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“The Six Most Unsettling Revelations from Davos 2024: A WEF Overview”

By: Tommy Truthful
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The Six Most Unsettling Revelations from Davos 2024 by Tommy Truthful 

In case you’re curious about the reason behind the sinister figure featured prominently in the article’s leading image, it’s due to its actual inclusion in the setting of Davos 2024. This is no jest on my part. Frankly, I’d prefer if the entirety of this piece were a fabrication. Below, we delve into the six most unsettling highlights from the Davos 2024 summit.

The Six Most Unsettling Revelations From Davos 2024

In stark contrast to many mainstream media platforms, let’s dive straight into it: The World Economic Forum (WEF) emerges as an entity ridden with parasitic tendencies, led by unelected figures endeavoring to steer the world toward their dubious agenda. It’s a daunting task to fully grasp the malevolent intentions of this organization, which boasts about infiltrating governmental structures akin to a malignant growth, all while championing absurd maxims like “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy” (For a comprehensive exploration, check out my article “The Top 10 Creepiest and Most Dystopian Things Pushed by the WEF”).

Turning a blind eye to these figures might seem appealing for the sake of one’s mental well-being, but alas, it’s not that simple. The annual Davos Meetings serve as a platform where influential figures capable of actualizing the WEF’s aspirations convene, including heads of state, CEOs of mega-corporations, and representatives from global NGOs such as the World Health Organization.

Additionally, there’s even mention of a peculiar anecdote involving a witch doctor who engages in a rather unconventional practice of blowing on people’s faces.

As these attendees deliver speeches and advocate for their internationalist views, two inquiries naturally arise: What accounts for their self-satisfied demeanor and apparent marvel at their own intellect? The sense of elitism they exude speaks volumes about how they perceive themselves in relation to the general populace. Yet, even more pressing is the question of why their discussions consistently gravitate towards diminishing freedoms, degrading life quality, and increasing totalitarian oversight.

The explanation is straightforward: Their endgame envisions a dystopian global regime where ordinary people are demoted to a lesser status, granted only minimal freedoms and resources, all while under relentless surveillance and medical interventions. Essentially, their plan is to reduce humanity to a state of docile subjugation.

To realize this grim future, the WEF employs gradual measures. Through the years, this body persistently seeks to desensitize the public to initially shocking proposals. It then capitalizes on emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic to implement these proposals into practice. Their guiding principle seems to be to never squander the opportunities presented by a crisis.

The Davos 2024 event, yet again, unveiled a series of unsettling and extreme propositions that share one underlying goal: They pave the way for a bleak New World Order. And this isn’t mere speculation; the phrase “New World Order” was explicitly mentioned at Davos, on multiple occasions.

Here are the top 6 “lowlights” from Davos 2024. Why top 6? Because the WEF logo contains three 6s.

The symbolism is blatantly in your face

#6 Deranged Tapestry

Prior to delving into the discussions held at Davos, it’s imperative to examine a piece of symbolism. Adhering to the adage “Symbols govern the world,” the genuine, undiluted ethos of the WEF was more accurately conveyed through a singular decorative element than it could ever be by countless words.

Below is a screenshot from a Davos panel that included the former UK Prime Minister, Theresa May.

What’s with the obvious image of the devil on the wall there?

Theresa May and her friends were having a discussion in a room that was decorated with the Walthamstow Tapestry, a large mural created in 2009 by the contemporary artist Grayson Perry, who is known for cross-dressing.

Tapestry At Divos 2024
The Walthamstow Tapestry.
The artist: Grayson Perry. Seems like a well-adjusted individual.

The tapestry shows a lot of crazy and disturbing things, but in short, it shows a woman giving birth to a baby whose blood trail leads into the mouth of the devil.

In the depicted scene, there are figures reminiscent of the Three Wise Men positioned opposite the devil. Additionally, there appears to be a depiction of the Virgin Mary kneeling and presenting baby Jesus to the devil. It’s disconcerting to consider that our global leaders are engaging in discussions about the world’s future within rooms adorned with such unsettling imagery.

The fabric artwork is adorned with the titles of real corporations like Nestlé, Vodaphone, Nike, Microsoft, and Glaxo Smith Kline. Some may argue that this portrayal reflects on the influence of corporations and consumerism permeating various aspects of our lives, potentially leading to undesirable consequences.

