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Strange symbols are appearing at concerts

By: Doenut Factory
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Strange symbols are appearing at concerts Doenut Factory

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Strange Symbols Are Appearing At Concerts

The Mystical Power of Three: Unveiling the Esoteric Significance in Modern Performances

Title: “The Trinity of Modern Music: Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Doja Cat and the Alchemy of Number Three” – A Blog by Tommy Truthful

The Mystery of the Number 3 and Its Significance in Existence

“The number 3 in alchemy is the sacred triad, a symbol of transformative power. Like an alchemical catalyst, it holds the potential to transmute the raw elements of existence, forging a new reality where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the mundane is reborn as the miraculous.”

In a fascinating fusion of modern entertainment and ancient mysticism, the recent tour’s featuring Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and Doja Cat, has sparked widespread intrigue. Reports of concertgoers experiencing amnesia post-concert have led to theories about these artists performing ancient rituals, unknowingly harnessing the power of ancient ley lines and dragon lines.

The Esoteric and Occult Significance of the Number Three

At the core of these performances lies the enigmatic number three, a number steeped in esoteric and occult traditions, symbolizing principles that resonate across spiritual, religious, and philosophical systems. Let’s explore the deeper meanings behind this powerful number.

  1. Universal Harmony and Balance: The number three is often seen as a symbol of harmony, balance, and completeness. This triadic structure manifests in various forms, such as the beginning, middle, and end, or birth, life, death. In Christianity, the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) embodies this symbolism.
  2. Mind, Body, Spirit Connection: Emphasizing the integration of mind, body, and spirit, the number three encourages a holistic understanding of human existence. This unity is central to various spiritual and philosophical traditions.
  3. Creation and Growth: In mythologies and religious narratives, the number three is closely associated with creation and growth. The Greek Fates – who spin, measure, and cut the thread of life – exemplify the number’s role in the cycle of existence.
  4. Sacred Geometry: The triangle, a representation of the number three in sacred geometry, holds significant spiritual and mystical importance. It symbolizes stability and the unity of contrasting forces, with the Pythagorean belief highlighting its foundational nature.
  5. Alchemy and Hermetic Principles: In alchemy, three represents the primary forces of nature: sulfur, mercury, and salt. These correspond to active, receptive, and reconciling principles, crucial in alchemical transformations.
  6. Tarot and Divination: The Empress, the third card in the Tarot’s Major Arcana, symbolizes creativity, fertility, and abundance. Here, the number three represents life’s unfolding and the richness of imagination.
  7. Kabbalistic Interpretations: In Kabbalah, the number three is significant within the Tree of Life, particularly in the Supernal Triad. This triad represents the process of divine creation and revelation.
  8. Cultural Significance: Across various cultures, the number three is viewed as auspicious and magical, often appearing in folklore and fairy tales as a potent symbol of significance and power.

The Trinity of Modern Music and Its Mystical Implications

The 3 tours featuring Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and Doja Cat can be seen as a modern manifestation of these ancient principles. The choice of these three powerhouse performers, their connection to the energy of ancient ley lines, and the mysterious occurrences at their concerts suggest a deeper, perhaps unconscious, engagement with these esoteric concepts.

It’s intriguing that they have three tours happening at the same time. The ‘Scarlet Tour‘ features Doja Cat and Taylor Swift in 2024, while the ‘Eras Tour‘ brings together Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna. Additionally, there’s a ‘Drag Brunch‘ scheduled for November 25th. It’s interesting to note that the number three is being used again, which has ancient significance in alchemy.

At the moment, three major performers – Taylor Swift, Doja Cat and Beyonce – are all on tour and performing at the same time. It’s remarkable to think about how much energy they are able to generate from their audiences and the powerful spell they are casting on them.

Conclusion: A Blend of Old and New Mysteries

This intriguing blend of contemporary music and ancient mysticism opens a window to the pervasive influence of esoteric principles in our modern world. It invites us to consider how the power of the number three, a symbol of universal harmony, creation, and spiritual wisdom, continues to manifest in unexpected ways, echoing the interconnected nature of the universe.

Authored by Tommy Truthful, dedicated to exploring the intersections of the modern and the mystical, unveiling the hidden truths behind every day phenomena.


➡ The three mainstream women performers Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Doja Cat are associated with alchemical symbols, indicating shared symbolism between the three, in their performances, possibly influencing their audience.➡ The text discusses the use of alchemical symbols by mainstream artists Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Doja Cat in their performances, and suggests that these symbols might have impacts on demographic groups, specifically females, in the audience.


The three performers performing. Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Doja Cat, the three women on the tour, the Trinity. I’m looking into all these alchemical symbols, the Three primes, which looks similar to their stage. Taylor Swift, where people are losing their memory. They’re having Nisia going to the concert. And then you got Doja Cat, where there’s, like, this Illuminatii, Beyonce. But you can see it looks very similar to the three Primes.

That Paracelsis, who was working on the Homunculus, the Tria Prima, that’s what it’s called. And now you can see that these mainstream artists, like bad Bunny right here has the Revis on his stomach. So these artists do know about the alchemical symbols. Here’s the Revis. What is these symbols that these Three mainstream women are performing, mostly females at the crowd. So it go into the programming for the females right here is very similar.

Here’s Beyonce, similar to the Three primes. Not only do we have these three female artists performing, but we have the new 33rd Marvel film with the three Trinity women in it as well, which was a big flop. Here’s the tria Prima, the symbol. So this would be Beyonce right here, the circle one, which is salt. And then Mercury would be the Taylor Swift one. It looks very similar.

And then sulfur would be the Doja cat one. Or it could be some other elements, like air, fire, even gold. Right here. This could stand for gold. This is Mercury, and this is Earth. So you could see that there is some sort of alchemical thing going on with multiple artists. And I said that the beginning of this year wasn’t just one ritual, it was a yearly ritual. So the whole year is a ritual.

And we’re coming up onto 2024, and the 24 is the Omega logo. .

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