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Vatican Full Disclosure: Aliens The Supernatural

By: BDELL1014
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Vatican Full Disclosure: Aliens, The Supernatural? Vatican Releases Guidance on Investigating Supernatural Phenomena by Tommy Truthful 5-18-24

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Vatican Full Disclosure: Aliens The Supernatural

The Catholic Church has recently published a comprehensive document outlining new guidelines for investigating alleged supernatural phenomena. This document, translated into seven languages, provides a framework for discerning events that transcend ordinary experiences, such as apparitions, visions, and other mystical occurrences. Historically, Christianity has recognized supernatural events, attributing them to the Holy Spirit, angels, saints, or other benevolent entities.


According to the Vatican’s new guidelines, when inexplicable physical and psychological phenomena accompany spiritual experiences, the Church must carefully study and discern these occurrences. The document outlines four key considerations for the Church when evaluating alleged supernatural events:

  1. Divine Signs: Determining if the phenomena exhibit signs of divine action.
  2. Faith and Morals: Ensuring that the writings or messages associated with the phenomena do not conflict with established faith and morals.
  3. Spiritual Fruits: Assessing whether the phenomena produce positive spiritual outcomes and if any problematic elements need purification.
  4. Pastoral Value: Deciding the pastoral value of the phenomena and advising the faithful on potential risks.

Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández, the prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith (DDF), stressed the importance of these guidelines due to the potential for misinformation and manipulation. The DDF cautions that certain purported supernatural events may be created for financial gain, fame, or personal motives and could contain doctrinal inaccuracies or a sectarian bias.

The Catholic Church asserts that any miracle or divine revelation must be in accordance with Scripture and Sacred Tradition. Incidents that contradict Christian doctrine are considered to be products of imagination or dishonesty. The DDF’s investigations into alleged supernatural events can be lengthy, sometimes spanning decades, due to the thoroughness necessary to arrive at a definitive conclusion. Since 1950, only six cases have been conclusively closed by the Vatican.

The new guidelines also address the impact of modern technology on the global perception of supernatural phenomena. With increased communication and pilgrimages, decisions made in one diocese can have far-reaching implications. Local bishops are now instructed to document their investigations and submit findings to Rome for further examination by the DDF.

Potential outcomes of these investigations include:

  • Nihil obstat: Nothing stands in the way.
  • Prohibetur et obstruatur: Forbidden and obstructed.
  • Declaratio de non supernaturalitate: Declaration of non-supernaturalism.

The DDF may also advise against publicizing alleged supernatural events to prevent exploitation. The document replaces guidelines established under Pope Paul VI in 1978 and urges extreme caution before attributing phenomena to supernatural forces. The Church warns that hasty declarations can damage faith and mislead believers.

Personal Insight: The Dark Side of the Vatican

Let’s dig deeper into the Vatican’s involvement with these so-called supernatural phenomena. The Vatican has been engaged with interdimensional entities since ancient times. These entities are not extraterrestrial beings from distant star systems but fallen angels and demons from other dimensions.


Take Azazel, for instance, one of the chiefs of the Grigori, a group of fallen angels who mated with human women, producing the Nephilim. Azazel imparted forbidden knowledge to humanity, such as weapon-making, which led to devastating warfare. This dark knowledge, like manipulating metals to create deadly weapons, fueled human conflict, releasing “LOOSH” energy—a type of psychic energy these entities feed on.

The Vatican’s recent moves are part of a broader agenda to normalize the idea of alien encounters. But make no mistake, since the beginning, the Catholic Church has been worshiping entities like Dagon, a Mesopotamian fish god and reptilian shapeshifter. The actual figures behind their rituals are not Jesus Christ but ancient demonic beings.

Nimrod Fish God Dagon

The Vatican’s connection to these dark forces runs deep. Figures like Tammuz, a demigod born from incestuous unions and a symbol of resurrection, reveal the twisted nature of their beliefs. Queen Semiramis, famed for her divine birth and monumental constructions, is another crucial figure in their pantheon.

Dagon Symbolism

In essence, the Vatican’s latest guidelines on supernatural phenomena are a smokescreen, concealing their long-standing alliance with dark, demonic entities. These beings manipulate human perception, spreading misinformation and maintaining their grip on power. Given their dark history and ongoing deception, the last authority we should trust regarding supernatural events is the Vatican.

The truth is out there, but we must discern it from the shadows of manipulation and control. Stay vigilant, and always question the narratives presented by those in power.

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➡ The video discusses the possibility of extraterrestrial life and its potential impact on Western civilization. The speaker suggests that the Vatican is preparing guidelines on how to understand supernatural phenomena, possibly in preparation for an alien disclosure. He also mentions various publications and events that suggest a growing interest in alien life, including a conference on extraterrestrial life held by the Vatican and schools conducting drills for an alien invasion. The speaker concludes by suggesting that the Vatican holds secret documents related to extraterrestrial life.
➡ The text discusses the Catholic Church’s history with extraterrestrial belief, referencing artifacts and manuscripts that suggest knowledge of life on other planets. It mentions the Book of Enoch, which was removed by the Vatican due to its descriptions of extraterrestrial beings and mermaids. The text also tells the story of a Russian scientist who infiltrated the Vatican and found manuscripts about extraterrestrials visiting Earth. The importance of discerning truth in this context is emphasized, as well as the need for spiritual discernment during the “great awakening.”
➡ The text discusses the idea that supernatural phenomena, such as apparitions and UFO sightings, are connected to both the cosmos and the ocean. It suggests that the Vatican is preparing for these phenomena, and that the Pope is meeting with indigenous people to gain knowledge about extraterrestrial life. The text also mentions the Vatican’s advanced telescope, known as the Lucifer telescope, which is used to observe entities from other dimensions. The author argues that the existence of this telescope suggests that extraterrestrials do exist.
➡ The text discusses the concept of Operation Majestic Twelve, a supposed secret project by the Department of Defense involving extraterrestrial beings. It suggests that the Vatican is preparing for supernatural phenomena, including apparitions, possibly linked to extraterrestrial activity. The text also discusses the phenomenon of sleep paralysis, suggesting it could be influenced by these beings. It further explores the idea of extraterrestrial existence in religious texts like the Bible and the Quran, and mentions a future Vatican document on discerning supernatural phenomena.
➡ The text discusses a theory called Project Blue Beam, proposed by Canadian journalist Serge Monast in 1994. The theory suggests a plan to create a new world order through a simulated second coming, using technology to fake religious events and communicate telepathically with people. The text also mentions concerns about the merging of humans with technology, such as Elon Musk’s Neuralink, and the potential for government control through these devices. It ends with a call for discernment and skepticism towards these technological advancements and theories.
➡ The text emphasizes the importance of spiritual growth and self-realization during challenging times. It encourages individuals to strengthen their spiritual abilities, align their chakras, and engage in self-affirming activities. The text also advises connecting with like-minded individuals and reading energies to navigate through life’s complexities. Lastly, it highlights the significance of sharing wisdom and experiences to help others on their spiritual journey.


