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The Saturn Moon Matrix And The Energy Of Satan

By: Tommy Truthful
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The Saturn Moon Matrix: Unraveling the Frequency Mystique

The Saturn Moon Matrix

In recent years, linguistic trends and the evolution of language have brought intriguing terms to light. One such term, ‘Sheeple’, made its way into the prestigious Merriam-Webster dictionary in 2017. This term traces its origins to 1945, cited by W.R. Anderson in ‘Round About Radio’ to portray the masses as passive and compliant, akin to sheep. Today, ‘Sheeple’ characterizes those who, without question, accept questionable governmental actions. A worrying trend, indeed, suggests a society manipulated by unseen forces. But could there be an even deeper connection, potentially rooted in cosmic frequencies? This leads us to explore the theory of the “Saturn Moon Matrix”.

The Saturn Moon Matrix

Saturn is universally recognized by its distinctive rings, yet its metaphysical significance surpasses this elementary knowledge. Several historians, including Immanuel Velikovsky, postulate that Saturn, once our dominant sun, was revered by ancient civilizations as ‘Atum Ra’ (Egyptians) and had counterparts in Mesopotamian, Roman, and Greek tales. A cataclysmic event then relegated Saturn, ushering our current sun to dominance. Saturn’s historical symbols, such as ‘The Dark Lord’, could possibly relate to ancient sun deities, as seen in the symbolic Eye of Sauron.

Basildonmordor -Eye Of Horus Vatican Lookalike Wtc -All Seeing Eye -

In 1980, David Talbott’s ‘The Saturn Myth’ suggested that Saturn’s catastrophic event birthed the crescent symbol, which evolved into a symbol of the planet itself. This theory highlights the significance of symbols like crescents and discs, ultimately leading to the birth of horned deities in multiple cultures. As time evolved, these symbols found their way into occult practices like the Brotherhood of Saturn in 1926 and even in modern emblems, like the US Great Seal.

The Saturn Moon Matrix

Another enigmatic symbol associated with Saturn is the cube, attributed to the hexagonal storms at its north pole. Religions such as Islam (with the Kabaa) and Judaism (tefillin) display evident cube symbolism.

Israel Palestine Saturn Symbolism

Now, connecting to the heart of the Saturn Moon Matrix theory: The Cassini spacecraft data indicates that Saturn’s radio signals bear a striking similarity to Earth’s. Controversial thinker, David Icke, believes Saturn’s rings project a contrived reality, suggesting that humans are not just affected by these frequencies but live within them, influencing our very DNA. With the moon allegedly amplifying Saturn’s signals, our subconscious, Icke believes, is continually impacted.

Ai Art

Saturn’s frequencies, as some argue, generate symbols embedded deep in our culture – from religious rites to modern branding. Fritz Springmeier even suggests a nefarious lineage tied to ancient societies and practices, directly linking Saturn with malevolence.

The Saturn Moon Matrix

As we dive deeper into such theories, another intriguing proposition emerges: Could our reality be a grand computer simulation? A 2012 German study proposed that our universe might indeed be a digital realm with boundaries defined by its code.

In conclusion, the Saturn Moon Matrix theory is a deep well of exploration, suggesting that our reality might be shaped by cosmic frequencies, ancient symbols, and perhaps even the boundaries of a programmed universe.

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If you enjoyed this blog, check out my deep dive on Saturn and its symbolism. It will amaze you.

The Saturn Moon Matrix

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