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Dublin riots Ritual connected to the sacrifice and dismemberment of Irish star

By: Tommy Truthful
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Dublin riots Decode connection to Filmmaker Ross McDonnell Found dismembered! 

Torso and legs of Irish filmmaker Ross McDonnell were found at Queens Beach in New York.

Ross Mcdonnell

Unraveling the Dublin Riots: The Mysterious Death of Ross McDonnell and Hidden Connections

Dublin Riots

Author: Tommy Truthful

In a recent episode of the Truth Mafia podcast, which has already faced multiple takedowns on various platforms, we delved into the perplexing Dublin riots and their eerie connection to the tragic demise of Irish film star Ross McDonnell. His untimely death at 44 and the subsequent unrest in Dublin seem to be more than mere coincidence, as we uncover in our investigation.

The Gematria Connection

Utilizing gematria, a form of number symbolism, we find ‘kill’ equals 44, echoing McDonnell’s age at his death. This synchronicity leads us down a rabbit hole of dates and numbers connecting the start of the Dublin riots to McDonnell’s passing, hinting at a massive ritualistic undertone.

The Irish Ritual and JFK’s Legacy

The report of McDonnell’s death on November 5th coincides with the lead-up to the Dublin riots on November 23rd, 2023. Intriguingly, the day before the riots marks the anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, a significant figure in Irish history. Kennedy’s death date, 11/22, adds up to 33, a number of great significance in Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

Dublin Riots

There’s an intriguing numerical connection between recent events: the death of the Irish film star on November 5th, 2023, and the Dublin riots on November 23rd, 2023, span exactly 18 days. This duration is numerologically significant as 6 + 6 + 6 equals 18, presenting another instance of the 666 connection.

Furthermore, recall the incident with the Georgia Guidestones. They were destroyed 18 hours after CERN achieved a world record in energy on July 5th, 2022. The Guidestones’ demolition occurred on July 6th, 2022, which coincidentally is George Bush’s birthday. This 18-hour gap is not just a coincidence but appears to be a pattern, especially considering the number 18’s strong association with Israel.

These patterns and timings, I believe, are not random but indicative of deeper, possibly deliberate, connections. The frequency with which the number 18, and its multiples, appear in these contexts is noteworthy and could point towards a larger, orchestrated narrative.

The Warning of November 18th to 23rd

I had previously warned about the period from November 18th through 23rd as a time ripe for staged rituals. Notably, November 18th is the 322nd day of the year, a number famously associated with the Skull and Bones society. The year 2023 itself, when broken down numerologically, equals 223, further reinforcing these connections.

Skull and Bones, Israel, and Global Rituals

The past year has been rife with symbolism and hidden meanings, as seen in the war between Israel and Hamas and the significant rituals in Maui, Hawaii the 50th State. Marking the 50th anniversary of both the war in Israel in 1973 and the birth of hip hop also coincides with the 36th anniversary of HAARP’s patent and Hamas’s formation. The number 36 is notably the 36th triangular number, tying back to the number 666 and its occult significance.

The Power of Number Magic

These events, we argue, are not random but meticulously orchestrated, aligning with specific ley lines, astrological alignments, and numerological significance. As we term it, this “Masonic number magic” is a form of spell casting on the masses, using the energy and frequency of numbers and symbols.

Breaking the Spell

My work, as showcased in the Truth Mafia podcast, aims to unravel these spells, shedding light on the hidden connections and breaking these rituals’ hypnotic hold on the public consciousness. By exposing these patterns, we aim to awaken people from the illusions cast by these powerful elites.

Truth Mafia

  • Tommy Truthful

    My name is Tommy Truthful, and I lead the Truth Mafia - one of the largest alternative media conglomerates globally. I created this platform to fight against censorship. I reached out to big content creators and decoders, teaming up with a shared objective: to bring people the truth through any means necessary. Click the link below for a personalized reading from me.

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