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The Cern Eclipse Rituals

By: Doenut Factory
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5G Danger

  The Cern Eclipse Rituals Murder by Numbers Sacrifice of Peter Higgs

By Tommy Truthful & @doenut

In a universe where numbers often hold keys to understanding more profound mysteries, the story of Peter Higgs, the visionary physicist behind the Higgs boson particle, unfolds with a peculiar numerical intrigue. While Higgs’ revolutionary insights into the particle that binds the universe left an indelible mark on science, the timing of the public announcement of his passing invites us into a realm where numbers intertwine with cosmic events in a fascinating dance.

Cern Eclipse Ritual

Peter Higgs, whose contributions to physics cannot be overstated, passed away on April 8. However, the news of his departure was shared with the world on April 9, which resonates with significance beyond calendars and daily events. This date marks the anniversary of Prince Philip’s passing, a figure whose story is steeped in history and public fascination. The decision to align the announcement of Higgs’ passing with this date adds a layer of numerical mystique to the event.

The interplay of numbers 49 and 94 emerges as a central theme in this narrative. In the practice of Gematria, these numbers reveal layers of meaning that go beyond their surface appearance. The announcement’s April 9 (4/9) choice is particularly striking, the mirrored reflection between 49 and 94. This numerical mirroring is not merely a matter of coincidence but suggests a deliberate alignment, weaving a thread through the fabric of these events that forces us to look deeper.

The equation ‘CERN Ritual’ equals 49 in reduction. Gematria introduces an element of the esoteric into the scientific. 

Peter Higgs Born in Newcastle, northeast England, on May 29, 1929, Higgs studied at King’s College, University of London, and was awarded a doctorate in 1954. He spent much of his career in Edinburgh, becoming the Personal Chair of Theoretical Physics at the Scottish university in 1980. And who was the Duke of Edinburgh?

Category : Coats of arms of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Prince Philip. They just so happened to announce his death, Peter Higgs, On the anniversary date of Prince Phillips’s death, who died the same day as DMX on Little Nas X’s birthday! This information is noteworthy because St. Andrew, the Patron Saint of Scotland, is linked with Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city. 

The symbol mentioned in the text depicts an X. Also, it’s worth noting that Peter Higgs passed away on the same day as the Great American Eclipse, which formed an X over the new Madrid fault line. One of DMX’s nicknames is “Dark Man X,” which sums to 49. X is St. Andrew’s Cross. “St. Andrew” sums to 49. The symbol’ x’ represents Osiris’s rebirth, and CERN is used to open a gateway to his release. 

Peter Higgs equals 48 in Reverse Reduction Gematria. He passed away on April 8, 4/8. Cernunnos also equals 48 in Reverse Reduction Gematria. He is the Celtic Lord of Hell, after whom CERN was named! 

Black Hole Reverse Reduction 48 1 - Birthing Reverse Reduction 48 1 - Cernunnos Reverse Reduction 48 1 1 - Peter Higgs Reverse Reduction 48 1 -

Similarly, Birthing equals 48 in Reverse Reduction Gematria, matching Black Hole, which also equals 48. Could there be an AI inside CERN? On April 8, 1904, Aleister Crowley made contact with an entity (demon) called Aiwass. This entity dictated Crowley’s Book of Law. Crowley claimed he first channeled an entity named Aiwass, whom he identified as Satan, on April 8, 1904. 

Aiwass – Wikipedia

He remained in communication for three days, until the 10th, when he was instructed to draw an X symbol.

High Times Greats: Aleister Crowley | High Times

 Intriguingly, April 8 was the day of the X Eclipse. This ritual concludes today, 4-10-24. And it’s not like we’ll witness a giant portal opening in the sky. It’s about the thinning of the veil; things are happening on a spiritual and metaphysical level all around us. Aiwass sounds reminiscent of AI was, and the Bible describes a beast that was and is not, which rises from a bottomless pit. 

Decoding the mystery of the beast and the kings of Revelation 17 (

Perhaps this bottomless pit symbolizes a black hole within the particle collider. CERN is constructed on the Temple of Apollo, Revelations 9:11. “They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon and in Greek is Apollyon (that is, Destroyer).”

Peter Higgs equals 41 in PI Gematria.

Peter Higgs Pi 41 -

 In Chaldean Gematria, God Particle equals 41. This is being sought in Geneva, Switzerland, at CERN; interestingly, Switzerland equals 41, matching Red and Green; Masonic Ritual equals 41, also matching Red and Green, God Particle, Switzerland. When conducting a significant ritual, it’s crucial to ensure the energy is directed to the appropriate place, so even the colors must align with the right frequency, the right energy, in this case, connected to the number 41. They advised people to wear red and green during the Great American Eclipse.


What’s the Purkinje effect? Why you should wear red, green clothes for the solar eclipse (

Forty-one days before the Great American Eclipse, the Texas fire ignited precisely 41 days prior. If we return to 2017, during the Great American Eclipse, 41 days after the event, was the Route 91 Harvest Festival, the shooting in Las Vegas. And 41 days after this Eclipse brings us to around May 18th and 19th, which correlates with the prophecy of Jonah 3:4. “Jonah began by going a day’s journey into the city, proclaiming, ‘Forty more days and Nineveh will be overthrown.'” Fact-checkers attempted to be quite deceptive, asserting that the Eclipse only passed through two cities named Nineveh, which is misleading because others are just slightly outside the path of totality of the Great American Eclipse that occurred on April 8, the same day Peter Higgs, the founder of the Higgs Boson, the God particle, died. If individuals cannot discern this was a significant ritual, they are utterly oblivious. We might witness some staged events around May 18th and 19th, give or take a day or two.