I’m striving for greatness? Trying to make it? I was stuck in the matrix? Yeah, I’m striving for greatness? Trying to make it that we’re stuck in the matrix? Yeah, I’m striving for greatness? Trying to make it? That we’re stuck in the matrix? Yo, what’s good? It’s your boy Bdell. If you’re new to this channel, hit that, like, button, hit the share button, hit the subscribe button, hit that notification bell. But today I’m going to be breaking down the full disclosure of extraterrestrial life on the planet and how it’s going to cause a disenchantment within the infrastructure of western civilization.

So with that being said, ladies and gentlemen, you already know what time it is. It’s time to get those notes out. It’s time to shut down the paradigm of the deep state shadow government, right? So there’s a publication that recently came out, and it’s basically talking about how the Vatican is preparing guidelines and apparitions and other supernatural phenomena. Apparitions are appearances or communication with divine beings such as saints, angels, or Christ himself. So could this basically be the segue for Project Blue Beam? Right? Because we all know that westernized technology lines up with everything according to Prophet, prophetic divination to hide the fact that we’re going through a transmutation process, which is what we call the shift, right? So when you see this publication, also it says the Vatican is preparing to release a document giving guidance on how to discern supernatural phenomenon.

The Holy See press office announced upcoming document will be published May 17 with a live stream press conference featuring perfect for the decastery for the doctrine of faith, right? And then you got. Ferdinand has previously said in the process of finalizing the next text, the clear guidelines and norms for the discernment of apparitions and other from phenomenon according to the National Catholic. Catholic Register. So all this stuff is taking place now for those who don’t understand what an apparition is, an apparition is basically like a ghost like entity, right? Which is a phantom, a specter, a spirit.

So this is all based on a supernatural of six ether energy, right? Six. Each ether is acclimated to the ghost. Ghost entities, entities that are basically don’t hold comport, that basically hold comporial form to where they can basically infiltrate certain dimensions. So now notice they said that the press conference is going to be published on May 17. Right? Now, this is in correlation to the solar eclipse that took place, right? So when you go talking about the solar eclipse. When you go to this passage in the Bible, when you look at theological context, it says this, Jonah, three, four.

And it goes down to in 40 days, Nineveh, which is a nomenclature title for America shall be overthrown, because Nineveh is connected to the assyrian empire, which is connected to Babylon. In America is mystery Babylon. So it says, 40 days in America, mystery Babylon shall be overthrown. And 40 days from the solar eclipse was the Pentecost. 40 days from the solar eclipse on April 8, you get Saturday, May 18, of 2024. So the day before May 18, when they said, in Nineveh America, Babylon shall be overthrown, is where you have a press conference talking about how the Vatican is going to be giving guidelines for people to understand apparitions and other supernatural phenomenon on the planet.

Because also, you cannot negate the fact that during the time of the solar eclipse, that’s when CERN was activated. CERN was able to project these interdimensional, parasitical entities to the planet during the time of the solar eclipse. Right? So it’s not a coincidence that all this stuff is in correlation. It’s not a coincidence. And also, this lines up to the so called prophecies when you’re talking about the Simpsons cartoon, when you go to season 16, episode 19, and it’s called thank God is Doomsday. So you also got 518 right here, which is in connection to 40 days from April 8 of 2024, which is May 18.

Right, 518, right. So it’s also at the top, you got 144,000, which is not a coincidence, because we all know that the binary cosystem of the matrix, that everything within the simulation is mathematical. Everything in a universe is mathematical. Everything is based on synchronicities. Everything is based on a numerical sequence. So it’s not a coincidence also that you got a publication by, it says signs of alien life will be found by 2025. NASA’s chief scientists. Right, humanity is on the verge of discovering alien life. High ranking NASA scientists say, I think we’re going to have a strong indications of alien life on a planet.

You also have another publication talking about the emergency photo, the emergency action plan for alien invasion on Earth. What could happen if extraterrestrial beings decide to invade Earth? Right? So they all preparing. This is all, you know, a form of preparation. This is all premeditated. They’re trying to prepare for something, right? So you also cannot negate the fact that you got schools doing drills and simulations, preparing for in alien invasion, Wyoming Wyoming schools unprepared for space alien invasion, but Maryland’s aren’t. So all this stuff is taking place. And see, you got the poor baby on the ground, and they got him acting like it’s a tornado drill taking place.

But the extraterrestrials, if you have an extraterrestrial invasion, they don’t give a damn about you hunching over like that. That’s not going to stop it. So you also have the press conference. So it talks about how the Vatican holds a conference on extraterrestrial life, right? And it says right here, verbatim, though it may seem unlikely location to happen upon conference. Astrobiology. The Vatican recently study week over 30 astronomers, biologists, geologists and religious leaders to discuss the existence of extra restrictions. So that’s not a coincidence that all the stuff is taking place? Not a coincidence, because why would you round up so many professionals to talk about this phenomenon that’s taking place? The conference was meant to focus on the scientific perspective on the subject of the existence of extraterrestrial life and pulled in perspectives from atheists, scientists, catholic leaders alike.

So it’s not a coincidence that all this stuff is taking place in the house, all connected to the Vatican. The Vatican is preparing statement on extraterrestrial life. And it tells you right here, reportedly preparing for a major world statement about extraterrestrial life and its theological implications. So also when you look at this, also this publication, the Vatican scientific interest extraterrestrial life was publicly revealed for the first time in May of 2008, when the head of the Vatican Observatory, Gabriel Fumes, also a Jesuit, gave an interview to the Vatican newspaper. So the extraterrestrials are my brothers. It just here to the creatures on earth.

