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The bridges are falling – Family out fishing captures video of barge hitting Oklahoma bridge.

By: Truth Mafia Youtube Podcast
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5G Danger
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“I wrote the lyrics and created the beat for this song. What’s interesting is that I used AI to sing it. I’ve created several little AI artists and named one “Little IA 19″ (AI spelled backward, and 19 represents AI). The best part is that you wouldn’t even know that it’s AI singing if I didn’t tell you – only my decoders would know. It’s cool to express myself artistically by creating lyrics, beats, and videos. It’s also a great way to reach out to the youth and convey a message. 99% of the famous artists out there are AI, anyway! So, enjoy the music, and feel free to leave your comments and feedback on the song. Suppose you’re interested in discovering your role in the simulation we call life and getting your decode. Click on the link.”  CLICK ME

Greetings, Truth Seekers! Welcome to Tommy Truthful is here to report some strange events that cannot be explained as mere coincidence. Recently, we’ve witnessed another bridge colliding with a barge while playing the same old song that was played in Baltimore. And the most curious thing – it all happened on April Fool’s Day. It’s unbelievable but true.

The Oklahoma Encore

Oklahoma bridge hit by barge reopens to highway traffic | Fox News

Here’s what’s happening. A barge that was not supposed to be there hit a bridge over the Arkansas River, causing extensive damage to the bridge and the surrounding area. This incident is similar to what happened with the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Maryland. However, there is more to this story that has not been covered by the mainstream media yet. Let me take you through it.

Gematria Unveils the Curtain

Numbers Don't Lie

Let’s talk Gematria, ’cause numbers don’t lie, my friends. “Highway fifty-nine” – sounds innocuous, right?

Highway Fifty Nine-Chaldean-60 (1)

But punch it into the Chaldean cipher, and you get a straight match with “Year of the Dragon” and “Death in a FEMA camp.”

Death In A Fema Camp-Chaldean-60

Year Of The Dragon-Chaldean-60 (2)

Coincidence? I think not. It’s a neon sign pointing right at what’s going down in places like Baltimore. Remember Jade Helm? Yeah, those Walmarts weren’t just closing for renovations.

Tulsa King Predicted It?

I predicted a false flag event in Oklahoma after decoding Tulsa King.


Sylvester Stallone’s Tulsa King. After a stint in the Clink, a Mafia capo is rebuilding his empire in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It sounds like a fun watch, but it could be more than entertainment—it could be a clue.


With Oklahoma and “Manfredi” hitting 30 in Gematria, they’re broadcasting their playbook in HD.

The Purkinje Effect and the Eclipse

The Purkinje Effect: Why Scientists Say To Wear Green And Red During The Eclipse (

Here’s something for your scientific minds: the Purkinje effect. They say to wear red and green during an eclipse. Check out this link for the deep dive: The Purkinje Effect. But it’s not just about eye health; it’s about energy harvest, people. Purkinje = 30. Demiurge = 30. It’s all connecting the dots to the grand puppeteers pulling our strings.


30 In Chaldean Gematria

Have you ever heard of Yaldabaoth? This is a lion-faced serpent who is known as the “architect” of the material world, according to the Gnostics. They consider him a false god who keeps us in spiritual bondage. Yaldabaoth’s objective is to maintain ignorance and harvest energy, with us being the unknowing pawns in his game.

Properties of the number 30


  • Represent the perfect balance in the cosmic organization.
  • To Cabalistic, this number is associated with the letter “lamed,” in the form of a sickle, “to express the crop’s maturity.” It also corresponds to the 12th Arcane of the Tarot, the Hanging MAN, which is interpreted generally as the Expiation, the Sacrifice, and the Martyrdom.


  • The age at which Jesus began his public ministry. (Lk 3,23)
  • Judas received thirty silver pieces from the great priests and the ancient to deliver Jesus to them. (Mt 27,3)
  • It was at 30 years old that John Baptist began to preach.
  • Ezekiel began to prophesy at 30 years old.
  • David was 30 years old when he began to reign in Israel. (2 S 5,4)
  • The 30 kings that Joshua overcame.
  • Samson had 30 companions. (Jg 14,11)
  • Israelis cried for 30 days after the death of Moses. (Dt 34,8)
  • The age at which Joseph left prison to govern Egypt.
  • Height of Noah’s Ark in cubits. (Gn 6,15)


