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THE HELL-MOUTH RITUAL OF DOJA CAT: Music Industry Satanic Secrets Released!!! [ RARE ]

By: Doenut Factory
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– We are going to cover the hell mouth ritual of doja cat. Plus music industry satanic secrets released rare, ultra rare. This is going to be sick, but I want to make sure you guys can hear me.
– Doja cat got famous from MEMATIC. Warfare. Elon got famous off of memes, kind of. The issue this year, released February 3, is two, three, the 23 enigma. You’ll see this 23 or 32 all over the occult. Most people are virtual signaling. That’s all I’m going into.
– What is the scarlet? This means multiple things. Could it be the Scarlet Letter? Or could it go deeper into some occult stuff? Her Scarlet tour will be taking off October 31. When and that is important to the occult calendar will.
– Big Brother is all about portals this year. The symbolism runs deep. There is another story being told and we got tons of evidence to show. I bet you this is my new prediction. We’re going to hear about some cults being exposed next year.
– There’s a pattern recognition of a new cult to be exposed here’s. Doja Cat at the 2021. She’s missing a couple of dates on her tour. November 18 is a big ritual day, and it’s not taking place on that day. I believe a ritual will be going down.
– If you’re new to this channel, make sure you ring the bell and subscribe. Pete Davidson is an old occultist. Just like Travis Scott. Travis Scott was also born the same day the Satanic temple was founded. Make sure you hit the subscribe button and we’ll keep you updated.


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Sure, here is the text reformatted into natural paragraphs:

“Bits, donut you? Tuning into all your illuminati news, that’s pretty good. But try it like this. Donut you, um oh, man, that that intro is fire. You are absolutely right. That scratching. I paid for that beat years ago, like ten years ago. And I told the dude, I was like, you need to add on some scratching. I needed some scratching.

But we are going to cover the hell mouth ritual of doja cat. Plus music industry satanic secrets released rare, ultra rare, because you ain’t going to hear this anywhere else. We’re going to be diving deep. I mean, over the last three years, we have been diving deep into doja cat in the symbols of the music industry.

So make sure you smash that like button and share this out so people will see it after they come home from the altar of the bar, because they’d be drinking to alcohol, the body eating demon. And they’ll come back and they’ll probably want to look at some demonic stuff. They’ll look at this and be like, oh. And then they’re going to get hit with the factual evidence and maybe have some sort of spiritual experience from it. I don’t know, because we ain’t trying to change anybody’s minds or nothing. We are just passionate into the research.

And this music video just came out of doja cat, and there’s a lot of satanic type imagery in it, illuminati imagery. As you can see right here. This is right when she started to get famous. That’s my cat. That’s chan. What are you doing? Make sure you like the video for Chan so it gets into mind control and the deep state assets of elon, musk and grimes. So it definitely gets into some deep state stuff.

But right here is how doja cat got famous before the satanic imagery. We saw the illuminati imagery right here in 2021 when everyone in the audience, I believe, had to cover their face. But she was on the top of the illuminati pyramid with the all seeing eye. So you knew she was going to be awarded. And she was. She was heavily awarded with Grimes. And now I’m not dissing doja cat at all. I’m just looking into the illuminati celebrities and the rituals, the rituals, the symbols and all that, because a lot of people she’s trolling everybody and everybody be freaking out and virtue signaling and the people that are virtue signaling are actually more of a psychotic nature according to reports coming out.

So we’re not virtual signaling. We are just showing the evidence of the cloning stations, the connections to the deep state, elon and grimes. And I mean here’s. Buster rhimes we see the symbols over and over again. And there is a connection between Nicki Minaj, she came out talking crap about certain things. Doja cat also came out talking crap about certain agendas, and so did busta rhymes. And then after that, they perform in front of the illuminati stuff. And they’re awarded hey, yo, don’t talk about that stuff. And then you’ll be heavily awarded with the symbology here’s, busta Rhymes with the Eyeball symbology at the Bet Awards, I believe, connected to Viacom.

So we’re going to get deeply into this. This is going to be sick, but I want to make sure you guys can hear me okay. It looks like post a one in the comment if you can hear me. Okay? And I will continue because this is just some crazy stuff. Shout out to Tulson, Arizona. I’m out here in Arizona as well, and it’s cooling down finally. Okay, good. It looks like people can hear. Wonderful. So let’s get into it.