So they giving you the reality. You got so many publications, I got so many receipts. The receipts are receipting. The math is math, so that the Vatican tries to get a step ahead on extraterrestrial issues before announcements made by world governments. The Vatican is playing a leading role preparing for the world for disclosure about extraterrestrials. So there’s a few things, you know, I’m saying to basically that that basically aligns up with everything I’m telling you. So it’s not a coincidence that when you look at the geoglyph sigils on the pope’s garments, it shows you the sigil of extraterrestrial on his garments.

And it’s also emulating the crop circle that you see at the bottom right here. Not a coincidence, because all this stuff takes place when you understand, ontological artifacts. So you got the ontological artifacts. When you look at the sigil at the top in the Vatican, it shows you a UFO at the top right here as well. Let me put my phone on silent here for a second, because one thing you got to understand is that ontological artifacts is a form of iconography that proves extraterrestrial life. So this also coincides with the frequencies in the existence of the Vatican secrets.

Right. The Vatican holds 50 plus miles of shelving documents which contain various ancient documents. And of course, it is hidden to the public. No browsing is allowed. Only selected scholars may view certain documents upon requests due to its high level of secrecy. Right. And then you have theories surrounding these archives include historical records of your so called Jesus church, involvement in wars, banks, biblical relics, extraterrestrial life, and alien beings on the planet. So now I’m going to show you a video of a whistleblower talking about her experience at the Vatican. I have a lot of friends at the Vatican, and I was let in because that’s what I do.

And I have a PhD. You have to go through a whole series of checkpoints in order to get in. Okay? Barely anybody could get in there to read these documents. These documents are really old. Some of them would disintegrate. Right. If you touch them. So you have to be careful with them. Have a whole wall of something that’s called extraterrestrial research, research into extraterrestrials. And I was like, I’m starting here. There’s a great book by Brother Guy Canto Mano and his friend, who’s a Jesuit, who’s a father Mueller. And it’s called, would you baptize an extraterrestrial? And that goes along and talks about the whole history of extraterrestrial belief within the catholic church, basically.

But if you look at the history of Catholicism and you look at, like, especially people in the Vatican, they know about Emmanuel Swedenborg, who’s talking about angels and people on Venus and things like this. In 1750, there was a best selling book called life on other planets. So it’s not a coincidence that all this stuff is taking place. Everything basically lines up. Also within the Vatican. You have, like I said, you have ontological artifacts, right? This is a painting from the 6th and the 7th century, and it shows you a UFO at the top. All this stuff is coming from the Vatican.

You got some stuff that leaked out from the Vatican. You got a lot of books that was a part of the Vatican. We’re going to get into the fact that when you’re talking about the Book of Enoch. The Book of Enoch was basically redacted in 1408 when the Vatican hired Thomas Arandall. Because the Vatican, they understand the fact that when you read the Book of Enoch, they’re talking about extraterrestrial beings. It’s talking about the extraterrestrial beings, or you’re talking about the 200 fallen angels. The 200 fallen angels are known as the cherubim. The cherubim is also known as the Nephilim.

Nephilim comes from the Nephilim. Right. Which is also the one third of the galaxy that was basically kicked out of the so called heavens, which is connected to the Orion star constellation. One third of the heavens kicked out by Anu by going against galactical order. So those 200 fallen angels are basically extraterrestrial beings. That is talked about in the Book of Enoch. We finna get into that later. So it tells you about, like I said, they got many different artifacts and relics and sigils and many different manuscripts in the Vatican that talks about extraterrestrial existence on the planet.

Right? And this is from the Vatican. Vote item 1489. On April 14, 1561, a battle involving a variety of strange object objects took place over Newmanburg. Those that hit the ground turned to steam. This is a helmet that was found on scorched earth. So this is one of the helmets that was found. And also, we’re going to get into, why did the Vatican remove the Book of Enoch? Right, because anytime when it comes to westernized monotheistic religious systems, if it’s not parallel to everything that they’re talking about from a biblical standpoint, it’s basically going to be redacted.

So it says right here, it is inconsistent with the teachings of the Torah. Right. So you also had another infiltrator of the Vatican. There’s a guy that infiltrated the Vatican, rose freely. But the guy, this guy, I think he’s from. From Russia. So you gotta, you know, kind of get, you know, acclimated to his. His way of speech. But he’s basically talking about this guy who was a KGB member, and he basically infiltrated the Vatican and stole some archives. I’m gonna play it, make a request for what exact books they’re looking for. But one man who was able to explore the archive was a russian scientist by the name of Gendryk Mavrikiewicz Ludwig, who was supposedly also an architect, philosopher, and a scholar of ancient languages.

According to the story published in the russian magazine soveren Cheno Sekreno in 2011, authored by the journalist Vladimir Kushirjans. Kendrick Makyvrej Ludwig gained special access to the secret archives in 1920s, where he studied ancient manuscripts. There, he read about extraterrestrials who had visited Earth in antiquity. Hear what he said? He said he read manuscripts when he infiltrated the Vatican. He read manuscripts talking about extraterrestrial existence. But extraterrestrials who had visited earth in Antigua and helped shape the direction of the ancient Egyptians, the Mesopotamians and even the Mayans. Subsequently, he began his research of the maya civilization and interpreted their symbols to be spaceships and spacesuits.

In addition, Professor Ludwig mentioned that the library contained manuscripts about alchemy and ancient codes. Ludwig took photographs of the manuscripts and collected the rest in memory to be written down as soon as he got home, as it was obviously not possible for him to smuggle any of the manuscripts out under the watchful eye of the Vatican guards. Vladimir mentions that Professor Ludwig showed his students photocopies of the Vatican’s ancient manuscripts containing information about extraterrestrials that had visited our planet with drawings and described to them the hidden essence of ancient myths. He told them of the fiery pillar that destroyed an advanced ancient civilization.

