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True Detective session 4 & 1 Decoded Child Sacrifice predictive programming!

By: Tommy Truthful
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5G Danger

True Detective session 4 Tommy Truthful decodes 1 & 4 Watch True Detective here

“Video below season three episode two 21 minutes 56 seconds into the episode.”

The Video below Is season  3 episode 6 Hunters in the Dark 

The next video is from season 3 episode 7 

In the first scene of Season 4, Episode 1, we see a deer motif, just like in Season 1 with the deer symbolism connected to the girl found in the woods in 1995 with antlers. This deer symbolism keeps appearing. In the movie ‘Leave the World Behind’, we saw deer symbolism, and then a few weeks later, in ‘Rebel Moon’, the robot had deer symbolism too. I wrote a blog about it. ‘Saltburn’ also had deer antler symbolism. We first saw it in Season 1 of ‘True Detective’, and now again in Season 4.

“Important notice: Any content creator is welcome to use my content. All I ask is that you do the right thing and mention me, with a link to my blog. It’s really upsetting when I see people in our community take my work without giving me any credit. I never do that to anyone. If I use someone’s work, I always make sure to reference them and include a link to their site.”


True Detective Deer Antler Symbolism Connected To The Rothschilds And Child Sacrifice
“This antler symbolism we keep seeing in different movies is linked to child sacrifice. We’ve seen it with the Rothschilds at their party in the 70s. It’s also connected to the spirit cooking of Marina Abramović, a Real Witch. She was in the news recently for selling $125 garlic ‘immunity drops’. I would never trust anything she makes because of her spirit cooking and what I believe is sorcery! Do you see the connection? When Season 4 of ‘True Detective’ came out, this famous Witch, known for antler symbolism, appeared in the media again. It might be hard to see these connections if you’re not familiar with them, but that’s where I come in. I’ll help you see these things more clearly!” Marina Abramovic in the news link.  

“The deer symbolism belongs to Naphtali, the son of Jacob.” Some of the real powerful bloodlines running the world, the names you never hear.

Naphtali Tribe

True Detective
“In Season 1, there’s a scene where a girl is found in the woods with deer antlers. She also has a spiral symbol on her back, which, according to the FBI, is a recognized symbol for pedophilia.” Watch True Detective here
Hbo True Detective Season 4 Episode 4 Antler Symbolism
“In Season 4, Episode 4, right before the discovery of the stone with the spiral symbol, take note of what’s above: the deer antlers. We’ve now linked this deer antler symbolism across every season of HBO’s ‘True Detective,’ particularly in relation to children and pedophiles.”

Let’s talk about Season 1. It was connected to a pedophilia and child murder cult run by powerful people. This is a form of lesser magic known as revelation of the method, or truth in plain sight. In Season 1, Episode 4, at 5 minutes and 11 seconds, they interview a guy in jail. He talks about a place where children and women are sacrificed. The number 511 is significant because ‘Saturn equals 511’, and this cult worship involves pedophilia and child sacrifice, related to the false God Cronos who ate his children.

Saturn-Latin-511 (1)

The elites are part of a Saturnalia death cult, even mentioned in Season 1.

Now, jumping to Season 4, Episode 1, towards the end, about 10 minutes left, the Native female cop, after being intimate with a man, is driving and stops because of a massive one-eyed polar bear. This one-eye symbolism is common in Hollywood, paying homage to the Egyptian God Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris. Horus reborn represents the coming of the Antichrist. When the polar bear walks away, you can see the giant ‘TM’ on the screen, which equals 33. ‘Yellow King’ equals 137, the 33rd prime number. The Freemasonic compass is 47 degrees by 90 degrees, which added together equals 137. This is secret occult magic by cinema magicians casting spells on the audience.

I analyze these details because once you’re aware of them, they lose their power over you. Now, ‘polar bear’ equals 88. A significant ritualistic sacrifice of children happened on August 8th during the lion’s gate, the 88 portal, in Lahaina in the 808 area code.

From the release of Season 4 to the Lahaina Massacre, it’s 159 days, or 22 weeks and five days. ‘True Detectives’ equals 157 in English ordinal, 22 weeks and 5 days equals 158, and then the 159 days between the release of Season 4 and the Lahaina Massacre. Adding these numbers, I got 474. ‘Child Sacrifice Defilement’ equals 474. Leviticus 20:2 commands not to give children to Molech, a god of the Ammonites known for child sacrifices. This command applies to everyone living in Israel, regardless of ethnicity or nationality. The punishment for this worship is death by stoning. I’m in favor of this punishment!!!!! 

True Detective Session 4

The Majestic Nanook: More Than Just a Bear

In the Inupiat and Yupik languages, the polar bear, or “Nanook,” holds a place of deep reverence and respect.

