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Truth Mafia Podcast #46 Archaix – Doenut Factory – Tommy Truthful Phoenix Event

By: Truth Mafia
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5G Danger

Welcome, Truth Seekers, to another riveting episode of the Truth Mafia Podcast!

Today, we delve into a mind-bending conspiracy that will leave you questioning the very fabric of reality. Get ready to buckle up as we unveil the secrets behind the enigmatic Archaix, Doenut Factory, and the captivating Tommy Truthful Phoenix Event.

In Episode 46 of the Truth Mafia Podcast.

  • Truth Mafia

    The Truth Mafia was established by Tommy Truthful and his crew of independent content creators who refuse to be influenced by the Jesuit Elites. Meet our team: Underboss Doenut, Concierge Ani, and Capo Paranoid American, among others. Together, we strive for one goal: to uncover and share the truth with our dedicated audience. Explore our various channels and join us in embracing a unique journey towards enlightenment.

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5G Danger

Spread the Truth

2 thoughts on “Truth Mafia Podcast #46 Archaix – Doenut Factory – Tommy Truthful Phoenix Event

  1. I’m not familiar with Archaix so this should be a good introduction.
    I DEFINITELY have to jump in on the ADHD and Dislexic thing. Almost everyone has been told they have some kind of disorder as a child. It’s not true, it’s only done to break a young soul by them telling us, Something Is wrong you, then not only did our parents fall for it but we believed it too.
    I like comparing ADHD to a fish. If we put a fish in water and it began to swim, and the “teacher” said ohhh no no no, here at “school” we don’t swim, you are to stay right here while I fill your mind with lies that you need to memorize, and if you move around, something is wrong with you.
    I mean it is ABSOLUTELY INSANE to tell a child full of life and energy to sit down at a desk for several hours, and so called “learn” when everyone knows that we learn best by doing, by actions. Not by reading a book or getting lectured. School goes against nature, and it is EVIL to tell children something is wrong with them because they don’t want to sit down and be quite when they are CHILDREN AND WE SHOULD BE PLAYING. If anything ADHD IS NORMAL, ITS WHAT WE SHOULD BE AS CHILDREN.

  2. Ohhhh my!!!! The part where you guys were talking about the dreams, and how there was a mantis and some kind of tank.
    I’ve been digging in to this alot from a completely different direction. I come from the Biology angle, defined by the Blacks Law Dictionary 5th Edition. It’s WAY to much to text but the super short version is that BY definition “they” are claiming (a claim is the strongest word in law) that we are born DEAD. This has stumped me for awhile, how 🤔 how can they claim we are born dead and lost at sea when we are here.
    So I have 2 theories that I think are both true.
    1 is that it does say in the Bible that we are Born in Bondage, Born in Debt, Debt is another word for SIN. AND that we must be BORN AGAIN, which that makes more sense if we knew, if we understood that we are born dead, and that we are here to be RESERECTED from the Dead, just like Jesus showed us.
    ALSO…. I think they take our placentas and keep them in some sort of tan (maybe its why so many dream about this kind of thing) and also Johnathan kleck has several amazing videos on the serpent eating mankind, showing that our FLESH is the Serpent that’s why our Spirit WARS with the FLESH. The Flesh will perish but not our souls.
    They can easily be making clones from our placentas, and then a HUMUNCULUS would have to be controlling it. So there is another connection there.

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