He showed the students photos of the fortress walls discovered in Babylon melted with a horrendous temperature and believed that a nuclear blast could be the cause of this. He was also apparently very at odds with Stalins regime, which landed him in trouble on more than one occasion. And he was also known for his extensive knowledge of the occult and for his considerable esoteric knowledge. He had a vast knowledge of ancient sumerian and etruscan civilizations and also of medicinal herbs. Betrayed by his wife, the NKVD secret police arrested him in 1938. Professor Ludwig was accused of being a Vatican spy and was promptly sent to one of Stalins gulags.

Ludwig survived the concentration camps and torture and carried his incredible knowledge and language skills. He was fluent in 20 languages, including ancient ones ideals and beliefs with them throughout the years of suffering. So he would, he infiltrated the Vatican, stole archives. And you see, he’s arrested. He got arrested for it during the time period he was living. So it’s not a coincidence that all this stuff took place. So one thing you got to do, especially during this time period, during the time period of the great awakening, you really got to have, you really got to have high spiritual discernment, right? That way you’re able to decipher and delineate from what’s real and what’s fake, basically, right? Because as I was telling you before, westernized technology is basically an emulation of what takes place on a spiritual level on the planet to where you’re not able to discern if it’s project blue beam or if it’s something really spiritual taking place on the planet.

That’s what you must decipher. That’s where you have to get your mind in order. But in order to reap the benefits of those types of abilities, you got to do your shadow work, right? Because when you jump into a certain knowledge, when you jump into consciousness, when you jump into spirituality without doing your own shadow work to face your own trauma, basically what happens is, you know, it’s going to put you in a state of a illusionary perspective to where you’re not able to see things for what it is, to where you’re not able to tap into your intuitive abilities, right? So that’s what it’s all about.

You got to be so intuitive to the point where you’re able to discern what is happening on the planet. Is this project blue beam or is this something spiritual taking place? Because as I was telling you in the last video, we are going through a shift, right? We are going through a shift. So one thing you also got to understand about why the Vatican removed the Book of Enoch. The Book of Enoch talks about extraterrestrial beings and mermaids, right? And it says right here, when you go to the Book of Enoch 19 two, and the women also of the angels who went astray shall become sirens.

Siren is another nomenclature title for a mermaid. Now, I’m going to show you proof of this guy talking about mermaids in the video, and he was basically saying that they’re basically black mermaids. So with that being said, hit that subscribe button because you’re not going to get this type of information anywhere, you know what I’m saying? Because everything is an esoteric puzzle piece. We basically bring in old information mixed in with the futuristic information and modernized information at the same time, right? So that’s how you get to the inception of the truth. You got to understand the science of circumlogy, meaning that you study all perspectives, get one truth.

That’s a science of circumlogy. So I’m going to show you this video of this guy who’s a whistleblower, and he’s basically telling you his experience about seeing black mermaids or sirens, as I was telling you about how it’s connected to the Book of Enoch, which is why it was redacted in 1408 by the Vatican when they hired Thomas Arandel. So, as you see, those are statues right there. Those are the statues that was put together. And they. He’s basically given his, uh, perspectives on how that’s how big these mermaid beings that was inside the water. And he said that they were black women.

Right? But if you cannot hear the video, I’m going to basically tell you what he said verbatim during the course of the video. If you cannot hear correctly, he said people. He said people perceive aliens to be white. He said that the perception of aliens being white is not true. And he said that the great majority, basically, of these extra ratio beings are actually so called black. The ones that he encountered. He said he’s seeing them. He said they’re very friendly, and he’s been in contact with them. And he also said that they’re not reptilian, they’re amphibians, right.

Many, that they’re connected to the frequency of water, form of amphibian with scales in their black skin culture. So, with that being said, as we go back to the publication at the top, talking about the supernatural phenomenon and apparitions, talking about on May 17, whether Vatican is going to hold a press conference. So it’s one of those things where you cannot just negate just looking in the sky. You’re going to see things in the ocean as well. Because when you understand the emerald tablets and the principles of Tahuti, who was thoth or Kansa Koro as above, so below, everything that takes place in the cosmos is also works in synergy with the ocean, because only three to 5% of the ocean has been discovered, right? So it talks about, like I said, the Vatican preparing guidelines for apparitions and other supernatural phenomenon.

So you might see mermaids and things of that nature. You might see UFO’s. It’s not only subjected to spirits and things of that nature, because, like I said, we going through the shift. When you go through a shift, that’s when the star Polaris merges in the third dimension with the fifth dimension, where dimensions basically collide. And the collision of those dimensions causes a quantum entanglement, which causes a quantum fluctuation, a glitch in the simulation. So you got many different ontological artifacts that lines up with everything I’m saying. And now I think I got another video. So it’s not a coincidence.

You know, you got the pope meeting up with indigenous people, right? Because he knew that the indigenous people were connected to the inception point of meeting with extraterrestrial beings that come from different star systems in other dimensions, right? So this is the pope meeting up with an indigenous person? Right here. I’m gonna play the video. Now, you got to ask yourself, why is he meeting up with this person? What type of information that he’s trying to extract from this person from. From this indigenous black man, right? Why is he basically meeting up with these people? Right? Because like I said, when you understand the inception of monotheistic religion, everything was basically extracted from the indigenous people.

They got the edification from us, right? When you understand, uh, the black amours who were to sell outs, and when you understand the indigenous mers, that was connected to the land, that was also connected to Atlantis. Right? Connected to Atlantis when you’re talking about the Lemurians. So you got to ask yourself, why is the pope meeting with these people? See, that’s why I said you got to use the sermon. He is not meeting with your favorite so called demonic pastor. He’s not meeting with TD Jakes. He’s not meeting with your favorite celebrity. He’s not meeting with Barack Obama.

You see, he was meeting with an indigenous person because the indigenous people have the esoteric information about extraterrestrial life on the planet, right? So I’m gonna show you this video. So this is all gonna be connected to the Lucifer telescope that basically sits on Mount Graham, because Mount Graham is basically an interstellar vortex portal to where the indigenous people had access to high galactical beings, beings that come from different star systems, right? So you got the Lucifer telescope, which is basically a nomenclature title for a large binocular telescope, near infrared utility with camera and integral field unit and extragalactical research.

