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Conspiracy Cinema Podcast Special Guest: “They Live” with Jay Dreamerz and Doenut Factory

By: Tommy Truthful
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They Live

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Tonight’s podcast is an exclusive episode of the Conspiracy Cinema Podcast featuring Tommy Truthful and Paranoid American as your hosts, with special guests DOENUT and Jay Dreamerz! In this episode, we will decode the movie “They Live” and delve into Channel 54, sending out signals that keep the masses in a state of hypnosis.


“I’m here to kick ass and chew bubble gum … and I’m all out of bubble gum.”

Are the aliens in the movie a creative representation of the world’s elite, the secret rulers commonly known as the Illuminati? Let’s reexamine this cult classic and analyze how it portrays the hidden rule of the elite.

The Premise: From the outset, as we follow Nada wandering around Los Angeles, the film establishes a peculiar atmosphere, hinting that something is amiss. Despite Nada’s seemingly carefree demeanor, the city exudes an air of impending doom. Poverty is rampant, helicopters patrol the skies, and street preachers speak of soulless beings governing the world.

Is the preacher’s description of the “masters” applicable to the Illuminati? It appears so. As Nada explores the city, the camera often captures people entranced by television screens, absorbing empty messages. The movie suggests that mass media is a tool used by the elite to control and manipulate the masses.


“Our impulses are being redirected. We are living in an artificially induced state of consciousness that resembles sleep…”

Can this statement be applied to the Illuminati? It seems likely. The movie portrays a pirated TV broadcast revealing the harsh truth, causing viewers to experience intense headaches—indicating that the raw truth is too overwhelming for many to confront.

Theylive2 -

Nada discovers a church as the source of the subversive broadcast and a slogan on its wall: “They Live We Sleep,” highlighting the dichotomy between the informed elite and the sedated masses. The revelation that an underground organization aims to challenge the rulers sparks Nada’s realization that something is profoundly wrong.

Theylive3 1 -

Seeing the Truth: Nada stumbles upon a box of sunglasses that, when worn, unveils the world’s reality. The sunglasses, though seemingly insignificant, become a powerful tool for perceiving the truth. With them on, Nada sees through the illusions projected by advertisements and mass media.


The sunglasses reveal subliminal messages in magazines, exposing the true purpose of “celebrity” and “fashion” publications. Nada also gains insight into the real nature of money and discovers that some people are not human but part of another infiltrating race holding positions of power.


Upon this shocking revelation, Nada becomes determined to expose the truth, even if it means becoming a social outcast. Many aliens are integrated into the police force, ensuring the maintenance of the alien’s rule. Nada’s journey symbolizes the difficulty of awakening people from their blissful ignorance.

Theylive19 -

Looking for Others Who Know the Truth: Nada attempts to share the truth with his friend Frank Armitage, but encounters resistance. Convincing others of the truth proves challenging, as seen in a prolonged fight scene highlighting the struggle to awaken people from their ignorance.

Theylive25 -

Frank eventually sees the truth, leading to their involvement in a secret meeting of an underground organization. The narrative unfolds to reveal that humans are being recruited by aliens in exchange for wealth and power, drawing parallels to actual politicians and celebrities who sell out to the Illuminati.

Theylive29A -

Behind Enemy Lines: Nada and Frank infiltrate the aliens’ underground base, discovering a party for human collaborators. The aliens project their vision of a New World Order through Cable 54, emphasizing the role of mass media in indoctrinating the masses.

Holly Thompson, a Cable 54 executive, emerges as a disinformation agent, showcasing the use of deception by the elite to confuse truth-seekers.

Theylive30 -

Taking Down the Aliens: Nada’s heroic act of disabling the aliens’ transmitter leads to his demise, making him a martyr for human freedom. The movie concludes with the masses finally seeing the true faces of their rulers, exposed by the demise of the alien-controlled satellite dish.

Theylive33 -

In Conclusion: While They Live is often labeled as a critique of consumer culture, its message extends beyond consumerism. The movie serves as a treatise on the systematic conditioning of human experience for a hidden elite to control, manipulate, and exploit the masses. Despite its modest special effects, the film effectively communicates the motives and strategies of the world elite.

They Live resonates with those seeking truth about an unelected elite controlling the world from behind the scenes. Apathy, ignorance, and indifference are tools that serve the elite’s interests, maintaining the masses in a state of perpetual slumber.

In the end, Nada’s sacrifice becomes a symbol of resistance against soulless rulers. They Live’s relevance only intensifies with time, offering a realistic depiction of a world controlled by an elite with an insidious agenda. To comprehend the movie’s profound message, one must metaphorically wear truth-seeing sunglasses. Do you have yours on?

Theylive321 -

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Feel free to leave a comment below if you encounter any issues with the links; they are attempting to censor our connections.

Check Out These Video Below On They Live!! 

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  • Tommy Truthful

    My name is Tommy Truthful, and I lead the Truth Mafia - one of the largest alternative media conglomerates globally. I created this platform to fight against censorship. I reached out to big content creators and decoders, teaming up with a shared objective: to bring people the truth through any means necessary. Click the link below for a personalized reading from me.

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  • Paranoid American

    Paranoid American is the ingenious mind behind the Gematria Calculator on He is revered as one of the most trusted capos, possessing extensive knowledge in ancient religions, particularly the Phoenicians, as well as a profound understanding of occult magic. His prowess as a graphic designer is unparalleled, showcasing breathtaking creations through the power of AI. A warrior of truth, he has founded and, establishing himself as a true force to be reckoned with.

  • Jaydreamerz

    JayDreamerZ is not only a capo in the Truth Mafia but also a true master of the Plasma Apocalypse. Moreover, he showcases his literary prowess as the author of Ancient Oblivion: The Plasma Apocalypse, a captivating paperback released on June 26, 2020. Engage in this unique journey now!

    Ancient Oblivion: The Plasma Apocalypse Order a copy here:
  • Doenut Factory

    The underboss of the Truth Mafia, known as the "Donut Factory," possesses unparalleled expertise in decoding symbols and occult language. For years, he has fearlessly unveiled the secrets of secretive societies, captivating audiences with his unique revelations.

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5G Danger

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