Doja Cat, her new promotion for the Illuminati, the Illuminati symbolism of her new music video. The new music video starts off with her as the Scarlet Woman drenched in the red. I don’t want to say the word, but she’s drenched in the red that people inject to get youth. And she gouges out her left eye, not her right eye. Her left eye gets gouged out. She rips out the Illuminati eye and places it on the table. And it goes on an adventure. It goes on this long adventure, a fun adventure. And this is symbolism. This is deep Setian symbolism. The God of destruction. As you can see, the Eye of Horus is the left eye. During the vicious fight, set gouged out, Horus’s left eye. So you got the sunset in the horizon, horus hours. The sun set at the Grammys. And when the sun set on the Grammys on the Illuminati founder’s birthday, an earthquake happened in Turkey. And if you look at Turkey’s earthquake zone, it is the Eye of Horus. So sunset gouged out, turkey left eye of horus. The symbolism is worldwide.

And it’s not just the music. The music frequencies, yes, it is brainwashing, but there’s also vibrational light frequencies, similacra through the television and the billboards, all working for you to be mind controlled through an idealization an ideal self being projected to you. The billboard is actually looking at you. You’re not looking at these music videos. They’re looking at you. The all seeing eye big brother. We’ll get into the show. Big brother, too. They’re doing some Portal symbolism. This is a very intense show, so make sure you grab your coffee or whatever you drink. I’m drinking some coffee over here. Sex, blood magic. Yes, it goes into that. That is absolutely what it goes into.

So you can see here on the grames, this earthquake happened, the Turkey earthquake, february 6. February 6 is the Illuminati founder’s birthday. Look, these people are part of the Illuminati and other secret societies like the Oto, which was just trying to revive the Illuminati. And all these are arms of the Knights Templars. And we break down the Knights Templar symbolism here and connect it to the music industry. No one else does that. We do that over here, though. We dive in deep.

So the Satanic Grammys that took place and yes, it was the Satanic Grammys. You all remember this guy was sad and twerking and getting freaky. So it happened February 6 in Turkey, but technically it was February 5 here in America, but over there in Germany and Bavaria and Turkey, it was February 6. And this is put on by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. And the television one, though, is called NATOs, which is look, Satan backwards. So there is this Satanic connection, for sure, in the music industry. It’s undeniable.

But it goes deeper than just the Satanists. It goes way deeper than that. It goes into a bunch of secret societies. It’s called synarty. Synarky is ruled by secrecy, in a sense. So, yeah, it is crazy. So we live over on Rumble, we live over on Facebook, and we are live over on the YouTube. So I’m happy that it’s all over the place. And we did a podcast yesterday over on the Patreon. I got the Patreon links. This is how you get wicked smart is by joining the Patreon. Go join the Patreon right now or after this. And we dive even deeper. We got other researchers up there and we went on with one on one yesterday and talked about this topic as well. So we be diving deep. It’s a great way to support the channel. And if you don’t want to support the channel, you could also support us by yes. So here’s the Knights Templars right here. Friday the 13th in October. They’re all rounded up and burnt out the steak. Did somebody say steak? Oh, weird, because Doja Cat actually eats steak in the music video, but raw steak. And we are actually going to have a Friday the 13th in October this year, right before Doji Cat goes on tour. Not only that, we’re going to have the Great American Eclipse over the four corners, the portal symbolism. And also Yale will be celebrating its three two two year where three two two Skull and Bones is located. And yes, Doja Cat has a song called Skull and Bones in her new album.

So here’s that Satanic Grammys opened by Madonna and all these people going through rituals. Madonna was just going through some ritual, right? But look at this hand gesture. We always see it. It goes into portal symbolism. It goes into the four corners in the last corner of the shush symbol. You always see people doing that shush. The last one is to keep secret. And I also believe this goes into oak as holly, like Hollywood is oak, which goes back to the Druids. And Druids actually means oak, and Elon means oak tree. Oak trees are very important to ancient, I think most religions.”Too. But it’s the OK sign, right? And it’s the Eulog as well. But you can see the Manson girls, the Manson family, they even throw up that six six six hand gesture sign after they got arrested. And this is straight connected to the music industry. They did this ritual with Sharon Tate because of The Beatles. Helter skelter. They wrote in blood, helter skelter on the fridge, I think. And here’s The Beatles doing that same symbolism as they were all connected to secret societies in Aleister Crowley, the music industry. Aleister Crowley signing the contract with the Devil at the four Corners at the crossroads. Like the first person 27 club met the devil at a crossroads, right? It’s the portal symbolism. And we’ll show you. It’s super important to the occult. And whatever big happens on the world stage happens to you. I think it might be important to maybe listen to this podcast. So all I’m trying to say is this has been going on for a long time. This is not new rituals. There’s nothing to freak out about. This has been happening for a long time.

