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They Cloned Tyrone

By: Decode Your Reality
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They Cloned Tyrone decode

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It has been 2338 days since the release of “Get Out” until the release of “They Cloned Tyrone”. “mind Control Ray Inducing Perversion is similar to what is shown in the scene where a character’s eyes are forcibly opened to watch disturbing content.

They Cloned Tyrone




The entertainment industry is no stranger to the bizarre and mysterious. Some people believe that there are secretive forces at play, manipulating celebrities like puppets in a grand experiment. According to these theories, stars like Jamie Foxx have faced strange and dangerous situations in their careers.

There’s speculation that some celebrities have been coerced into taking the COVID vaccine, supposedly as a condition to participate in movies or other projects. Some claim that the vaccines might have unforeseen side effects, even leading to life-threatening situations. Interestingly, the movie Jamie Foxx was working on reportedly delves into the dark history of government experiments on black people, which some find eerily coincidental.

In the world of conspiracies, there are whispers about cloning famous figures, including musicians like Gucci, Eminem, and Justin Bieber. Some believe that cloning technology is being used to create multiple versions of these celebrities for various purposes. While these ideas might sound far-fetched, they capture the imagination of those exploring hidden truths and mysterious occurrences in the world of fame and fortune.

They Cloned Tyrone is a gripping conspiracy thriller that delves into haunting layers, providing a unique and engrossing movie experience. As the story unfolds over a two-hour runtime, each detail carries significant value, so it’s best to approach the film without prior background knowledge. Juel Taylor and Tony Rettenmaier, the brilliant co-writing duo, have crafted a densely packed tale that may occasionally hide some details amidst the intense exchanges between Foxx’s Slick Charles, a past-his-prime pimp, and Parris’ strong-willed sex worker, Yo-Yo.

In a remarkable departure from Hollywood glam, John Boyega takes on the role of Fontaine, a gold-toothed drug dealer. His character’s life takes a drastic turn, unexpectedly thrusting him into the heart of a possible conspiracy. The implications of this conspiracy, if it were based on real events, would be as concerning and repugnant as anything in U.S. history. As Slick Charles, Yo-Yo, and Fontaine’s destinies intertwine, They Cloned Tyrone expertly navigates between socially bleak satire reminiscent of A Clockwork Orange, and exhilarating comedic sequences reminiscent of iconic films such as Ghostbusters, Bill and Ted, and Star Wars. The film manages to pay homage to these favorites while maintaining its own unique identity.

With its engaging structure and original content, They Cloned Tyrone captivates audiences by embracing multifaceted storytelling and delivering a truly human experience.

The film “They Cloned Tyrone” showcases incredible performances from Jamie Foxx and more. Jamie Foxx delivers his career-best performance, while John Boyega’s portrayal is equally effective and captivating. Teyonah Parris also delivers a fantastic performance. Despite Fontaine not being as flamboyant as Slick and Yo-Yo, Boyega’s portrayal evolves as Fontaine’s life begins to crumble, making it a truly engaging and authentic experience. The story itself adds depth to Boyega’s character, providing context to his portrayal. Overall, “They Cloned Tyrone” offers a unique and refreshing take, making it a must-watch film for any movie enthusiast.

They Cloned Tyrone will undoubtedly be remembered for years to come, primarily due to Jamie Foxx’s remarkable portrayal of Slick Charles. Foxx’s performance as the amicably arrogant, quick-witted pimp is nothing short of explosive and sensational. The way he effortlessly embodies the character is nothing short of perfection, showcasing his true talent. Teyonah Parris also delivers an outstanding performance as Yo-Yo, an incredibly thoughtful and effective individual who finds herself caught up in a large-scale conspiracy. Her strong presence and ability to stand up to Slick’s gruff personality while remaining a loyal employee is truly remarkable.

Not to be overshadowed, the supporting cast, including Kiefer Sutherland, David Alan Grier, and J. Alphonse Nicholson, all bring their A-game to the table. Every actor in this film performs flawlessly, with the core trio handling the heavy lifting exceptionally well.

Director and co-writer Juel Taylor has masterfully crafted a unique blend of wild and hilarious sequences within a dark and captivating narrative. The film effortlessly weaves elements of a paranoid thriller akin to ‘The Conversation’ or ‘Three Days of the Condor’. It could also be considered an investigation-based buddy comedy, reminiscent of ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ or ‘Men in Black’. However, it doesn’t stop there.

They Cloned Tyrone’s hilarity comes from all places in the same way that its darkness does, whether it’s via dialogue, performance, action beats, WTF twists, and so on. It’s a wildly enjoyable NSFW ride from one end of this mysterious neighborhood to the next, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a special shout-out to a character whose sole purpose is to be the epitome of laidback DGAF-ness: Eric B. Robinson Jr.’s Big Moss. He’s arguably the most superfluous character, and yet his 5-8 minutes on screen cements him as being every bit as memorable as Fontaine and other headliners.

The sci-fi plotting can get a little confusing, but it’s so fun that going back for a rewatch is a big plus rather than a slog.

The one place where possible faults can be found with the movie, at least from a casual viewer’s perspective, is that there’s so much going on at all times. The two-hour runtime doesn’t feel overlong, but without a whole lot of fluff to be found, it’s a bit hard to take in every single element that They Cloned Tyrone puts forth in surplus. But that works to the film’s favor, at least in part, by inspiring viewers to want to go back and watch everything again to catch things that were missed the first time around.

And that’s because They Cloned Tyrone also succeeds in avoiding the trap that thickly plotted movies suffer from time and again, in which a third act will almost necessarily have to sacrifice character moments in order to dole out the twists before wrapping things up. That’s an impossibility here, since Foxx and Parris are physically incapable of delivering dialogue and exposition without making it magnetic and energetic.

If They Cloned Tyrone doesn’t end up ranking within my Top 5 Movies of 2023, that necessarily means a bunch of amazing shit is on the way, because as it stands, even my second viewing itself would possibly still make my Top 10. It’s a hilarious and horrifying jigsaw puzzle where confident assumptions are replaced en masse by mistrust and suspicions, and everything that seems normal at first is anything but. I really hope they spinoff Tyrone next.


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5G Danger

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