Watch True Detective here

Polar Bears Seen In Hbo 'S True Detective Season 4 Episode 1 Explained

In season four, episode one, when the one-eyed polar bear appears on screen, you can see the TM symbol off to the side of the screen. This is where they are casting a spell on the audience without their knowledge. As I explained earlier, the TM symbol equals 33, just like “cinemagician”.


Known for its immense strength, spiritual presence, and unmatched hunting prowess, the polar bear in these cultures is not just an animal; it’s a powerful spirit animal. This creature symbolizes endurance and resilience, traits essential for survival in the unforgiving Arctic.

Spiritual Guardians and Wise Beings

The spiritual significance of the polar bear in Alaskan Native cultures is profound. Often considered almost human due to their bipedal stance and apparent intelligence, polar bears are seen as wise and powerful entities. They are believed to navigate both the physical and spiritual realms, acting as bridges or mediators between humans and the spirit world.

Apex Predators: Masters of the Hunt

Admired for their status as apex predators, polar bears symbolize remarkable hunting skills. This admiration goes beyond mere physical prowess; it extends into the spiritual. In some Alaskan Native traditions, hunters pray to the spirit of the polar bear for success in their hunts, seeking guidance in tracking and harvesting game with skill and respect.

A Disturbing Parallel: The Elite Hunting Games

The rich symbolism of the polar bear takes a dark turn when we consider that these groups engage in hunting games, eerily similar to the hunting prowess of the polar bear. These games involve tracking and targeting youth, a grim reflection of the predator’s skills. This parallel isn’t just a storyline in a TV show; it points to deeper, more sinister activities that echo through the corridors of power.

Polar Bear Explained Season Four Episode One Of H B O True Detective

In season four, episode two, 39 minutes and 29 seconds in, you see he shows him a symbol on the phone, and it’s the same pedophile spiral. Now, this season has nothing to do with pedophiles, but we have the same symbolism. And remember back in season one when they were looking for the Yellow King who was from the land of Carcosa? Carcosa is a fictional city in Ambrose Bierce’s short story ‘An Inhabitant of Carcosa’ (1886).

‘Along the shore the cloud waves break, The twin suns sink behind the lake, The shadows lengthen In Carcosa.

Strange is the night where black stars rise, And strange moons circle through the skies, But stranger still is Lost Carcosa.

Songs that the Hyades shall sing, Where flap the tatters of the King, Must die unheard in Dim Carcosa.

Song of my soul, my voice is dead, Die thou, unsung, as tears unshed Shall dry and die in Lost Carcosa.’

—’Cassilda’s Song’ in The King in Yellow Act 1, Scene 2.

So, it’s talking about the land of the two suns, which is tied to the plasma apocalypse or the Phoenix phenomenon, what some call pole shift. And in season 4, episode 2, these people are frozen instantaneously, and they say when this second SUN comes back, known as the destroyer or wormwood from Revelations 8:11, that people will freeze instantaneously in some parts of the world. You see how it references the black star? We’ll look into David Bowie’s last album, his 26th album ‘Black Star,’ which was all about Nibiru. Now, if you are a person that believes in Flat Earth, look into the plasma apocalypse. If you’re a person that believes we live on a globe, you need to research how the CIA declassified the ‘Adam and Eve’ story, which is talking about a polar shift where the south pole becomes the North Pole. And even on a flat Earth model, you have two energetic fields, the negative and the positive, so these energy fields could also shift. But I found it very interesting to see this connection again, and we also saw that spiral connection in ‘Game of Thrones,’ which had the Nibiru symbolism within it as well. And through my research, in ancient times, the Aztecs, Would Ramp up their child sacrifice rituals when this second dark SUN would return. Children too could be sacrificed, in particular, to honor the rain god Tlaloc in ceremonies held on sacred mountains. And we know these elites are carrying out these same ancient practices today in modern times. Because during this time, there would be major famine and droughts when this second SUN returned. Since rain clouds were believed to originate in the mountains, these sacrifices often took place on mountaintop shrines surrounding the valley of Mexico. The rationale behind child sacrifice to the rain god, Tlaloc, was that the tears of the children created a kind of sympathetic magic (to use the anthropological term) to bring rain. Children with painful conditions such as cavities, injuries, or bone infections were often picked for the annual sacrifice so that they would cry and offer their tears to Tlaloc. You see how it all connects.