Here’s Beethoven’s teacher who taught him how to play the piano. He was an Illuminati member as well. I mean, this should be going on for a while. Here’s Beethoven’s teacher. He is known as Beethoven’s first teacher. And look, his birthday is also February 5, coincidentally, just like the Grammys. And he was part of the local chapter of the Illuminati right there. And the more you research the Illuminati skull and bones, you’ll see that it is super connected to most facets of your upbringing of school, going back to William Wundt and G. Stanley Hall and those connections in the schooling industry and Pavlov dog and the bell ringing and putting you under mind control. Just like when you go into the supermarket, they got the chicken cooking in the front, so you smell it and you salivate. Like the dog that gets the treat with the bell, the Pavlov dog, you salivate when you hear the bell ring and it’s all there to condition you to be a good foot soldier for the Illuminati. So you can’t really point to the elite being the Illuminati because your neighbors and most people in the world, I would say 99% of the population, are actually foot soldiers for the Illuminati because they are deep in a trance. And that’s the end of that rant there. But it also goes into color frequencies of the light, right? The purple lights are quite interesting. And the portal symbolism of all these concerts here’s, just Beyonce’s concert, it goes into the portals. And Metropolis. Metropolis is super important. She flashes the mind is I already covered this. You can go on my Twitter or past YouTube. We go deeper into this. But the purple vibration lights, it’s called optogenetics. I was just recently driving out here in Arizona and I saw the purple lights popping up and I had to document it because they all over. Put a two in the comment, maybe if you have purple lights in your town. And I thought this was an interesting one perfect for the camera because it’s purple. Not purple. Purple, not purple. If you’ve seen the movie Men in Black, you know how they flash you with the light that seemed like it was fake in the 90s, right? No, it’s real. It’s called optogenetics. You can be mind control through light. We did a documentary on it. You can go watch that documentary and check out this parking lot. This is the Trader Joe. The whole parking lot was purple. Try to do some contrast showing the other side, not purple. In this side. Purple. Thank you. Ozzy girl support Donut by hitting the like button. It does mean a lot when you like this and share it. It does mean a lot. I can’t get into how much I’ve been shadow banned or whatnot, but other people go through it, too. It’s not me. Just support your independent artist, I guess. Independent researchers. I’m out of an apartment with my cat. It’s not like I’m living large or anything. So it does go a long way. If it’s not with me, with other people. Other people as well.

So these award shows are showing the new technology that’s going to be implemented going all the way back to 1999. Right here. Beyonce is doing the same thing. And the guy that put this art show on, he was taken out as well. And now we see that exact mechanics at Amazon. So these award shows like Bad Bunny who did the Ritualistic Kiss, all the illuminati eye symbolism showcases the Tesla bots twerking, the checkerboard, the Knights Templar checkerboard in the holographic imagery in the CERN computers opening up portals to other dimensions. But the color frequencies right now, I like to go back to this because I got this album when I was a little kid. I’m a little kid, okay? And they got an album. It is sex and candy. That was the song on it. Sex and candy for the children. That’s this album now, which is an anagram for NWO. Just like oprah winfrey network own NWO new world order. Suck It. I don’t know if you watch wrestling, but suck it. That was the NWO and the color frequencies of this is the MK Monarch mind control programming. The orange yellow for the butterfly. This is the mind control Monarch butterfly. They got the Monarch mind control which goes into the show Stranger Things. And even this new show about the cult, the cartoon put on by people that are connected with The Simpsons and the show The Office. This show is about a cult and they show the butterfly. I did a podcast with Tommy Truthful over on The Rumble you could check out. We dive deeper into it. We went there down that rabbit hole a couple days ago. And Lil nas X always shows the butterfly. The butterfly is symbolism of the Monarch mind control. And I just thought that was really fascinating. There really deep dive right there. The symbolism of just the colors of it, right? And you can see the illuminati eye right there in the middle. Very fascinating stuff.