So the Lucifer telex. The Lucifer telescope sits on Mount Graham. So does the Vatican know about the portal on a sacred indian ground when you’re talking about the indigenous people? So after Tom Horn and Chris Putnam publicly proclaimed that Pope Benedict will resign, the Vatican asked how they knew in advance. God told them. Now they’ve gotten a download on what is shortly going to happen in the Middle east. Following the release of their international bestseller Exo Vatican, Thomas Horn and Chris Putnam were basically inundated with requests from around the world for interviews. What they discovered since shockwaves through the Christianity.

Concerning Christianity. Concerning the Vatican’s advanced telescope, which sits on top of Mount Graham in Arizona. Because we all know about Arizona. Arizona is a high. Is a highly spiritual geographical landmass when you’re talking about the sedona vortex, right? Because there’s a lot of interstellar vortex portals that connect you to the space time continuum, right, to where you’re able to manipulate timelines and go into other dimensions. So the Vatican telescope, which is also known as the Lucifer telescope, right? It’s also known as the Lucifer telescope, and it’s basically comprised of the two technological telescopes of the Galileo and Sentilli that basically has the convex lens and the concave lens.

So this is how you’re able to see antimatter, which is also light, and you also have matter, which is also light. That is the main thing about the Vatican telescope, because they basically trying to see entities from other dimensions that don’t take corporeal form and entities that have the existence of physical matter. Now, for those who do not understand the quantum physics aspect of matter versus antimatter, now, the lithium atom is basically a noble gas, right? So you got non noble gases in the universe, which is carbon, lithium, sulfur, helium, hydrogen, exon, radon, argon, and krypton.

So lithium is one of the non ether gases that creates matter, right? Which is a physical substance, which is carbon, dark matter, energy. Then you also have antimatter, which is anti lithium, which is an atom. So what I’m basically saying is, when you go to the next slide, one thing you got to understand about matter, because the photon hydrogen atom creates electrons, electrons create elements, and elements create molecules. Molecules create organs, and organs create organ systems, and those organ systems create quarks. Quartz are basically lepatons. Lepratons are basically electrons. Those electrons have the ability to create physical existence, physical existence in a form of trapped light, which is an amalgamation of subatomic particles, which are photons.

So what the Vatican telescope does, it basically shows you beings that that’s basically able to take comporial form in the antimatter telescope of the Lucifer telescope sees antimatter, which is a form of ether for beings that don’t take comporial form, right? So that is basically the distinguishment between matter and antimatter, right? So antimatter is basically comprised of antiquartz. Antiquarts are basically protons. Protons and neutrons, which are basically neutrinos. Neutrinos is a form of light, false light, photons, right? So that is basically why they. Because one thing you can understand, if extraterrestrials did not exist, why would you create this luciferian telescope, right? Comprised of the same technology of the galilean Galileo telescope, in a Santilla telescope that has a convex lens and a concave lens.

Antimatter versus matter, right? Which is based based upon the frequency of light. So that’s what the Vatican telescope, it helps you see into other dimensions. So when you able to see into other dimensions, when you have those interstellar vortex portals opened up on Mount Graham, this is where you’re able to see certain entities and certain UFO phenomenon. Because if it wasn’t for. If it wasn’t real, why would you create that form of technology, right? So that’s why I. Like I said, you got to use your discernment, you got to use your spiritual intuition. Everything is not a goddamn psyop.

Everything ain’t project Bluebeam. Because like I said, they use westernized technology to hide the fact that we going through the shift, right? Because when. When something does take place and something, some type of spiritual phenomenon, something supernatural, you might see an anunnaki or mothership or something like that, people going to be like, oh, that’s Project Blue beam. When really something that actually took place, right? Because there’s another, you know, one thing you got to understand that once you read and once you reach the apex of consciousness, we’re able to transmute our biological vessels into the Merkaba lightship to where we’re also able to turn into UFO’s.

But that’s a whole other video, right? So if Project Blue beam. You know, I’m saying if the Vatican telescope was basically. Was, you know, if it was created, you know, you know, why would you create that if extra ratios and UFO’s didn’t exist? That’s all I’m saying. So everything is not subjected to a psychological operation. Everything is not propagated by the government. Ain’t no way. So, even more astonishingly, the personnel, the personal secretary to the pope now saying John related in the third, the Pope John was visited by a tall nordic being who landed flying saucer in the Vatican gardens.

Now, one thing you understand about the Nordics at all, Nordic is basically a Pleiadian. You got two different factions of plead atians. You got Ashtar command, and then you got the Pleadians that worked with the galactic Federation, right? This, like, you have two different factions of Anunnaki. You have the cherubim and the seraphim, right? Which is basically comprised of the Elohim. So this is also connected to the majestic twelve because the majestic twelve is comprised of Ashtar command, the insectoids in the draconian reptilians, who was also known. Known as the Archons, which is also known as the cherubim or the 200 fallen angel in the Bible, right? So it’s not a coincidence that the pope met with a tall nordic being in the Vatican gardens, right? So one thing you got to understand about majestic twelve, majestic twelve is basically a proxy for the Department of Defense.

So operation Majestic twelve is basically talking about you have many different extraterrestrial beings, extraterrestrial biological entities that is comprised of grays, zeta reticula, grays, draconians and insectoids. Right? So now, this is all connected to everything that was telling you about to prepare for supernatural phenomenon, because there’s a lot of that’s getting ready to take place spiritually on the planet. Because I was telling you before, the star Polaris merges in the physical world with the spiritual world, to where it causes a quantum entanglement, which causes a quantum fluctuation to where you’re able to see apparitions and supernatural phenomenon on the planet.

So now the Vatican is preparing guidelines for apparitions and other supernatural phenomenon. Right? So why is that now? So, with that being said, don’t be surprised if the influx don’t be surprised if the influx of sleep of sleep paralysis is at peripheral lady numbers. So, with that being said, a lot of people are going to be going through this phenomenon, this supernatural anomaly called sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is when you basically have grades, basically infiltrating your biological frequency while you’re sleep. So it’s not a coincidence that you’re going to see a lot of things in your sleep when you’re in a sleep state, because the sleep state, when you’re in the theta state, the brain’s in the theta state when you sleep to where you’re able to basically see into dimensions.

