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HAARP Mother Nature Got Angry Caught On Camera russia | Most Insane Moments of 2023 St. Petersburg

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5G Danger
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“Weather Warfare 2023” by Tommy Truthful

I’ve told you all that 2023 would be a year of unnatural disasters, primarily due to HAARP’s influence. HAARP was patented on August 11, 1987, specifically on the 223rd day of that year.

“HAARP” stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, and interestingly, “Skull and Crossbones” also equals 223 in gematria. Furthermore, on October 9th, we observed the 322nd anniversary of the secretive Skull and Bones society’s existence in 2023. This society is ominously known as the Brotherhood of Death.

Haarp Us Patent 4686605

From August 11, 2023, to October 9, 2023, there’s a span of 59 days, or equivalently, 1 month and 28 days. The number 128 has recurring significance in connection to major disasters. For instance, “Bridge collapse” equals 128, and “Collapse of the Golden Gate Bridge” equals 128 in keypad gematria.


Screenshot 2023 10 10 121323 - Screenshot 2023 10 10 121411 - Screenshot 2023 10 10 121455 -

The Crimea Bridge served as the initial stepping stone in their endeavor, effectively charging up the sigil. In this peculiar scenario, the bridge itself acted as the sigil they sought to empower. The intriguing part is that this event occurred on October 8th, 2022. We can trace the connection from the day HAARP was patented up to the 322nd anniversary of Skull and Bones this year on October 9th. Interestingly, this ritual transpired one day before the same date from the previous year.

When we spell out “fifty-nine,” it equals 38 in Chaldean Gematria, which intriguingly matches “Crimean Bridge” in that very cipher. The 59 days correspond to precisely one month and 28 days, bearing the unmistakable numerological imprint of 128.


On 9/11, the towers collapsed at 10:28 AM, coincidentally corresponding to Mr. Vaccine Bill Gates’ birthday on October 28th (10/28). Notably, a bridge collapse occurred in Pittsburgh on 1/28/2022, which is the date when Joe Biden was supposed to present his infrastructure bill. Intriguingly, on that same day in 1986, the Challenger Space Shuttle tragically blew up (1/28/86).

Screenshot 2023 10 10 120625 -

The number 128 seems to be consistently linked to significant disasters. Furthermore, this year marked the 36th anniversary of HAARP’s existence, and 666 is the 36th triangular number. It’s remarkable that the Lahaina massacre, the world’s number one trending story, coincided with the 322nd anniversary of the Brotherhood of Death, Skull, and Bones, precisely one month and 28 days apart. This suggests that we might be edging closer to witnessing an event similar to the tragic occurrences of 9/11, possibly involving the destruction of the Golden Gate Bridge.


➡ St. Petersburg has been experiencing severe weather conditions, with heavy rains and thunderstorms resulting in a yellow and orange alert for potential natural disasters. The Ministry of Emergency Situations warned citizens about worsening weather conditions and possible hail.


Heavy Saturday Rain in St. Petersburg was filmed in the footage shared with us by subscribers you can see how a powerful storm covered Petersburg and behind it a veil of whiteout. For the second day in a row, street Petersburg has been threatened with a yellow level of danger. According to Razgidramitsander, from 1500 to 2100 a yellow level of weather danger has been declared in the city on the Neva due to rain and thunderstorms.

Earlier, the same threats were seen in the first half of the day. A special orange regime has also been announced in the city area due to heavy rain and strong winds that continue. Orange level means dangerous weather with the possibility of natural disasters, the city administration recalled earlier, the Ministry of Emergency Situations warned Petersburgers about the worsening weather conditions. The department noted that weather forecasters predict thunderstorms and showers.

Hail will fall in places with thunderstorms. Gusts of wind will reach 27 meters/second. .

5G Danger

Spread the Truth
View Video Summary View Video Transcription MP3 Audio


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