And we’re talking about doja cat. If you’re just tuning in, we’re diving deep on Doja Cat and her connections to the deep state as well. Lil uzi vert grimes. Grimes. Elon. She was awarded with Grimes here’s. That elon musk. Everyone loves him. He got famous off of memes, kind of. Right? Well, he made cryptocurrency actually quite popular through MEMATIC magic. They are topas, they are sigils. And you can see on his back, you can’t really see it, but it says new world order. And there’s Grimes. And I’m not talking bad about the music at all. Most people are virtual signaling. I’m just going into factual symbols, factual evidence. That’s it. That’s all I’m going into. Just like Jay Z’s alcohol bottle is the knights Templar, the double cross. Little uzi vert going to get chipped up with Grimes. So Doja cat was awarded with that. You probably remember that song where she was an alien. But she got famous too, from MEMATIC. Warfare from memad. She got famous from a meme. Memes are very powerful. Terrence McKenna talked about the memes before the memes existed. So now that’s what I call music. 85. The issue this year, released February 3, which is two, three, the 23 enigma. You’ll see this 23 or 32 all over the occult, all over the music industry, movies and major events, especially Miley Cyrus this year. The Cyrus’s being 23. Michael Jordan 23. This was released February 3, the day that music died. This is when Buddy Holly died in the plane crash. My my Miss American Pie. And this is his concert flyer, which is the portal symbolism right here. Northeast, southwest, making the masonic compass or the news. And they released this now, this date, February 3, the day music died. And it’s full of the satanic songs. Unholy. That’s what is playing. Unholy from the Grammys. The satanic grammys. That was the song they performed. So you can see that this has been going on for a long time. And there’s a lot more happening than we know, these sacrifices and all this. So Doja cat’s tour, kind of like buddy Holly’s tour. Doja cat’s tour is going on, the Scarlet tour. And her album has songs like skull and bones. Skull and Bones, the secret society. And she’s going with ice Spice and the Scarlet tour. What is the scarlet? This means multiple things. It can mean multiple things. We got over 1000 people up in here, a great audience tonight.Sure, here is the reformatted text:

“All get wicked smart up in here. Smash that like button. We got 1000 people. I want to see 1000 likes. I would appreciate that.

What does scarlet mean? You got a lot of different things. Well, we got the Scarlet letter, right? And people were really mean and they would put a’s on people if they were considered a thought I guess would be the word. They would label them with A’s. And that’s what she has right here is the A. But it’s backwards. So could it be the Scarlet Letter? Wow, it could be. That’s pretty interesting right there. Or could it go deeper into some occult stuff? The A could be Venus upside down V, the Venus and Adonis as she has this 1776 when the Illuminati was founded on her video. This is her website. You got the A upside down, which goes into let’s see if I got that slide ready. It’s the earth, wind, fire. The four elements too. It’s one of the elements, I don’t know where I do have it.

Yes. Okay, so you could see how that is like the four corners. So the A could be this, it could be Earth because witches open up their ceremonies by welcoming the four corners. And make sure not to have your welcome mat say welcome because you could be welcoming in vampires, by the way. So that could be what the symbol is too. So these symbols mean a lot of different things. And her art has got that Illuminati eye and Kronos right here, the Grim Reaper. The Grim Reaper, which we see actually pop up in a lot of rituals with the Migos and we’ll get into that.

So here’s Venus and Adonis. Drake the 6th God named his kid Adonis. This can go into the two A’s, the two mountains, the two pillars. Like American Airlines is AA. The two pillars. The VA. So that could also be it for the Scarlet tour. And yeah, she’s coming up on here. And the name of the album was actually supposed to be called Hellmouth. Hellmouth, what an interesting name. What the heck is a Hellmouth? Well, check this out. The hell, Mouth? Look at this imagery of the Hell mouth. Looks like Travis Scott symbolism, the Satanic symbolism of people going into astral world. Travis Scott’s mouth. All brought to you by the Kardashians Elon, Kanye, NASA and McDonald’s. Hell mouth. Let me read what it is. Or the jaws of hell is the entrance to hell. So that’s what the album was supposed to called the Entrance to Hell for the Scarlet one.

But the Scarlet could also be what Alistair Crowley was doing right here. The scarlet woman, the Babylon workings that the Oto was doing. And Alastair Crowley and the guy who created modern Rocketry connected with Scientology and all this where they would do sex magic with the Scarlet Woman to speak with her. And that’s the Babylon workings right here known as the Scarlet Woman in. So this is all like bro, they do be doing this occult stuff and this is nothing new. The music industry been doing this for a long time. Like Jimmy Page bought Alastair Crowley’s home where he was doing the illuminati worm rituals. For real? For real. That’s what’s going on.