Basically. So, like I said, you got grades that don’t take comporial form. You got some that are able to shape shift. They can shape shift into the ethro state and they can shape shift into a physical entity. So you also got these ontological artifacts in the Vatican. So why would you put stuff like this inside the Vatican if extraterrestrials didn’t exist? This is a sumerian astronaut, one of the ontological artifacts inside the Vatican. Now. Now we finna get into more theological context that proves my claim about extraterrestrial existence on the planet. Right? So when you go to this publication right here, talking about the mystery clouds, are they UFO’s? By Doctor Malakazi York.

Right? So when you understand the nomenclature, title of heaven, heaven comes from the greek word ouranos. Oranos is connected to the word Orion. Orion is a certain concept, a certain star constellation. So when you go to Amos, chapter five, verse eight, it tells you that heaven is in the Orion right, which is also known as the seven stars, where you get the tv show called 7th Heaven, right? So when you also go to job, chapter nine, verse nine, arcturus Orion pleadates. And the chambers of the south, they talk about these star constellations in the Bible, right? To let you.

That proves to you that you have extraterrestrial phenomenon. Also, when you go to where we at. So as I was telling you before, one thing you got to understand about, you know, certain apparitions and phenomena, supernatural phenomenon is not only subjected to spirits or whatever, it’s also talking about UFO’s. So you can also have UFO’s that don’t take comporial form by where they’re able to go into fourth octave ether. When they’re able to go into fourth octave ether, that means that it’s basically facilitating the technological devices on the planet to have a cloaking form of technology.

So have you ever looked up into the clouds and noticed that sometimes they resemble certain shapes, like animals or even people or even objects. You even seen clouds change colors when the weather is about to change in the shadow hours, right? So one thing you got to understand about clouds, it tells you right here in Exodus 1321, clouds move strategically across the sky. They stop and they go and they illuminate at night. Then when you go to Exodus, Exodus 1419, the pillar of clouds led the children of Israel into their journey in the wilderness. And then you also go to the Holy Quran.

It talks about the canopies of clouds, right? So all this stuff is connected to a form of a symbology of UFO phenomenon. Also, you go to Thessalonians, chapter four, verse 17, during the time of the tribulation, where people will ascend up into heaven in a cloud. You don’t ascend into a cloud. You ascend up onto a basically a UFO or so called spaceship, right? Then when you go to acts one nine, it talks about how he was taken up a cloud, received him out of their sight. Then also when you go to revelations, chapter eleven, verse twelve, in the second coming of Christ into the earth.

So it talks about, you know, an amalgamation of clouds, which is basically light as a feather that has an illumination aspect. Only things that basically illuminate are UFO’s or spaceships or whatever you want to call them, identify objects. Now, you also. You cannot. So I’m basically what I’m showing you. I’m showing you the hypocrisy of people who are stuck in monotheistic religion. They believe in, you know, Jesus walking on water and all this other stuff and Moses parting the Red Sea. But you don’t believe in UFO’s, you don’t believe that extra racial beings exist, but you believe all the other bullshit in the Bible, right? You believe all the allegories and mythologies in the Bible.

But how can you negate something when they’ve been telling you about extraterrestrial existence in the Bible if you knew how to read it correctly, right? So it tells you right here in Luke, chapter nine, verse 35. While Peter yet spake, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed him, right? Crowds, clouds, don’t, you know, turn up bright. Anything that’s bright has a form of a spectrum of light, spectrum of lights or frequencies or whatever that is all connected to UFO’s and identify objects. So also, as I was telling you before, you have extraterrestrial involvement in the Bible and in the Holy Quran.

So, extraterrestrial, one thing you understand is that the word terrestrial means earthly to basically reside within the earth’s atmosphere. And extra is basically an extra being that’s coming to the terrain or terrestrial on planet Earth. So, with that being said, one thing you got to understand is that one thing about clouds, because we’re going to see a lot of things in the clouds, because everything is in our atmosphere, has basically been manipulated ever since the solar eclipse on April 8. So, one thing you understand about the materialization of clouds, they have a form of convection. Convection is when you have radiation that’s basically extracted from the ground and uplifted into the nimble sphere, right? And in a nimble sphere, clouds are basically supposed to move.

In the nimble stratus, clouds are not supposed to rest. Anytime you see a cloud that’s resting, that is basically a UFO using the cloaking technology by going into fourth octave ether, right? Ether is a form of a gas. Gas is amalgamated by a way of clouds and things of that nature. So I’m going to show you some more videos, because all this stuff is connected to May 17. As I was telling you before, on May 17, 2024, the Vatican will release a detailed document providing guidance on how to discern supernatural phenomena, apparitions, appearances, or communication with divine beings, such as saints, angels, or Christ himself.

The last time the Vatican released guidance on apparitions was in 1978 under Pope Paul VI. That document, norms regarding the manner of proceedings and the discernment of presumed apparitions or revelations, was released due to the increased influence of mass media. The miracle of Fatima in 1917 is perhaps the most well documented apparition in the modern day. After an alleged series of appearances by the Virgin Mary to several peasant children that promised a public miracle. Tens of thousands of people in Fatima claimed to witness the sun move erratically across the sky and produce radiant colors for several minutes.

Project Blue Beam is a conspiracy theory that claims that NASA and other government agencies are attempting to implement a new age religion with the Antichrist at its head and that new age religion. I did a public. I did a video on. I did a transmission on it, and it’s basically talking about Rayleigh ism. Rayleanism is basically a form of ufology that’s connected to a form of theology, right? So, like I said, project Blue Beam. That is a. That is a real psychological operation that’s going to be facilitated by the governmental elites. But one thing you understand, everything is not fake.

Everything is not a psychological operation. They only pull these psychological operations in these black swan events in order to propagate a certain agenda. Everything is not fake. Everything is not extracted by the government. Some things are actually happening, but that’s what I’m saying. The government, the plistocracy, they have contactees that’s connected to extra restaurants, the male Neville exteriors. They’re in contact with them, and that’s where they get their information from. They get their information from them to understand what’s going to be taking place on a planet, to have certain agendas that’s aligned with certain phenomenon and certain spiritual things that’s going to be happening on the planet.

To hide the fact that we’re going through a shifting process. It’s kind of like. Like I said, it’s a catch 22. Basically. Like I said, it’s one of those things. They just try to hide their hands. They’re basically trying to hide their hand. I’m gonna keep playing the video and start a new world order via a technologically simulated second coming. This theory was put forth by a man named Serge Monast, a canadian journalist who published the theory in 1994. According to Monast, project Blue beam would involve several steps. The first step would allegedly involve faking discoveries that would discredit all fundamental religious doctrines.

