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Tornadoes of 2024 Michigan, Indiana and Ohio

By: Tommy Truthful
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5G Danger

Tornadoes of 2024: Unleashing Fury Across the Midwest


Hello, Truth Mafia community. It’s Tommy Truthful reporting in the wake of devastating tornadoes that have swept across the Midwest. Just yesterday, severe storms wreaked havoc, bringing not just heavy rain and gusty winds but also multiple tornadoes through regions including Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. This surge comes closely on the heels of a deadly twister in Oklahoma, which claimed at least one life and set a foreboding tone for the season.

Watch as guests run for cover while tornado strikes Oklahoma Hampton Inn

Tornadoes 2024

Immediate Impacts and Warnings

The National Weather Service has issued a tornado watch for large areas of Illinois, Kentucky, and Missouri. They have warned of potential storms throughout the night, which could include more twisters and significant hail. This pattern is similar to what we have seen in the past. For example, two tornadoes hit Portage near Kalamazoo, causing extensive damage to homes and businesses, including a FedEx facility. Fortunately, no serious injuries were reported. Read more about the Portage tornadoes here.

A Look Back and Theories on Weather Manipulation

This pattern of severe weather resembles the tornado outbreak of May 2007, which marked its 17th anniversary this year. Back then, over three days, 132 tornadoes killed 14 people, injured 90 and caused hundreds of millions in damages.  

In occultism, 17 is a kill code where “kill” is 17 in Reduction Gematria, and “Nibiru” equals 17 in Chaldean Gematria. 


Nibiru Chaldean 17 -

 Could it Be Nibiru? Check out my detailed analysis on this topic here.

Current Developments and Future Concerns

We must be aware of the broader implications as we monitor this situation. For example, dramatic footage captured in Hot Springs, Arkansas, shows a damaging EF-2 tornado, underscoring the volatile weather affecting the area. This footage can be viewed here. Additionally, a tornado watch remains in effect for nearly 20 million people across nine states, indicating the scale of this threat. See the details on these watches here.

Preparation and Proactive Measures

With the sun’s activity intensifying, evidenced by recent X-class solar flares, the potential for disruptions extends beyond tornadoes to impacts on communication and power grids. This solar activity is part of a broader cycle that could affect all of us. Preparation is crucial, and I advise maintaining at least a 90-day supply of essential resources. For more information on solar activity and its potential impacts, read here.

Insightful Observations from Katt Williams: Woke Foke on Netflix

In a recent and intriguing turn of entertainment intersecting with real-world events, Katt Williams’ Netflix special “Woke Foke” presents some compelling imagery that aligns eerily with current and potentially future events. You can check out more about the special here.

During his performance in Englewood, CA, Katt discusses the Illuminati, but it’s the stage setup that might catch the discerning eye. Prominently featured are street signs that read Oakland, Oklahoma, and Dayton, Ohio. Each location ties into significant events:

  • Oakland: I’ve expressed concerns about this being the site of the next major disaster, akin to a 9/11-style event, potentially involving the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Oklahoma: Recently experienced a rare tornado that reversed its path—a phenomenon not seen since 2007.
  • Ohio: It was recently affected by a tornado and notably sits in the path of totality from the Great American Eclipse, suggesting possible future seismic activities or weather phenomena.

This could be a classic case of predictive programming or revelation of the method, where truth is hidden in plain sight within popular culture. I’ve taken a clip from this special to illustrate these points, and you can watch it right here. 

Final Thoughts and Community Engagement

In these trying times, our resilience as a community will be tested like never before. As we face what may be the most challenging year for natural disasters, including wildfires and more, your awareness and preparedness can make all the difference. I encourage everyone to share their thoughts, preparations, and stories in the comments below. Let’s keep the conversation going and support each other through whatever lies ahead.

Stay safe, stay informed, and let’s navigate these storms together.

Tommy Truthful Leader, Truth Mafia.

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2 thoughts on “Tornadoes of 2024 Michigan, Indiana and Ohio

  1. In downtown Dallas last two days, the have ramped up the chem trails and fog out the sky with like chemicals above that is clear skys. later in the afternoon it created a storm both days. They predicted on weather forecast for tornado watch and hail. It got really dark but nothing happened, they also predicted the created haarp storm to move east and the real wind was actually blowing hard from to the south west. so the storm moved the opposite direction they predicted and it did nothing. Also i grew up in Oklahoma the clouds from the “storms” the last two days are nothing like the storm clouds i grew up with in Oklahoma. I have been in multiple tornados that wiped out my parents house and scene thousands of thunderstorms, hail, all of it. these storms down here lately are so weird definitely man created.

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