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The Fourth World

By: Archaix
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• The text recounts an ancient era under the Grandmother Spider’s wisdom where certain spirits evolved into humans; these humans were tutored in survival skills such as planting, pottery, and cosmic knowledge. During this time, animals were massive and posed threats to people, and celestial phenomena were closer and interactable.

• The narrative also unfolds a period of gigantic and fearsome creatures like stone giants, owl, and condor. They coexisted with humans and posed threats. Similarly, the animal kingdom, such as the big squirrels, thunderbird, and Big Frog, were dangerous and needed to be feared.

• It further narrates a catastrophic event involving a great serpent that cast a calamitous flood, leading to chaos and destruction. Grandmother Spider battled evil spirits amidst this and released the sun. This event markedly transformed human and animal life, changing creatures into less threatening forms.


Site: : full summary text presention: the-fourth-world

Long ago, before the birth of the sun in a time when the moon was held captive and forced to traverse the sky’s path. In the old time, the moon ruled and searched for her lost brother.

During these days, it was the fog that ruled the land. The Grandmother Spider weaved her wisdom in the sky where a smoky mirror dwelled hiding the sun within a box. Guided by Grandmother Spider, countless spirits journeyed from the First World to the Second and then to the Third World where our tribes transformed into people. Under Grandmother Spider’s tutelage, we learned to plant, to weave, create pottery. She taught us about the medicines of the earth and the importance of honoring the Great Spirit.

In those days, the animals were large and they threatened the people. The stars shone nearer and we shared words with them. Beneath the Great Bear, the world was hot and the seven sisters danced in the sky. It was the old time when fierce beasts hunted the brave and fearsome monsters called man eaters, lurked, giant owl and condor were fearsome creatures taking people away. Stone giants roamed the land.

Grandmother Spider, our teacher, spoke of guardians who lit up the dark sky and shared the serenity of the Tree Men, seen frequently in the woods. She advised us to respect the moon eyed people, a secret tribe of silent ghosts. The big squirrels were not the peaceful gatherers they appear today. They were angry and dangerous. We watched the sky vigilantly, fearing the thunderbird and the big owl. Danger also lurked in the spring, where Big Hairless Bear waited and in the river where Big Frog laid an ambush.

During the mist time, we counted the moons and listened to the singing stars that reminded us of our kinship. Grandmother Spider instructed us not to fear the Shadow people for they had lost their own world and became protectors against evil spirits. Men lived as long as the turtle through many moons. In the old time when grandfathers were strangers to the sun.

During the time of the Seven grandfathers, grandmother Spider heeded the bird’s voice. Troubled by the unraveling great web, she turned to the stars and winds learning that one world must perish for another to be born. Many lamented the forgotten old way as men had swallowed their own shadows, causing the loss of the world. Grandmother Spider’s warning of the great serpent was dire. Its head red as blood, its eyes aflame. It commanded the clouds to vanish. People were urged to seek refuge on mountaintops.

A hero wounded the Great serpent, releasing a deluge of floodwaters. The sky itself was hurt and plummeted to earth. Amid the chaos, some sought refuge in towering trees while others survived within hollowed trunks floating on the floodwaters. From the mountaintops, we witnessed the destruction. Grandmother Spider battled the malevolent spirits and she brought us the sun. Thus, in the old time, Grandmother Spider’s actions changed us and the animals, too, underwent a great change, for they no longer grew large and hostile toward the tribes.

This is what is said. It it’s.

  • Archaix

    Archaix, a prominent authority on the Phoenix phenomenon, unveils the intriguing secrets behind this extraordinary 138-year global reset. He delves into the manipulation of history by the Elites, aiming to supress the dissemination of this invaluable knowledge. Prepare for a captivating and unparalleled journey.

5G Danger

Spread the Truth
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