A critique of this deceptive approach is evident in an article from Fact Check [Hoax Alert: March 1, 2024 | Lead Stories], where a close reading reveals their craftiness—the Eclipse indeed touched all eight of those locations, some only receiving a partial eclipse, which nonetheless constitutes an eclipse. This demonstrates the extent of their deceit. They tend to phrase things precisely and then fact-check to discredit truth seekers. That’s why precision in language is crucial: stating that eight locations named Nineveh were in the path of totality would be incorrect, but saying the Great American Eclipse touched eight of the locations named Nineveh would be accurate. Do you see what I’m getting at, guys?

Moreover, they’ve openly admitted in court that they are not facts but merely opinions [URL removed from the New York Post article], highlighting the importance of scrutinizing the veracity of so-called ‘fact checks.’

Facebook admits the truth: ‘Fact checks’ are really just (lefty) opinion (

They hacked my computer yesterday while I was working on a members-only video about the new movie Scoop, which covers Prince Andrew’s interview with the BBC. My computer was literally broken; I had to acquire an entirely new computer. After picking up a new computer, the Internet went down. They reported it was an area-wide issue, initially attributing it to routine maintenance before updating the status at 1:33 AM.

In my video decode, I was elucidating how the royal family, in my belief, sacrificed Kate Middleton for the Eclipse because one must offer a loved one. All the X symbolism we observe represents Osiris and heralds the arrival of the Antichrist, who is Prince William. He was compelled to make a significant offering to his father, Lucifer: either one of his children or his significant other. Mark my words, and they will soon announce that Kate Middleton died in her sleep; I guarantee it! Interestingly, they explained the Internet outage at 1:33 AM while I was exposing Kate Middleton’s death. Notably, Kate Middleton equals 133 in English Ordinal, resonating with false reality. If you’re a member, I’ve detailed this experience in a post. The incident left me nearly in tears, having invested hours into the video, only for it to be ruined. I had several readings in progress, open in Grammarly, but the computer’s destruction erased everything. Yesterday, April 9, was torturous, yet such trials strengthened my resolve to unveil their malevolence. I plan to reissue the members-only video tomorrow, April 11, having redone the entire preparation; I just need to record it anew. If you’re not yet a member of the Truth Mafia, I encourage you to join today via for exclusive access to our members-only posts, videos, and uploads.

Truth Mafia

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The Simulation Of Life


➡ Peter Higgs, the scientist who suggested the existence of the “God particle,” passed away on the same day that CERN, the place where this particle was found, was restarted. Some people are questioning if this was part of a ritual, as CERN is known for performing unusual ceremonies. These suspicions are fueled by ancient beliefs that eclipses, like the one on the day Higgs died, are linked to bad omens and rituals. This has sparked a lot of discussion and speculation about the strange timing of his death.


Physicist Peter Higgs, who was behind the Higgs boson, the God particle discovered at CERN, dies on the eclipse April 8, the day Cern was reactivated. CeRN is known for doing secret rituals in front of Shiva statues in eyes wide shut styled robes and performed public televised rituals. Was this a substitute king sacrificial ritual? The substitute king ritual was an ancient mesopotamian religious rite of human sacrifice performed to safeguard the king from danger perceived to come from evil omens.

These omens were generally thought to arise from eclipses. The man who proposed the God particle, which was discovered at CERN, dies on the eclipse. When CeRn was reactivated. Do you think that this was a ritual? We’re very confident now that we can go after the rarest, which is the Higgs. Yo, what up? It’s donut. And you tuning into all your illuminati news. What are the odds that Peter Higgs, who proposed the God particle, which was discovered at CERN on this eclipse, a sacrificial day, and Cern being reactivated, that he passes away? The eclipse is full of strange things.

The last time Donald Trump looked at the eclipse, that’s when the downfall of his presidency started to take place. And on the predictive programming of the Economist magazine shows Trump as the eclipse. The creator of the Economist magazine, Evelyn de Rothschild, passed away a day before the eclipse in 2022, just like young Dolph, who made the Illuminati paper route, passed away a few days before the eclipse in 2021.

Are these substitute king rituals? We got the civil War movie coming out the day the civil War took place. These dates are very important. What are your thoughts on all this? Put your comments down below and go support us. Go to the website get the newsletter the newsletter comes with free videos and you get updated on these strange events. Go to the Patreon to get this exclusive. Dangerous content, tons of videos.

All you got to do is click the link below. Join the official click here. It’ll bring you in where you can log in, put your information in, and then access hundreds of hundreds of videos. Anyway, it’s donut. Smash that like button. Share this video out and God bless. .

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  1. Hmmm interesting & kinda mind boggling with all these numbers linking: I’m aware to a degree but it is simply amazing! Thanks for all yor work that goes behind each of yor ‘blogs’ that illuminate & educate. (an Aussie lad)

    1. Well I thank you my friend me and my brother DOENUT factory are thankful to have you guys we really do think of you guys as family we talk about our followers all the time and trust me we noticed the ones that always support and always show love so RAZ I just want to thank you.

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