  • The sacrifice of the Mass is the most insured means to relieve the defects, especially the Thirties or the Gregorian Masses. This name comes from Saint Gregory, who introduced the use of it. Himself would have been informed by a revelation of the efficiency of these thirty masses. A day, inflamed for souls of the Purgatory, a very burning charity, he lamented that after his death, he could make nothing anymore for them: “My friend, tells him Our Lord, I want to grant in your favor a privilege which will be unique: all soul of the Purgatory that will be offered thirty masses in his honor and without interruption, will be immediately delivered, whatever his debt towards me; and more than that, I will not wait until the masses are celebrated, but I will deliver the soul immediately the offering poured for him.” It is unnecessary that these thirty masses, tell without interruption, are done by the same priest, neither on the same altar.
  • Saint John Climaque, a monk of the Sinai in the 7th century, described the thirty degrees of Christian perfection and union with God.
  • According to the revelations received by Mary Agreda, the Virgin Mary arrived at the perfect age of 30 and ceased aging.
  • The age of Paul during his conversion was also the beginning of his apostolic activity.
  • According to visions of Ann-Catherine Emmerick, Jesus was 30 years old when his adoptive father, Joseph, died. According to visions of Maria Valtorta, Joseph was 30 years old when he married the Virgin Mary, who was then 12 years old.
  • When the Virgin Mary appeared in Lourdes in 1858, she appointed herself in thirty letters: “Che soy era immaculate conception,” which, without reservation, could be translated as: “It is in Me that you can conceive the splendor and the perfection of the creation before the sin.”
  • In revelations of Brother Joseph-Francis, the Virgin Mary asks the priests of his locality to devote themselves to her Immaculate Heart, “but instead of that, they mock gravely of Me. Thousands of titles have been given to Me since 250 years; do they know as little as 30?”.
  • The Koran, with its 114 chapters, is divided into 30 parts. During the month of Ramadan, reading one part per day is obligatory.
  • The 30 transcendent virtues that a Buddha has.
  • The ancestors of Romulus had raised 30 towers in central Italy.
  • In India, there are 30 Raghinis or nymphs of the music.
  • Among the Spartans were 30 tribes, 30 senators, to the advice of the Ancient, and 30 “phyles” by the tribe. The Spartans also divided their territory into 30000 plots, of which two-thirds were the property of the citizens and a third that of the cities, like communal goods.
  • The 30 curias that there were in Rome.
  • Numbers were used for measuring time. Many ancient peoples used a month of 30 days, as in the Egyptian month, which gave 360 days per year plus 5 days for a total of 365 days in the year. Also, for Indians, the day of 24 hours has 30 “Mouhourtas,” each “Mouhourta” being formed of 30 “Kalas” and each “Kala” of 30 “Cachtas.”
  • The ancient Persia dedicated their month to 30 spirits.
  • Saint Epiphany says it was of tradition to believe that Lazarus was 30 years old when he was resurrected and that he lived again 30 years later.
  • The “Prologue of Zarathroustra” states: “When Zarathroustra was thirty years old, he left his country and the lake of his country, and went in the mountain. There, he profited from his spirit and solitude and did not weary himself for ten years.”
  • The 30 dynasties of Pharaohs were divided into three Empires, which Manethon (priest at the time of the first Ptolemy) elaborated.
  • The famous esoteric tale of the Persian mystical poet Attar tells that 30 birds leave in search of their king, the legendary bird Simorgh, to discover finally that they carried it in them.
  • The age of the Greek philosopher Plato was when Socrates died.
  • The distance from the Earth to the Moon is 30 times the terrestrial diameter.
  • Anniversary of marriage: weddings of pearl.


  • The number 30 is used 87 times in the Bible.
  • The number 30 is used twice in the Koran. (Koran VII,137 and XLVI,14)
  • The word empire is used 30 times in the Bible – 27 times in the OT and 3 times in the NT.

Sources:  the messages of Maria Valtorta and her Poem of the Man-God: True or False? (


Wrapping It Up

Mainstream media might have you believe these are isolated incidents, freak accidents of man versus nature. But peel back the layers, and the narrative starts to crumble. We live in a world stage-managed by forces beyond our sight, using symbols, numbers, and events to keep us in line.

This isn’t just another conspiracy theory rant—it’s a wake-up call. The patterns are there, hidden in plain sight for those willing to look. And remember folks, the truth isn’t just out there—it’s right under our noses, waiting to be uncovered.

Numbers don’t lie!

  • Highway fifty-nine = 60
    • “year of the dragon” = 60
    • death in a FEMA camp” = 60
  • harvest energy =60 in septenary Gematria 
  • Oklahoma = 30
  • Manfredi = 30
  • Purkinje = 30
  • Demiurge = 30
  • Fake God = 30
  • Vampires = 30
  • Jehovah = 30

These equations suggest a numerological pattern that might be interpreted as having significance beyond the surface level, hinting at deeper, possibly orchestrated connections and meanings.

Stay vigilant. Stay questioning. And most importantly, stay truthful.

Until next time, Tommy Truthful

Do you thirst for more truth? Dive deeper into the rabbit hole with me at Let’s expose the lies and shine a light on the darkness together.

Please feel free to explore our other blogs by clicking on the links provided below. Additionally, you can use the calculator below to check out the gematria. Please verify my work, which is completely understandable as I am human and prone to errors.

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Tommy Truthful

5G Danger

Spread the Truth
View Video Summary View Video Transcription MP3 Audio


30 in Chaldean gematria Baltimore bridge event Baltimore bridge mystery Baltimore's mysterious event barge hitting Oklahoma bridge. death in a fema camp-Chaldean-60 Family out fishing captures video of barge hitting Oklahoma bridge interdimensional gate exploration interdimensional gate theory mysterious event last fall mysterious numbers game Numbers don't lie numbers game mystery Oklahoma bridge Properties of the number 30 Reptilian-Chaldean-30 secret rituals in secret rituals symbols secret symbols interpretation The Purkinje Effect: Why Scientists Say To Wear Green And Red During The Eclipse Tommy uncovers truth Tommy's investigation Tommy's truth quest truth behind secret rituals understanding interdimensional gate year of the dragon-Chaldean-60 (2)

One thought on “The bridges are falling – Family out fishing captures video of barge hitting Oklahoma bridge.

  1. Ol Shawnee Oklahoma, where the bridge went down, my home state of Oklahoma, my actual home town was Broken Arrow suburb of Tulsa. I have seen Tulsa King also, all the 30 connections is pretty nuts. Reptillian, Manfredi, death in fema camp. they have Walmarts everywhere with those fema camps underneath them. When I lived in Oklahoma and it not only effected me but a lot of people that live there. Spirtually idk man something has a strong hold on the state or something demonically or the some time of spirits for sure, especially in Broken Arrow, Tulsa area. Once i moved away my life instantly got better and i could hold a job. Stronghold of prescription drugs and heroin is bad in Tulsa area its sad def.

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