So, I mean, it’s such a deep dive and her Scarlet tour will be taking off October 31. So when and that is important to the occult calendar will, where is that occult calendar will right here. So it’s going to be happening October 31, which is Halloween, right. But it’s about this occult calendar will, which is so when? Right here, November 1. When takeoff of the Migos died. Right. He was taken out. He was taken out of the Migos. And the last album he put out, song nine. Nine is a completion number. And John Lennon was obsessed with nine as well. And he was took it out too. But song nine is 230 and he was assassinated at 02:30 A.m. On. So when and before that happened, they released the music video of the Grim Reaper. Just like Doja Cat’s video has the Grim Reaper all up in there. So I’m looking into the symbolism. In his last interview, he was in front of the double cross. You’ve been double crossed the Knights Templar cross, Lorraine, right here. Not only that, he was doing the illuminati eye in his last music video with the Knights Templar Double Cross right behind him. So it’s crazy.

And since we’re on the topic of the Knights Templar double cross, here is big brother. This is where Andrew Tate got his first rise to fame through this show called Big Brother, where it’s the all seeing eye watching them. And it’s all about portals this year. And right there, he has the Knights Templar double cross right there. And it’s on CBS. Right there is the all seeing eye. So here’s the portal symbolism. And you think it’s just silly and fun. No, they thought this out. Right there’s. Ishtar there’s the gateway, like in the Hollywood you gotta watch my Hollywood video. We go into this gateway to the portal, the Heavens Gate portal. It’s crazy. I mean, there is another story being told and we got tons of evidence to show. It sounds maybe when you first realize this, you’re like, oh, that’s deep. But the more you look into the symbols, you’ll see that there’s another story being told to the initiates. And we’re not the initiates. They understand it, but we don’t. So we are uncovering it.

I mean, what the heck is the hot dog doing there? That goes into probably some weird stuff, too. And the clock is upside down. What time is that clock at? It’s upside down. I got to look at it is 910 O’clock ten. It’s 1010 on that clock, I think. Yeah, but it all goes into these portal symbolism, as you can see here. And it goes into the sex magic, red Hot Chili Peppers. You could see that same portal right there. They all use the same symbolism. That portal you see of the star of ishtar right here. The eight pointed star is usually next to a keyhole. A key. It’s the portals, right? And here in the sex magic, right there, red hot chili pepper’s logo is that portal. And you can see right here, it’s that four Corners right there. I don’t know why they’re so obsessed with portals, but we’re in the Year of the Rabbit, and the Year of the Rabbit is very important to the Portals. You can see Bugs Bunny in the portal. He was the first one abducted by the UFO. Anything with the we’re in Lunasa right now. You got Donnie Darko. Lunasa has something to do with Bunnies as well. But Donnie Darko is the bunny traveling through the portals, CERN portals. We got the eclipse over the four corners. That four Corners is the portal. They’re obsessed with the portals. They’re obsessed with the Oto. In Alistair Crowley, from the Beatles to Jay Z, the list goes on and on and on and on.

And if you’re not scared yet, you will be. You will be. So the oto super important. Alastair Crowley here’s the Beatles, even when you invert their image of Sergeant Peppers. Sergeant Peppers is Alastair Crowley. It was 20 years ago today. Sergeant Peppers taught this band to play. Well, 20 years prior to that is when Alastair Crowley died. And you can see he’s at the top when you invert this and you got the Oto symbol right there in the middle. And they were trying to revive the Illuminati, as Doja Cat did her Illuminati birthday party with Justin Bieber. And they were all wearing the masks. They were probably doing some rituals. I mean, doesn’t this look like Kanye’s party as well? Kanye was doing that spirit cooking party, eating sushi off of people, naked people. So the symbolism runs deep. And it’s not just about doja, Cat. The similacrum. How it works is that you get hit on so many different levels. You get hit by the newspapers, the billboards, the music, the peer pressure society, the T shirts, what’s sold at stores, what’s on television, what’s on commercials, what’s on Netflix, what’s on Hulu. And what’s on Netflix is this cult documentary, how to become a cult leader. And then you got this Oto cult that Doja Cat and all these celebrities are really a part of hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. All these different secret society establishments they’re all part of. I bet you this is my new prediction, is that we’re going to hear about some cult being exposed this year or next year, some big cult. And hear me out.”We got this prediction, right? This year with the serial killers. We said, Yo, there’s going to be a serial killer this year. They’re setting us up for next year of a cult being exposed. I’ll show you why. Through pattern recognition. That’s what we’re doing here is pattern recognition, where we just see the same pattern happen over and over again.