True Detective Ordinal 157 1 -

“It’s really fascinating how ‘True Detective’ is connected to the Yellow King from the land of Carcosa, a mythical place with two suns. We observe that ‘True Detective’ equals 157 in ordinal, matching ‘Phoenix Event’, Major cataclysms, and global resets. Here’s a link to my interview with Archaix on this subject

Phoenix Event-Ordinal-157

True Detective Season 4, Episode 2, At 32 Minutes And 29 Seconds, We See The Spiral Pedophile Symbol, Similar To What We Saw In Season One.
True Detective Season 4, episode 2, at 32 minutes and 29 seconds, we see the spiral pedophile symbol, similar to what we saw in season one.

Also, where Season 4 is taking place in Alaska, it’s during the sunless season, so there’s a connection to the sun. Remember, this is how the secret societies and elite bloodlines communicate with one another, through signs and symbols. It’s an actual language. Then, you get into the gematria and numerology, which is another language all in itself.

In Season 4, Episode 6 of ‘True Detective,’ the two female detectives find themselves trapped outside the research center where, in the first episode of Season 4, they discovered a severed tongue under a table. While sitting down to peel an orange for a screwdriver mixed with vodka, one orange rolls under the table, revealing an imprint left by the severed tongue. They’ve just learned another girl was murdered in the same manner, leading them to suspect the ex-police chief, who, in a twist, is killed by his son. The son was cleaning up after his father, who had been covering up murders for a mining company. Despite their predicament, a significant moment occurs 30 minutes and 8 seconds into the episode: one detective arranges the orange peels on her plate into a spiral design. This spiral is recognized by the FBI as a symbol of pedophilia. In occult symbolism, orange signifies a warning, and numerologically, equals 33, which is associated with a ritual involving the premature awakening of spiritual energy in young children through abuse, leading to trauma-based mind control. This practice is purported to cause ‘panda eyes’ in children, a term used in discussions of satanic ritual abuse.

Panda Eyes Sex Magic
Panda eyes Sex magic


“Orange symbolizes the number 33, representing the 33 vertebrae the Kundalini energy prematurely ascends when malevolent elites target children between three and five years old. This act, part of trauma-based mind control, shatters the ‘butterfly’ within, turning each fragment into a programmable alter ego. This leads to ‘panda eyes,’ caused by burst capillaries from trauma. This ritual is known as the Key of Solomon.”

Furthermore, I’ve uncovered a symbolic connection between deer antlers and pedophilia, a link I was the first to highlight. Now others have started discussing it, though without crediting my discovery. ‘Antler’ equals 38 in reverse reduction numerology, aligning with ‘abused’ and ‘secret,’ as well as ‘Kennedys.’ An image of John F. Kennedy petting a male deer takes on new significance in this context, given his history of sexual scandals, often involving very young females. The recurring motif of deer antlers in discussions of pedophilia, supported by numerous examples, cannot be dismissed as mere coincidence! Watch True Detective here

True Detective Season 4 Episode 6 Review

&Quot;In The Grand Theater Of Existence, It Is Not Words Nor Laws That Hold Dominion, But The Silent Power Of Signs And Symbols. They Are The Hidden Language Of The Universe, Etching The Stories Of Time In A Script More Profound Than Any Spoken Word. These Symbols, Woven Into The Very Fabric Of Reality, Guide Our Paths And Shape Our Destinies. They Are The Silent Sentinels Of Truth, Whispering Secrets To Those Who Know How To Listen. In Their Subtlety Lies Their Strength, For They Move Unseen, Yet Their Influence Spans Across The Cosmos, Crafting The Unseen Laws That Silently Govern The Dance Of Life.&Quot;

“We also saw this antler symbolism in the movie ‘Saltburn,’ which I highly recommend checking out. This movie features a man who was completely crazy; he killed an entire elite family.”

Saltburn Antler symbolism

We recently decoded a movie called “Rebel Moon” which had antler symbolism on its cover. In the final scene of the movie, a robot was standing in a wheat field with antlers on. This made me think of the god of harvest, Saturn.  The people behind this child murder are part of a Saturnalia death cult. Rebel Moon decode  

Rebel Moon: Part One - A Child Of Fire Antler Symbolism
Rebel Moon: Part One – A Child of Fire Antler symbolism

Notice how a major spell was shown in Season 1, Episode 4, which connects to the number 14. Then in Season 4, Episode 1, another major spell is cast, reflecting the number 14 (14 and 41). These numbers are linked to Osiris, who was cut into 14 pieces. A fish ate one piece, his penis. Isis found 13 pieces, made a golden phallus, and performed necromancy, leading to the birth of their son from this unholy union. Remember John Podesta’s photo showing his hand with the number 14 and a fish? That’s a tribute to this god of resurrection. This is the entity to whom they are sacrificing children, these ancient gods like Saturn and Osiris. They are preparing for the arrival of their new god, Horus. This relates to ancient Egyptian practices of sex magic involving necromancy, which means having relations with the deceased. It’s believed that certain elite bloodlines engage in these ancient practices. They are not only accused of harming children but also practicing necromancy, a potent form of dark magic. These individuals are focused on power and have aspirations of living forever. They plan to transfer their consciousness into artificial intelligence. They already possess clones that are part machine and can host their consciousness, allowing them to live indefinitely. This technology is not new, so they think they won’t ever face the consequences of their actions. This is why they have a fear of death. However, one thing they can’t transfer is the soul.

