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Tennessee Tornado on the 36 parallel in Tennessee a day after the movie released leave the world behind!

By: Truth Mafia Podcast
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🌪️📍 HAARP Geo-Engineering Tornado Strikes Tennessee on 36th Parallel 🌪️📍

Tennessee Tornado Updates: Deadly Twister Cut 43-Mile Path Across 3 Counties, Nws Says

Hey Truth Mafia, it’s Tommy Truthful with an urgent update. A massive tornado just hit Tennessee, right on the 36th parallel, in the 36th anniversary year of HAARP’s patent (11th August 1987).

🔢🚨 Did you know 666 is the 36th triangular number? And this event occurred precisely on the 36th parallel! My brother and partner @DoenutFactory had previously warned about rituals on this specific latitude, and it seems we just witnessed one – a massive ritual using fallen angel technology.

🎬💡 Just a day after the release of ‘Leave the World Behind’, a movie about power outages and the Civil War in America, this tornado wreaks havoc in Tennessee, disrupting the power grid in several areas. The timing is more than coincidental.

📺🤯 People are so programmed by mainstream media they’re missing the big picture. We need to wake up, research, and form our conclusions. Remember, weather control has been in the public domain since the 1950s.

🔍🌐 Join us as we delve deeper into this event and its implications. Follow us on our platforms for ongoing analysis and insights into these events.

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  • This tragic event occurred on the 36th parallel and coincidentally aligned with the 36th anniversary of HAARP’s patenting on August 11th, 1987. Adding to this intriguing coincidence is a recent headline that reported, ‘At least 6 dead, 36 injured when tornadoes tear through Tennessee’. This specific mention of ’36 injured’ in the MSN article ( seems more than a mere incident, especially considering the geographical and historical context. These connections raise questions about the potential influences and patterns that often go unnoticed in major events. Instances like these drive the need for deeper analysis and understanding of the events that shape our world. As always, we remain committed to uncovering and discussing these patterns, highlighting the hidden intricacies of significant events. Your insights and thoughts on this are most welcome as we navigate these complex narratives together.

Dear Community,

I wanted to share a concerning update with you all. My latest video, which I believe was pivotal in speaking the truth, has been repeatedly targeted and removed across various platforms. After being taken down from my YouTube channel ‘Truth Mafia Podcast’ and my main Instagram account ‘Tommy Truthful TV’, I moved it to my backup page ‘Truth Mafia Podcast’, only to face the same fate.

The censorship has escalated to the point where I’m now unable to log into my Instagram account from my phone. Though I’m still logged in on my computer, I face constant hacking and the need to factory reset, which means I’m at risk of losing access entirely.

This situation is particularly disheartening considering the different audiences we have cultivated: over 100,000 people on Instagram and more than 120,000 on our Facebook page, ‘Truth Mafia Podcast’. Rebuilding these platforms repeatedly is exhausting and discouraging, especially when faced with what appears to be targeted and unjust actions.

Despite filing numerous lawsuits against these platforms, the struggle continues. The intense efforts to censor my content only reinforce my belief in its importance. I’ve always stood by the truth that geoengineering and weather control are being used for population control, a warning that Edward Snowden echoed. The recent destruction of the Georgia Guidestones, which advocated reducing the world population to maintain harmony with nature, seems part of this narrative.

I am more determined than ever to continue sharing my message. Your support through these trying times is invaluable and deeply appreciated. We will persevere and keep seeking the truth, regardless of the obstacles.

Thank you for standing with me.

#HAARP #GeoEngineering #TennesseeTornado #36thParallel #FallenAngelTechnology #WeatherControl #MainstreamMediaLies #WakeUp #DoenutFactory #TruthMafia

Truth Mafia


➡ Tommy Truthful from discussed the connection between recent major tornadoes in Tennessee and alleged predictive elements in media, as well as conspiracy theories regarding weather control for population reduction. He also mentioned the significance of the number 36 related to tragic events and political unrest, treating them as pertinent to recent unnatural disasters. He invites viewers to explore their website for more information.


It’s welcome to Truth mafia. com. This is Tommy truthful here. Breaking news, major tornadoes in Tennessee. This happened over the weekend, December 9, and the power grids were going down. Now, this is funny because this comes one day after that new movie, leave the world behind, where the power grids went down. And the oldest son in that movie was wearing the obey t shirt. His little sister had the NASA shirt on.

So a lot of predictive programming it. Our tornado signs are going, as you can see, just complete devastation. Power grids down. And this just takes me back to that podcast me and donut Factory did on New Year’s Eve where he asked me what I expected in 2023. And I said, the year of unnatural disasters because they’re using harp geoengineering weather control as population reduction. And Edward Snowden warned us about this.

I can’t say it enough. Nile Gord this unnatural disaster was engineered and it’s a massive ritual on an ancient lay line on the 36th parallel. This is a location my brother and partner donut factory warned about. Now, that 36 number is very important because this is the 36th anniversary year since Harp was patent on 811 of 1987. Six six is the 36 triangular number. It’s also the 36 year anniversary since Hamas was founded.

And that’s why we see the civil unrest between Israel and Palestine right now. Not to mention Maui was a total ritual in honor of this 36 year anniversary. Since this patent day, it’s all being done by the elites. Guys, all this like a cowboy it down. I don’t think I’m gonna take. That’s it. We just put out a bunch of new content on our website, truthmafia. com, which is the number one alternative media platform in the world.

Truthful out. .

5G Danger

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One thought on “Tennessee Tornado on the 36 parallel in Tennessee a day after the movie released leave the world behind!

  1. This is insane. I live in Gallatin, TN and this was a terrifying event. I also watched the movie and now I’m invested.
    I also watched all of DoenutFactory’s YouTube videos about the movie. I’m ready to do more research in this area and am very familiar with the history behind who is running our government and the world.

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