So Netflix is showing how to become a cult leader. And Hulu is also showcasing Praise Petey about a cult. This cult is blessed. I bet you have something to do with not pukey Pete, but Pete Davidson because he’s a Knights Templar as well. And I think he’s been cloned after the Nickelodeon Choice Awards. And this came out 721, just like Utopia came out. You could see the illuminati symbolism, the all seeing eye, the Masonic compass all over here.

But what I’m trying to get at is that this comes out on Netflix. This comes out on Hulu. Well, last year we had Dahmer released on Netflix. And around the same time we had the Patient released on Hulu about a serial killer. So they were pushing the serial killer into our mentality. And what happened this year? There was two serial killers, right? We said there’s going to be famous serial killers this year. And we had the Babylon serial killer in New York. The New York guy. And then we also had the Idaho Killer. And that happened. We say that’s going to happen. So it’s the same pattern recognition of a new cult to be exposed here’s.

Doja Cat at the 2021. This is before she was really famous. And she got famous off of the Memes, the MEMATIC warfare. And you can see and then right after this performance, her next performance, she was abducted by aliens. So it goes into the whole alien thing and she was awarded.

But that PD show, I’m going to tie it back into The Simpsons and The Office, as The Office has 201 episodes and it was created by The Simpsons guy. And they are also the same people that created this new cult show. And who produced it was Mike Judge Beavis and Butthead, where Beavis and Butthead live in room three, two, two. And you can just see that there is an occult connection that they are looking at in utilizing Hate It, Like It or Love It. I grew up on all this stuff and I watch all these shows, so I feel like I’m in a perfect position to look into it and talk about it, even though I could be a little biased.

But the Office connection of these two serial killers is they’re both in an episode. This is Michael Scott of The Office, this guy’s nephew, and he spanks him. But they’re both coming out with serial killer shows and they’re both related in The Office. So there’s like a connection through all the sitcoms. It’s like I don’t watch the superhero movie of the multiverse or whatever, but like how they’re all connected, it’s the same thing.

So this tour is going to happen October 31. So when but she’s missing a couple of dates on the tour. This is where it gets quite fascinating. And I believe a ritual will be going down and she’ll be partaking in a ritual with Justin Bieber and all these different illuminati celebrities, beyonce, Rihanna, all them. And I call them illuminati celebrities. And I’m not dissing the music just again, and I’m not trying to virtual signal at. All. I’m not trying to be like, oh, their art is terrible and bad. I’m not doing that. I am just showing from my research this what I’m I’m just trying to uncover the truth. That’s all I’m trying to do. That’s all we’re trying to do.

But there’s one date missing on her tour. Not one day, a couple of dates, but one important date is missing, and that’s the three two two day of the year. As you can see, she kicks it off on So Win by that bridge. Oh, we got to look out for that bridge at Chase Center. But November 18, she’s not doing November 18. Now, that’s a big ritual day, November 18, and it’s not taking place on that day, as you can see right here why I believe a ritual will be going down that day. I’m not saying it’s going to be like a worldwide ritual. I’m just saying I’m going to take this day off of my tour November 18, to do a ritual. I’ll show you why Adam Weissop, the founder of the Illuminati, died November 18. It’s the three two two day of the year, leaving 43 days left until the end of the year.

