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Fenbendazole Cancer Cure – Joe Rogan (Human / Dog Dosage and more information)

By: Disclosurehub
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5G Danger

The New Alleged Cure for Cancer: Fenbendazole

Disease X

By Tommy Truthful

Hey Truth Seekers, Tommy Truthful here, diving deep into the latest buzz on the Joe Rogan podcast about Fenbendazole, the so-called new cure for cancer. Before you get too excited, let’s take a step back and think about this. How often have we seen movies like “I Am Legend” where a cure for cancer leads to a zombie apocalypse? This is not just a fictional scenario, but a cautionary tale based on the potential risks of untested treatments.

We know the elites have a secret language of symbols and numbers. Today, we will dive into the intriguing world of decoding Fenbendazole using Septenary Gematria—a cipher based on one through seven, next to Chaldean and Pi. This is the best cipher to use for decoding.

Decoding Fenbendazole

Fenbendazole = 35 in Septenary Gematria. Now, let’s see how this matches up:

  • Disease X = 35 in Septenary Gematria

In “I Am Legend,” the plot revolves around a virus initially created to cure cancer but unfortunately mutates with catastrophic consequences. It infects 99% of the world’s population, killing most and turning the rest into vampiric, albino, cannibalistic mutants known as Darkseekers.

  • Illuminati = 35 in Septenary Gematria

The secret society that really controls the world, and it’s their agenda to release this zombie apocalypse on humanity.

  • Magic Spell = 35 in Septenary Gematria

They are using sorcery, witchcraft, and pharmakeia on the masses with their vaccines.

  • A Mandatory Mark = 35 in Septenary Gematria

The mark of the beast.

  • Boosters = 35 in Septenary Gematria

So, no, I definitely would not trust this so-called cure for cancer. Don’t fall for it, guys—this could lead to Disease X.

Stay vigilant, stay informed, and most importantly, always question the mainstream narratives. Until next time, keep seeking the truth!

Tommy Truthful

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➡ Fenbendazole, a low-cost drug, has been found to have at least 12 anti-cancer properties, according to various research papers. Despite its potential effectiveness, it’s overlooked by big pharmaceutical companies due to its low profit margin. This drug, which is also used as a dewormer for dogs, can be easily purchased online. It’s believed to be safe and is currently in clinical trials for treating brain and colon cancers.


Overlooked Miracle Drug for Cancer by Big Pharma Fears Fenbezdzol At least 12 anti-cancer mechanisms of action, 9 research papers reviewed. So I think this stuff is supposed to be low-cost, and this is some of the speculation, the conspiracy theory about like why people are afraid of it. Well, I hope that Flint is aware of this, and that it helps him to… Yeah, that’s why I brought it up. That’s very good to know. Well, I hope he’s interested in even just examining it. Oh, I think it will be. I hope so. But there’s been some reaction to this? I just found out about this a couple of days ago.

So these research papers, go stop right there, has at least 12 proven anti-cancer mechanisms in vitro and in vivo. It disrupts microtubulate polymerization, major mechanism, induces cell cycle, whatever that means, arrest, blocks glucose transport, impairs glucose utilization by cancer cells, increases P53 tumor suppressor levels, inhibits cancer cell viability, inhibits cancer cell migration and invasion, induces apoptosis, induces autography, induces…they’re trying to get me with all these words. Prioptosis and necrosis induces differentiation and senescence, inhibits tuner angiogenesis, reduces colony formation and inhibits stemness in cancer cells, inhibits drug resistance and sensitizes cells to conventional chemo as well as radiation therapy.

And they’re saying that a very similar drug in the same family has already been approved by the FDA. And that is Mendezole and it is in several clinical trials right now for brain cancers and colon cancers. So why are no Mendezole clinical trials for cancer? The answer seems rather obvious. It’s very cheap, it’s safe and it seems to be effective. Very effective. Interesting. Big pharma, big pharma don’t see a margin in it. I mean, if that, who knows, but if that is the case, I mean, what an enemy of the people. They’re preventing information and preventing people from using things.

Yeah, we’ve created a society that seems to be designed to make us sick. And then big pharma steps in with so-called remedies for it, which happen to make some people a lot of money. Fenbendazole really is that amazing. Not just for humans, but for dogs as well, for dogs mostly. My dog had massive glands for two years or more. The vets, all they would do is take blood work and take my money with no answers. I finally decided to do research. I realized her bloated stomach and her swollen glands were due to the carcinogens that these parasites excrete.

And it’s even worse when they’re leaving your body. If you’re looking to get some Fenbendazole, you can absolutely get it on pretty much anywhere online. You just want to get dewormer, right? And if you look at the ingredients, it’s pure Fenbendazole. But most of them will actually be 20%. And then the rest will be some sort of filler or anti-caking agent, because when you get the 99% purity, it’s kind of sticky. I have it, I know. You can also, I’m not going to tell you where, but it’s easy. You can also get it in 99.9% purity.

And if you want to know how much to give your dog, just follow the recommendations on the box. It’ll give you a recommendation for the 20% Fenbendazole. And then if you get the 99%, you just do a little bit of math and you know how much to give them. Through my research, you can give a dog Fenbendazole 13 days in a row. Then you need to have a two to three week break before you can do it again. In some cases, when people don’t know their dog has been infested, you may want to do this a few times in a row.

And you may want to continue to do this on a routine basis. And keep in mind, there’s also herbal ways to do this, which I’m going to share on as soon as I get to it. It’s on the list, it’ll happen soon. I also would suggest giving your dog zeolite as a binder. I do 2.25 grams per my 60 pound dog once a day when I’m giving her Fenbendazole. Now, as far as humans go, include as many pages as possible. This guy apparently cured his own cancer with it. This video and a bunch of other amazing information just like this video are on

Check it out. It’s all free. It’ll blow your mind. Brought to you by GMG. If you want products that absolutely work, check out Green Mountain Greenery and the proceeds fund us providing information like this. Stay safe and remember, love and gratitude. I’m a veterinarian in western Oklahoma. There’s a college friend and family friend. And he told me this crazy story about a scientist at Merck on the veterinary side who has been doing cancer research on mice and she had hundreds of mice that she’d implanted cancers in all her body parts, brain, stomach, liver, pancreas, etc.

And her mouse population came down with intestinal parasites. And so she had no choice but to save her research. She gave her all of her mice Fenbendazole. If you went out to any zoo in the world, they bring in Fenbendazole. The truckload, front end loader, had the high piles in vase because they give that drug to every single animal in the animal kingdom. And one of the oldest and safest drugs around, right? It’s been around for 40 years. So she did. Fenbendazole helped this man and plenty of other people with their cancer. According to Green Mountain Greenery, who reverse engineered pharmaceuticals, they actually couldn’t reverse engineer this pharmaceutical.

Benzene is an organic compound that is commonly produced from petroleum refineries or petrochemical processes. It goes benzene, convert it to aniline, convert it to o-phenylene-dianamine-2-2-amino-sophony-labendazole. Defend-bend-azole. Okay, so this is a fully synthetic process not coming from any plants at all. So there’s really no way to get this other than that. [tr:trw].

5G Danger

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2 thoughts on “Fenbendazole Cancer Cure – Joe Rogan (Human / Dog Dosage and more information)

  1. I totally agree they would never actually put a real cure for cancer on Joe Rogan show to many people could see it. More deception most likely

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