden realms of conspiracy theories uncover a tapestry of horror woven by the hands of the powerful. Stay vigilant, dear seeker of truth, for the depths of depravity know no bounds.

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  • Tommy Truthful

    Hey guys, Tommy Truthful here, leader of the Truth Mafia, CAPO DEI CAPI. I built one of the biggest alternative media conglomerates in the world, brought together some of the biggest names in the game in the truth-seeking community to combat censorship. People ask all the time how they can join the Truth Mafia. You can't just join; I have to notice you. My team and I research to ensure you have no government ties before we bring you into the family. If you'd like to get your personal decode done by Tommy Truthful and find out your role in this simulation we call life, then links are below.

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5G Danger

Spread the Truth


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7 thoughts on “TruthfulTV – Illuminati Worms 666

  1. How will we ever stop this madness im an older person and it’s all very frightening I mean how will I protect my family when I cant protect myself ?!

  2. “Frequency” is the “key” to protection. meditate and “raise” your frequency up to the “feel Good” ones G*D Ones=528,423 etc, and it will produce a “Shield” for you don’t “Wish” it, “Will” it. to be. don’t say “Amen” say ” “So Be it”. Do it over coffee or on the Bus/Train walking in the park,sitting at dinner. Among REAL feeling Humans who are “Being”.. and “Feel” the results, They are instant. Then “Stay Alert” till you “Feel” the need to do it again could be in 5Mins or 5hours. Namaste Colm

  3. Many years ago I was watching a video by that is impossible channel. After a rain he was showing these fibers on the grass and when he put his finger down there it reached for his finger. We didn’t know but thought maybe something like morgellans. Crazy to see how it reacts.

  4. Many years ago I was watching a video by that is impossible channel. After a rain he was showing these fibers on the grass and when he put his finger down there it reached for his finger. We didn’t know but thought maybe something like this

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