Gangsta Boo died at 43, and so did the Ken guy. His car was number 43. Inside Job released November 18 about the Illuminati and how ICP insane clown posse was controlling the financial system. And this was created by Disney. Interesting, because ICP was put out by Disney as well, but they were stealing from them. So I’m doing a big juggalo decode, which is going to blow everybody’s minds. Probably nobody will probably watch it, but I’m going to be doing that decode. It’s going to be fantastic. And you can see that double mountains, the A and the A. That goes into symbolism as well. But November 18 is when it’s released. And Sharon Tate, who was sacrificed by the hippies Helter Skelter, Beatles connection, she was in a movie, released November 18 about her being sacrificed. Jim Jones. Jonestown, we’re talking about Colts and how they’re pushing the Colts. He was taken out November 18. That’s when they all drank the Koolaid. They all drank the Koolaid on the three two two day of the year. Oh, and he was 47. I mean, that’s where it gets crazier, is the more I learn, the crazier it gets. He had nine children. I mean, 47 goes into the compass, the angles of it, even the CIA on November 18. That’s when Franklin D. Roosevelt, I believe he was like a 33rd degree Mason. I got to rehash that. November 18. He stated he wants the CIA all day, every day. Three two two day. And The Office released this show, the Sex Lives of College Girls, november 18. No rules, no regrets. November 18. My juggalo decode. Shaggy too dope released a song. Illuminati don’t want me, they want my dead body. And he was just in a car accident. And look, they’re showing the ringmaster. Drake was just wearing the ringmaster and violin. J has a song, a new one, bowserbub Illuminatis illuminate and his gouged out left eye and it’s going to be at a Masonic temple. Wow. So I’ll be perfect to do that decode because I have been the juggalo of the year consecutively for 35 years in a row. But Drake just took my spot. Shout out to Drake. You’re the best, you’re the best. But yeah, I looked up a bunch of these decodes that other people did on her. No one said this. So you heard it first. This is factual evidence. This is real stuff. This is real research. That’s what we’re doing up here. I just finished the first cup of coffee. Now it’s time for the second cup of coffee because we are getting wicked smart tonight on Saturn day. Wicked smart on Saturn day because all the names is Saturn, thursdays, Thor. They’re like Norse gods. All these gods are important right here’s. Versace. This is going to connect to Illuminati. This is mind-blowing. Shout out to the comment section because I learned this through the comment section. I learned a lot from the comment section. So thank you for putting your comments down below. It isn’t a waste of time. It actually adds upon the research. So thank you. But Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace. It goes into the Migos and the Illuminati. They had the Versace song, but the symbol is Medusa. And this dude was killed by a serial killer. But I thought it kind of looked like the black sun symbol. I don’t know. What do you think? I think it kind of looks like it the spokes around it. But the Migos had the song Versace where he says Versace, Versace, medusa head on me like mean they got the Illuminati in the song and Versace was assassinated by Andrew Kananan. Andrew Kananan. And here’s an old CNN report about it. And they go into detail about Kanananan. He stayed in room 201. Just like the cash app guy got whacked by the guy staying in room 201 and then he moved into room three two. Look at that. Serial killers are part of the Illuminati right there. Stayed a week in roomSure, here is the reformatted text:

“201 and then moved to room three two. Two what? Monthly rate of 702. You always take out the zero. It’s 72. 72 demons, 72 names of God, 72 bricks on the back of the Illuminati, pyramid on the dollar bill. And Greg Daniels who works on The Simpsons, the Office and this new show about the cult, the cult show Office has the 201 episodes. What was I going to say about Greg Daniels? I forget. I’ve been looking into The Office a lot.

Here’s doja cat. She got popular from a meme. That’s what it says right here. Internet meme, viral success. And they use these memes in politics. Memes are part of mind control. That’s how people rise to power. And at the same time, this is all trending. I mean, just more symbolism in Illuminati occult synarky connections.

Siara is back. I didn’t even know Ciara was around anymore. Siara is around. Here’s her old video where she has the hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, which is Eminem’s grandfather Samuel Mathers, maybe wearing that. She’s trending with Chris Brown. Chris Brown has the Illuminati pyramid on the back of him. He’s part of the UFO. I think what it is is that there’s a huge UFO cult right now in power, and they’re pushing this whole UFO thing. And that doesn’t mean that it’s just one UFO cult. I think that is what these cults are all about.

On the Patreon last night, the One on one podcast was breaking down how Lom, right? The alien head that’s on the dollar bill and on Apple and all that. Somebody wrote Rayleighism. They were becoming lam through meditating. So they were becoming this alien head. It’s crazy. I mean, we got thousands of people up in here. That’s crazy. And I think we only got 200 likes. That’s even crazier. I want to see more likes, please. Smash that like button. Smash that like button.

Here’s justin Bieber going into the Metaverse. November 18. Three two two day of the year. And then he went through his rituals. I think all these celebrities are Illuminati puppets because they are connected straight to politics, showcasing how what and what is going to happen. SHTF. The S is going to hit the fan. The Hunger Games. We’re all getting hungry. What is going on?

But these Internet memes, look, you see this dancing guy like that’s a meme. He’s super famous. Look at the way he moves. I like the way you move with that new boot goofing. But. He’s at a Masonic temple. You can’t even really see it, though. It’s so subliminal. But right here, he’s at a Masonic Temple, and there’s an 88 everywhere. And we’re coming up on the Lionsgate portal. The Lionsgate portal is a bad luck day, but all the new agers are going to say it’s the time to manifest. But what you’re doing is you’re actually manifesting bad luck and your whole world is going to get turned around just like that. And it’s the lionsgate portal. You’re going to be going through a portal, and it’s a portal into the Knights Templars that are controlling you through the food, through the music, through the alcohol. So hopefully you are sober and vigilant. I pray that you’re sober and vigilant.

