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Red Pilled TV Did A Cataclysmic Deluge Cover The Earth During The Days Of Noah?

By: Truth Mafia
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Red Pilled TV

Dr. Kent Hovind, a prominent figure in the field of creation science, recently joined Brian Wilson in a live Skype conversation to discuss the scientific evidence supporting the occurrence of a cataclysmic worldwide flood. Hovind presented compelling arguments based on his research and geological and biblical data interpretation.

During the interview, Hovind likely discussed various geological features consistent with a global flood event, such as marine fossils on mountaintops and the formation of sedimentary layers across different continents. He may have highlighted the challenges posed to the conventional understanding of geology and offered alternative explanations based on the biblical account of the Great Flood.

Hovind’s expertise in creation science likely provided a unique perspective on the topic, emphasizing that a biblical flood narrative is a historical event that explains the geological formations we observe today. By examining geological data through a creationist lens, Hovind likely aimed to challenge mainstream scientific views and offer an alternative explanation rooted in biblical interpretation.

According to alternative theories, the cataclysmic flood discussed by Archaix was not a mere natural occurrence but rather a deliberate act orchestrated by an ancient, advanced civilization. These hidden forces allegedly manipulated Earth’s environment, triggering massive flooding events to reshape the planet and possibly eradicate evidence of their existence. They live in the Inner Earth.

Conspiracy theorists argue that mainstream science dismisses this narrative to maintain control over the prevailing historical and geological narratives. They suggest that influential organizations and individuals suppress evidence and research that supports these alternative theories, ensuring that the true origins of our planet remain shrouded in secrecy.

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The Nephilim - There Were Giants In Those Days

Truth Mafia Podcast #46 Archaix – Doenut Factory – Tommy Truthful Phoenix Event

It will end in fire in 2040!

Phoenix Event Archaix


Weapon in the Sky: Mathematically Precise Destructions of Ancient World


Deep within the shadows of ancient history lies a chilling revelation: the Nephilim, the giants of old, who roamed the Earth in an age long forgotten. These beings, born from a mystical union between divine beings and mortal women, possessed immense power and were renowned figures of the past.
Their existence, obscured by the sands of time, is a piece of a grand puzzle deliberately hidden from the masses. The biblical accounts merely scratch the surface, offering glimpses into a hidden truth that secret societies and powerful elites have carefully guarded throughout the ages.
Conspiracy theorists argue that the Nephilim were more than mere giants. They were believed to be the offspring of interdimensional entities, fallen angels who sought to manipulate and control humanity for their sinister purposes. Their immense physical stature was matched by their insidious influence over ancient civilizations, shaping human history according to their dark designs.
Today, remnants of their legacy can be found in ancient megalithic structures, mysterious archaeological findings, and esoteric symbols scattered across the globe. These hidden connections hint at a secret agenda woven throughout human civilization, where the Nephilim and their puppet masters continue to pull the strings from the shadows.
Uncover the truth, delve into the forbidden knowledge, and unravel the mysteries surrounding the Nephilim. Only by piecing together the fragments of this ancient puzzle can we hope to understand the hidden forces that have shaped our world since the dawn of time. Stay vigilant, for the giants of old may still exert their influence throughout human destiny.

On the Trail of the Nephilim 2023 ❖ LA Marzulli


How did Nephilim reappear after the flood?

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5G Danger

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Archaix as in the days of noah Did A Cataclysmic Deluge Cover The Earth During The Days Of Noah? giants Goliath On the Trail of the Nephilim 2023 ❖ LA Marzulli Red Pilled TV rephaim THE FLOOD The WORLD BEFORE the FLOOD: The ANTEDILUVIAN PERIOD titan Titans and Tammahu: Archaix Nephilim Montage Weapon in the Sky: Mathematically Precise Destructions of Ancient World

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