Then three dimensional optical holograms and sounds would be projected into the sky, simulating figures important to various cultures and religions, which would merge into one after explanations of their individual mistakes. Telepathic electronic means would be used to communicate with each individual on earth, convincing them that their God. I’m gonna pause this right here. So, you know, I must interject and give you, you know, this analytical, substantial evidence that I’m basically going to give you one thing. You got to understand, as he was talking about how there’s going to be a so called telepathic communication. This is why they want to merge humans with cybernetics, to create a cybernetic dictatorship by way of transhumanism.

So this is why they want to implement neuralink. When you have neuralink, they put a stem, a receiver at the back of the neocortex to where it basically creates this dynamic that you get in telepathic communication for from extraterrestrial beings on the planet. Right? When really, is the government putting out frequencies in your brain telling you to do certain things? So, like I said, that’s why you got to be very meticulous and be able to decipher and discern what’s going to be taking place on the planet when something actually happens from a technological standpoint, because telepathic ability is real.

But like I said, westernized technology is basically an emulation of our natural abilities. That’s where it’s basically extracted from speaking to them directly. I’m gonna play it back a little into one. After explanations of their individual mistakes, telepathic electronic means would be used to communicate with each individual on earth, convincing them that their God is speaking to them directly. The final step would supposedly use electronic means to create the illusion of an alien invasion. And mind you, you know what I’m saying? It’s not a coincidence. That iPhone, they put out those AirPods that basically is able to listen to your thoughts and things of that nature.

So, you know, you got to be very meticulous of all these technological devices that you buy and these new. All this stuff. Like I said, it ain’t nothing but cybernetic dictatorship, and it’s based on the form of a totalitarian government, which is a form of a dictatorship. All they trying to do is control people by way of the mind. That’s why it’s called governor, meant to control the mental, control the mental with technological devices. So this is why you got to be very meticulous of elon Musk, basically. You got to be very meticulous of his so called futuristic technology.

That technology is basically going to be the precursor to the segue of the so called Antichrist and how he wants to create this UFO religion in the future. That’s basically going to be a form of luciferianism, exception of the rapture and return of Jesus. To manipulate believers into accepting the new religion. Monist claimed that his work exposing Project Blue Beam had made him a target for harassment by government authorities, which he believed was part of a campaign to silence him. According to reports and his own accounts, Monast and another journalist were repeatedly arrested and had their children taken away by authorities, ostensibly due to their involvement in publicizing conspiracy theories, which the government found disruptive or threatening.

Monast attributed his legal and personal troubles to his stance against what he believed to be a global conspiracy. He ultimately died of a heart attack in 1996, which some claim was induced or somehow facilitated by government agents as a way to permanently silence him. Not a coincidence. Not a damn coincidence. So, ladies and gentlemen, this is a wonderful time to be alive because we going through many different changes on the planet. We’re going to be seeing supernatural phenomenon. So if you do see something, don’t think that it’s fake. Like I said, just use your spiritual discernment.

That’s all you got to do. Your gut feeling. Your gut will never lie to you. Never. This is another thing that I came across. It talks about the Antichrist, the Vatican, and the alien Cern disillusioned. This was released. The United States Department of Defense announced a new UFO task force to find and identify UFO activity in restricted areas. Now, this book reveals the identity of the beings behind the UFO’s, their connection to the Vatican, their connection to CERN, and the plans they have for humanity in the days ahead. So, you know, what’s crazy about this book is because I got the PDF, and this book came out in the early two thousands, and it’s kind of crazy how all this basically lines up with the last few videos that I’ve been putting out, talking about the Antichrist, talking about extraterrestrials, and also talking about sun.

So all these videos that I’ve been putting out, like, it’s a. It’s a piece to the puzzle. It is a piece to the puzzle. So for those new coming in, like I say, hit that subscribe button. Hit that like button. Get the likes up. And if, you know, I’m going to give a brief synopsis and a rundown. So the basis of this video was basically talking about the Vatican preparing guidelines for apparitions and other supernatural phenomenon. Apparitions are basically appearances or communication with divine beings, such as saints, angels, or Christ himself. Right. They’re trying to prepare you for something.

So the Vatican is preparing to release a document giving guidance on how to discern supernatural phenomenon. And it talks about how it’s going to be published May 17 with a live stream press conference with the perfect for the decastery for the doctrine of faith. So, like I said, May 17 is actually the day before the 40 days is up when you go to Jonah, chapter three, verse four, when it says that Nineveh shall be overthrown. So it tells you right here, 40 days, Nineveh shall be overthrown. Nineveh is another title for America. America is mystery, Babylon, because Nineveh was connected to the assyrian empire.

So Jonah, chapter three, verse 440 days and Nineveh shall be overthrown, which is also known as America. 40 days from the solar eclipse, you got Saturday, May 18, 2024. That is actually the day after the press conference, talking about the Vatican preparing the guidelines for apparitions. Not a coincidence. So this is all connected to the solar eclipse because 40 days from Nineveh, it talks about the Pentecost. Then it goes into the Simpsons episode on season 16, episode 19, talking about thank God, and it’s doomsday. And it shows you the date of May 5, May 18th, basically.

And at the top you got right here, it’s got 144,000. Not a coincidence. So it goes into many different publications, talking about alien life will be found by 2025. The emergency action plan for alien invasion on earth. And you got the schools doing simulation and drills, talking about alien invasions. Then you got the Vatican Holden prep press conference about extraterrestrial life. And then you got the Vatican preparing statements for extraterrestrial life. You got all this stuff happening all at once. Then you got the geoglyphs of the pope’s garments showing you the sigils of extraterrestrials that emulate the crop circles.

Then you got ontological artifacts in the Vatican. Then you got the Vatican archives that holds 50 miles of information talking about extraterrestrials. So you got ontological, ontological artifacts of iconography talking about all this stuff in the Vatican. Then you got the. Then you got talking about right here why the Vatican basically removed the Book of Enoch out of the Bible in 1408. When they hired Thomas Arandall, it was basically redacted because they said it was inconsistent with the Torah. So it goes into the fact it talks about mermaids, because that’s why they took a. Took the Book of Enoch out.