John Podesta's Photo Showing His Hand With The Number 14 And A Fish
Ancient sex magic

From the release of Season 1 of ‘True Detective’ on January 12, 2014, to the release of Season 4 on January 14, 2020, there were exactly ten years and two days. In numerology, this equals 102. Remember the scene where they first mentioned the Yellow King and the child sacrifice cult? When they were leaving the cell, the number ’10-2′ appeared on the screen. Although it seemed like the number was ’10-22,’ which could be the longitude and latitude of San Francisco, the home of the Church of Satan, the number ‘102’ is very significant.

San Francisco Ca Nautical Chart Latitude Longitude
San Francisco CA Nautical Chart Latitude Longitude

‘Cast a mind spell on the world’ equals 102, as does ‘art of war.’ And of course, 102 is the mirror image of 201, like ‘Event 201’ held by the Gates Foundation, another organization linked to pedophilia.

In the images below, you have a scene from Season 1, Episode 4, and then two images from Season 4, Episode 1.

True Detective Gematria Decode


What do you think they are doing in these underground tunnels? Tunnels in NEW YORK Wonderland

Now, the symbolism of the antlers actually comes from the Celtic God of the underworld, Cernunnos. CERN, the organization, was named after him. Cernunnos is a Gaelic god of beasts and wild places, often called the Horned One. He was a mediator between humans and nature, taming both predators and prey so they could coexist peacefully. Cernunnos was also known as a shape-shifting and shamanic hunting god. He worked with the moon goddess in managing life, death, reincarnation, and rebirth.

The word ‘Cernunnos’ in ancient Gaelic meant ‘horned’ or ‘horned one.’ This name is related to words in other Celtic languages, and it shares roots with words like ‘corn’ in Greek (think of ‘unicorn,’ the one-horned creature) and Latin terms for animals with antlers.

Cernunnos was a god of the wild, ruling over nature and the uncivilized world. His subjects were animals, and he provided fruits and vegetables that grew in the wild. He is often shown in classical art with animals like elk, wolves, snakes, and aurochs. He had the special ability to bring natural enemies together in peace. This made him a protector and provider, especially for rural tribes and hunters. He might also have been a fertility god, as in some classical societies, nature was seen as the source of all life.

Today, Cernunnos has been embraced by Wicca and Neopaganism, holding a similar role to his original form. However, it’s important to note that much of Cernunnos’ original story has been lost over time, and there’s little evidence that his name was used outside of the region known as Gaul.

In conclusion, we find that the symbolism of the antler is deeply connected to the ritualistic practices involving murder and sacrifice of the youth, tracing back to ancient civilizations such as the land of Canaan mentioned in the Bible. The Canaanites, closely associated with the Phoenicians, were notorious for such gruesome child sacrifices. This practice was not limited to Canaan but was also prevalent in other ancient cities like Carthage. Alarmingly, evidence suggests that these ancient rituals are not just relics of the past; they may be more prevalent today than ever before. It’s a chilling thought that these elite bloodlines, holding onto power through the ages, engage in such acts. This may sound unbelievable to many, but it holds a kernel of truth, often reflected in the media and movies we consume. This representation in popular culture can be seen as a form of revelation of the method, also known as lesser magic, or what many refer to as predictive programming or priming.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all you truth seekers for your unwavering commitment to unveiling these realities. Your efforts in spreading awareness are invaluable. Remember, whether you’re a made member of the Truth Mafia or an associate, your role in bringing truth to the forefront is crucial. For those who wish to deepen their involvement, consider becoming a made member by clicking the ‘Join the Mob’ link. We operate purely on viewer support, so it’s your contributions that keep us going.

Your feedback is not just welcome, it’s essential. Please leave your comments on this blog – I make it a point to respond to each one, as it’s the best way to connect with me. Until we meet again in our pursuit of truth, this is your boy Tommy Truthful, signing out. Remember, together, we are stronger in our quest for knowledge and understanding. Stay vigilant, stay informed. #TruthMafia #SeekTheTruth #AncientRituals #ViewerSupported

Cernunnos The Horned God of the witches The antler symbolism can be traced back to him
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