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They cloned Jamie Foxx in a Osiris resurrection ritual #128 that will blow your mind!

By: Tommy Truthful
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Jamie Foxx portrayed the character Joe in the movie Soul, where his character falls into a coma. It’s quite ironic that similar to the storyline, Jamie Foxx was compelled to undergo an experiment to continue his work in the film industry. The concept of cloning is intriguing, especially in movies that explore government experiments on individuals. As a result, there are discussions surrounding Jamie Foxx being a clone after the release of the movie. This entire situation seems to reflect the revelation of the method, employing lesser magic and predictive programming. It’s fascinating how truths are conveyed through deceptive means, like in movies, allowing karma to be freed in unconventional ways. This phenomenon is deeply rooted in ancient witchcraft. Presently, we are experiencing a significant ritual, paying homage to the resurrection of Osiris, with Jamie Foxx symbolically represented by the two Xs in his name. Even Elon Musk’s interest in changing Twitter to the X symbol, with X representing 6 in the reduction cipher XXX=666, adds further intrigue. The practice of sigil magic comes to mind, where the X symbol becomes imbued with energy, which is later released when the symbol is destroyed, manifesting in our physical reality. We’ve witnessed similar examples in history, such as the premonitory movies and symbols associated with the Twin Towers before their tragic collapse on 9/11. The destruction of the towers released the energy from the sigil, transforming two into one, akin to the merging of Solomon’s pillars. Currently, the focus is on the X symbolism, linked to the Golden Gate Bridge and the Hoover Dam, with the anticipated burst of the dam symbolizing the birth of the Antichrist. The subsequent destruction of the Golden Gate Bridge, representing the gateway for the Messiah’s return, will usher us into a cashless society, marked by another X, XRP digital currency.

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Jamie Foxx Killed And Cloned.

Jamie Foxx

Between the bridge collapse in Pittsburgh on January 28th, 2022 (119 days prior to the Golden Gate Bridge’s birthday) and October 28th, 2023, there are precisely 91 weeks and 1 day. This sequence of events can be represented as #911. 10-28-2023=81, “ritual” = 81 (Ordinal) Please remember to mark October 28th, 2023 on your calendar for a special event. It is Bill Gates’s birthday and there will be a Ritual! “Biblical Code” = 128(Latin)

Pittsburgh bridge collapses ahead of Biden city visit to talk infrastructure

Screenshot 2023 07 25 121428 -

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3 thoughts on “They cloned Jamie Foxx in a Osiris resurrection ritual #128 that will blow your mind!

  1. Song in my head When the walls come tumbling down …
    Will the walls ever come tumbling down for them? They get away with murder.

  2. I got a problem with Jamie’s skin color, being sick will make you pale, but this degree of palest on Jamis is not real looking 😢I hope the real Jamie shows up soon!

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