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“5G Danger Alert: The Unseen Microwave Radiation Menace Looming Ahead” Tommy Truthful & Steve

By: Tommy Truthful
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5G Danger

Live at 6 PM Eastern Standard Time! 

Apple issues iPhone 12 update over radiation concerns

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“Beyond the Shell: Discovering Our Body’s Hidden Signals”

By Tommy Truthful.

Our body is not just a simple container; it’s a complex and amazing signal receiver and transmitter. Every tiny detail of our body, from the way our bones are structured to the tiny cells, plays a big role in our health and happiness. It’s really amazing that certain ways we stand or move can act like tuning forks, helping us connect with different vibes around us. Also, the way our cells change shape is essential for taking in good stuff like nutrients and getting rid of bad stuff like toxins, making sure everything inside us works smoothly.

Now, talking about special body postures, there are mainly two types. The first type is about holding a position without moving, much like what people do in Tai Chi or yoga. Just like the old TV antennas, staying in one posture helps us tune into specific vibes, especially if we hold it for at least fifteen minutes. It’s a way to experience different states of mind. The second type involves moving smoothly from one position to another, also seen in Tai Chi. It’s like a radio scanning through different stations, picking up various vibes either at once or one after another.


The Magic of Body Alignment

Interestingly, the way we align our bodies with the Earth makes a big difference in how well we can pick up these signals. Just like radio enthusiasts set their antennas in different directions to catch or send signals, many prayer rituals in different cultures also use specific body positions. For example, in Islamic prayers, the way people stand, kneel, and bow represents different alignments—straight up, a mix of up and sideways, and angled, which is really cool.

The Crystal-like Design of Our Body

Our bodies have a special crystal-like structure that acts like an antenna. This antenna starts from our belly area and reaches out towards our head, feet, and hands. Our bones and other parts have piezo crystals that can change electrical energy to movement and the other way around. Moreover, our bodies have liquid crystals and minerals forming this structure. By changing our positions, we can adjust this crystal-like structure in tune with the Earth, affecting the vibes we send out and receive.


Tiny Cellular Antennas

Our cells have a special structure that makes each of them a tiny but strong antenna. They work at high frequencies, holding a lot of energy. They either send out signals about their status or take in what they need, acting like little radio stations. When similar cells group together, they send out their own unique signals together. This is the basic idea behind acupuncture, where different body parts send out specific vibes all over the body, rather than being separate.


The Power of Electromagnetic Frequencies

Traditionally, scientists thought cells talked to each other mainly through chemical reactions. But now, it’s clear that electromagnetic frequencies come first. These frequencies change the shape of receptor molecules on cell surfaces, which then changes the way they send and receive signals, producing a whole lot of information. This new understanding is a big deal, leading us to the exciting world of vibrational medicine.

Diving into the Unknown

The idea of our bodies as signal systems opens up a world full of wonder and possibilities. By studying how our physical form interacts with the vibes around us, we get closer to discovering amazing abilities within us. As we dig deeper, we step into a future where vibrational medicine and playing with energy patterns become central to understanding health and wellness. Let’s appreciate that our bodies are not just vessels, but complex antennas, helping us connect with the unseen world that shapes our lives.

The understanding of the human body as an antenna shines a light on the stunning things our biological systems can do. Knowing and using our body’s antenna-like behavior can lead to huge progress in healthcare, sports, and beyond. But as we explore this, we must be careful about challenges like exposure to electromagnetic radiation, interference, getting too hot, privacy issues, and individual differences. Balancing the benefits with ensuring everyone’s safety and privacy is very important. By appreciating the complex nature of our bodies as antennas, we are stepping into a future where technology blends effortlessly with our lives, forever changing how we see health and happiness.


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5G Danger

Spread the Truth


5g 5g danger 5g protoection Apple issues iPhone 12 update over radiation concerns bodyalign

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