Nevertheless, given that many of these corporations are present at the WEF, the symbolism of this tapestry takes on a more literal significance. It ceases to be a mere social commentary and instead appears as a strategic outline. They take pride in it.

Now, let’s delve into the topics covered at Davos.

#5 Disease X and the Pandemic Treaty

Davos2 1 -
The session at Davos focused on Disease X, alternatively titled as “Urging Support for the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty”.

Reflecting on the COVID years, members of the WEF seem to reminisce with great affection. The stringent lockdowns, obligatory mask mandates, and the proliferation of vaccines evoke a sense of nostalgia. At Davos 2024, the WEF convened a session to discuss Disease X, a theoretical ailment with the potential to spark another global pandemic.

Davos 2024 Disease X

The panel included Tedros Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization, Roy Jakobs, CEO of Phillips Healthcare, and Michel Demaré, Chair of the Board of AstraZeneca—individuals poised to benefit significantly from another pandemic.

The WEF’s intent behind introducing Disease X was strategic. Panelists themselves acknowledged its “catchy” nature and expressed hope for increased social media attention. Their efforts were successful, albeit divisive, stirring annoyance and fear among those now suspicious of the WEF’s intentions regarding future pandemics.

Former United States Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Public Affairs Monica Crowley shared her perspective on X, expressing concerns about the timing of a new contagion coinciding with the election. She suggested that this new outbreak could serve as a pretext for implementing a new WHO treaty, imposing lockdowns, restricting free speech, and further eroding freedoms.

In his opening statement, Tedros Ghebreyesus clarified that the term “Disease X” was coined in 2018 as a placeholder name for an unknown disease, with COVID being identified as the first Disease X. Despite its unknown nature, the WHO strangely asserted that Disease X could be 20 times deadlier than COVID, raising questions about the basis for this specific figure.

The overarching objective of the panel was to promote the normalization of the idea that democratically elected governments should relinquish decision-making power during pandemics. Instead, global entities such as the WHO, in conjunction with private pharmaceutical companies, would be entrusted with making crucial decisions, bypassing national governments.

Ghebreyesus urged countries to sign the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty by the May 2024 deadline, emphasizing the common global interest and downplaying narrow national interests.

Critics have voiced concerns that the WHO’s proposed treaty would undermine national sovereignty and constitute a power grab. A letter published by the advocacy group Advancing American Freedom (AAF) expressed apprehensions about the treaty’s implications for America’s independence and ability to respond to global pandemics.

In response to these criticisms, Tedros refuted claims that the treaty would cede sovereignty to the WHO or grant the WHO Secretariat authority to impose lockdowns or vaccine mandates. He dismissed such assertions as “fake news” and “conspiracy theories.”

Despite Tedros’s rebuttal, skepticism remains regarding the implications of the WHO’s proposed treaty and its potential impact on global governance.

#4 New World Order

Individuals who suggest the existence of a global elite seeking to establish a New World Order are often dismissed as “conspiracy theorists.” Yet, what happens when discussions among the global elite openly broach the topic of a literal New World Order? At what point does speculation transition into substantiated fact?

During one session at Davos 2024, Jake Sullivan, Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor, was among the participants. Sullivan’s extensive background includes serving in key roles under President Barack Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton, as well as involvement in high-level global affairs such as the Iran nuclear negotiations.

In this session, Sullivan and other influential figures engaged in discourse regarding the concept of a New World Order, shedding light on the perspectives of some of the world’s most powerful individuals.

In response to the moderator’s inquiry about whether we are entering a New World Order, Jake Sullivan offered his perspective:

“The post-Cold War era has drawn to a close, marking the onset of a new phase. We have the capability to shape the trajectory of this new era, with many of the fundamental principles and institutions of the current order serving as its foundation—albeit adapted to address contemporary challenges.”

The World Economic Forum frequently touts the idea of being at the dawn of a new era. However, this narrative is often regarded as propaganda. Without media-amplified “challenges” like COVID and global warming, the WEF would struggle to justify its vision for a new epoch. The mantra of the elite seems to be “Order Out of Chaos,” as they orchestrate chaos to usher in a new societal order.

