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Tunnels in NEW YORK Wonderland

By: Tommy Truthful
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5G Danger
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Tunnels in NEW YORK

Tommy Truthful: Exploring the Depths – A Look at Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.s)

Deep Underground Military Bases Nephilim


The deep underground military bases, also known as D.U.M.B.s, are not just present in the United States. These bases have capabilities to command and control troops, missiles, and equipment. Surprisingly, there are even underground hangars for aircraft.

When considering deep underground military bases, one might think of them as safe places for people of power to ride out above-ground crises. However, the potential for subterranean capabilities is extraordinary, as is the training for underground combat.

Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center
Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center

We likely know of only a few deep underground military bases due to security reasons. The Armed Forces are also taking steps to be well-trained in subterranean warfare, indicating a vastly different world below ground. Our government is working with entities that they portray as aliens, but in reality, are the Nephilim and fallen angels. Some ancient underground tunnel systems date back thousands of years to the bloodline of Cain.

Who runs these deep underground military bases? Mostly, the Department of Defense (DOD) handles them, but not exclusively. For instance, the Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, is managed by the Department of Homeland Security, and FEMA handles its above-ground installations and training. This center provides accommodations for the President of the United States and key government officials during a nuclear attack.

Raven Rock Mountain Complex
Raven Rock Mountain Complex

Raven Rock Mountain Complex, built in the 1940s, is a self-contained city within a mountain, complete with services like a fire department, dining area, and medical facilities. After losing its importance post-Cold War, it regained significance after the September 11th attacks. The facility, located in Pennsylvania, works as a nuclear shelter and command center during crises. It spans 650 acres.

The Cheyenne Mountain Complex near Colorado Springs, handled by the Air Force Space Command, supports the Space Command and Peterson Air Force Base. Its mission includes missile warnings and tracking space objects, among other duties. This facility, built inside a granite mountain, is designed to withstand nuclear bombs and electromagnetic pulses.


Nuclear missile silos, though not underground bases per se, are crucial for launching intercontinental missiles. Managed by the Space Force, these silos are primarily located in remote areas of the Dakotas, Montana, Colorado, and Wyoming.

Nuclear Missile Silos
Nuclear Missile Silos


The Aquarius Reef Base, an underwater installation run by Florida International University in Key West, deserves mention. It’s used by the Navy and NASA for training and research in marine life and coral reefs. The lab, entirely underwater, is used by saturation divers who live under deep pressure.

Underwater Military Base: Aquarius Reef Base
Underwater Military Base: Aquarius Reef Base

In conclusion, while there are military bases worldwide, the United States hosts three recognized underground bases: the Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center, the Raven Rock Mountain Complex, and the Chey

 Cheyenne Mountain Complex. These facilities are capable of national crisis communication and coordination. Additionally, numerous nuclear missile silos, operated by the Space Forces, are spread across the United States for intercontinental missile launches.

Lastly, while the Aquarius Reef Base is not a deep underground military base, it is an essential underwater installation for training and research. Overall, there are likely many more secret underground military facilities and installations that remain undisclosed.

The United States is not the only country with deep underground military bases. As such, the U.S. and other nations are advancing their capabilities in subterranean warfare, necessitating new training for troops in navigating and fighting in these environments. The Department of Defense has set up several training areas, both underground and above-ground mock-ups, to prepare soldiers for the unique challenges of underground warfare.

Tunnels In New York

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5G Danger

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  1. I see on the map you showed tht there are tunnels in southwest Louisiana, can you tell me where they are located? GPS coordinates?

  2. I’ve seen the trucks, rolling semi’s full of Kraft brand food, one semi after the other, truckers themselves shot the films, that’s where the foodstuffs went when they first started talking about shortages which they create☮️💟

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