And Justin Bieber, he was covering that left eye, right? We were showing Doja Cat in the beginning. Gouging up the left eye. I warned you, Bieber. I warned you with the doughnut. And then he got my channel removed or striked or something like that. I warned him. You see all the symbolism of the eye? Yeah. He went into the Metaverse on the three two two day, right there November 18. Just more factual evidence.

Well, that’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to do the factual evidence on here how the Cyruses, which are a sun god. Look, Satan twerking elon Miley Miley has her song with three two two opening up the rituals. These rituals. You can just look at these books and the way they do them. It’s pretty crazy. Marilyn Manson. Knights Templar. Right. The M and M is the 33. Here’s Kanye. They were opening up the ceremony, the Masonic ceremony and ending the Masonic ceremony. I mean, it looks just like that. They got the correct amount of people for that. I don’t know if anybody else on the channel has dived deeply into this. I think we dive deep. The most deep. We didn’t give us a like for the most deep. And shout out to Chan. Shout out to Chan. And it’s all connected to the Saturnalia party right there. Look at the Saturnalia party. I’ve been bringing this image up for multiple years. Multiple years. Three years connecting all the rituals to this everyone in this picture. Tragedy happens to and it just continues to happen.

So Kanye kicked out for tweeting about the UFO cult, the Raylians. And he got removed off of Elon’s Twitter with three two two subscribers. He had three two, two subscribers got removed and then he got divorced. Humiliation ritual with Pete Davidson. But they’re on the same team. I swear. Pete Davidson is used as a sex puppet for the women of the occult. I believe Grimes hospitalized Travis Scott. Enough said there. And the Migos Quavo’s. Uncle Migos assassinated. All in that picture. All in that picture. It’s crazy.

So, yeah. What do you think about that purple light, though? That was crazy. That was crazy. That was some crazy stuff. I got more slides, but I’m going to go to comments right now. Peter Davidson is gross. You have to be witched or drugged. So Pete Davidson, this goes back to this occult stuff, too. If you’re new to this channel, make sure you ring the bell and subscribe. But Pete Davidson is the guy that’s an old occultist. Pete Davidson. Just like Travis Scott. Not Travis Scott. Michael Scott of the office. That’s an old magician as well. And he got in this car crash, pete Davidson, right after the Nickelodeon Awards where Lil Uzi Vert, which is Lucifer, had the devil horns for your children, right? Nickelodeon Slime. Nickelodeon is 33. That’s the name of Nickelodeon. Before they changed it to Nickelodeon, they had the big UFO sliming. Mr. Beast. Mr. Beast wants you and your children chipped through Elon’s neuralink device so you can see how important Elon is to all these people. And the symbolism goes deep. The symbolism goes deep. Yeah. So I think Pete Davidson was cloned because he crashed his car right after the Nickelodeon Choice Awards. And then they destroyed the house. Like, why did he destroy the house? They didn’t even really crash it, but it goes into this 23 enigma. This is very important to all the research. Travis Scott was also born the same day the Satanic temple was founded.

I’m just reading the comments. I just find it coincidental that all these big celebrities have tragic events at their concert. Whether that’s Ariana Grande travis Scott. Ariana Grande used to bank Travis Scott. This terrible event that happened at a concert. 32nd floor. We just showed the 23 and 32. I got so many slides here, it’s crazy. Look at all these. I mean, it’s all crazy. Shout out to Michael Scott. He’s throwing up that same hand sign that I was just showing earlier. Now we’re just touching the surface of this research. So make sure you hit the subscribe button and we’re going to keep you updated. And if you’re having a good weekend, maybe you got payday going on, go to the Patreon. We got some dope stuff up there. I’ll show you real quick. The Patreon. The Donut patreon right here. It’s pretty cool. It’s pretty cool stuff. We got this new video that we just put out with one on one podcast. We go live up there. We do early release of the worms. We got the Wicked smart documentary. We even got this is a documentary. The portals to power. There’s mad documentaries up there. All this year some videos are missing, but this entire year the videos are up because I had my one channel removed. This is the only way to support us. This is a great one. The illuminati war of the roses. This goes into the rose symbolism, the bloodlines. We got PDFs. This is a PDF on 420. Like, you know how you smoke weed on 420? We go into the occult connections to that. So there’s a lot of stuff up there. So you’re not only supporting the channel and keeping us alive and running, but you also get cool stuff with it. And I appreciate all you all in the bottom of my heart. It have a great night and God bless.”

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