It talks about extraterrestrials. It talks about the sirens. When you go to the Book of Enoch, chapter 19, two talks about mermaids, and you got the Lucifer telescope. And it talks about how the Lucifer telescope was basically built on Mount Graham in Arizona. That’s connected to the Sedona vortex. The Sedona vortex is an interstellar vortex, portal to other dimensions. So that’s why they built that. That telescope, because it’s able to see matter and antimatter. So that’s what’s happening right now, man. All this stuff is taking place on a planet. Now I’m gonna, you know, give a brief synopsis and a dialogue with you guys.

So, it’s one of those things, man. If you think you know something taking place on the planet, if it’s gonna be project blue beam, or if you think it’s really something that’s supernatural on the planet, you know, put it in the comments. Tell me what you think. Do you think it’s project blue beam or you think it’s something spiritual going on? Because we’re going through the shift, right? So, like I said, you got to use your spiritual discernment. You got to use your spiritual intuition. You got to use your spiritual abilities during this time period because you’re going to need it like no ever.

Otherwise, you’re going to get your ass going to get lost in the sauce. You’re going to be connected to the trichology that’s going to be facilitated by the plastocracy, right? So it was one of those things where you know everything, see one thing that what they’re trying to do, they’re trying to commercialize, you know, this phenomenon of spirituality to where you don’t think it’s real. Because anytime you commercialize something like that, people automatically is going to think it’s a host, basically. They’re automatically going to think it’s a hoax. So we live in a time right now, you know, it’s very critical.

You got to start using your pragmatic abilities, right. Everything right now, you know, is based on prophecy. This is based on divine alignment. This is based on the form of cosmic order. Because like I said, we in the age of the true light, everything is getting exposed. Everything is getting exposed, which causes a quantum fluctuation, a quantum entanglement. Everything gets exposed in the simulation. And the reason that is is because, like I said, 2024 is the embodiment of karmic retribution. The karma is the exposing of the system that subjugated humanity for the last 6000 years under the lunar cycle.

So this is a wonderful time to be alive right now. You know, this is a time to get as much information as you can. This is the time you’re supposed to be reading. You know, this is the time you’re supposed to be getting your spiritual chakras in alignment. You know, I’m saying you got to tap in to do your shadow work. Because if these spirits and these apparitions and all the supernatural phenomenon, if they’re infiltrating planet Earth is one of those things where you can be compromised as well. If you haven’t done your shadow work, because you have holes inside your aura, your chakras is out of balance.

Get your chakras in order, start going to the gym, start drinking more water, start working out, you know, start reading more, start doing things that are basically self affirming, that puts you in alignment to reach the benefits of your higher self. Because if you at your lower state and when these entities come in, when you’re talking about the supernatural phenomenon, these apparitions that the Vatican is talking about, you’re going to be infiltrating, right? So you have to look in a mirror and do your own self realization. Self realization puts you in alignment to where you become a master.

You have to master yourself and learn yourself intuitively in order to reach the apex of consciousness. So, like I said, it’s one of those things, man. We live in very critical times. A lot of stuff is going to be happening. A lot of shit is going to be happening. So that’s why, you know, you got to get with your spiritual tribe. You got to get with like minded people. You know what I’m saying? To hell with your family. Don’t nobody give a fuck about linking up with people from the past. Link up with people who was on your frequency.

Link up with people who have the same thinking process as you. Link up with people who is your true spiritual family, right? That’s what makes you family. By way of on how y’all connect on an energetic level, not because y’all damn blood or whatever, you know, that’s a. That’s a three dimensional construct. So you gotta see, you know, I’m saying you gotta stop seeing people for who they are. You gotta see energy, because energy don’t lie. So when things get tough, that’s how you’re gonna connect with your spiritual family. You gotta read the energy. You gotta have the ability to read the room right? Because a lot of people are going to be infiltrated spiritually as we go through the shift.

You gotta have the ability to read the room right before you go in that damn room to see who don’t like you, to see who’s plotting on you, you know? So with that being said, ladies and gentlemen, get that. Get this video out there, because there’s a lot of stuff that’s taking place. There’s a lot of spiritual implications that’s going to be taking place on a planet. So get this video out there. Share the video like and subscribe, get the likes up. Share this video as much as possible so we can, you know, tap into the algorithm so they won’t try to suppress and subjugate the video.

So with that being said, ladies and gentlemen, end of transmission 1014. We will put it into this madness. Since I last called you back on your line so I hope and I pray for your hand to help me on the ladder to the land. Calm is going to get to you and then you’ll have a cherry yet with only one less friend. Now I had distant folks that are looking to my eyes to understand the wisdom he’s given and his wealth from the skies. So thanks for this that I’m about to receive and thank you for my health and all the good memories.

Thanks for the courage. Taken on another day when I used to not believe but now I know about grace. Stay away from the fire. Cause the flames does burn. Go. What you got feeling when it’s wrong, you learn for every one step I take, the Lord takes two. And, um, do unto others if you want it done unto you. Huh. It’s me again, God, I know it’s been a long time since I last called you back on your line so I hope and I pray for your hand to help me on the ladder to the land.

It’s me again, God, I know it’s been a long time since I last called you back on your line so I hope and I pray for your hand to help me on the ladder to the just a completion the sophist, proto grecian, Amerindian, Phoenician. I’m the last of the Mohicans, the bastard of the land, the pen melon and accretion and we just trying to get back to the fact that we was kings and queens of Atlanta but the avalanche seized it. I live on Turtle island with the rest of the diseased. Better than the medicine for seven different treatments.

Niggas try to ride away but end up getting seasick, asleep and feel my words like Breland. They’re awakened with the penmanship of hindu strip written in them. Vacant monastery honorary payments to prototype. Tomorrow’s only a day away, but nothing happens overnight. The fuck’s wrong with going left when you know it’s right? Biting off more than I can chew. That’s a overbite. Black on black crime is like watching two soldiers fight when all along they was on the same page. History. It’s me again, God, I know it’s been a long time since I last called you back on your line.

So I hope and I pray for your hand to help me on the line ladder to the land. It’s me again, God, I know it’s been a long time since I last called you back on your line, so I hope and I pray for your hand to help me on the ladder to the land.

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