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Glyphs of Easter Island match Gobekli Tepe #short #ancienthistory

By: Library of the Untold
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Glyphs of Easter Island match Gobekli Tepe Library of the untold 


➡ The artwork and symbols found at Gobekli Tepe, a historical site in Turkey, are surprisingly similar to those found on Easter Island, even though these places are far apart. Just like Gobekli Tepe, the large stone statues on Easter Island, known as moai, have bodies buried underground with hidden symbols on their backs. These symbols, which include signs of the zodiac and possible warnings, are not only similar but in some cases, exactly the same as those at Gobekli Tepe.


What’s very interesting to note is that the glyphs found at Gobekli Tepe, especially startling artwork like on pillar 43, exact matches and multiple similar matches to glyphs all over the world, especially those in Easter Island, a place that is remote, not connected to Turkey, where Gobekli Tepe has been discovered. But Easter island, it’s found that the moai have entire bodies that are buried underground, much like Gobekli Tepe was.

On the backs of those moai are glyphs hidden underneath the earth, preserved, unweathered, waiting to be found to send a message. And those glyphs are not only strikingly similar to those in Gobekli Tepe, but some of them are exact matches, including zodiacal symbols and what seems to be warnings. The glyphs seem to hint at. .

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