For the elite, a New World Order would transcend national boundaries and democratic processes. This may seem exaggerated, but there are instances—such as a video featuring Klaus Schwab envisioning brain implants that render elections obsolete at Davos 207—that suggest otherwise. The reality is often stranger than fiction.

A World Economic Forum (WEF)-led New World Order would likely draw inspiration from communist China, which serves as a testing ground for totalitarian globalist policies. The social credit system implemented in China exemplifies the type of control mechanisms that could be expanded globally. It comes as no surprise that numerous participants at Davos advocated for the development of technologies capable of implementing such systems on a global scale.

#3 Digital Control

Do you recall the implementation of vaccine passports during the COVID pandemic? It was a period where millions of individuals suddenly found themselves relegated to second-class citizenship, barred from travel and public spaces due to their refusal to receive a pharmaceutical product. Many viewed this as a reprehensible mistake, but not according to the perspective presented at Davos.

For the participants at Davos, COVID served as a trial run, and they are inclined to make these measures permanent. During the session titled “Fixing Healthcare, Digitally,” Stella Kyriakides, the EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, lauded vaccine passports as a model for future endeavors.

Kyriakides casually mentioned that the vaccine passport project has been assumed by the WHO, once again highlighting the role of a globalist organization operating independently of national governments. This dynamic raises questions about the normalcy of such arrangements.

In what appears to be a symbolic gesture of elitism, the World Economic Forum (WEF) featured the Queen of the Netherlands to endorse digital IDs. The rationale behind her selection remains unclear, evoking comparisons to the Queen of Hearts from “Alice in Wonderland.”

Let’s explore the insights shared by Her Highness regarding digital IDs.

Queen Maxima advocated for the necessity of a biometric digital ID to access financial services, enroll in schools, track vaccination status, and receive government subsidies.

It’s evident that such a technology has the potential to transform society into a dystopian landscape. Under such a system, individuals who are unvaccinated could face exclusion from banking services and government aid. In countries like China, dissenters of the system experience penalties to their social credit score. The implementation of a digital ID raises concerns about the potential for similar repercussions.

While these scenarios may appear far-fetched, the World Economic Forum’s persistent discussions about free speech issues suggest otherwise.

#2 Censor the Critics

A recurring theme in World Economic Forum (WEF) discussions is the ironic notion of restricting free speech. Anything contrary to their agenda is labeled as “disinformation” and targeted for elimination. During Davos 2024, Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, emphasized that combating “disinformation” ranks as the top priority for the WEF.

This underscores the WEF’s inclination to suppress opposing viewpoints under the guise of tackling misinformation.

Indeed, the term “disinformation” serves as a coded label for any fact or opinion that contradicts their narrative. Ursula von der Leyen’s praise for the Digital Services Act, which monitors “hate speech,” reflects a concerning trend where the definition of hate speech continues to expand to encompass viewpoints diverging from their agenda.

Moreover, in a revealing video clip, an editor from the Wall Street Journal openly admitted to the media’s previous dominance in shaping news narratives. However, the emergence of alternative sources has disrupted this narrative control, prompting a shift in the media landscape.

It’s increasingly common for certain media outlets to exhibit biased reporting and propagate narratives that align with specific agendas. This trend can undermine the integrity of journalism and erode public trust in traditional news sources.

#1 Inventing Words

The notion of categorizing ecocide as a serious crime raises questions about what activities would be considered ecocidal and subject to legal consequences. If fishing and farming are mentioned as examples, it suggests a broad interpretation of ecocide that could encompass a wide range of human activities related to environmental exploitation.

The comparison of farming and fishing to genocide, along with calls for criminalizing these activities, raises significant ethical and practical questions. Additionally, the perceived targeting of farmers by certain elite groups, coupled with policies that may undermine traditional agricultural practices, is a topic of ongoing debate.

Conclusion: “In a world where the rhetoric of ‘freedom’, ‘democracy’, and ‘prosperity’ permeates the discourse of the global elite, the reality they orchestrate speaks a different language. The WEF showcases their grandiose visions, yet their actions breed the antithesis. From centralized pandemic response to digital surveillance, from online censorship to electoral manipulation, and even to criminalizing agriculture, their agenda paints a chilling picture. Is this the promised land of ‘freedom, democracy, and prosperity’, or a descent into madness? Reflecting on the dystopian tapestry they weave, one cannot help but question the life they envision for humanity.” Tommy Truthful

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